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Tick-Tuck. .


Screamed the clock 
Chidinma moaned rolling on her side , 
“Argh put of that damn alarm clock chi” Bunmi buried her face in her small pillow.  
Chidinma yawned , 
“Ohhhmmmmm put it off !!” Mimi cried 
Chidinma opened one of her eyes, and smiled.
She instead turned on her back, crossed her hands behind her head,  shook her feet from side to side and began to whistle ..
The clock kept on singing loudly. .
“Chidinma !!” The girls begged.
“Its time to get up .. so get up ” she said 
“Its Sunday.  It’s time to sleep in.” Bunmi says , blocking her ears.
The clock was on the small table stand close to Chidinma’s bed, so if they want it to go off, they literally have to get up and come put if off, which was what she wanted.
“No” mimi says ,  ” I want to sleep”
“Today we have mass and then we have sports. ”
“Dumb rules for dumb students ” Bunmi coughed 
“Put off the damn clock Chi-gurl else I would smash it ” Mimi calls out threatening 
“You have to get up to do that ” Chidinma continued to whistle
“You get, like you have to “Get up” the operative words ”  Chidinma said inbetween whistles , smiling..

The more it sang , the louder it got.
“Argh!!”  Bunmi used her pillows now
“Oh that’s it ”

Mimi gets up , grabs the clock , turning it off and flings it into the clothes  basket..
“There!!” She dusted her hands and places them on her waist 
Chidinma began to clap..
“Wow!! Now that wasn’t so hard was it? ” she smirked   “now let’s go prepare for church”
“I am not going ” Mimi tells her , going back to her bed to plop down on it.
“Oh yes you are, and you too” Chidinma jumps up, grabbing her pillow she began to hit them with it..
“Chi girl stop it”
“Er…no!!” Chidinma breathed hitting them one after the other 
“Okay that does it”  mimi grabs her pillow after curling herself to ward of the pillow hits 
“Pillow fight !!” She screamed.
Bunmi suddenly gets excited, jumping up,  she grabs her pillow and they both made for Chidinma who begin to chuckle  and back away. .
“Erm…i was just kidding. .Girls.  I was just kidding. Pay me no mind.  Off to bed and sleep you go” she says eyeing the closed door. Her exit was a slim chance in hell
“You wanted us up right? We are up. So ..here’s your punishment ” Mimi says etching closer 
“this is what you get for bugging our beauty sleep just because ” Bunmi joins her friend
They made for her and start to flog her with their pillows, continuously ..
They were laughing and pillow fighting…
“Truce truce . Wait wait ! !” Chidinma screamed laughing with tears coming out of her eyes holding her hands up
They didn’t stop..
“White hankie!!!!” She grabs her top laying by the side of her bed  that is white and waves it inbetween the hits
” That’s no hankie ” Bunmi jumps on her bed and uses her pillow and places it on her legs , pinning her down as she sat on them
“Its white ” chidnma breathed, 
Mimi drops her pillows and grabs Chidinma’s  hands, she began to tickle her 
Chidnma was squirming and screaming and laughing  …
“Surrender !!” Bunmi says
“Surrender ” Mimi joins in
“Never !!!” Chidinma bellows laughing ..
“Surrender !!” They chanted..
“Please ..please . Okay okay .no more alarm clocks ”
“No . More. Whis-tling ” she can’t stop the giggling 
“Please stop….i surrender for real! !” She laughed and begged 
Bumin and Mimi smile at each other and nods, letting her go and getting off her bed 
Chidinma hugs herself trying to settle in from the fits of laughter  
“Mean girls “! She finally gets out 
“Yes we love you too” Bunmi goes to her bed and tucks the sides in
“By the way, are you prepared for your run today?”
Chidinma groans , turning on her side.
“I think. But I wish they didn’t have to pair us with a senior..” Chidinma replies to Bunmi
“Oh that’s true , you running against the queen Bee, I don’t like that girl” Mimi says frowning  
“Me neither ” Bunmi says picking up the pillows from the floor 
“She is so…..uncomfortable ” Chidinma says rolling off her bed, she stands up,  tucks in the sides of her bedsheet on the side and smoothens it.
“Or you mean, slutty !!” Mimi tells her, grabbing the clock and sets it back on Chidinma’s side table close to her bed.
“Mimi?” Chidinma turns and stares at her.
“What? It’s true. You are the only one who don’t believe she is some huge skank”
“Mimi, that is such a horrible thing to say about another person. ” Chidinma grabs her towel, removing her nightie and tying it around herself 
“Oh mega puleeze,  everyone knows who Chidera is, or like she is  called,  Queen Bee.  She is like everywhere , doing things people her age shouldn’t.  I mean ” she comes closer as though to whisper 
” do you know how many boys have said they have..you know…done stuffs with her? I mean she has no shame chi, or do you forget how she used to harrass you not long ago?”
Chidinma shrugs ” other seniors also harassed us, infact I think  it’s in their curriculum of senior classes to just keep harrassing juniors so it’s not  a big deal . I didn’t take it like anything” Chidinma admitted  
“And you cried most of the time , really ?” Bunmi  turns to her with a raised eyebrow 
“Erm, reflex I think” she shrugged 
“It was stinging like a bee. I mean she called you stupid, stick girl, classroom fool, frog, toad, poured you your  juice, broke an egg on your back, made you serve punishments infront of the entire class, said you were a  long tree with no compass for direction and a whole lot I can’t remember …and you said it’s not a big deal . Are you still in denial chidinma , because i think the long break didn’t manage to give you sense ” Mimi throws of her shoulders 
“Atleast it gave her flesh. I mean, I swear it was like she did a come back..from stick girl to bee’freaking’sai!” Bunmi smiles at her 
“Whats that’s ?” Chidinma turns again 
“Beyonce “! Bunmi rolls her eyes
” No! It doesnt even sound like that. But you swore!!”
“Oh mother confessor , I am sorry. Do i knee down and wash my mouth with holy water ??” She blinks her lashes and places her hands flat to her chest with an open mouth in shock
Chidinma shakes her head , Mimi laughs
“Hey, but for what is worth , you should take one for the team and by taking one I mean; give it all your best and bring the win home and even if you don’t,  give her a good run for her energy” Bunmi smiles at her and nods 
“But she is like the race god of some sort ” Chidinma bites her lips , Mimi comes to her and hugs her from her shoulder and presses her down,  so they could be of thesame height.  She was short.
“Well, and you are our race god of some sort too even though this is like literally your first major sports since you joined. So.Just.Run. You know what, better yet assume your little writing book is at the end of the finished  line and that Chidera would take it and never give it back to you and you have no where to pour all your nice thoughts into so in other that you don’t run mad and taken to an asylum and I and bunmi won’t share a bunk with you … do you want that? ” 
Chidnma shakes her head indicating a no.
“Good, so run like your life depends on it and grab your book and you and everyone would be happy. Okay?” 
“Okay.. ” Chidinma says  pouting 
There was no way she was going to win against the best ..
It was impossible. 
Was it too late to pull out? 
But she had been training during the holidays 
Nope, there was no way she would win this.
“Go shower chidnma , ” Mimi bolts her away from her thoughts 
“Oh right. ”
Maybe she should just stay in the shower and don’t come out..
Chidera gives her the creeps.
Chidera walked to the fields,  her shorts tightly fitted showing her curves, her hair in a bun as she had just loosened it. 
She was on the red team, her minimies followed behind her, each carrying a placard …

“Chidera is the greatest .

A Champion. .2 years running ”

Chidera …a certified winner ”
They chanted..
The boys clapped; the girls who worshipped the ground she walked on cheered, Chidera smiled .
She places her legs on the chair and stretches, showing that she could stretch her legs even wider. ..
She winks at Micheal in the crowd. He was seated infront as the student body president , close to the coach and some sports officials and other students. Hie friends where seated behind him. 

Micheal turns away, good thing he came with a book to read. The way she was ogling him felt like she couldn’t wait to strip him off his cloths and do things to him.

Things he definitely didn’t want from her.

Their conversation this morning was rather unsettling. 
While they finished from mass and everyone had gone to eat in the cafeteria,  leaving the hall he had gone to the boys quarters to pick up a file from the sports masters lounge just beside it. Apparently she followed him, for once she wasn’t bodyguarded by her minions. 
He smiled remembering why he called them minions and her minimes 
They were annoyingly foolish, doing all what she says,when she says it and how.

Displeasing themselves to please her just because they wanted to be like her. And sometimes she treated them like shit. 
You would think for a christain school somethings shouldn’t be condoned 

Here… its like all the students walked together to do all kinds of things to leave the teachers and headmasters out of the lope.
On Sundays they fill the church , each reciting their words and praying…
After mass, once everyone leaves and go back to their dorms or classes, it’s like no one thinks that students could be really spoilt so they don’t actually pay attention if not…their eyes would have been constantly bulging out
What with students kissing and making out in the corner.

What with students smoking joints after hours

What with students sneaking out to the near by schools to meet their boyfriends or girlfriends or going partying and clubbing..

What with…students having a thing with a teacher or two.
I mean , he had had his own fare share of ..doing those things.

Because love, because Gloria.
He shakes his head clearing the thoughts of her. It still gave him a pain to his chest, but it didn’t hurt as much anymore. 

This school wasn’t a christain school by every definition. 

But like they say…what mama doesn’t know won’t hurt her.

Thus..what the officials don’t know won’t hurt them. But if he could name this school…he would have given it another name other than..
“The Lords Heritage Covenant School ”
What a laugh 
Maybe a “The sexual prevalences of young blooded young adults who just wants to indulge and sow their wild oats and explore other negative social vices till they graduate.”
Too long? Yes he thought so..
His eyes catches her again as she tries to get his attention.. he looks around to see students smiling at her, enjoying her little show of stretching. .
He shakes his head..
“So you know that you always come to congratulate the winner after every sports win. And I know you usually just come congratulate and leave but I was thinking if..you could give me a kiss too. For being an amazing  runner. You know am going to win again right? ” She appeared infront of him as he made his way back to the cafeteria,  but the back entrance was deserted 
“Where you following me?”
“Durh! !! Isn’t it obvious ” she stands up from sitting at the pavement and comes to him.
“No wrong question,  why were you following me ?”
“Ok..because I wanted to see you and besides I hate how you keep ignoring me and not giving me  face and also to tell you I want a kiss . Doesn’t a winner deserve one?” She smiles , she was close to him. 
He had never really liked her, but right now he was just plainly disgusted with her constant advances..
“Chidera can you move out of the way, I have to get back to the cafeteria…”
He made for her left but she blocks him, holding on to him by putting her hands around his neck and crushes her body to him, it made him hold on to her hand  behind his neck and try to pull her away,  she tightens her hold..
“I want you micheal. Why do you keep playing hard to get . Aren’t you over Gloria already.  See I was nice, I let you stay with her but you see if you had gone out with me you would have noticed that girls like Gloria aren’t worth the trouble because they are liars and cheats..and me, I would have never broken your heart like that”
He tensed, “let go Chidera , ” he says frowning deeply
“No, just a kiss please.  I promise you would like it. And you may like it so much that we could just skip yhe cafeteria and food and go up to the library,  no one is there. I have amazing skills you wouldn’t believe just how amazing it is until I treat you to a first class session..” she rolled her waists , grabbing him tighter she grinds into him..
“Stop it Chidera ” he places both hands between his body and hers and pushes her away, but because she wouldn’t let go off his neck he couldn’t push her far  
“Let me blow your mind micheal, I swear you would experience heaven for yourself. You know we are meant to be together why do you keep pushing me away. Micheal. ..I want you so much ” 
He manages to wriggle out from her grasp and nudges her away gently in order not to push her to hard, he didnt want to cause her to hit something. 
“You are disgusting Chidera and just like I told you before I would say it again. I am not interested in you  nor in any other girl so the sooner you get it into your thick head the better.”
“Ok, what about a BJ? I would be quick  ” she grasp his waist now and goes on her knees 
“Argh!!” He pushes her away , she stumbles backward, using her hands to support herself  and he looks back to makw sure she wasnt injured then quickly leaves
Her laughter bounces off his back as he rushes back to the land of people away from the girl who to him was  a public toilet.
He cringed thinking about their conversation.
One more year micheal, he tells himself.
One more year and you would be done with this school and out of here…
He gets distracted from his thoughts as more people filed into the feild, various sports teams, and students filling the arena.
The sports had begun. 
Tennis was going on one one part of the feild.

Basketball was underway , 

Volleyball had the crowd cheering..

Relay Race tracks was the last.
“Now, let’s see who is our Usain Bolt for this year would be. And as usual  we have our champion , Chidera who would be representing the seniors for this years again amongst five of her  other colleagues 

And on the junior team we have  6 junior’s who would be coming against the seniors , in the names of Chidinma, Aisha, daina, Rebecca, grace and somto. Which are on the blue team.

You know how this game is done in the relay race? You run with the baton passing the baton over to your next colleague as you get close to her , and she takes it and passes it on to the next, once they finish each lap..and so on and so forth untill the last person get it then runs and crosses the finishing line. 

Are we ready???” The sports master says over the Mike as the speakers carried his voice 
The crowed cheered clapping.

“To your places everyone !”
The girls each takes their position , Chidera looks over at chidinma smiling , who she knew was oblivious  of  what was coming her way..
She had had  Temi position to throw spikes on the ground which would puncture in Chidinma’s canvas as she runs stepping on them.

And Dayo was to make sure to trip chidinma and cause her to fall on a stone,  that should cause her to hit her head.

Then the baton, ogechi was going to delay it getting to Chidinma,  all this was to slow her down so she Chidera would win without stress 
The perks of being Queen Bee,  no questions asked. Everyone just wanted to obey her.
“I don’t care how you want to get it done,  but just do it. ” she had told them this morning dismissing her small team of loyalist , sworn to secrecy  
She chuckles , staring to chidinma again… 
“Oh this would be fun, and then when humpty-dumpty gets a great fall..i would be laughing at the other end of the finished line ”

Chidera turns away from chidinma and stares at Micheal,  he turns away again.
“Soon baby,  all this your shagara would end..soon, we would be together and you would be begging for more and say you can’t get enough of me” 
she made some last minute stretches , she knew she was in prefect form and her beautiful body was drawing attention to her. Glad that nobody was noticing chidinma as much, who wore a loose fitting blue jersey and blue shorts that was a tad too big  
Chidera laughed.. “What a stupid girl .”
Chidinma looks into the crowds to see Mimi and Bunmi giving her  thumbs up and a few of her class mates who cheered her on.
“Ready?” The speaker over head says  ‘Set ?” 
The girls were in position, Chidera and Chidinma were at the last , they are to finish for their team.. they took their stance , a runner stance with one hand at their back to take the baton ..
The crowd went into a frenzy,  each cheering their team, each calling out a name..or a colour..
There was standing , clapping, jumping and screaming as the girls ran and the baton was passed on , going round again to meet other relay partners on the track race..
Chidera and Chidinma were on the 6th lane.. they waited for the baton to get to them…
“C’mon ogechi ” Chidinma says looking back with her hands behind her 
“C’mon you slow puke ” Chidera frowns at the girl she was waiting on..
She chances a glance to the crowd looking for faces she was sure to find. one of the girls nodded; the other one gave her a thumbs up 
She was going to ask them how they got around to doing what she asked , later 
She looks ahead of her..to Chidinma’s lane. ..

Something shiny caught her eyes, the reflection of the sun as she bent a little to look…
Yes, Chidinma might be the new bleeding girl in school. ..
“Oh she ran so hard that she began to bleed” would be in the school’s magazine… she smiled 
“And she fell and broke her nose or lip and tore her cheeks. She needed about 12 stitches … ” she chuckles 
And then ” she was too slow and too lazy and stupid that the baton slipped off her fingers and touches the ground and she lost. Chidera , the reigning champion goes in for a win. Sweet and clean, like always. Chidera Chidera Chidera! !!” The crowd chanted…
She smiled broadly loving her train of thoughts .
She turns back to hear the crowd  cheering loudly. ..
Soon, soon now…
“C’mon you snake ” she hisses at her race partner… “C’mon !!” She shouted , placing her hands behind her back and waiting to take the baton
They crossed the line, Chidinma and her began to jug-run increasing their pace 
Their hands still behind them urging their team members to run faster and give them the Baton as they ran too
“First the spike ” Chidera says running. 
From the corner of her eyes she saw chidinma wince in pain , as though stepping on something  but she doesn’t stop, she continues to run
“And second the humpty-dumpty great fall”  she smiled 
Chidinma stumbles,  falling, the crowd
 “aww/ouch-ed and Omg-ed!!’
“And then my win”  Chidera says turning away from chidinma,  there was no way she was going to get back up from thay huge fall.
Chidera kept jog-running , she could see her team member close to her now
The baton touches her hands,  she breaks out in a run, 

Chidinma had fallen, rolling on the ground,  
“get up!!!”
“Get up!!
Her team members beckoned from the crowed 
She manages to get up, limping.. something was piercing her from her canvas, it was hurting like hell
Her hands were bruised.  She was lucky her face didn’t get to the rock she tripped over …she had used her hands to ward off as she was falling. 
She saw Chidera taking the Baton and breaking out in a run.
Damn! !! 
Her team  member couldn’t come close to her else they would be disqualified  
“Get up, Chidera get up” 
She heard Bunmi and Mimi scream from the crowd .
She manages to drag her self up, Chidera must have been running for a few minutes, they had a couple of Laps to go  
Ignoring the pain, she gets up, and raising up her foot she sees spiked nails under her canvas , pulling them out,  she flings them away…and hits her feet to the ground a couple of times 
“Oww”! She cried, biting her lip
There was something they said about embracing the pain, once you do. .you feel it less .
She reaches her hand behind, and breaks out in a slow run..
Her team member breaks out in a run and just when she was to hand her the baton…Chidinma grabs it and it slips away from her fingers as though someone had rubbed it with oil …
If it falls to the ground she was disquailified. Not thinking , she jumps and catches it hitting hard on the ground. 
The crowd cheers her on
Chidera was running hard now,  atleast half way in her first lap..
Chidinma wipes the baton quickly with her jersey, dragging herself up, wincing from the pain, then  she began to run, ignoring the pain. . Biting her lower lips and kept running.
“Never give up.. don’t give up. You don’t have to win, but you can atleast try ” she says to herself…

Chidera was leading, and just like always she was going to win..

A few more and she would be crossing the finish line..

It was the finale lap.
She knew that chidinma had fallen down, and probably still down so she didn’t bother . She kept running , 
She felt short of breath,  she knew she should have exercised during the holidays but she was too lazy to and too busy with other things. 

Besides , she was going to win.she always wins.. technically by sabotaging the other team players..but, no one knows thay but she and her girls.

A win was a win. 

Not her fault she never goes with the rules 
She kept running. ..the finish line was just up ahead , she could see it…the End.
But something was wrong..
A minute ago the crowd were cheering for her 

But she didn’t understand what was going on…

Everyone was standing, everyone was clapping, everyone was cheering..

But it wasn’t her name..

It was…

“Chidinma! !”

“Chidinma! !
It was a mad house..

Everyone was chanting her name…

The boys  ..

The girls. ..

Even the parents and teachers were cheering…
Chidera’s  chant was dulled out by the screams and voices of those siding 

From the side of her eye she saw someone coming up fast beside her 
“What the hell?” She exclaimed,  chidinma had curved the corner and going in for the finished .
No, hell no!
Chidera puts in all her enegry. . this win is hers  
She focuses on the line, throwing one leg after the other,  breathing hard, and then she crossed ..
Happy she raises up her hands as the crowed cheered  
She crossed. She finished.  She won.

But why weren’t they clapping for her?
 they weren’t cheering for her  ..

Looking over at chidinma she realised why. Chidinma had gotten  to the finish line and crossed..with one minute apart before Chidera crossed..

The whole place went into an uproar..

Even more so because   ..
Chidera was leading initially…

It didn’t look as though chidinma had it in her plus the fall and almost fallen baton.

And yet, she made a run for it,  and kept running. Now everyone cheered for her, forgetting Chidera. .
“I can’t believe it. This is an amazing win. Oh my goodness” the speakers boomed..
“The new champion with a minute apart , from a fallen glory to a classic win. Give it up for our new champion chidinma. ..what a run . What a spirit. She never gave up…wonderful!!! ”
The cheers didn’t stop,  Chidera was rooted to her spot and couldn’t beleive her ears  ..
They had lifted chidinma and began to gyrate with her around the feild; everyone was clapping. Except chidinma, and her minions..
She was going to kill someone today.

She was. 

She swore walking out of the field as they handed chidinma the trophy and pictures were being taken.
As she made her way to the bench fumming..

Someone was smiling in the crowd  
“I’ll be damned, Chidera got beat by a junior.. now this just made my day” micheal muses to himself. 
“I swear it’s the best thing I have seen since the naked pictures of Kim kardashan ” Boma, his best friend says jumping benches as people began to leave and sits beside him.
“Yeah, it was pretty epic” he laughs 
“Atleast you don’t have to go congratulate her this year again, and she telling everyone how a wonderful boyfriend you are to her”
“You don’t know how relieved I am. It’s like the gods are on my side today.” 
“Yeah. But wow,  did you see that junior student.  It was amazing , such a fighting spirit she got, falling and getting up,  limping like that and still manages to win. That was cool mehn”
“Yeah..pretty cool. Hope she didn’t break anything .” Micheal frowns
“Can I follow you to go make congratulations and hand out the certificates of win” Boma smiles broadly  
“Even if I say no, you still going to follow. Why do you even bother asking. But the way where are the twins..?”
“Where else , looking to chyke the ladies  ” Boma winks
“Typical. Let me meet up with the officials and I would meet you back here ” Micheal says
“Sure thing ” Boma crosses his legs and waited 
A few girls come up to micheal and tries to make small talk, they were a bit too touchy -feeling for his liking,  he manages to disentangle himself from them and headed to the official quarters 
“How dare this little brat win me in sports and embarrass me infront of everyone. .”
Chidera was fuming…
“Chidera I did what you asked…

I threw nail spikes on the ground , on her lane and no one would have seen it because I did it before people came out. You know we are the ones who cleaned and  arranged the field so it was easy..” Temi says 
“And I placed those annoying small stones there and as soon as she fell she should have bruised her face but she fell with her hands and rolled …” Dayo says
“And I,  pressed the tiny oil to spill in my palm just as I was handing her the baton and it fell through her hands but she still managed to catch it” ogechi says. . 
“But how was I to know that she was going to get up and still run , I literally saw her white canvas had blood stains as she pulled out the nails; and she had bruises to her arm and yet, I have no idea how she managed to still run and win you. ..i am sorry Chidera !!”  The girl said coming to stand behind Chidera who was turning red in anger..
“Sorry for yourself ogechi. Sorry for yourself.  You are useless. Useless . Because of you I lost today to a junior. ..to a mere junior who wasn’t anybody prior to today now the whole school was chanting her name like she won the world cup”
“But she did win the trophy ”
The slap chidera administered to her caused tears to sting her eyes , she held her face in shock 
“Are you mad? Whose fault is it. You are good for nothing and because of this I no longer want you to be part of my team . Get lost and out of my sight. Mark my words,  I would deal with you. I knew I shouldn’t have had a junior student help me. Such disloyal lot. Get out …get out !!” She pushes the crying girl out of her room, hitting her with anything she could find, and shuts the door on her face as the girl pleaded for a second chance to do right. Chidera won’t have none of it
She turns to Temi. .. “And you, was it your plan ?”
Temi immediate goes on her knees.. 
“I swear it. It wasn’t.  She got injured. I would never want anyone to take your position of champion. I am sorry.  Punish me but don’t kick me out..please ”
Chidera looks at her,  already thinking of a punishment for her
“I will deal with you later”
Dayo didn’t wait for her cue, she knees down beside Temi.
Aside the fact  that they were her roommates,  they practically wanted to be in her good graces. If Chidera was angry with you.. you were finished. Literally..
“Chidera, you saw her fall  you saw her.  I did my part . I did. I am sorry.  Please don’t send me out of your group I beg you in the name of God. I would do anything to rectify this mistake ”
“Can you get me back my trophy . Can you both get me back my dignity and confidence.  No. You both allowed that rat, that junior  to best me. You must suffer for this disgrace 
“Please Chidera,  we would do anything ‘ they begged.
“Anything ?”
They both nodded. 
“Slap yourselves  untill you both hurt, then use the rod on your backs”
“But Chidera?  ” Amaka , her right hand girl says ” Isn’t that too much? That rod has rough edges, they would get injured”
“Does it look like I care?’ She looks over at her shoulders.
“Slap yourselves and use that rod on each others bare back and when you are done, you sleep under my bunk bed tonight on the bare cold ground. And if anyone of you have a complian  against it I would make sure you join them”
The room became quiet.
“Good. Now Get to it. Tammy,  get me water to shower and go iron my uniform for me”
She says going to sit on her bed  
“I am waiting ” she says

“Are you girls doing child’s play. If the slap doesn’t wake up the dead I would go get a boy to come do it for you. Two boys infact to concentrate on slapping each face and I know you wouldn’t want that. . Now slap yourselves ”

Amaka winces as the slaps continued ; she saw thr pain on their faces and tears leaving their eyes,  she knew how mean Chidera could get with someone she wasn’t happy with eveb if they were her loyalist.

Talk less of someone she feels threatened by especially someone who had taken her role of champion. ..
This would end badly for chidinma and there was no two ways about it 
“Oh chidinma you just stepped on the wrong toes ” Amaka thinks  to herself, watching Chidera stare into space she knew she was formulating a plan in her mind. 
What would Chidera ask them to do next against chidinma. 
It won’t be long now. .
She should feel sorry for chidinma but she doesn’t. .
She rather be behind Chidera else she was going to get burned. ..
“What size of panties do you think chidinma wears, ?”
Chidera askes surprising Amaka and the girls . 
She wondered what causes inching of the vajajay and if she could sprinkle some and gift chidnma as a gift   
Yes, she smiled. 
A girl gifting another girl undies won’t be frowned unpon, but no one has to know it’s from her..
“The rod is behind there Temi,  get it and stop wasting my time.  Untill your backs turn red ” she goes back to watching them..
Then a frown settles on her face
Micheal was going to go congratulate the new girl  
She flings her mug to the wall in anger, it shatters  as it makes contact with the wall
He was meant to congratulate her not chidinma  ….
she grabs the rod and sets about to hit Temi and Dayo with it .
Amaka backs herself to the corner…
Sometimes , Chidera was a different person.


Wicked .

Now she pities chidinma , her future doesn’t  look so bright  
The shouting of Dayo and Temi made her cringe..
“Chidera please. .” She began
Chidera turns to face her,  her eyes a mask of anger
“Hit them more. Nonsense !!” Amaka says 
Chidera turns back to Dayo and Temi, hitting them with more force 
Micheal had a standing greeting when he walked into the class;  boma and the twins follows closely behind him.
“Good afternoon senior micheal . Goodafterrnon seniors ” they  greeted and remained standing. 
“Good afternoon, please sit. Carry on don’t mind my presence. Is the winner of today’s relay race  here in this class? ” He asked as they all sat down, the girls smiling too broadly and awwing, the boys wishing they were standing with him now and being a part of his click .
Who were always with him, .
“Yes senior, she is” they chorused  
Parting the way for him, they had initially formed a small crowd around  her , chatting happily and holding onto the trophy  one at a time to get a feel of it. 
Chidinma turns and stands , as micheal walked to her..
“Hello Chidinma. .is it?” He asked her and She nodded.
“Goodafternoon  senior ”
“Do you mind if i sit” 
She shrugs and sits; he sits down , a desk separating them. The room was too quiet as though everyone was waiting to hear what he had to say and hang on his every word .
“Really , you all should carry on as though am not here. Boma, take them on a roller coaster of some jokes or stuff ” he winks at his friend who was too happy to indulge .
“So..all eyes on me.. let me tell you a story. Story story. .?”
“Story!!” They laughed. 
“Once unpon a time …?”
“Time time. ”
“There was a man ?”
“Mango !!” They laughed clapping..
“Who had–
Micheal turns to chidinma , 

” so how , how are you. I saw you fall and all, how is your feet and arm?”
She raises her arm up abit to show him.. “good” she had a plaster around the bruised area.  Then she stares at her feet,  a bandaged was wrapped around both feets..
He frowns ” are you kidding me. You got  injured and you still ran like that and even managed to win. Are you some sort of crazy…??”
She chuckles   “some sort of crazy..?” She repeated , he looks at her frowning deeply..
She stops smiling and shakes her head ” No I am definitely not crazy. Besides it doesn’t hurt that much…anymore..kinda ” she bites her lower lips.
She was definitely crazy. Why would she not just pull out of the race. He thinks to himself 
“What injured your feet?” 
“Nail I think! ”
“But the feild was cleaned , it’s always cleaned especially the race tracks so how come they missed the nails ..for it to puncture into your canvas and injure you?”
“My canvas isn’t the usual ones.  It’s a flat sole so I guess thats why they could do much damage. But it’s nothing. They gave me meds  at the clinic for the pain and my friends got to write winner over my bandage. ” she smiled  “cool huh?”
She had a lovely dentition..
He nods ” next time , don’t play flash. If you get injured pull out. It would have gotten worse; the nails and the fall..what if you had a concussion to your head if your head had hit the ground. don’t play flash,  Is that clear  ?
She wanted to ask him what he meant by flash but she thought against it.
“Yes senior. ”
“Good. But in all, it was a great win. Congratulations chidinma. ” he gives her his hands to shake which she takes in her warm one reluctantly  .
She seemed shy, he didnt know why he smiled . He gave her her certificate of win and trophy chain with her name inscribed on it.  
“You can frame that ”
 then he handed  over her pictures she took with the officials and some of her team mates. He was supposed to be in that picture but he usually wasn’t a picture person so he never goes to the win stand. 
“Thank you ‘ she said 
He should leave right about this time.
His job was done.
He found himself asking 
” how did you learn to run so fast anyways ,?” 
Boma’ voice was excited, making the juniors laugh, the twins perched at a desk smiling at a couple of girls. Micheal shakes his head, turning his attention back to chidinma 
He had watched from a distance as the race went on, he was quiet. Everyone was cheering , but he and his friends weren’t.  they were just watching  and enjoying the race.

They knew he didn’t like Chidera and they also knew that Chidera had been all over him since day one. They weren’t exactly her fan either but they knew she had won twice already , and it was stated that she was the best. They decided to bet, everyone betted openly on Chidera , his friends did. They didn’t like her but they figured she would win again. Basic symatics right.?

But he,  had silently betted on her..the junior. Just because he didn’t want to bet on Chidera . He didn’t think the junior was going to win but he rather sticks with the losing team than the winning team.
But the junior; surprising all of them and gave a clean win despite all odds .
That was recommendable. 
Very infact. 
“I don’t know ..i guess practise and determination. ” Chidinma says..
“That’s nice. Atleast you have a little fan base going for you at the moment. ”
She shrugs.
Strange. Most girls would be excited about it..but she wasn’t. 
“How long have you been in the sports team?”
“Recently; before the break”
He nods 
He should go..

Why was he still talking to her..

Across the room. .
“Oh my! look there mimi, senior micheal came to talk to Chidinma. ..

How cute is he?? Aww I wish I can get close to him and love him. Do you think he would like to go out with me sometime ?” bunmi asked her friend. 
“Have you looked at yourself in the mirror…? How can a prince relate with a frog.  I am more of his taste” Mimi quipped  shaking her head at her friend and checks herself out
“You wish!!” Bunmi jabs at her chests 

“No you wish!! ” Mimi returns the gesture 
They both laughed shaking their heads at their silliness, looking back at Micheal and Chidinma talking; they literally swooned …and awwwned.
‘He so fine !!” Mimi gushed  

“He finer than fine…he is like …sidharth.  or or…trey songs ..or or…lawrences with the pink lips….” Bunmi says putting her hands under her face
“He is just a bust of handsomeness

And hotness” Mimi cuts in

Chidinma is uncomfortable . 
Surprised that the student president sooth her out  and congratulated her and yet was still talking to her. That was the part she didn’t get 
“You are really a great sports inspiration for other students . ” he was saying 
“Thank you senior micheal..”
“Have you always wanted to do sports ?
Micheal, what are you still doing her and asking of sports. 
He mentally shakes his head. .
“No not really; it just came as an after thought.”
“Oh really ?”
“Yes really  ”
He was curious what the something else was.

Like what then?”..
“A writer ..

I love to write..” Chidinma said shyly.

Chidinma was wondering why he was still  talking to her.

And everyone is staring , despite being distracted by micheal’s friend telling them jokes, they all probably wondered why he hadnt left her alone.
She felt uncomfortable. .

Maybe she shouldn’t say anything to him if he askes a question  , but then again,  he was her senior and it would be rude not to answer him..
Besides there was nothing wrong to come congratulate her…

He probably would have done it if it were someone else right ?
No, he did go and congratulate all winners 

So there was nothing special about it ..

She relaxed..

She piqued his intersted  
‘A writer eh??

“What do you write about ??..
“Er basically anything I want.

I don’t restrict myself” 

Chidinma seemed abit relaxed now
They were entering a zone she was comfortable in
“I would love to read something you write one day. Would you mind showing me?”
Micheal asked.He never pictured her to be smart enough to write anything intelligent.
Not as though he was looking down on her or anyone else but majority of the fine girls in school follow Chidera around like a lost puppy looking for direction. .
Yes, Chidera  was a loose canon

And a bad example for the girls. .
Yet  it supprised him that every girl wanted to be like her..

And every boy wanted her ..or have had her  and still want to have her..

But he was the only one didn’t care much about her..and who didnt want her or plan to want her and that annoys the Queen  bee, as she liked to be called.  He really didnt care for such vanities at the moment..
And he wasn’t crazy about the sex thing. Well, not anymore . 

He was a virgin at some point and then Gloria happened.

He loved it..every bit of it, 

But then she had left him for someone else.

And left a trail of broken pieces of his heart behind. 

And he never trusted girls anymore…

He literally stayed clear of them..

And it was the best decision he had made in months since that day 
He knew Chidera had the hots for him..

He didnt care. .
Sometimes he hated being him.

The attention he got on a daily was more of a curse than a blessing to him.
He was not only the cutest guy in school

He was the smartest…

The most intelligent…

And his father was the principal/headmaster
So he had whole prestige going on for him..

And his beautiful roots as well..
It was hard..

All the girls wanted to just get his attention. And to be his girlfriend


He didnt really talk much anymore , he liked his games and sports,  loved his books and being the student body president

A position he earned not because of his father’s position but because he worked for  it..

He worked hard for everything he had. But he could give everything up just to have that peace and sanity back in his life..

Not surrounded by girls whose thoughts are centered on negativity and boys who just likes to dwell in those negativity as well.

He just wanted to be him.
Even if he had wanted to date any girl  even though he doesn’t,  but if he did , Chidera was the last person on earth.. where every body had been.

She was a lock every key opened. .

And he didn’t want to be that key joining in the fun. 
He sighed. 
“Whats wrong …

Did I say something wrong” Chidinma asked 
“No no…Just an annoying thought..

So…can I read something of yours one day??
“Well only if you promise not to laugh or yab me.. i am still trying to be better so it’s not awesome or anything. Else it would be really mean of you ” Chidinma was pointing her pencil at him and staring at him straight in the eye
He liked her confidence 

It made him laugh..He liked that too

So he decided

I promise”
She didnt believe him 
“Piggy swear?”
She gave him her little piggy finger, indicating he take it in his
This was silly.

And he engaging in a piggy swear infront of everyone was probably sillyness at its best
But Heh!!
He really didnt care what anyone thought
He puts up his hand and shows his little finger, taking hers and pulling
“Piggy swear!!!”  
She smiled pulling back .”Great” 
She had such a pretty smile ..

He never did notice untill this exact moment..

He laughed..
He released her finger and got up, rearranging the seat.

“See you around Chidinma! !”

He had a feeling he was going to be seeing her around..

He said, turning to his friends 
“C’mon guys, let’s go”
Just as soon as he left, the class  gathered around her
“Hey, what did he want?

What did he say?

“Why were you both playing little fingers?

“Is he your boyfriend?

“Are you is girlfriend,

“You both were laughing and talking?

Gosh am soo very very jealous right now!

“Did he mention me to you?

Did he notice my hair?

Did he say I was going to be on his team?

“You are so lucky…etc!
The questions were endless…

Mimi and Bunmi came to her rescue
“Hey let our friend be.

She just won the race mehn, Ofcourse the president had to come congratulate her..

As he would anyone else…

Like when prince won the games tournament and when anika won the spelling bee last month.
“Yes. .

So stop crowding Chidinma.

She needs to breath and heal, she got injured for you lot.

If not for her, Queen arrogant Chidera would have won us.

So our girl brought home the big win..

Did you see how she ran?

Like flash!

Our own superhero girl.

Give it up for Chidinma. ..Yay! !”
The class began to clap and cheer …
Amaka had watched everything from the door way..

She had seen micheal and his friends enter the juniors class room and had been curious , she followed them.
She left without a word, going to find Chidera and related everything to her..
“You dare threaten my position with your presence. .

You dare to win me and embrass me infront of the entire school..

Now you dare to make micheal. .

The only boy I want for myself…

The only boy who doesn’t want me..

To be pysched about you enough to be piqued…”
“I will Bury you Chidinma.

You don’t know who you are messing with.” Chidera snarled 
“But Chidera, Chidinma isn’t even aware of what she is doing.

Maybe if you tell her she would realise it and back off” Amaka offered 
“Shut up amaka..that’s the more reason why I hate her.

Because without knowing she is making my blood boil.

What do you think she would do when she finds out am threatened by her.


Queen Chidera. ..threatened by a mere nothing like Chidinma. 

She would laugh at my face. 

She would feel powerful and then would dare to act on it..


I will cut her off the ground before I do that”
Amaka nodded

“You are right Chidera, So what do you do?”
“Queen Chidera would do what she does best. ..ruin!!”
And she began to laugh..

Amaka joined in even if she had no idea what Chidera meant..it was just safe to join in at the moment. .
Mr Adamu…

The math teacher walked into the class..
Chidera blew him a kiss, he smiled.
He turned and wrote on the blackboard  
“Ok class…today we are going to be working on………”
Chidera’s  mind was far away from there,  plotting  her next move. 



Continued  .

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Pss :Hope you went to church. .
Have a good day. .


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