Micheal had left the class with a silly smile on his face,
Boma comes up beside him as the twins joined in line  
“Is it just me or i saw micheal actually smiling with the junior student back there ?” He places a finger to his jaw and taps tentatively 
“Yep,  I thought I was the only one who noticed that” jerry says.  he is the slimmer of the twins
“And oh don’t forget the piggy little finger swear they did ” jerremy, the fatter of the twin joins in the talk.
“I don’t get what you all are saying ” micheal frowns, weren’t they busy entertaining the class, where they equally watching him.
“No for real bro, if am not mistaken,  you spent a good 30 minutes if not more talking to her ” Boma stated matter-of-factly 
“And usually he drops the certificate for the winners, says a few congratulatory words, and he is out of there in less than five ” jerry adds 
“But today, he didnt look like he was in a hurry to leave,  does that mean something to any of you?” Jerremy  says placing both hands behind his back as he does the old man walk
 Jerry laughs and joins him, holding an invisible cane with one hand on his back and he slouches
“Oh great one, pray tell us , what does it mean?” Boma joins in , his movement more old man-like 
“Ha, I think that our dear micheal is intrigued by this personality  great one, the junior’s,  that is ” jerry began
 “Yes it appears so, but what does it really mean great ones ” Boma was adamant 
“It means that you all are full of refined shit ” Micheal laughs  turning his right, heading towards their  hostel
“No no no” Boma turns his fingers left to right
“It means that Micheal sees that he can actually begin to get back into the game of like and chase great ones”
“Ha, you are right greater one, so that we can now finally have him out of our face and quit being a saint ” jerremy nods his head and chews on his pen as he would a chewing stick 
“You are right wise one. Should we hook him up with the junior ?” Jerry wonders 
“I think we must'” Boma quips 
“Aye I think we must ” The twins reply 
“You trio are just stupid , quit it” micheal says shaking his head. 

What the hell was wrong with them now.  Did they drink something stupid before heading out, he wondered 
Boma laughs standing up, “she fine Bro,  I mean, wow!!” He whistles 
“I swear I thought I was the only one who noticed that” jerry runs up to catch up with them as micheal increases his pace
“How come we haven’t ever noticed her before, she isn’t new is she?” Jerremy states
“No she isn’t .well i don’t think so. I would know if we had a new student but the last new student was over two months ago,  she isn’t. ” Micheal frowns. 

Why haven’t he ever noticed her before..
“She is really cute, did you see that really nice dentition when  she smiled,  oh how beautiful  she was, with that shape and body up close. Damn!!!” Boma says
“I wonder if I could swing by later and have a talk with her” jerremy says tapping his jaw
“Nah I bet she might want to talk to me instead. I am way smoother bro, you too fat and chubby” jerry counters 
“Hey, girls like a little flesh you know”  jerremy tells his brother 
“Not those flabs hunny” jerry looks him up and down 
“Well.. better than your skinny bones sticking out of you like that. Very unsexy jerremy”  jerry points at him
“Oh you both shut you,  she wouldn’t like either of you because you both are  bickering fools, i on the other hand is a total jock and a lady’s man, she would love me, when I smile at her, touch her hands and kiss her lips,  she would swoon” Boma pops his collar and nods his head at the twins 
Jerry yawns 

Jerremy makes monkey sounds  

Micheal rolls his eyes
They were heading back to the dorm, 

A few students pass by greeting them, 

If someone was doing something inappropriate,  as soon as they saw them they stopped,
Some girls smile passing by, greeting them and greeting micheal specially with an air of excitement. .
He never does get use to it 

He never enjoys it 
I nean, he wasnt the cutest guy in school or the most intelligent , not that he had checked though, he waa sure there were a few oeoole who beated him if they seaeched, he just  hated why they aways treating him like he was some demigod .
One more year , just one more year. He says to himself.
“You don’t believe me ?” Boma was saying 

” fine!  I would show you I am better than you all, probably by tomorrow I would get her to be my girl”
“No my girl! ”
“No..definitely  my girl ”
They threw a back and forth banter amongst themselves
For some reason it made micheal uncomfortable. .
“Would you guys shut up and let the girl be , am sure she is definitely not interested in you guys let alone in boys ”
They all turn and look at him
“And how do you come to that conclusion ?” Boma is the first to ask
“Yeah and I wondered if I was in the only one who saw that hole in his words ” jerry frowns
“I would like to know too, ” jerremy folds his hands
Micheal’s looks at them, maybe he should have shut up. He sighs.
“Well because she doesn’t look the type? ”
“What type would that be?”
He shrugs ” the type that spends all her time swooning  about a boy, chasing them round school and sneaking to go do whatever outside and  not studying ” he offers 
“We are still waiting on how you came by that conclusion  micheal”
“Well, because, she seemed simple and erm, I don’t know. She seemed ..she just seemed that way to me”
“All this deduction in what…30 minutes ??” Boma hand his both hands up showing ten fingers , he looks to jerry who immediately puts up ten fingers, they look to jerremy who smiles and puts up his ten fingers .
“See, 30 minutes ” Boma repeats
Micheal hits their hands down, “dont be dramatic. It wasn’t 30 minutes ”
“It was” Boma is adamant 
“Was not” micheal isn’t taking it 
“Was too” jerry backs boma 
“Was absolutely not” micheal puts his foot down
“Oh it definitely was ” jerremy  folds his hands , 
Three to one wasn’t a good sparing session
Micheal just turns away and keep walking 
“Oh great one, are you seeing what am seeing?” jerry turns to his brother , who nods 
“Yes greater one; I see what you are seeing but I wish I could see clearer; oh wise one,  do you see what we think we are seeing ?” Jerry nudges boma as they begin to move 
Boma nods ” yep, our dear micheal wants to keep the loot all for himself; how selfish ” he  shakes his index finger his and pulls at an invisible  goatee all the way to tummy 
“I think so too”
“Me too” the twins pulls at their goatee too
Micheal snakes a look at them as he turns , he looks at them as though they had gone mad or was just smoking something high.
Where the hell did he know this guys from? 

Why did he become friends with them

They were bunch of clowns, they would be the death of him, oh what would the world be without crazy friends like these.

But he still thinks they were being incredibly silly 
“Really guys that’s totally ridiculous.  Why would you say something like that ?”
“Well because you said and I quote ” leave the girl alone ” which is like a bro code for ” I gat eyes on that one, ama mark her,  stay clear because that’s my territory ” Boma mimics terminator as he speaks
They had entered their hostel, micheal leading and entering their room first, takes off his shoes, shirt and sits on his bed.
“That’s just stupid ”
“No it’s not, it’s fact and we the wise and great ones see it” Boma speaks for them and they nod 
“You know what, do what you want. I don’t care ” micheal throws his hands up 
“Really ?” Boma smiles broadly coming to sit beside micheal.
“Yes really?”  Micheal’s tells him nodding
“Is that from your heart? I mean the girl is fine though and we don’t mind to chase the skirts but if you..like her we gonna stay clear, i mean that’s what brothers are for mehn, you sure ?” Jerry rests at the edge of the bed staring down at both micheal and boma 
“Whatever!! I  am sure. I don’t like her. I don’t like any girl and I have  no intention of liking any girl. Gloria made sure of that so you guys go …have fun, do what you will it’s not my business.  May the best man win , you have my blessings ” he says and leans in on his bed after kicking boma off the bed
“So, now that our boy has given up the chase to us,  who do you think she would go for, me , or you or you?” Boma points to himself and to the tiwns
Micheal says in his mind.
What did he care even? he turns on his side 
Then he smiled, she did have a pretty smile.
Maybe he would go by and ask her about the stuff he asked her to write for him..
I mean,  that’s the only reason he would go by to read what he asked her to write for him.
What the hell was he thinking.  She clears the thought from his head 
They continued to bicker, he grabs his phone,  plugs his ear piece in his ear and listens to music 
Forgetting about the girl immediately .
It was Monday afternoon,  during second periods break.
They were in the cafeteria eating..

The place was filled with the buzz of chattering bees and sounds of cutleries  being used, chewing and laughs..
He usually sat down to eat with the the boys..

Despite being the most popular and a senior  and the student body president.

 He was a easy going boy. 

Not pompous nor arrogant. 

He never acted like he owned the world..despite that his father was the principal. .

He was down to earth, humble and never treated anyone like dirt.

He never tried to make anyone feel less of themselves
For those who wanted to learn and be better versions of themselves, 

He did his best to help them  in anyway that he could

From tutoring to coaching to etiquette  down to anything important.
Just this morning alone he had helped a group of juniors in their semi project and then tutored a maths class, filled in for a teacher on revision. He was tired 
He had a whole lot of work cut out  for himself,  tonight he would burn the night candle.
They were on a table  which was reserved for the student  body president and his assistant,  who was a girl ” Abinma” 
She always sees him and literally drools, stares more than she talks and always wants to touch his hands. 
It wade him uncomfortable , and when she had slipped a love letter into his cupboard one day he had asked for a replacement..
“Why do you want a replacement” ?”
” Because,  I spend alot of time doing stuffs and I need someone who is equally ajile and up to the task, but Abinma? She is a little bit of a drag..I mean ”
In truth she was,   he wondered why she was picked  
“But she merited the position micheal; ” he was told.
“Okay is it possible that she gets her work load cut out from the department and being fixed up with someone else, you have I have tutoring and coaching and everything else and she can just be given some portion to deal with but we don’t have to spend so much time together. ”
“Why? Does she make you uncomfortable? ” 
there was that smile,  this elderly woman seem to see more than she gave away
“No ma’am. Rather I like my space and I am a bit of a loner and I work faster alone and at a really high pace. She would only slow me down.  I don’t mind taking much work load if you give me but…I just don’t need her breathing down my neck every now and then …please ” he flashes his most dazzling smile.
More like he didn’t want her to grab him one day when no one is looking and kiss him madly or force her tits into his mouth. She looked like the type.
Oh shit,  that was what Chidera would do.
Abinma,  maybe would try to kiss him.
“You know I shouldnt listen to you ” she was saying 
“I know ma’am, but because you are awesome and understanding ,  you would ” he flashes his dazzling smile.
She wondered if he had seen her daughter, she talks about him all the time.

But because she knew that Micheal wasn’t like other boys, she didnt see anything wrong with it.

He wouldn’t do anything stupid.

He was micheal after all, the pride of his father and he was just lovable.  No wonder the girls liked it.
No, she shouldn’t encourage her daughter,  preye needs to concentrate on her books and God. 

That’s it.
“Fine, I would make the necessary changes. . I would talk to Abinma” she smiles
“Thank you” he says happily leaving het office.
Maybe when she is older, it would be nice to have him as a son in law, she muses.
Abinma was staring at him across the room, she waves, he manages a weak smile and waves back at her.

Then she goes ” can I come over ?” He read her lips
Hell no
“No” he mouths back, pointing at books on his table and food and the guys  “Busy. Very busy” he replies  
“Who you mouth- talking to micheal? ” Boma turns to find Abinma looking sad as she turns away
“Oh!” He says
“Yeah oh!”  Micheal turns away. .
“You know you could give her a chance ” jerry throws groundnut into his mouth
“Same thing I said ” jerremy says
“But he never listens ” Boma shakes his head
“And you all can’t get it into your head that I don’t and am not interested in girls or a girl . Can’t you guys  let it be already !” he snaps. 


“Fine!! ” They chorused 
He grabs his plate of food and begins to eat, sipping his drink 
They begin to talk again, he halfly listens to them as he flips his text book trying to revise
He laughs at a joke Boma was saying .
Boma was making a silly joke about why the chicken crossed the road,
“So why did the chicken cross the road then?” Micheal couldn’t help but ask just out of curiousity
“Well..because  on the  other side the chicken was on,  had no  female chicks. ..so it crossed the road because he saw the chicks on the other side..so it crossed the road “… He said matter-of-factly
“Dude that doesn’t even make sense..

Besides what makes you think it’s a he..

Plus there wasnt anything about other chickens. .you are just making this up…”.. jerremy tells him 
“Really…have you got a better joke??” Jerry yawns 
Micheal laughs , shaking his head..
“No ofcourse not . I doubt if he does .  Please carry on boma, dont let them rain on your beautiful parade, i am actually curious as to what happens when he does cross the road” Micheal’s  rolled his eyes taking a bite of the meatpie and sips a coke
Boma smiles and continues

“Good! so……
“I wanna make love in this club, huh! In this club, in this club”

I wanna make love in the club ..baby , in this club, in this club, in this club yeah!!” She sings as she puts on lip gloss and combed her hair 

Adjusting her bra and wore her panties
Mr Adamu  came out of the toilet, and  looks her over

He felt stirrings again, licking his lips he made to come to her.

She eyed him from the mirror
“Don’t even think about it.

Once is enough”
She picked up her uniform and wears it, smoothing the folds.

He came behind her and holds her, tentatively rubbing his hardness against her buttocks and squeezing her breast through her cloths
“Chichi, I swear if you were out of school and a few years older, i will marry you” He was nibbling the lope of her ears
She scoffs

“And make me wife number two?

Sorry I don’t think so ” 

she releases herself and moves away from him and picks up her school bag. 
“I hope I won’t be seeing anything less than an A Adamu?” 
“Ah-ha..chichi…you know with me your grades would be glowing like the stars and brighter than the galaxies . 

But can’t you just wait a little? 

I feel like another”
He rubs his hardness with his palms, 

She watches as it increases to its full height. .
“No! I don’t feel like. So go take another cold shower. it should give you a flat line.”she points to the bathroom  
She walks to the door and stops

“By the way, my allawwance money is zero. Be a dear and send me some.

I need to buy makeup and some few sexy undies and killer cloths.

You know a queen must look her best”
He sighs nodding 

“I will give you later . You can send amaka to me to collect it ”
“Don’t be silly.

You think I don’t see right through you?

You are thinking through your thirdleg. 

Go take a shower and don’t be obvious.

You only get amaka when am done with you.

And no one plays with my toys unless I allow it. So suck it up..

I will come take it myself later”
He knew she was smart, not in studies ofcourse but when it came to things like this.
One time wasn’t enough for him.

She usually let’s him go two to three times and sometimes she takes the lead.
She liked sex. 

Enjoyed it.

And didn’t care how she gets it.

And by god she was the sex goddess 

Making men like him weep in ectasy
He often wondered why a girl like her turned out the way she did.

How she grew up and what kind of parents allowed their daughter to be this extremely wayward. .
“My mother is a serial fxxker” she had told him “I never knew my father,  he was a solder of some sort, a few flings and my mother gets knocked up, she had to survive to she takes the next bus out of time and got into the streets of “money for hand,  back for ground ” when her family didn’t want to have anything to do with her. And that’s how we have been surviving.  I don’t judge her.. but I learnt the art by watching her and her numerous men without her knowing and then one day I tried it and I realised that it was the best feeling in the world and I just wanted to keep at it untill I was the best. And I am the best… making you scream and shattered inside of me, making you beg.. taking you to heaven and back., just like this, just like this ” she had purred moving her hips up and down as he moaned in pleasure squeezing her twin towers as it pounced on her chest.
Oh, what she could do in bed..

Could bring any man to his knees.

And when she puts her mind to it.

You cant differentiate her from a full blown woman..

She was what everyman needed and he was glad he found her..
Infact. ..

No, she found him.
Shaking her beautiful butt.

Exposing her soft breast. 

Playing with him

Untill that fateful day..
She had come into his office claiming assistance for extra moral classes. 
Yes. she sucked big time when it came to her studies.  Her results could make a blind man weep. No jokes

So when she came to him, he reluctantly agreed.

He said he would discuss with her parents about the payment.

But she had other plans.
She gets up and locks the door while they were talking.

He wondered what she was up to 

“What are you doing Chidera,  open the door at once ” she ignores him smiling seductively and rolling her waist.
She said she knew that he liked looking at her.

Yes he did like looking at her.
She said she liked what he saw

Ofcourse he liked what he saw but he was speechless.
She was his student and he was their teacher.
This wasn’t happening.

This wasn’t right.

He knew. 
But he didnt stop her when she unbuttons her top one button at a time tevealing soft firm breast held in a red bra. He loved red undies. 
He gulped.
He felt a stirring, he crossed his legs and didn’t speak..
She said she had always had boys..

She longed to feel what a real man felt like..
So this wasn’t a new thing to her, he looks at her.
She came towards him, going on her knees.
He should stop her. 

He didnt stop her.
This was a dream.

He was in denial, he new it. This was as real as real could get.
“Please, let no one come to knock ” he prayed 
But he didnt want to speak just incase she changed her mind.
She freed the belt from his waist unzipping him.

He was hard.  He closes his eyws
Last chance to stop her.

But God he was already glistening , the anticipation was thrilling. 
She smiled when she felt him.

She didnt waste no time.

While she stared at him..She covered him with her mouth, working in full circles and flicking her tongue over his cap . Her mouth was warm and wet .
He swore. 

He closing his eyes and opening them as he grips onto something , then he began to move his waist forward to get him fulling into her mouth.

She was an expert, it was getting into his head.
Oh dear lord!!
When he couldnt take it anymore he gets up pulling her up to her feet 
“Enough of this torture. .” He muttered, taking off his trousers and boxers , this was definitely going down.
But she liked to be in control ..He observed that day. 
She gets up..bringing out a condom from her pocket.
Wears him as expertly as though she did on a daily.
He should stop. 

This second right now was a chance to be her teacher and do what was right. She was a bloody miner compared to a 36 year old man and she was just what? 

How old was she again?
He should tell her to leave!
But he couldn’t. 

He didnt want to. .

He really really wanted so much to taste her. 
She backed him.

Bending flat on his table with her butt prutruding out .
He realised that she wore nothing underneath her school uniform as he touches her thighs and takes his hands up inside her thighs.  She was wet.
That was his undoing ..

She looks back at him and smiled..

And with a slow sexy drawl ..she said.
“We both can benefit from this little transaction. .”
“Give me good grades without questions..

And we both can enjoy what only I can give…

“Come..allow me show you what pleasure is..

Am sure you wife can’t give it to you good..”.

And with that, she rolled her waist. .protruding her butt out to him more and made a moan escape from her lips closing her eyes and says 
“Have me baby”
And with a tiny cry, as though he was about to explode.

He plunges into her 
The moan that escapes her lips and his groan was enough to make a serenade. .

And with every thrust ..He knew this was a journey he didn’t want to come back from.

It was like selling your soul to the devil. 

He wanted it and loved it.

His wife at home was as boring as a toothpick.  The last time they had sex she laid there like a broom and allowed him do the work. 
Chidera was right…

He never had it that good untill her.

She always left him wanting more.

She was the devil.

And he was sold. hook, line and sinker!”
The throbbing pain started. .He looked down at himself.
“Down boy”…he ordered
He sighs and watches as she walks out of his office ..leaving him as hard as a rock. .
He carries his playboy magazine from the drawer he had seized from one of the boys, goes into his toilet and finished his buiness inside it.
“Damn you Chidera , damn you oh oh oh ahhh!”  He shakes spilling his seed
He can’t get enough. 

What would he do if she get tired of him? He would die.
Maybe when she comes back they can go another.  

Yes, he could score her paper ahead of time for the exams too. 
“I envy you Chidera. 

You have everything going for you…” Amaka says 
She gets up from sitting on the pavement from where she did her lookout for Chidera. .
“Don’t worry. .

You will have your turn. 

Am getting tired of him already. 

And this boys bore me.

I actually need that one person. ..hey, 

Speaking off”
She faced her as she stopped halfway from walking down the pavement. .
“Where is my prince charming? ”
“The girls  say that he is in the cafeteria with his friends and that annoying bodyguard , boma..”
“Ok what about his other busy bodies groupies?”
“Oh the j’squares? ” She laughs  “They are at the basketball court.

Shooting hoops.

They are trying to impress a girl…”
She rolls her eyes.
“C’mon, let’s go. I am hungry ”
They both went towards the cafeteria..
“Chidinma. See you won’t die if you don’t drop your pen and that notepad..

If you are not studying you are going to church and reading your bible..

If you aren’t doing that you are listening to music and the writing into your notepad. .
“To the extent that you forget to eat.

I often wonder how you got to have this amazing look just three months break. .”..
Mimi sat down opposite her studying her intently 
Chidinma looks at her
“Well let’s see.

I jog and run a lot. 

Do alot of sit ups and squats. 

Eat right 

And live right ” she flashes her a smile
“If I hear ”

“Come let’s go eat jor..

I don’t know why you like to show off”
Bunmi pulls  mimi up with one hand and pulls Chidinma up with the other hand. 
“My tummy is singing here and you both are talking nonsense. 

Do you know what the menu is today. ..??”
Chidinma and mimi look at each other smiling. 
“Fried rice and chicken ” they both squealed.
“Ofcourse! And you know that’s my best food and I hate to miss it.

It’s cooked only once a week ..

And you know how I get when I don’t eat what I want. .

I don’t plan to watch my weight like Chidinma here. 

Who looks like a model by the way. .

I will eat as much as I want till I have no more room to fill. .

Now…move your butts along

she says taking chidinma’s  notepad and flings it to the bed.
“You can do without that for a mere thirty minutes Chi-gurl, 

Or do you want to write how everybody chews and breaks the bone of the chicken? ”
Chidinma began to protest..
“No no… let’s go”..
Linking hands  with Chidinma and mimi she pulled both of them out of their dorm…heading towards the cafeteria
Chidinma sighs feeling defeated. 

Mimi gave her a slight nudge.
“Don’t worry. 

Your notepad won’t miss you that much. 

It doesn’t have legs to walk nor wings to fly. 

Besides. .I feel jealous of the feather light book, stealing my friend away. 

Am happy to have you all to myself.

Well, with the beaming bunmi here. ..”
They both laugh..

Bunmi stuck out her tongue..
“Queen Chidera , coming at you with her bees of thorn”
Boma kicked micheal under the table with his right feet. .
When micheal looks up at him, Boma  nods towards the direction of the chattering.
And truthfully. .

Chidera, her righthand  girl – man amaka was beside her carrying her plate of food.

Her mimi-mes, Temi, Dayo and Tamara had her bag and water and books respectively.
Such a drama queen.
Everyone parted way for her to pass. .

She catwalks towards where him and boma sat.
She was smiling. 

Some of the boys hailed her. 

Clearing the way for her. 

Some of the girls greeted her.

She ignored both .

She had her eyes on him as she kept coming towards him, micheal looks for a possible escape.
“How you gonna get out of this one bro?

Your lady friend wants to chew you raw. 

You should just let her and get over it.

Everyone has. Anyways..what’s the bug deal? You know she won’t back down untill she has you” boma began to tell him
“Am not everyone and I don’t like loose girls. 

You can have your fill , i am not interested. 

Why did she have to come now when am having a good day sef”? He suddenly felt his frown coming on.
“Well……”Boma shrugs
“I don’t like her.

She is a snob and quite insultive.

She made my last year very horrible for me.

I hated her from then.

She only wanted me to do her homework and treated me like dirt because I wore braces.

So I stopped and refused to help.

Then she told everyone I was gay and my mother was a prostitute. 

Nah! I am better off without the likes of her”
Micheal looks around the crowded cafeteria room.

Chidera was walking towards him.

She was already at his table, standing and staring down at him.
“Me too” He mutters under his breath to the hearing of Boma
“Won’t you ask me to sit?” She was hovering 
“You weren’t invited to come here were you?…” he doesn’t look up
Chidera looks at him while her followers snarls at him.

Boma laughs 
” what is it Boma ” she turns to him ” Why? are you scared that I would steal your boyfriend away from you and he would actually  enjoy it?” 
Boma scoffs 

“Try something new Chidera. that joke is old and lame”
“What about your mum…

I hope her night life is paying her handsomely?”
“My mother is a nurse you bitch”

He spat getting up.
“Its more than I can say for a girl who sluts her way through school.

I wonder what your parents thinks”
“Oh gee I dunno. ..

Should we go ask them?” She tabs het jaw tentatively and gives a shocked face 
Micheal shook his head.

He wasn’t really in the mood for Chidera ..plus she and boma constant barter.
“Boma sit down. Be the better man.

You already know how she is ”
Boma sighs and reluctantly sits down.
Chidera looks at amaka who hurriedly pull out a sit for her and placed her plate of food on the table. 

Every other one follows  suit creating a tiny gathering.  The rest of the students were silently trying to pay attention. 
“How am I? 

Beautiful right? 

I know bae” she touches his arms lightly and laughs , micheal hits her hands away and places his hands under the table. Even her touch makes her wanr to cringe.
Oh God why did you keep me in the same school with this girl.

I can’t wait to leave.

Maybe I could ask dad for a transfer.

If only the old bat would let me.

He sighs
She began to dig into her food.
“To you, its micheal. And you are far from beautiful.”..He sips his coke deciding to ignore 
“Helo Micheal, ?” A class mate passes by and winks at him
“Hi tonia? ”  He smiles at the girl. 
“Keep walking you bitch ” Chidera snarls at her
“Oh how rude ” she throws off her shoulders and walks away.
Another day 

Another drama

Always Chidera 
He suddenly lost his appetite. 

Just then  jerry and Jeremy comes back into the cafeteria after going to play basketball briefly, or rather went to impress a girl shooting hoops.
They get to the table, hailing boma and high fiving micheal. 
“Hey guys!! 

Hey queen bee”…they laugh sitting down.

Pushing her friends away from their sits with no decorum 
Chidera threw daggers from her eyes..
“Micheal tell your friends to treat me with respect , don’t they know am your girl…would you just sit there and watch?”
“His girl?” Jerry slim asks , wondering if he missed the world coming to an end in the past 20 minutes 
“Not even in his dreams” jerremy  chubby states.
Chidera was definitely smoking something new this afternoon.
“Most definitely only in her twisted imaginations”Boma said whistling as he crosses his hands behind his head and leans back 
“Shut up! No wonder no one likes you boma, you are so rude ” Amaka offers
“Oh! that’s why you keep following her around like a fly because you are so stupid.

You want to be like her right?

Your mother would be rolling in the grave in shame for you” Boma won’t be defeated so easily, he strives on banters
“How dare you talk about my mother you fool?” Amaka turns red 
“Boma another word from you and I will ruin the very ground you walk on?” Chidera threatens 
“You wish queen bee” they chanted 

Boma and the twins bursts out laughing

“Huuuuuu am so scared”

“Creepy Chidera! !”

“The kill bill lady ” 
They laugh
Micheal needed to get out of there.

He rolls his eyes. 

Chidera ignores them, it was no use
“Micheal, can we go and relax at the garden after lunch? 

My next class isn’t really important. 

I have something nice to show you.

Plus we could talk and play a game or two?”
“I do take my studies seriously.

Plus am not in the habit of wasting my father’s money to be fraternizing while I should be in class. You do know what studies mean don’t you?”
She adjusts herself
“Am just kidding. 

“Ok can you tell your slubby friends to excuse you? you need to spend time with your girl you know. 

I feel jealous. ..” she pouts placing a hand on his hand. He pulls away again   “we can just talk here ”
“No we arent going anywhere ”

The one who should take her flies and leave is you ” Boma tells her frowning.  Was she stupid or something 
“This is guy’s time if you hadn’t noticed”….the twins join in saying together
She looks to micheal for assistance.

He shrugs
She looks to her girls and nods. 

They all get up and begin to pull the boys away forcefully.
They were strong for girls. 

She knew…

She hand picked them. She smiles. 
Micheal hadn’t moved.

He watches the scene unfolding before him, shaking  his head he knew his friends would never hit a girl.

Chidera was taking advantage of that. Just to show how sneaky and devicing she was.
She smiles watching them struggle. .

Everyone else would assume they are playing. 
“Stop the drama Chidera. .”

Micheal cautions
“aren’t you tired of pestering my life?”
“No!! But to answer your qestion. I will if you date me.

You know I like you a whole lot and I want you to be my boyfriend.
Why are you playing hard to get?  its very unmanly “..she snakes her hands underneath the table to touch him, he moves out from her reach.
“Its very ungirly -like to sort boys out for sex don’t you think.

And forcing one to date you.

Aren’t you a tiny bit bothered what people would think about you or no i forgot, you have no care in the world.

You disgust me!”..
She became angry. 
“Oh stop playing saint. You like it as much as I do. You are just pining over that slut of your ex who left you for another boy and might be slutting away in the states ”
Sometimes he wished his father hadn’t instilled some deep set of moral values and standards in him..

Some girls needed to be slapped for sense
He smiles painfully
“I have nothing to say to you.

If you would excuse me..” 

He made to get up , pushing his seat away. 
She jumps up  holding him still by placing her hands to his waist. 

Thankful there wasnt a teacher in sight.
“Micheal baby am sorry. But you made me angry. come sit, let me sooth you with my kisses…..”
When he looks at her with a raised eyebrow and an expression that asked if she were mad, she hurriedly adds laughing,  
“C’mon I was kidding. .

why do you take everything too seriously? ”
“You are really out of your mind Chidera and am the least person stupid enough to have the likes of you as a girlfriend or even a friend ”
His attention is caught when  three girls moving separately from the crowd going in the opposite direction
“I rather spend time with people who are completely cool without even trying..”
He frees himself , pushes her gently to the side.
“People like who ?” She swings round staring after him.
He doesn’t answer.  Chidera watches  as he walks to the three girls, breaking their linked arms and links their hands to his after getting int their middle urges them to keep going.
Amaka runs to her side, abandoning her struggling, the other guys do thesame.

 The boys stumbled over each other scrambling to their feets following micheal.
“Isn’t that who I think it is?”

“How dare he?”

“How dare she?”

They chanted as they watch the boys follow micheal like servants running after their master.  But that wasn’t the focus of their stare, it was the fact that Micheal didn’t just leave Chidera standing and staring after him , it was the fact that he leaves her standing to go meet some juniors,  and it wasn’t just some random juniors he was linking hands with, it was the fact that one of those juniors he had linked hands with was non other than the new famous face in school.

The girl wonder , as she is called.

Chidinma the beautiful,  to others who seem to admire her now .
The frown covering Chidera ‘ s face could light up the  whole room with hatred..

She folds her arms and watches them leave.

She turns and walks away without another word.
Pushing people out of their way not caring if they fell throwing her food 
Lack of what to do, her girls run after her 

There was no telling what Chidera would do in her state.
“Oh chidinma, it sucks to be you ” Amaka says over her shoulders  
This would not end well for chidinma,  she didnt need a sooth sayer to tell her.
Whatever Chidera had planned before for her, she was going to top that game..
If being ” the wonder girl” made Chidera mad. 
Then being the girl  whom micheal runs to just to get away from Chidera was like stepping on a lions tail.
He was going to roar and then bite.
 She only wonders  if chidinma would be able to come out from the scars .
She rand behind Amaka, careful to stay at her back.
She could feel the heat of hatred ozzing from Chidera. 
It felt like the  burning heat from a volcano..
It was going to rupture soon, bursting out and pouring hot larva soon
All on Chidinma.
And just as all larvas go.
It would burn.

“Dear chidinma , Run!!” 



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Helo Friday.


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