Satan, Not Today!!

Satan, not today!


She would twist and turn, batt lashes with out much of a fuss, those little tiny gestures I have come to know and love.

Her laughter would ring high in my ears, and I would notice her steal glances my way just to get me to turn. Something she did on a daily, I would know her laughter even in my dreams, for she had made me a dreamer, a constant visitor in my near death state. 

Her touch would be tentative, her buttons would be open showing me those cleavages,  her skirts would swing high up her thighs, I could literally trace those bumps with my eyes, and other times I would play a silent guiter with my fingers and later draw circles and tickle her core with my tongue, a pleasure she can grown to adore.

She would bend, showing me that perfect end. She would moan, as someone who has just been touched, she would bite her lips, eyes going up in her head, she would call my name or so I thought if it’s all in my head.

She would stroll pass me a thousand times, making sure to drop something so I can feel her nigh, she would tap my shoulders and live me a smile, her  slim waist and bouncing cheeks dancing from side to side.

And when it was night, when I made to go to my constant hide, she would slip me the paper and give me a time “come to the keepers lounge by midnight, tap once , open and come inside, there you will find me waiting please don’t delay”

And with those words ringing in my ear, with that anticipation even though it was clear, I would hurry home and bask in the euphoria of what is to come.

Tap tap my shoes knocked the tiles, hide hide, there is someone lurking in the shadows behind. Run run, oh dear, it was just a lonesome stranger making his way out of the crimson dark lane.

Tick Tock Tock its a few minutes to midnight, its dark, the corridor is long, no maids about, the little ones are with peter pan and by christ, which one is the damn door?

Silence, no words as I venture in as I did knock. Darkness save for a looming candle dancing shyly close to the wall. Flower and something sweet, seem to be the mist in the air I breath, a sigh, a figure on the bed I see her on some silky red sheets, waiting as she had promised  and my heart began to beat in a seemless without tune but yet a symphony. 

“Come to me lover” her words ring out, “come take me as you would no other” her dress slips off, beauty was redefined in my eyes, such naked skin, some voluptuous folds..such alluring..such disturbance within my shorts struggling to be let and breath and maybe taste from the waters that her open thighs thus revealed..

And so I made to the bed, nor touching her yet , not wanting to distort my image of a goddess right before me that a mere servant like me can have to a fill all midnight hours to the morning cockuroo of the chicks. Right before I close the distance to pluck from the valley of twins and knead them and bury my face between I would , a hundred times today

I see their feets, eight at the most, two pairs for one, what could that mean. For their faces where invisible,  their bodies were like shadows but their feets can’t be figments of my imaginations. .those fables can’t be told under the midnight skies . Then I see a flash of light,  I see the blade even though it’s been disguised .. I see the trap in her eyes, its been mirrored like stars of a galaxy, unkowned to her, I see all just within all this even in disguise 

“Waste no time lover, my husband would be here soon , have me, take me, release me from the torment within my legs  that my husband could never do and let the water flow as it would a gushing river..just the way you use to do. Come lover, time is fast husband is not nigh” her hands caresses my chicks, her other hand tugs at my shorts brushing the head of my cap, my member longs to be let out . 

I touch her face,  longing yet painfully. I take a step back, letting her hands drop as mine did, I see the pain and shock in her eyes, I see her protests I see her make to lift off the bed, I see those feets, ready to pounce and the blade might end up resting peacefully in my chest as though it belongs..

I smile a slow sad smile, one of regrets,  of realisation and of goodbye. My time here was done, my midnight escapades has been cut short, the Mrs would be my Tenth one in my world of exploration. .

But you see, today is not the day I die.

“But lover ?” Her heart breaks. .

I shake my head as I reach the door,  hoping to run and never to return.

“Satan, not today!” I leaped for the door,  disappearing into the darkness as I heard the chants “find him , find my wife’s lover. Kill him !! I say kill him”

But it was too late, I was gone, like a ghost of the night, but I would never forget my lover who brought me pleasures at night nor the husband who wanted to take my life. 

Excerpts from #TheMidnightLover 


              ~  Stephanie Egberike 

     #Writes #thesweetperspectives. 
Helo Saturday! !


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