Undeniably Karma $Chapter 6




“Good aftertoon senior  er.. Micheal” Bunmi says startled as Micheal breaks their linked hands and linking theirs with his.
“hmmm” He mutters urging them on as they wanted to stop.
“ what in the world?” Chidinma exclaims when she sees him
“senior Micheal..er good afternoon” Mimi says slightly shocked staring at him and where he must have possibly come from, she looks to Bumni who shrugs, obviously as confused as she was, they look to Chidinma who is frowning, her brows are furrowed together causing lumps lines to form on her forehead, she pinches the bridge of her nose
‘’ yes just keep moving, please” he says pulling them along until they all exit the cafeteria, heading to the garden
Micheal heaves a sigh of relieve as he gets outside, the boys stumble out after them almost bumping into their backs
‘’oh, sorry’’ Boma apologizes as he mistakenly nudges Bumni ,
 ‘’Oww! Who… oh senior good afternoon’’ she says quickly seeing the culprit 
Micheal unlinks their hand only when he was in the middle of the garden, looking back to make sure that Chidera didn’t think it a bright idea to follow him , he smiles seeing only the boys behind him.
“My apologies ladies, I just needed to get away from someone…” he says turning back to them
 “I am sorry if I must have startled you or made you uncomfortable in any way or stopped your snack time. You guys haven’t eaten yes?’’
“we have finished, was leaving the hall” Mimi says, curious she asks “ who were you trying to get away from senior Micheal?’’
“erm…erm…’’ he scratches his head
‘’ some witch troll’’ Boma  throws in, perching on a slab of the wooden chair, sitting on the edge and putting his feet on the chair. Jerry slaps his legs off sitting down
‘’ no, more like some leech “he offers
“ actually the best would be … a queen bee who just wants to perch and suck the nutrients from all the the beautiful flowers she sees but this particular flower got thorns but she won’t back down.” Jerremy folds his hands after talking.
Bumi, Mimi and Chidinma just stare at them, not understanding what they mean, they turn to the flee-er, maybe he would make sense.
Micheal is still scratching his head, but when he notices the silence he looks at them, they had this expression like “well, aren’t you going to clarify what they mean’’ 
How does he explain it to them that a certain senior student has been ogling him and seeking him out for sex and for a relationship he knows would be filled with lots of sex and add a wildness, bad company, and all vices of the word ‘bad’. He lifts his shoulders, takes a deep breath and ended up shrugging.
“Let’s just say, someone I don’t want to associate it.”
Chidinma looks around, well they didn’t know who he was running away from and quite frankly she didn’t care because it was not any of her business nor her friends. She tugs  at their hands “ lets go’’ she motions to them, Bumni doesn’t bulge
‘’so Senior Micheal, I hear you are very good with math yes”
He nods. 
‘’oh yes, he is like the next Einstein.”
‘’ he is like the god of sciences and all things difficult’’
‘’very apt.”  the boys chants, Michael shakes his head
“Don’t mind them I just know a little here and there” they were blocking his view from her, she doesn’t say much as her friends bombard him with questions
“oh don’t be modest, those awards you have won nko”? Boma askes him “ ladies, he is the real MVP’’ he turns to them
‘I swear down” jerremy cuts cap for him with his hands as though he is saluting. The girls gush… “ oh how amazing” ‘’wow!’’
“even as his friends, we need him around to make us look smart” jerry says and they all laugh
“oh yeah true, would you be able to tutor us?” Mimi says coming closer to him, giving him puppy eyes
 “please! Please please please!” they both pout. Chidinma rolls her eyes, she should leave them to coo after him, and she needed to write, 
Oh crap! 
Her book was in the hostel, these girls made her leave it. She should just sneak away when they aren’t looking while they were all chatting up.
She takes the first back step, the second and third.. no one was noticing her back away, on the forth step she turns backing them as she  takes the fifth step.
“where do you think you are going young lady?”

Chidinma freezes, she closes her eyes, bites her lower lips. 
She turns slowly with a smile on her face

 “actually , I was erm..”  she scratches her head and points randomly “ I erm…want to go pee”
“You peed like 5 minutes ago” Bunmi frowns
“No I mean, I want to go finish my food”
“But you all just said you were done eating or didn’t I hear right” Boma turns to her
 ‘’no I mean I erm.. I want to go..” she trails off

“what?” Micheal speaks 
She really was beautiful. Almost his height and out here in the open, her skin was fair and looked smooth. She keeps neat nails too unlike him that bites it whenever he is deep in thoughts or concentrating too hard on something.  She definitely was a pretty girl.
Stop it Micheal!
He shakes his head mentally as she adds.

‘’I want to go..Sleep. Yes sleep” she smiles. That’s a good excuse, she yawns
Mimi begins to laugh “don’t mind her, our girl her is running back to the hostel to meet her lover”
Bunmi understanding joins in the laughter “oh that’s true, her lover. She loves that lover with a passion. A few minutes away from him she is restless and her hearts keeps beating pata pata!’’
‘’interesting “  jerry says
And here he thought he could toast her, she was already taken, sad. She was a pretty girl. Her curves though were to die for, he openly looks her over
“A lover eh? I wonder if he realizes how lucky he is. I mean you don’t come across such beauty everyday “
“What?” chidinma is frowning shaking her head, they were getting it confused
‘’oh dear, you just broke my heart. And I thought I would go on my knees and propose to you now. Jerry, jeremy..catch me!  I am about to fall. My queen just broke my heart’ ’
Boma  gets up, spreads his hands and begins to fall on top of their outstretched hands but the boys move away at the nick of time after exchanging a mischievous look with themselves. Boma hits the soft  grass groaning as he turns.
The girls burst out laughing, the twins join them as they high five each other. Chidinma is shaking her head. Micheal however is having a mixed emotion.
So she had a lover.
A boy lover or a man lover. And h.. he was thinking that she didn’t seem like other girls, she seemed quiet, down to earth and more concerned about other things in life like books, and sports and writing. Yes writing, she mentioned she loved writing.
But she had a lover.
How sad and disappointing. Not that he cared or should care, but why did it make him feel sad.
‘ ‘so a lover eh, who is he’’  he says it out loud before realizing it, Boma had risen up after giving each boy a slap to their head, the girls giggle.
“oh he is handsome and quite romantic”
“A poet. A dreamer. So romantic that one”
‘’really girls really? Don’t mind them seniors..Would you girls just be quiet” she points at them
“ no no, I want to know who stole your tiny little fluffy heart “ Boma sits down ‘’ go on’’
“oh us too’’ the twins were definitely not going to be left out
Micheal was curious, not that he should be but..his ears were open. He might as well hear. 

He wonders who he is. Would he know the student or the teacher.
He didn’t like it, he didn’t like it atall.

But what does he care.
But then again he was having mixed emotions he didn’t understand.
‘’oh he loves wearing green hard clothing, and white shirts and he had a black belt..oh soo dashing “ Bunmi gestulates
“And his words are words Romeo would say to Juliet ‘ oh Juliet Juliet..my jewels around  a neck. I love you, even your smiles are brighter that Mrs. Dumaris chest”  Mimi goes on her kness with her hands stretched out towards Bunmi who takes it, one hand to her head she pretends as though she was about to swoon
‘’oh Romeo my sweet  Romeo, your words makes my heart flutter, it’s like I just simply jumped and past the gutter, come sing to me my Romeo..Sing to me the new song of gingolo!’’ Bunmi touches Mimi’s face as she knelt before her.
The boys seems to be enjoying their little charade, well except one. He wasn’t sure what he was feeling or why he was feeling what he was feeling. Maybe he was just perplexed.
 Disappointed maybe. But why. His attention is dragged back as the girls continue
Mimi stands up, grabs the perplexed jerry’s hands, closes it into a fist, turns it to her mike and begins to sing ‘ oh Julie Julie, whatever  weevil bean is still beans , the future we see is bleak ..Oh Julie julie’
Bunmi is giggling, she grabs the other twin’s hands “oh romy romy, whatever you say is true, I love you too  my mugu..oh sweet cheese say cheese!!’

And they bursted out laughing. Boma and the twins are laughing uncontrollably.
Have they met their kind of crazies. Who the hell were this girls. They roar in laugher
Oh good, Chidinma thought to her self, what sort of clowns does she have as friends, she stifles the laugher
Micheal hides a smile. 
But who was the lover. He frowns
“wow!! No wonder you can’t wait to get back to him” he says
Stop talking Michael. 
‘’ she would literally fall sick” Mimi tells him cleaning the tear that dropped from her eyes.
“ she eats and sleeps and goes to class with him” Bumni nods coming to stand beside her, Chidinma shakes her head and facepalms

“ oh, he is a junior like you are?”
It still didn’t make him feel  better.  He scratches his head. , maybe he should just go. 
“ interesting, can we meet him. Just so we can keep an eye on him so he doesn’t flirt with other girls and since we are seniors we can punish him for you.” Jerremy offers
“ oh yes from today, you three are our junior friends. “ jerry smirks
“ you can call us, the godfathers. “ Boma interjects “ you have watched the movie or read the book, yes?’ he adds when the girls are confused , they shake their heads
“really?” the twins shake their heads too when Boma looks at them too. He facepalms
Mario Puzo, Micheal says mentally
“ Mario Puzo” Chidinma offers
Boma does a slow clap . ‘’ am impressed, she isn’t just a sports person, she is beautiful and she reads my kinda books. I like you already. Break up with your boyfriend and date me already”
Micheal smiles 
“tushe’!” he says
That was impressive.
‘’ but I don’t have a boyfriend , ewww!!’’ she says 

 ‘’ I mean when I have books and sports and my future to focus on. Hello!!’’
Wait, she doesn’t?. Then who is the lover??
“ then who is your lover your friends are referring to?” jerry beats him to it.

The girls giggle
“a book!’ chidinma sighs
A what. Did he hear correctly.
Bunmi and Mimi who are giggling nods.. “a green hard cover and white sleeves book”
“with a tiny black ribbon inside to place where she had stopped writing . it’s a small note book she carries with her like her second heart’ Mimi finishes Bunmi’s statement
“ she is a writer you see, so she writes down her thoughts and stories in it’
“ when she isn’t studying or going to church”
“ so we call her green small book her lover because technically he is abi it is. The green lover, is my name for him” Bumni high fives Mimi
Why was a smile breaking out on his face.
Stop it Micheal. Frown.
Too late, he was smiling from ear to ear.
“ why is that one smiling as though he just won a lottery”? Boma nudges jerry who touchs jerremy, who hits Micheal”s arm
“ why you smiling “?
Oh shit!
Frown Micheal frown!
He bites his inner mouth, he winces silently in pain. Good, he was frowning now. Good thing the girls didn’t notice, especially her.
“no I wasn’t’’ he says
‘ er..yes you were, like an agric fowl you were. I saw”
‘ was not. “ micheal says turning away
‘’ er was too, we saw you”
“ we didn’t !’ Bumin and Mimi counter Boma and the twins 
“ thank you for being on my side” Micheal smiles, Chidinma seemed impatient to leave.
He gets a thought in his head

“chidinma , you did promise to do something for me didn’t you”?
“ I did?”
‘’she did’’the boys turn to her
‘’you did?’ her friends turn to her, chidinma stammers
” i..i ..erm, what did I promise to do for you’’?

What the hell was he talking about? chidnma is confused, she pinches the bridge of her nose
Micheal smiles, he had seen her do that a few times already, was that a habit.
So, she did forget.
“ show me what you write or was it you writing something for me one day” he taps his finger to his jaw tentatively
Her eyes , he could see how it dawns as she looks into space for a minuite and refocuses them back on his.
“you do remember now don’t you”?
She nods
Why did she agree to it. She manages a weak smile, but she can still get out of it.
“ well, my book isn’t here so there is nothing of mine you could read”
Ahah! Take that. she claps for herself mentally .

well played chi-gurl .
Oh thank you Chi-gurl! ! she praises herself and smiles.  good thing no one could read her mind 
“true true “ he says going to seat facing her

He looks around, a student carrying a bag is passing.
“ student?” he calls out
Everyone follows his eyes,
What is he up to.

“ yes senior?” the young boy hurries over leaving his friends behind who greets them from afar.
“ how are you”?
‘ fine senior Micheal”
Sometimes he wishes not everyone knew him

“please can you give me a piece of paper and  a pen or pencil”
Happily he nods opening his bag, picks out his best clean book, opens the middle and tears out a leaf, grabs a pen and gives it to Micheal smiling from ear to ear.
Everyone seem to like him, Chidinma notices, raising her head and turning she saw students looking their way, the girls openingly admiring, the boys tucking in their shirts, standing the way he does.
Cant they see he is just human. She shakes her head.
Wait, what the hell does he intend to do with those, her frown deepens.
“ thank you, whats your name and which is your class so I can return your pen to you?” Micheal smiles at the  boy
“ No senior Micheal, you can keep it. I have another one’;’ he smiles broadly, as one meeting a super star.
“ oh that’s nice of you. Thank you. You know what?” Micheal puts his hands in his pocket, he had a handband  “here, have it”
The boy’s smile could light up an entire galaxy.

Chidinma literally “awwed’
“ oh thank you thank you thank you”  he claps his hands, grabs the band, grabs his bag and runs off to show his friends, he kept jumping and pointing back to them.  They all gathered him.
The twins and Boma laughs ‘ ‘I swear  you are wasting your potentials here, you are meant to be a superstar somewhere signing autograghs, making big bucks and singing or playing football or be one face of one company of some sort you know..and I would be your manager ofcourse and the twins can be your driver and your butler”
Leave it to Boma to come up with something like that

“ really, don’t I look like a manager material?’
“  or maybe his event manager or treasurer “ 

 they counter him
“and we, we become his handybags “ Bunmi and her friend join in.
Micheal laughs, 
What would chidinma want to be,
His girlfriend?
Shut up micheal. What the hell???? He kicks himself
“ shut up boma, “ he slaps his head
“ hey, what I was just stating the obvious’’ he smiles “ by the way, what is that for?” he indicates
“ this, this is for her” he points to chidinma 

Chidinma points to herself, looks behind her and looks around her “ me”?
 Bumni and Mimi moves to the opposite side, leaving her in the middle.
“ really girls, such friends”
Someone laughs
“ yes kiddo, its for you. So come come,” he tabs the spot beside him “ come sit, and write. No excuses”
She moves back, she feels four pairs of hands pushing her foreward.
‘ I swear I like your friends “ jerry says 
‘’ good support team’’
“ I dey tell you!!’’ the boys added
Chidinma is protesting, they force her down from her shoulders .  she turns and gives him a weak smile, he places the paper and the pen on her laps and smiles, 
“ go ahead, write’’  he waits
Now everyone is waiting .
Tick tock
Tick tock tickity-tock
“ okay I cant do this”?
“why not?” chorus
“ because I don’t like writing with people breathing down my neck. Its uncomfortable. “
“ technically we aren’t “ micheal states matter of factly
They all nod in agreement, he points to the fact that no one is very close to her.
“ well, er, still the same thing. Everyone should look away” 
Really is she for real? He looks at her.
Yes, I am for real. . she stares at him straight in the eye.
Oh she is “ okay guys , girls, look away’’ everyone turns but him
She is still staring at him, her head bends slightly to the side with her mouth curved funny in a  ‘ really’ expression.
He rubs his jaw, he refuses to understand what he knows it means.
“ you too” she mutters 
Seriously! Him too?
She bends her head to the other side, if he wants her to go out of her way and write, he has to do what she wants, she feigns a yawn, looks at her watch and then crosses her legs and whistles.
Which  meant, I am ready when you are. I have all the time in the world to waste so….
understanding , He smiles, and turns away.

Content, chidinma takes the pen and paper, thinks for a moment and begins to write.
“does she say it would work” Amaka leans in as she watches Chidera
Chidera had soaked the new panties in a mixture she had mixed from a white substance, with water. It had formed a paste and then let the panties remain for an extra 10 minutes, she calls Tamara and gives her to sun.
“ yes, she said it’s a itching powder, I should soak the pant in it after I buy it and leave it in the sun to dry for a couple of hours, then give it to the person. The person would itch till she is sore. If she goes to the school clinic they may think its toilet infection. But she would itch for atleast a weak, with injuries there God knows when it would heal. “  tamara leaves the room with the panties on a hanger, she goes to dry it behind,.
“ give me the third one” 
“ ha! Chidera three??”
Chidera  looks at her, “ is that a problem”?
Wasn’t this too much “ but, isn’t two okay?”
“ three is. “
“ but Chidera, what if it causes some side effects, what if the substances affects her in some way?”
Chidera shrugs “ give me the third panties Amaka and stop talking or else!” She threatens her
Amaka hands it to her. Soaking it with a stick Chidera watches it.
Done, she washes her hands and goes to her bed.
“tell me?”  she turns to Temi who had just walked in 
Temi fidgets. Her back still stung from the pain when Chidera flogged she and Dayo with a rough rod.
“ they are at the garden. Been there for a while, talking and laughing with them. He is…”
She trails off.
“ he is what Temi?” 
She moves back abit, Chidera always metts out her anger on the messenger . “ he is sitting dwon with Chidinma beside him and talking. I asked a junior student why he called him, the boy said he needed a piece of paper and a pen. He gave the boy his handband”
“hmmm, what did he need it for, the paper I mean”
“ he gave it to Chidinma. She was writing down something when I left to come tell you’
So he is asking her for her number maybe . she knew a few students sneaked in their phones in school. 
How dare he?
“go back there and find out more. I want to know if she eats, piss and cough. I want to know everything”
Dayo came inside “ they are gone.  All of them. The grils went back to their hostel and Micheal and his friends to the boys  quarters.  Whatever she was writing was long, because she took a while. He took it from her and put it in his pocket, not letting any of his friends see it. They had left.’’
So it’s a number and a love letter to her boyfriend. 
She boiled.
Maybe she should go pay her a visit, and give her a piece of her mind. 
“ when those panties dry, I need you Dayo to find away to go and exchange three of her panties with this ones. I don’t care how you do it , I don’t care if you need to sneak into her room or fly in, I don’t care. By tonight I need those panties in her bag so by mornining she can wear them and have the itching of her life” Dayo nods. She had a friend in that hostel, she would find away to get it done. 
“Temi, I need that letter, find away to get it’ Temi nods.  now what magic was she going to perform.  Chidera would kill her if she doesn’t get it. what to do. she bites her lips 
Tamara walks back in 
“ Amaka and Tammy,lets go pay her a little visit tonight yes”?  Chidera tells them 
“grab a belt and a cane, just incase.” she smiled.
Back in the hostel, Micheal flings himself on the bed, his hand in his pocket.
“so you really aren’t going to show me what she wrote?” Boma comes to his bed and stands over him
“ because she said that I shouldn’t give it to anyone to read and that its for my eyes only and I should read it by myself to myself and when I am all alone with myself “ he laughs “ see what I did there”?
“ you cant do that, I am your friend and I am curious” Boma insists
“ sorry and I am a man of my words, she gave me after folding it and putting it in my hands and made me promise to do as she says and I intend to” Micheal nods folding his hands over his tummy
“do you know how you sound now?” Boma raises an eyebrow looking down at his face acting all funny. 
“ like me. So shuuuu!” Micheal answers laughing
He has no idea why he is…all smily and chappy all of a sudden
After making them wait for like 20 minutes backing her, Chidinma  taps his hands, as he turns she held the folded piece of paper to him and says 
“ here. Done. But read it alone. Don’t show anyone and if you laugh at me I swear I would kill you;  chop you into tiny pieces and dance the mereque ontop of your corpse and drink a bottle of vodka and sprinkle it over your grave when you are dead” she jabs him with the pen
Bold is she now, but wait!
“ you drink vodka?” his eyes go wide
Wait! What? No!! she shrieks mentally
“ No! ofcourse I don’t drink. Never had. But it seemed like a suitable drink to call at the momemt. Water is fine too”
Micheal nods, really nice.

“ so promise me, read it later when am gone, when you are away from the peering eyes yes or yes”
He thinks for a second, rubbing the back of his head “ sure!” he had taken the folded paper and put it in his pocket, ignoring the boys protesting for him to open it there and there and read. They didn’t get why they had to turn away and wait for a whole 20 minutes or more for her to write something and then they don’t get to read it too.  It didn’t make sense to them. he didn’t care. 
“Chidinma, what did you write?”
“aren’t we your friends and roomies? Shouldn’t you atleats tell us what you wrote to Senior Micheal?”
Their pestering only made her pin her lips together and shake her head like a stubborn child. It made him laugh.
He laughs

“ really Micheal, one minute you are a brooding young man and the next you are laughing by yourself. I don’t know but do I smell crazy?”
Micheal scoffs 
“ you wish. I am fine. But I wont give it to you”
“ you know we can shake you down, three against one. You aren’t Herculus or God of thunder or some other demi-god. We would shake you down and collect that piece of paper and read it to our satisfaction” the twins come into the room. Boma smiles folding his hands .
“ so do you want to rethink your stance mikey boy?” 
Micheal  looks at them, one boy at a time. 
“ you wouldn’t dare”
“ yes we would , actually!”
Knowing that they were serious, Micheal leaps up from the bed and heads for the door, they ran after him. Pulling his hands and legs, 
“grab his arm”
“ hold his trousers”
“ put your hands in his pocket and grab the paper”.
“hold him down”
“Argh! He is too strong!”
They are struggling and laughing, pulling and kicking…
“I . said. i. am. Not. Giving. You “ he kicks “ you’’ he flings a pillow  “ or you” he pushes him gently away “ this paper .” with every breath he slips out of their grips twisting and turning, eventually he rounds three of them up and pushes them. They stumble to the ground over each other.  He gets on his bed, and does the champion ‘s stance singing 
‘’stand up

Stand up! For the champion for the champion . 

Stand up!!!’ 
he roars and hits his chests as Godzilla would do. One of his favourite movies.

It got the trio laughing, as they sat on the ground .
Micheal joins them in laughing as he sat down. “ now my sons, would you be good boys and allow daddy read it and I would tell you about it later. Yes or yes?”
They exchange looks. 
They have tried struggling with him, nothing. Pleaded with him. Nothing. Let them try obedience.
“ fine. We would wait” jerry says. Jerremy nods
‘’ because I don’t want to break your bones and let daddy principal have my head, I would pity you and wait. Its not as though you are strong or anything….i just like you. As a friend. No homo. So killing you would break all the girls hearts and make all the boys even the twins hate me so…that’s why I am letting you have your way” Boma smiles  , the twins laugh
‘he wishes”
“he was breathing as though he was going to have an heart attack just now’’
“ its because of him that we fell”
They tease Boma .  Micheal shakes his head and lays back on his bed as the banter went back and forth.
He would wait till later to read it, he wonders what she had written. It doesnt matter if it didn’t make sense. He would appreciate it and wont laugh. There was no way it wont make sense .she looked anything but stupid. Then there was the way she smiled. He smiles.
What?? He shakes his head to clear his thoughts. The boys teasing brings him back to reality.
“you reall aren’t going to tell us?”
Chidinma says a simple no.  besides she didn’t get why they were really curious, she didnt really write anything serious. It was just too impromptu and her thoughts were uncoordinated. The reason why she cant tell them because she hates to do things below expectations. The girls usually lets her read some of her stories to them and they praised her. Wether it was an inspiration quote or a line of sentence. And it has always been good. But this wasn’t good. Not by her standards. So if it was silly and was horrible, atleast only him gets to read it and laugh all he wants ..behind her back but she told him she was going to dance meregue on his corpse after she kills him.
She smiles
“ why are you smiling ?” Bumni frowns, Mimi drops her pillow on her bed after changing the pillow cases and sits down
“ I am not” Chidinma says frowning.
“by the way, I used to hear senior Micheal was cool I didn’t know he was not only cool but really really handsome up close and down to earth and funny.” She sits on the bed gushing
“ oh yes, did you see how he usually laughs throwing his head back?” Bumni turns to mimi and then back to Chidinma
“ or how he gave that junior his handband, the boy was super thrilled”
Or the way he constantly rubbed the back of his head and rubs his jaw or scratches his head. Chidinma thinks to herself
“and his friends , whats their name?” Bunmi places her finger to her temple trying to remember “ Senior Boma, senior Jerry and erm..”

“senior jerremy. So cool huh”? Mimi concludes
“ and did you see everyone was looking at us, like we juniors were jisting and laughing with seniors and not any kind of seniors, with the most popular jock in school, all intelligence, smart, tall dark and handsome…oh God! Someone pinch me now” Bumni swoons. Mimi pinches her with a mischieveous glint in her eyes
“oww!” Bunmi opens her yes immediately slapping Mimi’s hands off her. Mimi laughs sticking out her tongue. 
“what? I only did what you asked. But in any case, senior Micheal seem to be more intrigued by our shy friend over here…asking her to sit beside him and then let her touch his hand”
Chidinma looks at her as though she was high
“no he wasn’t, he just needed to read what I wrote and he had asked me before, that day after the sports and I had forgotten all about it because I didn’t think he was serious…but…apparently he was” 
“still, you didn’t see him trying to get me or mimi to talk as much as he was trying to get you to talk”
“ he was being friendly.”
“yeah right. I think senior micheal has his eyes on you. I mean maybe he just used the excuse of running away from someone to get to us in the cafeteria because why didn’t he leave as soon as. But he stayed.”
“ that’s what I thought thought too” Mimi nods
Ofcourse what they are saying doesn’t make any sense
“ I don’t know. I am not him”
“ then I am right, senior Micheal probably likes you or if he doesn’t yet…he might. I mean, he was smiling at you.’
“ oh wouldn’t it be nice. You and senior Micheal, a couple”? Mimi claspes her hands together
“ yes, senior Micheal and our very own Chidinma, a couple. Oh just imagine if he takes her to the prom” they held hands and started dancing in the room
Chidinma knew her friends were high on some cheap crack. But the question was, how did they get it. she laughs at their sillyness
“ I see, a couple ??” there was an edge to the voice which spoke
Bunmi and Mimi swing around immediately , chidinma turns to the door from her bed. 

Chidera stood there with Amaka and Tammara .
“ are you all blind, don’t you see us standing here ?” Tamara asks with an air of authority 
‘’Goodafternoon seniors ‘’ Bumni and Mimi chorused
“Goodafternoon seniors “ Chidinma says, she was still seated on the bed.
What were seniors doing in here. It wasn’t checkup day for another week. It wasn’t cleanup day for another two days and it wasn’t any form of formal visitation from seniors. So why were they here and in their room. Was there a memo they missed.
She looks to Bunmi and Mimi, they too looked confused. She turns back to the seniors. Chidera seems to be looking directly at her.

For some reason she felt uncomfortable. Uneasy. 
Why the cold stare.
“ you?’ are you disrespecting your seniors by looking at us that way?’ chidera points to her

What did she do
“senior, me? How did I look at you..i wasnt disrespecting you “ chidinma says
“ I am talking to you and you are talking back at me and you are still sitting down. Are you mad”?
Chidinma gets up immediately , “ no senior I am not talking back at you. Sorry I was sitting down , I am up now, and no senior, I am not mad!”
Every girl in the room gasps.

What, she asked her a question, so she answered.
Chidera closes the distance, “ what did you say ..junior?”
“ I answered your question senior” chidinma replies 
“ are you mad junior, are you high. Infact you dey craze?”
Chidinma kept quiet when Bumni and Mimi tells her to shush by putting their fingers to their lips. Chidinma thightens her lips and says nothing, putting her head down.
“ I asked you a question you frog!’
Chidinma’s head shots up. “ No senior, I am neither mad if not I wont be among students now. I am neither high because I only get high on jesus and no senior I am neither crazy because only the insane would term themselves so. My name is chidinma senior, a frog is what I am not. “
Chidinma saw stars
“get on your knees you frog, I would show you how frogs are treated’’
Chidinma holds her face
‘’Senior please forgive her “ Bunmi and Mimi begged 
‘’shut up, shut up!” she points to them. Taking a step closer to chidinma, they were of the same height. 
“I said get on your knees…dog!!’’
‘’ gimme me the cane Amaka, “ she stretches her hands behind her as Amaka relunctantly gives her the cane. Taking a step backwards, she flogs her with it, it hits chidinma’s hands, she winces in pain
‘’ please chi go on your knees’’ Bunmi cried
Another hit. Then another hit.  Then another.

‘’chidinma, please go down so she would stop please’’ mimi begs
Chidinma didn’t understand why she was slapped  talklass of being flogged. She hadn’t disrespected the senior but she was trying to make it look as though she had. She had no right to call her things that wasn’t her name and she had asked a question which she answered to. 
Another hit, pain corses through her body, she moves back, chidera keeps coming forward and flogging her with all the strength that she had.  more pain. More pain. More pain. She couldn’t bear it anymore.
She holds on the the cane as it was making another land to her skin which had turned red and swollen from the spots the cane had made contact with.
She holds on to it, drags it away from chidera with a force she didn’t know she had and flings it away.
The shocked chidera takes a minute to recollect from her shocked state, she grabs the belt Tamara held and makes for Chidinma.



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Ps ; hope you as are following my story “AMAKA”  on madivas.
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