There is a boy….

There is a boy. .


There is a little boy who roams about the streets, who smiles sometimes only from within, whose eyes are shadows of what used to be, whose dreams were that which he used to believe.
There is a little boy, who listens to the birds as they sing, who play canters by himself on the streets, who chases lizards down the streams and takes a wing with the stick hoping one day he would play  in the games just like in the TV he sees.
There is a little boy, whose parents are long gone, whose shadow is to whom he speaks, whose meal comes from the bin sometimes at dusk, whose feets are filled with sores and whose palms are rough because from granite and hard work
There is a boy, whose life you pray shouldn’t be yours, whose days would maybe be cut short and one day he may die a lonely death and return to dust, but yet his heart is filled with hope for things better and not for the worse
There is a boy…who walks daily on the streets,  who begs from dusk to dawn just be live, who doesn’t have a soft bed to even sleep, whose circles are underneath his eyes and his bones show even the oversized cloths her wears that dangles from his slender legs.
There is a little boy… who deserves better, not just your words and prayers , but your outstretched hands to lift him high and out of the gutter and placed on your table and given a life that would be bigger and better. 
There is a little boy…. you should know even their tiny little lives does surely matter. So don’t turn away when he reaches out to touch you, sometimes it’s the closest he can ever come to warmth in this cold sad world.
Show a lil bit of love, give a little bit of warmth. Touch his heart, let that smile warm your heart. Let him know that there are few good people in this world and you are a tiny miracle in the big sad world of Bad. And today, you might be the miracle he needs to fight for another day to stay alife.
There is a little boy..tell me if you see the pain in his little sad eyes…

Reach out..and touch a soul. Make a difference 
Show love.
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