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‘’‘ I wonder what it would be like to smell the roses, to feel  the raindrops seep through my fingers and the breeze course through my hair and kiss my cheeks.

I wonder what it would feel like to roar from the mountain top, take slides down the snow with skates, dance under the rain and eat chocolates and lick vanilla cream off my fingers while I soak my feet in the deep blue ocean seating by the beach.

I wonder what it would feel like, to taste that sweetness , smile from within and squirm in delight and giggle from beautiful sight and soar high overhead at the night skies counting the stars, letting the cloud rise above as I stare down basking in the euphoria of what the earth is.

I wonder what it would feel like to dream and believe, in the past of yesterday, the actuality of today and the possibilities of tomorrow and the flash-forwards of futures to come.

I wonder..why I wonder..and yet, my mind is made of images, my thoughts connotes making them magical  and yet I am nothing but a little girl who love to dream of castles and fairytales and the world where dreams do come true…but then again, reality comes knocking..i am not a girl free, but one whose thoughts run amok and needs to be tamed so that the world don’t throw me into the den of dreamers.  

And yet I do wonder, dear reader..what do you dream, for I see in your eyes sadness hidden behind that smile. What do you dream..to be free or be bound with the shaggles of reality?”

Micheal reads , done he folds the paper and puts it between his maths text book and places it in his drawer.

“what do I dream?” he gets up stretching, the boys had left the room , he was alone. 

“ I am not a dreamer, I am a realist.” He admits to himself sitting on his bed , he stares out the only window the room had. 

He was a dreamer at some point. When he was much younger.

He dreamt of waking up to the smell of bacon and eggs or moi-moi and plantain his mum would make for him while he is preparing for school. He dreamt of being held by her and kissed by her every day before he leaves for school and while she sang him to bed. He dreamt of listening to her sing to him and say she loves him like other mothers did to their kids. Yes , he was a dreamer when he was much younger.

How could he not dream, of wishing he had met her once, just once .

She had died when he was few months old, too young to place a face or remember her face or her voice. Too young to have felt her love or her touch. It was a hit and run, his father said.

But he had dreamt of seeing her just once as he was a boy, growing up and missing the warmth a mother would bring. Yes, he was a dreamer.

He had dreamt of the picnics, the school recitals, dreamt of happy moments with his parents and the joys of ever afters.

He had dreamt of chasing cars and being in the league of tennis players. He had dreamt of flying the world and being an astronaut. He had dreamt of Gloria and their future of forever afters.  He had dreamt of the good and amazing life after school and what great things life has instock for him.

Yes, he was a dreamer, disappearing into his thoughts and letting fantasy be his reality. But what good did he do him? Nothing.

So no, he doesn’t dream, dreams were shaggles not reality, he should tell her that. And those sadness she thinks she sees aren’t real. The hurt had stopped, the pain was gone. He was Micheal the realist not the dreamer.

He looks at his drawer again, 

But her words and choice of words were strangely appealing. She was a good writer, painting pictures with words, bringing fantasy into reality that anyone would long to breeze through both doors without a care of the world.

Honestly, he wasn’t expecting anything like this. 

She intrigues him, this chidinma. He would love to pick her brain to know what she thinks and how she thinks what she thinks.

Girls are age, might scribble something on rhymes maybe , he was actually expecting  ‘ roses are red, violets are blue and yadi-yadi-yah

Or jack and jill went up the hill to fetch a pale of water and blab la bla

Or anything serious like ‘ I saw a man, standing by the tree, he had a wife and didn’t give her tea’ 

ok he sucked but, c’mon!  he isn’t no writer. But her words were words but with depth. She was saying something and yet it felt like the words meant something else other than what it means. 

He really would want to know the workings of her mind and wouldn’t mind to take a stroll through the maze of her thoughts.

Yes, chidinma intrigues him.  

The door flings open as Boma ran in followed by the twins disrupting him from his thoughts.

‘’there is a commotion at the girls hostel, the department is calling for the student body president to go handle it , ASAP!’’

Micheal groans “ Abinma is around now, she is my assistant, she should go handle it. I am on self applied vacation.” Micheal lays on his bed 

“Abinna  isn’t available Micheal , and besides you are . “

“ Argh, I don’t want to go. Here  I hereby endorse you three the duties of the student body president for the rest of the day. Hear, take my badge and seal and do what you will’’ Micheal is being stubborn, 

“ besides its girls hostel, you know I hate going in there because those girls literally want to grab me into their rooms and rape me. Nope !! I refuse . it’s a trap. You remember one time two months ago when they called me to go check on a student who was sick and couldn’t get to class, she wasn’t sick, no no no. as soon as I got into her room she leaps up to lock the door and proceeded to kiss the breath out of me…

Or do you rememeber the other incident, three girls naked in their room and wanted a threesome, me?I ran away. Satan, not today other day”

“ not to forget chidera’s chronicles of slutting, she was constantly trying to set you up in her room and you literally run out of the hostel” Boma says laughing

“Aha!! You see, you see. You all rememeber. So I have a valid reason to not go into their hostel. I refuse’’ Micheal folds his hands

‘ ‘you know you could report them’’  jerry is looking for something

“Yeah, to who? The christain monarchs and patrons of the school who are like priests and nuns, you think they would believe their overly religious students in their christain and holy school thinks about sex let alone want to force a boy into it? No! instead they would say its me, I am the one trying to seduce these innocent girls. That’s what Mother Tess told me once when I reported to her. So no!! I would just avoid them, and that hostel and those girls like a plague. So I am not going. Whatever is happening in there I am sure they can handle it, they have a room patron there…she is old enough to deal with the matter. I am not going’’ MIcheal nods

‘’Chicken” jerremy laughs    “ I wish I was you right now, I would seize the opportunity. Do you know how many girls I would have banged by now..ALOT!!” he spreads his hands wide enough as wide as his arms would open.   “ I mean, I would have had a book of sex written you know, styles and positions , names , skins and colours. The whole shebang!’’

‘ I would definitely second that “ jerry says nodding

“Me three. You are just dulling mickey boy” Boma nudges his arms.

Micheal rolls his eyes  “Father, please forgive your children because the devil has them thinking of sex sex sex. Don’t you all think of anything say like…what you are going to be in the future?”

“Easy!! A doctor “ Boma is grinning

Micheal smiles ‘’ see that’s a good thing, a doctor how nice’’

‘’You should ask me why I want to be a doctor” Boma has a mischievious glint in his eyes, the twins are smiling too knowingly

‘’why else, you love humanity and you would want to safe lives, treat the sick and help new lives come into this world yes?’’ Micheal is confident. Good one Boma he thinks.

‘’wrong!! That would be secondary though, but because I get to see all the punanis up front and flick them a little without having a frown or slap to my face, and those tits, Wanda!! The kneading and rubbing no be here oh.  Whoof!!! I mean so much nakedness and touching …my gawd!!’’ Boma is laughing, the twins are laughing, Micheal facepalms  

“ one naira, I will sell you three off. Just one naira. No scratch that, half a kobo. “ he is shaking his head, his eyes catches jerry flinging his trousers to the bed.
“ dude, where is the paper that cute curvaceous junior gave you?” jerry turns around to face him, he was done searching Micheals trousers he had pulled off and his shirt.

Micheal smiles ‘ ‘ in a save place. Don’t worry when night comes you all can sit round me like little village boys while I tell you the words of the paper like stories from tales of moonlight”

‘Clown!!’ Boma laughs

“I know right”

“presido, you are needed. Didn’t your fish of friends give you my message, there is a ruckus going on at the girl’s hostel, the juniors to be exact. I swear I heard someone died, to someone being paralyzed to fire engulfing everywhere, but I guess the messenger was abit carried away or practicing her freak show…anyways, you should go check it out. Order from above I was told ”  Tim from their class puts his head into their room


“Fine, I am coming . toss me my cloths will you?” he beckons to jerry, who flings it covering his face

“ sure” he smiles, high fiving his twin

What would I do with this friends of mine

“hey tim, I have friends for sale, just 50 naira, I will give you change sef. You want them?” he raises his left eyebrows

Tim, the boy laughs “ na, I don’t need crazies in my life. I may even dash you 100 naira for keeping them the hell away from me”

“ oh you tiny little preek” Boma chases after the boy who ran away laughing, jerry and jerremy ran after him. Relunctantly,  Micheal strolls behind them

What the hell was happening at the girl’s hostel that they needed his attention


Chidera was on the ground , her lips bruised.

Amaka and Tamara were helping her up, throwing death glares at the girl who stood at the corner fixed to the spot and her her left hand tight in a closed fist , and she heaving breaths

Bumin and Mimi where holding her back, fear evident in their eyes.



                                            #Fifteen minutes earlier #


                 Chidera drags the belt from Tamara and rushes Chidinma with it, flogging her mercilessly . the   belt cut across her face, back and tummy, not shying away from her hands and thighs.
Some students passing by the room heard voices and screams and rushed in to see a junior being beaten, but the surprising thing was that she wasn’t retaliating, instead she was curling herself up to protect herself from the continuous lashing to her body, whimpering only a little
“Senior Chidera please stop please stop”  Bunmi rushes towards her and Chidinma,  but Tamara pulls her back giving her a slap to her face, she falls down Mimi rushes to her, tears are rolling down Bunmi’s eyes, she holds her face sniffing, Mimi pulls her to herself and tries to comfort her
‘’ If you don’t stay on the ground you would join your friend getting the beating of her miserable life” Tamara points to the girls on the ground 
“please stop her, please senior stop senior chidera from beating her please” Mimi begs, her eyes darting to chidinma who is moving backwards and her assailant is moving forward and inflicting force to every swing of the belt. It was a military belt, something they were never meant to use on students. 
“ your little shit of a friend deserves all that she is getting”
‘’ Chidera, its enough!” Amaka says, noticing the crowd of junior students peeping from outside the door, they were drawing too many attention to themselves
“shut up you fool!!’ ’ thunders Chidera, her hands working, when Chidinma tries to move away from her she pushes her back and continues to flog, ignoring the  pain to her hand.
It was giving her joy to see chidinma wince in pain. It was even making her happy to realize that chidinma might have no idea why she is being beaten.

The joy of the unkown, the pleasure it gave her.
‘’ You dog, you bitch. You disrespectful little cunt, get on your knees I say, get on your bloody kness you bastard!” with every word she released a lash to her body
“You will kill her oh senior, you will kill her oh” students begins to chant from the door, staying a safe distance away so they wont be caught in the middle of the lashing, with every swing of the belt to Chidinma’s body, the students screamed, 
“we will report oh!
 Senior leave her alone,!
 You will kill her!
 Jesus!! See blood!!
 Jesus, she would faint oh!

 See her eye on the floor.!
  Chei chineke!!” they shouted differently . In the midst of all this, someone ran out of the hostel and heads to the senior hostel 
“Senior Abinma , senior Abinma?” the junior screams bumping into a dark big girl 
“ hey shut up your mouth go on your knees. why did you run in here without permission? What do you want ?’’ a black girl blocks the junior from their hostel
The girl is breathing hard
“ Senior.. a senior is beating a junior student with anything she can find , everyone is screaming, they say the girl would die “
“ mtchew!! Maybe the junior must have done something wrong. Get out from here “ she nudges the girl away back the way she came, she bounces back on her feet and comes back forward
“ please tell senior Abinma to come’’ she begged
‘’get out from here I say, infact Abinma isn’t around. Go and report to the department. Go and leave here before I punish you for disturtbance” the senior demises the little girl who ran almost falling
‘’ma , ma, there is a fight in the hostel, senior and junior,blood everywhere “ the girl says dramatically , her eyes growing big , her hands gestulating 
“fight?’’   the elderly woman looks out her window towards the hostel. This girls and their fights, but then again it might be a little ruckus and this junior was exaggerating. One time they had told her a student had fainted when she was slapped. When they had all ran in there, she was just lying on the floor and crying .
Another time , they had told them  a girl had been throwing up and couldn’t walk.

The girl only had a cough and nearly chocked on water and was on her bed because she hit her leg.

They made a mountain out of a mole hill. Nothing for her to waste her little time on. That was why they had student body president for minor situations and running around for. You would think with the good values they instilled in this kids, lying should never be part of their daily word counts. But no, 
“ Go and find Senior Abinma, she would handle it’’ she looks away and grabs the files on her desk
“ they said she is sick and has travelled’’ the girl frowns
“sick? But I saw her today. Travelled to where, that’s impossible. She must be somewhere, okay go and find senior Micheal ,tell him that I sent you to tell him to go and handle whatever situation. Don’t bother me again. Go!!’’ she dismisses the girl. These little devils and their tantrums, she didn’t have time for them

The little girl ran as fast as her legs would carry her, getting to the senior hostel she pauses at the door. She couldn’t enter, girls weren’t allowed unless permitted or for a good reason, and a junior girl is never allowed unless a senior takes her in. 
She remembered one time when a girl was caught in here after dark, she had just registered here and was boarding for a month then, she was brought out in front of the entire school with the boy and was humiliated, called the daughter of jezebel and the boy worse than Samson, they were flogged and punished and then expelled. 
No! she would wait at the entrance and speak to anyone coming or leaving, they would be able to get Micheal for her
“Excuse me, senior..seniors.. excuse me seniors!!’
The boys coming in an out don’t pay attention to her standing by the door until she grabs someone by his arm, he looks at her in shock. What in the devil’s pants…
‘’ Junior, are you high?” he frowns down at her, and pulls his hands away
She shakes her head “ No senior. Sorry senior, please I am looking for Senior Micheal”
“ why?” he looks her over, she looked as though she was running from being chased , what did the little shit do.  
“ what or who are you running away from? all you juniors going to look for trouble and later come and look for Senior Micheal to save you as though he is your messiah, be careful oh. He would soon leave school after another year if you like be finding troubles up and down no one would bail you out. Oya run along now” he pushes her away gently, he didn’t want her to trip.
‘’ No no senior its not me. There is a fight in our hostel . there is.. blood, big eye..squashed on the ground, people are fainting, someone is killing another person inside, it’s a mad house, I ran for my life and looking for Senior Abinma but they said she is dead’’
‘’Dead! “  the boy is taken aback   “ when , how?”
‘No! ‘ 
 the girl shakes her head    ‘’ no I mean she is not around, or available or travelled or sick. Yes sick. And I went to Mother Tess, she said she can’t walk and she is paralyzed “
‘‘what, paralyzed ?”  the boy opens his eyes wide , 
“ No I mean, she can’t come so she sent me to come and find Senior Micheal to go and quench the fire in our hostel “ was this senior daft?. She frowns a little, her expression is puzzled
‘’Jesus, fire!!!” he looks to the direction and not seeing any smioke , “ where, how, have they called the fire department?’’
‘’Oohhhhmmm Senior, the fights they are killing someone there and Senior Micheal has to go and stop it. Mother Tess said I should come and find him since I didn’t see Senior Abinma. Senior please is he around’’?
Tim looks at the junior and wonders if she was just released from a  pychic ward and if they admitted mentally challenged students into the school now. See how she just made him think someone had died to another person paralyzed to fire engulfing the whole school. It was apparent that there was some commotion in the hostel and she ran looking for help and the running made her juggle up her senses.
Crazy girl. Let him send her away before she makes him crazy too.
“ Oya go, I will go and tell Senior Micheal. Go!!’’ He sends her away, turning back into the hostel he heads to Micheal’s room at the third floor, stopping to talk to a few friends.
He soon forgets, Boma and the twins are strolling into the hostel and laughing over a joke and shaking a couple of class mates hands, Boma slaps his head and jerry pinches him, jerremy flabs his butt with a text book.
“ hey timber boy… misss daddy?” Boma grabs his shoulders

Timothy grabs his waist to steady himself  “ oh God not this vampires, its not night you guys know, your bat friends only come out to play with you all. Go back to your caves Edward Cullen and bodygaurds”
‘And if we are vampires you are what then…” jerry pulls his nose
“ vampire ass lickers maybe, which do you want to lick first..mine or Boma’s or jerrys. “ jerremy is rubbing his jaw
‘Eww. Fag!!. Actually I am Jacob, the wolf, who gets to kiss and cuddle each and every of your girlfriends because you dead souls cant do shit but have fangs but no warmth for loving. Take that old barts” he laughs wriggling free from Boma and slapping him across his head
‘’very funny”  they made sure to hit or slap his head back before moving along, hailing some other boys in the hall way
‘’ hey dudes, tell Micheal that some crazyass commotion is going on in the girl’s hostel and that he is asked to go check it out, his assistant isn’t available. Orders from admin.’’ He calls after them
“ yeah sure” they reply him

The girl had ran back to still meet the scene,by now ,  chidera had dropped the belt and picked a shoe, one of the shoes belonging to the girls, she slaps chidinma across her face with it.
So much for her height, she could beat the girl blue and black and no one, not any of these students can stop her, no one would even dare to. They feared her like that. She liked the feeling, she liked it a lot.
But she was surprised that chidinma was refusing to get on her knees and that only intensified the thirst to hurt her even more. No one disobeys her, no one talked back at her, no one refuses to knee when she orders her, who was Chidinma to dare not obey.  More opportunity to inflict pain on her and unleash her anger, even if the matrons get wind of this, she can say Chidinma disrespected her and attacked her first, Amaka and Tamara would concur her claims. Chidinma would eat sand today.  And if they ask her how she got the military belt , which she stole from their office which was under lock and key, which she took from Mr Adamu, she would say she found it here in her room, thus the reason to punish her for lying about stealing. Yes!!
Go on. Keep standing. Your body would be your hell tonight
‘’Get on your knees. Get  down, get on your knees’ ‘    pushing chidinma she slaps her across the face and clears her, chidinma falls to the ground hitting her back, then her head
The students all scream 
‘’ oh God someone stop her ‘’ Bumni cried helpless
‘’chidinma knee down” Mimi begs
“ You for pete’s sake knee down and Chidera would stop” Amaka screams at Chidinma
But Chidinma’s mind was working fast, 

Why should I knee down, what did I do. I didn’t disrespect her nor insult her, I shouldn’t be treated like a dog just because she is my senior. Juniors have a right.

what have I done to be beaten like this, chidinma winces  in pain

The slap across her faces caused her to see stars and when chidera  pushed her and her back hits the bed and she falls hitting her head , that was when she had enough
Chidera was standing over her, pleased and satisfied 
“ Good! that’s where a good girl needs to be, on the ground, beneath me, where the scums of the earth is meant to be, which is you ofcourse. Now that you are on the ground , you should kiss my feet. Here, wipe my shoes’’ she grabs a white shirt from the bed and flings it to chidinma’s burning face  “ wipe my shoes and kiss it’’
This was her shirt, she had just washed it.
No!! enough!!
Chidinma gets up slowly from the ground, place her shirt carefully on the ground. She could feel the sting to her face, an open tear wound across her arm and she knew her face was a shy red from the slaps and belt marks. 
Chidera is beyond angry ‘ ‘ get  back on the floor and clean my shoes’’ she places both hands on chidinma’s shoulders and made to force her down, when Chdinma refuse to be forced down by standing  her grounds, Chidera thought it wise to clear her again, raising her left leg backwards, with a force she brings it forward, with only her right leg holding her to the ground, she was going to make sure when she clears her this time, chidinma breaks a bone reaching the ground.
“kiss the earth for me too while you are at it ‘’ Chidera breathed
Chidera sees her movement quickly, too quickly. 
‘’ENOUGH!!’  chidinma screams and hits her hands away from her shoulders. It happened so fast 
Chidera eyes grows big, she wings her hands to land chidinma another slap on her face again, unsteady on her feet as just one leg was on the ground. chidinma instead places both her hands forward and pushes chidera backwards, she tumbles rolling over the reading table, hitting her mouth to the chair and falling on the ground. An instant cut to her lips and blood trekked shyly down staining her top.
‘’chidera!”  Amaka and Tamara both screamed, rushing to her, helping her up
‘oh dear lord!” Mimi exclaims, she and Bumni run to Chidinma
Chidinma is angry now, she had had enough, folding her hands in to a fist she waited



Everyone gasps, they are looking at Chidinma and then down at the fallen Chidera,

They don’t know whether to applaud her defence mechanism or laugh at Chidera for her instant Karma or pity Chidinma because this was like bruising the head of a snake, and she would bite.

They settled to laugh and clap and pity the situation instead. If there wasn’t blood before, now it would flow.
Who would save this junior now from the Queen Chidera herself.
Chidinma is staring hard at Chidera who is struggling to get up.
She is thinking of what her mother used to say..
‘’Momma says never to look for trouble and fight.

Momma says to look the other way when you are slapped just like the bible says.

Momma says two wrongs don’t make a right and we should respect and obey our elders

Momma says obey before complain

Momma says, know your rights and don’t let anyone treat you any less

Momma says, never start a fight and never raise your hands to those older than you

But momma never told me the pain might be too intense and I wont be able to bare it no more

Sorry momoa, I just had enough and pushed her, and if she throws me one more pain I would use my fist!’’
Chidinma is heaving heavily, her body hurts.
“my God Chidinma what have you done, Senior Chidera wont spare you now. RUN!!’ ‘  Bunmi nudges chidinma, who refuses to bulge

She stood her ground
Chidera winces from the pain to her lips, wiping her mouth with her hands she notices the blood that stained the back of her palms
Chidinma was dead, there was no saving her.
‘’I will you kill you!!’’ she thunders, struggling away from the grib of Amaka and Tamara as they tried to help her up she falls on the ground
There was a roar of laughter from the students who have crowded the little room
Chidera stands up, reaches for the iron she noticed lying on  the ground close to the wall, she grabs it standing up and raises her hands to fling it to the girl standing there and staring down at her with no expression on her face other than the redness of her eyes
Someone grabs her hands before she flings it as students duck screaming Jesus!!!
“ what in the devil’s name is going on here??” Micheal  speaks , his back is to the girls on the right, he is frowning at Chidera, what was she about to do..break someone’s head with that.  

He and the boys had walked into the hostel to find students running towards a direction, all screaming ‘’ fight oh!! Beating oh etc
‘’damn!! I wonder whats going on” jerremy says, 
‘’maybe a roach, flees of them, you know girls are scared of those things” his brother scratches his jaw
‘’Stupid. You know I always wonder if we actually shared the same womb. I mean if girls are scared of roaches which is true, shouldn’t they be running the other way like out the door screaming as though the zombies are coming for them like world war z, instead of running towards it and screaming fight!!!’ ‘
Jerry mutters ‘ ‘oh, that’s true. Maybe it’s a dog !!’ he frowns
Jerremy shakes his head “ that’s even worse, so I guess they built a ring and one of the girls are fighting with it with pant and bra and there is this huge crowd betting on them staking a win on the girl right?”
Boma laughs, Micheal shakes his head 
Jerry is smiling “ well tell me you wont want to watch a girl in her undies fighting in a ring now”? he pokes his brother
“well, honestly, that wont be such a bad idea” jerremy laughs
“Fools!!’ Boma mutters
‘’Babboons balls” the twins reply him in unision, smiling at each other. 
Micheal walks ahead of them as they near the room, pushing their way through the ground of girls as the noise increases, he sees someone raise her hand and the iron comes into view, not waiting to see where it is headed or to whom as the students scream ducking .. he pushes himself into the room and grabs the hand midair.
Looking down at the owner of the hand  he frowns.


 Why isn’t he surprised.

“senior micheal is here!!’’ the students begin to mutter  “ oh thank God!”
“Good afternnon seniors! Good afternoon Senior micheal!!’’ they sang
Boma whistles , ‘‘damn!! It’s a madhouse in here, okay show is over” he walks in behind Micheal, turning around to shuu the students away from the door
Micheal removes the iron from her hands and stares at her, the cut to her lips was bleeding, taking his hanky he gives it to her, what the hell happened in here, turning around his face takes in the small room, not settling on the faces of the students yet
“what happened here Chidera, why are you bringing yourself so low to come here and fight with juniors, to the extent you want to use an iron, what happened??”
‘’that little brat insulted me and when I demanded to know why she insulted me the more, told her to go on her knees she refused and then dared to attack me, she and her friends. Amaka and Tamara heard the commotion and came in, to separate these three girls as they ganged up against me, and before I knew it, they each pushed me and used this iron to hit my mouth, see my cut, see the deep wound and I blood ?’’ she pouted her lips towards him and points to the stain to her top
“ I only successfully dragged it away and I wasn’t going to hit her with it but swing it away….she is  disrespectful and needs to be severally  punished for daring to attack her seniors. !!! look at my lip, see my cloths dirty, see blood. Just look at. We have demonic possessed student in our midst but I swear I would beat it out of her, let me go Micheal!”  
 he was still holding onto her wrists, he grabs the iron away from her hand and lets her go, dropping it at a safe distance.
He doesn’t  turn when someone speaks 
‘’ oh my God Senior Micheal she is lying, It’s her that started beating her” Bumni says pointing to Chidera and then to Chidinma
‘’shut up!!’ Tamara screamed  ‘’ are you saying that Queen Chidera er.. senior chidera is lying ??”
That made his head hurt. He rolls his eyes in his head. Queen Chidera his natural black Nigerian ass.
“but, it’s the truth !” Mimi backs her friend
Micheal is backing them, his is still facing chidera, he looks to Amaka she avoids his eyes,  
‘’Amaka, what happened here?’’
Amaka stares at Chidera briefly , “Amaka, I am talking to you?”
“ it is as Chidera says, the girl attacked her. We saw it all”
‘’CHEIIIIIIIII LIESSSSS!!!’  the student thunders from the door , the twins are making their way in
“Lion!”” someone says
“ Lazarus !!’
“Liar liar pants on fire !”’ a few students chanted 
“ All liars would go to hell fire oh, Mother Tess says “ someone screams from the door, Chidera’s head snaps to the door, the hide their faces, no one wants to be the next victim. She was going to deal with them, all of them if they are not carefull. A mass punishment would be idle. But for now she has to concerntrate on Chidinma, she made her bleed. Even God would have to come from heaven to save her, which was impossible. 
There is no saving you from my wrath Chi-fxxking-ma
“ if you all don’t leave here now I would make sure you all sleep in the bush tonight ‘’ Chidera thunders,  a few juniors scamper away, some crawl back and hide from view
“hey, its our new friends’’ jerry says coming fully into the room, frowing when he sees their expression  “ what did you guys do??’
“nothing” Bunmi and Mimi reply, sniffing
‘’ ha!! Its true oh, and our pretty curvaceous sports champion. What the hell happened to you..guys are you seeing those marks on her body?” jerremy frowns and throw glances at Chidera. 
If the witch was here, there was no need for explanation. She had gone and unleashed her demons. What did the girl do now 
Micheal turns around sharpely, seeing that indeed, it were the girls, his eyes scan their body up to their faces, they looked terrified not attackers and then finally his eyes rests on her , chidinma
Marks were visibly on her body, her light skinned was bruised, her face was red as though multiple slaps had recently kissed it, but her expression was not fear, her eyes were full of anger, her fist was closed.
What had she done to have her look like this. It was evident. She had been ruthlessly beaten, but why.
It made him angry. It made him really angry.
Someone was lying here.
“who did that to you?” he says, taking a step towards her, she isn’t looking at him but at chidera,  she doesn’t answer
‘’crap!! Looks like someone did a number on her, that’s savage, was that from just now , chidinma is it “? Jerremy is visibly shaken, the last time he had those marks on his body, a teacher had used him to do practice when he was in jss 2. His parent s came to school the next day and raised down hell. This was literally a crime.
Why wasn’t she saying anything
Boma picks up the belt and cane from the ground “ weapons of inflict’’ he shows it to the guys , turning to Chidinma “ was these used on you Chidinma?” 
Chidinma isn’t speaking, her eyes hasn’t left Chidera
“chidera, who did this to her?” Micheal asks through greeted teeth
“how am I supposed to know, witches usually have scars, we saw her like that, right girls?” 
Amaka and Tamara concurs  “yes, we even asked her but instead for her to answer us she started attacking us”
It didnt make any sense, 
“chidinma, was it chidera that did this?”” he turns her face towards him “ if yes she would be punished, it’s a crime and you know your right as a junior student, no one has a right to harm you this way, she would face a panel and if what she said you did to her doesn’t warrant this act of barbarism, she would be punished severly, was it chidera?”
Chdinma looks away from him, and looks to chidera who is smiling, a daring look in her expression
‘’Go ahead Chidinma, I dare you to say its me. I dare you!!’’  Chidera was smiling , tammara’s evil grin mirrored hers, Amaka is expressionless, or was it pity she saw
Chidinma looks away,
If she says yes, after chidera goes through the panel,  who is to say she wont come down on her with full force and cause more damage.
And if she says no, who is to say chidera wont still come back and finish what she started.
She didn’t know why she had done this to her or what warranted it, all she knew was that this, she didn’t want this, she didn’t want more trouble and she didn’t want this evil girl staring back at her like the devil himself to find it in her heart to cause more harm to her. Her body was hurting, she just wanted to be left alone and she wanted to be left alone now
Yes, it looked liked Chidera was daring her to say it so she can have more reason to come back for her again and again. Whatever she was planning,  whatever chidera was planning for her she didn’t want any part of it.
So, Satan, not today!!’
Instead chidinma walks away from Micheal, goes to her bed, climbs it and turns away.
 Chidera is smiling.
Good girl. Atleast you know who your master is. Nice doggy, just go to sleep.
“ I told you she is possessed” chidera says, Bumni and Mimi begin to protest, one look from chidera causes them to scurry over to where chidinma is, fear visible cause them to shake  
“so no one wants to say the truth? So how did this belt get here. Its to be under lock and key” Micheal looks to Chidera
“that was one of the reasons I was about to punish her, she must have stolen it”
“ and then she beat herself with it and with the cane, she inflicted pain on herself just because ?”’ Micheal didn’t believe her
Chidera shrugs ‘’ she is possessed”
“ And she attacked you right, all by herself ??’
“ yes all by herself, I told you”
“but you said earlier that she and her friends attacked you”?’ Boma is frowning 
“ are you deaf shit face” Chidera roared
‘’ technically that means we are too because we heard thesame thing ‘’  the twins reply
“ yes maybe’’
‘enough !! you are saying something else and changing your story and your friends would cover for you even if you are lying and even if I ask the juniors who were witnesses you would say they are lying, and the victims aren’t saying anything either..i don’t wether out of fear. But the truth wont stay hidden for long. ‘
‘’ but Micheal, you would think me a lair”? she isn’t happy about it
You are the master of lies chidera
“all I am saying is that, I would find out. For now since no one wants to talk, I think you should leave, now please”
“ you are chasing me away, Micheal?”
‘’ Chidera this isn’t your room, neither is it your hostel. So you should go and take care of that wound and take your stooges with you”
“and you , is it yours, aren’t you a boy should you be in here”
“I wouldn’t have had to be in here if you weren’t doing shits like this so as your student body president I order you to leave.Now!!!’’ he turns to face her, everyone is looking at her, even the few students hiding by the entrance of the room.
‘’fine !! lets go girls, but you better make sure to tell those rats not to ever disrespect a senior, ever. !! “    and with that she walks away pushing students out of her way, 
The twins are staring at the three girls, unsure what to do, Boma comes to stand beside him.
‘’something smells fishy here ‘’
“ and I thought in was the only one perceiving the foul smell” jerry says noddin
“Not only you, it ozzed  out of her like a dead man’s corpse”  jerremy joins in
‘’ I know, I can could tell Chidera was lying through her nose”
“and it looks like these girls are too scared of her to say the truth of what went down” Boma says, the twins nods
“ sadly, it seems so ‘’ Micheal replies, helpless he walks with them, tapping Bumni and Mimi to get up he seats and stares at her 
“ I know something other than what was said here went down and if you don’t tell me I cant help you and mett out the necessary punishment to the real culprit. But if you don’t know want to talk now..fine, I wont push, whenever you want to..you can come to me or better yet, Mother Tess.   Is that okay?”
Chidinma is quiet, a tiny tear slips out her eyes, she is staring at the wall.

He was tempted to pull her to himself and comfort her. He didn’t know why. Or maybe just wipe her tears away with his finger. He closes his hands into a fist instead.

 Running his eyes through her body, the marks on her only angered him.
He grabs her by her hands, “come get up!!’
‘’where to?”  Chidinma is shocked 
“ you need to go to the clinic so they give you something for that, balm or something I don’t know,. You have a cut to, it needs to be treated .”
‘’but they would want to find out what happened” she says 
‘ true, and you would tell them “ he replies
‘’no!!’ she released her hands from his, and lays down on the bed ‘’ thank you senior Micheal, I would be fine.
He doesn’t like it. He seats on the bed
‘’go to the clinic, tell them I sent you, let them give you something for wounds and swelling, scars etc. “ he looks to Bumni, who nods leaving the room
‘’ Get hot water and a towel’ ‘
Mimi nods leaving the room
Chidinma looks at him ‘’ what do you want to do Senior Micheal?’
He doesn’t say anything.
He too doesn’t know why he is about to do what he doesn’t know what he wants to do.
He doesn’t say anything, 
He just wants to make her feel better , any little way he can.
The boys exchange looks with each other .
‘’Are you seeing what am seeing wise one “ jerry whispers to his brother
‘’hmm yes wiser one, I see what you are seeing “ jerremy turns to Boma and whispers “ great one, does your eye sight work, do you see what we are seeing or that fufu you ate this afternoon have clouded you somewhat”
“ even if my head  was buried between two big towers of soft blessings, I would still be able to see what you both are seeing. Our Mickey boy likes a girl’’. The three of them share a silent smile.








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