Undeniably karma $Chp8

                                                                       UNDENIABLY KARMA 

                                                                                CHAPTER 8

Chidera angrily slaps Amaka across the face taking the towel away from her hand as the liquid stings her burning lips..
“Are you mad, don’t you see that it hurts, you are supposed to do it gently, the spirit stings, don’t you have sense eh??”  she takes the face towel that was soaked with spirit to her lips and daps, wincing in pain, Amaka holds her face and moves away
It wasn’t her fault that Chidera  wasn’t smart enough to stand her ground and tripped , falling and cutting her lips as Chidinma pushed her, it wasn’t her fault Micheal came to safe Chidinma, it wasn’t her fault that she didn’t get 100% joy from beating Chidinma because it just looked like Chidinma just scored a 120% on her 100%with that well calculated shove that has Chidera stumbling down showing her pink panties as her legs went flying up, and tearing her lips. 
If it were a normal day and a normal scenario, she would have laughed her heart out, but there was  nothing normal about it. Chidera would have used her face to scrub the ground. 
But  still it wasn’t her fault, and she had even lied to Micheal to cover up Chidera and what does she get? A slap to her face just because she was helping her clean up the blood and trying to disinfect it with spirit. A little thank you would have sufficed but what does she get, a KPASS!!! To her face instead.
“what are you standing there and staring at??’
“ Nothing Chidera..’’
“ Go and tell Dayo and Temi to do what I asked them to do. And Tamara, find out if Micheal and his goats of a friends have left that hostel, I don’t like that he told me to leave and still remained”. 
Chidera strips and goes to take a shower.
Her anger evident. Her day was almost perfect before Chidinma surprised her by pushing her to fall . she wasn’t expecting her to act. Not when she was silently taking the beating, so it threw her off guard. She touches her lips, wincing again in pain. 
“ You made me bleed Chidinma, I would bath in your own blood. “
She comes out to find Tamara there waiting, walking past her to her bed “ well?”
“ erm, they are still there!!”
“ Doing what?””
How was she supposed to know what they were doing there, she had just gone to peep in the hostel and asked a student to check if micheal was in there and she had retuned saying a yes. She couldn’t possibly go in there , kick the door open and ask Micheal
,” would you mind telling me what you and your fowls of a friends are still doing here??’ ofcourse not. What does Chidera want her to do?
“I asked you a question Tamara?” Chidera is waiting, 
“ I don’t know Chidera…” she trails off bowing her head
“ Would you want to know what your grade would be this semester, especially from Mr Adamu’s end?” Chidera is creaming herself
Tamara’s head shoots up, ‘’You wouldn’t Chidera…”
“ oh I would and you know I am a girl of my words, I so would and I would be bad. So be a darl and go  back there and come back with information that makes sense” she dismisses her, Tamara leaves the room immediately
“ stop sulking there by the corner and come and massage my back Amaka, it was just a slap, not something you need to brood over more than a minute “ Chidera lays her chest on the bed wearing nothing but panties  “hurry up, I think my bone shifted when I hit the floor”
Amaka stifles a laugh, Chidera turns immediately to look at her with a frown on her face 
“where you trying to laugh AMAKA??”
 Amaka felt a cold chill to her bones, she swallows with a gulp and shakes her head from side to side “  No I wasn’t, I had a slight cough ‘’ she coughs, “ I was just trying to clear my throat “ she ‘AHEMS’
“ it better be. Now come here and get with it, that girl doesn’t know what’s coming for her and it would hit her hard”
Bunmi and Mimi are back, with the medicine and balm from the clinic and antibiotics, bandage and tape, and hot water and a face towel, they were standing and staring at Micheal. Infact everyone was staring at them. For once even the boys were quiet.
He was still looking at Chidinma who has gone back to facing the wall.
“er..Senior Micheal?” Bunmi speaks ,  Micheal turns to her and manages a smile, he should get up and leave and let the girls take care of her, he should leave and come back later to check on her. 
Instead he finds himself saying “ give them to me, “
Mimi blinks a couple of times, just as the same time Boma and the twins exchange looks, Bunmi frowns a little , confused “ like we should give it to you that you..erm..that erm..i don’t understand” 
He turns to face her “ I would help her with it” he says
Chidinma isn’t listening to the conversation, she just wants to be left alone . it has been quiet for a while in her head, atleast those silent tears had stopped, her body hurts and her slight wound by her arm was bleeding but now it would have been caked. She wishes everyone would just leave her alone.
She still didn’t understand anything, one minute Chidera and her friends were standing there and they were being greeted and the next thing Chidera was all over her as though she had a personal vendetta against her, but why? 
All those times Chidera used to bully her before they went on the long break she took it that it was just one of those things seniors did, just being seniors , they wanted to exercise their rights; punish juniors at will, make them give up their lunch, make them crawl under their desk or stand on it and sing “ I am a toad oh I am a rotten banana, senior thank you!!’’ or simply just to slap them around, take their money, make them cut grass and just have immense pleasure from making juniors cry.
But today, it didn’t just feel like seniors were just punishing for fun, today, the way Chidera looked at her and spoke to her as though she saw her in her dreams, came to look for her purposely and attacked her the way she did, inflicting pain on her intent on scaring her and if Senior Micheal hadn’t come just then after she pushed Senior Chidera to fall and cut her lip, that Iron would have landed on her head and she wouldn’t have known what she would have done, because she knew as she would have been writhing in pain she would  also have wanedt to make sure her attacker felt pained too.
There is something pain does to you, it makes you want to inflict a thousand more bolts of pain to the attacker. But then again, what would her mother have said 
“Chi-gurl, you should have just gone on your knees and none of this would have happened. See now, you are bleeding, what have I told you about obeying before complaining, you shouldn’t have talked back at her, if the devil wants to use her  you don’t have to let him use you too. Hey my daughter, now you have done her back, do you think two wrongs would make a right? she has done something evil towards you, you should have thanked and blessed her and walked away, let God judge her and let karma deal with her’’ yes! Her mother would have said so.
But still, she winces in pain. Chidera’s attack was uncalled for, the intent in her eyes, the force of her hands and that satisfied smirk on her face to see her, Chidinma, in pain and injured, right before she saw the shock in her eyes when she pushed her, and the evident death glare in her eyes when she held that iron. She looked evil..she looked like someone who enjoys making someone do her bidding and when it doesn’t go her way she becomes your worst enemy.  She had heard a lot about Senior Chidera and she thought most of the time Bumni and Mimi and the rest of everyone was just exaggerating because they didn’t like her. She didn’t like her either but she didn’t hate her, she just didn’t like the fact that instead for seniors to be guilders to juniors they instead preferred to make them suffer just because. But today, today she realized why people don’t like Chidera is because she was mean and insensitive and all shades of bad and she couldn’t understand how anyone could be friends with her. Unless they are like her. 
She didn’t understand what that was all about today but she didn’t like it, she didn’t like it at all and worse off is that she was angry, angry that she couldn’t exactly do anything ..well other than push her. For that she was pleased. 
Mental note to self “ stay away from Chidera, avoid her by all cause. “
She sighs , people were talking. Her head was aching her, she wanted silence, she blocks their conversation and closes her eyes. Maybe when she doesn’t hear what they are talking about and then doesn’t talk to them, they would soon think she doesn’t exist and maybe they too would disappear and leave her alone. 
“I can  do it Senior Micheal “ Bumni says 
“ Bunmi and Mimi I know that but I said I want to so give it here” he stretches out his hands to take the items from them, the girls exchange looks with one another 
“but..” Mimi began
“ no buts ‘’ Micheal says 
They exchange looks with themselves again, Mimi scratches her head, Bunmi shrugs and hands them to Micheal, the bowl of hot water was kept by his feet and the face towel was placed on the bed next to him.
Then they stood there watching him.
 What the hell are you doing Micheal? He asks himself, his hands shook a little, his heart skipped a bit. Tiny sweats breaks out on his forehead, he sighs
As if on cue Boma steps forward, “ which one of you would want to have meatpie and a cold coke ..?”
“ oh me!!’
“ and me !!’
 The twins step forward 
“ I wasn’t asking for you dickheads, I was asking the ladies “ Boma smiles 
‘’ Well… “ Bunmi began
“ oh great lets go have some “ Boma says taking each girl by the arm and nudges her out the door
You can hear them protesting when the twins follow them out and they exit the room leaving Micheal alone with Chidinma who haven’t moved a muscle.


He was thankful for having friends like Boma and the twins, he wouldn’t have known what to do , having the girls standing over him like a hawk watching his every move as though wondering if he knew shit he was about to do or wether he is allowed to do what he is about to do, Senior or not, Student Body President or not.
Again, he was thankful for his friends, sometimes he wonders if they read him and understood him more than he understood himself. He sighs and turns to Chidinma, touching her arm where the bruises was, he takes the towel , soaks it in the hot bowl of water, winces as he squeezes out the hot contents and places the hot-warm towel on her arm, the sting causes her to bolt up snatching her arm away
“oww!!’ she exclaims, she frowns at her arm and then looks up, seeing Micheal sitting there with the weapon of pain in his hands causes her  frown to deepen, then she notices that no one else was in the room with them, her frown is joined with it’s sister, confusion.. she sits up and moves away from him
“what are you doing..where is  Bunmi and Mimi?’ she made to get up, he stays her with the move of his hands to her arm, shaking his  head 
“don’t be scared, I wont hurt you, I just wanted to help”
She moves away even further, she wasn’t scared of him but she was uncomfortable with the fact that no one else was in the room and he was here, touching her arm with the hot towel “ I am not scared of you but..why did they leave?”
“ Boma offered to buy them something to eat and all of them left , with the twins too. The water is getting cold I just want to clean off your bruises with the hot water , and clean that slight wound to your hand and help you with the rest…” he points to the balm and bandage and everything else on the bed
‘’ I can do it myself “ she stretches out her hand “ you can leave now Senior, thank you”
He should just give it to her and leave, yes he should. He takes the towel and  instead of handing it to her, he shakes his head
“ I know you can but I want to do this. You wont tell me exactly what happened with Chidera, because I swear it doesn’t ,make sense to me what she said, you wont go to Mother Tess and report to her too, you wont go to the clinic and get treated properly because I am sure they would do a good job bandaging your arm, and yet…you wont let me help you. That’s unfair”
“why do you even care? “ she sounded harsh.. she lowers her eyes, she shouldn’t talk to her senior like that “ I mean, it’s my choice, I don’t want anymore troubles and if I go and report I know it would be a storm over my head and I don’t want that. I just want to be left alone.”
‘’ that means there was something more to this?”
I don’t know, I really don’t know. Chidinma says to herself 
“ I don’t want to talk about it. “ she tells him
Fine. He wont push her  “ atleast, let me help you with this ” he says
‘’no thank you!!’’
‘’please !!’’ he pleaded,
“ you know I can also be stubborn too?” he added
Fine , whatever. If he wants to then he should. She stuck out her hand to him, he soaks back the towel , winces  again, it wasn’t so hot anymore but it was still hot. He squeezes and wipes her hands, both her hands, she didn’t pull them away but bite her lips as the towel touches her. He did that a couple of times, being careful when he touches her wound. The belt must have done that to her, with those sharp edges, and the cane made her skin swell. Anger boils inside of him, how can someone be so heartless, who does this . he shakes his head, Chidera was worse than the devil.
“ why are you shaking your head Senior Micheal?”
“oww!!’ she pulls her arms away 
“ am sorry’’ he tells her as he mentally kicks himself for not being extra careful, it takes a bit of time but he manages to do it all without totally falling his hands, wound cleaned, balm and antibiotics in place, bandage on her arm, for his first try..he wasn’t so bad.
“hmmm, not bad” she states,
Her cheeks was so red, he could lietrallly see Chidera’s palm marks on them, without thinking he raises his hands and touches her face, 
“does it hurt?” he says 
She turns away.. yes!!!
‘No it doesn’t, she slaps like a feather-light leaf with no wind’ ‘
He smiles..  he takes the balm and looks at her, ‘’ I need to rub this there too, it would help to sooth the pain’”
“I already said it doesn’t hur….””
‘’I know what you said but still “ he cuts her off, 
‘’okay that I can do?’’ she reaches for the balm, he moves it off her reach 
“my fingers are already soiled with the balm, I might as well” he tells her, his hand was raised now, waiting for her to come closer since she moved away from his reach too,
She sighs coming abit closer, still far from him 
“ you do know I have to literally stretch to touch your face Chidinma right??”
She shrugs , ‘’ a little stretch wont hurt Senior Micheal, you are the one who wants to help right.?’
 He smiles, he leans in but she moves further back, now he was stretching and she had leaned back to the wall, a mischievous glint in her eyes.
What the hell are you doing Chidinma, she asks herself. Honestly she had no idea. She clears her throat as he is looking at her, a smile silently spreading across his lips
“ now you are trying to be naughy chidinma , if I stretch any further, I might fall” he says , right ontop of you. He didn’t add that, he would literally fall on top of her and he didn’t want that.
“ so can you please come closer?”
 Fine . she leans in closer, but not close enough “ meet me halfway then” she tells him coming closer, he nods and they are a airspace apart as they  both come  even closer, which was suprising for both of them .
And for  a few seconds they stare at each other, and then she blinks and frowns
He blinks and then swallows, he quickly raises his hand and touches her face,rubbing the balm in.  she closes her eyes as the hot sensation of the balm soaks into her skin.
Her skin was soft he noticed , but her face was softer, smooth..kissable
Stop it Micheal. 
He drops his hand immediately , her eyes don’t open. Instead she is frowning and biting her lips. She bites her lips a lot he had noticed.
Her lips was..well.. beautiful, it wasn’t those big lips that could swallow another mouth, it wasn’t those thin lips that looks as though its not even there. Its those kinda of lips that have you staring at them all day, with that curve at the top, full but not big, which looks as though it always preparing to be kissed, as though she was pouting. Would it be as soft as it looks, he wonders
Stop it Micheal. 
He swallows and looks away. She stays like that for another minute, then opens her eyes.
‘’ I swear I thought that that hot sensation to my face wouldn’t stop, it was burning hot and cool at the same and I thought by staying still it would calm down but instead it was going to my head.. thank God it has stopped. It didn’t burn so much to my arms”
“ that’s because your face is more delicate and I didn’t rub it to your wound”
She looks at him, he really didn’t have to but he did.
‘’thank you…Senior Micheal”  she says
“you are welcome . but call me Micheal” he didn’t know when it came out. But it was too late, but what the hell, it felt good. Besides she calling him senior micheal was making him feel soooooooo old. 
She laughs and then says nothing
 They were quiet for a while 
“so, you didn’t tell me what you thought about..the write up?” she pinches the bridge of her nose,
“’oh yeah..about that I think…..””
“ oh chidinma ..’’ Bunmi and Mimi walk in with Boma and the twins , Bunmi hands her a bag, “ see Senior Boma bought you snacks too’’
“we helped by picking the snacks ‘‘ the twins says
“ oh yeah right, I paid “ Boma smirks
‘’doesn’t matter, we escorted, we picked, we talked and we contributed in thoughts “ they replied
The girls giggle, Micheal shakes his head, Chidinma smiles 
“ thank you Senior Boma, and Senior TWINS!!’’ she smiles again
“aha!!! Senior twins, I like her”’ Boma says , he turns to the twins “ I like her”
Everyone is smiling
‘’you seem to look better Chi-gurl” Mimi sits beside her ‘’ Senior Micheal must have done a good job”
‘heh!! He tried” she replies
Micheal gets up.. 
“ see you girls around , and please… let me know if anyone bugs you girls unnecessarily “ but he was staring directly at Chidinma 
“ what he is trying to say is that if any winchy-winchy comes up flying in here flapping her wings in the person of Queen Bee.. you know you can come running to us and we gonna protect you all” Boma nods
‘’ and break those wings” jerry joins in
“and bath her in holy water and cleanse her from her evilness” jerremy stands behind his brother
Micheal shakes his head, his drama-kings for friends  “see you around Chidinma, and maybe then I can tell you what I think about your little write up”
They leave the girls alone. Bunmi hands her her snacks and sits down beside Chidinma 
“ are you okay, do you still hurt??’
Chidinma shakes her head. “ I am better now”
“but is it just me or that it seems as though Chidera had it out for you,? And why didn’t you want to tell senior Micheal, you know she would be punished??”
“ yes he would have made sure of that”  Mimi folds her hands
“and after then what happens, Senior Chidera comes back again maybe with her battalion of friends and deals with me thoroughly and makes sure she does one last HURRAH and then  leaves school. I have heard how mean seniors can be, I don’t want any more problems. I guess she was just upset that I didn’t obey her and she attacked me”
“ NO!!! it looks like she came here to look for you and then wants to kill you”  Bunmi states matter of factly
‘’ don’t be dramatic Bunmi” Chidinma gets up and tries to undress, Mimi helps her
“ I don’t think what Bunmi said is far fetched, maybe a bit dramatic but not far fetched. Did you see her eyes and the way she cursed you. It was more than a junior disrespected her. It was something else …”
I know right 
“ well wish I knew what she got up her sleeves “
“ no say it correctly.. you wish you knew what she got stucked up in her ass” 
Bumni laughs , Chidinma gasps , Mimi is giggling
“ by the way, it was nice for Senior Micheal not only save you from that iron she was going to use on your head and then he helped you clean your wound and dress it and stayed with you. “ Bunmi gets up
“ ooh yes , very nice of him Bunmi. You know the juniors kept asking us as we went outside if he was there with you and we said yes, the jealousy we saw could light up a building, I even heard someone say they would get into a fight  with a senior to have him come rescue them and stay with them like he stayed with you.”  Mimi drops Chidinma’s cloths on the bed and added her another top to wear and skirt to wear.
‘’ he insisted. But I guess he is nice” Chidinma shrugs “ please Bunmi can you help me get my undies from outside, I dried them and I was about to bring them inside before all this, its getting dark and you know I don’t like leaving my undies out over night”
“sure, in a minute, let me fold my cloths I am coming “
Dayo is by the clothing line, just directly behind their window. It has taken her much difficulty to get into the hostel without raising much suspicion. Dropping her senior badge she had entered into the junior hostel , after borrowing a junior’s flaw skirt to wear . hiding her face she had  followed  behind a group of juniors as they left the cathederal and went in, breaking away from them when they neared the back entrance of the hostel leading to the toilets. Getting in, she checks each window for the one she was looking for. Chidera had told her what to find when she saw it. It was a window she escaped through to sneak out at night and over the fence to get to the boys college on the next streets when lights where out and all front doors and back doors where locked in the hostel when she was a junior and  Damilola, a senior student and her where having  a midnight rendezvous after darks. 
“ you are not much bigger than me, when I was a junior, so you can fit through it. Hold on to the latch and kick it, after all this years it would have gotten stiff, kick it, it should break, its just caged from rust I should think. Then you raise it up and go through it, you should get to the backyard.. then find their window. That’s where they would be drying their cloths. But first you must find out if she has her undies outside if not you would have to find how to get into their room, go through her bag and switch it” Chidera had told her
First she had had a talk with a few of the juniors, random talks and she centered on hygiene 
“ you know, as a girl, your undies should be properly washed and sent outside for sun and air to get to it, so as to kill any bacteria. All these girls who wear panties more than once or don’t let them dry but wear them would end up getting one disease or the other you know” she was saying to the juniors
“ I know, physical and health Education teacher taught about that too. Even our bras needs to be sunned. “ a girl with glasses says, she was biting her nail
“ I know some girls here wont listen, drying undies in the room doesn’t even give it much air you know “ she continued and they nodded. “ one time, I had a friend who wore her panties like that when it was damp because she was in a hurry and her other panties was dirty “ she saw the mask of disgust on their faces “ yeah, by the next day she was itching like mad, and had sores everywhere, and doctors said she wont be able to get pregnant ever. She would never be a mother when she was old enough you see” 
The juniors gasps ‘’ I dry mine outside..  infact most of us dry ours outside”
“ where outside?”
“ we have a clothing line, each room, behind our room just close to the window, each room has a clothing line and we dry our cloths there and we have undies- hangers too, each with our names so no one mistakes theirs for another. That was our phycial and health education teacher ‘s idea. So everyone just airs theirs outside”
Dayo smiles. It just made her work easier. All she has to look for is an hanger with Chidinma’s name and viola, panties switched , case closed. And there was no way a girl wouldn’t have more black panties than any other colour of panties, especially when they had a lot of white sports wear, black panties was a must.
 when she relays the message to Chidera she told her how to get to the back without arousing any suspicion.
 After taking a few donkey years to pass through the window and lands butt flat on the ground, a little groan escapes her lips as she fights the urge to cry out rubbing her butt.  Bending low she crawls past each window , raising her head to check if she had gotten to theirs. 
She saw Chidinma backing the window, Bunmi was on the bed and Mimi had just walked away from Chidinma and went back to the bed.
Then she heard it “Bunmi, please can you help me get my undies from outside, I forgot to bring it in due to what happened just now and you know how I hate to leave it over night”
“sure, gimme a minute. I want to fold this cloths”
“please now.. its getting dark, I don’t want any insects climbing them”
“argh okay ..am going am going. “
“ thank you!!’ Chidinma says, wincing as she tries to put on a clean shirt Mimi had just handed to her
If she doesn’t exchange it now, Bunmi would come outside any minute and catch her here. 
She quickly opens the lylon bag she was holding, and wears it on both hands, using a rubberband to hold  it still. Since she couldn’t get gloves, the lylon bag could pass for it. Chidera told her not to touch it else she would itch her way up to the mountain to meet mohammed.
Bunmi would have to get to the back door, come out from the side behind her and walk towards her to get here. And the distance from their room to the back door wasn’t that far and if Bunmi was walking fast that means she could be here in less than 10 minutes and if she has to be done with this and leave here, she would have to pass the back door and go and climb back into the toilet before Bunmi sees her and she has to be done in 4 minutes if not another minute more Bunmi would see her leaving and both of them would bump into each other face to face and Bunmi knows her face and knows she is a senior. 
No!! she has to be fast.
Quickly she bends again, trying to get a hold of the hanger without them seeing her. Thankfully Chidinma was backing the window but Mimi was facing it.
C’mon c’mon… look away Mimi . look away, Dayo willed. She couldn’t get to the panties without them seeing a hand stretching below and reaching. They would scream that some evil hand was behind their window and alert everyone. Some students could be superstitious like that.
Bumni was probably nearing the back door. 
She raises her head to peep again. No use. Mimi was  talking to Chidinma, at that second she looked away, Dayo saw her chance, she quickly jumps and hits the hanger, it falls to the ground with the  undies. She was glad that that was the only thing hanging on the rope so she didn’t have to check through to make sure it was Chdinma’s own.
With her heart beating fast, she opens the other bag she carried, three new black panties with deadly itchy powder  laid side by side, quickly she grabs one and exchanges it with a pegged black panties, she carries the other one and does the same till she was done.
She heard someone trying to open the back door, by default it was always locked. Looking back into the room , Mimi was back to facing the window, there was no how she could get up and hang the undies –hanger back. She hears the sound of keys and then padlock being removed..
She doesn’t think. She drops the hanger on the groud, grabs Chidinma’s own panties and bends away from their window and begins to run back the way she came.. her back was going to hurt but if she doesn’t do  that… it would be her back against the wall and juniors rounding her up if they found out what she was doing here
Just as she crossed the door, it opens up and she hides behind it, Bunmi steps out and goes down the path ,
“ who is there??” she heard someone ask from one of the rooms 
“its me, Bunmi …are you sacred?” Bunmi asks
“ no, I thought I heard someone running but when I looked I didn’t see anyone and I heard footsteps again so am asking “ the girl replies coming to the windown to peep 
“ oh okay, running ? no am not running, I just opened the back door, going to get something from our back,”
“ okay, lock the back door oh, you know they say no doors should be open by lights out”
‘’ yes I would “ Bunmi continuous on her way, on getting there she frowns , “ why is Chidinma’s undies on the ground?” she grabs the hanger by the handle and looks around. No amount of breeze could have caused it to fall down and besides it didn’t rain and some juniors who still had their cloths out  even without pegs was still hunged .  
“ Bunmi…why are you standing there like a ghost?” Mimi comes to the window seeing her shadow
“ atleast I am practicing my horror skills” she replies, her frown not leaving her face staring at the ground and back the way she came, the open door blocing her view from seeing beyond that.
“oh right, I forget you like dark and gothic scenes” 
“ oh you know me very well. Am coming back inside” Bunmi walks back the way she came, on getting to the door she looks back again… there was no way breeze blew could have  pushed only Chidinma’s hanger down and every cloths and hanger outside was still dangling on the ropes. But then again maybe it wasn’t properly hunged.  She watches too many movies and thinks that there is always something amiss, she smiles to herself shaking her head, grabbing the door she closes  and locks it, putting back the padlock in place.
Dayo has been holding her breath, she slowly releases it. Counting to 10 she goes back crawling to the toilet window and begins to climb back up into the toilet, once there she opens the bin and throws Chidinma’s panties into it, and then the lylon bag she used for her hands and the rubberband, washes her hands with soap. She leaves the toilet after looking from  right to left , making sure no one was coming and leaving. She comes across junior students entering and coming out of their rooms, when she got to the dorms hall, bending her head she walkes past them until she got to the front door and exists the building.
Bunmi comes back to the hall entrance and was about to enter their room when she notices a girl slouching her shoulders, with her head bent trying not to bring attention to herself and about to step out the door. There was something about the way the girl walked and moved that looked farmilair… and when she raised up her head to look sideways..
‘’isnt that …
‘’Bunmi come in and close the door, we don’t want mosquitoes flying in here after we have sprayed the room” Mimi screams from inside the room, Bunmi is distracted for a minute as she looks at Mimi and then back at the girl. She was gone.
“Argh Mimi…shut up, you scream like a banshee, my ear hurts” 
She goes inside to meet Mimi giggling, Chidinma was on her  bed, her green lover book on her lap with her pen and her eyes staring into space. She knew she might be lost in thoughts in that head off hers.
Bunmi enters , dropping the panties next to Chidinma on her bed, she turns and shuts the door.

Dayo is sweating when she gets back into their hostel and goes to Chidera
‘’and?” Chidera is crossing her legs on the wall, a playboy magazine on her lap.
“ its done “ Dayo breathed, her back hurts and she had tiny bruises to her arm from the window, .A tiny bruise but it still hurts like a mudafxxker.
Chidera is smiling. 
Earlier when Tamara had come back to tell her that she had seen Boma, the twins and the girls minus Micheal and Chidinma enjoying a snack time, and that they had left Micheal in the room alone with Chidinma. She had literally screamed out her anger and threw her mug at her. It missed her head by a second. 
But now she was happy, she didn’t know what he was doing in there with her but whatever he did inside there with her wont be having a repeat… because Chidinma would be covered with sores and wound and her itching might just make her sick. 
“Oh such delicate vajajay…itchy itchy delicate vajajay.. scratching scatching.. blood blood blood…oh ah..ah oh ahhh…goes the bloody itchy delicate vajayjay!!’’ Chidera sang laughing. 
Now all they have to do was to wait until they see her itching and screaming all over the place when the burns begins.
“ good girl Dayo.. you can go.’’
Dayo nods smiling , she was happy that she didn’t disappoint her today, she wonders if she was going to ask Mr Adamu to grade her well on their upcoming test. 

“chidera… about the test..’’  Dayo trails off
“’ don’t worry about it, you are covered!!’’ Chidera dismisses her
Temi comes into the room sulking “ I am sorry Chidera, there is no way I can get into their hostel and their room without being caught to get the letter’’’
“ oh not to wory, I would find away to get it myself, for now…I am content to know that Chdinma would have a tiny taste of hell with a dancing itchy vajajay!!!’’ her laugher gives the girls a chill.
Amaka is by the corner, she is wondering how bad its going to be for Chidinma  ‘’ oh its sucks to be you right now Chidinma !!’’ she mutters under her breath.


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