CHAPTER 9


 Micheal had abit of a restless sleep, for no apparent reason he tossed and turned all night, by morning he was yawning as though he hadn’t slept a wink, and he had a 9am class.
Lazily he drags himself off the bed, rushing a bath he comes back into their room and lays on his bed, he still had an hour to ..do nothing before class. He covers his face with his wrapper
The twins were up and going on about something that didn’t make sense, Micheal groans “Shut up you guys will you?” 
“what’s up your ass this morning?” Boma , kicks his leg away and sits on the bed, 

“Nothing, hell I don’t know” Micheal admits, Boma removes the cover away from Micheals face
‘’You have been awfully quiet since last night “
“No! since we came back from the girl’s hostel yesterday  Boma, Micheal has been quiet “ Jeremy corrected dragging a singlet with his brother “its mine Jerry’’ he tugs
‘’I think it has something to do with the cute curvy and beautiful looking junior who Chidera went all evil on” Jerry joins in the conversation, pulling he grabs the singlet “ you know this is mine Jeremy, go find yours”
“No its mine’’
“No its mine, it has J on it”
“No its mine, its my own J that’s on it”
“Argh someone please shut the J’s up” Micheal groans again, the twins don’t stop, Boma smiles shaking his head
“forget the J’s, those two fight like girlfriends and quarrel like lovers, their case is in okikwe’s shrine. You on the other hand..have a more pressing problem, what’s up?”
Micheal sits up “ Really, nothing”
‘’what happened in the room with you and Chidinma when we left you both alone?” Boma asks him
Micheal frowns, suddenly the twins stop fighting and turn to them, so calm you would wonder if they were the same ones just fighting over a singlet.. what gossip and jist or juicy tales could do to a person
“ what do you mean what happened? Are you high..are you thinking that something would have happened..?”
“No ..whooa wait not that. I wasn’t thinking or talking about that” he said, then he gaspes placing a hand to his chest as he places the other to Micheal’s 
“wait, did something like that happen. Did Mickey boy do something to that pretty lady or did the pretty lady do something to you..oh my…what did you do?”’ he drawls, the twins are laughing,Micheal  at first is frowning, when he realized what Boma is trying to do he rolls his eyes getting up
‘’You are just a clown Boma I swear. A freaking clown who needs to get his head checked. Not everyone wants to get into the pants of a girl..sometimes one is just worried about them”
“Aha!! The truth is coming out. Why are you worried Micheal?”
“Anyone with the name Chidera rings a bell, or do you all not know how she is?’’ he replies
‘’True!!’’ they agreed
‘’I mean isn’t it sort of weird that they couldn’t tell us exactly what Chidinma did other than she disrespected her and supposedly stole a belt, I mean..was that enough reason to tear her skin with belt and want to use that iron on her..it was too unsettling. I mean..for something as small as that she was willing to go far, it just doesn’t make sense” Micheal runs a hand over his face
“kinda looks like she had a personal vendetta against her wouldn’t you say so?” Jerry is thinking
“but why?” Jerremy goes to the window to stare out, students were filing out, going or coming back from classes
“or maybe chidera is just being Chidera, a misguided senior who likes to overuse her power to show Juniors the reason why she is called Queen Chidera and feared, I mean she had to live up to her name of being ruthless and a bitch” Boma says
“and a slut too” Jerry nods
“One who has eyes on our pretty boy Micheal here” Jerremy turns away from the window and rests on the wall
“unfortunately and gladly so, I am not interested in her stupid and very annoying advances. Never have, never will. Hell I am not interested in any girl “
Micheal blinks , why did Chidinma’s face come into his mind’S eye just now
“look, I just feel there is more that meets the eyes” Micheal adds
‘’So what do you want to do..ask her?” Boma as an eyebrow raised
“Nah. Maybe I am just exaggerating . I may have to go check up on Chidinma later” he gets up to dress for class
‘Hmm? As the student body president or as Micheal?” Boma gets up too, grabbing his shoes
Micheal doesn’t answer, Boma smiles ‘’ I mean we would love to come too, by the way..they are our junior friends too right? Oh dear Lord I forgot to tell you..crap those her friends are something else, Mimi and Bunmi. Did you know Chidinma pushed her to fall over the table and she screamed like a wailing child when she fell with her legs up, after Chdinma have had a enough  that is, she just got angry and pushed her..” he laughs , this causes Micheal to turn, a smile tugging at his lips
‘’For real??”
 The twins are nodding , ‘’Yes son, the girls had a good laugh telling us and for some reason we were like yeah go chidinma, that would show Chidera” the twins tell him
While they all laughed about it leaving their hostel to the class, for some reason he felt unsettled, Chidera hates to be humiliated and always tends to lash out to get her revenge
He knew that because the day he had found Gloria with some other boy from the college not far from them in their secret hidout in the library after dark, it was because Chidera had been upset he had turned her down again.. she had told him
“that girl you so love isn’t so different than me, but the sad thing is that she is lapping like a dog and eating up my leftovers right now in your secret hideout”
‘’ what is that supposed to mean Chidera?”
“ it means Micheal darlyne, you don’t even know who your precious little Gloria is ..” and with that she walked away,
Curious he had gone to look for Gloria, they told him she wasn’t in her hostel, not wanting to really believe what Chidera said he had gone back to his hostel. But curiosity was eating him up, leaving his room he had gone up to the library, it was dark and quiet. No one was there, just when he turns to leave he heard it.
Those moans he had gotten used to in the dead of the night while she snuck into his room, those same words she says to him she was saying it to another, turning and going to find the voice he saw her, bent over holding onto the desk while the boy he swore he must have seen before  during burnfire night with Chidera had both hands to her exposed waist propelling the forward and backwards movement as he too completed it with his in and out, waist rolling, eyes up in his head and his maoning mirrowing hers.
She didn’t see him , not for the next five minutes as he was shocked, rooted to the spot, speechless, broken..you could literally fix the broken pieces of his heart into jars..
Not until the boy screamed his release, not until she moaned out in ecstasy and shatters there holding on tight to the desk..just when she raised up her head to kiss the boy that’s when she saw him..
‘’Micheal..!!’’ she gasps..
Later on as the boy ran out, chased by Boma and the twins when they come up to find him standing there and meeting the scene.. he had asked her why..
Ofcourse her answer was enough “ I never loved you Micheal, it was fun while it lasted but..this was just a pastime for me. I have a boyfriend in the states. I would be out of this dump of a school by the end of the week so I wanted to catch my fun, you weren’t the only one. You are a nice boy but…a girl like me..is well.. a girl like me” and she had left him standing there.
Ofcourse Chidera had come to gloat, she had come with all the force and energy..
‘’do you know the perfect payback to a sting?..show the person just how much you hurt. I was hurting when you turned me down, and I had to let you know and feel it too. But I forgive you Micheal. So why don’t you hurt her back…have me here and now, it would be the perfect payback to her” she had said, placing his hands , one to her breast and the other to her waist going closer to him
He pushes her away without a second’s thought, walking away to hide the tears threatening to fall down his eyes
‘’Big boys don’t cry” his father used to say. but he never told him how to handle the pain in his chest
“Come back here Micheal, come back here !!’’ she screamed at his back but he didn’t turn
To show how angry she was, she made sure to put him in trouble, setting him up by telling juniors to call him to the hostel that someone was sick, he went there to find two girls who was hell bent to hold him down till Mother Theresa came.
‘’He tried to touch us Mother Tess” they cried, 
Aghast!! ‘’ I didn’t, I was called here by them.. I was..’’ he trails off
‘’ Do you think because your father is the head master you can’t be punished, do you think because you are the student body president you can do what you like eh?”” she thunders
“ WELL you would be punished Micheal, your father wont safe you”
But he got lucky, a student came forward to say she overhead the girls talking about calling ‘’Senior Micheal to come to the room”
The girls were punished, he was spared.  His position intact and his dignity in place.
When Chidera corners him later and tells him ‘’ You got lucky this time. Be nice and I may not pull another stunt” she says walking away
He knew that there were different kinds of evil, Chidera was a 10th of them.
“C’mon Mickey boy!!’’ Boma calls him bolting him out of his thoughts

“Yeah I am coming!” he falls inline with them entering his class and taking a seat as Mr Adamu entered and begun.
Micheal hopes that Chidera doesn’t do something to Chidinma just because of anything. 
But because he knew Chidera, he was very unsettled throughout class. He hopes to God that he was just being paranoid and Chidera’s obsession would just be about him and not to inflict her raw anger on lesser students, just because she can, especially not on Chdinma.
Why the hell was he suddenly concerned about Chidinma? He asks himself. 

Shaking his head he focuses on the statistics Mr Adamu was lecturing on.

Chidinma’s class wasn’t till 10 am so getting up late was a welcome relief, especially after what happened yesterday.
She and the girls had gone for early morning mass at the cathedral by 6am, returning by 7am they had each laid on their bed and snored away.
It was a few minutes past 9am now, getting up she yawns, wincing a little from the pain to her side arm she gets up standing infront of the mirror.
Her face and arms still bared a faint mark of hand and marks, a day or two it might eventually fade away but the tiny cut to her arm might take longer. Her delicate fair skin isn’t that invinsible .
“oh poor you Chidinma, now the devil has gone and scarred you” she sulks her lips in

“talking to yourself again Chi-gurl?” Bunmi yawns turning and getting up,

“Well..is that such a bad thing?”
“sometimes..because you would have to go to the looney place cause you have gone coo-coo” Mimi talks with her eyes closed
Chidinma snorts “Yeah. Now I cant be crazy in peace again”
“Not while you are in the same room with us ..no you can’t”Bunmi sits up rubbing her eyes
“Yeah I forgot, you both are a different kind of crazy.!!’
“that’s right. You are so smart Chidinma” Mimi is up scratching her tummy and left butt
“oh well…” Chidinma shrug  “ Going to shower don’t want to be late for Miss monica’s Literature class, you know how she can be with late comers”, leaving the girls behind she goes to the bathroom, greeting a few students who had stopped her to ask how she was and what exactly happened yesterday, she told them she was fine and shrugged the rest away , “You know how seniors can be?”
Back to the room she creams herself and then checks her undie bag.. then she remembers 
“hey Bunmi, where did you put my underwears?” she turns frowning, she knows Bunmi had kept it somewhere on the bed last night but she was too engrossed in writing and then she finally fell asleep with her little green book open on her thighs…she didn’t remember moving it.
“I hunged them there “ Mimi says pointing to the wall, she leaves the room 
“And you are welcome” Bunmi says
“Hey I told you thank you yesterday now didn’t I”? Chidinma is thinking
“Nope!! You were too busy staring into space.” 
“oh I was..wasnt i? oh well..thank you Bunmi you are a darlyne”
“well  I am happy you are back to your normal self”
“ I hope yesterday doesn’t replay itself never again” Chidinma says taking her panties off the hanker , then she frowns  ‘’Are these mine Bunmi?”
“ I don’t understand your question ?”
“ I mean.. “ her frown deepens, she looks at the hanker again, her name is boldly written on a tag before the hook curve of the hanker.. “ erm, I don’t know there look really new and..i don’t know”
“where your pants old before?” Bunmi gets up and walks to her looking down at the panties she is holding in her hands
“ No ofcourse not , they are black and the type I normally wear, well which the school normally ask us to buy due to the whites shorts or skirts we wear but…they seem never been worn before”
“ Er didn’t you just buy new panties like a week ago?”  Bunmi raises an eyebrow
“oh yeah, and I forgot. No mind me”
“ trust me I didn’t, get dressed Chidinma, as soon as Mimi comes we are heading to class.”
Chidinma drops the other panties ontop of her bag, picks one and then wears it.

30 minutes later they leave for class.

Chidera is in high spirits, she drew circles around her books during class session and couldn’t wait for the class to be over, Amaka sat not too far away from her and Temi and Dayo looked as though they were actually paying attention, she snorts causing Amaka to stare
“Nothing’’ Amaka turns back to the teacher
Chidera is wondering if chidinma had gotten around to wearing the panty yet? Sooner or later she knows she would hear the news about a junior screaming for help holding her vajajay as she scratches it, but the worse part was that it was going to burn badly, or what’s that phrase again?
“sting like a bee’’ she mutters under her breath smiling to herself. Speaking of vajajay its been over a week she “changed oil” as they used to say, a slang for “sex”, a code word for them girls.
Two days ago she had introduced two newbies to this life of ecstasy , they had come to her begging to be part of her cliche and be shown the way. The minute she saw them and heard them speak she knew they were as rotten as they come, sadly she liked rotten.
‘’ What do you want?”
“Senier Chidera, we want to be like you’’
“We admire you. They way students fear you and  how you are being treated. Everyone wants to be like you and we are not exempted. They talk about you like you are the next thing since slice bread”
‘’Yes, and the boys..the boys say really good things about you”
“And we have tried you know, to act cool and be cool, look good and speak good but we can never attain the level of awesomness you weild” they finish, Chidera is smiling , their praises where pleasing to her ears
‘’ In other words you want to have good grades, enjoy sex, hide under my protection and be my loyal trusted servants?”
They look at each other and then back at her, and they nodded
“Good! That’s what I thought. Its very simple..your initiation starts by midnight..come without wearing anything under your skirts, meet me at the back of the library,upstairs by 12 ..and we shall see how you pass” and with that she dismissed them
By midnight, they had come, and by the end of the night..she had two new girls who practically worshiped the ground she walked on. The two boys she sneaked into the school from the neighbouring college left happy.
‘’ She felt like the Queen showing lost girls the way of pleasure and direction. Her mother would be proud of her.  She thinks!! But who cared, she was probably slutting away her life back at home, atleast she was doing something constructive with hers..building an empire of loyal girls to her craft.
Whatever that craft was.
Sighing she turns to the window, the opposite class had Micheal in it, it was far but she swore she could make out his face as he bent to jot down something into the book.
She hadn’t seen him since yesterday when she left that stupid girl’s room.. she missed his face, she missed the way he looks at her when he wasn’t looking at her. Those unfocused eyes. She hates it but, it was better than nothing.
“why the hell are you playing hard to get Micheal, you do know it makes me want you the more. No one has ever refused my advances, instead they welcomed it. But you..you are just Argh!!’’
“ is there something you would like to tell us Miss Chidera” the Teacher was looking directly at her, so were a few pairs of eyes
“No ma’am!’’
“So what were you thinking off and talking to yourself about, is it that this class doesn’t interest you? because you seem to be distracted. Do you forget that you need this course in order to Ace your grades and maybe graduate from here hmm or would you rather go home and sell Akara in the market or fail so that your junior can come meet you here ?”
She heard muffled laughter, she turns to look at the culprits..everyone turned their faces away from her, with a sly smile she replies “No ma’am” she replied

“Good! Now pay attention”
‘’Yes ma’am!!’’

With a cold smile Chidera doesn’t take her eyes off her teacher, she wonders if she would be mouthy all through class. She also wonders if her teacher would appreciate been pushed on her way downstairs, maybe she would break an arm or a leg.

Then she smiles.

Suddenly uncomfortable chidinma frowns,she feels a certain sensation between her legs, she shifts on her seat, then she shifts again..and then again placing her hands on her thighs and frowning..
Bunmi notices her movements , edging closer to her, she covers her mouth with the back of her hands and whispers 
“what’s wrong with you?”
‘’ erm.. I don’t know I feel..oww!’’ she groans squeezing her legs together
“Are you okay?” Bunmi frowns 
Biting her lower lip Chidinma shakes her head, “No..no I am not, it hurts ..it hurts so bad”
“ what?” Mimi leans in looking from one girl to the other
Suddenly chidinma puts her hands between her thighs, her movement swift and frantic
“what are you doing, stop scratching ?” Bunmi looks at her and back up to the front of the class and then back at Chidinma “ stop that, what are you doing?”
“its itches..and it hurts it hurts” she bites her lips again
“maybe you should take permission and go to the bathroom and check it out” Mimi suggests , a worried look on her face
“No!! class ends in five minutes, I would wait it out..” her hands are moving between her thighs and she is visibly uncomfortable, “ Oh GOD!!’’ she silently sobs, shifting again in her seat, pain gripping her
Bunmi and Mimi exchange worried looks

An emergency hall meeting is called for the entire students and everyone slowly files into the hall, teachers and students alike.
“what do you think they want to tell us now eh?” Boma walks beside Micheal as they enter the hall finding a chair to sit in the middle.
“And I should know that why?” he flips through a maths text book he held
“Well aside the fact that its your papa standing there right now about to address us” Jerry occupies the seat next to Boma
“ And that you are the Student body President. You are supposed to know all this things” Jerremy is beside Micheal as the hall is full
“Yeah, like Jesus tells his angels all his game plan” Micheal replies without looking away from the book, he circles a path to look at letter.
‘Well…’’ Boma trails off
“ he does make sense “ the twins reply
“Exactly !!’’ Micheal nods
‘’Helo Micheal,  how are you today??” Abinma , his assistant turns facing him, 
Crap!! If he had known she was seating infront of him he wouldn’t have sat at this  roll of seats. He manages a smile
“hi Abinma, I am okay. And you?”
Her smile could light up broken bulbs, sadly his wasn’t in the equation “ now..better” she returns
“oh hi Boma, jerry and jerremy, how are you guys? Oh we are fine dear Albina and you? Oh I am fine thank you Boma, jerry and jerremy. Oh don’t mention Abinma, don’t mention” Boma says mimicking and switching roles, Micheal hides a smile, the twins weren’t sublte, Abinma embarrassed, turns to Boma
‘’hi boma, how are you? Jerry..jerremy, I hope you both are fine too?”
Boma smiles, the twins chuckles and nods
“don’t mind him Abinma. He didn’t take his drugs this morning” Micheal tries to make light of it
“oh I did, I just wanted to make sure we weren’t invinsible here. I know people say ghosts exists I just wanted to make sure I and the twins aren’t figments of your imaginations mickey boy. And Abinma..thank you for acknowledging we exists and thank you for asking, we are fine.” He tells her, the twins nods, Abinma smiles and turns back to Micheal
“I don’t know if it would be okay, i-I wanted to talk to you about something..later, I mean after the hall gathering that is’’
‘’ erm.. what about. I thought mother Theresa would give you your duties, if there is any problem you are having you can talk to her.. “
“No.. I mean yes. No I mean its not that, its something else..abit personal!” her voice drops so did her lashes
His head rang a bright RED in his mind’s eyes screaming DANGER, STAY CLEAR!!’

“erm, later? Well erm.. I kinda have meeting with the guys “
‘With the guys? You mean Boma and the twins?”
He nods “Yes, this guys!!’
Boma and the twins look at him, Boma frowning “We do?”
“we do?”’ the twins ask in unison
Micheal steps on Boma’s  legs and scratches his jaw, “Yes we do, forgotten already? We have that meeting, that thing you know..that we talked about. We have a meeting on that thing we are having a meeting on, with the guys, you remember right?”
Abinma looks at Boma who looks confused,

‘’Right?” Micheal nudges him gently as he adjusts on his chair, “crap this seats are uncomfortable” he says
Abinma is staring at Boma, micheal is staring at him and the twins are wondering what is going on
“Oh yeah. Yeah that meeting. We are having that meeting, with the guys on that..that thing. Yes. Right after this..a very guyly meeting “ he nods to Abinma
‘’Right J’s? “ Boma turns to jerry and jerremy, rubbing his jaw, they look at Boma and then at Micheal, he too had a hand rubbing his jaw.. a code for play along
“oh definitely, that meeting pfft!! Very necessary..that thing has to be discussed”
“ I swear down, that thing has been long over due and the meeting is paramout. Very important..more important that..oh never mind but…very important thing we have to discuss and today is the day, right after this, all the guys, this guys and some guys and we would discuss the thing in the meeting. Yeah” they replied
Smiling Micheal nods “Sorry Abinma”
Her smile fades away “ what about later..after later?”
“ have to study, got a test. “ he holds the maths text up waving it at her”
“ oh okay”
Suddenly they see a movement, some students made their way to the front, a few gets up and leaves, the students seat.
One in particular turns and stares at him
“helo Micheal”? she smiles, 
He didn’t bother faking a smile. He turns away, 
Leave it to Chidera to make an entrance and ruin his little peace of mind
“ and the witch has just entered the building” Boma whistles silently
“I wonder wise one, did she use a broom or a flying carpet” jerry turns to his brother

“ No, I think she borrowed a wand from Harry Porter wiser one” Jerremy taps his jaw tentatively
‘’keep at it clowns, you make my skiln crawl but soon you three would be my little frogs. Atleast witches wont mind to make you one” she smiles coldly at them
“blab la bla “ Boma yawns
“ Chidera how are—
“Don’t talk to me Abinma, “ Chidera says to the girl sitting next to her “ You would do well to look at something other than him, he is taken”
Abinma looks at Micheal and at Chidera and back at Micheal, who just shakes his head while the boys roll their eyes. She knew Chidera had been after Micheal for a while, but couldn’t she take a hint that he wasn’t interested. 
But she also knew Chidera doesn’t like being talked back to, she knew that because the first time she tried it, Chidera had her face to the floor while she had her friends fart in her face
The other time she had made sure she didn’t have lunch for two days by crashing into her on purpose and making her food pour and then making sure she didn’t get another by hitting the plate away
She might like Micheal, but she didn’t want to pick a fight with the meanest girl in school. Feigning a smile she had turned away.
‘’Good girl!” chidera smiles, “Micheal, you didn’t say anything to me, are we quarreling ?”
“I think the meeting is about to start Chidera” was the only thing he said. Knowing that Micheal wouldn’t indulge her, furious she turns away .
After the meeting then, she thinks to herself.
He can’t ignore her forever.

The hall was divided in a way so that juniors were seated on the left and seniors on the right. Teachers , class and departmental heads, senior and junior deans took the upper right, while the principal, his vice and mother cathedral and the matrons took the upper left up the stage.
Once everyone was settled down and then the hall quieted down, a man wearing a bespeckled glasses sitting at the bridge of his nose goes to the stand and stands.
He was a fine man despite his grey hair visible from the beards to his face and jaw and his recinding hair line. he was dressed in a  black suite , and his presence commanded silence and..when he spoke, his voice was rich and clear.
“Good morning students”

“Goodmorning Principal” a thunderous reply greeted them
“Goodmorning everyone, we are sorry to have dragged you all from your various classes and activities but we needed to make a very important announcement. You all are aware that we love to live by the rules and regulations of the school and anyone caught breaking the rules would be punished. It has come to our notice that a few students have decided to sneak in and out of the school premises at odd hours, visiting the nearby college and indulging in behaviours that is strictly prohibited in a christain school. We would have you know that, the next person we catch would be expelled without a panel and we would make sure to bring you out to the whole school and disgrace you, making sure your family would be present to witness your humiliation.
Know this, this is a christain school first and foremost first, and it is a place of learning and growth, and then it’s a place of discovery to find your niche before you go out to the world and perfect your skills and build a career out of it. So please we beg you not to be carried away by what is and what not and obey to the rules guiding this school. We notice the back fence and the hole in which we believe people sneak in and out, it has been fenced. 
That being said, I want to congratuale the sport department for a successful sports day and the emerged champions .
Thirdly, this term we have a mini socials , one we do every once in a while but this time we have included something to the theme for this year’s social. 
There would be recitals, drama presentations and School dance . unlike last year when we only had recitals and music competitions  and limitations. This year, the juniors can participate and there is no division. The junior and seniors would have it together. “
There was cheering and clapping and whistling 
“Settle down settle down.  And miss Monica would be in charge of the socials and she would be working with the student body president and his assistance in the person of Micheal and Abinma which I believe everyone knows, If you don’t then come and see me in my office so you can tell me where you appeared from” he smiles, everyone laughs
Micheal shakes his head. Leave it to his father to make a joke when having a serious announcement
“And yes, for the social dance, its for everyone and because we don’t want to seem too strict and anti social, you can ask anyone to be your dance partner for the day but bear in mind that you would be closely monitored so you don’t misuse that opportunity to be smart and stupid. Your body is the temple of the lord , so dance and don’t let the devil use you” they laughed
“ I wasn’t being funny !!” everywhere quieted down like a graveyard
“ this would be holding in a few weeks from now so.. if you want to present anything on that day you know who to meet, get a tag and let us know. And lets make this year’s mini socials a memorable one. ‘’ he turns to Mother Theresa “ Do you have any address for them?”  she nods, he steps away and lets her take the stand

‘’ I cant I can’t oh my God I can’t!!’ Chidinma is fighting to stay stil, fighting to hold down the pain between her legs
“ just wait small, shei I told you to go to the toilet you said you would wait “ Mimi is staring at the very uncomfortable Chidinma
“How was she to know they would call everyone for a meeting and seniors were ushering us out of the class and directly into the hall” Bumi turns to Mimi
Mother theressa is saying something, the hall is quiet but they are not listening.
“I can’t..i can’t anymore!!’’ chdinma sobs
“Chidinma …?’ Bunmi grabs her hand
But chidinma bolts up immediately from her seat as though she had suddenly had been sitting on a pin or a hot pan with a muffled scream,  startling the students around her, she runs out of the hall causing Mother Theressa to cut her address short and everyone’s expression to be one of curiosity and confusion..
Bunmi and Mimi taken aback, staring at each other and loss of what to do, everyone was talking and staring, they too quickly grabbing their bags they ran after Chidinma
“what in the world..is that not Chidinma, why did she run out like that?” Micheal sits up from leaning on the chair
“I wonder what is wrong with her?” Boma asks
“ only the gods know’’
‘’ she didn’t look good” the twins say
“Abinma??’ the name booms over the speakers, the girl quickly stands up, 
‘’Yes mother ?”
“Go and find out from that student who just ran out from here what is wrong, and the two who followed her and report back to me immediately”
“ Yes Mother!” Abinma excuses herself from the hall going towards the direction the three students went
“ Quiet down everyone, back to what I was saying, ….
While everyone tried to concentrate on the woman talking, yet being curious about the disrupted peace of the three students that ran out of the hall, especially of the one in front who seemed visibly uncomfortable,  a few girls exchanges look with each other.. but one in particular was smiling from ear to ear..
‘ itchy scratch..itchy –itchy scratch scratch scratch says the vajajay to the fingers. its burning, its hurting..please make it stop..make the wounds go..oh itchy tchy scratch scratch..vajajay is on fire..the soiled ants are here!!” Chidera sings under her breath, her smile not leaving her face
Micheal, a seat behind her , he is worried,
What the hell just happened to Chidinma to make her run out of the hall like that? Hopes she is okay.
Its takes another 20 minutes when Abinma strolls back into the hall and goes to Mother Theresa and whispers into her ear, by then, Senior Session Head, Mr Adamu was addressing the hall.
He sees Mother Theressa look up at her sharply, Abinma nods, he could see her fown and then dismisses her away, as Abinma walks away coming back to her seat, Mother Theressa leans in to the matron and clinic matrons. Four of them walk out, leaving the hall, this causes a few whispers from the students.
At this point Micheal can barely relax, as soon as Abinma sits he leans in
“Abinma, what happened to chidi—erm, the junior s who ran out of here? What did you tell mother Theressa to make her leave immediately with those matrons?”
“Yes Abinma, tell us” the boys lean in, Chidera turns halfway hearing them ask Abinma questions, she wanted to look at Micheal’s face to see his reaction when he finds out what happened to Chidinma, she could barely contain her excitement, she wished she could tell him herself. 
‘’Yes Abinma, what is wrong with that junior, why did she run out like that?” she joins in
‘’ she is in the school clinic, “ Abinma began
“why?” Micheal asks, suddenly his heart was beating fast..too fast and he didn’t know why
“She is having –
“Rashes!?’’ Chidera blurted out, Abinma and the boys look at her, then Abinma nods
“’ Yes, wait how did you know?” Abinma is frowning at Chidera
“No I mean..i just noticed I have some rashes on my arm..see?’ she shows them her hand, they could see nothing
“what do you mean rashes Abinma?” Micheal asks, turning away from Chidera 
“well…her, her…” she lowers her lashes and her voice , trying to demonstrate with her hands
‘’would you talk Abinma?’ Boma tells her
“We don’t understand sign language “ the twins agree
“SHUT UP GUYS PLEASE !!!’  Micheal says getting impatient “ what do you mean Abinma..?’’
“erm..she said she suddenly felt her..private area burning hurt and then the itching started and then sudden abdomen pain. She couldn’t bare it so she rushed to the toilet, I got there to find her in pains crying out, we took her to the clinic. That’s where they..Mother Theressa and the matrons are going to”
Chidera was so happy she wished she could do the meregue dance now, if only she could take a picture of this moment and freezes it
‘’What!!’ I mean how or why or..what caused it, are they giving her treatement?’’ Micheal is barely sitting now
“crap!! “ was all Boma could say
“is it just me or that would be one nasty itch to  make her bolt out of here in a hurry” jerry says
‘I second that bro” jerremy nods
“oh dear lord, !!” Chidera covers her mouth “ would it be because she is dirty. I know girls who don’t take care of themselves tend to itch and smell badly, oh dear..must have been so awfull and disgusting, I swear she must have sores and wounds there by now. Itchy down there.. oh dear..how dirty is that girl? Eessshh!!’’
“you know you are a bitch Chidera” Boma attacks her ,’’don’t you have any sort of sympathy, the poor girl might be going through pains and God knows what else but instead you are here saying trash”
“ Hey, I am just stating the obvious.,,look that’s the only exp—
“Just shut up if you have nothing else to say Chidera..just shut up!!’’ this was Micheal, he needed to leave and go to the clinic and check on Chidinma
“Micheal..why are you getting angry with me, don’t be rude”
“oh dear Lord Chidera” “quite it” the twins exclaim
“…..thank you everyone, you can go back to the rest of your activities today. You are dismissed !’’
Micheal didn’t wait, he was the first to get up, making for the door with wide strides, the boys follow behind him,
Abinma looks at Chidera and wondering why she has a satisfied smile on her face, and because she couldn’t ask, she sighs , carrying her bag and leaves her alone.
“Chidera did it work?” Amaka is coming to sit beside her, Temi and Dayo take the recent emptied seats as students file out
“Lets just say..Dayo you are an excellent and loyal servant, how about you tell me what you want and I Queen Chidera would provide, as long as its within the walls of this school that is”
Dayo smiles “ I need that watch Mr Adamu gave you for your birthday”
‘’You covetious little witch!! But very well, because I am so happy right now I would give you want you need” Chidera continous
“Now, let’s see how Chidinma copes with that burning sensation and itching between her legs” she laughs “ and when she comes out of that, I may have another little surprise for her, looks like my very own sweet Micheal is concerned about her but no worries, soon he wont be anymore.” She concludes
She smiles

Chidinma stares down at her raised and open thighs when the nurse leaves her
“ You are lucky, its just on your thighs. The pad you were wearing helped to protect your labia and inner core.  Take these drugs for your menstral cramps, it would help the  pain subside. When I was your age I would throw up, literally when i was on, my pain was like a tornadoe. My friend used to faint. But you..atleast you don’t feel like you cant breath. The pain would subside and eventually you would grow out of it and it might just be numb throbbing pain. As for the rashes on your thighs, I would give you something for it.. don’t scratch it, you were lucky to notice it on time and came here. The last girl who I saw had this..she wasn’t so lucky, she kept itching and itching and by the time she finally opened up to tell someone it had already caused her damage. She isn’t able to conceive nor give birth, and her private area is a mass of open sores bringing out mucus and what not. Gory sight. I think your menstral pain saved you Chidinmma”
“ After I showered and got dressed and left for class, I made sure to wear a pad because I knew Lady Red would come visiting today. Thank God. So..but what caused the rashes..?’’
‘’could be a number of things dear,dirty undies, insects in undies , sharing of undies or leaving it out and worms have laid eggs and you know..a number of things”
“well none of the above reasons ..i am very neat and clean ma’am”
“well to be on the safe side, don’t wear any of your underwears without soaking them in boiling hot water, and use this bacteria free underwear wash I would give to you, do that a couple of times, it kills germs or bacteria, but if you don’t feel comfortable, change your underwears and buy new ones, and make sure its clean before you wear it. You know girls are super sensitive in their areas so be careful. For now,,you are out of harms wa. Take the drugs and the antibiotis , it would clear in a day. It had not eaten into your skin and its your thighs and no opening, but if you hand worn the pant directly without a pad protecting you, by not your labia would have been an eyesore and ofcourse you know the rest.. “
“okay ma, thank you”
Bunmi and Mimi walk into the room as the matron nurse steps out, Mother theressa and two others had come to check on her and made sure she was fine. They made a mental note to pass an announcement for girls only about their underwears. 
Mimi touches her arm,  ‘’ so sorry chidinma .. are you okay?”
Chdinma nods getting dressed “Yes, the nurse gave me a disposable panty and threw the one I was wearing away, apparently it had some bacteria or something on it”
“oh dear, how come. You that is like super clean” Bumi comes closer
“yeah well, she said for me to be careful and I may have to change my underwears, all of them” she sighs 
There was a knock at the door, three of them turn. 
“its Micheal, can I come in?” the voice says
Chidinma faces turns a bright red , Bunmi and Mimi exchanges looks  
Chidinma blinks , Did micheal know why she was in the clinic… Did the whole school know too??
She pinches the bridge of her nose
Would today get anymore embarrassing , she wouldn’t mind if the ground opened up about now.
Worse is the fact that she may be the talk of the whole school by now and a topic for health sessions for girls.
Why was her village people after her, she bites her lips and stares at the door again as Micheal knocks..
Sighing she laid flat on the bed and covers face with the pillow..
“kill me now girls..just do it”




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