Helo! !! Sweetlovers. .

​Here’s a big thank you to everyone who took out time to read my Short story “AMAKA”  on Www.madivas.com #Madivas

(Ps : You can find this stories on Wattpadd.  All you have to do is download the app if you don’t have it already/ or just sign up to have access. Search for my name ” Stephanie Egberike ” and all my works would pop up or search for the name of the story itself..

That way you can always have the stories on your phone whenever you want to read it or share to others. . Cool huh? 

And oh you can search for me on Okadabooks as well and download any story you desire. Nice! ! Oh where was I?  Ah yes ….)(…

Your comments and feedbacks were amazingly out of this world. I literally was smiling from ear to ear ( Especially those commenters that literally told me that they nearly had a heart attack and  breathed a sigh of relief when they realised the twist at the end of the story )
I bet you all didn’t see that coming?

If it makes you all feel better…#ItchyFingers didn’t even tell me Natin😆😃 she was busy typing away and me..I just kept staring at the screen and letting my mind and fingers work..and then I saw the twists and was like..

Damn girl!!!😄😃 lmao ..

Here’s a heart felt THANK YOU  from me #Sweetness  ofcourse, #ItchyFingers. ..definitely. .

We truly appreciate Sweetlovers who loves to read and read what we dish out to you. 

You all are amazing. .

Thank you.
Oh..not forgetting my Fcb Family. .you know yourselves. . I see  your comments. .damn you guys rock and for the newbies. .welcome. .

Don’t go anyway. .New Story Alert “Let’s Play Cupid! !” Yup…coming soon..don’t blink.

Thank you Again I swear I was honoured about all you guys had to say. It was really…heart warming, beautiful. 

Glad I was able to entertain /teach/inspire and ofcourse Education.

Afterall what’s the point of writing without doing something positive.. Ps : If you haven’t read Amaka you should hurry up now.

Go to Www.madivas.com  and search for “Amaka ”

Ps : Other stories you can search for written by me #StephanieEgberike 😘😘 Includes , in no particular order and their links to read them both on Www.madivas.com site and on Wattpadd.. (from chapter 1-9/10). These are complete short stories/series written by me.
 “Walk of shame ” 👇


“My Boss’s Ex-wife👇

“All I Want for Christmas “👇

“The other woman”👇

And ofcourse “Amaka” ..all completed.👇

New series “Let’s Play Cupid “” 👇

Anticipate. .. You can seach for me on Wattpadd with my name.

Chapter one is up..here is the link.


Again , You can go to http://www.Madivas.com and search for any of this books and read them.

You can Find my works on Okadabooks

You van also search for me on Wattpadd by searching for my name “Stephanie Egberike ” so you can see all these books to read and more..Ofcourse. 

Follow me on Facebook “Stephanie Egberike

 And please please  like my page “The Sweet Perspectives ”
Link to blog 


MWAHHHHHH!!!!😘😘😘 Xoxo

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Have a lovely day…..Mwah!!!


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