Undeniably Karma $Chp.10

                                                          UNDENIABLY KARMA

                                                               CHAPTER 10


Micheal doesn’t mind the glances being thrown his way as he made his way to the school clinic, reaching the reception area he leans in,
“Micheal, is there anything I can help you with today. Are you sick? You never come down to the clinic, are you okay, should I tell your father?’’ the elderly lady asks him, shaking his head and trying to still his beating heart not knowing why it was beating faster than usually, he says
‘’No Matron Cecil, I am not sick and you don’t need to worry my father, dealing with the management of the school is enough weight on his shoulders..i am here on a different matter”
“oh!” she raises an eyebrow, “ what matter would it be?’’
“A junior was rushed down here not too long ago for a rather delicate issue and I would like to se- check up on her to make sure she isn’t in any danger”
“Would that be the junior with erm—
“Yes that one” Micheal cuts in
“ You didn’t let me finish, how do you know the one I am talking about. I have students here who sprained their ankles, running stomach, malaria etc..”
‘’well she has none of those, she was brought here this afternoon by Albina, Senior Albina my assistant” 
“Hmmm. That junior!!’
‘’Yes..yes!!’’ he nods
‘’You do know that Mother Theressa and other Matrons have been here to check on her to make sure she isn’t in any danger and we have made sure she isn’t. I don’t think it’s something a boy should concern himself about, your assistant has done her duty and I am sure whatever information you need you can get to her so coming down here yourself isn’t necessary”
“But I am the student body president so I should make sure that the student is fine. “
‘’And you haven’t come down here in like what 2months other than when you and the heads of Matrons did an official inspection of the school, students and clinics Micheal”
What is she, some monitoring spirit bent on making him see why he hasn’t ever cared to come check on other students. Is she like a time keeper to check-ins, Micheal manages a smile,
“Yes ma’am I know, I have been really busy with other body of works, class, tutoring too and coaching juniors, and I had a lot on my plate so Albina was in charge of this department on checking on students in the sick bay and she gives me progress reports which is being relayed to appropriate channels and–
‘’I am waiting for the part where you get to why you are here if she is in charge” she cuts in rubbing her temple
‘’i-I am..i am taking back over it, not officially but I have an open space in my schedule so I am back to my routine check ups of students in the sick bay”
“Boys sick bay is that way Micheal” She points to the other door leading into a different hall way, “You can start with them,” 
Micheal manages a small smile, so she was going to make him beg right, she was going to make him tell her why he has to start here right, really!!
“Matron Cecil, I would like to see the junior brought in today to the sick bay, please. I am asking as a friend not as the student body president but as Micheal whose friend is here”
She stares at him with both eyes raises, well well well….
“since when do you have a junior as a friend, let alone a girl’
ARGHHHHHH!!!!!! Micheal was literally screaming and running around his head. Oh God please cant she just stop being an enemy of progress and let him in
He smiles “ I am not an arrogant jerk Ma’am, I may be student body president and a senior but I don’t make my juniors feel as though they cant approach me, I do talk and teach them don’t I, coach them and all, I am bound to make a friend or two”
“And with a girl?”
Someone give me a gun, or shoot this woman for me please. Anyone..someone…!!!
He smiles again , nodding “ Yes!! Or is that a crime ma’am?’’
“No, no it is not. But how come this one that—
“Argh Matron Cecil..she is a friend and she is here and I just want to make sure she is okay. Please..”
Frowning she leans towards him, he moves back “ I am sorry..didnt mean to sound that way”
“hmmm. She is in room 204 with her friends. “
Phew!!! Finally…
“Thank you Ma!!’ he said walking away
“Micheal” she calls behind him
“Yes ma?’’ he turns halfway
“ I got my eyes on you!!’ she tells him, not saying anything because he couldn’t make out what she means he smiles again but in his mind he is frowning..
What the hell!!
As he turns away he hears feets running into the clinic
“Micheal Micheal hol’up..Damn nigga ‘” Boma says breathlessly as they twins appear behind his back
“Hey Language!!’’ Matron Cecil calls out
“sorry Matron Cecil, good afternoon” he offered
‘’Good afternoon ma’am” the twins greet her
Moving towards Micheal she stops them “ And where do you lot think you are going to?’’  looking from her to Micheal they point
“Whereever he is going to, we are going too” the twins says
‘’Yes ma’am, what they said ‘’ Boma nods, she snakes an eyes to Micheal, he just stares at her
Lord please let her not start again, it takes a full minute before she decides
‘’I don’t know what you boys are up to but believe me if I sense anything fishy I am taking you before the panel. “ she says
“erm..okay ma’am” the twins are confused, Boma is frowning then she turns away to concentrate on the file before her
Boma gets to Micheal as the twins fall in line
“What was that about Mickey?”
‘’I swear I have not the darnest idea. “
“Did you by any chance screw her daughter, its daniella right, the girl with the big front teeth?’’ Jerry turns to Jerremy
“yeah, the constant drooler when Micheal passes. She looks like a sex starved scary doll”
“Ofcos I didn’t. I don’t even talk to her ..per say. Just hello and hi and she comes to my study group too sometimes. “ Micheal replies
“Well its either she told her mother something about you or her mother just feels you aren’t paying attention to her daughter, you never know” Boma tells him
“Well I don’t know. She sounds as though I am a bad boy and she is trying to protect the girl’s folk from me”
“Exactly, she thinks you are a bad boy which means someone is telling her you are” Boma concludes “ wait are you?” 
“Shut up Boma, don’t joke I am not in the mood”
‘’Hey, you are too tensed, just  trying to lighten the mood”
“Maybe he needs a massage’’ Jerry joins in grabbing Micheal by the shoulders
“Or a good natured wet kiss “ Jerremy goes infront of them and grabs Micheal’s face and pouting his lips
‘’Let go guys..stop it ..Argh kiss me and I would punch you” Micheal pushes them away , threatening Jerremy. They roar out laughing 
“Stop it guys for real” he gets to the room, seeing the number he knocks on the door, hearing voices he knocks again and a gain
“Chidinma, its me Micheal, can I come in?”
The voices seize. Complete silence
He knocks twice again “Can I come in, Its Micheal-
‘’And the boys” the roar behind him
‘’Sssh “’ he tells them, he knocks and waits again


Bunmi and Mimi are hovering over her, Chidinma still had the pillow over her face and not moving
“Really, are you going to stay like that” Bunmi tries the remove the pillow but Chidinma hits her hands away when she felt the tug
“Yes..when he is tired of knocking he would go away”
“He has been there for like 10 minutes already chi-gurl” Mimi tells her
“Er..give it another 30 miniutes and he would leave’’ she says with her face still covered
“And the reason why you don’t want him to come in here is why exactly??” Bunmi is curious
“ Is what you are about to say going to make sense ?” Bunmi cuts in looking at her clipped nails
Sitting up and taking the pillow away Chidinma thinks for a second and then frowns, shaking her head she says no and then falls backwards again and resumes the position with the pillow over her face
“Exactly just what I thought. Senior Micheal is out there knocking and I am going to open the door”
“Wait no..do that and I would never talk to you again . he has come to laugh at me,the itchy girl and say I wore dirty undies and that I am unclean, it that not what you heard someone say about me. I am the laughing stock of the whole school, I mean it is embarrassing as it is and now Senior Micheal is coming here to see for himself and what laugh too. I don’t know why he is even here, hasn’t Senior Albinma come already..Argh!!! don’t open it”
“Too late” Mimi reaches the door and then opens it “ Senior Micheal, Good Afternoon, oh Good Afternoon Senior Boma , Jerry and Jerremy”
Oh lord!! All of them. I am dead. Literally. Window, find the window..jump and run. Atleast you don’t get to see them laughing at you too. Dear lord, if I die would I still go to heaven? Chidinma thinks to herself.
“Helo Mimi, ‘’ Micheal says entering the room followed by the boys, going straight to her he stands looking down at her, her head is bowed and her eyes where closed as though she was praying
She looked fine. She looked okay. Slowly his heart stilled.
‘’Are you praying?” he says bending to peer at her face, opening her eyes she is staring him in the eyes, she moves backwards immediately creating distance between them, she didn’t miss the smile that curls at his lips
‘’No!! Why are you smiling??’’ she frowns 
‘’ Your facial expression that’s why. How are you?”’ he is frowning now, his eyes roaming her body, she felt  uncomfortable, she crosses her hands over her chest
“ I am fine. Thanks “
Why was she putting up a front. He wonders
“Chidinma the way you ran out of there almost gave us an heart attack” Boma comes beside Micheal, giving her his hands to shake which she takes relunctantly
“Well because I told you before, you and your two friends ofcourse are our junior friends so friends care about each other. So we were worried and came all the way to check on you, Micheal ran here as –
“Hey Bunmi how are you??’’ Micheal cuts in, Boma doesn’t know when to shut up. What was he going to say? That he was pretty worried and ran out of the school hall not breaking until he reached the school clinic? Or was almost shouting down Chidera when she insinuated trash about Chidinma..what?
He still doesn’t understand why he was worried about Chidinma and why he wanted to come see her and make sure she was fine. And he didn’t understand the way his heart was beating fast when he wasn’t sure about her health and why as he has seen her it as crawled back to normalcy seeing that she is okay.
He needed to understand it and he didn’t need Boma to put it out there for anyone to scrutinize 
Boma looks at him, that’ why did you do that’ look and Micheal shrugs
“I am fine Senior” Bunmi replies
“ So Chidinma, the nurse says you can go??” Micheal turns back to Chidinma
“Yes, she said I can go” Mimi says from close to the door
Okay why wasn’t he laughing. Why wasn’t he asking her 21 questions of why the itching., why she ran and what happened to cause it and ecetera.  Instead they seemed to be some sort of relief on his face as he stares down at her now when he straightened up
‘’Good!! So we can walk you back to the land of the living yes?” Jerremy says placing a hand on his brother’s shoulders’’
“ so we are in the land of the dead” Mimi screws up her face
“Figuratively speaking. Don’t mind Jerremy, he thinks he is being poetic. I told him not to mess with the language of the gods and he never listens. See how you have confused the poor girl” Jerry nudges his brother who smiles at Mimi
“Don’t worry, she would live” jerremy winks, Mimi blushes
“Come, I would walk you!!’’ Micheal says beckoning to Chidinma to stand up
She is looking at him as though he has some evil mischievous card under his sleeves, wait!! Where there like students waiting outside for her grand appearance and when she comes out they laugh and boo at her.
Oh the stigma!!! Oh the shame!!! Hell no!!!
She is shaking her head, “No, thank you. We would leave later.” When its dark and everyone is at their hostel and no one sees me sneaking back to my room . she thinks to herself
“Er….we can’t leave later , Matron Cecil says we are too leave in 30 minutes and this is like 40 minutes already “
Fine , but what if the whole school was out there
“ok then we would leave on our own” Chidinma frowns
“Whats wrong, you don’t trust me?” Micheal ask to her
Now why the hell did he ask her that?
 Chidinma just looks at him as though he was high on some cheep crack
“Actually no” Chidinma blurts out,
“OUCH!!!’ the twins exclaim
That did hurt, Micheal  mentally rubs his chest.
‘’Please?” Micheal says to her
Something was definitely wrong with him, what the hell Micheal!! He chides himself
‘’C’mon Chi-gurl, senior Micheal is just being nice you don’t have to be rude” Bunmi scolds her
‘’I am not being rude I just don’t want him and them to walk us back-
‘’Why?” Boma cuts in “Just curious though”
“Well..because, well..” She scratches her head “well because it feels as though it’s just a plan to lure me out so that everyone would laugh at me, probably  they are all out there and waiting for the junior to come out right about now..right!!’’
The room is silent and a lot of curious glances are being exchanged. Then out of nowhere, someone chuckles, and then a roar of laughter fills the room. The twins were holding themselves, Boma is shaking his head and laughing. Bunmi and Mimi at first are wondering why they are laughing and  the look on their faces and their expressive laughter is making the girls giggle, Micheal hides a smile
Yes!! He had crazy friends. Why did they come with him.
Chidinma is frowning and it is deepening, she folds her arms “See..see”!!!  she stands up pointing at them
She knew it. She knew it!!!!
“Wait, is that why you don’t want us to walk you because you think that what…
‘’we are ushering her outside like a lamp to the slaughter house?”’ the twins says laughing
“Oh Dear you read too much fantasy books!!’ Boma is laughing
“No!! she writes too many stories” Bunmi joins in holding her tummy
“She confuses them for reality!!’’ Mimi is cleaning her eyes as tears glistens her eyes,
“I am not, It’s true. Isn’t that why you all are here? I already hear some students whispering and laughing when my name is mentioned. Is that not so Mimi, you heard them, in the other room right.?”
Mimi nods “But still it doesn’t mean anything’’
‘Oh it does !!’’ Chidinma is frowning  “And you lot are just here to further confirm the story”
Micheal stops laughing and then bends to her level “No, it’s not. And no we don’t have people waiting for you outside this doors to laugh at you, infact if anyone does Boma and the twins with my orders have the power to make them eat their words. Trust me, I was worrie- erm, we just wanted to come check on you to make sure you are okay and seeing that you are and you are leaving here like now and we are going we all might just walk together. That’s all, we are just going to walk you to where ever you are going to..have you had lunch? I can—erm we can all go eat together. Aren’t you girls hungry?”
“oh yes we are?” the boys chant
“Shut up clowns, I was asking the ladies”
Mimi and Bunmi nods, he looks at Chidinma, she shakes her head, but her stomach betrays her by growling loudly , this made them all burst out laughing again, Chidinma bites her lips closing her eyes
Traitors everywhere! Even her stomach is a traitor, she bites her lips again
Micheal follows the movement, taken aback about how soft her lips looks, blinking he refocuses his gaze on her face away from her lips. What the hell Micheal? He chides himself again.
“So its settled, shall we?”’ Micheal gets up and gives her his hands, 

She eyes it ,
“Seriously it’s just a hand, I don’t bite!” Micheal bends his head sideways, 
“well it looks like a hand but it doesn’t mean it’s a hand, what do you think wise one?” Boma turns to jerry
“yes yes wise one, a hand it looks like but a hand is not a hand sometimes, just like a girl has no face when she indeed she has a face..wiser one, what do you think?” he taps Jerremy 
“Ahh wise and wiser and our audience, indeed, it is a hand, five fingers, from the greek god himself, zues Micheal..the hander of the hand!!’’ Jerrmy bellows, laugher sweeps the room again, Chidinma is shaking her head, a smile actually does break out on her face..Micheal’s  hand is still stretched towards hers
‘’Hey…I really don’t bite!!’ he repeats
Taking the hand she stands up and they walk out of the room with the rest following behind them, Matron Cecil comes into view, they dropped hands as though they had just being burnt.
She eyes them as they all leave “ I wonder what they are up to?” she says to herself

Chidera sat in her class room, glad that the next class has been cancelled due to an emergency of the teacher who had to leave school immediately. 
She is basking in the gossips and small talks going around about the junior ,everyone had their own version of the story
“She has disease of the vagina, how disgusting”
‘’Big big rashes, it had burst and mucus was coming out”
“She stole someone’s panty and wore it, that’s why. Wasn’t she taught never to share undies especially as a girl. Gross!!”
“she is possessed, the way she ran out of the hall like her village people where after her”
“Oh maybe she has some sort of STD, you know, what principal was saying about students sneaking out of the school premises..i think she was one of them, sleeping around. Oh if they catch her she is gone. All these bad girls in this school I pray they are caught and expelled”
‘’I heard Matron Cecil tell someone that she was scratching and scratching and crying out in pains as they rushed her in, she might not survive”
The gists was like sweet melody to her ears.
‘’Lovely, just the way she liked it” she muses 
“Amaka, have you got info for me?” she says as Amaka strolls into the class and heads straight for her seat
“ she isn’t there anymore”
“Oh,why is that!!’
“Well, Mother Cecil said she was asked to go, she wasn’t in any danger” 
Chidera seats up “ What do you mean..she is supposed to be in danger and be there for weeks if not contained “  she is frowning
“ that’s what I heard”
“Temi, go to her hostel and find out. Maybe they didn’t want her in the clinic and confined her to her room, gosh the pain she is in I can only imagine” she relaxes
 Two students walk in and grab their bags, they were talking but something they said caught her attention
“what did you just say?” she gets up and pulls one back by her shirt
“Let go of me Chidera, why are you holding me like that?”
“It’s best to give me an answer when I ask you a question, you don’t want to be on my bad side girl!!’
Swallowing hard,she apologizes 
“what did you just say about My Micheal!!!’’
She and her friend exchanges look, “I said why would he be hanging around that junior in the cafeteria, after the jist spreading about her and her vagina, I won’t even want to be near her, we don’t know the kind of disease she has” she says
“what!!’’ Dayo and Amaka blinks “ He is with her?”
The girl nods “Can you let go of me now please Chidera?”
Chidera saw red, she pushes the girl who stumbling backwards almost fallen but her friend manages to keep her standing
‘’Get out of my face or else I would smash it with something” she hisses
 The girls hurry away, Chidera grabs her bag and storms out
No one needed to ask her where she was going to, they follow behind them with Temi meeting them halfway telling them it was true, she just saw them at the cafeteria 
It takes all the courage she could muster for Chidinma not to run and hide inside her hostel, students were mumbling as she passed, whispering and pointing, she nearly tuned back until she heard Micheal say
“Hey, don’t mind them, give it a week and all this looks and talks would die down”  yet it didn’t stop her from feeling uncomfortable
Instead of letting them sit far away, Micheal takes her and the girls to his reserved table and sat down after they each collected their plate of food.
While the others were eating she was playing with hers, her eyes constantly darting left and right as students pass, greeting Micheal or hailing him or coming closer to touch and hold his hands and purr sweetly to him., those were the girls and for some reason it made her frown.  Her frown deepens when they venture to ask him


“What he was doing with the ‘Rash junior girl and her friends”  he would smile and say “ she is my friend!
It happened a couple of times and the one that infuriated her was when a girl who had come to say hello to Micheal had screamed when her hands had mistaklenly touched Chidinma’s as she almost tripped, she quickly dusts that part of her hands away by using an hanky, a mask of disgust on her face
‘’Oh for christsakes..” Chdinma began and made to get up. She couldn’t ..she just wants to go to her room and pray the world comes to an end while she hides away and maybe she becomes a vampire and outlive all of them then she would come out
Micheal reaches out and then holds her hands, the girl’s eyes and that of Chidinma stare down at the  hand, both girls having different expressions on their faces
“It’s just a rash Chioma, no big deal. I haven’t died holding on to her hand and I don’t think you would have a stroke because you touch her, and I would appreciate it  if each and everyone of you should stop saying things about her, my friend.” he says
“But Micheal she is a junior, how can she be your friend, we ..i am your friend” the girl aghast replies
“Yeah, class mates friends Chioma..not enough reason to look down on others just because she is your junior. Sit Chidinma, you haven’t finished your food yet” he pulls her down to sit, ignoring Chioma who stands there staring at him and his table occupants for a full minute before walking away obviously pissed
‘’Phew!! So all I need to do is to get a rash and everyone would leave me alone “ Micheal jokes, Chidinma didn’t smile “ I am sorry, but I really would like to be left alone. You wouldn’t understand though” he says taking a spoon of food
“Aye Aye!!! But we do brother, we do” the twins chuckle
“Especially left alone by voldermont!!! Or no wait I have one better..Morgana!!’’ Boma raises his coke to his lips nodding as though he just delved out a wise word
“Harry porter and Merlin respectively ?’’ Chdinma says 
Boma nods “ Exactly!! “ then he frowns. “And you haven’t finished talking about the little red devil and it comes strutting in with its minions!!’’ he says in displeasure
Everyone is confused except  Boma, the Twins and Micheal
‘’Helo Micheal , eating without me?” she is behind Chidinma who freezes with a spoon in her mouth
“Scurry off juniors..NOW!!!!’’   she turns to them
Bunmi and Mimi jumps up immediately and Chidinma gets up too grabbing their bags
“Chidinma, Bunmi and Mimi..sit. and the next time you three get up from here without me giving you three permission, you would be punished!! Finish your food’’ Micheal says, he leans folding his arms., how dare Chidera, was she blind, didn’t she see they were eating.
Everyone ignores her but the juniors were fidgeting, Chidinma on the other hand wasn’t scared, she just didn’t want to have a problem with the she-devil again and it looks like she  and senior Micheal sort of have a thing, if a thing was allowed in this school, that is. But It was prohibited.  but why did it feel so, umcomfortable. she made to get up
“Senior Micheal , thank you but I want to go to my hostel, lets go!” she turns to the girls
She wants far away from the negative vibes oozing from Senior Chidera, she didn’t know why and she didn’t care. 
“Atleast you aren’t entirely stupid. The next time I see you anywhere close to Micheal, you would have a different face by morning,.dare me and see” she comes closer to Chidinma
Whatever was eating her up, Chidinma didn’t want part in it. Everything just seemed wrong
“Excuse me Senior” she was blocking Chidinma’s way
Micheal gets up , pissed now, he grabs Chidinma by the hand and pulls her back down to sit
“Chidera ..please just go away”
“Micheal I have told you that I wont share y-
“Blab la bla , istnt there something else you can say..Gosh you sound like a broken record” Boma cuts in
“A very lousy one at that’’  the twins join in
“ One whose–
“Oh shout up fatso, you should stop talking, you lack table manners, see how you stained your shirt” Chidera retorts, indeed Jerremy had a stain on his shirt, ketchup!
‘’Crap!!’’ he mutters
“Well, you lack people’s skills and you don’t know when you aren’t welcomed” Jerry stands up for his brother, he gives him his hanky after dapping it in water to clean the stain
“Stupid. What are you girls still doing here. SCRAM!!!’ she pushes Chidinma’s head hard, she barely missed  her face covered with her food if she didn’t have her both hands infront of her wedging her from slamming her face down, the girls gasps, Micheal stands up immediately grabbing Chidera by her left arm 
“The hell is wrong with you chidinma!!?’’
“I told you..i don’t like anyone near you Micheal..” she whispers to him
“Chidera , what’s your problem leave me alone. I also told you I am not interested what’s your problem??’’
“So what you aren’t interested in me but you are interested in her..this disgusting rash infested girl with God know how many disease she has “
“Stop it!!’’ he warns
“Or else what? The whole school is talking about her, I am surprised she is steal here not trying to hide her face, she might be  a danger to her own room mates I mean how did she get that black panty that infected her?”
Chidinma and the girls turn up their faces sharply to stare at her
“Who told you it was a panty that infected me?’’ Chidinma speaks up
Chidera wavers abit. Fxxk!! 
“No one other than the nurse who treated her knew it was black and from the panty” Bunmi says frowning
“Yes how did you know that Chidera?” Micheal looks from Chidinma and the girls and back up at Chidera
Think Chidera ! Think!!!
“The matron Cecil told a nurse about it when she just resumed for duty just now, she had asked about the rumour she was hearing about the junior. Amaka happened to be in the clinic for her migraine she heard it. Right Amaka?” she looks over her shoulders at Amaka who nods saying 
‘’Yes its true. Even the whole school knows by now!!’’
“See, she is a dirty little disgusting girl and she should be sent home for proper hygiene care”
“I am not a dirty –
A slap was intended on Chidinma’s face which Micheal stops,
‘’Don’t Chidera, Don’t !!’’ he squeezes her hand just a little as he held her by her wrist, he had never manhandled any girl but sometimes Chidera was a temptation to that self control. Surely God would understand.
“Just leave Chidera, you bring nothing but annoyance anywhere you go” Boma says frowning
‘’ word brother!!!’’ the twins concurs
“You too Micheal you want me, me to leave and I was just trying to protect you from this..this girl who might be a dead corpse walking, I mean don’t you know the health implication of-
“I don’t care and yes I want you to leave, there are other unoccupied tables and food enough to feed a thousand more of you, so please take your statutes behind you and leave us alone. Please !!’’
 She stares at him, for a full minute “Fine!!!’ ‘ she says 
Finally !!!! Micheal sighs, then her eyes went cold when she looks at Chidinma
“I am thirsty Amaka, all this coldness from them made me thirsty , can I have your cup of juice?”
Amaka quickly hands it to her and without a second’s thought, she tips the contents over Chidinma’s head, the girls gasps, the boys stand up and Chidinma has that look of shock and unbelief on her face with her hands and mouth spread open..
The students in the cafeteria are either laughing, whispering and pointing..
“Oops!!! I am sorry, did I ruin your lunch??” and with that she walks away with a hard smile on her face
“Oh my God I am so sorry,” Micheal grabs a napkin and begins to wipe Chidinma’s face and her cloths, she slaps his hands away, tears in her eyes
“Its your fault, just leave me alone!!’’ she gets up and runs out of the eating hall, Bunmi and Mimi running out after her, the laughter following her was deafening.
Chidera sat by her corner, catching Micheal’s eyes she blows him a kiss, she is happy and content. For now…
‘’Bitch!!’’ the twins mutter
“ what the hell, see what she did making her cry” Boma is angry, he openly stares back at Chidera who is enjoying her food with her girls, he shakes his head “You are the devil Chidera!!!’’ she doesn’t bart an eyelid.
Micheal is quiet, his anger is evident, but the pain in his chest is increasing by the second..
Chidinma just got hurt by Chidera because of him and he doesn’t know what to do to make her feel better and his anger towards Chidera made him  shake, folding his fist without saying anything he walks out of the hall, the boys following behind him
Chidera laughs “ Atleast I spoilt their lunch, and here I am enjoying mine. Aren’t you just the Queen of kill joys Chidera. Indeed you are” she smiles to herself, her girls join her in her laughter that followed soon after
Oh Chidinma, this is just the beginning, and I don’t suffer fools let alone one who gets the attention from my Micheal. He is mine, he just needs a little tug and push to fully own it.
 then she smiles..



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