If I Can…Yes I Should!!

If I can…Yes I should! !!
If I can touch one’s heart to upliftment

If I can make one’s face into a smile

If I can reach out to another and bring’em out of pains

If I can wipe one’ tears and tell’em it’s going to be okay

If I can fill one’s belly to contentment 

If I can cloth one’s back with warmth

If I can give them a place to rest their head and a reason to keep pushing on

If I can do all these, Then Yes I Should!

Then I have done my part and i’ll leave the rest for the Lord ..

#TouchAHeart #BlessASoul #BeYourBrother’sKeeper #Let’sShowSomeLove #ICan #IShould #IWould

                     ~ Stephanie Egberike 
#StephanieEgberike #Sweetness #Writersnetwork #Thesweetperspectives

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