UNDENIABLY KARMA

‘’ARRrrrrrrrggghhhhh!!!!!!!’’ Chidinma screamed into her pillow as she cried hitting it with her fists
Bunmi and Mimi are standing behind her, their faces a worried mask.
“Chi—“ Bunmi began, trying to touch her
“Arghhhhh!!!!!! Aaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!’’ sniff sniff and then more screams and hitting the pillow
“Oh God Chi, we are so sorry. Please stop crying “ Mimi reaches for her pulling her by the shoulders, causing her to sit up, her face plastered with tears, her frontal area of her cloths stained with juice that had poured all over her skirts.  Chidinma sniffs again, wiping tears away from her eyes with the back of her hands
“Just –just look at me. Just look at me. I mean, what did I do? One minute I am in the clinic barely narrowly escaped some deadly rash that would have maimed me feminine-wise for life. The next minute I am eating in the cafeteria with seniors that insisted, and next thing bathed with a glass of juice just because that senior..that horrible senior thinks it’s what… fun? And all she said was Oops! OOPS!!!! What did I do? Like ..what did I do??” she wipes her eyes
“Senior Chidera is just mean. “ Bunmi sits beside her rubbing her hands
Chidinma is shaking her head “ No this is worse than being just mean . it’s like she is angry with me for something ..something I don’t know” she sniffs again
“Maybe she is angry we are friends with seniors, not every junior is friends with juniors and get to sit and talk to them. I have heard other students talk and whisper about us you know, jealous about our friendship. I mean the other day I and Bunmi went with the senior twins and senior Boma to the café when you were in the room with Senior Micheal and he helped with your wounds, they were just murmuring and one even dared to ask me after what’s up with us and them and if we were ‘’Doing’’ seniors now” Mimi says
“Yeah, I nearly gave that student a head booth , I mean what kind of girls do they think we are and besides this was a Christian school, no one does anything like that here I told her but she just “Yinmu-ed’ me and walked off” Bunmi nods her head
Chidinma is shaking her head, no it didn’t make sense, it has to be something more than being friends with seniors, or was it a particular senior “ Or is it because…I don’t know. “
“Senior Micheal?” Bunmi reads her mind
“Like because of Senior Micheal? I did notice she and him exchanged some heated words when he grabbed her hand but I couldn’t hear what she said to him, I swear I thought he was going to break it, he did look really pissed at what she did, he was” Mimi nods her head towards Bunmi
“I don’t know, “ Chidinma wipes the final tears from her eyes, “but, all this is so unfair. This is the second time she has attacked me somewhat. And I couldn’t do anything and I was so angry but I could only cry and run out of there. Everyone were already laughing and talking about me because of the rash thing I thank God was somewhat averted just tiny ones on my thighs which the nurse said it would go since I have no open holes or wounds, then the café’ own too. Like how many humiliations do I have to suffer and go through. I mean..C’mon!!!! Am I meant to be the laughing stock in the school? You know what It’s not my fault, if I hadn’t participated in that track race and won no one would have known my name and now see”
“No chidinma, seniors were bullying you way before that. Hell seniors were bullying us right from when they stepped into being ‘’Seniors” some just let it get into their heads like “Senior Chidera,”  who feels as though she can do and undo and get away with it”
“oh well she is getting away with it. I just wish she picks another student” Mimi suggest
“or none at all. It’s annoying. It’s painful its ARRRRRGHHHHHH!!!!’’ Chidinma grabs the pillow and screams into it again and fisted it.
Mimi rubs her back “We are sorry on her behalf, let’s just avoid her like a plague. The less she sees of us the better”
“Anytime we hang with our senior friends and she—‘’ Bunmi is holding her hands
“We are not hanging with them anymore” Chidinma retorts
‘’But wait…how come??”’ Bunmi is frowning
“ They are seniors and right now all seniors are bad” Chidinma says standing up
“no, they aren’t the same as that wizard chidera” Mimi says folding her hands ‘’they are our friends and they have been nice and besides, it wasn’t their fault”
“ maybe they are pretending to be nice and what makes you think it wasn’t their fault, “
“it wasn’t “ Mimi and Bunmi exclaim
Chidinma turns and stares at them “ It was one of them that did this to me, hello have you seen me..”
“No it was Chidera. Repeat after me C-H-I-D-E-R-A!!!” Mimi mouthed gestulating with her hands
‘’Well I don’t want to be friends with them, I need to know where my enemies are coming from “
Bunmi chuckles “ Na real enemies. We need to fast and pray, your village people are after you, using Queen witchy Chidera”
“Not Funny Bunmi”!!!
‘’I’m sorry” she comes to hug her
“ I just need to know what’s making Chidera come after me, because this seems personal and I don’t know why. I am just taking precautions and I am retracing my steps since it all began, right from the tracks. Which means I won’t enter for any competition in which she is in, I won’t talk back at her and I avoid her as a plague , I won’t be friends with seniors especially ones she talks to. I am just going back to be invisible, like I was…Chidinma the invisible, that would be my new name. Heck ! I may even get an invisible cloak sef to further make my point “
The girls smile “ fine anything you want. But, we can be friends with them right?”
Chdinma shrugs “ whatever’’!!!
“okay go clean up before the sugar ants starts climbing your entire body because you taste like sweet” Bunmi nudges her out the door and towards the toilet

“So what now Chidera, you have achieved your aim” Amaka is folding chidera’s cloths and arranging her books on her table
“well, its quite unfortunate that the pant plan didn’t go as planned. I mean, it’s been pitchy quiet, I wonder how she is coping with the rashes“
“That’s because I heard she is on, she wore a pad so no damage was done. Sort off” Temi comes inside the room, Chidera turns sharply towards her, Temi nods, “ Daniela, Matron Cecil’s daughter told me. I was with her. She also told me that Micheal and his roaches friends went to see her at the clinic and it was them who brought her out before they went to the cafeteria together, she was even saying that her mother was suspicious because the way Micheal ran into the clinic breathing hard and kept acting as though he couldn’t think straight, she didn’t want him to enter to see Chidinma but he said that he wasn’t there as student body president but as a friend, imagine that Chidera, he considers her his friend worried enough he had to challenge matron Cecil” Temi and the others are shaking their heads
‘’How dare him, ?’’ Dayo exclaims
‘’Fxxk!!! The worst time lady red choose to visit. So Micheal is making friends with her behind my back eh, caring about her, insulting me  by turning me down but he rushes to her eh..oh really!! But not to worry, my little scene would teach her some sense. Now I just have to make sure Micheal is smart enough to stay away from her. But because I am me I have to be prepared “ Chidera is furious
“ So,what do you want to do Chidera?” Amaka turns and faces her, the others are seated quietly.
“Well you know, nothing too tasking” she is smiling
‘’Like what?”
“ How well do you know the game ‘devil’s trap?’’ she turns to the girls
“where you fall into a devil’s trap?’’ Dayo says scratching her head
“Yes but that’s just lame, what else?” Chidera looks at their faces
“when you set a trap for someone to fall purposely for it so you can have every reason to  do what you want?’’ Amaka states, oh she knew the game too well. She had been friends with Chidera for too long, though Chidera treated her like shit other than her friend. But she didn’t have a choice, being in the inner circle with Chidera gave her good advantages, her grades were superb, she wasn’t exactly lacking in money, she gets to attend all the parties at night outside the school when they sneak out, she had all the fun she wanted, even with boys, the boys Chidera approves. Life was good. She only didn’t find Chidera’s tactics especially when it comes to inflicting pains to others  for her benefits  appealing. But like they say; since she can’t beat her, she joins her. it still doesn’t mean she doesn’t feel bad. But no one can go against Chidera and she never wants to try. Whatever Chidera wants to do, she does, but like every loyal servant, she obeys, nods her head and do as ordered.
“Bingo!!! That’s it.” Chidera snaps her fingers smiling
“What kind of devil’s trap are we talking about here?” Temi is interested, anything to make Chidera happy, and if it means doing bad stuffs to Chidinma, then she would
“You know there is the upcoming dance socials, and competition..i am going to make sure she enters for it then I am going to make sure she gets humiliated infront of the whole school”
“And what are you going to do to her exactly?” Amaka seats down facing Chidera
“Patience darlyne patience. In due time I would tell you all what you should do. By the way, have you seen Micheal since the cateferia?’’ She turns to Temi who shakes her head
“He hasn’t come out of the hostel. He looked pretty bad” Dayo says
Chidera frowns “Well he would have to come out for his next class which we are doing together, then I would see him, “ she smiles “ He can’t hide from me forever”

Micheal infact doesn’t show, by the time everyone had seated for class, Micheal’s seat was empty, Mr Berina, notices too
“Where is Mr Oghene?” 
“Sick sir!’’ Boma answers, everyone begins to murmur
“Hey this is not a market place , quiet down, I asked a question I didn’t ask for bees to buzz “ the teacher says “ Boma, has he been to the clinic if it’s something serious?”
“Oh it’s not bodywise sick” Jerry says playing with his pen
“Then what is wrong with him?’’
“His mind!!’’ Jerremy added, his brother nudges him
“His mind is sick? Look..I don’t get you boys, is he sick or isn’t sick, he never misses class plus he had a presentation , I want to know why he isn’t available to deliver it, can you tell me something that makes sense since you boys are always joined to the hip like seseme-twins “
“We are infact twins sir” the twins stated,, the class chuckles
“I know that, I meant it metaphorically not literally.”
“OHHHH!!’’  They mutter
“Let Mr Oghene know that I would like to see him when he isn’t sick in body or in mind, whatever that is” He turns to the board
“Aye sir” Boma nods
After class, while some students filed out, a few lurked behind. Chidera tells Temi and Dayo to tell the boys she wants to see them as they sat jisting with other students while she sat by her corner, legs crossed, waiting
“Are you seriously kidding me now?’’ this was Jerry, staring at Temi who folded her arms and bends to the corner, 
“Er yes. Queen Chidera would like to speak to you guys, immediately, I didn’t have water in my mouth did I or have your ears suddenly developed warts?”
“Oh Jesus I swear the next person who goes “Queen Chidera” again I would punch’em, and I don’t care if you are a girl” Jerremy states shaking his head
“You wouldn’t dare!!” Dayo shrieks
“Oh I will. You want to try?” He was bluffing, he would never hit a girl 
“ well..Chidera wants to see you all.” Temi corrected, she didn’t know if he would do what he said but she didn’t want to call his bluff.
“Tell Chidera that if she wants to see us she should get up, walk down to us and then ask us nicely” Boma isn’t looking at either girls, he had had enough of Chidera’s nonsense, and he hated Micheal was in a mood because of her little stunt too at the cafeteria
‘’Are you saying you won’t come? you know Chidera can be mean if she wants to?” Temi leans in poking Jerry to his chest, he looks at her hand and then hits it gently away, girls were fragile, you had to treat them as eggs, even though these eggs were pretty much stupid calling their fellow classmate and possibly age mate ‘’Queen ‘ all because she spreads her legs faster than the agama lizard moving  it’s head
“Do you girls mind, we were busy before you spoilt it with your foul odour presence, go back and tell Chidera that she should use what God gave to her before he takes it back, you know those two long things attached to her butt, “ Boma says to them, then he ignores them, the twins too
When all they said kept falling on deaf ears , the two girls went back to Chidera who didn’t look too happy on hearing that they refused, getting up she storms towards them with them behind her, stationed like bodyguards
“Typical!!!’’ Boma has a sly smile tugging at his lips
Chidera gives him a cold smile, then focusing her eyes on the lingering students talking to the boys, they scamper away
“Typical!!’’ he repeats shaking his head, he didn’t get why students were scared of her, because what, she is friends with their department dean and head, Mr Adamu, He won’t be surprised if something was going on between them. Chidera never studies and never pretends to, then how come she keeps getting good grades , so as her stooges, it was fishy and quite obvious but ofcourse no prove, plus who would  believe it if he ran it by them, this was a christain school, shits like that don’t happen obviously, but the rumours are there, and there isn’t smoke without fire.  Yes he knows she was wayward and wild, the sex stories about she and some students, the constant times she keeps making advances towards Micheal. She was trouble, but just because everyone feared her , somewhat or the girls want to be like her or belong in her click and most guys worship the ground she walks on going out of their way to please her when she asks doesn’t mean Him and The twins would be part of that stupid fold, and Micheal would never go out with her, if he did, He personally would kidnap Micheal and carry him faraway from here..where though?? He sighs. He didn’t want his friend to have anything to do with her, she wasn’t a nice person, no far from it, see what she did to Chidinma, she was a walking sadist
“Boma, I am talking to you” She stamps her feet, drawing him out of his thoughts
“Oh, I thought a fly was buzzing”
The twins laugh “ Actually I thought she had some problem with her legs and mouth that she had to send her friends to us”
“oh really, I thought her ass was too heavy so she couldn’t move, brother you are too modest, say it as it is, her uncute fat ass was pulling her down” they laugh
“Do you know the worst thing about you both, is that you think you both are actually quite funny, but in retrospect you aren’t, infact, you fatso and you skinny bones are utterly disgusting” she points from one twin to the other and they inturn point at themselves and look behind as though she was talking to some stranger behind their backs
“I told you bro, she talks to ghosts”
“Yeah, maybe her village ancestors “ they laugh
“Oh Keep laughing, until your faces would land in dirt”
‘Like you are going to do the honours, with your tiny limbs”
“Oh no, I don’t need to dirty my cute little hands, people would be too happy to do the honours in my behalf”
“ its …‘’on’my behalf  not ‘in’  my wife. and Oh, pray do tell us who would be stupid to even try” Jerry asks
“ whatever!!! And Oh you would be surprised!!’’ Chidera meant it, she knows she could get some students to beat them up, infact maybe that’s what she should do. Their insult towards her was getting too much, she had better show them who is Queen
“Chidera is there a particular reason why you are disturbing our sanity?” Boma speaks getting her attention
‘’Where is Micheal and what’s wrong with him, you said he is sick, !!” she folds her hands
“And you think I would tell you anything because …?’’ he folds his hands too 
“Because I asked, nicely” she replied, the girls nod behind her
Boma scoffs “ You do realize that I don’t like you, not your attitude and the way you talk to me and my friends and the way you treat others you think are beneath you, even the way you lord it over those girls behind you who follow you around like lost puppies with no atom of sense, it would be disgraceful to say they have brains if not while would a girl consider another her better just because she is all shades of everything bad, you are the kinda girl our mothers warn us about…so again why do you think I would tell you??”
‘’How dare you call us dogs Boma, it’s your father that’s a dog” Temi retorts
“It’s only a brainless fool would call intellighent girls like us brainless” Dayo joins in
“ That’s really unfair Boma, you should learn to talk nicely” Amaka is frowning
“Oh dear wise one, I think you hit a chord” Jerry is laughing shaking his head, Jerremy hits his arm
‘’oh very true wiser one, wise one did hit a chord, see them crying from a hurt feeling as though they actually got a heart’’
“Boma 100- village people 0” the twins adds laughing, Boma openly smiles
“You know what Boma, I don’t like you either, infact I believe you are friends with Micheal, My micheal is because you are suffering from low self esteem and you need someone like Micheal to boost your self esteem, like to look cool and feel cool but we all know you aren’t shit, infact you are no body, so enjoy being friends with Micheal, but once I have him in my corner which I know it’s only a matter of time, he is going to forget you like a bad habit, and same for you  misplaced twins, when Micheal becomes my boyfriend which he would, you all would be delegated to the background, no. that is too good, you three would be like dusts or beans shaft blown away and let’s see who would be wishing to be one of my dogs. So be nice to me, and i would try to allow you three wash my feet and then help with the usual running arounds…but if you aren’t, you know that when I say I would do something I would. So I ask you again, where is Micheal and why is he sick”
Boma and the twins exchange glances, suddenly the twins bigan to shake and fidget, Boma touches them and he too begins to shake, Chidera is frowning at their display, the girls are curious
“Ohhhhhhhh we are scared..we are sooo scared” they say in unison
Chidera’s frown deepens, Boma stops shaking
“Gerraaherehh mehn!!!! I aint telling you shit, and neither are they” he points to the twins “ You think most times I don’t talk back to you when you say shit to my face is because I am scared of you? Wrong!! Its because our friend Micheal is so nice and gentle and hates scenes so we just listen to him when he tells us not to indulge you but you see, Micheal isn’t here which means I can give you tit for tat, and because I am pissed, pissed at what you did to that junior, I mean what the hell was your problem? Are you that jealous, is that why? You drag an innocent junior into this..she was eating with us on our table with her friends, she just had a scare that would have scarred her for life, and we were trying to be there for her as friends would and you come rushing down and be stupid, you were lucky I wasn’t Micheal, I would have poured you like two glasses of piss over your head. Oh I would piss in them glasses myself, people like you need help and I am really pissed, the poor girl left crying. Imagine !!!!’’ he spat
“Well I don’t care whatever scare she had, and quite frankly if her feelings is hurt…not my business but anyone that gets close to Micheal gets burnt, “

“So what, any girl you see close to Micheal you are going to attack..i mean there are a thousand girls ogling Micheal on a daily, who talk and hug him and pass him notes, how come you haven’t gone kill bill on them like a jealousy bitch that you are, why prey on a junior huh because you know the seniors would actually give you a good fight but the junior, she would take it in and maybe cry behind closed doors because they can’t fight back and aren’t allowed to fight back right…?”
“Well because Micheal doesn’t like them other senior girls, he likes her I can tell, if not he wouldn’t have gone to the clinic, he wouldn’t have been eating with her nor stand up for her when I talk bad about her. It might have happened once or twice but it’s pretty obvious and that means that …
“ means that what Chidera?” Boma cuts her curious
“Nothing. It means nothing !!” she shouldn’t reveal all her decks of cards “Just tell Micheal that I asked about him and I miss him. I am a patient woman and one of virtue, he shouldn’t hurt my feelings and he shouldn’t be around other girls because it makes me jealous, and you never know what a jealous woman can do!!’
“And the fact that you do all what you do and consider yourself a woman of virtue is beneath me?” Jerremy rubs his temple
‘’I swear brotherly..my head aches from it too’’
“ Sorry Chidera, I don’t deliver such messages. It’s too dirty for my tongue. Let’s go guys” Boma and the twins leave a frowning Chidera and shocked girls staring after them
“Argh I hate Boma as much as I hate that Chidinma girl and those diabolical twins as well. It’s high time I get to teaching them a lesson. Argh!!! So Micheal didn’t come to class because of that wrench of a girl, oohhh she gives me more reasons to hate her and more hatred means more intensity to inflict pain. Oohhhh!!!!!’’’ she squints her eyes folding her hands into fists
 “Chidinma I swear I would hit you so hard it would make a broken wall blush because you are going to look worse than it.  Crap!!!!’’ she storms out of the class, they follow behind her, as always, maybe like dogs.
They find Micheal on the bed, just the way they left him when they left for class.

When they had left the cafeteria, he had been quiet , too quiet. Not saying anything. No matter how the twins try to make a joke or lure him to talk, he would just shake his head and be quiet, opening and closing his hands and staring into space

Boma knew his friend, they have been best friends for years and whenever Micheal was angry like really angry and can’t or don’t know what to do about it, he kept to himself until it blows over, but there was something different about this one, he wasn’t that he was just angry, he looked pained, hurt, and he kept holding onto the paper Chidinma had written something and given him over a few weeks ago, he had never given them to read and they had forgotten all about it. 
He held it , with his hand over his eyes not speaking.
“Not going to class bro?” He had asked Micheal, who shakes his head 

‘’C’mon Dude, you have  a presentation today” Jerremy nudges him gently
‘’And you know Mr Berina can be very..annoying, he would punish you for it” the other twin buts in
“I don’t feel like going, if he asks just tell him anything. I want to be alone and I can’t read or concerntrate on anything at the moment” He replies not taking his hands off his eyes
“Erm..dude I know you are pissed at what Chidera did, we all are I mean Chidera is..”
“Stop calling her name , I don’t want to hear her name not ever!!’’ he says
Boma nods, 
‘’I wonder how Chidinma is feeling though,I mean it wasn’t so nice what happened to her, making students laugh at her. Its sick “ Jerry says frowning, 
Micheal sighs painfully. 
Boma was right, his anger was less compared to the pain he felt, he obviously was more hurt about how Chidinma’s feels 
And that only meant that for once, Chidera was right,
Micheal liked Chidinma and he probably didn’t know it yet.
Or did he??
“Hey bro??” Boma seats beside him as the twins enter and leave immediately saying they would be back for abit after hailing Micheal, telling him they were on a mission to cheer him up
“Hey!!’’ Micheal sits up
“You good?””
Micheal manages a weak smile “I would be”
“So we had an eventful evening class, Mr Berina wants to see you for missing class and the presentation”
Micheal nods ‘’ that was expected. Anything else?”
“Well…..the one that shouldn’t be named went all up in her ass spewing about you being her man and that she was going to fry anypone’s ass coming close to you, any girl I mean”
“She is paranoid and God I don’t know what to do to get her to leave me the hell alone” Micheal hits the bed
“She actually said something else that..made me curious”
“Which is?” Micheal turns to his friend Boma
“She said despite other girls coming close to you she can easily handle because you didn’t care shit for them which I and the twins know, you don’t dig any girl, which you also have told us and we believe you,. But she said her anger was more because this particular girl..you care for. That she knows you actually like this  girl, and she could tell” Boma says searching Micheal’s eyes 
“Do you like Chidinma??’’ he adds
“No I don’t “ Micheal frowns getting up, still holding the paper
“Do you like her Micheal?” He asks him again, 
“No!! I mean I don’t know. Maybe..i think. I don’t know. I was worried when I heard she was in the clinic and I wanted to go there and make sure she was okay. I wanted to walk with her out and made sure she ate, I didn’t like people talking or whispering about her, and then when that that evil Girl poured her juice Lord knows I wanted to forget my upbringing and give her a slap, I mean she had done stuffs to me and pushing me to the edge by forcing herself on me and I handle it pretty well, but when I saw Chidinma’s eyes filled with tears, my chest began to hurt” He touches his chest rubbing it and frowning 
‘’I was angry at Chidera for doing that to her, but I was also angry at myself for giving her the platform to do so, if I didn’t bring her to the cafeteria all this wouldn’t have happened, and I was hurt because she was hurt so I am both angry and hurt, hurt more because I can only imagine how she is feeling and she said it was my fault, the way she hit my hands away when I tried to help her clean up, it sort of broke me to see that it was because of me she is hurting . I don’t know Boma.. I don’t know if I like her. It wasn’t the same with the way I liked Gloria, I mean with Gloria I could tell I liked her straight up but her..Chidinma , I don’t know what I feel. “ Micheal admits ,Boma is smiling
“Well son, I think you are inlove with the Junior. So wait when you get a bit older, done with this dump of a school and finish the university and get a great job and you propose to her, can I be your best man?..you know I would make a great best man. Just check out.. Mr and Mrs Micheal Oghene!!’’ he goes to Micheal throwing his hands over his shoulders, using his other hand to writing in the air and then spread it over as though showing him the name in full 
“ Oh it would be such an amazing day, happily wedded lovebirds and your Pa crying and sniffing saying his boy is all grown up and me, me and the twins would be like in black suits and cute glasses raising our glasses and telling you,,Son, go into the world and create more Micheals and Chidinmas and make sure you give each of yours sons our names and if you give birth to triplets girls, our kids are defintely marrying them and we would be inlaws and live happily ever after” he is smiling 
“Stop it Boma, don’t be ridiculous !!! I am not inlove with Chidinma, I mean ..c’mon are you on cheap drugs. I don’t even like her or know if I like her and then you think am inlove with her and besides she is a junior and yet you are thinking about marriage, our marriage.? Ridiculious and totoally absurd!!. You are crazy and your crazy is worse than the twins” Micheal goes back to the bed, atleast he was slightly in a  better mood
“And so what if she is your junior, doesn’t  mean shit, which means you guys can date from now till then and by the time she gets into the university you would have rounded up and then you can marry her. Mark this date I am telling you, I am the wise one, I see into the future, I already see your honey moon suite and the roses and the flowers and the bed…hmm”
Micheal hits his head ‘’Stop talking nonsense Boma. Not in the mood”
“But c’mon Micheal, its fine really. Atleast it means my boy does have a heart and his heart is beating again. We were scared Gloia drained it of blood and gave it to the dogs to eat after breaking it to  thousand pieces. But it’s alive..your aheart is alive and it beats for Chidinma.!!!!’’ He pulls Micheal to his feet and made to lift him
“Dude touch me I would break your nose” Micheal is laughing pulling himself back to the bed, the twins walk in, their face a mask of curiosity
“Brotherly, did we just walk into some gay shit about to go down?” Jerry turns to his brother
“Yes indeed brotherly I think we did. Who do you think is the chick and the guy, the one who is pulling to lift the other one or the other one pulling to fall back to the bed”?”  Jerremy says tentatively tapping his jaw
Jerry frowns and folds his hands, biting his lips and screwing up his face as though in a  deep disturbed thoughts “I think the one pulling himself away is the guy, he had such strength. He wants it on the bed. And the one pulling to want to drag him off the bed to carry him over his shoulders is the girl, you know they can be aggressive and like it rough..No BABY..LERRUS DO IT DOGGY STYLE!!!’’’  the twins laugh
“Fxkk you guys!!’ Boma says throwing them a piilow which they duck and it hits the door
“Oh no thank you, we actually do like really soft and supple skins with twin towers at the front and beefy cheeks behind to hold onto. You boys should go ahead” Jerry is laughing, he is holding a bag
“Really, stop talking trash, it’s quite gross” Micheal finally pulls away from Boma and seats on the bed
“Atleast I succeeded in breaking him away from his moodiness” Boma says grabbing the bag, “And who are these for?”
One of the twins grabs it back and hands it to Micheal “Chocolates and icecream helps mood swings”
Micheal is shaking his head and laughing “ I am not a girl and I am not suffering from a broken heart “ but he takes the bag “But its rude to reject gifts”
“Oh you don’t say, it kinda looked that way” the twins wink “ But you are welcome.  So you wanna tell us why you are that way other than the obvious why, tell us the other why??”
“What other why?” Micheal is confused
“You know.. the other why, you have been holding that Chidinma’s paper since we left here. So..want to tells us anything brotherly?”
“Erm..No!!’ Micheal says turning away
The twins look at Boma,
“Oh I hate that you boys know me so well. Okay gather around, I would delve out my wisdom..our Boy here kinda likes a girl…and she is our very own Chidinma. Proven and admitted by the horse himself”
“awwww !!! we knew it.” The exclaim clapping and whistling “ I think we should celebrate by eating and licking the icecream together . Finally!!! His heart is alive and kicking!!!!’’ Boma is laughing 
‘’I swear I said the exact same thing. Are you sure I am not your long lost twin to complete the triplets ..you should ask your mama, you guys are three”
“You wish!!!!” they  laugh shaking their head
“OH I HATE YOU GUYS!!!’’ Micheal lays on his  back and puts the pillow over his face as they began to tease him
Kill me now somebody, what kind of friends did he have sef!!!
But he was smiling at the end of the day.
He needed to see her and make sure she was okay, 
Yes he needed to.

But he doesn’t, not for the next couple of weeks, it was like as though she purposely didn’t want to be seen…
Whenever he thought he saw her, he didn’t see her anymore,  whenever she came into the cafeteria and saw him and the guys there she turned back, during assembly she avoided looking at him and kept  a straight face even when he smiled at her.
He had avoided going into their hostel because there wasn’t  any valid reason to and there had to be if not he can just walk in there, he wasn’t a girl.
Mimi and Bunmi were the same cheerful girls, they greeted them and talked to them when they saw him and the guys but Chidinma either leaves them and walks away whenever she sighted them from afar, and because he didn’t know what to do about it he had been quiet.
And he avoided asking them about Chidinma, he didn’t want to give himself away..yet. 
 He wasn’t happy that he still hadn’t apologized to her about what Chidera did at the cafeteria, he wanted to, he soo wanted to. And he knew she blamed him and maybe didn’t want any more trouble so she was avoiding him. He knew, he understood because it was obvious but he didn’t feel good.

He felt bad
Today would make it three weeks and it was killing him that he couldn’t atleast say hello to her..
He inturn had avoided Chidera like a plague, he returned her letters to her unread, the gift she sent to him too he sent it back.
Her constant blocking him after classes was annoying and he made sure to leave immediately after the teacher calling after them that he wanted to talk to them about the subject just to avoid Chidera folloing behind him.
when he had no class, not tutoring and coaching or having Student Body President duties, he was chilling with the girls, but it didn’t feel the same anymore. he missed not seeing her around or talking to her.
Next week was the social dance and he hadn’t picked a partner yet, Miss Monica wa on his case about some competition which he had politely declined but he could not go without a partner. The school had decided to be flexible so it doesn’t look weird for students to dance by themselves or with same sex. 
Abinma and other girls had asked him to ask them and he had said no. Chidera had forced herself as his partner but until he signs her name on his card she can’t do shit.
He didn’t want to go though, but if he must, he rather go with Chidinma, and God knows he doesn’t know why he wants to. but he just wanted her as his partner for the dance

But Chidinma wasn’t talking to him at the moment, but he wants to talk to her..
He had an idea 
‘’Boma, can you get Mimi and Bumin to get Chidinma out to the garden today?”
“Erm..you know it’s been three weeks and the last time we asked about Chidinma, they said she didn’t want to have senior friends, she didn’t want trouble”
“I know but…I need to talk to her even for a minute. “
“We know bro, the way you keep searching for her face in the crowd is pretty kinda obvious” Jerry turns to face them
“So just help me out here, please. She doesn’t have to know it’s me though, you guys hang with Mimi and Bunmi right, so I don’t know,  just make them bring her out”
‘’You tried going to tutor them in their class, Chidinma doesn’t show, you offered to coach their class on spots, Chidinma does  not show still, what makes you think she would show for this”
“She might…
“Why its that?’
“Because it’s something she loves..writing, poetry. I won’t say I am the one organizing it, you just have to let them know something like that is happening in the garden”
“Stupid idea bro, everyone would know about it if it is” Jerremy is shaking his head
‘’Okay what about the library, 7pm after class”
“no none would be in the library today, it would be locked” Boma is frowning
“You seem to forget that I am the student body president”
‘’True” twins nods
‘’Mikey boy, what have you had planned, candle light dinner, beauty and the beast style?” Boma hits his arm
“No stupid, I just want to talk to her that’s all, and there might be quiet” Micheal rubs his arm,

‘’Fine, we would try”
“Tonight by 7pm, okay. Tell them some peorty session is holding, a closed group and one invite and ofcourse Chidinma might want to come her friends won’t so…”
They nod in understanding, they walk away heading to class
Someone who was standing not so far away from them turns and watches the boys leave
“oh I am so going to tell Chidera “ Temi says walking away going to find Chidera



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