They say….

​Don’t take life too seriously..they say🤔
I have been told never to take life seriously,  but if I don’t,  I may never take me serious enough to achieve my dreams

Those dreams that keeps me tossing and turning, awake before the break of dawn

Wondering about the things I must have done wrong
Hoping that the days ahead aren’t hard and the sweet taste in my mouth do not go bland.

Because with my hand, I must toil,  knee deep in mud, fingers filled with dirts,  they say it’s the only way to reach the top
Then how come others, born with royal silk and glistening spoons sit and snap their fingers and they sit in the highest mountains and chuckle at you who have worked your whole life  just to even raise your head high and they had never even touched the earth with the soils of their feets much less picking a stone shadowed with black dust..
Dust, a symbol of both them and us, for from dust we come and dust we must return, decayed from the flesh and saw-dust blown away by the same breath that formed the earth..
You and I are much alike, regardless of the colour of cloths that is our skin, despite the grey-gold-blue-white-yellow of our eyes, despite the language our voices speak

And yet..and yet.. the world had made us strangers when we should be brothers
What do you see when you look at the mirror, the stranger that looks back at you, or the reflection of another whom you were meant to be.
I was told never to take life seriously, but if I do so..I may never take me seriously, and then questions would never be answered, my dreams and aspirations won’t be fulfilled and I may never forget what the world has made of us and embrace what we meant do do for us.
Sometimes, being abit serious  doesn’t hurt nobody, it just puts you in focus.

 It’s better to see where you are going, aiming for the mark than being blinded in a tunnel with voices ..too many voices giving you directions that they too are finding difficult to follow.

Take life abit seriously, for in that, you won’t be among the ones who let life walk pass on them just because they thought it was making a joke, and they laughed.
Not knowing that the joke was on them..

#StephanieEgberike #Writes

#RandomMusing #Thesweetperspectives 
PS: Live everyday as though it’s your last.

Live in the moment. ..

There are life precious little gifts..🤔
Helo Saturday. ..


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