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As a little girl, I have always loved the excitement and thrill of the cheering audiences as they watched dancers on stage and I had told myself.. One day I would be up there too.. not because I wanted to just hear the crowds cheering when I grace the stage, but because I would be doing what I love. What I wanted to do when I grow up. This was going to be me…”Stephanie the Dancer”😅😅

But I was little and I thought it was going to be easy-peasy.

I was shy and timid (still is..sort off) and it took a while for me to break out from that shell ( I think I am still somewhat in it tho..sort off🤔) . I would dance when no one was watching, infront of the mirror, the way I see them do , ( I wasn’t a fan of dancehalls kinda dances ( still isn’t ), I loved the ballet, hiphop,  ballrooms, I would practice alone . But my fam always caught me and they would say..” go join a dance group”  I would be like “No  I can’t!” “But  Why?”  I would shrug. But one day, I did ( because a friend dragged me there sha😅) and then I progressed to another (taken there too by a friend . ) Lol. ( i know.. i never liked going to places on my own, esp when i don”t know anyone or the place.  Still dont🤔) But the thing is.. atleast I wanted to do something when I grew up and I did achieve it,,(even though for a while) and then life happened. But it was worth it. I still dance tho. My love for #Salsa😍. But these are memories, mine! and I would forever treasure them. Now am doing what I love more …#Write and that’s my perfect safe haven …#Writer’sLife #WriteArts. 
Ps : Do what you love,  it might work out or won’t. . But do it anyway,  so you have one less regret of “I wish I did this or that” 

Now I don’t have to wish. I can reminisce of it which feels like a life time ago and be proud that I graced those stages and was cheered on. I would be happy that I did it for me..not for anyone else. 

Life is too short to live on regrets. .I am glad I have none. .
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#StephanieEgberike #thesweetperspectives


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