CHAPTER 12
“Good afternoon Seniors” Bunmi and Mimi greeted as Boma and the twins approached them, Chidinma wasn’t anywhere close to them.
Which was good
“Afternoon Dears” Boma replied, the girls giggled “Oh sit sit” He says
“No, we don’t want any trouble” Mimi says, 
“Nonsense, no one would bug you girls, we all have been hanging for days has anyone harassed you?”
They shook their heads..
“Okay so why do you keep saying that,?” 
The shrug “Just because..because you know…”
“That Chidera’s incident like what weeks ago?” Jerry says pulling out a seat 
Bunmi nods
“Well that has nothing to do with anything, everyone was just been nasty. It’s ages ago. Has any senior harassed you girls, I ask again?”
Bunmi shakes her head again “But students don’t seem to like us very much at the moment”
“Why is that?” Jerremy was curious
“Well, you talk to us and sometimes allow us eat on your table and they don’t have that much opportunity, even some seniors too. So…´’ she trails off
“Well that’s because they aren’t cool”
“ So what, you think we are cool?”

 Mimi lights up
“For juniors, you both have a sense of humour, you are free spirits, and you both don’t seem like the girls who worship the ground Chidera walks on, infact you don’t smoke the weed the rest of the school snifs so yeah, we think you both are pretty cool” Boma says smiling, this made them blush, the guys laugh
“Speaking of cool, where is the third cool person, we don’t see her around as much, are you girls okay?”
“Yes we are, she just doesn’t want to hang with yo…” Bunmi nudges Mimi, to keep quiet
“ Erm, she is fine, she just spends a lot of time reading and going to church and writing and less time hanging with people. But we are good, we see in class and hang after class and she eats and sleeps “ Mimi corrected
“Right, why do I have a feeling that she just wants to hide away since that rash incident and the juice thingie with Chidera, I mean the school have stopped buzzing, no one is talking about it no more, she should come out of hiding “ jerry suggests
“Oh.. she isn’t hiding. She is just preoccupied with other things’’ Bunmi nods
“Okay, if you say so. Let her know we asked about her, you guys aren’t complete without her and we miss our three junior musketters’’ the twins say
“Sure we will”
“So now, sit, and have lunch with us”
 Boma pulls out another chair for them, they sit without hesistating, not minding the students who had begun to murmur behind them
“I hear them like flies buzzing” Bunmi says trying not to look
“Eventually they would stop buzzing “
“So, Where is Senior Micheal” Mimi asks with food in her mouth
“he is trying to plan something for chi-…..”   Boma grabs bread and stuffs it into Jerry’s mouth and smiles,replying Mimi instead,
“He is great, he has a class, some elective subject he took. Plus some tutoring and coaching, really busy today,  we might end up seeing him at night you know”
He grabs water and gives to jerry “Here, drink water, “ he taps his shoulders , jerremy hides a smile
“Oh, Senior Micheal is so cool, works really hard, the previous Student Body president wasn’t so nice, he didn’t do all this and he didn’t have time to take up responsibilities you know, he liked to sit around and send and punish people and took glory for himself..’’
“Yeah, Tunde, that’s his name.  we were happy when he graduated. We were a year below him” Jerry swallows, 
“And you remember Cynthia, the one before Tunde, she was worse”

 Jerremy nods “But she was fine.

 Damn, those perfect tits that made our boy here Boma spill so many ti……”
Boma jabs the remaining bread into Jerremy’s mouth, now jerry was laughing, the girls not understanding is giggling
“Yes Cynthia was okay. “ Boma says
The twins talk too much, if he didn’t stop them, one would have mouthed about what Micheal has planned for Chidinma at the library and the other one would have mentioned how he was fantasying over Cynthia, two years his senior. And how he literary came masturbating to a picture he saw of her in her phone, she had been topless.
It was from there he realized that some girls took naked pictures of themselves and kept in their phone. She was out of his league but he liked her. But ofcourse she would never look his way
How did he get a hold of her phone? 

Well it was a funny story actually, . No one was allowed to use phones in school, but there were certain privileges allowed the student body president and their assistantants. 

They had a radio in their room or given extra hours at the library or cafeteria or sports center, computer etc. 
But Cynthia had sneaked her phone into school too, and when she snucked out at night to go party with her boyfriends at the next college she was never caught. She was smart and careful, and when seen at odd hours she had a good excuse.
One day he was walking by their class, he had come to call the prefect of the class that the matron wanted to see him, but he wasn’t in class. The class was empty save for about 3 girls in a circle, watching something. 
They didn’t notice him enter the class and he had been curious, sneaking up behind them he had wanted to see what they were watching but he gets caught, they were angry at him, a junior to enter into a class without asking for permission and secondly to have the audacity to sneak up behind them. They asked him to pick pin, do frog jump and hide under their desk

This takes an hour and apparently the Matron who had sent him came herself to the class to look for her messenger or the person she had sent him to call.
By then they were back to their spot looking at what they were looking at, while he was punished under the desk , his body was hurting, his knees was swollen and just wanted to go back to his hostel
“What is going on here?” Matron walks into the class, the three girls turn, shocked
“Nothing Ma’am” Cynthia says hiding the phone behind her, the two girls were on either side of her
“Then why were you three clustered together and staring into something”

“Nothing ma’am!!” the other girl says
“Really?” The Matron asks, taking a step into the class “Then if it’s nothing, what do you have behind your back, show me your hands, quickly” she demanded 
The Matron, because she wasn’t paying attention she didn’t notice that he was under the desk and because they were blocking him, she didn’t see him either
The three girls exchange looks, they show the Matron their hands
“You too Cynthia, I won’t ask again” The Matron stepped closer, 
It was as though a full minute passed, he could see the phone behind Cynthia’s back
Then he thought he could make them pay for punishing him, maybe he would scream and then Matron would demand to know why he was being punished and then he would tell the matron what he saw… that would teach them
But no, he didn’t want his “Cynthia” to be found out, if not she would face the panel and maybe punished. 
Yes, he was younger and stupid and thought he loved her. So he did the only stupid thing stupid boys like him did when they thought they were inlove,
He reached out, from under the desk, took the phone from her hands. He was even surprised she didn’t jump away or hold it tight. She lets it go, and he hides it inside his shorts.
“Here Matron Theressa, nothing in my hands” she shows her her hands “See, nothing”
Matron Theressa looks them over, “Then what were you three looking at?”
“Text book, we were trying to solve something from the text book” Cynthia says
“And where is it?”
Cynthia turns around, a text book a student had forgotten laid on the other side of the table, she reached for it and shows it to the Matron, who still stares at the three girls for a minute and then nods.
“Very well then, class is over, go to your hostels, now?” She turns walking away, “Now I say girls”
Without another word, the girls run behind her and the past her walking towards their hostel.
He was alone, he doesn’t come out till he was sure the coast was clear.
The phone wasn’t locked, he began to scroll through, he saw things that made his eyes pop, but one in particular had his shorts tighten in his front area.
Without thinking he found his way to the boys toilet, locks the door and then holding the phone..
Looking at the picture and clicking his lips he had brought his little junior out, and just the way he has seen them do in some videos he found in the phone, he masturbated to her bare chested picture..
And he had that for the next two days until the boys had caught him. It wasn’t one of his finest moments but , they didn’t judge him, but they teased him.
“hey don’t worry about it, it’s a guy thing” the twins says after teasing him

Micheal had frowned about it and said
 “Not all guys thing, i wouldn’t masturbate”
Ofcourse they all rolled their eyes at Micheal
A day later Cynthia had sort him out,
 “hey Junior, you have something that belongs to me “ she said one day after sending someone to call him “I have been looking for you all over school, I didn’t know who you were, your name or your class, took me the whole of two days to find you. Where is it?”
“My pocket!!’ he replied.
 Cynthia was talking to him, he was sweating. He could feel the stirrings, he could not look at her without picturing her without cloths now.
“Are you crazy, what if someone finds it.? “ she whispers
“No one will. I have been careful with it, no one will” he says confidently
“what’s wrong with you, why are you looking at me like that? Did you..did you go through my phone?” she frowns
He should tell her he did, he thought. He should tell her she was beautiful inside and out, but he was scared, he shakes his head “No Senior I didn’t”
‘’Good, now give it here and scram!!’’ she orders
He places the phone in her hands, and began to turn away
“Thank you..” she says, he nods walking away
No, thank you Cynthia, you don’t know how happy I am. He said to himself
They never ran into each other or talked till she graduated but, it was a memory he would cherish, but the twins never fail to tease him about it whenever they had the chance…

They were talking, it booths him out of his thoughts..
“Seniors you are so funny” Bunmi laughs
“Yes Bunmi they are “ Mimi is shaking her head
“Yeah. Oh that’s true,so what are you girls participating in.. in the upcoming socials, it’s in less than a few days ?”
“oh, one or two things…I guess” Mimi shrugs
“Same . ‘’Bunmi nods ‘’And you Seniors?”
“we would participate in a  twins contest” they replied
‘’Twins’s contest, I don’t think  there is anything thing like that”
“Exactly!!!’’ The twins reply laughing

“ But you never know, we might enter if you girls do, atleast it would be fun . everyone else is just a bore’’ Jerry nudges Bunmi who smiles
‘’Well maybe we would”
“So did you guys hear about the poetry sessions holding in the library? It’s been on for a few days..?’’ Boma throws the bait and hope they bite
“No we didn’t hear, that’s not our thing though, maybe that’s why we didn’t hear about it” Mimi shake her head
“Oh not mine too,”Boma says turning to the twins and cuts them an eye
“Yeah, I hear its awesome though,, for the people who it’s their thing, all these writers …all in a world of their own, I guess writers would love it. “ Jerry says pinching the bridge of his nose
“And I think today is the master session for advanced writers “ Jerremy nods
“But how come the School hasn’t made a formal announcement?’ ‘ Bunmi is curious
“Well, it wasn’t necessary. It’s an in house thingie, guess some students with love for poety and everything writing came together to further shine their craft I guess. So that’s why’’ Boma chirps in
“Oh!!” The girls nods
“Well you can pass the information to any writer friend you know who would love to be part of it, its holding in the library by 7pm today so I hear” Boma continues

“Why that late though, and I thought no one would be in the library today, about some leaking roof and toilet so it was closed for repairs. Would be open by Monday.”

“Well true, but they are using the other unaffected area, so I hear and besides they were given access. “

“Oh I see” Bunmi mutters
“So make sure you tell he- I mean anyone you know. I think today is the last day sef” Boma pushes
“I think Chidinma might be interested, she says she hasn’t seen other writers like herself in school” Bumi turns to Mimi
“there are a lot, she just doesn’t mingle “ Jerry says nodding, “ And today, by 7pm at the library she might meet more. Cool huh!!”
“Yeah I guess she would love it” Mimi says finishing her food, the bell goes off
“Oops, we have a class immediately Mimi, lets hurry up. Thank you seniors, see you” Bunmi gets up grabbing her plate

“See you” the guys wave them goodbye
“Smooth Boma Smooth!!’ the twins slap his shoulders
“I know right, daddy Micheal would be hella-Proud” he smiles
Temi goes back to class, she finds everyone else but not Chidera
“Where is Chidera?” she sits beside Amaka, 
“I am not her mother” Amaka replies
“That’s rude, “ Temi frowns at her, Amaka sighs 
“What, are you going to tell Mummy Chidera for me?” She goes back to writing 
“I might!!’
“Well you should go ahead, but who do you think is Chidera’s right hand. Me or you? Or wait you want to take my place, you know that’s till hell freezes over right.”

“You think that’s not possible?”
“You should go ahead, see how that works for you” 
“Whatever Amaka, I didn’t come here to quarrel with you, I have something important to tell Chidera?”
“What thing?”
Micheal, Boma and the twins walk into class 
“Something that would get her anger to shoot up to the roof , “ Temi says, 
“Which is?”
“For Chidera not you, she would give orders for it to be dealt with or she does it herself”
“Fine whatever, wait for her then. She said she was coming, was going to scatch an itch, “
“Oh, so who is helping her with that, Mr Adamu or some random boy in class” Temi asks chuckling 
“how the hell do I know, Dayo is keeping a look out for her”
Temi checks her time, it was just past 5. Two hours more 
“well there is still time, let me not disturb her fun, there is still time for her to come and stop it and put that bitch in her place”
“What the hell are you talking about?” Amaka turns
“I am talking about—
The last teacher for the day walks in “Evening class, today we would be talking History of the Opopo people and civilization of the Eskimos..”
‘’Sssshh , I will tell you later” Temi whispers, she didn’t want to be brought out infront of the entire class and punished for talking , the last time wasn’t so fun. Student made jest at her.
An hour later, Micheal is called out by another student , Mother Theressa needed his attention, The teacher excuses him,
It was a brief meeting with Him and Albina concerning the upcoming socials, it lasted for 3o minutes and they were dismissed.
It was 6pm already, his class would finish in a few minutes, but instead of going to class, he makes his way back, bending the corner and goes to the library, he had a key which he opens it with, living it slightly open so incase Chidinma comes, the door would be open for her.
He takes the steps two at a time, lighting the candle he had bought earlier in the day and pins it to the ground, not intending to turn on the light so no one realizes that anyone was there.
He goes back down, runs to the cafeteria buying snack for two and juice.., making sure no one sees him he goes back up the library, pushing the tables and chairs away creating a small space, with one table and two chairs remaining. He places the snack and juice on the table.
It was getting dark, his watch says 6 ;30.
He sits down and then he waits
“Micheal what the hell are you doing??’’ he asks himself
Knowing he had no answer to that he just shakes his head and stills his beating heart.
Class ends, Boma and the twins are one of the few persons to leave the class, Amaka and Temi follow the rest of the class out soon after.

“It’s past six, Chidera isn’t back yet, Let’s go look for her, this is important”
 Temi says, she realized that Micheal didn’t return to class, that means he was already in the library waiting for that stupid Junior Chidinma.
oh Chidera would be so furious. she can imagine Chidera storming into the place and slamming Chidinma’s face to the wall. Oh she couldn’t wait.

And she won’t pity Chidinma, can’t she use her head, must she hang with senior, and not just ordinary seniors, she goes to hang with Micheal, the only guy in school that had girls swooning, too bad no one can openly go after him because Chidera would have their necks, she..she too could only admire him from afar.

She had no intention of being in Chidera’s bad books, all the perks she has been enjoying would go away and she could literally die.

Atleast  being Chidera’s loyal friend, good grades, money, and other nice things was consant. She would give anything up if Chidera orders it, and if it means shitting in Chidinma’s mouth, she would.
But how long does it take to scatch an itch, Temi wonders

“Let’s just find Dayo we would find Chidera” Amaka says
“Okay” Temi nods
“Argh!!! Go already!!” Mimi says
“But it’s ending today, what’s the point” Chidinma shrugs
“Doesn’t mean, weren’t you the one crying that we are such bores and sometimes you wish to be amongst like minds like yourself huh?” Bunmi asks her
“Yeah but I didn’t mean it like that, besides you guys are my prefect audiences” She pulls both their cheeks
“True, but now you get to listen and talk to other crazies like you” Mimi rubs her cheeks
“Hain!  we are not crazy” Chidinma defended
“Okay, explain how you talk to yourself sometimes, create characters and then believe in fairytales because of what you write eh?” Bunmi raises an eyebrow
“Well, it just means that we think more than the average person, and we like to make up things and give them life and magic you know”

“And you think that’s not what a mad person does?’’
“Hey..we are not mad” Chidinma frowns
“Don’t worry, we love your madness, but now you can go and be mad with your mad friends too” 
Mimi laughs “True that!!!’’
“Oh I hate you girls”

‘’we too” They reply
“but if you don’t want to go it’s fine, just don’t complain to us that there aren’t writers like you in school to mingle with and speak the language you speak because we won’t listen to you” Mimi tells her, Bunmi nods
“Fine whatever, why 7pm though. When are they closing ?”

“You ask them that, I don’t know”
“the library right?” Chidinma needed to comfirm, 
“Yes, 7pm the library”
It was 15 minutes to 7.
“Fine!!’’ she grabs her green book,pen,  taking her sweater she wears it
“See you later”
“Yeah yeah”
They find Dayo talking to another senior close to the cathedral
“Dayo, can you come here a minute”? Temi calls out
Dayo excuses herself and walks over “What Temi?”
“Where is Chidera??”
“I am not her mother Temi” she replies,. Amaka doesn’t hide her laugh, Temi was’nt happy about it
“Don’t be an arse, where is Chidera, I have something to tell her”
“Well I don’t know, she asked me to follow her to keep a look out but then she came and said not to worry, the boy she wanted to be with had a class so he didn’t come, she went to see Mr Adamu, and said I should go, I don’t need to keep a look out because they won’t be using the class room and his office,, that the Matrons were having a meeting there, that he would take her elsewhere, I don’t know if she is still in school or they have snucked out. She used to tell us that he had taken her to a hotel one time, maybe they went there..”
“Crap!!!’ Temi mutters
“What is it Temi?” Dayo frowns
“Same thing I have been asking her Dayo,’’ Amaka shakes her head

Temi looks at her watch, it was 7pm.
“Oh this is bad, this is very bad. When Chidera hears this..
“Hears what??’’ Chidera is standing behind them
Temi swings around, a wide smile on her face, she rushes to Chidera, intending to break the news to her 
“Queen Chidera, I found out something today, this afternoon and I have been looking for you to tell you but you were no where to be found”
“Get it out, what is it?
“I heard them talking, I was standing behind talking to Chinwe, they didn’t notice me because of the shelves blocking us, chinwe had left so it was just me. I heard their plan, I was so quiet you know and I heard it all..”

“Temi would you just shut up and get to it, what is it?” Chidera says impatiently. She didn’t have time for stupid talks, she had just had a good shag with Mr Adamu.
Body no be firewood. while Micheal was playing hard to get, she needs to ‘change oil’ every once in a while, if she isn’t doing it with some random student she picks and was discreet about it, she was sneaking out of school , the neighboring school behind them , she had a few friends there, and then Mr Adamu was a good sport.
Until Micheal came around, she had to feel good,. Now she was tired.

It had taken much difficulty to sneak into Mr Adanu’s booth and driven out of school,and when they were a far distance away he had pulled over and she had changed entering the front seat
It was a nice hotel room, cold and hotel food and they had had three hours of fun, sleeping when they were tired, eating when they were hungry, watching tv when they got bored and continued when the stirrings began again
He kept screaming his release, it made her laugh , she had asked him why he didn’t scream like that when they were in school, he had told her wether she wants the whole school to come knocking on his door.
But it was a good day, she even had a hot shower in the hotel, now she just needed her bed.
And Temi was yabbing away nonsense

“Temi….’’ She cuts her
“okay, what I am saying is that M-”
“Girls??” Mother theressa says coming out of the cathedral ‘’ Are you coming in or not”

‘’We are not, we are just leaving Ma’am” Chidera says, feigning a smile. she hates going to mass, she purposely absented herself from general mass days
“Nonsense, come in now girls!!! If you weren’t planning on coming in, you wouldn’t have been standing there contemplating . the house of the lord is always open, and it is good coming in of your own free will” Mother theressa says smiling
“I am feeling sick ma, I want to go and rest my head” Chidiera says touching her temple
“I have a test ma in the morning”
“I was here for yesterday’s mass and this morning ”
“I just finished praying ma” they rest of them says
“Jesus will heal your headache child, and he would help you with your test if you allow him , and he is a God of everyday not selected days, and just because you finished praying just now doesn’t mean he would not protect you tomorrow because he protected you today, now come in and join me girls, come on, no excuses” she says beckoning to them

There was no way out for them, they dared not refuse Mother Theressa, Chidera groaned
“Fine Mother Theressa, I would stay for a bit, my head hurts really bad”

“Yes child, come on in” she ushers them in

“What is it you wanted to tell me temi?” Chidera whispers to her
“I wanted to tell you that by 7pm, Chi-”
“SSSsssh Girls, you don’t talk during prayers, can’t you see it’s going on. Infact I would separate you all, Chidera come here to my side, you here, you there in front and you behind us. Yes that’s it. You have to put your whole heart and mind in God, no distractions. You will always get to talk to your friends , today, give your full attention to God, close your eyes and lets prays’’

“Mother theressa, I would leave in 15 minutes”
“Hmmmm” Mother theressa says closing her eyes
But Chidera isn’t allowed to leave in fifteen minutes
Imfact the mass ends by 9pm, the preacher had decided to tell them his life’s history and called everyone out one by one to pray for and no matter how much she pleaded to leave, Mother Theressa says no,
“Worshiping God is good, and the students of this school should be instilled with good moral values, so wait awhile, it should end soon’’
Chdiera is furious, 
She wonders what God would think if she told him she just had tons of sex, maybe it would make him as angry as she was now being stucked in this church with stupid Matrons and stupid students who don’t know how much their life sucks..
They were missing out on fun and the world because of what.
And she hated Mother Theressa for forcing her, she sighs frowning

She wonders what Temi had wanted to tell her,,
Maybe once they were done from here
“Let’s praise God everyone “ 

They stood up and began to read the hymn for what felt like the 100th time
It was dark, there was no way anyone was here.
She stood at the door, 
Was it possible that Mimi and Bunmi missed the date or didn’t get it correctly, or maybe the time was slated for earlier and it had finished?

Maybe she should go back.
She notices that the door was slighty open, pushing it even wider she thinks for a moment
If no one was in here, the door would have been locked. Sighing, she pushes the door in, let her just make sure still

She enters closing the door behind her, she makes her way up the staircase and cuts left the bend. it was quiet, too quiet
There was definitely no one here.
 Upstairs was darker, no voices, she was about turning to leave when she noticed the dancing shadows on her far left, she could make out a hand making a bird and flapping its wings, then it changes to form a dove, then it changes to form something that looked like a dog barking, and then there was a snake.
She used to do that as a kid, playing the shadows on the wall. she goes closer noticing the candle, lit and pinned on the floor. 
Maybe that was why it was quiet, they were probably playing shadows, but she noticed just two hands so far, maybe the rest were waiting their turn. She walks further to find him ..seated on the chair, he drops his hands when he sees her, an embarrassed laugh escapes from his lips
“Goodevening senior” she manages after a few minutes with a frown.
 Looking around to find that no one else was there. Or had they all left? she wonders what he was doing here, he was no writer
“Hello Chidinma?” He says getting up
“Am I late Senior, where is everyone or I am not in the right hall?”
“No you aren’t, well, just five minutes late but, that’s okay” it was 7;05
“I..i Don’t understand Senior MicheaL, I thought that writers were meeting here for a session”
“Well, I may have tweaked that information ,”
“What? Wait, no writer is meeting here?”
He shakes his head ‘Nope”!!
‘’then why am I here then?”
Now that she was here now he was finding it difficult to talk , he rubs his back neck with one hand and the other one goes to his waist
“I wanted to …to see you and talk to you”
“Why Senior?”
“Well because..because..” he trails off
She was waiting, why was he here, so that means if this jist of writers coming here to meet was a lie so that means he was responsible for the lie…but why.
What did he want to talk to her about that he had to lie to get her here. 

Wait, did Mimi and Bunmi know about this??
Oh she was going to kill them

Wait!!! She never asked them who told them or where they heard the info from.
Ofcourse, it had to be Senior Twins and Boma. 
She understood it now.
All of them she would kill, a large size grave she would dig and throw all of them in. she just had to have the strength to dig the grave first.
“Have you being avoiding me??”” he blurts out
“Wait …me..pffft No. Why??”
“Well I don’t know, ever since that day..at the cafeteria you just sort of disappeared and I never got to apologize for the juice incident “
She doesn’t say anything 
“Well i am sorry if you got hurt because of me, I am sorry and i felt really bad and wanted to tell you that.”
“thank you. Can I go now Senior Micheal?” she says getting uncomfortable, momma always says not to be alone with a boy in dark places, bad things always happens, she frowns, she didn’t want bad things to happen
“Yes you can” he says
“Okay” she turns and begins walking  away
Really Micheal, that it.!!!
“Chidinma, please can you stay awhile, I bought snacks and juice, it was part of my apology and it won’t eat itself” he says 
She stops, turning .
Would she be a bad person if she tells him thank you and leaves? 
But it really wasn’t his fault that evil Senior with a capital E was harassing her, and besides he went to all this trouble just to apologize
And she would admit, she missed seeing his face.
Sighing she walks back “Okay Senior, just so you know I am not a wicked girl and I have accepted your apology”
“Micheal, please call me micheal” he says, he pulls the other chair out for her as she comes to sit down
‘’I can’t do that Senior, it would be disrespectful”
“To who? I want you to so please do so if not I won’t answer if you call’’ he sits opposite her and hands her a snack and opens the juice. He forgot disposable cups. “I forgot cups, sorry” he smiles
“ We do it plamwine style” she smiles, he laughs
They eat in silence, the candle burning away, no one is saying anything..
“Would you be my partner for the upcoming dance socials??”
Chidinma coughs “ What. NO!!!!’’
“Why not?”
“Well because.. because you should ask someone else, I don’t know how to dance and because you are a senior and because, I am a junior, and because you should have people who want to be your partner and go with you and because I don’t want to go for it, I don’t even know how to dance and ..i don’t know, why do you want to go with me??”
“Because…I don’t know. I just want to, and it doesn’t matter none, Mother theressa and Miss Monica says there is no restrictions, we can go with junior or senior, they want less restrictions and limitations on this year’s own, seniors compete against juniors and vice versa you know. They are trying to bridge the gap , the whole senior and junior thing had widened into, too much segregation and clichés they say. So this year’s team is Unity and Togetherness without Walls. You see”
“Doesn’t doesn’t mean why I should be your partner Senior Micheal”
“Chidnma “ he raises an eyebrow
“Micheal” she corrects, he nods
“please , I don’t want to go unless it’s you “
‘Why though?””
He shrugs , “ Because I think you are fun and nice and, would be of good company and besides I don’t like anyone else to go with..”
She frowns “ what does that mean?”
It means I like you enough to go with you Chidinma .
Damn , he just admitted that to himself, he swallows
“It means that, I just want to go with you and I would be happy if you do, please “
She thinks for  a moment “ I  don’t know…”
‘’just think about it, you have a day”
‘Just a day, doesn’t leave me much, “
“that’s the point, while you are thinking, let me show you a step or two. You see I am a good dancer, and I watch So You Think You Can Dance a lot,’’ so  I can move” he says jumping up, he gives her his hand and waits for her to take his
Chidinma shakes her head and hides her hands behind her back,
“If you don’t get up I’l would tickle you, you should realize by now I don’t take No for answer” he says
He pulls her up as soon as she places her hand in his, holding her close to him, he holds her hand up in of his, places her other hand on his shoulders ,and taps it “That remains there on my shoulders” 
Then he squeezes the one he held in his hands” that remains there “
Then he places his free hand at the small of her back “ and mine remains there” 
He notices her stiffen “ relax, you haven’t seen people dance before have you?”
“I have”
“Okay, so this is the position now, you follow my lead, right to left, left to right back and forth’ ‘ he says showing her by moving backwards with his left leg and encourages her to move forward with her right leg and do the same when he moves forward with his left leg and she moves backwards with her right.
“That’s it, now do the same when I move my right leg and you your left”  they move “ aha nice’
Chidinma laughs shaking her head
 ‘’this is crazy, dancing with no music”
“Nonsense,  there is music, close your eyes and listen to the music, can’t you hear it?”
She shakes her head holding a smile “Nope”
‘’SSsshh it’s a song by Taylor swift “last kiss” the instruments are coming to life, you know it..its playing, the crowd of dancers are slowing making their way to the stage all around us, the music is making them move in one accord, everyone is dancing and smiling..closing their eyes.. hey close your eyes you will see what am seeing “ he says closing his eyes, swaying from side to side and causing her to do the same
Shaking her head she is wondering why she was still here, but it seemed nice, so she closes her eyes, swaying from side to side with him
It she wasn’t crazy she would have said she too could see what he was seeing and hearing the music playing.

His still held her and they danced like that for a while, and he turns her with his hands, it gets her laughing, he does it a couple of times and then he says “ music is endin, we need to strike our own pose at the end or no, a dip, yes a dip” 
pulling her to him, he bends her halfway, she below and he above her , she has laughter in her eyes 
“TA DAHHHH!!!!’’ he says raising her up ‘’Take a courtesy bow Chidinma , do the ladies bow come on, like the girls do in Sound Of Music and I would do what the boys do” he says taking a bow, and nudges her to do the same
“Oh thank you thank you ..oh thank you” he says to no one in particular as he bows to shadows in the library ‘’oh don’t be rude Chidinma, they are clapping for us, bow and thank them else I would tickle you”
Laughing she bows to the invisible shadows “Merci mercie!!!! Gracias gracias !!!”
“Bravo!!!!’’ he claps silently  “The beautiful Miss Chidinma, such grace such finesse ..such delicate beauty” he says with an accent..
Chidinma couldn’t stop her laughter anymore, she roars, he had to grab her and cover her mouth laughing,
 “My goodness! your laughter could raise up the dead. Sssshhh …” he laughs as her laughter passes through the finger spaces he placed over her mouth, it takes a while for her to calm down, he was still holding onto her, he drops his hand from her mouth, but not the one from her waist

They stare at each other, his heart had begun to beat really fast..
“You have a beautiful laugh though, and the way your eyes sparkle could light up the stars” he says

She didn’t know what to say, she felt strange with the way he held her and how close he was to her now, she didn’t feel it while they were dancing earlier, but now with the way he was staring at her, she felt hot, and a blush rising up her cheeks, she blinks. 

He touches her cheeks, shyly..

What was he doing, he didn’t know but it felt right to touch her just then.
‘’chidinma, I want to tell you something “
“What’s that?” 
She wished he would let her go, and then she wondered if she would feel better if he did,
“You are stepping on my toe and it hurts like hell” 
She looks down to notice it, she moves her feet away , smiling “Oops, I am sorry”
‘’Its fine. You weren’t heavy”
“oh really, then why did you complain?” she asks him
Because if I didn’t, I would have told you I wanted to kiss you or maybe just kissed you. 
Instead he says “ because ..because I erm..had to, erm so you want to play shadows??’’
He asks pulling her with him and taking a sit on the floor, she sits beside him
“Sure, I bet I can make more characters than you can”
‘’Well bring it on Miss”
“Oh hell yeah”
They began, he looks at the time and realized it was 8: 45.

Time had flown by so fast, he wished he could go back and rewind time or let them stay for abit longer, but he couldn’t.
Light’s out by 10pm, and everyone has to be in their hostel latest 9:15. He sighs, knowing he would have to say goodnight
But it was happy, today was a good day.

she was here, it made him happy.
‘’See, I did an eagle, your turn”
He laughs and puts his hands forward, staring at the wall using the candle light , the wall was a reflector, he makes a dancing ballerina
Furious Chidiera walks out of the cathedral heading to their hostel, she wished she could soak all of them in a bowl of piss for making her stay throughout that boring mass.
‘’Chidera chidera!!!!’’’ Temi runs out of the cathedral heading towards her, Amaka and Dayo coming behind her
‘’I am not in the mood Temi, so don’t annoy me further”
“No wait Chidera I have to tell you…”
‘’Then tell her already are you stupid” Amaka says getting angry, it was this her stupid delay that caused them the torture at the cathedral
“Its Micheal! Micheal was planing with his friends to make Chidinma’s friends to bring her to the library by 7pm today and that he wanted to see her, he planned an evening for her” she says
“What!!!’’ Chiddera exclaims
“Yes, that’s what I wanted to the you”
They all look at the time, it was 9pm.
Without another word, Chidera breaks out in a run towards the library, the girls follow
She was going to kill someone, ohhh she was..
She ran faster.

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