UNDENIABLY KARMA

                          CHAPTER 13
“Chidera, Chidera please stop you are hurting her, Chidera!!” Amaka begs pulling Chidera off the girl she was kicking continuously with her legs and slapping her repeatedly across her face
Chidera pushes Amaka away from her and goes back to pulling the girl’s hair , who was on the ground covering her face, the other girl stood behind, scared to stop her and scared to do anything other than stand  and watch
“Chidera stop….” Amaka says
‘’ahh ahh ahhh” The girl screams trying to protect her face and stomach at the same time as her face was slapped and stomach kicked, she wailed as the pain hits her bolt for bolt
Satisfied Chidera kicks her one last time and then pulls her ears ‘’Shut up!! Shut the fxxk up you useless cunt. You ever , ever do this next time, you would be more sorry than you are..” with that she pushes her away and begins to walk back to the hostel
The girl folds herself in the corner and begins to cry, the two girls stand over her
“Amaka, Dayo, come …leave her there. It would teach her some sense” Chidera says over her shoulders
‘’Sorry’’ Amaka says, Dayo looks apologetically over the girl, mouths a sorry and they both run after Chidera leaving the girl to cry alone in the darkened corner of the library.
She pulls herself up, glad no one other than them was around to witness her humiliation, she cleans her eyes, having turned red from crying, her face felt burned and her tummy hurt as though a sledge hammer had been used repeatedly on her well…
Chidera’s leg is worse than one

Sniffing, pained, slouching and holding onto her tummy, she spat out, a tiny blood mixed with spittle hits the ground..
She moans in pain, and dragged herself back to the hostel, slowly..she wanted to get in when they were asleep..she dragged herself slower
It was her fault, she deserved what happened to her, if she hadn’t been stupid and careless and delayed..
All this would have been averted..
“Oh you are going to pay for this Chi.. you are so going to pay for this” She says into the night, wincing in pain as she managed to take it one step at a

“why are you smiling “ Chidinma is curious as she stares at Micheal, he has a smile on his face 
He shrugs “ Dunno, this..this is nice”
‘’What is?” Chidinma frowns wondering what he meant.
 They were still seated on the floor, backs to the wall and the candle light burned slowly , done playing shadows on the wall and talking about general stuffs. 
 He had been asking about her parents.. she told him about her mum and he told her he never exactly knew his mother because she died when he was a baby.. his father had been too busy with work and school to pay him much mind other than to drill him on his studies and how to be a better man than he was..
But anything personal, his father hadn’t been exactly interested so he didn’t have someone sit him down and tell him things, things a father and son should talk about. 
They talked about other things too, and he liked it very much, having to talk to her freely, it felt easy..it felt nice 
“Talking to you, being here with you” he says, 
“Yeah, in the library where the candle is the only light and the students are in their hostels…and we are seating here ..playing shadows, what’s nice about that”
‘’Everything. So, do you have an answer for me yet ?”
“For….” She bends her head to the side
“Really..you don’t remember?” he frowns at her, did she just forget
“Well, you said I had a day to think about it”
‘’No you gave yourself the day, because you were trying to dodge from it, I wanted an answer immediately. Just say Yes you would be my partner for the dance socials, look I would sign your name on the form, and send it so you better just know you are my partner. End of discussion” He folds his hands and pouted
“Really, so that’s how its gonna be huh..senior Micheal’’
“Chidinma ?”
“Micheal..sorry. so you are going to just force me on this “
”Yep, okay no. just say yes ..please”
What!! He was actually begging her to accept. 
Yes he was, he smiles
“I promise I would give you my answer in a day”

“Okay, 24 hours isn’t so far.. No it is. How about tomorrow afternoon”
“Evening “
“Meet here again?”
He frowns “ Why not?”
“well..because ..because …”
“You really don’t have an excuse do you Chidinma?”

she smiles shaking her head “Busted!!’’
“Good . Settled”
Checking the time, Chidinma exclaims

 “Oh dear Lord, have to get back to the Hostel”

Yeah, if only he could turn back the hands of time to rewind the day or better still freeze time it would have been awesome.
Harry potter , can you borrow me your wand for a day..please
Smiling he gets up, and gives her his hands “Madame, it has been a delightful evening, pray tell..i hope you enjoyed your dinner at this exquisite five start hotel, shall we do this again in the near future..oh marvelous, come, I shall walk you back to your residence because a gentleman doesn’t ever let a lady walk alone at night, who knows what evil creatures lurks in the dark” he says with an accent
Chidinma shakes her head and smiling, she takes his hands and stands up “You are funny Micheal. I wouldn’t have guessed you liked to take on certain characters, roles and even put up an accent”
“My little secret, even the guys don’t know it. Ssshh..tell them and I would deny”

she laughs, sealing her lips and locking it, then puts it in her pocket, tapping it, he smiles
As they were about to make their way down, they hear voices outside, and someone fiddling with the door downstairs..
Micheal quickly blows the candle off, and places his hands to his lips and pulls Chidinma away from the staircase
“What..?” fear grips her , oh they are going to get caught and punished and her mother would be summoned and she expelled.. oh no
Micheal is wondering who it was..
Crap !!! they should have left earlier.
Crap crap crap!!! 
If they get caught by any of the school’s authorities, they would have to explain what they were doing alone in the dark while everyone were in their hostels preparing for bed.
And God knows everything from then on would go to shits..
His father would be livid with him and he may not stop whatever punishments would be metted out to him.. his father always lived by example and he never ceased to punish him if he erred, so he wouldn’t lift a finger
Who the hell was coming up the stairs?
He pulls Chidinma closer behind him as he rounds the corner, going further into the library away from the staircase and from wondering eyes, Chidinma was shaking beside him
Shit!!! He didn’t want to get her in trouble, why wasn’t he thinking 

He wouldn’t forgive himself if this turns out bad for her..
“Hey, sshhh its okay, just be quiet okay, don’t make a sound..hopefully we may come out alife from this “ he says holding both her hands and rubbing them, without thinking he brushes her knuckles with a kiss…”Sshhhh stay still Chidinma “ he gathers her into his arms and they hid
He saw them before they saw him..
Then they turned, heading towards him, they were three
“Dude really, you want to hide you should do a better job don’t you think so. We could hear your thudding hearts like a mile away beating  like an african drum.. ta du durum ta du du dududum ma radam” someone laughs
“And those whisperings “ the other one says
“yeah.. total give away” then the third one adds
“And you do know we know all the corners of this place, we done some pretty insane naughty shits here..you know “

“So hiding is a bit too shallow…I mean it was pretty obvious to find you guys..”
‘’Okay, no need to piss in your pants, It’s just us..the three musketeers “
“Or you can say the three wise men”
“Or preferably the triplets “ Boma smiles broadly, the twins look at him shaking their heads 
“No definitely not. One crazy ass twin is enough for me..two of you guys..would be the death of me “Jerry says
“Me too. Jerry is a tough one, you Boma is just plain crazy . I stand with my brother, last I remember we are two..just twins, plus you do know three is a crowd right” Jerremy says picking up the candle from the floor, the touch light in his hands giving the place a little light
Micheal felt Chidinma let out the air she was holding in 
“Seriously guys, you startled us”
 Micheal says coming out from hiding and pulling Chidinma up with him
“Sorry bro, we didn’t mean to cut your date short-“ Boma was saying
“It wasn’t a date “ Chidinma frowns “Senior Boma, it wasn’t a date “
“Heh!!! Still, we didn’t mean to intrude but we just came to tell you guys that, hostels would be locked soon, we are seniors, we might still get in but Chidinma might not without having to explain what she was still doing outside till now and with who”
“we were about leaving “ Micheal says
“so Senior Boma and Senior twins , this was part of your plan too, to lie to Bunmi and Mimi about some writing session or were they aware too?”
Boma smiles, and scratches his heads ‘’well” he looks to the twins , they back away
“She asked you bro, not us” they smile “Stop looking at us “
“well…”Boma drawls
“it’s all Micheal’s idea, I just did what he asked”  he points to Micheal
“Tushe’ ! nice way of getting out of it, proud of you son” Jerry claps
Micheal shakes his head smiling

 “Chidinma comes let’s walk you back before some Matron finds us here”
With that they leave the library quietly, Micheal locks the door, puts the key into his pocket, while the guys chatted behind, he walked quietly with Chidinma to her hostel entrance
“Goodnight , see you tommorow” he tells her
“Goodnight Sen-
He raises an eyebrow
“Micheal” she says 
“Good girl”
She turns to the guys “Goodnight Senior Boma, senior Jerry and Senior Jerremy’’
They smile or wave her goodbye and she dissappears , they turn and leave
“So, Micheal erm…you told her to call you Micheal huh?” Boma falls inline beside him
“Yes, and I thought I was the only one who saw that..abi since it’s not tangible to be felt and seen, so it should be heard abi..okay, I heard that too”Jerry nods
“Yeah..so bruh!!, wedding bells soon? Here comes the bride..all dressed in white-“ Jerremy begins to sing
“TA DA TA DA..TA DA-TA DAHHH!!!’’ Boma and Jerry links hands as they danced , Jerremy forms a cross behind them and acts like a parish priest
“I swear you guys are a crazy lot. “ he breaks out into a run and they run after him chasing him back into their hostels and disappearing
A few seconds apart Chidera is seen running to the library, followed by Amaka, Temi and Dayo on her tail.

She hits the door, checking it. 
Its locked.
Going to the back, trying to peep in through the down floors window, its pitch black, going back to the door, its locked.
Its bloody locked.
So it either meant that , they must have been here but left before they came or..they were never here but Temi had given her the wrong information.
Whatever the case, she was mad already, she had ran all the way down here, and even tripped running  as she hit her toes to a small rock on the ground she didn’t notice.
It  kept her writhing in pain for  a whole five minutes as Amaka helped to straighten her big toe which felt like it broke, thankfully it didn’t .
 Standing up and feeling better she had continued the race back here albeit slowly, only to come here to find a locked dark library.
“Temi, did you not just tell me that Micheal and Chidinma were having a secret date meeting here hmm” she didn’t turn
Temi nods “Yes they were, I swear it, I overhead them talking and planning it, I swear it”

“Did you actually see them go in here, like Micheal here and Chidinma or atleast her friends talking to her or escorting her down here or better still did you simply hear correctly what was discussed instead of passing me wrong information” Chidera says turning and walking to Temi slowly, dangerously.. her eyes squinted,
 Amaka and Dayo move back, Temi looks at either side of her noticing she is standing alone, she swallows
“I-i- I did hear correctly, Micheal told them 7pm in the library and that the guys to get the girls to get Chidinma here..in the guise of a writing session that was obviously a lie and-‘’
“And what’s the time now Temi?” Chidera cuts in, still walking slowly
“Er..a few minutes past 9” Temi says

“Which technically means that …how much time have passed since 7pm to 9pm, which is accurately what?”
“Am waiting ..”
“Er..2 hours and a few minutes “
“And I hear this a few minutes ago, ran down here and now its locked, not a soul in sight, library is dark and i…I Chidera is standing here searching for ghosts, SO YOU LIED TO ME TEMI”
“No no..i didn’t” her hands moved together with her head shaking from side to side
“then explain to me how come I don’t see a Micheal nor a cunt named Chidinma” 
‘’But Chidera I swear it i-‘’
The first slap had her falling to the ground, Amaka gasps, Dayo backed further away
“Chidera?” Temi holds her face as tears fills her eyes, sobbing already
“Who are you calling Chidera you lying bitch, you sent me on a wild goose chase and you know I aint no Jasper Ghost, or ghost freaking busters” she slaps her across her face again, Temi hides her face and sobs louder
“I am sorry Queen Chidera, I swear I am not lying I saw , I heard – micheal i-I”
“Shut up you are still lying and even if you aren’t you told me 2 hours too late and that makes me madder” she hits away Temi’s hands and slaps her some more, grabbing her by her neck and punches her square on the face,
 Temi screams, she covers her mouth
“Chidera” Amaka calls out, scared for Temi
“You shut up, else I would transfer my aggression on you”
Amaka keeps quiet, Dayo comes to hold Amaka, pleading with Chidera with her eyes
“Two hours late. So that means if they were truly here, God knows what they had done in two hours, ..two hours i could have had sex with tons of boys with 2 minutes each, slept, eaten , taken a decent shit and even gossiped about trash and gone shopping. So two hours of a boy I fxxking like with a girl I so hate alone, in the library..do you know that’s like 60 minutes each that’s like 120 minutes to themselves alone in the dark and my God I can’t imagine what they did..did he kiss her, screw her and how many times did she moan inside my baby’s mouth, rubbed his crotch and dug her nails into his back as he may have gone repeatedly in and out of her..my goodness thinking about that is making my blood boil..and to think all this would have been averted if you stupid girl have told me earlier but no..you decided to wait, so what you want Chidinma to take the boy I have been chasing for as long as I remember eh..so you and that girl are friends now eh” Chidera pulls her hair

“No..no never!  I hate her too, please Queen Chidera please” Temi begs, tears rolling down her eyes
“Shut up, shut up”
Temi cries out, “I tried to tell you, you weren’t around, you were with Teacher Adamu and when you came back, Matron Theressa took us to church..i –  I oh am sorry it’s the truth…ahhhhhhhh” 
Chidera is pulling her ears, twisting it and slaps it on both side
“You liar, you are going to get punished for this so next time you cross the oceans to make sure I get info on time and I don’t care if we are before God himself.. if it has to do with Micheal, you tell me”
“I am sorry..Chidera”
‘’Oh yes, you will be sorry..after I teach you a good lesson” she slaps her again and began to kick her, Amaka couldn’t bear it anymore, she goes to Chidera to restrain her, students might hear them, worse the authorities.. and if she doesn’t stop her, she could really hurt Temi..
“Chidera! Chidera  please stop, you are hurting her….’’
Chidera still boiling in anger  as throws herself on the bed, in the morning she would sort out Micheal and demand to know for certain if he met with that junior in the library, if he doesn’t tell her, she would find out from the guys and if they refuse to say anything too, then she would pay that little cockroach a visit and if they were truly together there, she would demand to know exactly what they did and if they did do anything she had been wishing to do with Micheal,
 Chidinma is going to get a beating worse than the one she just gave Temi

She heard the door creep open and Temi is quietly making her way to her bed, still crying, she looked like an old crocked woman, slouching and holding onto her tummy like one suffering from stomach ache
Well she didn’t feel remorse for beating her, she deserved it. If she told her on time she wouldn’t have gotten the beating of her miserable life and she still felt that Temi didn’t hear correctly so that was double punishment and if she found out shit went down between Micheal and Chidinma, when she is done with her she would come and beat Temi some more.
It would teach her and the others not to mess with her
Chidera turns on her side and battles sleep, the sniffing girl was making her angrier
“If you don’t shut up now I would continue from where I stopped, crying like a child, fool”
Chidera grabs sleep and hugs it.
Tomorrow is another day, punishments is brewing for the offenders.
*******The Next Morning****
Chidinma walks into their room, having just showered to find the girls almost ready
“Oh you girls are ready already, I will be fast, gimme a minute” Chidinma says 
“Hmm, while you are being fast..so tell us, how was the writing session yesterday, was it full, was it fun” Bunmi popped on her bed, while she wore her socks and shoes, Mimi is packing her hair in a bun
“really, like you guys don’t know” Chidinma rolls her eyes
“Know what?” Bunmi frowns straightening up
“yeah, know what?” Mimi turns curious
Chidinma looks at them, she folds her hands “Seriously quit joking, I know you all planned it , because I said I didn’t want to hang out with seniors anymore so you all planned it to get me out there knowing who was there waiting all along”
Curious looks
“Speak English Chi-gurl, it don’t make sense what you are saying”
‘’Yes..it doesn’t make sense’’ they say 

“Wait, for real, you lying to my face” Chidinma frowns deeply
“Lying ke, biko Chi-gurl what in the world did we lie about?” Bunmi seemed guniuely offended
“I didn’t lie about anything, tell me what did we lied about. Is there something that we don’t know?” Mimi comes closer and stands infront of Chidinma
Chidinma is confused. So they too were unaware..
“Didn’t you both know that the whole writing session was a lie and that there were no students there for some advanced session class for writers, but just-“
‘’What do you mean there was no writing session class” Mimi doesn’t understand
“So what was going on there, The seniors rightly told us there was”  Bunmi nods
“well..there wasn’t . they lied”

 Chidinma says, convinced now that they weren’t aware. 
“Why” Bunmi is frowning “So no one was there, like other students,”

Chidinma nods
“strange, why would they lie to us like that. But if that was the case, when you got there and didn’t see anyone why didn’t you come back, you were out till past night, I heard you come in but was too sleepy, so what were you doing out till dark in the library” Mimi is staring into her eyes
“Well, Senior Micheal was there.waiting. Apparently he planned it” Chidinma gets cream and creams herself, picking out undies to wear.
 Her mother had sent her new undies, after she told her what happened she had gone shopping the next day and told her to throw away every single undie she had and not to dry them outside for long but to make sure to be careful.
Bunmi exchanges looks with Mimi

“Like I don’t understand “
“Me neither. “
“It means that Senior Micheal apparently wanted to see me and because I hardly hang out with you both when you are with the seniors he wanted to see and talk to me and he planned it, telling them to lie to you both to get me there so..’’

 Chidinma trails of
“Hmmm” the girls mutter
‘’Hmmmm” she replies
“So what did Senior Micheal want with our Chidinma , to lie to get her out of the hostel by 7pm and stay with her till 9pm, alone , with no one about, did he want to talk about the stars, the moon or about the Eskimos or alligators or apes” Bunmi taps her jaw tentatively
“Yeah, maybe about school stuffs..gee I wonder” Mimi joins her
“Well… he just said he didn’t’ like that we don’t see and talk and wanted to apologize to me about that juice issue with evil senior Chidera and he got me snacks to eat and we played shadows and then…we danced and then he is such a character playing accent too and oh..” she laughs “ He is actually very hilarious, and then he asked me to be his partner for the socials coming up. Imagine that” she laughs
Bunmi and Mimi are looking at Chidinma funny..
“You are smiling “ Bunmi says
“Yes, she is laughing too “ Mimi adds nodding
“Wait..what?” Chidinma says 
“Well…in one minute you are talking about senior micheal and smiling and laughing and already you think he is funny and it’s obvious you enjoyed his company last night and wow, the classic end to it, Micheal asked you to be his partner for the dance socials? OH MY GOD!!’’ Bunmi stands up
“oh my she really said that right , I thought I didn’t hear correctly.. Chidinma, so what did you say?” Mimi grabs Chidinma again
“What do you mean what did I say, what was I supposed to say?”
“Really, is this girl asking me that question?” Mimi turns to Bunmi and then back to Chidinma 
“yes she is, maybe she didn’t understand your question. Ask her again, slowly Mimi”
Mimi nods “Okay read my lips. So.what.did.you.say.in.reply.to .senior .Micheal’s ask?’’ she asks Chidinma slowly, Chidinma chuckles 
“Nothing. I told him I would think about it . Owww!!’’ Chidinma rubs her head and frowns “Why did you hit me ??’’
“Should I hit you again huh? The most amazing, coolest, dopest, really cute Senior in the school asked you to be his dance partner for the dance socials and you tell him you would think about it….gimme a glass of water Bunmi, I think we need to douse our girl here some holy water so that she can receive sense” Mimi facepalms
“What did I do??”
“What did you do, you just commited the most gravest of offences. Do you know how many girls have been praying he asked them? I mean, I heard some senior girls booking a line for him secretly and he simply ignored them even claiming he isn’t going..and even..Senior witch witchy too, I heard she told a senior girl that Micheal would ask her, and that she has already picked out a dress to wear you know, and even Senior Albina too, and even some junior girls be drooling as he passed but Senior Micheal passes through them and he lies to get you alone in the library and he asks you to be his partner and you didn’t jump up saying yes yes instead you say you would think about it..do you still need us to tell you what you didn’t do…oh my chest..my chest hurts” Bunmi begins to fan herself, Chidinma is laughing
“You both are hilarious I swear, worse than Micheal. You know he even asked me to call him Micheal?” she shakes her head
Mimi fakes a swoon, Bunmi begins to fan her “ No leave me let me faint, let me faint. He even asked her to go on first name bases with him. Oh dear lord…why..why, why does our dear chi not see the writings on the wall’’
“What writing would that be oh drama queen”
“That” Mimi stands straight “ That Senior Micheal ..that..he likes our little writer?”
Chidinam scoffs , “You are mad”
Bunmi shakes her head, “No, she isn’t . I mean let’s look at the facts, ever since that day..yes yes I see it now, that day he walked into class to congratulate you after the sports win, and then after that day at the cafeteria he was running from what we don’t know and he making us sit at their table and coming to find you in the clinic and all that…I see why senior twins and Boma keeps asking about you…so technically Senior Micheal sent them to you know and now see..yesterday is pretty obvious and he asked you didn’t he, he asked you to partner up with him and then asked you to call him Micheal, he wouldn’t do that unless he likes you”
“He was being nice maybe, he said he wanted to apologize”
“BULSHIT!!”’ Bunmi and Mimi exclaim , Chidinma bursts out laughing, shaking her head she moves away
“Look, I am no body, a mere junior…don’t say things like that….its inappropriate “

“Well do you have any other explanation dear writer” Mimi folds her hands
“Well…I dunno”
“Then he likes you period. So just so you know, if you don’t accept it, we are not going to talk to you anymore and we mean it”
“You not serious”
“Yes we are” Bunmi and Mimi stand side by side, Chidinma frowns
“You are serious?” they nod
“Well fine, I would just talk to my little green book, you both called it my lover right? So fine, “
Mimi goes to her bed and grabs the book, “ he-it is coming with us”
“Give it back”
‘Give it back Mimi”
‘’Don’t Mimi, now you are going to be friendless, bookless and all by yourself-ness” Bunmi says, Mimi bursts out laughing at Bunmi’s choice of words
“Oh you both are insufferable”

“We know. But c’mon, since we can only crush on Senior Micheal from afar, we would be happy that he likes one of our friends and it would be wrong to even dare not to take him up on his offer, when do you give him an answer”
“You girls are crushing on Micheal?”
Mimi and Bunmi exchange looks, smiling mischeviously “ You are the only one who isn’t and we already told you that you are kind of weird but that’s irrelevant now, answer me”
“This evening”
“Good, now prepare for class, hurry up, how do you reply him, write a poem or put a rose on your hair or dance the merengue..how?” Mimi hands her her cloths, Bunmi her bag
‘’Er.. we didn’t discuss that or-”
“Doesn’t matter , get dressed, it’s a couple of hours till evening, you would not mess this up”
“Wait ..wait”
They are pulling her top over her head, pushing her on the bed and pulling her skirt up , someone is fiddling with her hair and another putting on her socks, Chidinma is protesting but they aren’t listening, she begins to laugh 
“Fine okay okay..i will give him an answer, can I dress myself now please”
‘’No, today it’s going to be gang up against you till we hear that..yes Micheal..i accept chant “ Mimi coos, gestulating grammatically
‘’Come on, off to class”
‘’but but..”
‘’Not listening, not listening “ the girls close their ears
It is midday when Chidera finds them in the garden after 4 periods, the evening class was cancelled. 
No classes for the next two days to enable students prepare for the socials on sunday.
A lot of students had had their forms signed for partners, drama units had prepared an act, those singing where in the chapel, those competing against each other already have slotted their acts,
Even Temi had finished sulking and joined Dayo and Amaka to form a dance team to compete and they already had seniors for partners  and she hasn’t even gotten around to get Micheal to sign  on hers.
Everyone was excited about Sunday, she was. Miss monica and Albina had been going from class to class talking about what’s to be expected, the hall was being decorated, students have picked out their outfits and soon…it would be the day and here she was..without a date.
Micheal had better sign on her picked form, and maybe they could dance. 

But first, he needs to tell her what happened last night.
“Micheal, can I talk to you for a minute?”
Micheal turns, his mood souring immediately “Why, I am busy”
“With boys you sleep and eat with everyday, be serious, I said a minute”
“What ever you want to say you can say infront of me and my friends”
“You don’t see my friends behind me do you?”
Boma chuckles “Wow , are you sure they are your friends or your dogs?”

“I don’t believe I was talking to you cockface”

‘’Sorry love, I am sure you do like a lot of cocks”
“Chidera please..today is not the day, what do you want?”
“Micheal, since you won’t talk privately with me , then answer me this ..were you in the library with that rat last night?”
“oh no she didn’t “ the twins say
“You really should look at your froggy face Chidera, show some respect to another human..how distasteful” Boma shakes his head
“I don’t believe you asked a question Chidera, because I don’t know who a rat is, and I refuse to indulge you”
‘’Fine, Chidinma, where you with her last night alone in the library, what did you both do, kiss, screw..huh? didn’t I tell you you belong with me and no one else?”
The boys hides a smile, even them haven’t yet asked Micheal what went down and he hadn’t given them any juicy details,, does this witch thinks he would tell her shit, even though shit went down, Micheal wasn’t exactly a kiss and tell sort of guy…
Good luck getting answers chi-slutty-er, Boma chuckles
“Why are you guys laughing, did I say anything funny?” she is frowning, she wished there was something to break their face with, especially Boma
‘’Oh nothing, you just look like the statue of douchbag” Jerry says
“I was aiming for  karashika” jerremy folds his arms
“And here I was being modest with my thoughts, I was thinking of an old woman’s rumpled ass with mucus and slime and disgusting little chiwawahs as a face for her face”
The boys are laughing, Micheal smiles, tushe’ Boma , tushe’
“Funny Boma, would you want me to tell what you three look like? Expired cums”
The boys yawn “Lame come back’, try again”
“Answer damnit, I would deal with your friends later”

‘’No chidera I won’t, and if you would excuse me..i have better things to do” he gets up, the boys too
“Well if you don’t tell me I would go and ask her, and you know I may not be nice”

Micheal turns back “Stay away from her”
‘’Or else what, you protecting her too, you know I hate been told what to do”

“just leave her alone” he says walking away
“oh by the way Micheal, you know I am waiting for you to sign my form, I won’t be partner-ness nor would I be dancing by myself, here..sign it” she walks to him and gives him the paper.
 “ I have already written down our names and what we would be doing. It would be fun”
Micheal looks down at her, “I already have a partner and I already have planned what we are doing, so no thank you. Come on guys let’s go”
“What do you mean you already have one, who is she, who dared to take my place? ‘’ she calls angrily behind him,
 he ignores her, the twins are laughing
“Who is she dammit?” she screams
“Ask google, it’s your friend” Boma throws back
“Arghhhhhh!!!’’’ Chidera screams, students look back, she storms away
 “I will kill her who ever she is I will kill her”
“So who is the chick”? Boma asks the question on their minds
“who else”
“Did she say she was going with you, did you ask her?”
“and ?” the twins tower over him
“And she says she would think about it”
“And you assume she would accept” Boma is scratching his jaw
Micheal smiles “Yes’’
“hmmm. So, what happened in that library yesterday, we have been good boys waiting for juicy details but you have been secretive, pray botherr, do tell us..did anything happened?”

‘’I didn’t do anything you would do or you or you if that’s what you asking” he says to the three of them
“Okay, fair enough but you thought of it” 
‘’No” he says 
“Not even a tiny winny kiss thought crossed your mind” Jerry bends staring into his eyes “Speak the truth”
“No i did not” he frowns
“He is lying, see how he is avoiding the eyes” Jerremy is watching
“Yes I see that too”
“Okay fine just a second but it was gone. Happy ?”
“Yes!!” they chorused
“Crazy lot you guys are”
“That’s why you love us. Now, its stated with obvious facts, our Boy likes Chidinma, now does she like you back is the question”
He shrugs
“Oh …well, there is still time to find out, so why didn’t she give you an answer though?” Boma is curious

Micheal shrugs 
“Oh incoming “ Jerry gets up, everyone turns, Micheal prays it’s not Chidera again, he doesn’t turn, he willed her to go away
“Good afternoon seniors “ the girls greeted,
“Good afternoon juniors” the boys replied, Jerry nudges Micheal to turn, when he did, his heart stopped for a brief second
“I wanted to say…erm” she looks at Bunmi and Mimi who are standing like guards beside her and pinching her, they couldn’t wait till evening they threatened her with hiding her little green book for  a month, ignoring her for three months and changing rooms for  a year unless she goes to Micheal right now and accept, they even offered to do anything she asked if she accepted, now she liked that part. She had so many mischevious things up her sleeves for them, but first, she needed to accept this outrageous offer of a stupid dance socials she wanted to miss initially.
“Yes Chidinma , go ahead “ Micheal says
“Well, can I whisper it in your ears then, these pairs of eyes are making me uncomfortable?’’
Micheal smiles, “Sure”
She comes closer, cups her hands to his ears and whispers, then steps back and begins to walk away, Bunmi and Mimi wave at the seniors and leave, 
₩ Micheal has a wide goofy smile on his face
“And” the guys ask him
Micheal brings out the form from his pocket he has been carrying out all day, takes a pen from his pocket and signs under Chidinma’s name he had written as soon as he got back into the hostel yesterday
“It means, we are going to the dance socials and we would be dancing, I hope you guys aren’t going to come with your boring selves because this boy right here got a girl for Christmas”
“Okay technically it’s a dance socials”
‘’Whatever!! I was speaking metaphorically’’
Micheal doesn’t stop smiling as he watches one girl in particular walking away
Boma and the twins are smiling equally and robbing Micheal’s head..
“Congrats son, you making your grandpas proud” they chorused
Micheal was thinking of the perfect song in mind to dance to.
“Find out who is going with Micheal to the dance” she tells Dayo, “ And you better bring me accurate information”
Dayo nods and walks away
“Is there anything you want me to do” Temi asks, her head cast down
“Yes, fxxk off!!!”
Amaka wonders from the corner of her bed what had made Chidera’s anger go a thousand times higher in the last few minutes, but she knew better than to ask
“Good afternoon Senior” The students greeted as Micheal and the boys walk in, he goes directly to Chidinma’s table and sat down after responding to the juniors and told them to carry on
“What are you doing ?” Chidinma is shocked 
“I came to tell you that, we have practice. We have just a day you know,to practice the dance , and you would love the song I picked out, we meet later , by 5pm, I’ll come get you. Okay bye” he gets up and leaves
Students gather around her, asking her 21 questions, her mouth hasn’t closed since it dropped open
“Yes Dayo, who is the bitch!!’’
“No one knows”
Silence ..
Maybe he was just teasing ..
God help him if he wasn’t , God help who ever she is if he wasn’t
“so, this is were we practice?”

 Chidinma asks as Micheal opens one of the empty halls used for mini meetings
“Yes, don’t want distractions and people are using the library now, we are allowed to use the dvd in here so…don’t worry, this time I asked for permission so don’t be scared”
“Yes, so, come on, let’s begin’’ He gives her his hand, shyly she takes his
“So, your friends, who are they partnering up with ?’’
Micheal smiles “Your friends and one senior”
‘’My friends?”
“Well I guess so, they said they were going to ask and Boma said he was going to ask Albina, you know her , my assistant”
“Oh, “ she says “ Why us though”
Micheal shrugs “Why not you” he says instead as he brings her close to him.., smiling he presses play as the music fills the room “Remember what I told you? Let’s try it again, step by step’’
“Okay, but if I mess it up, don’t be mad”
“I won ‘t, I don’t care really if you do, I just care that I am dancing with you” he says as he twirls her and brings her back.
Chidera is at her wits end, no one knows who is Micheal’s partner and everyone is wondering if the other girl was picked.
Chidera had gone as far as asking Albina who says she even thought Micheal was going to ask her, that caused Chidera to grab her shit and told her if she ever thinks about Micheal that way she was going to mess up her face . she demanded that Albina check through the submitted forms for Sunday’s socials who is written in Micheal’s form.
Albina did and came back to say Micheal hasn’t submitted his.
At ease now Chidera is smiling, micheal was just teasing her, then maybe he would still ask her.
So she waited.
He didn’t ask her, she didn’t see him for the rest of the day, neither did she see his friends for the whole of the next day.
There were no classes so every student were busy preparing themselves for Sunday’s social evening.
She couldn’t find him and no one seems to know where he is when he isn’t at his hostel or at the cafeteria and his stupid friends seems to be invisible too.
Angry, Chidera waits for Sunday to come
He can’t hide forever.
Her dress hunged in the warddrop she waited for Sunday to come.
“Let’s see if he can ignore beautiful me then” she says
Its Sunday, the hall is filled with students and teachers.
The atmostphere is welcoming, warm filled with excited glee.. the matrons are dressed away from their normal boring cloths, the principal is talking to Mr Adumu..
Everyone is here, it’s about to begin, Miss Monica is standing  there and trying to get everyone’s attention as everyone stands in pairs, a boy and a girl, either wearing the same colour of outfit or a touch of same colour..
 those who didn’t have any partner or wanted to participate clustered at one end of the hall, spread out and sat down, and watched, feeling like outcasts. Chidera thought them a dejected lot.
Everyone was here..except Micheal and his friends
Chidera doesn’t like it, she doesn’t like it at all.
Even her stupid friends had partners as each girl loosely held one senior student or the other 
“come on Micheal, where the hell are you?”
After the welcome address and a whole bunch of other sheninghans, the dance socials was declared opened and act after act was called unpon. There were cheers and clapping, boos and laughter .
30 minutes in and the whole place was lit
“what a wonderful presentation…and now, the competition begins..we have the dance presentation competitions between seniors and juniors, its between the cha-cha girls, the grace ballerinas, the avengers” students laugh, Monica continuous as she called up to ten groups  and then “Finally ..oh late entry, we have the hmmm, the soul” she says , “ well, we would call out the names of the students in each group as they come to perform”
“Chidera, Micheal” Temi says. Chidera smiles broadly and turns, seeing him and the guys walk in,he is alone, dressed nicely, he looked really handsome, Chidera felt warm
Oh she knew how to pick them.
 Maybe tonight they both might get busy when the lights go off, she was looking forward to it, happy she strolls towards them,
Not paying mind to Boma and the twins or caring to look at the girls they were standing with, she grabs Micheal’s hands..
“Oh baby, glad you made it, I was dying to see you” she whispers into his ears, Micheal pulls his hands away
“Excuse me, my Partner is coming”
“what do you mean your partner is coming, I knew you were teasing, come, let’s go submit that form, we still have time”
“Are you deaf Chidera?”Boma began
“Shut up not talking to you Buckface”
“Chidera …let go off me, am being serious, I am here with a partner and I don’t want you standing here..so leave me” he says and moves away from her
Shocked Chidera stares after him, trying to not make a scene or have the matrons suspect her , she whispers “Micheal stop this now””
But he wasn’t looking at her now, he was looking at the girl across the room who had just entered.
And he is smiling, Chidera follows his eyes…
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