I Would Say…

โ€‹I would say…๐Ÿค”


I would say to the wind..

Slow down, don’t sweep the dusts into my eyes, instead carry away the sorrows that had seem to be my bed.
I would say to the stars…

Yes blink ..blink out the tears away from my eyes, let me see what’s behind the dancing clouds 
I would say to the storm. .

To the current and tide..

Be Still,  calm my beating heart, let me be at peace with the sea, let my thoughts don’t run with the waves that folds the waters..
I would say to my heavens..

To the angels who reside behind those thick beds of clouds..

When do you come down and take me up there, to walk on the pearly gates of gold, to sing with one voice in praise..to bow and worship…to be a part of the immortal ones…to live for ever..
I would say to the rest of them. .

Why do we slumber.

Why do we thirst 

Why do we fight a battle and not rest..

Why do we hope..why do we crawl

Why do we wait for the harvest to come before we gather. .
But they would reply me..

The wind tells me to hold on, sorrows last for the night.

Thr stars tell me that my mornings would be bright again 

The storms says.. the calm seas are unpon you 

The heavens says…Your time is not near..much work you still have to do

And the rest of them would say..because we must work to eat, be alife to live, be healthy to be happy, to be capable to be strong. .we fight to be victorious and we gather together to be one…

So keep pushing . Keep staying alife…keep living.

Stay Alife . There is light at the end of the tunnel.

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Helo Saturday. .


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