Undeniably Karma $Chplease 14

“ Does any one know who Senior Micheal is going with?” a girl wearing glasses asked, another shakes her head, a taller girl thinks for  a moment. Three of them stood under the tree to hide from the sun smiling down evening on the open space, she is playing with the leaves
“I hear maybe he isn’t attending, I was in the office helping Miss Monica and Albima to arrange the submitted forms for dances and partners, performances and competition, I saw a lot of names and students but I didn’t see Senior Micheal’s form. When I asked , Miss Monica was saying maybe he didn’t want to be part of it and no one is forced to, but everyone is expected to be there. So he may attend the socials but he won’t compete or be part of it. There are a few students who don’t have partners or no one wanted to go with them, they would be the floor members maybe” the second girl is chubbier, her dimples pops up every time she talks
“Hmm or maybe he doesn’t show..like at all” the third girl folds her arms across her near flat chest
“Yeah Maybe. I am sure he can skip, he is the Student Body President after all and the Principal’s son..am sure no one would exactly querry him if he had  a good reason to not attend”
“But erm..” the  second girl looks around “you know, Senior Chidera is going around telling some seniors to back off Senior Micheal that  he has already asked her to go with..”
Two girls gasps “Really?”
The girl speaking nods her head “Yes really. So maybe it’s true”
‘’oh..how sad”
“Well because ..i sort of wished he went with me”
“You wish”
“No for real, I mean this year the management was trying to break down senior and juniors borders for this year’s socials so a senior can decide to pick a junior as a partner or as a competitor or as a dancer with him or her, it’s supposed to be a one night of broken barriers..mix and be friends , no anger, no resentment and for a whole evening, there won’t be the whole juniors stay at one end of the hall and seniors the other, we all are going to be in one room, talking and jisting, dancing and competing and maybe even win something. That’s the idea..well according to what Miss Monica and Senior Albima went from class to class to announce…’’
“Well..how many Seniors have you seen doing that?” she adjusts her glasses
They think for a moment..
“Good!! Which means they all like mixing with themselves and staying in their high throne and don’t want to mix with us even for a day. Juniors are pairing with each other and seniors with each other.. “
“But… those girls in form B..” the chubby one was scratching her plaited hair
“Which girls..?’’ the other two frown
“You know….the junior that won that race a couple of weeks back and her friends..tsk tsk the one that had that itch scare a while back and oh strangely so, she was the one that Senior Chidera poured juice on that day we were at the cafeteria..you remember”
“Oh yea yeah” the other two girls say “So what about them?”
“Well haven’t you all noticed that they seem to be on friendly terms with Senior Micheal and his friends?”
“Hmmm..once or twice and besides Senior Micheal isn’t some stuck up senior like the rest of them, and him and his friends are nice…so I guess he was being friendly” she unfolds her arms and stands at akimbo, looking as students passed back and forth,
“Well how friendly? The other day I went to pick up a book from my friend Martha, she is in their class as well. She told me that Senior Micheal and his friends had come there” she continued
“Yes..Senior Micheal normally holds tuturials for Juniors and Seniors for subjects they are having issues with, plus I know some teachers..one or two had asked him to stand in for them in a class to teach. He is like the Einstein of our time, so much intelligence.. I hear he always gets straight A’s and he might go school abroad for university,  he is like a god.” The girl drools “And he is so fineeeeeeee. Damnit” ..the girl removes her glasses, cleans it and wears it back
The girls laugh “May God forgive you” laughing
“And you too sister, but let me have him for one day and I will die happy”
“After I have had him” chubby girl smiles
“No me.. but keep talking, was there anything wrong with his visit. It’s normal” glasses girl bends a little and then straightens up
“Well how normal is this? Check it, as soon as he came in he went straight to the junior, told her something and he left, Martha said the junior had a shock on her face and all the questions the students asked her after he left she didn’t answer. She kept mute. So don’t you think….?” She trails off
“That what..Senior Micheal asked her to be his partner?”’ their eyes grew big, and then they laughed again shaking their heads in disbelief
“One Senior Micheal is a Senior, and Two he is a fine arse Senior and three Senior Micheal might be cool and friendly but …he wouldn’t think to take a junior to the socials..i knew his girlfriend then,…it was hush hush though, my elder sister who had gone to college that was here knew the girl and told me things about her so I was even rooting that they break up you know so maybe he might you know..look at me, he only greets and smiles back at me when I greet and smile at him when he is anywhere I am in, look he is great and all but..i don’t think senior Micheal would want to think to be that kind of close friends with  a junior. Shei you said she was shocked, he probably came to warn her off. Do you know how many letters I see in his locker when he opens it up some days? Students slips in hundreds hoping he reads it but I see him call a junior without opening it to return it back to the owners..i had mine returned a few times so I know…I gave up writing to him but… I still want him. So no, I don’t think that was what he was doing there” she pinches her nose and places her glasses well on her face as she says matter-of-factly
“Oh well you if say so… it’s a few hours to it and I guess we just have to wait and see who the lucky girl is”
Mimi and Bunmi walk pass them chattering excitedly and stops at a near distance
“And see, they look happy?” chubby girl cocks her head to the side, 
“Look around you, everyone looks happy. It’s a dance social, there would be music, drama, poetry and spoken words, mimes,  competitions, juice, food, even I hear you are allowed to come up with a custume for your dance/presentation/ performance..the drama department and custume unit would be open, and also they would be gossips and I wish they would give us something to drink other than mineral and juice ..because they won’t give alcohol, it’s a christain school by the way ‘’ they laughed 
“ and we get to wear a nice dress..which is approved by the management…which sucks, I was hoping to wear an open back like the one they wear in those glamorous magazines but Mother Theressa would have my neck and tell me them to cast the demons from me “ they laughed again
 “ But for one long evening..it’s going to be fun and fun and more fun, we get to boo acts that sucks, cheer on awesome stuffs and we get to even talk to Seniors without fear ..hopefully they don’t snob us still..” pensive  “ but..everyone is happy..no socks but shoes, no stuck up skirt and tie and sweaters…why won’t they be happy. I am happy and you both should be too unless you have a thing against poor happy “ she smiles, her eyes reflecting on her glasses, she continues
“True…so come, since we don’t have partners, we can be a threesome” she smiled
“That didn’t come out right” the second girl screws up her face
“No it didn’t” the third girl nods
“Oh …I like boys , don’t get it twisted. Let’s go hurry up, can’t wait to put on my dress, that I wish had a slit all the way to my upper thighs and my cleavage would show. I swear when I am much older, I would wear what the hell I want”
“I hear in the university you can” the second girl smiles
“Aye!! What am I still doing here na?”
“After you finish junior high you cross over to senior high and then become a senior and then you graduate, then you can ask yourself why you need to be here,” the third girl replies with a smile
“Fine. I would kiss the first boy I meet and flaunt my breast for massive kneading “ the first girl says
“Oh lord forgive your daughter, she doesn’t know what she says “ the two other girls laughs
“Pfft!!! Like I don’t know about the boys you guys let touch you under the desk. Atleast I don’t pretend…I just want my prince Micheal charming to sweep me off my feet and …..’’ their voices fade as they leave
Mimi turns to Bunmi “ Nervous?”
 They are standing close to the building, each holding a dress, and a costume
Bunmi shakes her head “No why?”
“Oh nothing …we are going with seniors and apparently it looks like It’s just us three seniors are going with” she says
“So? It’s awesome isn’t it. One minute we are like..just there and the next we are like rolling with the coolest seniors in school, I still can’t believe the twins asked us to go with them as partners.”
“Yeah!! At first I thought they were teasing but they said no they weren’t. you know Senior Jerry said we are doing the chicken dance ?” she laughs “ a silly dance , he says he just doesn’t want to do anything serious just to have fun. It was funny learning the steps but it is cool, we even got a chicken costume in yellow”
“oh, and it took a while to learn the mirror-man-mime Senior Jerremy wants us to do, we going to be dressed like clowns… I also have a red nose and an afro for the total finish” Bunmi smiles excitedly
“Oh but I would love to watch the dance Chi-gurl and Senior Micheal is doing. They were being sneaky hiding at the other side of the hall dancing … Bunmi, do you think Senior Micheal really likes Chidinma?” she is curious
“yes ..i too would love to see it. Well…I think so, and I think Chidinma may sort of like him”
“Why do you say so?”
“Well because, she smiles to herself without knowing we looking, and when We mention his name there is this slight blush that rises up her yellow chicks” Bunmi smiles “Oh I don’t know. But it would be cool . they look cute together”
“And I think way cuter by the time they dance. Oh, let’s go meet Chidinma, she says she won’t follow us, sometime about meeting up Senior Micheal at the last minute for some change..i dunno. so we would have to leave without her with the twins. Senior Boma would be going with Senior Albinma I hear”
“Hmmm. Yes I have to pin up her hair too, you know her hair is just all over the place as she has loosened out the plaited hair. 500 bucks says he is going to tell her something nice”
 Bunmi smiles, linking her arm with Mimi pulling her towards their hostel,  few juniors are seen already dressed, 

“Senior Micheal silly, he is going to tell her something nice”
“Oh..hahaha, I would love to watch her face, our girl has been busy reading and studying, going to church and bla blab la ..no time for boys, well we all aren’t allowed to have time for boys but…I like the fact that she is warming up to Senior Micheal”
“Yeah, and whenever you talk about this dance she rolls her eyes and say it’s because of us she agreed and yet she practices one-step, two-step-step when she is alone in the room’’ they laugh, entering the hostel, making their way down the hall to their room, greeting some juniors and saying hi to others, everyone was looking happy and excited and pretty, with their dresses and combed hair, lip balms, because makeups weren’t allowed in school , but there were rebels who still sneaked in some, applying little to make them look prettier, Bumni continues to talk to Mimi as they are alone again walking down 
“I caught her yesterday and she said she didn’t want to step on his toes and I just gave her a knowing look” they laugh again
“Maybe after the dance today, we can tease her about it, what do you say?”

“Yeah we should, you never know she might reveal some secret to us”Bunmi taps her jaw
‘’Or make us listen to one of her stories she is writing for punishment for making her accept Senior Micheal’s proposal to be his dance partner” they laugh 
“ come, let’s go get ready” they open their door to find Chidinma leaving the mirror and sitting on the bed

“I wasn’t doing anything” she breathed heavily
“And we didn’t ask anything” Bunmi and Mimi exchanges a knowing look
Thirty minutes to the program, students, Matrons , teachers and the entire school managment had begun to file towards the event hall as  music blared from the speakers, R-kelly’s “I need an Angel” was playing
“You still haven’t seen Micheal anywhere “ Chidera turns to Amaka who shakes her head, they had left their hostel , heading towards the hall as other students follow suit
“How is it possible not to know where him and his stupid friends have been for the past two days. Did they leave the premises?”
“No, they are around , either seen one minute and the next they are gone. It’s as though they don’t want to be part of this year’s program so they are making their presence scares’’ Dayo says, they were walking down with their dance partners, Chidera was the only one without and she was hating it
“what did that senior tell you again, was he sure?” she turns over to Temi
“Yes, he said he ran into the twins heading out of their hostel, they said they were going to get their dance partners and that Boma is with his and when he asked about Micheal he said he would come but they had left before he could ask them anything more” Temi says , careful to make sure she didn’t miss anything 
Chidera sighs “I guess maybe he wants to surprise me and would show up and walk straight to me” she looks at her dress “ I wish I could wear the other clingly blue dress my mother sent to me but this stupid schools and their religious shenninghans would not let someone be great saying your dress should not be short, tight, open and blab la bla, do they expect us to dress like them wearing loose cloths like nuns..rubbish. I had to now wear this, hiding all my vital areas that could literally make boys drool. But it’s okay…all Micheal baby has to do is to raise my dress up and he is a step away from paradise.. my micheal” she smiles 
“Okay lets hurry up, I don’t want him to go there and look for me. You know how I hate to miss my surprises”
They enter the hall.
“Hello ladies “ the twins take a bow, the girls giggle , meeting the twins at the entrance of their hostel, standing a bit far off, 
“Good evening Seniors “ 
“Goodevening seniors” Mimi and Bunmi greeted
“Good evening, shall we ?” they each give each girl their arm to link with, patting it they smiled 
“So, Chidinma isn’t back yet?” Jerry asked 
Mimi shook her head “ She and Senior Micheal had to pick out a costume from costume room, she didn’t like the colour of their matching outfit for the dance so they went to switch it and she said they might do a finish touch rehearsal to their dance …I think”
‘’Hmm.. no wonder Micheal told us not to wait. Not to worry, Boma is waiting on us and Micheal should meet us soon and Chidinma to, ofcourse “
“Yeah she would have to come and get dressed first, good thing I pinned all that hair up and told her to wear a balm on that her lips , she never likes to rub anything on her face “ Bunmi says walking with Jerremy
‘’Well she is a beautiful girl”
“True bro, not many girls are ‘ ‘ the twins says
“Sadly true, Mimi should we kidnap our friend please ?’’ Mimi suggests and everyone laughs
Entering the hall they look for Boma and go to meet him, Mimi and Bunmi greeting Albinma who is looking at them curiously, no the students are all looking at them curiously..
They were apparently the only juniors with seniors for partners, students are whispering, the music dulls it out.
Across the room, Chidera is sighted looking around for someone, her friends behind her with other seniors standing and talking to others.
The socials begins and Mother Theressa is addressing the students, there is a welcome address done by the principal who seems to be wearing a huge smile on the face, praising the decors and the beautifully well dressed students…there are cheers and clapping. Miss Monica takes the stand and commences it open..

Presentation is ongoing..
Chidera is seen looking around the hall, trying to see through the crowd of students that had occupied the hall.
“Where is Micheal, he should have been here yet” Boma says looking at his watch. One hour in and he hasn’t come in
“I guess he is on his way, or do you think he chickened out?” Jerry turns towards the door way
Jerremy frowns “Maybe. Or wait he set us up to go and he doesn’t show..ama have his head when I see him
“Don’t be too dramatic boys, even his plus one isn’t here either” Boma says looking away
Mimi and Bunmi turn towards the door at the same time
“Maybe they plan not to show Senior Boma, maybe she is paying you all back for lying to us to lie to her to get her to see Senior Micheal in that library, and she has decided not to show” Mimi asserts
“You think so?” Bunmi asks Mimi who nods 
‘’We did threaten her and told her we were taking away her little green lover so..i guess”
“Nah..she can’t not show because of that. Or can she not show because of that?” Boma is wondering
“Ama kill Micheal if he doesn’t show tonight..ama skin him alife, pluck out his eyes and feed it to the rats, his butt hole I would stuff oranges down his rectum, then I would shave his balls and HEYYYYY MICKEY SON…” Boma exclaims as he sees Micheal walk into the hall, students smiling and silently hailing him, telling him he looked good and asking him who his partner was, he doesn’t say anything but smile

Boma grabs his shoulders “How are you, I was just telling them you were going to show up like right now looking all dappa and cute like I knew you would”
“No you wasn’t. you were telling us how you were going to do stuffs to his butt hole and his balls” Jerremy says laughing as he high fives Micheal, jerry gives him his knuckles , the girls blush
“I wasn’t . shut up dark twin”
“Yes you was. You even said that you would shave his balls and pluck his eyes and might I add, make him lick tom’s nostrils and take out all the mucus from it” jerry nods his head as he says 
“Ewwwwwwww” the girls exclaim
“That’s disgusting Boma “ Micheal screws up his face
“hey bro…you know I wouldn’t say nothing like that’’
“Yes you would” Micheal says matter of factly ‘’sadly I know you too well” 
“Fine. But because you were running late. I was even going to make you kiss my armpit” he smiled broadly
“I still wonder why we are friends “
“Because you love me, but hey, where is your princess for the evening, she bailed on you too?”
Micheal hides a smile, the boys don’t miss it “She is coming. She went to get dressed, she would be here shortly “ he couldn’t wait to see her walk through those doors..he couldn’t wait to see that smile he knew she would wear, he couldn’t wait to see how her eyes would sparkle and he couldn’t stop the nervousness tickling his toes.

Crap!!! What was happening to him, he never felt this way when he liked Gloria, this was different. Really different and he didn’t know how he can explain it.

“Oh thank God, I thought she wasn’t going to come again’’ Mimi says interrupting his thoughts
“By the way, you guys look nice “

 Micheal smiles looking them over
“Thank you Senior Micheal” The girls giggles, when Micheal turns back, he is frowning 
“God, can this night not get any annoying , please Lord, let the ground open up and swallow all our enemies” Boma says
“And the mami waters” Jerry turns in
“And the  winchy winchy walking down this way. “
“Amen” the three boys all do the sign of the cross, Mimi and Bunmi are frowning , wondering what they are saying and why, they exchange looks, not seeing the figure walking towards them
Micheal tenses, Chidera has spotted him and made way for him, coming close to him , she grabs his arms, pulling him close to her, ignoring the people standing beside him, she says sometimes to his ears which they don’t ear
“I wonder what she is saying now” Boma leans into the twins, not wanting the girls to hear
“Senior, are you referring to Senior Chidera?” Mimi tugs at his arm, Albima had excused herself five minutes earlier to go meet Miss Monica, so she missed all this drama
“No..maybe. why?”
Mimi looks at Bunmi, who is curious too “Why though?”
The boys exchange looks. They shrug .


“Nothing dear, “ he pats her hands as Albinma comes back , she sees Micheal and smiles 
“Hello Micheal, you are here, didn’t think you were coming..Hello Chidera how are—“
Micheal manages a small simile, Chidera snobs her and pulls Micheal away from them, 
“Where was Chidinma, she was meant to be here already “ he thinks to himself, as he pulls his arms away
 “Lord let this girl leave me alone tonight..please I want it  to be void of her drama. I want this night to be..nice “ 
Chidera is saying something and she grabs his hands again , he pulls away stepping out of her reach, he hears the guys laugh, Chidera doesn’t give up
“Please Chidera leave me alone please, my Partner would be here soon’’
“What do you mean by that Micheal. I know you are just kidding with me right?’’
He ignores her, turning to the door way he watches the door.
Presentations are on going, students are cheering, clapping, booing…everyone was having fun.
Chidera was like a fly buzzing in his ears, he wishes he could make her stop talking,
“Stop it Chidera, I am waiting for someone okay. Quit bugging me” he says
“Who the hell are you waiting for if not me” she says , angry now as she grabs his hands again..
But now he wasn’t listening . His heart had begun to beat really fast,

Chidera notice him stop and then she follows his eyes..
“Her” Micheal whispers
Chidera’s eyes pops out of their socket as soon as she sees who and her mouth drops as soon as she sees what Chidinma is wearing.
Micheal doesn’t realize he is smiling broadly until Chidera says 
“Are you smiling across at her..like at her right now?” she can’t believe her eyes. “And what in the lord’s name is she wearing??”
Wait, does this mean..does this mean that..that….they are here together…that,,No it can’t be. It just can’t be, and ..how come she can look like that …she gets to look like a princess with wings and she Chidera..…she wears  a simple beige dress, too long, too loose and no naked flesh to show and she Chidinma wears a flowery dress, no matter how loose it looked, her figures and curves still showed, and her back and her hair…who the hell allowed her to look this…..saying beautiful was …going to be painful to her, no….this ..this…THIS!!!!
She folds her hands into a fist, her nails piercing her inner palms

Not saying anything thing, Micheal sidesteps her and walks towards Chidinma, who is smiling shyly
“Helo Princess” he whispers as he does a bow, “Allow me escort you to your ball” he says giving her his arm, smiling shyly yet again she links her arm to his and he walks her into the wall
Chidera isn’t the only one staring.. the whole school is.
Chidinma had on a lovely, flowery dress, a small crown on her hair and angel white see-through wings on her back. It was a last minute costume change. While every other person opted for same colour attire or a touch of colour, Mimi would be dressing as a yellow chicken for her performance as a circus clown, and some other students having plain costume and the drama unit going all out,  Micheal had told them to look for something else, he would be dressed as a young prince, wearing a long end suit, when the time is near, but he wanted her to come dressed, when she had asked him why, he shrugs saying nothing that it might take a while for her to get into her costume and besides no one would help her attach her wings.
She had looked at him puzzled

“Yes” he nodded, telling her to follow him “and a crown too”
“A crown?” she exclaims
“Yep, you would be a princess tonight with wings” he says pulling her along

Going to their costume department, and drama unit, he had asked if they had angel wings and a crown, which they gave to him, asking Chidinma to bring him her dress he had sewed the tied wings to her dress, telling her he would take it off when they were done with the socials tonight, then he gave her the crown.
He knew she would look beautiful. He didn’t know how he knew that but he just knew she would take his breath away.
And she did, literally.
That was why he wanted her to come dressed, he wanted to show the whole world how angelic she looked….and this wasn’t exactly a prethought…he just wanted to and he was glad the way the ambience changed as soon as all eyes laid on her.
He mentally rubbed his chest…”Calm down Micheal, “ he says to himself, making his way through the hall with her arm linked with his, he stole glances to the Matrons and the management body seated on the higher floors..
A few risked a smile, Mother Cecil is frowning, his Father nods and Miss Monica gives a thumbs up
“Wow, the Student Body President does live by example doesn’t he…atleast he is talking the socials seriously, ‘’ she says into the mike.
Micheal had given a student his form to submit to her as soon as he entered the hall, he wanted it to be last minute and he achieved that. While Miss Monica continued to talk and present another act, performance , dance or music performances, the talking doesn’t seize and neither does the stares.
Murmuring, whispering, a brief “Oh my God”, a few “Wow” “She looks like an angel’ “A princess” She is a  junior “ He is a Senior,” “ OMG’S!!! “is that Micheal’s social dance partner?’’ “And I thought he was going to ask me” “No Me” “No Me” “I did tell you something was fishy, Martha said she thinks he asked her” “How would we know he did” “But you said Senior Micheal wouldn’t ask a junior” “Well he did more than ask anyways” “Oh dear lord, I wish it was me right now” “How dare her” “Oh she looks really beautiful” “I love her costume, why didn’t you think of that” flew around, But Chidera through it all was mute, her shock taking slower to leave her body and something of a dark emotion replaces it
He takes her to where the others were, Mimi and Bunmi fan around her 
“I swear, you just broke the school’s record of being the most beautiful girl in the room” Mimi touches her wings “Where did you get this”
“Senior Micheal. And I am not the most beautiful girl in the room” she replies, greeting Boma and the twins, who whistles and Boma gives her a sign of “Wow”, she smiles
Really, it took all the courage she had not to talk back, she battled within herself, she was shy. She was used to being a loner, a quiet girl with the green book and now, she has moved from Chidinma the Usain Bolt, to Chidinma the itch girl to The juice girl and now…amongst other names they might call her after this evening, she is sure there would be chidinma, the wing girl.
But the way he looked at her across the room made her knees feel weak and she didn’t’ know why, and when he smiled, she felt her heart catch within her chest.
What the hell was that, she didn’t know. And when he came towards her , not looking away and whispered ‘Princess’ for that whole minute she felt like one,actually walking into her own specially invited ball and he was some sort of some duke of a castle, she smiles to herself, Micheal says something that makes her blush 
“You are” Micheal says..clearing his throat he continuous “I mean ..everyone is beautiful, so are you”
“As soon as you walked in, it was like….BOOM!! everyone freezes and goes ..whose that girl..na na na na nahhh na na na na nahhh….and then we was going right here like ‘she’s our friend..na na na na nahh nah na na nah nahhhhhh’’ Mimi sang remixing Eve’s song doing the saucer hands and neck dance left to right, everyone laughs
Across the room, someone has squinted red eyes
Amaka, Temi and Dayo comes behind Chidera who hasn’t moved from her spot, she is staring at Micheal and the girl beside him , dangerously
‘’Erm Chidera, is that…” Amaka trails off as she sees Chidera’s face, she swallows
“Did Micheal just take her as his dance partner…and how come she gets to dress as beautiful as that?” Dayo looks at what they were wearing, it was fine and beautiful, but pailed in comparison to what

 Chidinma was wearing “I mean it’s not fair she gets to look that good, is it.?’’
“Chidera, is there anyting you want me to do??’’ Temi askes, bent on getting back in Chidera’s good graces
“Yes, plenty” Chidera hisses “Plenty” she repeats
“I hope you all are enjoying yourselves” Miss Monica says over the mike, everyone screams yes and cheers
“Fantastic, I hope you all are taking notes so we can pick out the best performances/ presentations and acts, and ofcourse the best costume and dance..and they get to get a price, wouldn’t you all want to win something?”
More clapping and cheering “Great so, onto the next event, our time is far spent, shall we welcome the 7th  dance presentation for  today..give it up for “Chicken and spice” ..performers are senior Jerry and Junior Mimi..nice one senior, another to follow rules…lets have your presentation”
Mimi looks at jerry who winks at her, they go back of the stage, throw on their chicken costume and climb back the stage, students are laughing and cheering , 
“Hit it DJ” jerry says to the Dj, it was a gospel hip hop song and they begin to flab their hands and dance “Chicken’’, mixing it with jumps, qwack, shaking their tush and moving around the stage.
Students are clapping and cheering , screaming the “Qwack qwack’’ with them when the music goes off and you hear Mimi and Jerry chorous “qwack qwack ..says the chicken.

 Qwack qwack do the chicken dance”
It takes a whole 3 minutes and as soon as the song end with their pose, the hall vibrated with cheers and whistling.
Three other performances are done, then The “Cheerleaders are invited ‘

“Performed by Juniors, Titi, Oroma and bisola”, the chubby girl, one with glasses and the flat chest girl runs up the stage, and perfume a mock cheer leading dance without the lifts and flips, they use their dance, knee down, stand up , jump around and jump.. they were booed off the stage
“okay okay settle down, “ Miss monica says laughing “Ok next is,……”
It goes on and on, students are eating and drinking, watching , clapping and cheering..
Micheal doesn’t let go of Chidinma’s hands throughout.
“Next is the Mime, performed by Senior Jerremy and junior Bunmi ‘mirror-man-mine” , 
His brother high fives him, he cuts knuckles with Boma and Micheal, the girls give each other a thumbs up as they go to the stage, . 
Jerremy is the man, Bunmi is the mirror, mimicking exactly what he does as though he is staring into a mirror, wearing identical clown outfits with red nose, fluffly overralls and afro, they mime, . he touches  his nose and she would do the same, he would rub his stomach and she would do the same, when he turns his tush and pinches it, instead of her to turn her and pinch hers, she kicks him instead.
That gets everyone laughing and cheering.

And at the end of their mime, everyone is clapping as they come down, highfiving them.
“and the next is performed by seniors Amaka and Senior David”
“And the next is performed by…
“And the next is performed by……”
Claps and cheers, boos and more boos for performances they didn’t like
“And we have two more before we go, performance by Senior Chidera and ..Herself” Miss Mona frowns, looking to the Matrons and to the crowd…not knowing what to do they nod..”Okay come on up Chidera”
Everyone looks as she walks majestically to the stage, when she turns and smiles, nodding to the Dj..he plays a soft tune, which she sways to, with her arms and then her waist, covering her eyes and then a fan appears behind her which she fans herself with, suddenly her friends Amaka, Temi, amd Dayo cheers and whistles, when she looks at the crowd, for fear, they clap and whistles, she smiles
She may not have  a dance partner but she would still make her presence felt, she would deal with Micheal later, after she wipes that smile off Chidinma’s face. The night was still young
Locking her knees, she taps her foot and dances, twirling round, then claps.. swaying like a leaf, faning her faces and using it to dance ..
she had practiced it hoping Micheal would join her but even if he didn’t practice with her, when they were on stage, all he had to do was stand there, one hand holding her , the other hand behind him while she danced around him. It was called the seductress dance,..after the man had wooed the woman, she dances this dance of surrender, afterwards they have sex till morning,  but no one needed to know about that. 
She couldn’t do all the moves because everyone was watching but she had every intention of showing Micheal every single move…later tonight in the darkened library. But now he had gone and ruined it by carrying that cunt of a girl..that girl she felt like slicing her neck open right now, rip off her wings and push her down the staircase..that girl she intends to make suffer for letting Micheal not send her..not dance with her..not sex her tonight.
But for now , she would dance alone…she was a good dancer and she made sure she rubbed Mr Adamu’s tummy earlier in the afternoon, whatever price there was, she was going to win it, she and her friends and he had told her he would take care of the results.

She smiled turning, bending and clapping, ..waving the fan and jumping.. her friends are usually the ones to start the cheering, no one dared to boo..no one
They clap and cheer for her as she comes off the stage
“Wow..erm..okay, now last performance for tonight is “Soul” performed by ..’she smiles “ Senior Micheal and Junior Chidinma”
They cheers went up when she called Micheal, a silence when she called Chidinma
Boma hands him the suit, he wears it over his shirt, taking her hand he whispers “Ready?”

She shakes her head. No she wasn’t ready, infact she should leave right now, she was freaking out…she was freaking oh….she was freakingggg outttt!!!
Micheal squeezes her hands…’’hey, look at me and no one else, assume it’s just both of us, like in the library, close your eyes and let me lead you”  he whispers into her ears, she nods
They are on the stage, its quiet..
Micheal nods to the Dj..”Imagine’’ by Mercy Me comes on, coursing through the hall and vibrating through the speakers, 
He gives her his hands, waiting for her to take his and he holds it tight, pulling her to him close, but not too close to cause angry stares from the matrons..but he wished no one else was there, he wanted her really close to feel the way his heart was beating

Resting her arm over his shoulders, leaning back, they danced..back and forth, side, twirl, spin, step one , step-two two- right and left, turn, spin, jump, twirl, spin and spin, dip, spread apart, walk in a circle placing palms side by side, change to the reverse circle, placing palms and palms apart, clap hands, turn without touching, he knees down, holding her hand she sits on his knees, and he dips her..
Cheers and claps goes up the roof, Chidera isn’t clapping…she is plotting, her friends are silently watching
Across the room the girls are cheering the loudest, Boma is feeling like a proud father and the twins like proud brothers
“That’s my Boy” Boma slaps one of their shoulders “See him Kinging right there” he smiles
And when she felt like she would fall, pulling her close, he lifts her up, but away from him and then twirls her mid air, this gets everyone to go ‘’Whoa” , dropping her down, he places her feet on his, and dances with her…
Nearing the end of the song, he nudges her apart, takes her around him, bringing her back, he twirls her infront of him, tilts her and dips her slowly to his left..
They stare right into each other’s eyes..not moving
And for that brief moment, he wished he could kiss her, right there and then, because this moment was beautiful and felt right..
“You are the most beautiful girl in the room chidinma, and you make me want..more” he says
Right before the entire room goes into a standing ovation. Pulling her up, Chidinma tries to hide her rising blush, what he said made her heart skip…he just told her she was the most beautiful girl in the room and he wanted something more…what more was that.. 
But her heart kept beating fast

“Take a bow princess” he whispers as he takes his
She smiles and takes a bow, giving her his arm to link, they make their way down, the whistling, cheers and claps don’t stop as they go back to their spot, not until Miss Monica had to call for silence..
But it was evident , they loved it, everyone did.
After then there was music and drama..and then …fooooooood
“Can I go meet my friends” she asked

He shakes his head
“Why not, I am not even going far, just next to you, next to Senior twins and Boma”
“Nope, you stay and eat with them every day. Today.. we are stuck to each other”
He looks up to find Chidera walking towards them, he saw her eyes flash in anger
Satan, not today.
He turns to Chidinma
“Do you want to go outside for fresh air?”
“No” she says 
“Okay let’s go” he takes her hands turning away “Guys, please do the needful” he says over his shoulders
“Hey..i said no…why..oh Mimi and Bunmi I would be right back” she says to them, they wave at her


Chidera is blocked “Move asshole” she hisses at Boma who bends to dust his shoes 
He ignores her “I said move, else I am going to push you so hard you would feel your ass literally break”
Boma straightens up…”look Chidera, you left where you were and came all the way to my face and telling me to move and I am wondering why”
“You are blocking me from passing”
“To where nah”
“Get out from my way, need to talk to Micheal”
“As you can see..he isn’t here” Jerry says folding his arms
“He was standing here , just went through that back so fxxk off from my way” she whispers for their ears only

“Sorry love, we won’t, so if you want to see Micheal, you would have to go all the way round..and find him. We not leaving here so…..shoooo pussy cat” Boma uses his hands to gestulate
‘’Call my name with respect. Maybe daddy Boma” he smiles
“Fxxk you. You will regret this”
“No thank you, you aren’t my type.. maybe the twins can have you”
“Er ewwww karashika things, sorry our royal balls won’t even want to be touched by the mami water hands…maybe the dejected souls in hell can have her” they replied folding their hands and blocking the way
Mimi, Albima and Bunmi had left to go get juice for five of them, they come back to meet Chidera storming away
“What happened Boma” Albinma asks him, watching Chidera’s back
“oh nothing. We were just weeding’’ he smiles
“Mimi” Bunmi whispers…”Do you find anything strange about Chidera ?”
“yeah… like this is the second time she is coming to our spot”
“Yeah, and I think it has to do entirely with Senior Micheal”
“What does that mean?”
“I don’t know…maybe..maybe ..oh I don’t know, we would ask the seniors later, they don’t seem to like her very much, did you notice that too?”
Mimi nodded as they continue to whisper, then Bunmi smiles
“Why are you smiling?”
She shrugs “No reason, just that ..i wonder if Senior Micheal might tell her something nice. “
“oh…” Mimi smiles too “Well you never know..and I don’t have 500 bucks to give you if he does”
“heh!!! You can always gimme your chicken”
They laugh
Micheal takes her to a spot, just behind the building, not many people knew about the back-end., he used to come here with Gloria too
Hissssshhhhh!!! History..past.. forgotten. Who the hell is Gloria .

He sighs 
“What is it and why are we here Se—erm Mucheal?”
“Just getting away from busy bodies. And want to be alone with you”
They were seated on the pavement, he turns to face her, their shoulders brush against each other..
“Why? Well its a lot of thing why..i wonder where I should start”
“Anyway, from the first maybe” she says
“Ok…I think with the most important one”
“Which is?’’
He turns away… takes a deep breath. 
One two three go…you can do it Micheal…tell her how you feel..tell her you like her
He opens his mouth and closes it, shaking his head
“I can’t”
“you can’t what” she is curious, why did he bring her out here, why does he suddenly look nervous and why is her heart beating fast, like as if..as if she is scared for something..or was it fear? She doesn’t know
“I can’ because I don’t know how you would take it and I don’t want you to take it the wrong way or worse..reject it..me”
She shakes her head “I don’t understand”
“Haven’t you noticed it though?”
That I like you
“That…you have a beautiful smile, and you are a great dancer as of today and you are a nice person “ and I really really do like you . he doesn’t add it
She smiles “ thank you and I had a good teacher”
He smiles nodding “Yes you did, yes you did. So ..shouldn’t you get a reward though as an excellent student”
“Oh..i do deserve one don’t I Micheal. Okay..give it here..my present” she says giving him her open palm, which he looks at and closes it with his open palm
“Its not something you can’t hold in your hands” he says
“Oh..then what is it?”
He is staring at her.. 
Just tell her micheal, he says to himself
What if she rejects me or worse get angry and leave, I would literally want to die
Just tell her micheal
I can’t
Then what do you want to do?
“Micheal..what is it?’ she is looking directly into his eyes and he is looking back..
That moment.. that moment

He leans to her, and slowly closes the distance between their faces and places a kiss to her lips
Then he leans away “I..i am sorry but I have been dying to do that for God knows how long and …and I really want to do that again but am sorry, I won’t if you are upset with me, please don’t get angry” he says
Chidinma blinks a couple of times.

Did Senior asin Senior Micheal just kiss her and ..wait did he just…like KISS HER
Then her brush rose making her all pink on her fair chicks.. she touches her lips
“Why did you do that?”
“Because I like you Chidinma , isn’t that obvious”
“But I am a junior”
“Doesn’t matter…well I should but it doesn’t to me. Its what I feel and I like you and I know its craz’y but…hell I do like you..maybe as long as we first talked and all I wanted to do was have you always around thus..the library incident and other times to just talk to you and while we danced you looked so beautiful and right now..right now all I want to do is kiss you again..more..better..you know but it’s okay if you want to slap me…I shouldn’t have..but I really do want to again” he said it. Now wait for the slap, or worse she would get up and run away and he would die when she says she doesn’t want to ever talk or see him again or go and report him. He closes his eyes..
Then he felt her..lean in and kiss his cheeks
His eyes shoots open , he turns
Chidinma didn’t know why she did that or why she is still sitting her and haven’t ran away…her mind is telling her to but part of her doesn’t want to.

Infact if she was being honest..that kiss made her feel..want..ARGH!!! without thinking she leans in and kisses his cheeks. 
“There we are even” 
He smiles, shaking his head “Not near even” he touches her face “Can I kiss you again Chidinma?’’
She doesn’t say anything, with the way he was staring at her, holding her face with both his hands…the way her heart was beating fast, she couldn’t say anything other than to nod

He leans in, slower now and kisses her, slowly, very gently.. and before long she is following his lead, having not ever been kissed or kissed before..it felt..it felt strangely..exciting. really really good.
She had heard people talk about being kissed, watched movies where they kissed but she never realized that it would feel like she is flying, floating in bliss..
They kiss for long time…
They break apart as though someone poured coal on them, they turn to find the figure standing in the dark..

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Chapter 15 coming soon… don’t miss it
Predict what happens in the next chapter and who is that in the dark that just caught them..
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Grind better, Hustle harder..just Soar!!!


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