​I stand irrespective of how many falls I have had.

I smile, regardless of the circles under my eyes.

I laugh, knowing that I once had to use that mouth

to wail in anger and despair.

I hope, knowing that there is light at the tunnel.

I give up, not because I can’t keep trying, but on people 

who hold the door open to show me their backs.

I fight, because I see thesame fire in their eyes because 

they are in mine.

I love, fearlessless, passionately , no pretends, no halftruths, 

100 percent all in..because Someone is worth it all.

I dance, life is a party.

I pray..because my knees are meant to touch the earth, my heart 

open to love him, my lips to praise him and me to fully adore him

I clap, let them hear the cong sound soon to beat.

I keep pushing, because before i must become victorious ..i must 

first win the battle and giving up on life and possibilities and future 

is no option.

I believe. .because faith is all that I need.

I live..because that’s what I am..

A living testimony..

I am me..because I can’t be anything other than I am.

Stephanie Egberike. .is my name..

My words ..my gifts..

And I am a light. .meant to shine. .even if in my own world of 

characters and magic…atleast it inspires someone to believe.

Stephanie Egberike 


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