Helo,  Are you all following my story “Let’s Play Cupid ” on 
If you aren’t you should. 

How to find it. 

Go to and search for 

“Let’s play cupid “.

It is an interesting read. You don’t want to miss it.
We are on chapter 11 already. 4 more chapters to go. So hurry up now.
And other stories you would find by me includes in no particular order.
Walk of shame  (Completed

The other woman (completed)

All I want for Christmas  (Completed )

Amaka ( Completed )

My Boss’s Ex-wife  (Completed )

Let’s Play Cupid  (On-going)
And many more would follow.
You can also find them on wattpad.

Download the app if you don’t.  Register and to easily get to my works.
Search for my name “Stephanie Egberike ” and my works would pop up.

You can find these and others there as well.
And you can get a few of them in Okadabooks. 

Yes it’s an app. But with this you can download the books for a little token. Yes.. little token. 

The ministry must move to the permanent site .

Wakeup !!!! Chapter 11 of my story “Let’s play Cupid” is here…..e haf come o😄!!!!
So 4 more chapters to blink you miss.
Here…click on link below 👇 and be whisked to Happy land. Hehe.
Ps : I see your swear you all rock. I would be smiling from ear to ear.
All you are happy that my “Gerald ” is getting sidelined…is nor good oh. Lol
And those of you be doing “Love in the air love in the air” because my furnnne Adam be holding my troublesome nurse in that corner and and be asking her bedroom questions.. your heart is doing you pipo gim gim gim and be salivating over their kiss…is eet your kiss???? 
Lol shoot!!! I just leaked info…
Oh well,  I thought you all have reach there. Oya go go and go..
Ps : you don’t want to miss chapter 12 yo… 
Pss: It wasn’t me and Itchy fingers that write chapter 12 oh…so…we would be unavailable to answer questions.  (Don’t fret oh…its nor what you are thinking) LOL.
Oh don’t let me bore you.
Here is chapter 11. Read, enjoy it.  And please please don’t forget to drop a comment in the Madivas comment box section.  Really appreciated.  

Then come back here….let’s gossip. Hehe
And don’t blink…
Let’s go 👇


The reasons I smile alot is because, really… what do you achieve by frowning. . Makes your face all rumpled ..such waste of beautiful features.

And well. .Maybe becuz when I see the camera I just go…hey…smile😂.. that too.

Or maybe becuz I know, okay life is hard, it’s a huge bag of agbalumo, kpekere chips and fat ass lemons..but, that’s life. Do we let it eat up all our joy and  then we wallow in self pity or..we take those huge fat rocks it throws at us and make something. .well I dinor. .just make something ..oh I have it 🤔..make a stepping stone to going higher.

No one said it’s going to be easy, but hell,  we are still here, so we might as well try., we might not be where we want but we sure as hell ain’t where we used to be so. .keep pushing.

Oh I smile becuz I wake up everyday,  whole.. not perfect but near perfect enough to look up and be thankful to that awesome God up there 👆, He is immensely more than awesome by the way for keeping me, with all my tantrums and whatnot😅.. and when I look and see my siblings, crazy and stuff..#mehn. .they gonna gimme grey hairs before I actually do get them. But I love them still. , I see, touch and hug them. And momma, that queen..topnotch🤘😘 I mean..mothers are a blessing. I love mine. So imagine,  there is alot to smile and be happy about.

And’s little gifts, friends, Hustle. .all that jazz. We still pushing. 

And I know another reason for my smiles, #MyArt #WritingIsMyArt #WriteMyGift. .this.I smile alot. Not just what I see what my hands can do..I call it my other muse for me..#ItchyFingers. .my fingers got a name yo!!😎..anyways..I smile not  only because of what it etches out..but..when it does..and I get people who read them, see  ehen, those feedbacks guys..amazing🤘. it doesn’t matter how little,  my face breaks out into a huge smile and I ‘Awwwnn’. To have my stories teach, inspire,  motivate, or even entertain and to have such amazing readers find joy in reading them..and leave those amazing comments..I swear, it’s a dose of happiness to me. So this is me..saying thank you guys..I swear, you make me a better writer,  not wanting to stop..😘#StephanieEgberike😘
Helo Thursday. .


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