Undeniably Karma $Chp 15

They pulled even further away from each other.
Chidera, stood there. 
She had gone around , going out the front entrance of the hall, passing by some students, going round back so she could get here. 
Angry at Boma and the disgusting Beatis and Butthead twins, she cursed under her breath when she hits a plank.
If she was going back the way Micheal and that cunt of a girl went, she wouldn’t have much trouble, but this back entrance has planks either lying on the wall, unused desk and chairs blocking her view, a tank and some other stuffs blocking her way.
Like here was the place they packed up things to be thrown away that was tangible enough and can’t fit into a small size bin.
Climbing over a broken desk she curses again,  
“Boma, shit face Boma, expired cum from his prostitute mother …oh your time is coming .” she curses, wiping dust from her hands, and going under a plank, avoiding the cobwebs that had covered there. 
It was already dark, her watch was saying 8:45 and the event was slated to close in another 30 minutes.
The fact that Micheal had seen her coming and deciding to avoid her, took that girl with him was annoying enough, and the fact that they left through the back and to God knows where…was dangerously annoying to her…
Oh God help you Chidinma ….
No..God can’t save you from my wrath.. He dare not even try.
Ripping her head off her shoulders is a thought, planking her knees from the back is another.
With that she picks a plank from the ground, and corners to move.

Then she heard voices.. 
Then she saw shadows, not able to see clearing what they were doing because they were in the darkened area of the backyard..
She calls his name. Suddenly she saw them move
Wtf!!!!! What where they doing, she bends over the last plank, moves the desk out of her way, closing the distance she comes and stands infront of them, the plank behind her, not visible to them. It was slightly dark afterall and the lights were in the fronts. Besides , no one was expected to be at the back in the dark..
Micheal , sighing gets up, if only time would freeze, he would have continued to enjoy that magical moments with Chidinma, now the Wicked step-mother from Cinderella stories decides to leave the book and comes to disrupt his sweet bliss. Lord , why me!!!
“What are you doing here with …with her?”
“Senior Chidera …Goodevening”

 Chidinma says from where she sat, Oh God, I hope she didn’t see us, she might report us to the school Management and ..we would be expelled and my mother will kill me. Chidinma bites her lower lips, fidgeting
“Are you stupid. Are you mad..you are talking to me, get on your knees this instant and tell me what right you have to be with a Senior at night back of the building without light and to be with Micheal…My-“
“Whooa  hey…..like Chidera are you high?” he cuts her immediately ,

 Chidinma gets up , she was in soup.
 Senior Chidera probably never liked her, now…she was going to punish her for being with a boy, a senior for that Matter….oh lord!!
Chidera takes a step closer, drags Chidinma’s hands and pulls her down , dragging her to her knees, she still held the plank safely behind her, she would use it on her fast and quick, before she starts asking the real questions
Micheal drags her hands away from chidinma , Chidinma rubs her arms

 “Senior Chidera i-‘’ she trails off
“Don’t say anything to her Chidinma’’ he says
“you will get on your knees unless I would alert the managements “
With Fear, Chidinma made to knee, 
“Don’t you dare it Chidinma” he stops her pulling her up
“But Micheal.. “ she forgets and corrects herself immediately “Senior Micheal…if I don’t-“
“Hey….my head hey…” Chidera is jolted back, did she just hear Chidinma , this cunt of a junior calling Micheal..her Micheal by his name …hey God. It was inevitable.. someone was dying this night and it sure wasn’t her. So..that meant,that they are so close enough now that she goes on a first name basis with him..have they..were they…. Hey gawd!!
Chidera reaches and grabs Chidinma by her dress and pulls her closer,

“Let her go Chidera” Micheal holds her hands
“Now you have my attention,what the fxxk have you been doing with my boyfriend and who gave you the right to call him by his name and how long have you both being sneaking around and have you screwed him yet…what the hell were you both doing in the dark here eh ANSWER ME YOU SLUT”!!! she shakes her.
Chidinma is shocked, she gasps and her knees suddenly felt weak…”Boyfriend????? And ..nothing I haven’t done anything with …boyfriend ???”’ taken aback
“She is lying Chidinma. Let her go CHIDERA, LET HER GO!!’’ he tugs at Chidera’s hands but she only squeezed tighter
“Micheal didn’t I tell you I won’t share you with another, didn’t I tell you that if any girl as much as smiles to you or if you as much as take interest in another girl other than me I would run her to the ground, and of all people it’s a junior…this slut!!”’
“I am not a slut Senior Chidera’’ she spat back “ And if Senior Micheal is your boyfriend …wow, that is news to me but ….nothing has happened between us..like that. I am not like that and to have you say such things is absurd. I know I may be wrong for being here with a senior but I haven’t done anything for you to insinuate such… I am sorry, please let me go.”
Micheal tugs her hand again, she was ruining Chidinma’s dress, and she was making her upset, he didn’t like it, he didn’t want her to believe whatever Chidera was spewing
“Don’t believe a word of what she is saying Chidinma, she is just obsessed with me and forces herself on me …let her go!!’’ he tugs her hands away and pushes her gently away from Chidinma. Standing between them, he points to her
“You are crazy Chidera I swear you need help” He turns to Chidinma
“Don’t listen to what she says, I don’t have a girlfriend, I had..sometime ago one Gloria girl but that’s history. A wound closed a while ago. Chidera has been obsessed with me for God knows how long and she parades herself like my girlfriend and I don’t even like the girl”
‘I want to go please” she choked the words out, so Micheal brought her out here to kiss her only to find out he had a girlfriend who was non other than the wicked Senior chidera, now everything had  begun to make sense, puzzles fitting. The day she came to the hostel and looked as though she had a personal vendetta against her. But then..she and Micheal weren’t even talking..
Oh crap after the race, they had begun talking.
Then the cafeteria incident, pouring juice all over her because she sat at his table..
And and..
Oh that’s why Chidera has been mean to her. It made perfect sense now..
Senior Micheal was her boyfriend, she didn’t know they did that in this supposed christain school.  Well , she didn’t know they..she and Micheal could kiss in this christain school so… 

Everything made sense.
Micheal was her…boyfriend , Chidera’s boyfriend and she Chidinma, the junior …a junior hanging with him and kissing him in the dark..
Yes, Chidera had every right to be angry
She was so stupid, stupid to have allowed herself lured into this. Her chest hurts, her eyes stings, Micheal was saying something to her she didn’t want to listen, she just wanted the ground to open and she disappear

He life was so much better before the race, before Micheal
Before the kiss
And it hurts because she actually did like the kiss..
And she actually have begun to really like Micheal..
But….this..this was all a lie, maybe he wanted to have two of them both. A senior and a junior
What did her mother say about “Men being liars and cheats” maybe her mother under stood it all
She  felt a pang of pain, he was holding her face 
“Chidinma ..listen to me princess” he begs “ It’s all a lie”
Chidera pulls him away from her “ I am here, you are talking to her and calling her a princess, I would show you how magical a princess can be” she pulls him to the side, raising the plank she swings , intending it to hit Chidinma who lets out a scream , covering her face..waiting for impact..but , she felt something else over her
“Oh Lord..Micheal” Chidera exclaims, she drops the plank and holds her mouth
Chidinma who had covered her face with her hands , drops it down to find Micheal had covered her,  
“’Micheal?’’ Chidinma gasps, 
Micheal winces in pain, stepping away. It hurt like hell, the back of his head, he touches it and felt something  like a liquid trekking down all too suddenly  …
“I am sorry…baby I am sorry “ Chidera exclaims coming closer to him, he puts his hands before him, telling her to stay away
“Don’t Chdiera..dont’ you dare “
“Why did you block her….its your fault “ she grabs the plank again and raises it, this time Chidinma reaches for it, Micheal felt dizzle, he staggers , but he manages it grab it from Chidera’s hands and throws it away.. Chidinma steps away
“I swear if you do that..i don’t know what I would do to you” he says, he shakes his head, to clear out the pain and dizziness
Chidera looks at him and back at Chidinma, she sneers at her “ You think he can stop me from getting to you you think? You don’t realize what’s happening do you? You just stepped on a lion’s tale and I would roar”
“I haven’t done anything to you ..i had no idea,  I haven’t done anything to you” Chidinma wailed silently, she just wants to leave here and disappear into her shell
Chidera makes for her, Micheal stands infront, placing Chidinma behind him

 “ Stop it Chidera” he shouts at her
“You are shouting on me because of that rat behind you….” She sneers pointing at Chidinma  , everytime she moves, Micheal blocks her, his hands stretched out to push her away. His head was aching, he could barely focus but he wouldn’t let her touch Chidinma, and he couldn’t hit her or push her hard either, she was a girl, she could get injured, he isn’t like that… he felt blood trekking down his neck, he hopes its not a big wound, maybe a slight cut, 
“I am shouting on you to leave her alone because –’’
“Because what…because what Micheal tell me…who the hell is she to take my man from me, she well? She high..i will crush her”
“She is chidinma , chidera…and I swear she means more to me this very moment than you would ever mean in  a life time. The sooner you get it into your head the better you let go of this disiilusioned thoughts in your head that I am yours or we have something or had..whatever story you are going with. So stop it right now. You and I can never have anything..Never!!!!”’
You could see the hurt in her eyes, but what laid behind the hurt was an even deadlier glare
“And if you think I am going to sit back and let this..this thing have what’s mine you are seriously joking” she told him, staring over his shoulders at Chidinma “I swear I would ruin you, even to the ground you walk on. I swear it. His words don’ hurt me as much as the fact that it’s because of a mere rat..a junior he is talking to me like this , do you know who I am? Do you know why they call me Queen Chidera, you should ask around for me, I would squeeze you in my palm and turn you to dust Chidinma… today, your savior is here, he wouldn’t be always…but trust me I would come for you and you wouldn’t see me coming” she says
“Yo!! Mickey Mickey”” Boma is heard calling him, in less than a minute he comes and meets the scene 
“What the fxxk!!” he exclaims , frowning, seeing Chidinma behind Micheal and Micheal holding on to Chidera or pushing her away, without waiting to find out he comes, pulls chidera away from them and stands infront of her “I don’t know what’s going on here but I think you should leave” he says
“What you fool!!” she raises her hands up to slap him , how dare he touch her and dared to drag her away, her anger at this point, she could face the devil, 
Boma was quick, he blocks her hands , “ look, I am not one of your dogs that you bark and they come crying mummy, my mother raised me in the way that no woman can come and think she is above me, your hands touches me…mine would be double, I am a man and I wont take nonsense from a  spoilt girl.”  He nudges her away, not even gently 
“Boma..let her be”
“I will get all of you…all of you. Boma you are already in my books, this is tipping it over, and you slut of a girl hiding behind my boyfriend and this morom here….watch your back. “ she spat, walking away
Boma turns, perplexed “What the hell bro, what did that bitch of a girl do here… me and the guys didn’t let her through hoping she leaves it, didn’t actually think she would go all the way round. I was coming to tell you the gig is rounding up and they have been giving awards.. you and Chidinma have been called a couple of times to come pick yours..you guys won best of performance and custome and…whoa are you okay?” he holds on to the staggering Micheal “ What’s wrong?”
‘’She hit him.. I mean she was aiming to hit me and he came infront and the plank..she hits him” Chidinma says, now a tear escapes her eyes, watching as Boma made him seat on the pavement
“That evil bitch!!!” Boma exclaims, touching Micheal’s head, and removing his hands, he notices the blood. “Crap!! You are bleeding “
‘’I don’t think it’s a big wound”
 Micheal Mutters, closing his eyes briefly, he wasn’t much concerned about the pain in his head, he opens his eyes and looks at Chidinma, he was concerned in the pain in her eyes, he didn’t want to see what he is seeing now…she was looking at him as though he lied to her, she looks as though she was being betrayed…how does he tell her, make her understand that nothing Chidera said was the truth.  Boma bends his head, using the pen touch from his pocket and looks at it


“Thankfully it isn’t , but still you need to get to the clinic so they do a bit of first aid to it. Plus your back shirt is stained. And you both are needed in here” he nods to the hall
“I don’t want to go there..i just want to go away….” Chidinma sniffs
Micheal makes to get up, sways abit, Boma supports him ‘’Dude, lets get you to the clinic, atleast something for that ache I am sure you getting, and …this dizziness” Boma frowns
“I am okay Boma, “ he says standing up, taking a step, he grabs Chidinma’s hands and lifts her face up to stare into her eyes
“I know this…all this isn’t what you want ..i know, it sort of just blew up in your face. But know this…I never have had anything to do witht that girl…never”
“Which girl? That witch Chidera?’’ Boma scoffs “ She has been throwing herself to him since she could spell the word “SEX’’ and my boy hear sees her green light and jumps the fence” he says, not knowing what happened but curious, he felt he should chip in, if Chidinma for a second thinks anything was going on witht that girl and his boy, as a friend, he felt he should clear the air, he looks around and finds the plank laying close to the wall, 
So Chidera actually wanted to hit Chidinma with that, if Micheal hadn’t stood in the way God knows where that thing would have landed, if it could make Micheal Bleed, it would be worse for Chidinma
That girl was evil.
No. a new word for evil in the dictionary was Chidera
The Devil was learning.
If Chidera had much as touched his face with her palms, God knows he would have descended on her, highest thing he would have been given suspension or worse explusion but he would have been glad to give her Tit or Tat. He wasn’tt one of her play things…he was a street dog and street dogs don’t have masters, Micheal was the reason he became calm, respectful, even good. 
Chidera should respect herself 

“I don’t want to know I just..please I am sorry the plank got to you but please…please I don’t want any trouble, just let me go and don’t talk to me and come near me again, my life was peaceful and okay before you, now its just choatic and now Senior Chidera is threatening hell over me..me? how do I defend myself, I don’t want trouble” she releases her hands from his and begins moving away
He knew if he lets he go..it would be hell getting her back
“Chidinma..its not easy okay..i can’t just let you go like that. You have to understand me please.” He closes and opens his eyes
“You shoud go to the clinic” fear fills her voice, her eyes worried
“I don’t care if my head fills like its been run over by a bus.  I just need you to understand me that..me and her..never have been , never will be. All lies. She ..she has been all up in my case since my ex..but I never gave her the time of the day. Now…she is just jealous because there is someone I like and that someone is you..and she can’t stand that fact. Look Chidinma, nothing will happen to you, as long as I am here. So..please don’t look at me like that..i never lied to you, I would never lie to you plesse… not talking you for the past weeks was crazy for me, knowing how I feel right now and that I care about you..i can not just stay and not talk or see you…I might go mad.  I can’t really place all the emotions running through me right now but know this Chidinma, I like you, I like you a whole damn lot and ..being with you even though briely, maybe not talking but just seating is enough for me..please don’t take that away, please. I am really really sorry about all this…really I am. But I am here..i am here and I am willing to go through it all..just don’t give up on me even before you took a achance with me Chidinma…please. Its you I care about..not her,. Its you I want ..not her.. its you I kissed …not her, never will be her, so trust me, have faith in me…believe me..please” he says 
Damn Micheal.. Boma breathed … Damn. 
He smiles shaking his head, his boy is all grown up now dishing out cool lines..from the heart. 
His boy was inlove..this alone was effing proof
God punish Chidera,he chuckles under his breath
“I don’t’ mean to be a party pupar but..you need to get to the clinic quick and ..people would start wondering where you guys are..i did tell you that your names have been called”
“Let’s go to the clinic” Chidinma, not knowing what to say decides to leave it for later “ We would talk about that later”
“I hope you report that scrap sckalawag girl-”
“I can’t even if I wanted to, I have to first explain what I was doing in the dark behind the building and why Chidinma was there with me and how she found us. I don’t want to get Chidinma into trouble ..so I can’t” he says
“So what would you say?” Boma is curious 
“I tripped and fell, after the dance, and you saw me and helped me down here..case closed”
“But she has to be dealt with Mickey”
“Yes but not today”


“Fine” Boma says, “ Why don’t you both go ahead and I go back in there and let them know ..what happened even though that didn’t happen but I have to lie. Hate this..i want her to burn. See you guys back at the clinic. “ 

As Boma leaves, Micheal is looking at Chidinma , she is quiet
Please please don’t run away from me, he pleads within
Slowly they made their way, following the back..so that the students don’t see him and the blood stain and be alarmed, news spreads like wide fire
“Micheal? Chidinma?’’ this was the 10th time they were calling them, the students who were sent to look for them came back shaking thei heads, students are already mummuring, Miss Monica standing at the center of the stage, with Senior Albinma and Mother Theressa holding the last three awards which they have won. Heads are turning, but Micheal nor Chidinma seem not to be within the crowd or inside the hall
“Where do you think they went to..make out?” the three friends who stood together are wondering, the slimmer of the two, touches her glasses  resting it on her nose says 
The fat chubby one scoffs “ Like because they came together, danced together you think Senior Micheal likes her? Puleeze..don’t make me laugh”
“but if they aren’t outside making out and not inside here either so where are they? It’s bad enough that they literally won the best awards, making all the girls wish they were the ones dancing with him,  majority of the girls were dying of envy, even me, and her dress with wings and a crown, dear lord, kuku kill me, now now…while everyone is here they aren’t..i don’t even want to think sef.. my chest is paining me”  the flat chested girl says rubbing her flats , the two girls laughs
Chidera had walked in angrily back into the hall, pacing back and forth in her small corner, Amaka, Dayo and Temi, seeing her face and the way her chest kept heaving up and down, they knew that whatever that got her walked up was bad..really bad.
She had told them she was going to look for Micheal and if he came back inside they should find her and let her know.
Looking out for Micheal the girls had been alert, watching the door, across the room they saw Boma and the twins and friends of Chidinma talking and laughing, and when the socials ended and awards were about to be given, Albinma was called up to present beside Mother Theressa since Micheal had participated.
But Chidera hadn’t said a word, even when Dayo had asked her why her dress was dusty she didn’t answer

The only words they kept hearing from her mouth was “Chidinma ..i have to do something to Chidinma..i have to do something to her..something bad, something..really bad” she kept repeating and repeating, her finger in her mouth , her brows furrowed, pacing back and forth
They stood watching her and the door, Micheal hadn’t come back in. Did she see him, what did she find. 

Was he with Chidinma…what were they doing?
When Chidera gets mad, she gets really mad.
And they know how it goes….
When she decides what she wants done, nothing can stop her…God saves the person she is targeting.

Boma having returned back to the hall, breaks through the crowd, walking up the stage he whispers into Miss Monica’s ears, she frowns, then her eyes darts to where the Principal sat
She clears her throat..
“okay, Micheal and Chidinma won’t be available to take their awards…can we have their friends do that in their stead”
“I will take for Micheal, ‘’ he says smiling
“Okay…and for Chidinma?”
Bunmi and Mimi startled by the annoucements are frowning, walking forward they go up the stage
“We  would take the awards on behalf of Chidinma ‘’ Bumi says
“Okay..well a round of applause for them please” Miss Monica says, it was accompanied with murmurimg,
Miss Monica heads to where he sat, bending low she tells him, some words were said, then he nods, Mother Theresa , curious goes to them.
“I wonder what’s going on”
“Why isn’t Micheal here”
“More importantly..why isn’t Chidinma here,or  are they  somewhere together “
Chidera turns swiftly and stares at Temi, she swallows
Okay. Question answered 
‘’But what did Boma Tell Miss Monica , and why did she go to the principal”
“To tell them that he was planked behind his head and he is bleeding” Chidera  says 
‘’What..what??’’Amaka chokes 
‘’By who?”” Temi and Dayo gasps , without saying another word, Chidera turns and walks away.
It doesn’t look like tonight was the night she was going down, and if Boma had told them about Micheal and no one had called her name..that means he didn’t tell them that she was the one who planked him.
Good. She would have told them that she found him with a girl behind the hall…having sex and because she caught them , he wanted to hit her with the plank  because she told them that she was going to report them, while dodging him, she had picked up the plank she saw on the ground to defend himself and it had hit his head.

Well it wasn’t believable but she would had made sure Mr Adamu had backed her up, and it seemed he had a few upper hands with the matrons..

It would have flown.
But today, today wasn’t the day she goes down..
Now, she would plot her next move

Chidinma has no idea whats coming for her, and the sweetest thing is that she wouldn’t see her coming..
Someone should have told her to run when she saw her…someone should have told Chidinma that Micheal was marked “Chidera”
Now not even God…can stop her.

She continuous walking
Miss Monica comes back to close the socials, asking them to siNG their closing theme.. and bade them a good night “Lights out is by 11 pm”
The hall bursts out in cheers “ I know…its socials night so you have an extra hour…to prepare for bed. So…goodnight everyone”
The Principal and Mother theressa followed by another Matron leaves the hall.
Students slowly disperse..
“I wonder why Senior and that junior isn’t here’’
“Did something happen to him, I wonder what they were talking about”
“I hope it didn’t have anything to do with that junior”
They whispered to themselves as the students filed out
“Erm..okay, Senior Boma..what’s happening, where is Senior Micheal and Chidinma?”


Mimi asks as soon as Boma walks up to them, 

“The school’s clinic..”
“Wait what?”” they chorused
“Let’s just go..tell you on the way”
“What is he doing there..did something happen to him?” Jerry nudges him
“or Chidinma?” the fear  registered in her voice, 
“Dude tell us..what

 happened?”Jerremy is impatient 
“What do you think? Chidera happened “ Boma replies 
The boys are silent
“Senior Chidera????’’ Mimi and Bunm exchanges looks
“Later girls, once His father is back from the clinic which I think that’s were he is headed, guess we can see him, it isn’t something serious”
Chidinma sat quietly by the corner, Matron Cecil was the first to see them, after 21 questions she lets them be, after cleaning up the wound 
“It’s a small cut, thankfully”
“Yes it is”
“And …you weren’t looking?”
“Yes Ma’am” 
 she keeps quiet
The door opens and ushers  in The Principal and a few others
“what’s the situation Matron” he says walking into the room
“Good evening sir,” she greets, removing the gloves from her hands, and throwing into the dustbin,

 Micheal was facing the other way, he didn’t need to turn to know that voice
 “ Nothing serious sir”
‘’Good evening Sir, Good evening Matrons” Chidinma, seated was already fidgeting, she kept clasping and unclasping her hands, biting her lip..
Micheal trying to catch her eyes , Mouths “Relax…just relax”
The Principal spares her a glance, the Matrons are standing behind him, Mother Theressa has a perplexed look on her face , but they nod to her greeting, Miss Monica smiles, she always smiles at her, it felt uncomfortable..
“Yes father’’ Micheal  says turning, the back of his shirt was stained with blood, Mother Cecil had cleaned his neck and the wound, putting a tiny plaster to it. 
“Are you okay?”
“Yessir. It was dark and I didn’t see”
“But what were you doing out in the dark while everyone was inside, infact what were both of you doing there?” Mother Theressa asks

Chidinma swallows
“I went to..erm..ease myself, the toilet was occupied inside the hall and I couldn’t wait”
“And you went to the back?”
“The hostel was too far at the moment and besides…I didn’t want to go far incase I was needed.. and anyways I sort of tripped and fell, the plank lying on the wall falls and hits me when my body made contact with it. Boma ..my friend saw when I was walking back out to the front, so I told him I needed to get to the clinic and he said he would inform you all. Because he came out to look for me when he found me”
“And her?” Mother Theressa, still not finding the story believable
“She was my social dance partner for the socials Ma’am, Boma told her , then she offered to follow me here because I felt dizzy and my head was aching”
“Child,  you can go to your hostel now”Mother Theressa says,

Chidinma made to get up


“Actually,  i would like to walk her back , she walked me here, can’t I walk her back?”
“Well, I guess she can walk herself, better yet, Miss Cecil can-”
“Let him” Mr Christopher, the Principal says, . Micheal was his son, but both of them weren’t exactly close like father and son, ever since his wife died, he had suddenly felt detached from everything. Even his son, he had taken care of him, the money was there for his wellbeing, he made sure he was okay, made sure he studied and came out with good grades.
 He ,may not have time to ask him personal questions or be all up in his face to know what he is thinking, or feeling or what issues he is having, or…well…to talk about things boys his age might want to talk about…girls and whatnot,  he didn’t have that time and besides… he was proud to have a son who was intelligent , atleast , aside getting his wife’s looks, she was a beauty. Everyone thought Micheal should have been a girl, with his long lashes, fine features, when he smiles, he sees his wife’s face, perfect dentition, atleast he got that from him, and his height. Micheal was a spilitting image of his wife facially, but bodywise and every othe thing, Micheal was him, all smart, brains and all. At least he was proud of him.
Since running a christain school, it was a way to channel all his energy into something else, he had quit from the bank, . this was her school, her dream. And he thought this was the only way to keep her alife…in every spheres of life.
She loved children, and that was the last thing she said to him before drawing her last breath
“Take care of those kids, don’t close  down the school..and burn down the memory of what I have always wanted to do.. inculcate good values in those chidren, teach them, mold them to be better, have their futures bright. Take care of those kids chris…take care of our son”
“But I can’t do it alone ‘’
“Yes you can, yes you can chris”
“He needs you..you are his mother Vera”
“As you are his father, and he has you now, only you”
He had been sad, and then angry, at life for taking away the only woman he loved.. she was strong and beautiful , but on that bed..she was pale and weak, … then he had been angry with the child, blaming him for taking away his wife.
That thought lingered awhile… eventually after leaving the bank, he decides to run the school fully, leaving Micheal in the care of nannies and only doing his fatherly duties when it comes to finances
But as a Boy, Micheal loved to be around him even when He, didn’t want him. 
Over time he realized that micheal was smart, just like him, intelligent , just like him, and even though he didn’t want to still pull him so close to him, he made sure he nurtured him acamedically, never allowed him play with his studies.
He already wants him to go study abroad, when e he was done from here.
Sometimes he wished he  could go back in time to be there for his son as he ought to, not just give him money and a pat on the back. Sometimes he knows his son would love to want to talk and tell him things, or even needs advice even if it was for something stupid.
But now.. it was too late for lost times

But despite it all… he wont hear his son is in trouble or not healthy and he is passive.
He loves his son, he just never shows it the way he ought to.
“Make sure you get some rest, if you feel uncomfortable or your head hurts, come back to the clinic”
“Yes Father”
He turns and leaves, the others leave with him
Mother Cecil is frowning, so he allows his son to walk a girl back to his hostel..
“Thank you Matron Cecil” Micheal says 
“hmm” she answered.  Not pleased.
“Chidinma, aren’t you going to talk to me?”
“What do you want me to say”
“That you believe me”
“I don’t know…I don’t know”
“Give me a chance please ..atleast.”
“Why…I don’t..i don’t want any trouble please…”
“I know I know I just …please. Don’t go away from  me… I do care for you and I want-”
“You want what?” 
He stops her, they were far from the clinic, passing the library, he wished for a second he had a key with him, to go in there and talk ..even if for a minute
“I like you Chidinma , I really do. I care about you too. And what I want? I want you to be my girlfriend?” he blurts it out . he wished he could hold her hands, or even touch her face, maybe kiss her. But they were outside, and some students were moving up and down, heading back to their hostels..
Some were coming towards them.
“What..But how can you say that. I have never had one, and this is a christain school and…Senior Chidera and and –”
‘’And nothing. Well I can be your first. And …so? Because it’s a christain school I can’t like a girl again. Or no one can like each other… yes it is a christain school but I can’t help how I feel and what I feel right now is to …hell its to kiss you, the way I did back there…before that…whatever her name is came and all this…all I want is to hold your hands right now and pull you to myself and hug you for eternity. I don’t care about her, never did. She is crazy and speaking of crazy.. she comes at you, let me know, okay? But I want you to be my girlfriend and the only thing that would make me back away is if you tell me you don’t like me…..or you don’t like me, tell me honestly..then I swear I would apologise and never bother you again”
“Chidinma ?’’
“I don’t know”
Pang of pain. He sighs
“Okay, when I kissed you and you kissed me back…did you like it?’
“Yes” she whispers
Good progress
“And..if i were to kiss you now, supposedly we are alone, would you want to kiss me back?”
“Yes” she bends her head, turning away
“Does your heart beat fast ..if I am near, your knees go weak, do you by any chance think of me when we aren’t together, I mean before today”
She nods. She had, one point or the other she had
He wants to touch her,  as students pass some throw curious glances their way
So he touches her hands instead…
“Well, I think about you a lot, and I don’t want to keep thinking about you without expressing myself Chidinma…I can’t do that, I want to tell you all the time what I feel and want. I want to hold you and hug you and dance with you..even if you keep stepping on my toes’’
A sort-of-laugh escapes from her throat.
“And I want to see you smile ..always, it lights up your eyes and makes you beautiful..you already are beautiful but..it makes you look even angelic….so you see why it would be crazy not to have you like my girlfriend..heaven forbid …”
She laughs, that made him feel warm

 “I thought I was the writer and here you are saying such nice lines’’
“”Well princess , you inspire me ..maybe before long I would be flying…so..say yes”
“To being my girlfeiend if not I swear I would kiss you right here and now…”
“You would’nt dare…they would expel us, kill us even”
‘’Well maybe but…I would die an happy boy. you have 10 seconds..9 ..6..4’’
“Wait you counting it wrong “ she laughs
“My game my rules.. 3. 2”
“Fine yes yes..” she breaths
He had a wide smile, “I actually do think am on cloud nine right now…maybe I am flying actually…I want to scream it…loud it and “ he cups his mouth to scream or feigned as though he was going to.
Without thinking she covers his mouth with her hands
“Don’t ..don’t say it”
“Say what? Anything you want to tell us Mickey Boy?” Boma , the twins and the girls closes the distance between them, Boma is curiously staring at them, a perplexed look on his face.
Chidinma drops her hands, her blush rising “Good evening seniors”
‘’Hey angel wings, you okay?’’ Boma smiles 
“Yes Senior boma , thank you” she nods
“We just saw Papa and his nuns walking away” Jerry smiles
“yeah… so anyone want to tell us how you got blood over your shirt …?” Jerremy notices
“Later” Micheal says , smiling “Hey girls…did you miss us?” Bunmi and Mimi greets him, and nods, but,,they are curious too
‘’Oh don’t mind that, some unfortunate accident. Lets walk you guys back…tomoorow is another day.” when they point to his shirt and head

Silently they walk the girls to their hostel, 
“So..see you tommorw princess “ Micheal says, grabbing her hand he brushes his lips to her knuckles and they leave
Now It was Mimi and Bunmi’s eyes that grew wide
Taking her into the hostel, locking their door..
They place her on the bed, while Mimi folds her hands and looks at her, peering into her eyes,
Bunmi paces the lengh of the room, one finger tapping her jaw and the other behind her, she takes a step, looks at Chidinma and then walks , looks at her again
Mimi continues to peer at her, then her hand…pointing and then points to the door, and then peers into Chidinma’s face
If chidinma makes to get up, they point back to the bed..tell her to sit like a little good girl while them..her teacher and professor analysis the situation of why Micheal kissed her hands and then called her princess and the way he lingered before leaving.
“So are you going to ask her or should I?” Mimi peers again at Chidinma , Talking to Bunmi 
“Hmm I think we should ask her together “
Now Chidinma knowing what they want to ask her is hiding a smile, then she folds her hands


‘’What ever yyou want to ask me, just know before hand that if it involves what I think it involves…i am not going to answer…’’
‘’ hmmm’’ the girls mutter , Mimi continues to look,Bunmi continues to pace
“Would you go for the leg and I go for her hands, we can tie he up until she agrees to spill what I believe is a juicy detail…”
“Yes..i agree, I would go for her legs’’ Bumi agrees
They made for her ..Chdinma already had laughter dancing in her eyes and before long her voice is filled with laughter as she screams, trying to get away from them
“They just left the clinic and escorted them to their hostel , And they went back” Temi says
“Okay..can you get to Cynthia, Matron Cecil’s daughter. I am sure she can go in the clinic and get some things for me”
“Somethings like what?”
“that’s for me to know and her to get” Chidera snaps at Amaka, who keeps quiet
Then she turns to Dayo,”Don’t fall asleep, we would be going out of school tonight after light’s out, I need to have a word with some boys… I have a job for them”
Dayo nods
Chidera lays on he back, she was going to have the last laugh, once she was done with what she has planned for Chidinma …
She would never show her face in this school again, much less to Micheal.

Today she sleeps, tommorow….it comes into play.
Amaka looks out the window..
Sometimes she wishes..she could warn Chidera’s victims..
She sighs and turns to sleep.

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