“So she was actually going to hit Chidinma if you didn’t block her?” Jerry is lying on his back, as he laid on his bed
“Well brother, some evil are all blood and skin, and her name is Chidera “ Jerremy shakes his head, he was sitting down
“even when I came and saw the situation I just acted before thinking. The babe wanted to slap me, she was lucky her hands didn’t get to my face, the whoozing eh she would have gotten, she wouldn’t remember the direction to her hostel”
They laughed, Micheal shakes his “Violence don’t solve anything “ 
“Well being a good boy got you that wound at the back of your head, sometimes a little tit for tat would have been okay” Boma says frowning
“An eye for an eye makes the world go blind” Micheal counters him, the twins sigh
“Sometimes people really don’t deserve eyes. Look, would you have been Mr Nice Guy if Chidinma was the one nursing  a wound? Come on Mickey..Chidera needs to be put in her place. Especially now that she threatened Chidinma right infront of us, and knowing Chidera she doesn’t exactly bluff. Now I believe she would want to have a personal vendetta against Chidinma , you need to make sure that won’t happen”
“Nothing would happen to Chidinma , Chidera won’t do anything to her”
“Because what…Chidera would become an angel over night?”
“That’s like saying hell would freeze over “ the twins chuckle 
“I am just saying that she may be mean and whatever she is, but she wouldn’t possibly harm another human being persee” Micheal says
Boma gets up and walks to Micheal, touches his forehead and his neck, Micheal hits his hands away “What?”
“Oh nothing, just making sure the hit to your head wasn’t giving you fever and making you think through your ass. She tried to hit Chidinma in your very before dude, you got in the middle of it, why didn’t she go on her knees and beg you and tell you sorry or even tell Chidinma she didn’t mean it, instead as you were bleeding she was busy threatening the girl and you think she doesn’t have a hard heart..are you fxxking kidding me ?”’
Micheal sighs “Maybe I am hoping she wont’”
“Well..how about we keep our eyes open. See, you are my dude and she is your girl. Wait she is your girl right…whoa comeon Mickey…did you tell her how you felt? I assume that’s why you took her out there right before winchi-dera came ?”” Boma smiles
Micheal smiles “Well……” he scratches his head
“Well?”’ the twins her curious, all  six pairs of eyes on me
“Well let’s just say, she is my girlfriend officially “ he smiles broadly 
“And reporting life from the dorm of the boys hostel, wing B , room 18 from the presidential suites …Micheal , has officially gotten himself a dashing, sexy, beautiful drop dead georgeous junior student to be his girlfriend. To be the ying to his yang-“ Boma says
“The sugar in his tea” Jerry joins in
“The cockroach in his cupboard, the Do in his Do-Do..” Jerremy laughs
“The ice in his cream, the M to his Iceheal” 
‘I swear you guys are crazy” He can’t hide his laughter 
“Oh allow us jor, its not everyday we see a friend totally break away from holding on to a hurt from a girl and finally moving on to someone way better. So come here son, come give papa a hug “ Boma opens his arms and walks towards Micheal
“Touch me I kill you”
“wrong choice of words, now I give you elbow hug” He jumps and lands on Micheals bed , the twins follow suit, Micheal is laughing hard, the boys are too.

“Oh move your legs Dayo, we need to get across and be back soon ,’’ Chidera says as she makes her way in the dark, crawling low to avoid been spotted by the lights.
The school had found the other opening back at the junior girls hostel and had closed it.
It had taken a week to get some boys from the school to scout out another hidden area to break down  a small part of the fence, then used leaves and branches to cover it back. It was a longer route , but it would still get them out of the school. Now instead of climbing over the fence like that other one, they had to crawl through the hole .
‘’Hurry up” Chidera says from the other side as she stands up, Dayo pushes out her head and the rest of her body as she crawls out of the hole 

“Where to now?” Dayo is standing beside her
“Over there” Chidera points 
“I thought we were going to their boy’s school over at the other side”
“I change my mind. I want only Chidinma to be affected, I want her caught so if they catch her and the boys, they would punish the boys which I don’t want. But if I use strange faces, they can’t trace them to any school , they can lie they are in the boys school but when they go there no one will know them and its easy to escape you see..but Chidinma no”
“Oh I see, so why do you need me?”
“For payment” she says walking in to the streets and crossing the road “Follow me Dayo”
Dayo not understanding what she meant follows her 
..  there was a club not too far from the junction, Chidera had made sure they wore something skimpy and revealing , it was a club she had been in a couple of times, a place where they wouldn’t bart an eye when she strolls in
“Chibaby, welcome, haven’t seen you for a while , where have you been now” the bouncer hails her from the door
“Jim…just school palava , but I am here now. How far parols sha, any big fish inside this pond, I want to fish’’ she smiles handing him a thousand naira note
“Plenty “ he says taking the money, he smiles at Dayo
“Who is your friend, introduce her to me na, where is the other one..tayo abi?”
“Temi, she no come today. Don’t worry this one na Dayo but…she no be for you. Don’t worry I would bring one sweet one for you tomorrow , very sweet “
“Yes “
“Okay, go in na…different colours and sizes of fish dey inside “
Chidera smiles and walks past him into the club, Dayo frowns at the big guy ogling her…
As much as there were men inside the club, there were other girls too..and it was obvious that the girls were young and from neighbouring schools too. 
Clubs had been opening around the area because they knew a lot of girls sneak out to want to have fun and party and follow men. So they encouraged them, the men liked them young .
Chidera finds a spot, and sits , crossing her legs to reveal thighs , her bosom was barely covered, 
“Sit Dayo and wait, they would come”
“The blood thirsty dogs” Chidera smiles as two men approach her 
“Hello beautiful, should we buy you a drink?” one says 
“Yes please, we don’t mind it. Thank you. I would have baileys “ she says
“Hmmm” he raises an eyebrow “Rich Drink for a beautiful girl, I like a girl who knows exactly what she wants “
“I like a guy who don’t waste time to please” she smiles
“Baileys please”  He beckons to the bartender “So I am Erick and you are?”
“Slyvia and that’s my friend er, Gloria “ she smiles 
The other guy smiles at Dayo

‘’So what’s your plan for tonight?”
“Just a lil fun that’s all”
“Where do you school?”

“Why do you ask that?” Chidera is curious 
“Well because its mostly students ..the girls that frequent this clubs around here”
“So you come here to specifically hook up with one”

‘’the younger , the fresher, the sweeter” he smiles 
“So what if I tell you I may have just the person you need for that?”
“You look like what I need” he says tentatively touching her thighs , she felt tingling..
“Yes…but still why have one when you can have two ..or three” she removes his hands
‘’Are you making me an offer of some sort …erm Slyvia?” he asks
“Well maybe I am. Do you love to have that kind of whatever you mentioned at will whenever and how ever you want even if its for a day?” Chidera leans into him,  showing him her bosom, the guy behind him laughs 
“Its like asking if a man loves to eat, ofcourse he would love to have sweetness even if its for his one-eyed member” his friend standing close to Chidera smiles 
“So pretty one, do you want to offer me someone”
‘’Because I am feeling generous and because she …needs to be poked. You like virgins don’t you”
“Poking is my specialty, popping cherries my favorite spots so what’s the catch”
‘’No catch”
“Very suspicious then” he tells her
“Okay, why don’t we do this..  I would love to pay you to do this girl for me but I may not have the cash to give you but…. I may have it in kind”

The guy whistles “So let me get this straight , you are going to pay me in kind to go screw some girl for you, wow!!! Isn’t this my lucky day . chairman” he looks to his friend “ Did we just hit the jackpot”


His friend laughs “ But why though, is the girl aware or…”
“No..thats the thing. I need you both to take her unaware and do it. “
“why ?”
She was getting irritated, if they weren’t interested they should go away so she can look for someone else, time wasn’t on her side and she needs this to be done tomorrow night latest. The longer she waits the closer Micheal and that girl gets, and it wasn’t something she wants to ever happen.
“See she stole my man away from me, and she has been doing other unthinkable things to me and I just want to punish her. So I want her ruined sexually , since that’s the only thing that maybe makes her look perfect to him, once she doesn’t have it anymore he wont care about her and I want it done and I want her caught with the dudes”
“Wait so you want us to get caught too…are you high?”

“No listen, I need her expelled from the school but unless she does something expellable she wont be. But this..this would get her the door, this would destroy her and then him too. Look can you do it or not ??’’ 
They think for a second 
“So..just incase we agree, are you going to be the kind payment to us?” he smiles
“No” Chidera shakes her head “ she would “ Chidera points to Dayo who chokes on the water she was drinking


“Chidera??????”” her eyes pops out.


They stare down at her, “ Not bad”
“so what exactly do you have in mind?” they turn to her
Chidera smiles 
They enter their hostel two hours later, Dayo is silent
“Oh don’t be grumpy, didn’t you enjoy it atleast, not as though you are a virgin, you screw a boy or two in school all the time , whats the difference with some older dude”
Dayo isn’t replying , 
“Fine whatever , atleast I told them to go one round each and be gentle …and they promised me they would be. So why the face?””
“Because you didn’t ask my permission and because it doesn’t matter if I like sex or not, atleast I would have wanted to have sex willingly not because you wanted to use me to pay up some stupid thing”

“Did you just call it stupid?”  Chidera turns to her 
“No.” Dayo says
“Good. Anyways , I have done a lot for you , doing this for me isn’t so bad. Afterall its for the greater good. In the morning find me Cynthia, she needs to get it before 10am tommorrw “

Not saying anything Dayo climbs her bed.
She wasn’t happy .
Micheal hangs around after class, its been a couple of hours since yesterday and he couldn’t wait to set his eyes on Chidinma 

He looks at his watch again, 10 minutes before her class ends. Sighing he relaxes.
He was seated in the garden , a few students had just left him, coming to congratulate him for the awards him and Chidinma won yesterday, talking about their beautiful dance, praising their custome, and asked him about hers.
He was trying not to smile too much, he avoided questions about his absence and the wound behind his head 
‘’I fell, hit my head. Its okay now. Thanks for your concern”  he replied

Everyone wanted to talk to him, every girl wanted to stay longer
“I have test to read for” He waves his book at their faces 
The boys were not close by to help him wade off these flies around him. He sighs.
6 more minutes. 
He watches their classroom door from the garden, he didn’t want to miss her when she steps out .
Someone blocks his view, he raises his head up to meet her face
“Baby, can you ever forgive me about yesterday?” she says trying to touch his head, he bends away
“Micheal to you Chidera, please move you are blocking me” he says
“From what? Hey…just accept my apology. I couldn’t sleep last night , I was soo angry I didn’t bother to make sure you were okay, are you okay? God I feel horrible about it, I even cried”
“Crocodile tears maybe. I wonder can you cry?”
She sighs “ I did baby I did. I have just been feeling down. Please forgive me please”
Fine.  If he does that she can leave here.
3 minutes already.
“Fine whatever Chidera, you are forgiven, can you move now?”
She smiles, so you can see Chidinma come out right? That is why he is staring directly at her class
“OH yippie” she claps her hands and doesn’t move
“So I have a question how –“
Micheal gets up and walks away, he would have to see Chidinma at another time .
She turns away from him and watches the door.
Period over, students begin to file out after the teacher..
She waits until she sees her moving out with her friends before she approaches her .
“Chidinma…is it? Can I have a word?”
Mimi,Bunmi, Chidinma exchanges looks “Good afternoon senior’ “ They greeted
Last night , later on Chidinma had told them  what Chidera had said and threatened her.
They concluded that they too didn’t like her and that Micheal didn’t seem to like her either. She should not worry about the senior witch Chidera, and be happy that she was the girlfriend to Senior hot-cute Micheal and everyone else should eat shit and die of envy, even Chidera and if she did anything against Chidinma they would be the first to report her to Micheal, Boma and the twins.
“Sorry Chidera but I can’t” Chidinma says
“Your Senior is asking you to give her a minute politely you are saying you can’t?” she moves closer to her
“No because I believe whatever you want to tell me has everything to do with Senior Micheal and I rather not hear it”
Bunmi and Mimi nods , 
“Oh I see, you now have mind now right, whatever I told you last night didn’t sink in did it?”

“oh I heard it alright, but you know how it is..don’t let anything dwell in you when you know it”s all a lie.”

Chidera scoffs “Are you calling me a liar?”
Chidinma shrugs 
“I just want to come to you girl to girl, I have never being polite like this in my life and I have never brought myself low before to exchange words with a silly little girl who can’t even be a slave in my mother’s kitchen. So again..stay away from Micheal . Last warning ..you won’t be having another one”
Micheal is behind Chidera “Are you troubling my girlfriend Chidera?”
Chidera turns to find Micheal and the boys 
“Wow!! Girlfriend?” she couldn’t believe her ears
‘’Yep , and that makes her our girlfriend-inlaw” Boma smiles broadly clapping Micheal’s back
“There is no such thing like that but hey…we adopt it today, girlfriend –inlaw sort of has a nice ring to it “Jerry says “Doesn’t it girls??”
Bunmi and Mimi nod smiling, Chidera turns, they stop
She turns to Micheal
“Well whatever happens from here on out, it’s your fault”
“What does that even mean?” Micheal asks
“Oh nothing…” she turns to Chidinma , a cold smile on her face
 “Let’s just say this perfect love story is only a fantasy, shorter than the one he ever had with Gloria”
Micheal winces
“that’s low Chidera, even for you” Boma says taking a step closer
“Oh why? She should know that Gloria or rather Micheal thought that was going to last for ever, but Gloria had plans, who knows if little goody-two-shoes have bigger plans. It’s the innocent ones that surprise us the most, but don’t worry Micheal, I would be here when it does”

With that she walks away
‘’Stupid Cunt” Boma says
“Language Boma, the kids are still awake walking around the place” Jerry smiles as two junior students pass
Micheal forgets about Chidera immediately “So, girlfriend , had lunch?”
Chidinma smiles shyly “Not yet”
‘’Me neither, lets go to the cafeteria” he beckons and they walk side by side, he had to fold his hands to make sure he does slide his fingers between hers
Cynthia is standing before her “Chidera you asked for me?”

“Yes, I was looking for you all morning, where have you been?”

“Okay, I need you to get me a sedative from the clinic. Your mother Cecil is there so you can go in and out of there with no one suspecting you. Yes or yes”
“Yes, but why do you need a sedative?”
“I can’t sleep, not for days”
“Go to the clinic”
“I don’t like clinics”
“I can’t just go there and ask my mother for a sedative, she would want to know for who and why and-“
“I didn’t ask you to ask her stupid, I said go and get me a sedative. I can’t sleep”
“Well I can’t’’
“very well, I wonder what you mother will say if she found out about mark in block B, does she know wether her daughter is still the little good girl she thought she was, Mark is such a loud mouth, I might just spill and tell Mother Cecil that …Mark and Cynthia like  to stay behind after dark, she goes  down on all fours while he prays over her speaking tongue while his joystick is buried deep into her rec-” she trails off
“Fine whatever I would get it” she says stiffly turning and walking away
Chidera ‘’Good girl” smiles 
“Can we see later, at the library?” Micheal leans close to her, picking chips from her plate, she looks around 
“What are you doing, students are watching”

‘’I am eating and I don’t care” he smiles, Boma and the twins are laughing at what Mimi is saying, the cafeteria was noisy, they could literary feel stares on their backs
‘’you have your chips”

“I like yours better. Plus there is love in sharing princess”
She blushes 

‘’I like when you smile “ he tells her “So are we?”
“Are we what?”
“Library princess, 8pm”
“It’s late”
“and possible‘’
She groans 
“Are you tired of me already?” he pouts
“I want to kiss you…” he whispers
“Is that all you think about ?”
“Well since last night ..and other nights before last night, well since I realized that you were kissable and that you were cute and beautiful and I may be terribly crazy about you..’”
she blushes bright pink. ” well I don’t want to kiss you..” she folds her hands

“guess I just have to make you want to kiss me”
“how do you do that ??”
“well that’s for me to know and you to find out. library 8pm. if you don’t show I would come get you form your hostel. ”
“you wouldn’t ”
“I am the student body president . I can..”
“well say please ” she puts chips into her mouth
“No,  stop begging me” he says folding his hands 
“What? ?” She laughs 
“she is begging me to do something I don’t want to do?” he tells Boma by nudging him 
“What? ” Boma turns
Chidinma’s eyes grew big ” he is lying ”
“my friend don’t lie ” Boma says
“only occasionally ” the twins chip in.
“and our friend don’t lie too” Mimi says 
“not even occasionally ” Bunmi folds her hands
Chidinma folds her hands and raises an eyebrow “So..boyfriend. ..say please ”
Micheal smiles ” Unless you want me to tell them why I am saying please and when I say it, i would do it right here and right now..Girlfriend ”
Chidinma’s  cheeks is all pink , ” Oh you are just a naughty fella. come on girls ” she gets up ,


Micheal reachs for her hands “8pm. don’t forget ” he says placing a kiss to her knuckles ..she smiles walking away
“what’s happening at 8pm” Boma asks him as he waves the girls.
Micheal leans back, placing  both hands behind his head “None of your business.  ” with a wide smile ,
 Boma shakes his head “Now he has a girlfriend he is forming  not talking juicy details. nigga you gonna tell us anyways ”
“uuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhh”” The twins say “Mickey wants alone time with Chi-girl”
“Are we expecting little Mickey and Chi-gurl soon?”
Micheal laugh getting up “Let’s get to class. stop poke nosing . By the way Chidinma isn’t like any of these girls ..and I won’t do anything to hurt her so…No guys, that isn’t in my agenda..she is perfect, I won’t ruin her perfect. ” 
Boma nods “Oh you make me proud son. papa is mighty proud ” he slaps his shoulders 
“Oh. .leave me” Micheal laughs walking faster.
“What time are they coming. .the guys?” Amaka stands behind her, she didn’t like Chidera’s plan, yet she couldn’t stop her either.
“they would be waiting at the hideout by past seven to eight. I just needed to find a way to get Chidinma out of her hostel by that time. so I am thinking of going there to call her out but she won’t come out and I don’t want anyone to see me with her.
or I send a student but I don’t want it traced back to me. I just need her to leave their hostel by 7nish and then Temi , you and Dayo would corner her, trying to distract her while I inject the sedative into her , then we drag her to the hole , they would be there waiting. they would take her from there. They already know what to do, by morning. . it would all be over . jackpot !!!”
“but Chidera .. what would they do to her exactly..”
“What else if not to bang her repeatedly till she has no more legs to walk and maybe her punani would loose it’s prettyness. I told them not to use a condom either so she gets pregnant too ..Hehe and if they want any of their friends to join them cool.  but they should take pictures of her naked and bal bla bla and in the morning they should push her back through the hall and remain with her.
 Someone would be there waiting to scream. the whole school would be alerted and poof!!!!  we slap her awake . that sedative would knock her out for hours . and when she wakes up.. she would be ruined.  the school won’t want to listen to her. they would parade her round school with the men who we would help to escape back and ofcourse Micheal would be too disgusted to want to help her or go to her. she would be expelled and she would carry the shame and stigma with her for the rest of her life..Maybe she might commit suicide who cares. but  the end product.. she leaves this school and my Micheal and I would give Micheal a couple of days to mourn but no Chidinma,  no other girl..but me would be here to comfort him, and you know how comfort can lead to him falling in love with me. End of story ” She smiles.
Amaka blinks ” Chidera this is too much na..you would ruin her for life ”

“That’s the idea”
“Don’t you have a conscience atleast ??” 
she shouldn’t have said that, Chidera turns to her “Don’t even dare to make me angry Amaka..because if I am willing to do all that to her I consider my enemy, don’t think I would hesitate to do worse to you as a friend ”
“I am sorry”

“Good. Find me away to get Chidinma out, Cynthia should be on her way here with the sedative. I asked her for two ”
Amaka nods leaving.
“Here” Cynthia hands it to her “I know you don’t want to use it for yourself .”
“keep your thoughts and assumptions to yourself Cynthia.  you can go, your secret with Mark is safe with me” Cynthia leaves
“For now” Chdiera smiles.
Temi comes into the room “Chidinma is going to be at the library by 8pm today”
Chidera frowns ” How so??”
“I just saw Micheal go in there with the guys, I followed behind them , but I go to the back window.  I heard him telling one of the twins to help him with candles and get snacks for him..something about some snack time with a Chidinma when they meet by 8”
“So he has plans tonight? well so do i” she gets up and moves round the room ” well we would be between the Hostel and the Library by 7:40, we would get to her right before she gets to Miicheal. it’s perfect. Micheal would feel that she stood him up to meet these older  guys and he would be mad and jealous and by tomorrow morning. .he would add disgusted to the list. prepare yourself,tell Dayo and Amaka too”
Temi nods leaving the room
“So it’s boyfriend things now abi??”Bunmi says “Do you want us to walk you down, it’s late oh”
Chidinma throws on her sweater, smiling “No its fine . I would walk fast. besides I don’t want anyone to notice us going to the library.”
“But we love to walk you sha, like a bride going to her honeymoon suites” Mimi says
“Oh don’t be ridiculous,  what do you think it’s going to happen in there?”
“well….” Bunmi and Mimi winks
“Are you guys high. really..ewwww”
“Don’t eww anything jor.. I am sure kissing Senior Micheal felt like heaven. what do you think making..erm..you know would feel like??”
“well it would feel like we all shouldn’t be having this kind of conversation so I am leaving. . see you two later”
“Alright but….just incase..will you tell us how it was. Not it but..you know…it”
“Ewww Mimi. what the hell. Gosh what the hell” Chidera blocks her ears and runs out, their laughter following her
she shivers stepping out despite her sweater , Making sure to walk on the dark path so the light doesn’t get to her. 
she saw Mother Cecil and Miss Monica coming towards her,  she turns around going back, when they pass disappearing down the block she comes out and continues heading to the library..
She saw two students coming towards her, she bends her head and passes past them not bothering to look at their faces..
but one of them hits her..hard, she turns frowning
then she recognises them

“Senior Temi?”
“Where do you think you are going this night??”
“Erm. .no where?”
‘”No where is where na?”
“I forgot erm..”
“Erm. erm. what. .cat cut your tongue?” she goes closer to Chidinma and nudges her
“maybe she is going to see her lover boy Micheal”
Chidinma doesn’t say anything..
“I am talking to you slut” Dayo pokes her with her pen, Chidinma winces 
“that’s painful Senior Dayo”
“well that’s the idea” Dayo jabs her again
“What did I do Senior, why are you using your pen to jab me”
Chidera comes behind her “Maybe this would be less painful” 
Chidinma turns to the voice, but she wasn’t quick to see the hand going for her neck..she touches her neck..
“What. .did you..do to-”
Chidera jabs her with the second one . Chidinma falls to the ground 
“Aright, sleep well sleeping  beauty” she towers over Chidinma’s body.
“Where is Amaka, why are only both of you here?”Chidera looks to them
“Amaka suddenly had stomach upset, she has been rolling with pains on the bed” Temi says
“fine. Grab her legs and hands, before someone sees us. they are waiting for her”

Micheal is pacing. it is 10 minutes past 8 already. then he hears footsteps.. he turns smiling. .
“Chidinma, I thought you stood me up” 
then his smile drops from his face..
Predict what would happen in the next chapter 

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