#Scars To Your Beautiful! !!
My scars are every indication that I have been through something bad, something painful,  something worth a thousand tears, agony and laying awake all night wishing that sometimes I don’t live to see the next day.
Because torments,  because taunts and tease,

Because bullies, because all I am to the next person might be all hideous and mingling, 

Because all they see is that girl, that boy, that person with rumpled skin, a broken arm or leg, a sewned lip or maybe with a stitched eyes..
Because all they see is me walking with the aid of a stick, or something helping me to speak or breath, maybe because all they see is me being different from what I used to be or worse ..because I was born that way.
My scars. ..are much deeper than it, because ..inside, within, all they can’t  see is a little girl or boy wanting to be loved and accepted the way we have come to be. 

Sometimes…even in my scars I long to be part of the world as I ought to be.
But I learnt..I learnt that my scars don’t define me, it didn’t change me. It may have marred and scared me maybe for life, it may have broken my spirits and changed the world around me to see me and perceive me otherwise..

But my scar didn’t change me…
I am me. Thesame person , this outworld look only hurt for a time but it heals, and just like going through the fire I am reborn; a better more refined version of me.
So no, I won’t hide behind my scars anymore. I won’t let your words and taunts pull me down,  I won’t hide me anymore. So this is me..all scars, all imperfections. .all ugly ..but it’s all me…
But see this scars…are scars to my beautiful,  because it didn’t take my smiles, it didn’t remove the sparkles from my eyes, it didn’t touch my heart and my soul is still alife. 

My beautiful Is perfect in its imperfections. .and that’s enough.
So dear scarred one, you aren’t ugly..those scars are indications that you have been through a lot but you came out okay, and only the phoenix can rise from the ashes and soar.

So soar beautiful. .soar !!!
Embrace this scars to your beautiful. ..they may think you are different.  But you should be glad you are…!! 
~Stephanie Egberike. .😘
#StephanieEgberike #Writes #Randommusings  #Sweetness #Allthingsfinery #Thesweetperspectives 


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