Undeniably karma  $ Chp 17

    CHAPTER 17
“Chairman, omo that secondary  girl make sense sha..damn” one of them says to the other 
“I swear, too bad we only had to go one round with her” the other says

They are behind the school, the broken fence that Chidera had asked them to come wait 
“By the way though, don’t you think that Girl , the one who said she wants us to do that friend of hers that has been cheating with her boyfriend, don’t you think that girl can set us up eh?” the taller of the two says, he lits a cigar
“Why , are you scared?”
“No I am just saying, she offers that girl she came with to us to sleep with so we can rape the other one whom she says she is going to drug and makes sure she is asleep through it all and by morning we should allow ourselves to be caught,  then later she would help us escape, don’t you think it’s a trap?”
His friend laughs, 
“well, it might but see, where is the fun if we don’t play a little risk. These secondary school girls are worsts than harlots, and to think this is a christain school, most of this neighbouring schools ..that is what all the girls do, sneak out at night, go clubbing and partying, bang boys in the school and then look for older guys like us to show them what real men do in bed” he laughs “ but you see.. you can either cash in on the fun or you don’t. I am not scared, but you see she may want to trap us but we won’t let her, we would wait here for the girl whom she would drug and push her to us, we do the girl here, to our fill and then instead of waiting to be caught we leave.. us 100- school girls 000stupid” he laughs again, his friend joins him as they shake hands
“You are right Charlie, your plan makes a whole lot of sense”
“Before, do you think I am stupid? Me I am here for the fun jor, when I feed my one-eyed member to his fullness, I will clean mouth and bounce off, by the time they go and raise alarm, its only the girl they would find,  naked with used condoms, and maybe a bottle of alchohol so they know that the girl had been drinking and got drunk, had sex with some guy or guys and passed out there. Case closed”

They smile again
“By the way, shouldn’t they be here about now, I can’t wait, that vaigara I took is already causing a bulge”
“Omo I thought you are the only one. Where are they??’’
“Sssshhhh!! I think I hear something “ they bend, trying to peep through the hole into the school compound..
“I see movements, I think they are coming,…Hain!!! Omo, this night would be sweet” the taller one is excited 

“She is heavy..” Dayo says
“Shut up and pick up her leg jor, do you want someone to catch us, quick quick lets go. They must be waiting for us” Chidera says, as she grabs Chidinma’s hands again and lifts her up higher above the ground when Dayo drops her leg, sighing Dayo picks up her legs.
“Why can’t we just drag her on the ground, atleast she can get injured too in the process” Temi smiles
“I would love to have her delicate skin filled with injuries but if we do that, someone might hear shoes hitting the ground or worse..what if she wakes up”
“But you said the sedative would knock her out for hours” Dayo asks as they walked quietly carrying Chidinma’s body
“It will, but I don’t want to take any chances, “
“What if she wakes up when they are raping her?”
“Well they would shut her up. “

 remembering something “I will deal with Amaka when we get back, what kind of nonsense stomach pain that she couldn’t come help us?’ she breaths hard
“I don’t know, she was crying on the bed and rolling”
“Yes, and I had to go get her drugs from the clinic”
“Okay, but still. Who needs a lazy solder right?” Chidera sighs, they bend when they are nearing the bush part, etching towards the shadowed part
“Quick, we are almost there, “
Reaching , they dump her on the ground, Temi bends through the hole and sees them standing …she pulls back.. “They are here already”
“Good, oya..push her hands out and her body, then push her through the hole”
Chidera crawls out from the hole, “helo boys, glad you didn’t disappoint, you know what to do. We would raise the alarm in an hour so….have fun” she says
“You don’t want to watch??’’ the taller one touches his lips and smiles
“Would love to but I have to be in my hostel , so no one traces it back to me and if I am feeling generous, we may just blow the alarm by morning , you can have all the fun you want. I don’t see your friends by the way” 
“No, just both of us, we came prepared “ they show her a tab of vaigara pills
“Aha!!! I am pleased…okay, see you both later, oh..i will go back in and we push her out, you just have to pull her by her hands”
She disappears
They see hands, they grab it and pull Chidinma’s body out
“Charlie, if I tell you I have seen a beauty such like this in my entire life, I am lying” the taller one shines the touch on her face
“Damn!!!’’ the other one places his hands on her bosom “Soft perky full folds…” he smiles
“Maybe I should go first” the taller one begins to unbuckle his belt
“kai God!!’’ he places his hands on her thighs as pushes up her skirts “See skin, see soft smooth skin…” he pushes his hands lower as he grabs her buttom 
“Chai..charlie I don cum already…see chikala eh!!!,No wait let me go first” he unzips his trousers “See my manchi don strong like rock”  he touches himself
“No wait, no be you wei they fear, make I go first, after me I rest, you enter, then you rest and then I go again..like that like that” the taller one nudges his friend away
He refuses to bulge “Wait fes, me first then you” he reaches for Chidinma’s top, removing the sweater over her head, he goes for her button “I would suck on those melons for hours…chai”
“No me first” In anger the tall one grabs his friend and pushes him away
Angered by the push, the chubbier one throws the first punch “are you high, why did you push me?”
His friend staggers back as the punch cuts his lips “You punch me?’’
They stare at each other angrily , they make for each other, punching and hitting the wall
“You? What are you doing here?” Micheal frowns seeing who is standing there
“Micheal..i know you weren’t expecting to see me, I know you were waiting for Chidinma”
“How..how did you know that and what are you doing here Amaka?” he walks towards her, his frown deepening 
“Look, we don’t have much time Micheal, right now, right this moment, Chidinma is in danger, and if you don’t stop what is about to happen to her, she would be ruined for life”
“What do you mean Chidinma is in danger? “ Micheal grabs her shoulders 

“Exactly what it means.. she has been sedated and knocked out totally, she is being carried behind the school now and there men are waiting to take advantage of her,behind the school, where the fence have been broken”
“What..sedated.. knocked out..take advantage off? What are you even saying Amaka, it doesn’t even make any sense, and that fence have been closed by the school”
“No, there is another one, just behind the science block, where the bush part leads and ends.. its covered by the bushes so you won’t see. Look Micheal I just came to tell you okay, you can either stay here and wait for Chidinma who isn’t going to show up or you go and help her” Amaka turns away, he grabs her
“Who is responsible for this?”
“I believe you know the answer to your question. But I was never here, if not…my case woud be worse and if you say I was the one who told you, I would deny. “
She walks away
Micheal is thinking. Was this a trap, a set up? Was Chidera playing a game with him.
He was used to her trying to set him up with girls when he turns her down and goes to tell  a Matron to catch him for her revenge, she either sent someone to lure him or she does it herself.
Was this  another of those traps?,

He looks at the time, it was 8:30 already, Chidinma wasn’t here.. and how did Amaka know that he was here and that Chidinma was coming to meet him up
He paces ,
Is this a trap to make me leave here so that when Chidinma comes he is no where to be found and then she thinks that he had stood her up, and then Chidera meets up with her and beats her up maybe.
Or..was Amaka telling the truth. 

Amaka was Chidera’s right hand, most loyal, why would she betray Chidera now.
It didn’t make any sense 

He continous to think… 
“Guy…leave my shirt leave my shirt” the chubbier one tells his friend, who had pushed him to the wall and grabs him by his collar, both their nose bleeding and the taller one had a cut to his lip
“You dey craze, because of girl you don’t know who your mate is again eh” The taller one spat to his face 
“leave my shirt na , leave am” the one being held says


His friend lets go and then spits out blood ..he rearrangs his shirt, they eye each other
“Shei you won go first go na, naim make you de para mtcheww” he sighs
“Afterall is it not because of me you are getting free kpekus?” The tall one looks at him
“Abeg shurn matter. If you won hit her hit her, “ he says stepping away from the wall  , away from Chidinma, and touches his neck


The taller one looks down at Chidinma , then he goes on his kness, and continuous to unbutton her shirt, a wide smile spreading on his face, he immedaitley forgets his bleeding nose.. the excitement building up in his trousers again
Chidera is back in her hostel, she is too happy to fall asleep,

Temi and Dayo are talking silently and Amaka is fast asleep.
In a few hours, they would raise the alarm. She wonders if they have gone  more than one round by now?


“Oh Chidinma, by today, you would be the most humuilated girl alife , and then it would be bye bye”
She wonders if Micheal is still waiting for his Chidinma? She wished she had gone in her place but he would have been suspicious of her and she didn’t want anyone, him especially to be suspicious of her

She would be outside with other students so when one of them raises the alarm they would see that she too came.unpon the scene just like them, so just incase anyone tries to say she was responsible, no one will believe them.
She smiles..
But she would have liked to see Micheal’s  face when Chidinma didn’t show up, she would have loved to comfort him too when he felt bad..but all this would happen soon , maybe today after the whole Chidinma’s thing goes up in smoke.
She turns on her side,
She can’t wait to see Chidinma’s face when she regains consciousness, she knew what she would be callig her , some “Cheap harlot”
She laughs 

No..this was too good to fall asleep, she decided to enjoy the moments.
Micheal leaves the library, she wasn’t coming. Chidinma wasn’t coming

What if ? No!!!
He breaks out in a run to his hostel..he barges into their room
‘Guys please come, I need your help”
Boma jumps up “What, what happened” how come you are back soo early..your princess and you..were done so fast..was it good?” he smiles
“Stop it Bomatie, this isn’t funny , Chidinma didn’t show but Amaka did“
“What? Why? Amaka??” the twins stand up
“Look no time, she told me something really weird and I don’t know if it’s true or not but, we have to go come on. “ he runs out and they follow him

They run past some students who are still awake, lingering in the halls and not in their room
‘’where are you guys going to?”’ tom asks as they run past him, they don’t answer, he frowns and shrugs
Micheal is running fast, as he sprints .

He doesn’t know if what Amaka told him was true but he needs to make sure
He reaches the girl’s hostel,

“Student, can you go up and call me Chidinma, she is in ..erm..room C, hall 32” he says , 
She is surpised to see him at their hostel by this time of the night, she was about to lock the front hall door leading to the halls and their rooms.
“Senior Micheal, it’s almost nine, I am to lock up,”
“Just go call her for me,…or wait better still, I just need to get something that she took from me, I would be quick” he says passing her, the boys enter behind him as they run up the stairs
Good thing that everyone seemed to have entered their rooms, and good thing he has a good memory, he climbs the stairs two at a time , rounds the hall and comes to their door
Please be inside . please be inside Chidinma, he prayed. He knocks ..then knocks again when no one answers him
“Micheal. Tell me what’s going on?”” Boma is worried
“If you don’t tell us, how do we help?”
“Where is Chdinma? “ the twins ask

“that’s what I am trying to do..find out”
Mimi opens the door slightly, then she opens it wide as her eyes pops out “Senior Micheal..why..what.?.”
“Where is Chidinma??” he blurts out

“She is with you..?” Mimi says frowning 
“No she isn’t . she didn’t show up and I have been waiting. Please tell me she is in there?”
Mimi frowns more, “Senior Micheal I don’t understand, Chidinma left here over 30 minutes ago, even before 8 to go and meet you and she hasn’t come back.. Bunmi is that not so?” she says over her shoulders
Bunmi appears at the door behind me ‘’What is going on here, Seniors good evening, where is Chidinma??”
Oh GOD!!! Then it is true..
What Amaka told him was true and he had been here wasting time
“Oh God, Chidera !!’ Micheal turns and breaks out in another run
“Senior Micheal what’s going on, senior Micheal??” Bunmi  calls out
“Chidinma didn’t show but Amaka did…, we would tell you later , “ they run after him
Brushing past the student who had been waiting to lock the hall.
Micheal runs as fast as his legs could carry him, all the while praying, praying that nothing had happened to Chidinma 
He reaches the bush path, not stopping as he scraps his arm to the wall when he hits it and goes to the ground, 
Boma and the twins follow behind him, 

Micheal sees the hole first in the dark , then he sees the touch light on the ground..facing the road

He crawls through the hole, then he sees them, one stood watching his friend while the other one was ontop of someone , who laid on the ground not moving ..
With a blinding rage Micheal rushes the one ontop of Chidinma, throwing him off her body. 
Boma who had crawled out behind him sees micheal rushing a man, he is confused for a second, only a  second , untill he saw the form on the ground.. barely clothed..
Then he understood immedaitely , the chubbier one who had been shocked to see Micheal grab his friend and throw him off, makes for Micheal, but Boma is fast, he reaches him  before his hand could land on Micheasl’s face and falls behind with him.
The twins come next, seeing Boma grabbing someone who had tried to grab micheal, they both run to rescue Boma who is under the big man..

Not wanting to ask questions, they start by punching and kicking him… 

Micheal turns away from them..

The other taller guy was gaining stance after his stagger, Micheal rushes him again, this time making sure his fist lands on his face.

The guy was big, strong and tall

Good thing he too was tall and he wasn’t as weak as people make him to be.
He knew if he gave the guy a chance to get his focus, he would manhandle him, so he doesn’t.. Micheal lets his hands make contact with the guys tummy, his jaw and then from no where he grabs him by the hands and flings him over his shoulders. He hears a crack and the guy screams

Micheal knew he had  broken the guy’s hand.

But Micheal wants to break something more, while the guy was crying out in pains, Micheal jabs his sole between the guys legs,
His boxers and trousers had been down, his dxxk out and he was on his Chidinma
He jabs his sole again and again and again until Boma pulls him way

The other guy had ran off, 
As Micheal staggers off, he goes to the form on the ground 

Removing his shirt he covers her  body. They had taken off her cloths ..

He didn’t know if the guy had succeeded, he didn’t care to know. He saw the guy ontop of her with his bare ass and he went into a blind rage.
“Chidinma, Chidinma wake up?” he hugs her to himself , shaking her. 

But she doesn’t wake  up
Boma is toweling over him “TF Bro..how..how?’’ he is speechless
“Chidera” Micheal breaths ‘Amaka came to tell me, she came to tell me” a tear runs down his eyes, he wipes it

Micheal turns to look at the guy writhing in pain “I will kill him , I will kill him”
Boma looks “That dude is fxxked for life, he is bleeding, I think you ruined his man down there, lets get her inside first”
“Gimme her cloths” 
Boma does so and turns away, the twins are kicking the taller one still, he goes to join them
“I think we should wake the school, so they call the police “ Jerry says, 
“I don’t want them to Find Chidinma like this here, the stigma, the shame and besides there is no one else here other than her and the men, who would believe that  she didn’t come out her on her on accord eh? And how are we going to explain how we found her” Micheal is done dressing her up
“But you just said Amaka told you..”
“She said she would deny it.’’
“So what do we do.?” Jerremy is frowning 
“Chidera must have gotten to Chidinma on her way to meet me and I believe she didn’t do it on her own, she had help, but the thing is what did she give to her , Amaka said she drugged her, who gave Chidera the drug or sedative and how did this person get it. So see that Chidera played her cards well and she isn’t even here or close to the scene, so even if we go and report her now, the question is ..why was I in the library, who was I waiting for, why was Chidinma not in her hostel by 8pm but outside, what if she was actually going to meet those men, what if we and the men were not in cohorts to sleep wit her, what if we didn’t rape her too or worse, what if this is what Chidinma has been doing since from the start…do you see, at the end of the day Chidera wins, Chidinma gets humuilated, the whole school talks about her, she is disgraced and maybe expelled and termed a hoe, what do you think would happen to Chidinma , what do you think it would do to her psychologically ? it could break her and it could make her suicidal if she has those tendencies..and I would lose her and I don’t’ want to, I can”t.   I have to protect her , Chidinma from this humiliation and stigma”
“Then what do you want to do Micheal” Boma is angry “ I told you that girl is the devil, I told you to be alert that she could do anything to Chidinma now see, how can a human beig be so wicked that she sedates another girl , takes her out of the school compound and arrange men to rape her..Hey God!! Micheal I would rain down hell I swear . fxxk the school and their system, Chidera would be fxxked up and I would do it with my own hands then I would expel myself.” He fumes
“yes..and then what happens to chidinma ? everyone would still think it’s her fault, she is to blame and she is the one who needs to be punished, I won ‘t let that happen, not to chidinma no. so for tonight we would say nothing, I presume she is waiting to be the whistleblower on this night but she would be surpised to find that nobody is here..and her plan was thwarted.” He says
But he is worried.. 
He doesn’t know if the men succedded in raping her before he came and he just met the wrapping up scene

And he wouldn’t be able to know unless he checks, but how does he check. He wouldn’t want to put his hands between her thighs and check..

He would be violating her and how would he know if the man did.

Only chidinma can know if she had been violated, its her body..,she would know.

He would have to wait till she wakes up, and he has to be there when she does

He would have to tell her what happened incase she goes hysterical .
‘’fine, but just know we have to deal with Chidera Asap. We aint allowing this happen ever again”
“It wont” Micheal says thinking “help me, lets get her back into school”
“Are we taking her back to her hostel” Jerry asks,
 Micheal shakes his head “No, one of you would have to go tell the girls that we have found her and she is with me and they shouldn’t worry. We won’t be taking her to the hostel either because the boys are still awake and they would want to know why we are carrying a student inside our hostel, a girl for that matter”
“So where?”
‘’the library? ”
“No..my father isn’t around, and I have his key to his quarters , no one goes there but him, unless when he is around. But he left this morning to attend to some urgent work, he would be back tommorow late morning. I have a spare key but I never go there. I will take her there, we would leave by morning..”
” okay”
they agree.
They leave the crying man who is bleeding , and disppaear back into the school compound.
Micheal intends to tell the school management about this opening, he would do a proper check of the school fences in the morning..
This wouldn’t happen again
“What happen senior please tell us, where is Chidinma?’’ the girls refused to go to bed, they are waiting 
“Go back inside before students begin to ask questions, we would talk tomoorw. She is fine , she is with mIcheal and she is coming back tommorw but if anyone ask of her, say she is sleeping or having  scramps okay?”
“But senior Jerry tell us” Bunmi holds onto him, he rubs her hands “She is out of harms way. Now go in”
They are quiet, they place her on the bed, Micheal is sitting on the bed, Boma stands 
“Thank you Boma”
“You would do the same thing for me, let me go and make sure to keep an eye out for  you. Do you…do you you think he..they succeeded”
Micheal closes his eyes and squeezes his hands “I ..i don’t know..i swear I don’t and it breaks me to see that it’s because of me Boma, it’s because of me” Micheal chokes out the words
Boma taps his shoulders and squeezes it “I wish I knew what to say to you right now but just know I am here for you, and right now.,you have to be here for her, because when she wakes up and finds out something did happen to her….who knows Micheal..who knows”
He leaves him.
Micheal watches over her throughout the night, she didn’t wake up
Chidera wakes up with a start..
“Crap crap crap!!!” she almost forgot. 

She jumps off from the bed, waking the girls up too
“Wakeup you fools wakep up, did you forget that today is supposed to be the most memorable day in my life, wakeup you fools, its already bright and that means its getting late.  who told you all to sleep till now?  Amaka if you don’t get up from that bed now I would hit that stomach, since last night you have been sleeping like a log of wood, get up get up. ! Let’s go and carry some students to that back and while they are cutting  the grasses  they would find the hole and see our Chidinma, naked in all her heavenly glory, and the men snoring  away and then …ghen ghen….” She claps excitedly
“Get up, lets go”
They leave the hostel a few minutes later, the carry a whole junior class to cut the grass in that area while they wait by the corner…
“Anytime now” she says “Hey juniors go inside and cut those grasses, clear them, see bush everywhere “ she orders
She smiles as they go further, she is praying not to burst out in a huge smile when the screams starts

She is wondering where Micheal is at the moment, nursing a broken heart that his girl stood him up
what a laugh! !
Micheal gets up when he sees her stir,turning her head,

‘’chidinma? Chidinma?”
 He says nudging her “Please wake up, ‘’
She stirs again . he had gone early to the clinic to get aspirin , when Mother Cecil asked him what for he told her for his head, and some painkillers.. that his neck was hurting. And he wonders if he should ask for a drug for flushing out things from  a girl’s .. erm..thats if they did anything to her. But he didn’t know how to do that without raising suspicion 
She openes her eyes, a splitting headache blinds her for  a second “ooowwwww!!!” she exclaims and touches her head, rolling on the bed, he grabs her and holds her to himself


“Hey Chidinma, please relax, here..take this” he says
She pushes his hands away “Stop Mimi…my head hurts..my head”
“Chidinma its me Micheal, please open your eyes and take this, please “
Then he felt her body tense when she turns and looks at him “Micheal??”

 she says, then she frowns “What..why are you holding me ..” she winces in pain, then she suddenly notices her environment , she sits up immediately, her head hurt like a thousand bolts of pain, she exclaims holding her head “ My head hurts Micheal..please my head hurts” she cries 
“Take this, two of them, it would help , please princess ,” he grabs the bottle of water and gives her the pils “Take it at once,then close your eyes and rest..we would tall in abit, but I need you to take this”
She does so and closes her eyes..

She zones out for 3o minutes

He watches her, thoughts running through his head
God, please, he begs
“Where are we Micheal” she opens her eyes, she feels better, but she is weak. He puts a pillow behind her.
“I have to tell you something and…”

“What is it?”
“What did you remember from last night?”
She frowns “What do you mean?”
“Lat night, we were supposed to meet at the library, what do you remember ??”
She frowns…”We did meet didn’t we?”

He shakes his head 
“We didn’t?”
He shakes his head again
“Then..i don’t understand Micheal”
“I waited for you but you didn’t show up…you were..you were..” he trails off as she cuts him
“I was stopped by Senior Dayo and Temi, they were asking me where I was going and if I was going to meet you, I rememebrr that they were aggressive, even jabbing my shoulders with their pen” she touchs her right and left shoulders, she felt the numb pain.. “and then I heard a voice, when I turned it was Chidera and then she too jabbed me with her pen..and  and ..i don’t know..i can’t remember anymore “ she frowns rubbing her temple “is that why I am here, where am I ? this isn’t my room nor the hostel,.where is this?”
“Its my father’s quarters in school..”
Chidera jumps from the bed, Micheal stands up and grabs her, pulling her down gently ‘Hey relax, he isn’t  here, don’t worry”
‘But Micheal. We can’t be here, we would get found out and punished and…how did we get here..how come I am sleeping on your father’s bed and ..why am I wearing ..wearimg this shirt and my skirt is…what did you do to Me??’’ she shrieks holding her body, she jerks away from him
“No no please, I didn’t do anything to you Chidinma,  i swear it , I would never do anything to  hurt you I swear on my mother’s grave Chidinma”
“Then why..then why?’’ she runs her hand over her body “Then why do I feel as though..as though hands were all over my body, why do I feel as though they were between my legs ..why do I feel as though…oh my God” her eyes pools
Oh dear lord, Micheal’s chests Closed
They succeeded, oh God they succeeded, he closes his eyes and runs his hands over his face, then he looks at her, he gets up but she shifts away from him
He grabs her hands despite and pulls her to him “Please don’t, don’t run away from me,,I didn’t do anything to you , I swear Chidinma”
He places her on the chair as tears begin to fall down her eyes
“I need you to listen to me, I waited for you in that library and when you didn’t show I see Amaka there instead’’
“Senior Amaka?”
“Yes, she told me that you were in trouble and you have been sedated and knocked out and I would find you at the school backend, where no one is suppoed to be..but you see..it didn’t make any sense.. but when I couldn’t make sense of it I had to make sure she was lying, I thought it was one of Chidera’s plenty pranks, but I went to search for you at your hostel and the girls told me you had left to see me, but you hadn’t you see, so I ran over there with the boys and we found you, knocked out, but a man, he .he was ontop of you”
Chidinma gasps..’Oh my God..’’ 
He holds her hands tight as she tried to pull away “ I didn’t stop to think and I got him off you and made sure he woiuld never hurt another girl again. I am sorry Chidinma I am soo sorry its all my fault it is, i…” he bends his head and cries
‘’He hurt you, he touched you and I can never forgive myself ,ever. Foegive me please, forgive eme. Punish me..do whatever you want with me to make me suffer for your pain. Please, but don’t go away from me.. I am sorry chidinma and I don’t know what to do?’’ he cries
Chidinma is in shock
“Chidera did this?’
He nods his head
“me , because of me. She wants me by all cause and she knew by hurting you and ruining you would break me , and she doesn’t care, I think she was going to disgrace you publicly and have the school authority expel you, I don’t know.”
The tears don’t stop running down her eyes. 
“And we don’t have proof that its her because Amaka is going to deny if I rat her out, we were the ones who found you, and the men, how do we explain all this how?””
“So she goes scort free …she does this to me and goes scort free?”’ Chdinma is shaking as she cries “She ..she …oh God!!!’’ she cries , Micheal gathers her into his hands and rocks her
“I am so so sorry, please Chidinma, I wish I could go back in time, I would have never come close to you or talk to you…now see, I couldn’t even protect you until it was too late”

She cries in his arms for a few minutes then she stiffens and pulls away..
“I am done crying, I am done being scared of her..she has already gone too far.. she may have broken me, shatter my wings and think I can’t stand nor fly, but she is wrong.. I would soar even without wings”
“Chidinma?” Micheal gets up, she is backing him, he is scared to touch her, what if she rejects him, pushes him away..what if she gets angry and scream at him
He won’t balme her.. he would understand

But he prays that she doesn’t, so he doesn’t touch her
“Chidinma ..i am sorry”
She turns and faces him “I have to ..use the bathroom”
He shows her and then waits

His thoughts spiraling out of control

Its another 10 minutes when she comes out, she sits quietly on the bed, she had changed back into her own shirt and adjusted her cloths..washing her face with water 
“I think…I think I am still a ..a virgin”
He blinks , did he hear correctly 

“I think I am still a virgin, they say if you are disvirgined, you would bleed right, but…I went to the toilet to check..i don’t see blood, and when I pee I don’t feel hurt..but I have been touched..but..i don’t feel like ..something..somnething big had entered me..or…” she trails off
“Are you sure?’’ Micheal goes to the bed and sits beside her “Chidinma are you sure you don’’t feel anything, you don’t feel pain and anything strange, you didn’t feel some sort of liquid,  thick substance in your..area or around your thighs even though its dried?”
She shakes her head frowning “No”

He didn’t realise when he sighed in relief gathering her in his arms again
“Thank God” he breaths and lets her go. ‘’from now one, I would shadow you like nothing else matters , nothing like this would ever happen again’’
“I won’t be a  sitting dock for it to happen again” she says
“What does that mean?”
“It means that…I won’t let her do this to me again or any other thing for that matter” she says getting up “I want to go and clean up, my whole body  is itching me and I  want to wash their filthy hands off me”
“I am sorry”
She looks at him “Just because you like a girl doesn’t give another girl the audacity  to play the devil just because he doesn’t like her, it’s not your fault, but you know one thing about karma, it sees and I know one day, its going to come knocking and who says she is going to be able to run very far when it begins to rain”
Micheal sighs 
“okay just wait abit let me go check if the coast is clear, you can sneak out through the back, it leads to the cafeteria, freom there you can go through the hall way and come out, thern you can head into your hostel once you are in the clear, I would watch out for you. “
She nods..
He takes her hands ‘’Forgive me still, for showing up late”
“You showed up, that’s all that matters ‘” she leans into him and hugs him..
It warmed his heart, then he lets her go and leaves the quarters, Boma gives him a thumbs up, then he ushers her out..making sure no one sees her. When she disappears out of his sight, he goes back to arrange the room, cleans the toilet and then locks it.

Even if anyone saw him, no one would be suspicious, it was his father’s quarters  afterall  and he was the student body president.
Its been 30 minutes and yet nothing

Dayo, Temi and Amaka are standing beside her, some matrons are walking back and forth heading to classes, coming out of a meeting or heading to mass..
Why the hell have no one screamed or found her body there.

Then some students gather at a corner…at the far end
“Okay..wait for it girls…I feel a scream coming soon”  Chidera tells her girls 

it’s a minute already and no one is screaming, no one is running to go and call the Matrons.
instead after five minutes students are walking back towards them
“Senior Chidera,  there is a huge hole close to the ground from the fence, I think we should tell the school management so they can close it. it leads to the road on the other side of the town. I bent and put my head through.. and went to the other side., even a big sized person can pass through it. it’s not safe. what if robbers come through there or worse ” the girls says
Chdiera is frowning ” You..you didn’t see anyone there..on the floor and erm..naked ?”
the girl has a puzzled look on her face, so did the group of five girls she walked with. .”see who, on the groubd. .naked..erm..Senior Chidera I said a hole not naked.” she trails off confused..
“Move” Chidera pushes her aside and goes there, pushing the students away  

where they blind.? it’s board day light ..why can’t they see a naked  girl with two naked men too..


Her mother always says “if you want something done , do it yourself !”:

she pushes the other girl who had just crawled out from the hole, walking to the end,  she bends and then she pushes her head outside.
she turns right and left. 

she crawls out fully.

No naked body or bodies.

No used condoms.
No alcohol. .
No Chi-fxxking-na.
“DAYO!!! TEMI!!!!” She crawls out screaming their names

they ran to her, 
“Where is she ..where is she..she isn’t here ..she isn’t here..they are not here…where ..where is she??”
Amake crawls out last .
“we droped her here na..right here and they pulled her out.. but I don’t understand. Did they take her with them. Did they kill her or something ?” Dayo exclaims


“shut up!!” Temi queries, ” someone might hear you” she turns and  screams at a junior trying to crawl out..”get back inside and tell everyone to shift to the front now. now” the  girl disappears 
“tell me where she is..she isn’t here. she..Oh my chest!!!” Chidea is pacing. 
“maybe..they took her with them to continue their fun”
Chdiera stops pacing then breaks out in a smile..”Yes maybe. but what if she never returns  or maybe she is really dead like you said,  they took her and left abi. okay. well… lets go back. Chidinma is no longer a problem. .” she laughs 
when they come back into the school they tell the students to stop working and leave..
they go to shower and then everyone heads to class.
Chidera is in a happy mood. 
“No more Chidinma . Now I can have back my baby Micheal all to myself.”
Micheal is seated quietly as his friends eat, he doesn’t have an appetite 
he wish he knew what was going on with Chidinma,  she didn’t look herself.
Boma nudges him when Chidera strolls in with her flies..
“I swear if she comes here I might lose my temper ” Boma says
“us too” the twins join in
Micheal doesn’t say anything. ..
“Honey..how are you today??” She leans in, after checking to see the last Matron leave the hall, trying to give him a quick kiss..he pushes her face away..
Boma’s eyes lights up when he sees someone walk into the cafeteria. .
“Are you sure you want to do this Chidinma? ” this is Bunmi, After Chidinma had got back and told them everything. , Mimi suggested that they poison her food, Bunmi suggested that they tie her up and flog her with a hot knife from the fire on her bare buttom..Chidinma shakes her head.
“No.. I will give her what she hates the most..”
“What’s that?” 
“Me and Micheal” was all she said .
Now as they walked into the cafeteria , Bunmi and Mimi follow her gaze. .
“you know.. Winchy Chidera would want to kill you” Mimi says
“well she has already done her worst..now, I might as well enjoy what she is trying to hate me for..lets go” 
they walk towards the boys , Chidera leans in again trying to Kiss Micheal , he pushes her face again , then he sees her, he stands up immediately 

“Chidinma? ?” he says
Chidera turns sharply , so did her girls..
Amaka releases a silent sigh..
Chidea does a double take..
“Chi..Chidinma??” She looks her up and down…stuttering 
Nothing looked amiss about her “Where. where did you come from? ” She stutters 
Chidinma ignores her “Baby, can you pull out a sit for me please, my feet hurts form walking the short distance from my hostel to here. ” 
the girls gasp, Chidera blinks , her mouth drops open.
Micheal smiles, the girls are speechless..
“sure princess ” he nuges Chidera  out of the way and pulls out a chair,  Chidinma nudges Chdiera again out of the way and sits out..
Knowing that where they sat, the small crowd behind them shielded her and Micheal from view as Bunmi, Mimi , Chdiera and her girls stood behind her
she leans him,and kisses Micheal full on the mouth. .
“I missed you this morning,  ”
“I missed you too babe”
they smile at each other…
Boma does a slow clap ..the twins join in..
“Why are you clapping you thick fool..” Chidera spat, as she found her voice 
“Oh. .just to usher you out for your walk of shame ” Boma says..
Chidera grabs a glass of juice from the tray Dayo carried…
“Try it Chidera and I swear you would regret it” Chidnma says without looking up..
shocked Chidera steps back..dropping the glass of juice 
“I think you should take you and you skalawags back to where you came from, Micheal has a girlfriend now and he doesn’t need queen bee buzzing around him like he is honey, thank you ” Chidinma adds
the girls gasp a second time.
Chidinma wonders if Chidera’s girls are continue to coming gasping like fools.
“Chidera ??”
“What faggot!!?” She spat at Boma
“I think you just got overthroned..We have a new queen in the building. Now that’s how we roll, Bitch!!.”
“Yes!! Amen Hallelujah! !” the twins exclaim
Chidera turns,  angrily.. she didn’t see Chidinma had put her leg out, she falls on the ground. .
“Oops !!” Chidinma covers her mouth..”Oh dear ” laughter in her eyes
Students bursts out laughing , as Chidera drags herelf up, being helped by her girls,  she slaps them off, looking at the faces of those who were laughing,  the hall grew silent. 

she dusts her self up, gives the group a small smile and walks away, her friends follow behind her.
Micheal turns and looks at Chidinma “I swear princess,  I can give you the entire world right now” he is smiling
“yeah. why don’t you start with your chicken ” Chidinma smiles as Mimi and Bunmi take their seat
“Oh sweetheart you can have everything.”
“Mine too”
“Ours too:” the boys offer her their food,she ends up laughing and shaking her head .
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Chapter 18 coming soon.
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