Hey…Guess what???

Yay!!!!! And my story “LET’S PLAY CUPID ” comes to an end.
The story in summary;

From chapter one through to chapter fourteen .
We meet Adam and Damien,  brothers who obviously loved each other to pieces, always wanted to be in each other’s company.

Then we meet Gerald,  Aka Grumpy father, Aka the big Bad wolf, whose only love and concern was centered on his Son, his sweet sweet boy “Damien” .
 Adam, he didn’t care much for. Adam he didn’t love.  No , Adam he hated with a passion , a hate that runs deep, feasted in years and allowed to mix with the blood in his veins.

Adam, the son he refused to accept,  Adam , the son that he called a bastard, amongst other names. 
“You are not my son you bastard. Don’t ever call me father, You are not a Pope, even if your mother forced my hand and gave you my name. You are not my son. You will never be my son. You are nothing to me. NOTHING BOY!!!!!” Gerald would thunder every time they had are fight.
Ever since Adam was Ten,  he knew his father hated him, he had come to accept it and with time,  his own hate grew too..Especially when his father also transferred his anger on his wife, Adam’s mother. 
His mother would cry in his small arms afterwards and Adam would wish he could cause Gerald harm too.

Adam loved his mother and he couldn’t understand why his father hated him, even his mother refused to talk about it..
“Dont hate your father Adam,  he loves you, he just doesn’t know that yet” she would say.
“You don’t hate the people you love mother..That’s what my teacher used to say. Papa hurt you. He beats you. He beats me and lock me out in the cold. You don’t hurt the people you love mother. And Papa doesn’t love me..I know that now. And I hate him too” Lil Adam would say.
Now we see that the home of the Pope’s wasn’t rosy and lovey-dovey, Untill Damien came into the picture, a sweet loving baby, adored by his mother, loved by his father and doted on by his brother. And for once in as long time, Gerald became happy, he had as son he loved, his wife Thelma was happy,  finally now her husband can smile with sparkles in his eyes and love her again, and Adam was happy… For once..he could see his mother happy, and Gerald has stopped using his fists and he only time Gerald ‘s mood soured was when Adam was in the room so he stayed clear.

But Damien, aside loving his family,  he adored his bug brother and he hated that his their father always fought with him.

“One day, one day..listen to me Adam, one day you both are going to look at each other and realise that you love each other, one day you both are going to beg each other’s for forgiveness. One day, all the hate you both share, that father refuse to tell us why he hates you and mother refuses to tell us the reason why he hates you..one day it’s going to end and we all are going to be one big happy happy family. I promise you that would happen bro..I promise you” Damien tells his brother on their night out 

Adam laughs “That’s untill hell freezes over and I develop angels wings and fly” 
“Believe me Son…it would and then you remember that I told you so. But even if it doesn’t You have me and mum, and  we love you to pieces, me especially ”

“And i love you both, you especially ” he scatters his brother’s hair

“And maybe Dad a little? ?” 

“Gerald, please… can we not talk about the big Bad wolf, tonight we are celebrating your big job baby, so….No talk about Gerald, makes me want to…

“What…tell him you love him?”

“Punch something. And if you don’t change topic I would piss in your drink”
They laugh.
But you see.. that night before they went out celebrating,  Gerald had wanted Damien Damien to stay in and celebrate with him, Gerald and Adam had had a fight. Damien wanted to go out with his brother.

He goes to meet his mother Thelma who had been sick for a while and hardly leaves  her  room,  even her bed and kisses her.
And while they left, partied and had fun, on their way back, They are hit off the road by a truck driver, Adam didn’t see him coming from the bed, and Damien had been standing, saying he wishes he could fly.

 What do they say about wishes ?

“Be careful what you wish for, you might actually get it”

Did Damien fly? Yes he did.

As their car goes off the cliff, he flee, hitting his head open as soon as he made contact with the hard rock.

When Adam woke up, it was too late.

His brother was dead..

And he could never forgive himself. .


Oh Gerald was furious, angry, mad, pained,  in agony,  he wanted to kill, he wanted to raise hell and bring down the heavens, he wanted to run his car over Adam…he had so many emotions spilling out of control. …

“Murderer! !!! MURDERER! !!! You killed me son, my son you killed him because you know he is the only thing I love the most in this world, you are the devil’s spawn, you are a murderer and you would pay..you would pay .. Murderer! !!”  Gerald cried, he was broken.

Gerald’s hate for Adam doubled  
“It was an accident..i didn’t see, I didn’t see” Adam had crumpled to his knees. For once in his life he had found happiness, love, hope,  peace in his world of chaos because of his brother Damien. And in one night, everything had gone, Poof all in a smoke..his brother was dead and it was his fault. His mother never truly   was herself again,the shock was trumatising enough, the hate and distance of her husband pushed her forward into depression, sicker than ever,  she becomes paralysed,  and her mental state becomes affected. 

Gerald didn’t care anymore. 

His world made sense when Damien was in it. Without him, nothing and no one else mattered, even his wife.

And since he couldn’t make Adam pay because the court ruled that it was an accident, he made him suffer for it emotionally , and otherwise. And he knew the only thing Adam ever wanted was his love and acceptance , he vows to never give him. “You are nothing . NOTHING TO ME BOY.”


Fast forward 5 years later, Gerald and Adam are worse as ever. the richer Gerald got, the more time he spends with his ailing wife, and the more reason Adam made it a point to fight his father over.

Gerald had tried to kick him out of his house so many times and Adam refuses , not without his mother. He couldn’t bare to see her sick and unloved by Gerald, he rather dies than abandon her with him.
We see that Thelma is sick and needs constant care, her nurses don’t last, Gerald transfers his anger on them,.Adam isn’t so much different from his father…
That is why when Nurse Marybeth Stowe comes to work for the Pope’s residence as an in house nurse for Thelma she had put her feet down and had refused to be bullied, shouted unpon, and kicked around by the Pope men.

This infuriates Gerald, no one dared to talk to him and challenge him the way Nurse Stowe does, this makes him lash out on her a few times.
But ..Marybeth was stubborn,  even her mother used to tell her that her mouth would put her in trouble one day..

And it did.

She even had run-ins with Adam.

While Adam didn’t like her, he was intrigued . When he sees how she makes his father angry, and furious in a short time and challenges him on how to treat his wife, It intrigues him.

He even accused her of stealing his Thunder . Adam loved getting his father angry and he never backs down from a fight,  but to see a nurse stand up to his father and also puts him in his place..

It sparks something inside of him.

Now we see the battle of father and son go on, we see Thelma warming up to Marybeth’s presence, we see the atmosphere of the house changing …from cold to hot and sometimes it burns , and sometimes it’s sweet when Adam and Marybeth share their moments.

And sometimes it’s painful, when The Pope men fight and each to his demon, torment and pain…Their loss of Damien .

And sometimes it’s revealing ..when the truth begins to find its way to the top…

And sometimes it’s devastating, as more truths are revealed, more anger,  more fights, more pains, and Marybeth’s Stowe’s presence was bittersweet. And then chapter 14 that had Them rushing to Thelma,  who had fallen down the stairs, blood everywhere while the Pope men had fought.
Marybeth had come as as a nurse,  and soon she became an advocate for peace, she was maybe the spice the family needed, the light light for them to see, maybe the engine to jumps start, or the cupid who had helped in her little way to bring the family together, and find that love that had been missing.

And finally as the truth and the  Genesis of how it all began, the hate, the void, the reason.

We watch the family …embrace what was lost, love. And let’s go off the angel they all loved ; Damien, and find what is most important ; Family and watch them begin again..
Why don’t we complete this journey of a broken family, a hate so deep, and a love like flame comes to an  end in..

I read your comments (for those who have been there already, omo you guys don’t waste time  lol. You guys are are the real MVP😎)  

I mean reading them from chapter one till now, I swear it warmed my heart, brought a huge smile on my face and gave me laughs for days.

You guys Rock. Majorly!!! 
So here is me..
Itchy fingers : And me
Oh yes Here is us, Me and Itchy Fingers saying a big big super Amazing THANK YOU  for being you, for being an awesome reader, commentor, spectator,  observer, silent reader, and all the ‘R’s 😅😅😅😅   …

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New symposis

#Story Title 
        :Schooling  Mr Bass
Mr Jake Bass, multimillionaire of an oil serving company, 36 and the most sort after bachelor. 

But he has a problem. .he is an egocentric pompous and proud jerk. An unbeliever of love,  and a chronic womaniser . He sees all women thesame.  Money chasers,  brainless ..bed gracers. 
Samantha Brookes, a new employee in his company, intelligent  reserve ..beautiful and smart. An hopeless romantic,  fairytale believer and hates men who remind her of her father.

Working for Mr Bass was infuriating as it is untill he told her how incompetent and  useless  she was when she gave him the wrong file for an important meeting by mistake  and poured him coffee during a state dinner. He fires her.

Fastward 2 months later, they meet at a gala.

And everything spirals out of control. 

Bass thought she was like other women.

Brooke shows him that not all of them were thesame and she should teach him some manners.. especially when treating a woman.

                “SCHOOLING MR. BASS “*****

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