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“In the name of the father,  the son and the holy spirit ” he says , doing the sign of the cross, the congregation gives a resounding 
As the congregation begin to disperse, he calls out “Sister Rose  Ogbageli , please kindly wait , I have a message for you from the Lord”
A sister who is tying a black scarf over her head and carrying a bible looks up , she had been picking up her back from the floor when he spoke. 

it was a Tuesday service , “Digging deep” it was called.
it usually starts by 6pm to end by 8pm, sometimes like today it exceeds that time, ending a shy minute away from 9., and she usually had to follow her neighbour back home,  before papa, gets home from the beer palour. He hated church, he hated Religion, he hated God. infact, if it was not his beer, he hated it all. 
“Pastors are just thieves, they lure you to church , take all your money and send you all back ..while they use your hard earned money to build themselves mansions, use your money to build a school and then put the school fees very high that you can’t even afford to send your kids too, and then they use your money to buy private jets, jets you can never even near even till you die. and yet they come out everyday and says, ‘Money is the root of all evil ‘ and yet, they bask in your wealth. see the poor masses that fill the church, they give out their little in tithes and offerings and every day they keep singing give give give.  but do you know the one that annoys me” he would belch. 

“it’s the fact that these poor people have nothing to eat at home,  or how they would send their kids to school, or how they would fend for the next couple of days. Pastor would scream..have faith, like the mustard seed have faith, then stupid stupid people like you” he would poke her head with his hands “and your mother , that one is a lost case , would take money that we don’t have like other stupid fools , always women, men sef try get sense, ehen what was I saying…” he would belch again
 ” would carry their money and dash those stupid men claiming pastoralship and they would be laughing at you all , then they would say in the name of the father , son and holy spirit, go and be well..God bless you and you all ..mumu will go home and then your tummy would be singing like butterflies fighting war with each other, your children are sick with qwasshiokwo,  and then with tear tear cloths they would stay at home  , no school no future..while this Pastor and their children are living in style, eating fat fat chicken, flying to UK , USA and all the U’s, and you come here to tell me that  religion is not crap and bull, please…I have seen what they can  do, I know all these pastors are fake,  I have been there and done that, see..where has it gotten me? no job, no hope, my children useless, my wife..Akpamu!!! her case is in Okigwe shrine, and the only joy I have and peace is this beer, it is the only true friend and real entity in my life…with it, all my pains and sorrows will go away”
“Papa, it’s not true. Pastors are men of God; they don’t lie,steal or decieve”

“Shut up!! Shut up!! Pastors are men before they are pastors. they are the worse cons ever, scammers, Yahoo people, they do Religious Yahooism ” He laughs belching 
“Papa, I will not stay and listen to what you say”
“Na fly wei no dey hear word naim they follow dead body they enter grave, stay away from those men, they are bad and evil.  look you want to read bible,  go inside my room, I still have that torn one there, carry it and read and pray,  maybe God will talk to you. but pastors, that particular one with his eyes that is big,  he had used it to bewitch me and everyone and ruined us..see me now..Ogbageli, me I have told you. better sit in this house, if I come back and see that you are not home, you will receive my belt,  ask your brother, I do not joke. I may be drinking beer, but my anger cannot be quenched. if you don’t want to follow my rules in this house, gaan marry, afterall your mates they have all married and living their lives..” he says turning away
she had waited till he left, went to her mother and told her she was leaving, her mother tells her okay, that she should greet everyone for her, that she couldn’t make it because she was nursing her son who is sick. 
Which wasn’t exactly a lie . Papa had beat him to a pulp, he had come back to catch him smoking weed, then ontop of a girl banging the life out of her, and he said his anger was that..he wasn’t even wearing a condom .
“See how we are suffering you want to bring a bastard child into my house..for who, I will kill you before you use that your preek and kill me you hear. I will cut it off. you want to be useless and stupid, go and join armrobbers, atleast before they would kill you, you will have stolen money for us small, then you die and go. see your mother,  she sits in the house all day , going to that stupid church. .praying from today yesterday and forever,nothing have changed instead for she to go and sell in the market and use the money for us, she goes and dashes that her boyfriend pastor.  I have told her if she leaves this house again,  I will send her back to her father, she should go and stay by his graveside and be weeding,  maybe one local champion can go and marry her and make her his 4th wife. now she has introduced her daughter, that one..stupid,  gullible , she just swallowed it all WAAAAA!!!  I have told her she doesn’t want to listen. 
 Papa this ..Papa..that, if I hear anything. .her case is sorry but you…you I will destroy your bones. You are a man shei, your blockus is sweeting you, put it inside hold water, e go soft, e still dey scratch you, come and meet me I give you 50 naira ,you go chemist , buy condom I look for geh for you who is as jobless and stupid like you , you do , clean mouth go. but if you bring any child come and give me..that day..you die. I only have money to buy my beer, not to train another child that would be useless to me” he says , then he walks away, leaving the boy who had curled into a ball crying , 
She had come to meet their Mother crying and wailing about how her father wants to kill them all.. Then pulling her brother to her, their mother had began to massage his body , to bring the swelling down and cleaning the wound.
“Mama let me go, I will be back soon. Edemwo!! sorry oh” she had said to him.
Ogbageli leaves and goes to church. 

she loved church , she loved God and she loved her Pastor . he exudes such knowledge from the word of God that whatever doubts she had about christainity had been cleared up. She felt lighter after unburdening herself from her sins, as Pastor would say “Drop it all at His feet” and she had..

she knew that her father was just talking. His downfall and his failed business was all his doing . He didn’t know how to plan and manage himself, gambling, going out with friends to bars and drinking and forgetting to build a life for himself and his family after getting a good job and before long they were back to suffering.
He had been the one who introduced them to this church when they had moved here, he was a religious church goer,  a seed giver, tithe payer and offering dropper.  he did it , for show must of the time and not from the heart. , giving donations and spending too much.
when he finally lost  his job, and those friends he had, suddenly disappeared; he transfers his anger to the church; saying that they were the cause of his downfall and requested back all the money they had received from him, he wanted it all, and thus he made quite a scene when he was told it wasn’t possible.
“You gave to the Lord sir and it has been used for the divine purpose of God’s works. God has done so much for you and you want to take back  the little you give to him,  something that he never takes personally, but it’s a sacrifice on your part to give God something to say thankful for all that he has done.”
“so God needs my money? Abeg give me my money jor!!” he says
“No, he doesn’t need your money personally,  he needs it to help others who are in need because he won’t come down and help us, we are the ones standing in the gap, we are the ones who are our brother”s keepers.  so you should read the bible, you would see when the Lord command that all the tithes and offerings be brought into his house so that those within can benefit , and then he would bless you so much that there would not be room enough for you to contain your blessings”
“Pastor, I have being doing all that, why haven’t I become rich like dangote, blessed like Obama, reverred like the Pope and worshiped like Bhudha?  instead I have lost my job like the king of the North lost his head in GOT,  have you watched that series eh? No..too sinful . okay even now sef, now I am sick and impoverished looking like Buhari despite the position he is in, and you keep spewing nonsensicals…look gimme my money , the hundreds of thousands I donated to your church,  atleast it would help me start small business Pastor”
“it has been used for God’s work”
“Ehen, okay, open your house for me and my family so we can manage small,we don’t have anywhere to stay,  ”
“Sir, my house, you know there are other pastors living there and the children of God too”
“Then I and my family are from Satan? ”
“No sir, I meant, the spiritual battles we face on the daily being in that house; if you are not fortified and cloaked in the blood of Jesus and if you are a sinner, you won’t last a night, you will be judge for your sins by God before everyone else on earth and do you know what would happen, if you are  found guilty?  the gates of hell will pull you. You cannot stay there”
“Pastor atleast give me a car to sell then, ”
“The church had come together to get me  a car sir, I go about doing the Lord’s work, I need to be mobile,  the mind and body is willing but sometimes the legs are weak”
“there are about five cars Pastors”
“For days of the week Child of God..”
“Pastor gimme my money !!!! gimme my money! !! ” He had hooked the pastor by his shirt and shaking him

the securities had to step in and he was asked to leave..
Whenever he came to church he made a scene, one time trying to grab the the offering bag and the other time the Tithe’s basket and making a run for it.
he had to be restricted and then over time he just stopped coming to church and embraced the only peace he could find…Beer!!!
“Sister Rose Ogbageli Ewedinwor?  ”

 The pastor calls her again
“Yes Pastor ” 
“The Lord had put something in my heart to tell you . Are you in a hurry , so I can have a quick word with you and pray for you?”
she looks behind her as the lady waits for her ” Now Pastor? my neighbour is about leaving and it is late, I wanted to follow her”
“is the Lord’s message over your life not more important .?”
“it is Pastor Daddy”
“I was praying when the Lord ministered to me about your predicament and I just wanted to reveal it to you. it’s your blessing and breaththrough but if you don’t want to hear it, then you can go. the Lord be with you” he says doing the sign of the cross. 
it was 9pm now, her father would be home by 10pm..
“will it take long Pastor Daddy? ”
“30 minutes I suppose. I have to pray for you”
she bites her lips,  her neighbour won’t be able to wait for her.
“Don’t worry I can drop you if that’s the case, if you are worried, it is dark and it’s not safe for girl to be walking down alone.”
Okay,that was better.
“Okay Pastor Daddy, let me tell her to go then” he nods and she leaves, coming back a few minutes later 
“Let us go to my office Sister Ogbageli  ..because they would lock this side of the church and we can’t be here. but my office we can talk. it is only for your ears, the only spirit says no one will steal your joy. Amen? ”

“The Lord had shown me a man , tall and fair, big car and living in the USA,  coming for your hand in marriage. do you know this sister?”
she snaps her head up ” No Pastor Daddy , I didn’t know.”
“the things of the spirit is not just revealed to anyman. I know your family are experiencing problems at the moment but this man ..he is the blessing your family needs to break free. Amen”
“He is coming but someone is blocking him from seeing you”
“Someone is .? who Pastor who?”
“Your spirit husbands”
“JESUS!!!” She exclaims touching her chest .”God forbid. I don’t have spirit husbands”
He laughs, speaking in tongues and reading a passage in the bible, then turning to her..”How old are you sister Ogbageli? ”
“29years old Daddy”
“How many suitors have come for you?”
“5 daddy? ”
“Why did they all leave?”
she sighs shaking her head…” I don’t know daddy, at first all is well and smooth, all is great and then all of a sudden they just say they are no longer interested and they leave; and ever since my family started experiencing this issues,  it has gotten worse.  you said the bible said we should not lie and I have been completely honest with them and my life but after a few weeks they come to see mw and my family, they disappear. ”
he laughs “God is wonderful. Jesus !! no one else had revealed this to me but God . when you sleep, do you have any sort of discomfort,  like someone is pressing you, touching you, and in the morning you feel like…you have been ‘Done’ ”
Fear creeps into her eyes..
“Yes Pastor, how did you know. I have been feeling one kind of late, very uneasy and I used to wonder why I feel weak and tired and then my ..my area feels different every morning.”
“it’s your spirit husbands. they are about 3, they don’t want any man to marry you and take you away from them so by sleeping with you at night they disrupt the physical thereby causing all your suitors to flee. And now, the one that is coming from USA , he is your husband that God had made for you but like others he would come and leave you.”
“No eh Pastor,  God forbid.  what would I do..help me” She falls to the ground and cries..
“Sister get up get up there is a solution for everything , but you have to keep an open mind. there are things only prayers can fight;there are situations prayers and holy anointing can solve and there are situations only the physical action can solve  and your case right now…since it is happening in the spiritual ..it has to be solved exactly the same way in the physical,  extensive sessions for one week or two …before that hold of your husbands will break. ”
“I don’t understand pastor. ”
“You have to have sex with a brother in church , or any christain brother you know for two weeks . they would leave you as soon as they see him constantly sleeping with you. if not once your husband comes from America in three weeks..he would leave and that is it. you will remain alone and sad for the rest of your life and your spiritual husbands will continue for ever and soon you will have children in the spirit world.”
She began to cry “Pastor..hey..God. no I cannot  I cannot. !!!”
“That is the solution.  I can conduct prayer sessions for you with the sisters but ….it will not keep them away. And you know if people hear this they spread it and God knows what would happen to you. ..Girls and gossip.  I wanted to tell the sisters in prayer in church first but God said I should let you know first  . you don’t have time Sister.  you have to start tonight. .Go home and look for any christain brother ..that is the only way. Do it without protection, do it with someone you trust and know and that he is born again. .that is the only way. May God go with you.”
she is crying as he gets up  “But pastor,  I don’t know anyone…”
“Go home and tell your family to help you, ”
“Ha..Papa will kill me first , Mama..hey what will she do. Pastor, is there no other way?”
he shakes his head ” The spirit of the Lord had revealed it to me, as a pastor , as your father in Christ I have come to tell you. Go home now and look for someone and begin,  after two weeks you stop. You will see that no more sex again with the spirit husbands, your husband will come and everything will change.”
she cleans her eyes , ” Pastor,  I don’t trust anyone else but you pastor”
“Sister…I am only a messenger ”
“Pastor I don’t trust anyone else but you sir,  ”
“What do you want me to do sister? ”

“You be the one to do it”
“but I can”t sister..I am a messenger ”
“and you understand it more , how do I go and begin to explain to a random stranger..please sir”
“Are you sure? ”
“Pastor Daddy, you said that is the only way”
He nods ,”Then I am sure” she says with the tears falling down her eyes
He smiles. ..Psychology 101.
“OK sister, I would have to embrace the characteristics of a man who is a christain but is having sex..that is the only way. and you have to enjoy it..or pretend to..That is the only way” 
She nods, tears falling from her eyes she strips.
“let us pray. .close your eyes sister,  don’t open it..let us pray ” she closes her eyes and begins to pray with him, answering an ‘Amen’ to his ‘In Jesus Name”
while he prayed,  he unzips and rubs himself,  then he nears her, fiddling with her breasts , turning her , he bends her , then praying even harder he slams into her, his tone changing , the tongue speaking enters into another dimension as his pace increases   ..
Her eyes are closed, her constant

 “Amens” are heard.  
“Oh father my father…whwkaknsnkddkdnkddjnddb ahshdjsksksdjdjjd ahshdjsksksdjdjjd  in Jesus Name !!”
“uhhh Ahhhhhh. .fxxxkshsjsjsaksjsjnnsnshit sweet sweet spajsbsbsbsbsbfxxk!!! in Jesus name”
“dhehehehh roll it baby ..Ahhhhhh uuhhhh fjsksjsnsbsb ohkombomhkoloptix ssssuuuuu ahhh hmmm yes yes yes yes …JESSUUUUUUSSSSS! !!”
“AMEN ” …
He jerks, jerks …slaps her bum..wriggles ..wriggles. ..jerks…”Thank you Lord..thank you!!!”
He says pulling out. “Sister Ogbageli. .. We have started ..the battle is of the Lords  ..thank you father . dress up sister  . we shall continue tomorrow.  watch it. from today…The spirit husbands will be reducing Amen!!” he zips up,  cleaning his forehead with his hand, breathing hard, he picks up his bible and then begins to sing praises..
Sister Rose Ogbageli gathers her things, dresses up,  thanks him and leaves…
it was just 9:30. she makes her way home, hoping her father isn’t back.

while she lays on her bed she is worried..worried that those spirit husbands would come..
she cries in her sleep..and prays…”God please let Pastor Daddy remove this curse from me. ‘”
Everyday,  after service..and when there was no church,  she makes her way to his office and waits for him, knowing that he would come ..and then they would begin their session.

it’s been two weeks now…today was the last day .
While he held her, thrusting deep within her and out.. calling on Jesus and the saints..she closes her eyes and prays too.
Done now.. “Sister, it is finished. God has vindicated you.  go and receive your healing and your husband.  Go!!!” 
she thanks him and leaves.

It’s a month now, Brother America hasn’t come. But something else also didn’t show up. 
it had been 10 days late..

They were cooking outside their small house , Her mother was by her side, Ogbageli was fanning the firewood,  Edemwor was playing draft with his friends when his friend their father comes home carrying a small bag in his hands. it is Saturday night, it was suprising why he was home by this time.
“Look…I want to eat peppersoup and fish when I come out from the toilet you hear woman” he flings the bag to her, slapping his son’s head ” Make sure you beat them okay” 
“Yes Papa” he smiles,  his friends greets him, he answers nodding his head
“Papa goodevening ” she greets , he nods too  smiling. he seemed to be in a happy mood. Maybe he had a couple of beers already.
“Ogbageli ”
“take that water there and wash the fish let me cook it”
“Okay mama”
she empties the fish into the water and began to clean it. Constantly whining her nose and sniffing , then frowning. ..
“Ohhh this fish is smelling bad Papa, where did you get it from ?”
“Where else. .fish market..” he says

she continuous 
“Oh Papa…it is smelling..I can’t clean it jor, throw it away ” she says dumping it into the water and washing her hands.
her mother carries the fish and smells. …shaking her head “Do you have problem with your nose..this fish smelling kwa?” She pushes it to Ogbageli’s nose…” This fresh that is fresh that is what you say it’s smelling eh..you have nose problem…take,  smell it”
With a force Ogbageli hits it away from her nose…”PHERMMMM!!! Mama it is sme–” she jerk forward once..and then twice. .and then thrice..she takes her hand to her mouth as her mouth suddenly becomes full and bloated , tiny liquid began to trek down the corners of her mouth..she jerks again this time holding her tummy, veins popping out , eyes growing big she jerks up again,running she goes to the back and retches  out her insides in loud sounds..
Everyone stares at her in shock..her mother takes the fish and smells..the father does thesame thing..the son and even his friends wanted to smell.

it was fresh..
then what was wrong with Ogbageli . then it dawns on her…
it only had to be one thing.
“OGBAGELI OGBAGELI OHH!!!” her mother wails , running to her and dragging her back to the front..
“Ogbageli. .what is wrong with you??”
“mama , nothing ” she wipes her mouth.
“What is wrong with you. why you dey vomit. begin talk”
“it’s the fish”
“The fish is fresh..only you say it is rotten.  Ogbageli   ..are you pregnant ?!!”
“you say what??” Her father had his ears standing. .Edemwor stands up immediately …
“Mama no oh..I am.not. ”
“then why..why..” she grabs the fish and pushes it to her nose…Ogbageli gags again..running to go throw up for even longer minutes .
“Heyyyyy ogbageli is pregnant ohhh!!! hey God shame she has brought shame oh”
Her husband goes into the house, then he comes out with a matchet…
Ogbageli who had been coming back to the front, now visibly holding her stomach sees him and starts to scream..
“Come here..I say come here, you will die today..did I not warn you.  who is he who??”
“mama” she goes on her knees …'”I swear I am not pregnant, the fish”

“when Last did you see your period ?”
“Erm. ..erm…”
Hey…it was a week now

“when last did you see it..when is it coming. ..tell me..?”
“it hasn’t come mama. .it hasn’t come for over a week now”  she began to cry…Maybe she was indeed pregnant. 
“HAAAAA TODAY YOU DIE WITH THAT CHILD. WHO IS THAT FOOL. WHO IS THAT BASTARD MY MATCHET WILL CUT HIM DOWN OGBAGELI TELL ME WHO. ” he chases her round,  she kept running and falling and going behind her mother and brother to save her. .they push her away form them, they too didn’t want to be caught in the crossfire. ..
“who ??”
“Papa okay okay wait I will tell you”
“Talk now or come  here and die”
“I will talk”
“You are wasting my time.”
“Ehhhh! !! Pastor. .which pastor?! !”

 her mother bends holding her head
“Pastor Daddy, your pastor..our pastor. .he said..he said spirit husbands were sleeping with me and only physical man who will sleep with me will chase them and we have to do it for two weeks and ..that is how. .Oh papa. Papa,  NA Pastor!!!!” she cries..
Everyone was shocked and speechless, then her father began to laugh and laugh and laugh…
“See it..see am. I no talk am. infact… I will not do anything.  Carry yourself. .and your puking,  go and find your pastor.. from today. ..you , the child, your spirit husbands and the pastor will go and leave together. .oya…dey go..dey go” He chases her out of his house…
When her mother began to beg he tells her to follow and if his son wants to join them they all can go…but since they had refused to listen to him, they should sleep on the bed they had dressed …
He chases her  to the streets , down the path ..down to the church.  ..then he walks away leaving her there . Nothing His wife nor son could say could change him mind…he told them thay if she ever returned..she would die. and he meant it.

“Pastor, I am in trouble”
“Ha, sister Rose Ogbageli. .what is it, why are you like this, without shoes and unkempt. what happened to you..what is it??”
“I am pregnant ”
“Jesus .!!! for who..your spirit husbands??” 
she shakes her head crying..”For you pastor.”
“Blawd of Zacheous! !! I forbid  it!!.Satan get thee behind me!!”
“Pastor Daddy!!”
“Don’t Pastor Daddy me anything.  it is not me. go and look for who you have been sleeping with,  all this girls of nowadays…go sister Rose..don’t come and soil my image.
 who..me..pregnant.  have we ever done something before. me a man of God..saints..holy..I can not behold sin like my God”
“Ha!! pastor is it not you that-”
‘” Me that what..ehen come and be going ” he pushes her out of his office.
“Pastor…you..did this..me ?you slept me with here for three weeks saying you were ridding me off my spiritual husbands..so that was a lie.. the American man that is coming..all of it a lie.?”
” Me? it was not me..sister I bind you in the name of the Lord” as some church members began to come around hearing voices. ..Pastor began to speak in tongues binding and casting..
“You weapon of the enemy.  you evil from the underwood,you spirit of confusion and blame passer, I bind you in Jesus name. Go..take her away. she is a lier and a prostitute ..all those people who come and want to seduce their pastors and then blame them. I refuse to bee soiled. . sbsjsjsnmssmmsns shshshahjaajlllssnsnss I bind you I bind you. .I bind you. go and look for your victim”
everyone who stood began to pray and cast her pushing her away  
“Not out pastor. .not our Daddy. our father in the Lord.  You devil..whatever you want to do to my Pastor..go away..go away!!!”
they pray and push her out of the church premises. .

Alone..rejected. .abandoned she cries under the bridge.

Going back home her father sends her away…
Pastor chases her away..again and again.
People curse her..News spread about her..”The possessd girl”
she enters into a chemist,  and begs him..to rid her off her shame..

She had no money , no place to stay ..Nothing. .but she only wants to be rid of her shame..
he chases her away but she kept coming back.
eventually he offers  do it for her, if she only gives him her body .

Without a choice , she offers her body to him …
Afterwards he helps her with the abortion, doing a bad job at it .

Staggering out of the chemist in the morning , she staggers to the church. .pain, slowly becoming weaker ..
she felt like she was going to die..she knew she wouldn’t survive it, she had lost too many blood and the man had disappeared during it…leaving her alone to bleed to her death when he saw that he didn’t know jack of what he was doing, then he drops his tools and run away..
she staggers to the church. . knowing he would be there, maybe with another victim, not wanting him to do thesame thing to another person,  another innocent unsuspecting girl..

she held one of the tools in her hands, the longer and most painful one..it was sharp and rusty..infected.

she knew she was going to die..but let the man, the man who has done this to her…follow her as well .. it is  the only logical thing …
Her family didn’t want her..

Her church disgraced and chased her away  ..

the man who did this to her didn’t want her either…even the child dies horribly between her legs sucked out.

but they…they would go together. . She and the Pastor,  they would join him or her soon. 
she knocks on the door, …

he opens to find her there   …it is late,  the girl , the new girl he was praying for had just gone, she was sweet, really really sweet  and stupid .

All this church members was gullible and stupid…they gave him all their money.. they made him rich and he lived a flamboyant lifestyle on their expense and the women…Whoof!!!! he didn’t need to go out to clubs and the streets to search. all he had to do was just tel them..tell them.something ..

He played on their intelligence,  putting two and two together,  he used their situation haven found out things about them and tells it back to them,they think it’s God telling him..Yeah right!!! they were just stupid. 
Anything the man of God says is true and honest  they believed and even when he suggests the unthinkable. ..beside he could never be seen as someone who is telling a lie…they fall. .they all fall and for years he had feasted on their gullibility ….and if it went south. ..he screamed that they had come to him ..they were demons ..possessed…witches..and they would be chased out…and then why would be forgotten and he carries on with his life….
he looks at the girl at the door..This one, amother unfortunate human.

Now why was she here..and why was she bleeding. .
“What do you want Ogbageli? ?” he says frowning ..
“Oh nothing Pastor. ..I just came to thank you” she pushes the door, knowing she had no more strengths left  …she falls untop of him., stabbing him as they both feel to the ground.  and because he wants expecting it it was difficult for him to defend himself. .. she didn’t want him to defend himself because he would win, she wanted to do it fast and quick. .and she did…stabbing him nonstop. .anywhere and everywhere.

Soon he was jerking. ..jerking as blood sprouted out from his mouth, eyes and neck..gushing out from his chest..

she didn’t stop..she didn’t stop untill she felt her hands go limb, and the life ebbs out of her..
she slowly breaths her last..but with a smile on her face…
but he ..he dies a slower death…feeling the pain..every pain…

the blade had been rusted..and poisoned  . It takes an hour before he  finally…dies..
By tomorrow,  the news would be that , A girl who had been going to their church had been possessed and had killed their Pastor…
And back home..they would remember the girl who had left home , who had been impregnated by a Pastor who claimed he was cleansing her away from the spirit world..and that she had died aborting the baby and then the pastor had killed her when she went to tell him.

At the end of the day…whose report would They believe..?
..A girl was dead.!
A Pastor was dead.!
A child aborted…!!!
And then some one else would become the pastor and maybe just maybe…He might just continue from where his predecessor stops..and there would be another girl like Ogbageli. ..Who was too stupid and gullible… and then the circle continous.!!


“It’s Friday the 13th. Don’t turn off the lights…don’t fall asleep..Stay Awake Because freddy is coming.!!.#snickering… ” Tsundra flicked the touch off and on while she placed it under her jaw. Her eyes and white teeth sparkled in the dark. She towelled over her sister while she tried to read.
“Stop it Tsundra. You aren’t even scary .

And put on the damn lights . How you expect me to see in the dark??” Vrandra replied as she laid belly down on her bed. Her books opened before her as she dangled her legs from side to side.
“I am the voice of warning. Do not fall asleep. Do not turn off the lights ..stay awake..or else freddy kruger is coming to get you. He knows what you did last summer. He knows he knows. It’s Friday the 13th and Jason is coming out to play” …Tsundra made eerie sounds and blew air into Vrandra’s face and pulled at her locks. 
“Stop it T. It’s not funny . Am gonna call mum” Vrandra threatened .
Tsundra sighed and turned on the light. Throwing the touch on the bed.

“You are such a girl. Chicken!!!!” She sat on the bed .
“News flash dude, i am a girl. Quit being stupid . Freddy and Friday the 13th is just a Blawdy myth. Ain’t true.” She turned on her back and faced the ceiling.
“It is'” Tsundra interjected.

“Tis’not” Vrandra countered. 
There went back and forth with the banter.
“Okay what about “bloody mary”??? Tsundra folds her hands and stares at her sister .
“That shit is as crappy as the first one. Made up to scare kids to bed. ”
“Really now?? Okay then. Why don’t you go into the bathroom, face the mirror and put off the lights and say it three times …if you think it’s all made-up” Tsundra baited her
Her sister thought for a second.  

“You know what? I will. Am not scared of anything and I will prove to you that you are just a gullible big baby ” Vrandra gets up. 
The two girls were two minutes apart. Identical start to finish. Except their dislikes for certain things and hair styles. While Vrandra likes locks ..Tsundra likes her hair to flow touching her waist. Her feminine traits came from their mother. And Vrandra was the tomboy and her love for metallic rock music was something else. 
Tsundra stared at her reflection in her sister and smiled.
“You aren’t scared? ??
“Ofcos not silly. ” She heads into the bathroom 
“I will do the merengue dance while am at it and probably take a picture in the dark’ She picked up her phone from the bed.
“Wait!!” Tsundra gets up. Fear lazily creeped up her shoulders 
“Its not a myth. It’s real everyone says so. Forget it. don’t go. It’s stupid . Let’s play scrabble or something. I can’t stop my heart from beating . ” She pulled her twin back to bed. But she flung her hands away
“No!!! Let’s put an end to your scardy-cat-ness shall we?? At least we have established who the chicken is here. Let’s just put an end to those made up stories . Then you would stop watching horror movies because your delicate heart can’t handle it” 
She stomped into the bathroom . 

Tsundra went back to the bed, folded her legs and bites her lower lip. Eyes squinted. She was scared.
She heard the door click and the light in the bathroom go off. Then she heard her scream…
“Bloody Mary! !!!

“Bloody Mary! !!

“Bloody Mary! !!!
“I don’t see no body here Tsundra. And am gonna take a picture in the dark to prove it.'”
“Hey bloody Mary and erm ugly freddy…you both can make out in the dark. Friday the 13th is just crappy and my sister is a gullible chicken. So there. ….

Tsundra saw the camera flash and then the door opens and out comes Vrandra .
“I told you there ain’t no such thing ” she flunked her phone to the bed. 

“You can get your heart out of your mouth now and breath. You look like a deranged ghost.” Vrandra laughed.
Tsundra let’s out her breath slowly.

And nods.
“There aren’t no such things ”
Knock knock!!!!
There both turned to the door at the same time.
Knock knock! !!!!
“He is here.  Freddy is here.  Or or Bloody Mary ” Tsundra began to shake and her wisper came in slowly , she held on to Vrandra 
“Shut up!! ” Vrandra quiets her 

“Who is there ”
Knock knock!!!

Scratch scratch! !!

Whooshing! !!!
“Who is there ???” 
The door knob turns . One hide behind the other’s back . The other faced the door. 
Rapping knocking and the door flings open. No one stood there.
“Vra-“Tsundra started 

“Ssshh” hands to lips , Vrandra stays her.. 

In another second a masked figure jumped into the room..
which got the girls screaming and hugging themselves .The figure began to laugh and unmasked herself.
“Mum?????” The screams called out.
“Oh you should see your faces ..it was epic. Damn I should have brought my camera. You girls nearly peed yourselves ”
Vrandra disengages Tsundra from her body.

“I wasn’t scared. ”

“Yes you were too” Tsundra stated matter-of-factly

“Was not”

“Was too”
Mum shakes her head at her girls. 

“Yeah Yeah we know you was scared.  Now to bed. And there ain’t no such things . Sleep well my lil cheery pumpkins. ” She kisses their heads and turns off the light, closing the door behind her.
It was 11: 47pm before the girls finally slipped into a peaceful sleep.
In the dark , while they slept, they didn’t notice the hands and a axe under their bed and the owner who had a face sewed up.

Nor the woman with a long black , over her face which isn’t a face . Blood dripping from the corner of her mouth and her fingers black as though she had been digging .
Well she had. 

Someone had called her. And she never likes to be rude . So she had dugged herself out of the earth of forgetton memories and stood behind the girl who called out to her. And managed to take a pose while the camera let went off. 

Waited while they said goodnight to their mother. But now she was bored. She needed to play and they would oblige her. .wether they liked it or not. Besides her side of the world is lonely. She wouldn’t mind a new company. The others were old and decayed and only bones left.
She towered over their bed.
He placed his fingers over his axe and tasted the sharpness..
“Don’t put off the lights. Don’t fall asleep. Stay wide awake because it’s Friday the 13th and freddy is coming out to get you unless you don’t fall asleep.
But looky-here!!! You are asleep. The lights are off…its me Jason. ..would you like to play????? ” He snickered silently 
Drip drop drop

Her blood dropped to the ground 

Drip drip drop drop

That tiny watery sounds
“Stop touching my face” Vrandra hits the hands away. But it came back 
‘Tsundra stop touching my face. You are bugging me. Go wash your hands it smells” her eyes closed she hits the hands away
“Tsundra stop”” she bellowed
“Vrandra stop screaming my name .and am not touching you” Vrandra rubs her sleepy eyes.
The fingers caresses her jaw again. Vrandra catches the hands .
“Caught your finger. You were saying”  ?
Tsundra reaches for Vrandra and places both hands on her chest. 

“I said I wasn’t touching you V”
“Then whose fingers are this? ??”
She held on to it. She could feel the fear radiate through Tsundra ‘ s hands from her mother …
“Whose fingers are are what V” ?? Tsundra ‘ s wisper was barely audible..she edged closer to Vrandra .
Vrandra reached for the touch with her other free hand …pointed and flicked it on…
Their screams tore through the night !!!!!
In the morning, their bodies are found…Barely recognisable and their mother was the one who found them.
Five years later, A new couple moves into the house.. they had threw children,  one of them, the last daughter had been playing in her room when she heard sounds…

then she had screamed and screams and screamed.
The parents and her siblings ran into her room..
“What is it bella??” they ask her, she was shaking..
“I hear them talking…?”
“Tsundra and Vrandra”
“who are they? ?””
“the girls who dies in this house”

“Okay. .too many horror movies for you sweet. .No more. ”
No one believed her.
A week later, The little girl was standing by the bed, staring down her mother  and father..
“baby, what are you doing up??” Her mother asks her putting on the lights and finding her all bloodied up.

“I killed them ..I killed them!!”
her mother hits her husband awake..
“killed who baby?” fear creeps into her voice,  as her husband jumps up from the bed going around and pulls his daughter to him checking her body, the blood wasn’t from her, but she was holding a knife dripping with blood.
“Tsundra and Vrandra! ! they kept talking …they kept talking about bloody Mary and freddy kreuger…and then they said…she would never do it..she would never shut us up..”
“Who is she. .who is she…?”
” Me…me..so I did it..I shut them up”
“Rick..Jess!!!” The father calls out to his two other children. but no answer..
his wife jumps off the bed and together the follow their 5 year old daughter to her room…fearfully wondering what they could find.

on the bed laid their two other children stabbed in the eye..Rick and Jess. .
“See…I made them stop talking..”

His wife faints and he backs away from the door..
“But the noise papa, the noise wouldn’t stop..wouldn’t stop” she heads towards her mother with the knife in her hands. 
Ten years later… a new family moves into the house..
The End
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