“She has been like that for an hour” Dayo whispers to Temi
“I know” Temi whispers back
“And she has been hitting that wall with her very very new shoe, the one that Mr Adamu bought for her less than a few days ago’’
“I know”
“And she isn’t saying anything to anybody”
“Shut up Dayo, I am here, we all are and we all know “ Amaka snaps, frowning as she looks at Chidera, who is facing the wall, her shoe in hand, with the fancy heel she hits the wall, making cracks each time it makes contact, Amaka is trying to read her, but all she sees is anger…anger, unchanneled-appropriately anger..that anger that always leads to something and it never ends well.
“Chidera?’’ Temi calls “Chidera please talk to us, what do you want us to do? Me , me especially I will do it”
“Yes Chidera, we will do it. You want us to pick Chidinma up and—Owwwww!!!!’’ Dayo holds her head as the shoe comes flying , it hits her head , square in the face, she was lucky it  had missed her eyes.
Phew!! Temi breaths, she was glad she docked in time, well it was good for Dayo, she talks too much anyways

Chidera grabs the second shoe from the ground, everyone shifts back, close to the door, each trying to go behind the other, Dayo still nursing her now swollen forehead, like a circle is fighting to go behind even more, her eyes stings with tears.
Sometimes Chidera can be a mean bitch, she sobs.
Chiders ignores them and continuous hitting the wall, even harder.
Amaka is unsettled,she prays no one becomes smart to tell Chidera that she had been the one who warned Micheal about what was going on for him to get to Chidinma and save her.
Chiders would kill her,literally. she had to find away to see Micheal.

Whatever Chidera was concocting in her mind right now, she wanted to be cleared from it.
Chidera was her friend, if she ever found out that she was the one who faulted their plans..she would be dead roasted meat on a stake

She sighs, wondering what she was thinking to help Chidinma, she didn’t even like the girl, not one bit.
But then again, it doesn’t mean she always agreed to Chidera’s tactics to cause harm to others, especially when they didn’t do her anything. She could never stand up to Chidera, she never intends to, but …atleast, she wasn’t so heartless like Chidera, she had her own bad side, her errors and flaws. She had once beaten a girl, punished her to her fill, she had starved someone from her lunch when she got angry, she had made one crawl thus injuring her knee on the hard surface, yes, she had her own bad side, if not..how could she truly be friends with Chidera, Chidera’s influence and characteristics also rubbed off on her,  but…to stand by and see another girl raped, drugged..
She cringed thinking about it, and that is why she had lied to the girls that she was feeling sick, made sure she had the whole flu faked, even requesting for drugs..pretending to go to the toilet, rolling and screaming on the bed, knowing that there was no way that they wouldn’t believe that she was sick and couldn’t go anywhere and while Dayo and Temi left, she had ran to look for Micheal, told him, and then ran back to the hostel and into her bed, knowing that if they came back and they didn’t see her, then she would have a whole lot of explaining to do.
But seeing Chidera like this, fear creeps up on her, starting from her toes…
What if, just to spite her, big mouth Boma and the twins tell Chidera she has a mole in her camp. She was finished.
Yes she would go to them now.

Chidera is ignoring everybody
“Let’s just leave her alone for abit, she would tell us what to do when she is ready, for now, let her be” Amaka says opening the door and stepping out, they follow shutting the door behind them and leaving the hostel.
“Where are you going to?” Temi is curious
“Fresh air, “
“let’s go together, I too need fresh air”

 Temi says looking at Dayo “Stop crying, it’s just a small swell , it would go, come let me rub it” she grabs

 Dayo’s face and rubs her palm down the swollen place, it causes Dayo to cry out 
“SSSsssh stop whining, it’s okay. Sorry. Next time, learn to shut up”
“if that was supposed to make me feel better it didn’t” Dayo wipes her eyes, rubbing her head more
Temi shrugs 
Amaka didn’t want them to follow her . 
Think Amaka, Think!!!
“Oh crap!!!’’ she touches her temple
“What is it?””
“My text book is with Tonia, in class B, I forgot to get it from her and I need it for that assignment “ she says
“Okay, let’s go and get it from her then”Temi suggests
‘Er No!! I mean why don’t you guys go ahead and I meet you up later”
“But we were following you to wherever you said you were going to, so how do we go ahead when we don’t know where it is you are going to”

 Dayo frowns
‘I didn’t exactly have a destination, I just wanted to leave the room before Queen Chi transfers her aggression and anger to us, see your face already Dayo, I don’t want no tribal mark in mine”
Temi nods “Yeah, God knows what she is plotting in there. By the way, isn’t it strange that..that Chidinma wasn’t there where we left her last night and the guys too were no where to be found. Like they all vanished, disappeared. All our plans gone up in smoke and did you see how she called Micheal Baby and kissed him infront of all of us, like…like she isn’t scared of us anymore…like she is telling us…go fxxk yourselves”
“she literally did tell us to go do that”

 Amaka replies her, and for the first time, she saw Chidinma in a whole new light. No one had dared to stand up to Chidera, not the way Chidinma had  done, and that epic fall, Amaka tried everything possible not to burst out in laughter as every other person laughed., keeping a straight face after the shock was…difficult but she managed, if not Chidera would have used her head to scrub the floor. 
She understood Chidera’s anger, the public humiliation was too much. No one had ever dared to make her feel small, laughed at and jeered at..untill Chidinma.
So whatever she  was concocting in that head of hers, would be big, but just to be on the safe side..she needs to make sure no one spills by mistake, not even in their dreams too ,that she was the one who spilled.
“well I am ready for whatever orders Chidera gives me for that girl , I hate her too. I mean she is all feeling fly being his girlfriend right, but let her just wait, Chidera would show her why she is called ‘The Queen’..
“Hmmm, I am coming , you both just head to the garden, let me get my book I will meet you there”
Amaka leaves them , Temi turns away grabbing Dayo, ‘‘Let’s go, what do you think we should do to cheer Chidera up?”
“Buy her something ?”
“Wrong….make Chidinma eat shit”
They laugh 
“So, girlfriend?” Micheal turns to her,. They had all finished their last class and he made sure to reach hers as soon as the juniors filed out of their classes, with a straight face he had called out to her, the other juniors had turn, greeting him, and the girls smiling, but he didn’t smile back, but when she had turned and looked at him, a smile breaking out of her face, he fights to keep the smile threatening to break all over his face.
He didn’t want anyone else to know that he, Micheal , had fallen hard for a junior named Chidinma…such things could never happen in a christain school,it was frowned at, punishable and expellable and God knows Abominable within these four walls but what they, the school,  don’t know wont hurt them.
So he had walked and allowed her follow him, …they were headed to the library , a few other students were there reading, he had carried his text books with him…he looked serious.

When Tom from his class had asked him why he was with the junior, he had told him that he was tutoring her for a certain course. Chidinma bit down a smile.
In the library now, he picks a less public corner.. the students who were around were too busy talking in groups and reading to give them attention.
They seat, after he pulls her chair closer, so that the table would block the view of their legs, and hands from the view of the students and the library Matron who sat at the end of the hall, she too was distracted.
 Drawing her chair closer to him again, Micheal smiles.
“Yes , Boyfriend” she whispers to him

“I missed you” he says
“But we saw barely two hours ago”
“Doesn’t mean”
“Does too”
“Does not’’
“Does too!!”
“Does not, and you didn’t say you missed me too, and here I couldn’t stop thinking about my princess..”
She is quiet now
“What’s wrong princess?””
“You know I did and said that to annoy Senior Chidera”
“So what does that mean…you don’t miss me..you don’t ..erm care enough about me, it was all for show…?”
She frowns “I didn’t say that, I just wanted to tell you that’s why I said that”
“So..what does that mean” he leans back, sad now
“It means nothing , other than I was saying it then because I wanted to make her anger and pained. That was for her.., the talk , the kiss, was for the show..”
“And, that means what exactly ?’’

“It means that I haven’t really told you yours or shown you?”
“Which is?”
“Which is…I miss you Micheal, and thank you, for being you” she says, she watches the smile break out in his face “And you are such a big baby, see how your heart sank earlier”
“You had no idea, I literally felt like I was drowning just now.” 
“Don’t fret, I can swim, I will pull you out”
He pulls her chair closer “What are you doing Micheal?’ she looks behind her “Someone might see and notice”

He sighs, “Fine, I would fix that”
Then he looks behind him, the shelve, the one at the end… there was no one there..and they were the only ones closer to it, if they walk back there, the matron wouldn’t be able to see them from where she sat unless she stands up and walks round the other shelve, that’s if she knew what or who she is looking for, and the students behind them..were a few seats away from them, and even if anyone got up and came towards that shelve, they would hear them get up, which would give them a few seconds to ..be apart.
He smiles
“Okay…let’s check that shelve for the principles of Economis.  I am sure we can see what we are looking for Junior” he says getting up, loud enough for some students to hear , then he whispers “just go with me, play along”
“Senior..oh..okay, I should wait ?” she says frowning , then when he looks at her , she smiles , then clears her throat “Okay Senior Micheal, because this text book doesn’t have the information I require, thank you so much” she matches his tune and follows behind him
He checks the shelves as he moves, making his way to the end, she does the same, all the while wondering what he is up to now. When he gets to the end, he turns to the other shelve, going behind it…”Oh I think it is here, come take a look at it here, see “ she calls out to her, she goes to him, looking at the text book he had pulled out and stares into it..
Frowning and lowering her voice to a whisper “Okay, Micheal what are you doing he-Heyy!!!’’ she exclaims as he pulls her behind the shelve with him, where no one would see them, her back is to the wall, and he is right infront of her..smiling
“I have you where I want princess..now girlfriend, what were you asking me what I was trying to do back there, should I show you” his eyes sparkles as he nears her, closing the small distance between them, his head touching her forehead he stares into her eyes
“I already think I know”
“You learn fast”
“I learn from the best, but someone would see us”
“The thrill and excitement of what if we get caught makes it even more exciting “
“I am serious “ she says 
“hey!!” he raises her  face up by her chin with his index finger “ We won’t , I just want to spend a minute without  eyes and ears and ..busybodies ,just a minute” he kisses her forehead and then her nose and chicks, then he smiles into her face “Now, we can go”

 he pulls away from her, happy.
Chidinma pulls him back from his hands, and wraps her hands around his neck “Why? You won’t give your girlfrienmd a proper kiss?’
“I thought you would never ask” he leans back into her, wrapping his hands around her waist , he kisses her, slowly he drinks from her as she opens up her mouth for him.
He had been scared, with what had happened the night before, she would have been scared of him, of guys, just to be careful. So he had told himself to not make her feel uncomfortable. He wanted to kiss her but he didn’t want her to..feel scramped in her space so he had settled for her forehead and her nose, he would never do something if she didn’t want it.
But when she had pulled him back asking for it, he was too happy to oblige .
They kiss ..smiling into each other’s mouths, kissing even more, only coming up for air until they heard footsteps..
He kisses her cheeks one last time, pulling away from her, he steps away from the corner and pulls her out, grabbing the book he says “So you see erm…that this explains it a lot right, did you get it or we should take the book to the desk?”
“Hmm yeah I understood it, perfect..the ki- erm..the knowledge is profound, deeply profound” she chokes as he nudges her gently, she hides a smile, he too.

“Lets take this book then ..” he says
“Yes Senior let’s “ she nods
They return to their seats , passing some students who were walking down to the shelves
While they sat and stared into the text book they were not reading , he plays with her hands under the desk, writing letters on her palms, making her read it into a sentence word for word..
She smiles into his eyes, 
They walk silently side by side, out the library, out to the field , where the twins were spotted , 

While they made their way down, Boma appears from behind, tapping Micheal on his shoulders and taking Chidinma by the hand..
“Helo beautiful human, I see prince charming took you.. reading, or that is just another cover story to what his real motive is”
Chidinma blushes “ Reading, we went reading “ she says
“Yes, she needed help with some maths subject’’
“Economis. Economics and maths” she corrects
“Ahh I see. I don’t know why I don’t believe you but it’s okay, your secret is safe with us, right boys?”
“Right grandpa!!’ the twins exclaim

Chidinma looks around, wondering 
‘’Oh, they went to the hostel, they said they would be back, some girlie things to attend to” Jerry says reading her mind
“Oh okay”
They all turn, 
“Can I speak to you please, urgently ?”
“Did the Queen bitch send you on an errand, are you like her messenger or something, tell her we are not interested” Boma tells her
“Boma, not now, Micheal please..” 
Micheal looks to Chidinma and then to the boys, ‘’Give me a minute princess, afterall , I owe her a listening, she was the one who gave me a hint” he gets up after Chidinma nods 
“Can we step away from here, to under the tree, I don’t want someone to see me”
Now  satisfied, she turns to him, he was folding his hands
“look I know …I mean we both know that Chidera isn’t one of the nicest person to be around and we know that …she never gives up when she puts her mind to it..but in any case, about what I told you, I am glad you heeded to me, but please, please, tell your friends that they shouldn’t let it slip to anyone, not even their shadows that I was the one who told you about her plans please.”
He is staring at her 
“Because as much as Chidera hates her enemies, she would do worse to a friend who betrays her and I did, and I don’t want to be at the receiving end of her anger”
‘’And you want Chidinma to be in it”
“Look Micheal, just safe her, let her go, be with Chidera. You know she isn’t going to stop until she gets what she wants which is you. if she was willing to go far with her stunts yesterday, what do you think would happen now that Chidinma had woken up from her sleep and stood up against her huh?”
“What would she do? Try it again? She shouldn’t bother, I told   Mother theressa about the new hole, it’s been covered and other holes too. Now, they have gotten more securities to patrol the school, so she wouldn’t be able to try that again’’
“Oh you have no idea what Chidera is capable, if there is no way she would create one, and trust me, that humiliation in there..that cafeteria incident and you and your girlfriend kissing is enough to make an already mad girl madder..so, I don’t want to  be in her line of fire so please please for the fact that I helped you safe your girl, don’t tell Chidera, not even in your anger and pain, please help me tell your boys , they listen to you. If Chidera finds out, I am dead, literally”

“Why do you fear her so much, why do you remain friends with her knowing how she is, why?”
“when you are supposedly on the battle field , where would you tilt to if you could, the side that is winning or the side that is losing “
“The winning side”
“No I don’t see, and that thing you just said doesn’t make any sense. This is a secondary school Amaka, full of students not a battleground with solders so they is no one who is pitching tents and sharpening swords. Chidera is delusional, Chidera is totally out of it. She decides by herself, who is enemy and who is foe, just because she is a senior she feels she can do anything she wants and gets away with it. She goes after juniors for the fun of it and she makes stupid gullible girls and boys like you are allies, no sorry ..her dogs, because allies are her equals, but dogs are beneath her that is why she can treat you all the way she likes and how she likes , and you think that’s a winning side. No. that’s a pitiful side. Wouldn’t you rather be around people who care and love you and would not hurt you just because, I have seen those palm marks on your face once in a while , and I know Chidera had tried playing superior over you. God knows what goes on in that hostel with you guys and instead of you guys to report her or challenge her you run and lick her toes, just like dogs”
Amaka blinks, hurt by his words, but she blinks them away
“she isn’t that bad, she is a friend, a sister. Without her I wouldn’t be able to make my grades, because of her I have pocket money, some new cloths and items, because of her I am confident and students fear me and-“
“Do you even listen to yourself? Friend? Sister? “ Micheal laughs ‘’Please don’t delude yourself. See ..see those boys out there” Micheal points to his friends “Those are my friends, those are my brothers , and we are not even related by blood, but we are connected by heart, by trust, by care and love. We would go to any length to make sure the other is safe , is healthy, is happy and not in harm’s way,. Without asking questions. That day, running into the hostel to get them, without too much of a fuzz they ran after me, despite not knowing where we were headed they ran after me, despite not knowing what was behind those walls when they crawled , they still crawled after me, and despite not knowing who those men where and what they were doing, as soon  i attacked one, they followed after me to attack them because they came after me. These boys, those ones, it doesn’t matter that my father is the principal and I am automatically higher than them in every way, it doesn’t matter that I am the student body president and my grades is…really really good. It doesn’t matter that I seem to get all the ladies attention and all the boys wants to be my friend. It doesn’t matter, those boys to me are family, and we would never hurt each other just because..and family to me is more important than fame, some stupid title and some ego centered stupidity. That’s what you call friendship and because we care for each other, we tilt towards helping each other. No one needs to force anyone…that is why if they see Chidinma in trouble, they would act to protect her, not just because she is someone I like, no scratch that, crazy about, but because in this short period of time, she too have proven her worth to them, that she too doesn’t concern herself with silly crazy things like Chidera, and that she is more concerned about people around her, her friends,her studies and even her religion, and they would protect her friends too , why, because they too are good and kind and have each other’s backs. But you, you and Temi and Dayo float around Chidera like pitiful mass of air, protecting her from the scorching sun, the heavy rainfall and the bruises to her heel, you all give your all to her because you lot are scared , scared of what would happen if you didn’t , and that is not friendship or family, that is a dictatorship, you fear her, you don’t respect her, you have to literally take permission to do anything. What does she give you or teach you all…boys, money, sex, that is all she has to offer. I hear things Amaka, I hear them and God knows who else knows. Why do you think I feel disgusted every time she is near me.. and you want me to be with her …that slut of a girl, who knows nothing, fish brain, a waste of self. No Amaka, Chidinma is a win for me. You can keep your loot and be on the other time, now you are running chicken to come tell me not to let her know it’s you. Fine. I would do what you asked, because you helped me , you came to tell me about her plans, and i am grateful and thankful. So I would do what you ask, but I need you to do something too., stay away from her, you deserve better ..you do. Do it for you”
“You don’t understand, Chidera would never let me go and if you aren’t for her you are against her Micheal. Look if you care about Chidinma so much you should know that, Chidera would not let this go, as long as you both are together and what your girl did…Chidera is planning a huge comeback”
“What is she planning Amaka”
“I don’t know and even if I did I can’t tell you, because I may not have the opportunity to. Look , I don’t like Chidinma , really..but then again, I felt she didn’t deserve what Chidera had planned for her. But it doesn’t mean that if Chidera gives me an order to do her harm, that I may not do it, I might..just so she doesn’t suspect me. So…I don’t know Micheal..guess you would have to turn vigilante on her. “
“Guess I would”
Amaka nods and walks away

“What did she want, you been gone a while ?” Chidinma looks at him as he sits down
“Good afternoon Senior Micheal” the girls smile at him , he smiles back

‘Hey guys, how now?”
“We are good’’ “Fine Senior” they replied . The twins are  making faces at them, they giggle
“ She just wanted to tell me not to let Chidera know she was the one who told me about her plan, and I should tell the guys, she doesn’t want to get in to trouble”
“Hmm, scared Queen bitch would ruin her face?” Boma laughs
“Actually. Literally yes”
The twins scoff “Well , too bad, I was just planning to rub it in Chidera’s face,’ Bitch you got a mole and she doesn’t like you one bit” Jerry laughs

“the look on her face would be epic and then when she asks who, we tell her to go look for her on her own but she is much closer to home. And then we sit back and watch how she combs through her evil camp and most loyal dogs, drills them just to find who the mole is. It would keep her distracted enough so she doesn’t have time to concoct another devilish plan in her thick-all-about-sex skull and no brains “ Jerremy adds
Micheal smiles  it would have been a good idea but…. He  likes to keep his words, and Amaka had helped him safe his princess so he would let it go
“As much as that would have been great to cause confusion in her little twisted world, let’s let this one go. And Chidinma ?’ ‘ he turns to her as the twins groan “Whyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!”
“You have to promise me to be extra careful, try  not to go anywhere alone, be alone and all that. If you have a problem look for me, if she harasses you, come to me Chidinma , I would be keeping tabs on you too, you remember ? shadow you. But whenever I am not close by or the guys, just be very alert, same goes for you guys too” he points to them , they nod
“It’s okay Babe, I told you, I won’t be a sitting duck next time , so don’t worry , “
“Yeah, and we don’t let nothing happen to you lot…our favoruite juniors” Boma winks , “See me feeling like proud daddy of three girls”
“You wish” the twins laugh
“No make that five. Three girls, two twin annoying boys and oh I forgot my most eldest first son, Mikey, come give us a kiss” Boma reaches for him
“No pops, I rather kiss the most beautiful girl in the whole wide world and if you say I am your son and she is also your daughter that means we are siblings and kissing would be termed incest. See how you don’t’ have sense father”
“You are telling your father he doesn’t have sense eh” Boma removes his shoes, Micheal gets up and runs, they run round the field as they others burst out laughing.
It is 8pm now, they are in their hostel, preparing for bed, Chidera who had been quiet for hours suddenly gets up, putting on her cloths
“Get up ,  dress up and follow me”
“Wait what, to where?”
“Ask me any stupid question again, you would regret it. All of you follow me”
Amaka turns and looks at her , words Micheal told her began to replay in her head..
“She treats you like dogs to be ordered, not equals to be respected and valued. Choose your battle wisely, and know what exactly you are fighting for Amaka. “ was the last thing he said as she walked away

Sighing silently she rolls off her bed, the others do the same , dressed , they follow Chidera out the door, and out their hostel and heading to the junior’s hostel.
Chidera was definitely going after Chidinma .
The dorm prefect was still awake, everyone else were in their rooms, maybe sleeping, the hall was quiet. She was coming down to lock the hall door.
They walked pasted her, she frowns seeing that they were seniors because of the batch on their shirt. Wondering for only a minute why they were in the junior’s hostel by this time of the night, she doesn’t look the door but follow them silently behind, standing far, seeing the room they stop infront off.
Chidera who is leading the way, climbs the steps as the rest follow behind her.
Temi and Dayo exchanges look “I think Chidinma would get what’s coming to her tonight” She smiles

“I think so too” Dayo nods
Amaka keeps quiet.
Chidinma yawns, stretching on the bed, she had been reading, then she had been writing also in her little green book, then she had jisted with the girls, but now she was feeling sleepy , but they seemed to be exra hyper tonight, still laughing and jisting, she yawns again and turns away to face the wall, saying,
“It’s like it’s you people’s plan to keep me awake so I will join and fly in the night with your both baa? It is not working, goodnight, I am sleeping”
They laugh “Dream of Senior Micheal, and great him for us” Mimi says
“Hmmm… I will try, “ Chidinma smiles into her pillow as sleep slowly takes over her
The knock on the door was too silent , they almost didn’t hear
So they kept talking until Bunmi frowns “It’s like someone is knocking , do you hear that?”
“Hmm, it’s not our door, it’s faint , maybe it’s a few doors down ours“ Mimi replies
Ignoring the door, they keep talking, Chidinma is already half way to see the her prince 
The knocks came again

Sighing, Bumni gets up “There is someone there” she opens the door to find Chidera and her friends, Chidera pushes past her, sights Chidinma and heads for her. Bunmi stumbles to the ground with the force 
Dayo, Temi and Amaka enters, Temi shuts the door, Mimi jumps, helping Bunmi up and they made to run to Chidinma’s side, Temi and Dayo hold them down.
Amaka is standing by the door.

With her palms , she slaps Chidinma’s back with it, Chidinma exclaiming in pain turns trying to reach her back, at the same time trying to see who did it. She would be furious to find out that the girls had gotten leave of their senses to actually hit her with such force.
But when she did, she sees that it is Chidera, with a quick turn, she sees that Mimi and Bunmi had been held , and Amaka is by the door

Chidera grabs her , pushing her on the bed, she slaps her hard twice 
“Now I would teach you a lesson Chidinma ….”” She grabs Chidinma’s neck and begins to press it

Because Chidinma was caught unawares, it was difficult to react, but as her eyes stung from the slap and her back hurt, then as Chidera’s hands closed around her neck, pressing her to the bed while she was untop of her, Chidinma did the only thing she knew how to do in this situation…Fight !!

Placing both her hands over Chidera, she grabs it and begins to pull.
Dayo and Temi grab the girls, closing their mouths so they don’t scream.

Yes , Chidera picked them well, they were abit strong for girls..
Amaka doesn’t move from the door, Chidera could kill her and …but if she tries to pull Chidira away from Chidinma she would suspect her . she stays back, and then wills someone to come and knock on the door, anyone .
In a blink of an eye, Chidinma  who had been kicking and struggling and  choking, she suddenly mans up her strengths and  she  pushes Chidera off her, she falls to the ground getting up, Chidinma jumps off her bed,  grabbing her own neck and coughing, tears stinging her eyes
Chidera gets up and rushes her, now Chidinma was ready, she grabs her and flings her to the bed, climbing immediately over her, she slaps Chidera, in four quick successions. 

The girls gasps, they let go of Mimi and Bunmi, hoping to go pull Chidinma away from Chidera, now it was the turn of Mimi and Bunmi to grab them, holding them , pining them
Amaka is thinking, should she go pull Chidinma away or help Temi and Dayo??
Chidera is dazed from the slaps, struggling to kick Chidinma off, she tries, But Chidinma is angry, folding her fist in , she slams it into Chidera’s face. 
“That’s for almost ruining my life” 
She punches her again the second time “That’s for making me cry”

And then another ‘That’s for hurting my boyfriend in anyway”
Chidera cries out, grabbing Chidinma by her hair and pushes her down, away from her, Chidinma falls, Amaka seeing it, rushes to Chidinma, grabbing her by her hand to pin her , she turns back to Chidera
“Chidera I have pinned her down” she says, Chidinma raises her leg, using her knee to hit Amaka on the back, causing her to cry out in pain, rolling to the floor
As Chideraleaves the bed, wipping her nose and heads for the figure on the ground ,  Chidinma slams her sole to the incoming Chidera’s stomach causing Chidera to fall back to the bed, holding her stomach, Chidinma gets up, going to her she pushes her off her bed, Chidera reaches for her hair again, Chidinma elbows her lips, it cuts immediately . Chidinma slaps her a couple of times. She didn’t care anymore…
“never stay down for someone to run all over you if you can stand up, stand up. If you can stop it. Stop it. If you can cripple the force over you, hell cripple it, because you might just have only one chance to do it so do it right, have no regrets..because if you don’t, when that person gets another chance, you will go under’ words she had read somewhere flashes in her head.
Chidera flabs her hands before her, Chidinma grabs both her hands, with strenght she never knew she had, she holds her down, facing the bed as she turns her. Chidera was strong ..infact maybe stronger than she was..
But anger, pain, gives you an energy unlike another, and that energy she channels it into her hands, as she forcers Chidera to stay down, causing her to cry out in pain as Chidinma bends it further, not intending to break it but to weaken her, something she had watched on Tv to disarm someone completely..then she kicks her with her knee when Chidera tries to push herself up, when she tries to pull her hands away, she slaps her face, and knocking her head.
Their voices were being raised , soon someone is knocking on the door, trying to get in
“Mimi, bunmi, Chidinma , what’s going on there, what’s going on in there, who is fighting , open up”

 Tarilah, the Dorm prefect is knocking hard “I will go and call the Dorm Matron, open up !!!!’’ she screams from the door, when no one opens, her feets is heard leaving the door and running down the hall’’
“oh no!!! the Matron” Amaka stands up from the ground, wincing from the pain to her back, Dayo and Temi were struggling with Mimi and Bunmi, almost resulting in slaps, the girls retaliate too. 
Amaka rushes to Chidinma, grabs her  by her  shoulders and pushes her away, Chidinma manages to slap  and kick Chidera one last time as Amaka pulls her away, Chidera falls back to the bed, then she struggles up, seeing that Amaka had held on to Chidinma, she makes for her..
Now she would finish her, she thought, grabbing the rechargeable light ..
Amaka grabs her…”Let’s go, The Matron..the Matron is coming” she pushes Chidera out the door, pulling the lamb away and throwing it on the floor “Let’s go Chidera! CHIDERA!!’’ she pushes her out
As Temi and Dayo struggle out of the room too, Mimi and Bunmi pushing them out of the room..breathing heavily. 
Chidera..still pushing forward, now three of them hold her, pulling her away, Chidinma is standing, watching, fists folded..staring at her, Bunmi and Mimi standing on either side of her..

“Bitch I will kill you I will kill you!!’’

 Chidera says, slapping off the girls, but they hold on to her, pulling her away…’Let me go!! Let me go!!”’
“No let’s go Chidera..!!!’Amaka  says, 

“No, let go off me!!!!” Chidera screams… “I will teach her a lesson”
“I think I just taught you a lesson chidera, I did tell you…didn’t i? I am not the  Chidinma you used to know, I will defend myself..and oh, your mouth and nose is bleeding ‘’ Chidinma says, a small smile breaking out in the corner of her lips “But I am not sorry Senior Chidera” she taunts.
Amaka pulls Chidera, the three of them  keep pulling her away, and turns the corner, down the stairs, through the hall..
As they leave, The Matron is seen with the Dorm prefect and a teacher entering into the hall and going up the stairs, shouting on the students who had heard the commotion and came out
Bunmi shuts the door and leans on it…wiping her face, Mimi is rooted to the spot, they  slowly turn and look at Chidinma ..
‘’I don’t know who you are or what you have done with my friend Chidinma but whatever you did to her, I like it, this knew her is freaking awesome…damn!!! Did you just beat Chidera??’’ Mimi has her hands on her head 
“Yeah , I thought that was a dream but…Chidinma, my girl was ontop of her slamming her palm and fists to her face and kicking and elbowing and I was like….OMG!!!! when did she learn to fight streets..no when did she learn to stand up for herself. She was quiet, the little green book the only paper she pours her emotions into, when she is angry she bottles it up, always smiling, never trully sad and when you insult her, she walks away, never wanting trouble…but today..today..she was like a lion fighting to keep her puppies safe, well..damn girl!!! This new you rocks!!!”
“She beat Chidera!!! I can’t believe it”!!! they screamed
Chidinma blinks once and then twice, then it dawns on her what just happened, she looks at her hands, releasing a deep breath “I did didn’t i..i I did, I fought back”
“Oh you did more than fought back, you made a freaking statement.. her lip and nose was bleeding, what are your fists made off, claws??’’Bunmi laughs
“She is She-Wolverine …her hands are made of iron steel, and Senior Chidera was kicking and flabbling like a jelly fish. She was lucky those dogs of hers were keeping us busy, the struggling to hold them back is not beans, almost elbowed me”Mimi shakes her head “It doesn’t matter, oh my God Chidinma!! do you think she would come back, we are dead, literally?” she fidgets

“Don’t worry about it, now she knows she can’t  just come and attack me , or us without  a fight” Chidinma sits down on the bed “See the room is in a mess” 
“holy shit, the matrons are coming, quick , lets arrange the room” Bunmi says leaving the door after locking it.. picking up the lamb and arranging things kicked or hit to the floor
“No, let them come, we would report” Mimi says
Chidinma shakes her head, straightening her bed “And tell them what, Senior Chidera and her friends came to fight me because what, I and Micheal are dating and she is jealous that he picked me instead of her..really? Me , Micheal..you guys and them would all be expelled, and I don’t want Micheal to get in to trouble, neither do I want you guys nor me to get into trouble with the school’s management so…yes, let’s clean up”
Working fast, the room looked almost back to before,  Chidinma wipes her face, repacks her hair, just when they heard the footsteps near the door, they jump to their beds..
‘Crap!!! I locked the door” Bunmi says

BANG BANG BANG!!!”Open up, open this door right  this minute” the order came
Bumni opens the door, wiping her yes and yawning “Good evening  Matron Everlyn ma” she greets yawning again “Good evening Teacher Samuel”
They push the door open and nudges her out of the way and enters into the room, hoping to find more than three girls in the room, fighting and pulling at each other’s hairs and torn cloths and a messy room due to their fights. Tarilah had mentioned that the commotion behind the closed door was enough to cause an earthquake in the hall and that some seniors had entered into the hostel and when she followed them up, she saw them enter into the room and before she knew it, they were fighting, the slaps and screams she was hearing from the closed door, was evident and it had sent her off flying down the hall when they refused to open and let her in, then she had ran all the way to call them.
Now all they could see were three girls who were obviously sleeping before their knock, the room was…okay, no one was fighting. 
“Where are the seniors that were here, where are the people who were fighting .??’’
“Wake them up, get up ..get up!!’’

 Teacher Samuel  says tapping Chidinma and Mimi awake,
“Ma, there is no one here but us,  are you sure it is our room?’’Bunmi says rubbing her eyes again, she turns to Tarilah
“Yes it is, I saw them come in and then and then..ask them, they were fighting, I was hearing screams and I ran’’
Mother Everlyn turns to Chidinma, “Where you girls fighting, tell me the truth child”?
Chidinma shakes her head “No ma’am, I was sleeping oh. No …students , in our room, fighting ? No ma” 
They frown and turn to Tarilah.”Are you sure it’s this room?”
“Yes! I mean yes it is”
“Maybe its another room, not here ma, we were all ready in bed before you came here” Chidinma repeats
‘’Hmmm Tarilah, is something wrong with you, you made us come here for nothing, “
“But ma., I am not lying..they were fighting”
The Matron and the Teacher turns away as she chases after  them . Bunmi closes the door and leans on it smiling …”Phew!!!,
“So what’s going to happen now, now we have drawn the battle line, she might go back home and think of something terrible to do to you?”Mimi is worried
“let her come!!!!” Chidinma says staring at the door “Let her come”
“Would you tell Micheal?”
Chidinma nods “Tommorow!!’’
“What are you going to do?”
“End this once and for all” Chidera says wiping her bloodies nose and mouth, 
Temi and Dayo are seated on the floor, rubbing soothing balm on Chidera’s legs
“What are you going to do Chidera??”’ she asks her again 
Chidera turns and looks at her ‘’Not me, you?’’
“Yes..you would go to Mother Theressa and tell her about Micheal and Chidinma,Mr Adamu would concur to whatever you say”
Amaka blinks 
“And then, I will finish it’’ she turns away and stares out the window

There is a saying, she thinks to herself,..sometimes, in order for another person not to get what belongs to you, you should lose it too.

But she doesn’t intend to lose Micheal, not yet anyways. 
She still had a card under her sleeves , then she would give tit for that for what happened tonight in Chidinma’s room.
She underestimated the junior, thinking she could get her unawares and give her the beating of her life, but instead she was the one who left with injuries …and that was the highest insult on her person.

So no, she wouldn’t be fighting her when she is looking , she would have others do it for her and when she least expects it, she would sneak up on her and push the stool under her legs, literally.
“This isn’t nearly over Chidinma..this isn’t “ she says
They were both called out of class, ..seated infront of the Matrons, The principal and some others.
“Micheal and Chidinma, it has come to our notice that you both have been exhibiting some characteristics towards each other that is prohibited in a christain school, do you mind to explain to us why that is even despite knowing the rules and regulations guiding this school and the religious backgrounds on which the foundation of the school is being laid, would you both mind explaining to us the information we have just received?’’
“What do you mean Mother Theressa?’’ Micheal speaks, avoiding eye contact with his Father, there was a look on Matron Cecil’s face that read , “I knew there was something fishy about this two”,. He wills Chidinma to breath, he could feel her fidgeting
“Amaka, do you mind coming in to repeat to the panel and to the these two what you reported to us this morning”
They turn to see Amaka coming into the room, standing infront of them she says..
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Chapter 19 coming soon.
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