“Father, i are going to visit my friends in the neighbouring town, I would be back before dusk” the  beautiful black long-haired girl says
“Are you going alone child?  you know I don’t like you being away from home for so long ” Her father, who had been  sitting down manages to stand , stretching his back. he was old,  but he could still move his limbs, 
“You worry too much father, I am a big girl”
“indeed, but you are still my little baby girl and I would always protect you even if you are old and grey”
“now you sound like my brothers”
“Well they took after me.. they have been taught to learn to love and protect their own”
“I know, but if they were at home now,they probably would have offered to escort me everywhere , I hardly breath when those boys are around ” she pouts.
“well you should be thankful that your brothers adore you, you are all that they  have, aside me ofcourse ” his face breaks into a smile
“I wish I had brothers like yours who would move mountains for me” The girl says who is beside her, 
“You can borrow mine, I am not using them anymore. I am not selfish,there is love in sharing , just bring them back for chirstmas so that they can help with the killing of cows and chickens and help with lifting the wood and chopping them,you know ..all those manly stuffs”
they laugh
“Hey, !!” her father says pulling her cheeks,  she kisses his hands
“Papa, I. ..we would be back okay, don’t miss me too much” she says pulling  the girl’s hands and dancing out of their house
“Okay,  be save Dinah, !!” Jacob , her father calls out after them as they waved him.
they sat down  after reaching canaan, amongst the women who were Dinah’s friends and laughed and talked about life, about responsibilities , about dreams and desires, about all what women talked about. 
Shechem, adorned with his Chief regale had strolled pass with his servants , and he had seen her, beautiful amongst the women, and he knew that she was not from that region. he would know, he was chief, Son of the Hivite, Hamor. 
And because of lust, want and desire of what he could not have… He had thought in his heart a evil thing.
“my eyes sees the fairest of maidens, my mouth waters from the soft look of her lips, my hands quiver,  thinking of what it would feel like to touch her fair skin, my legs desiring to close the distance and stand before her, and my member, breathing already between my legs, changing from almost paper light weight to something of pride and might, wanting her soft warm molds between her own delicate legs, a need to be satisfied and a desire to be filled.  I must have her.. I must have her” he says to himself.
“Good day beautiful ladies, ” he had walked to them, the women

 recognising him as Lord of the region greets him accordingly,  “Enjoying the wether i presume? ” they had answered him, then he looks at the two women who were sitting quietly regarding him.
“I am shechem, Chief of the Region, and you fair maidens are?”
“This  is Dinah, my Fair maiden of the House of Jacob and Leah, Of the land of Isreal”  the says taking a bow , Dinah takes a bow too.
“we must leave, it is getting late, father might begin to worry” She whispers to the girl, turning to say goodbye to her friends who waves her, asking her to come another time.
“Perhaps , a word with you madame?” he says looking to Dinah
“Me? why milord “?
“Our Lord requires to speak to you,  you shouldn’t question him that way ” Someone who was part of his  band says
“I am sorry, Mi lord”
“No harm done. A word please ?” he says “Your girl can wait for you ..Yes? ”
“Where are we going to milord?, and I never go anywhere without her, my father said i-”
“Into my quarters,  it is quiet, and comfortable and away from the sun, I am pigued by you Fair lady,  I hope I do not make you uncomfortable to request for a chat, and besides you are not a child,  I am sure you are able to make your own decisions.”
she is silent “And if I refuse ?”
“I am quite harmless Dinah, really?” he gives her his arm as he leads her into his quarters 
“I must leave Milord, it is getting late ” she rises up the 10th time but he tells her to sit, he had told his servants to leave the room, leaving them both alone, the wine and food were laid out for both of them to eat,but she hadn’t been hungry, she is worried , worried about her father Jacob , he would be angry.  she had told him she wouldn’t be late, and what about her maid, she would be worried about her. And then her brothers, if they got home and found out she had been out since haven’t returned, they would burn down the city looking for her. They were very protective of her, it even scares her.
“Really Mi lord, I must leave, it is a long walk home and the black dusk of the skies shouldn’t meet us to cloak our eyes”
he sighs getting up from the chair, taking the glass of wine in his hands, then he comes closer to her , bending low,lifting the glass to her lips
“Drink, atleast share a wine with me” 

she turns her head away “Father says one should only share a wine from a glass with her husband, and you are not my husband ”
he laughs downing the wine, he wants her..and he was going to have her..
“you are beautiful,  very beautiful.  Seeing you there amongst those women, they were cloaking your shine, your beauty radiated from where you sat to where I stood coming close i see that you are the reason.  God forbid I pass such perfect creation of God without having a taste of it” he touches her hair, bending low to sniff it
Now uncomfortable,  she moves away, ” Thank you Milord for your hospitality but I really do have to leave” but he drags her back
” leave you shall yes,  but after I have kissed your lips and drank from them, after I have held those perfect bosoms in my hands and between my fingers  , kneading them beneath my palms,  burying my face between them , sucking from its perkyness, after I have ran my hands over the delicate softness of your skin and sink into the wet warm core between your legs to my fill before I would let you go…” he pulls her to him and nuzzles her neck
“let me go.. let me go, how can you say such things to me, this isn’t right ” she says struggling to pull away, but he holds her tight, hugging even tighter, trying to kiss her face 
“Let go of me” she cries out, but he smiles into her hair, he licks her face, his heart beating loud within his chest, he drags her back to his bed, falling on it with her
“No no no no. .no please No no!!! help help!!” She is fighting him off; shaking her head from side to side,  but it was no use,  he was a man,a stronger man, a man in heat , with a fuelled desire… that would stop at nothing to satisfy the rising bulge between his legs 
“Ssshh it’s okay, it’s okay Sweet Dinah, your beauty is unforgettable, etched in my memory from first glance,  do not deny me the beauty that lies between your legs and beneath those covers you call a dress” And with that he tears her cloths off, pinning her to the bed,  her screaming does nothing to abate his desire, instead it fuelled his need and desire, like a fire feed with wood.
Soon he is spreading her legs apart,and forcing himself into her , pinning her hands to keep her beneath him as he pounded into her, closing his eyes to the sensation between her legs, and it rises from his toes to his head, not bothered about how much she screamed and begged, not bothered about nothing except the thrill and feel of the rthym his body administered to her who laid struggling on his bed.
Done. Spent.  Satiated..He rolls of her,breathing hard, stilling his once pounding blood as his heart raced back to normalcy..
Dinah, laid there crying , into a ball she crawls herself,  covering her nakedness, she wailed.
Lust, lust is like an evil cloak blinding you, stopping you from thinking.. And as soon as his need and thirst was satisfied,he looks to the woman and suddenly his heart melted..pulling her to him he cradles her into his arms and rocks her.. comforting her.
Wiping the tears from her eyes, he sees that indeed she was a fair beauty, she was indeed a perfect creation from God, And he falls inlove with her…
“I will take you as my wife, I have become one with you and you will become one with me,before our fathers and before our God.. You I will take you as my wife, for your beauty cannot leave my mind, and I know what i have done is a sin,but let me right my wrong, le me love you as my heart has melted to you…I will take you as my wife , and you will take my as your husband , so that your body can warm my bed and my head your chest, and you shall be mine and I shall be yours,  I will speak to my father and he to your father. ” He tells the crying Dinah
“I want to go home..let me go home” she cries pulling away,shame washes over her… she was now a disgraced woman, a soiled woman, a woman no one would want..because she had been unruly taken
He lets her go, But he goes to speak with his father..
Finding him tending to some matters “Father , I must speak with you?”
“Yes my son, do tell me what bothers you,even your eyes seem worried like the whole world is on your shoulders. ”
“it is father it is. I have committed a grave sin, and it against a fair maiden, and a fair maiden i have suddenly loved..father, i want you to get Dinah for me as my wife”
Dinah, staggering in shame and tears walks out of the quarters , Her maid who had been waiting for her, worried but could not be allowed to venture in because they didn’t  let her, jumps up , running to her when she saw her state..
“What happened to you Dinah, what happened ..what did the Chief Lord do to you?”
Dinah broke down crying ” He had forcefully taken away my virtue,  my gift, my innocence,  my pure self, he has unruly taken that which should only be taken away  by my head, my husband only after seeking permission before our fathers and  our God. he has made me a reproach amongst women, shame unpon my family,an abomination amongst purity. he has..killed me..he has made me less of a woman ..Milord has made me less of a woman..I am.nothing..Nothing. .!!” She held onto maid and wailed, her torn cloths evidence of her words, her shaking body evidence of fear and her wail evidence of one broken …her  gathers her into her arms and cried with her, urging her to go home..back to Israel,  back to her father Jacob. 
Jacob is broken , his head in his hands, tears in his eyes as he constantly stares at his daughter , as she laid on the floor , in the arms of maid, her wailing reaching the ears of  neighbours passing by.
it was no secret, the news had spread.  what would become of his daughter. 

Worse , what would happen if his sons comes home to find out about it. they were in the field with the livestock ,so he waited for them to come back ,doing nothing,  but watching his daughter break down …his heart was torn. .but he knew she was in a worst state. 

He watches from his door as people arrive , a man , regaled in fine silks,  as old as he was, walks into his house, wanting to speak with him as those who came with him stay back … he sees a young man,between his band, he too was adorned in chiefly silk.. 

He must be Shechem,  the one who has done this evil thing and brought shame unpon my household and to my daughter , Jacob thinks to himself.

Leaving his daughter and maid, Jacob receives him.
“I am Hamor, from Hivite, from the land of Canaan, I have come to speak to the father of the girl. .Dinah, Jacob”

“I am he,Jacob from Israel, i am the father of the girl your son Shechem has disgraced” Jacob says, 
“Forgive my son, forgive him his sins, but I have come as a father , to plead and ask for her hand,so that this shame won’t forever be on her head, she would be clothed in love for he speaks his affections towards her, her beauty has turned his lust to love. so I have come to ask for her hand on behalf of him, please let us be in-laws and put this behind us, From a father to another,  and she would be my daughter and he your son”
Jacob listens,his heart and head turning to his daughter as her crying reaches his ears, then he turns and stares out of his house to see the people who loved to dance in the dismay of others and bask in the downfall lurked around to hear and listen.. these were the people who would taunt his daughter for more days to come, who may not allow her sit down with others , who would sing her disgrace even  to the children  and cause her to sink deeper and deeper into herself. 
He sighs. 
A sin has already been committed, but a greater sin would be if he lets her go through all this for the sake of anger.
“Your son has done a bad thing to my child,  a wound he has cut deep,”
“I know Jacob I know. but he has fallen inlove with your daughter Dinah,please let him marry her. infact today and now, let us make an agreement ,that there would be further relationship between Israel and canaan. Yes, my people would marry your people and your people would marry my people . You would be given permission,  by my order and word, my seal,  you shall and can stay here in our country,  live and trade, own properties and do as you wish as long as you want, live anywhere you want. this is my word and this is my bond. let us agree to this pact Jacob of Israel. .let me son marry your daughter ,and all this would be forgotten ..”
Jacob is silent .What does he do. Does he reject the offer and watch his daughter go through this humiliation or does he accept. ?
Then he hears them, his sons, coming back from the field with their livestock. .
he comes out of his house, He must tell them before they find out.

Anger boils in their veins as they hear what has been done to their sister..Rushing into the house they find her, on the floor, her maid trying to console her..
Their anger could not be abated, their boiled blood couldn’t but cooled.
‘Who has done this evil thing, let him stand before us ..because we would comb the city, we would burn into the ground ,we shall bring mayhem unpon him and his family for doing such evil thing against our sister ” they wailed, grabbing their swords, their father Jacob stops them 
“Father do not stop us ..she Dinah,the apple of our cidar, the red sweet smelling flower in our garden, our joy, our pride,  our angel sent down from the skies, without blemishes without spots today she had been soiled , by a rotten vitollio pox,we shall press the disgust out his heart and feed his remains to the vultures ”
“Her tears like daggers in our chest, her broken heart like nails in our back, her wailing like a iron pressing our own chest and her sorrow deafening to our ears,  the one who has done this would suffer a hundred times more and untill his heart stops beating within  his chest would we be satisfied but even death is a merciful death..but death would be the beginning of his suffering ”
“Brothers let us go and avenge our sister, let us go bring ruin and destroy their joy as they have destroyed ours, shame they have brought down on us, disgrace they have made her wear but her shame is out shame, her disgrace is our disgrace and thus…revenge is what  we would met out and the battle line has being drawn…they should bring out the man who has done such atrocity , if they refuse, we shall cut down all their men to the boy child,  we shall do unto them what they have done unto our sister and if they refuse to bring him out,  we shall burn their city , and If they are offended , they should send out their finest solders and their warriors,  they should stand and  fight,  his family against our family,  his bruised ego for our sister’s virtue .but untill we get our revenge..the fued between us shall never end,and it would go on from generation to generation because our sons and daughter would continue to fight their sons and daughters. ..all because one of them..who could not bridle the tail between his legs , had taken from her what no man dares to take…and even though he had desired our sister, her hand would have  been requested and we would have gladly given but because he has done such a bad thing and which is abominabe to our star, our gold our sister..he too shall receive such cruel death”.
“Aye brothers !! Aye!!” they chanted coming out” You have insulted not only her but the people of Israel and that is not a thing we would turn our eyes away from. God forbid ”

their father Jacob tries to stop them, they were furious, raising their voices ,refusing to listen. .

Hamor seeing that the brothers are angry pleads ” Listen to me sons please  ..He is  my own son,he ..Shechem,  he is my son,do not take your anger on him. Please , I have come to ask for forgiveness and he too knows what he did is wrong.. and he has fallen inlove with your sister and I have come with him..he is there ,waiting ..I have come with him to ask for your sister’s hand, let my son marry your sister, and you all.. you all can live amongst us and marry our women, you all can do what you want in our land..let peace reign” he pleads 
“Never !! Never ..What nonsense does the father of a fool speak. ..Father we would cut him down as well as his son”
Jacob stops them, “Two wrongs  doesn’t make a right son..Killing would solve nothing..your sister is already disgraced …let us think logically,  marrying her off would remove the shame and reproach from her head”
“To her Rapists? God forbid” they spat

“over our dead bodies . our sister deserves better, not to be subjected to live under thesame roof with a man who had taken her viture by force without consent . who is to say he doesn’t continue ..she is our sister Father …our little fairy angel, pure,  beautiful,  she deserves better..she deserves better than that devil who loves nothing but feeding his one-eyed-member. .No! Never!!” they say pointing at Hamor “You uncircumcised fools, your crime would be punished and it is your son that has brought on your head..”
Shechem seeing the commotion rushes to them..
“please I am he, faulter, sinner, purity stealer of your sister and daughter , men of Isreal. but I have come..To take blame..I have come to take shame too. Let me marry her, do me this favour, and I will give you whatever you want. just tell me, is it gold, livestocks, Royal chiefly silks, land ,women mention it..I will give you whatever you want and wish..even whatever you set as payment for the bride, even if it is as high as a mountain,  as far as the eyes could reach and even if it is not under the heavens , I would reach for the skies and bring it…whatever you ask and desire I will give you men of Israel , if only you would let me marry Dinah!!”
“Do not call her name you filth from the earth ” they raise him from the ground. 
Hamor is scared ,his people are scared, the sons of Jacob , Jacob of Israel are men filled with anger and their anger vibrated like heat off their arms..”We would kill you..we would kill you ”
“My son..my favoured son. .Please,Jacob of Israel speak to them” Hamor pleads

“Sons let him go,”. Jacob says
“Father..our sister ..” The began
“it is your sister ,my daughter that I think off too.See,see the lurking shadows behind those walls? they are waiting  to feast on our news , bask in her tears, see their ears perk up ,see their mouths water,  see how their feets ar eager to dance to the market and hit the konk ,waiting to sing songs of Dinah, the girl who is being stained and no man…no man would want her, how do we console her at night,  when you all are married with families, does she continue to hide under your shadows? when I die,does she occupy this house alone ..listen sons of Jacob,  blood of my blood, fleshe of my flesh, this is a terrible thing but let us take the solution presented to us, and safe her face from more disgraced. .hear her wailing ,hear her heart wrenching out of her chest as she cries in pain….Let us safe her this torment on a daily. ..let us marry her off to Shechem, son of Hamor the Hivite from canaan”
Hamor and Shechem  nods,Jacob’s sons refuses, They banter,they threaten  , their father begs them to calm down…
“We cannot allow our sister to marry a man who is not circumcised. that would be a disgrace to us Father  but  because you have spoken and because they have come, we would only agree to thier request under on condition ”
“Speak Sons of Jacob and brothers to Dinah” Hamor says
they look to Shechem,the anger evident in their eyes “We can only agree to this on the condition that he must be circumcised. , and not only him, all the males shall be circumcised. All your males shall become like us. Only then would he be allowed to marry our sister. only then can we agree to intermarriage with their women .. then we would settle among you and become one with your people. but if you refuse to be circumcised with all males from  your land and  the ones which you preside over refuse, then we would take our sister and leave and you shall not see her again,”
Shechem agrees immediately “The love I have for your sister would make me climb the highest moutain for her, I will go through the fire and be thrown in the lion’s den. I will do what you ask, I would command that all men do what you ask..Father I agree,I agree” He turns to his father. 
His father nods, his son Shechem was the most important member of his family and his favoured son,He didn’t want any harm to come to him and if their decision pleased  him,then he, his father  would agree.
“very well Jacob , we agree. we would waste no time in doing as ordered and then we would have a feast and celebrate our children as they become one  and we become a family..” 
Thanking them they leave, Jacob stares at his sons; thier faces were like granite,their minds unreadable..He leaves them standing there and saying nothing..He goes to comfort his daughter and tell her what has been decided.
The sons turn to each other as the people fade away, in a circle they speak in hushed forces, their veins popping out as they speak, their hands clenching into fists as they plan, their hearts breaking in unison as Dinah wails more…
then they stare again at the darkened paths of the departed strangers;their decision is made.
Hamor and his son goes to the gate where they hold their meeting with the people of the town, and they speak to them , persuading and convincing their people..
” The men of Israel,  they are good people and they are friendly, let them live amongst us, let them go about freely , let them trade and marry amongst us,let them be able to come and go freely  and travel as well without restrictions, we shall give them our daughters and they shall give us theirs , our land is large enough for them, so there is room, room for all, we shall be one with them and they with us. this is a good thing for us you see,  Very good. but this can only be better if we become like them,if we..all the males in the land agree  to circumcise ourselves, and then we would have more than we want.. All they own would be ours you see, their livestocks, their land,everything. . I mean everything they are and own would be ours. is this not a good thing for us, and then all we have to do is cut our foreskin around our member. .and all we desire would be ours..everything they have ours” The men of the land agrees, they nod and make a deciSion. .
“I will go first ” the man stands up and all stand up in agreement. Hamor and Shechem is pleased.  wasting no time all men were circumcised and before long Shechem is dreaming of his fair beautiful maiden that would soon be his ..
Dinah, had been loaded and sent to Canaan when word came that They have fulfilled their promise..

Jacob watches his daughter leave..the tears in his eyes didn’t dry up. .

His sons stpod  by and watched…
“won’t you tell me good bye brothers ?” She cries in their arms

“Not goodbye sister..See you soon” they kiss her hair and her face, ” See you soon princess ” they promise 
Three nights pass , and the men of Canaan were still sore form the wound made from the cuts to their member ,for it can weaken even a strong man.
Two brothers,from Jacob’s sons , Simeon and Levi, brothers of Dinah, took their swords and in the dead of the night,like thieves clothed with darkeneas they enter the city, while the men nursed their pain between their legs ,weakened by it. Without raising suspicion the brothers enter into their city.. and one by one ,they lay to waste the men , and amongst them…With no mercy they ended the life of Hamor and the Fool he called a son, with the edge of their swords ..they kill with glee the one who had brought shame and reproach on their sister and insulted with his act…
Then they entered the room where their sister laid; cradling her in their arms..
“my brothers !!” She cries hugging them
“we told you, we would see you soon Dinah,no goodbyes” they say,they took  her and left..
Meeting the rest of the brothers they nod ” it has been done brothers ,let us finish this, so that they that come after them shall know  that…When a family , member or seed bruises the heel of another family…Father , mother or seed, they who pain and misery has been inflicted onpon shall take vengeance into their own hands, and the men shall go after the family who has caused them pain,  and  all that that family is,from the head to the seed ,from what all the eyes can see, they..the family who is hurt, shall revenge and lay to waste their inflictors.And we shall show them..and we have begun,  out swords drip with blood behind us. this is our revenge against our own..our blood and this shall never be forgotten. ..Our Vendetta is surely feed and we won’t stop untill all that they are , and own is dead ”

Jacob’s other sons go into the town, after the slaughter and the men were dead, they looted the town,carried away their livestocks, their cattles ,their donkeys,everything from the towns and the fields,  even form their house,  everything and anything of value , even  their women and children they captured , taking away everything from the town, leaving nothing …Making it desolate as a desert ..for they were never to forgive nor forget what he, Shechem,  son of Hamor the Hivite  had done to their sister. ..and today they had taken their revenge.

“Why have you done these sons why?,Simeon and Levi, all my sons why have you done these? now they would hate me,all the land of canaan and Perizzites, the Canaanites,they would hate me, they would come and destroy us, if they band together , they would attack us and be are but few ..we are finished , we are in trouble now..why have you done this ?” 
“We would not let our sister to be treated like a common whore, we refuse it father. Let them Come…We are waiting “They thundered ..

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