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(GEN.19 1-26)

There were two of them, clothed in the silk of humans , breathing in their atmosphere , and seeing through their eyes. There were two of them, not born from the seeds of men, or through the womb ..were they were not carried, nor were they pushed through the legs of a woman. There were two of them, made in another Image , the image of the Most high, The I AM, but looked like one another ..even alike to the man they see sitting in the gateway of the the city in which they had arrived, the dusk of the night was dark, and the city was lit with lights. the city in which they had come  was called

‘ Sodom’.
The man sitting at the gate saw them, quickly he gets up,  bowing  his face to the ground ,seeing that they were strangers he hadn’t seen before ..
“My Lords , I know you must be tired from embarking on a long journey,  I have water to wash your feets with, and a bed to rest your head, and a roof to shed you from the night’s harm, please rest a night in your servant’s house so that by morning,  when it is early you shall go on your way.” he says to them
the two of them look at the man who had bowed to them, 
“Do not worry yourself good man, we would not follow you,  we would spend the night in the square. Do not be worried about us strangers ”
“But my Lords,  what water will you drink when you are thirsty , what food would you eat when you are hungry?  and when the night flies begins to perch and bite your skins,how do you ward them off when you are sleeping on the cold earth?”
“it is our concern good sir, we would manage , ” they tell him
They made to leave but he stops them “Please, I insist , I do understand how taking a journey is and I would be grateful for a little meal and shelter. how do we be our brother’ keepers if we do not help them when they seem to be in need?”
“we are not in need good sir ..we are fine ” They insist
“please my Lords, I mean no harm, water for you, food for you and bed to rest . surely that is music to your ears My Lords ?”  he says 
Sighing, they agree as he persuaded them strongly ,  he smiles getting up and leads them  into his house ,they drank and was fed, eating baked  bread without yeast and they were full.  He was pleased.
Bodies clings against each other , music feeling the room and down the streets , lights blinding the eyes as the bodies swayed to the music of the night 
one, built as rock, muscles and fine features , he leans to his partner …a smaller man , and he kisses him , pleasuring his tongue he drinks from him,  caressing his chest he grabs him tighter to himself as the smaller man wraps his hands around his neck..
“I will give you pleasure you have never felt before ” the bigger man says to the smaller man
“and I will surely enjoy the bliss you are to send me into ” he says raising his dress shirt, turning,  he bends , holding unto a pole . 
the bigger man stands , loosening his girdle  around his waist , he leans to the man and kisses his neck, running his hands down the smaller man’s sides and reaching his firm bottom,  he pats his own legs, grabs the oil from the stand, he pours  some into his hands , rubbing them to together ,he reaches for his lower self that had risen to a magnificent height, he lets his hands glide through himself , making it shine in the dimly  lit room, leaving it  again he parts the bottom of the smaller man and plunges his erected self  into the smaller man’s rectum, his own eyes going into his head and his mouth releasing a moan, the smaller man holds the small pole tighter as  the bigger man,  strength and muscles rams into him ,  in and out ..holding tighter , moving faster untill he shatters,  spilling his seed into the man.
Around the room, littering the streets far and near, bodies held together they clings to themselves , they  were paired in twos and fours , enjoying the feels and pleasures of their bodies, men to men, women to women, living the original  aim for which they were created , A man to a woman , cleaving together , becoming one and multiplying the earth.
It was a thing of a disgust , a malfunction of the creation that he had made . Thus he looked down , he looked down hearing their pleasures , seeing thier sins, broken by their choices , This was not how it was supposed to me. He closes his eyes and shuts his ears
“MY LORD , you are greatly displeased? ” One the Angels, who had been watching  says , his takes his eyes away too
“indeed I am. See , what my creations had turned into. Did I not make them in my own image, gave them everything under the heavens and  on earth to be ruled and dominated by them. Did I not cause the heavens to leak out water to water their hard work,  did I not cause the light and darkness to be separated for them, so they can see the day to work and till  and then see the night,  were they would rest and sleep, did I not love them enough ,? did I not make another like them,when first making them ..the first one from dust , Adam,  breathing into his nostrils and giving him life,? did I not understand his need , knowing that as he named the creatures of the earth, he was without his own kind ,and so I had put him to sleep, taking a rib from his side and made a one for him, as he was called man, he , giver of names named her eve, she was woman.  And they have multiplied and populated the earth.. Now, years and years have passed, why then..their  children’s children’s  have they now left the bosom of women to cleave to the hard chisel chests of their fellow men. and the women had left  the stronge arms of their men to cleave to a softer feel of their fellow women..it is an abomination! !! I cannot even dare to look at them because I cannot behold inquity. their stench rises to my nosent and their voices reaches my ears.. This..this is a soiled creation, dented, with blemishes..This is not what I have created in love and made in my image, these people are worse than infidels ” God says, turning his back away from the earth
“Speak MY LORD, and I would do as you have commanded”
“The outcry of my people, the ones who haven’t been soiled  against the abominable acts of the people is so strong. , that I cannot close my ears to it. Go down, Go down and mett justice to them. Go down and cleanse the land..I your GOD  have commanded you. ” He turns to the Angel who stood behind him,  his head was bowed because his couldn’t behold God’s face , his face was as bright as the brightest light, 
“As you have commanded Father .”
“Go with him, But perceive the one who meets you at the gate , him and his family should not be harmed ” GOD  says  to the other angel
The second Angel who stood at the side walks forward .. “As you have commanded.” 
“Do not go in your true form, your sight would  scare the men of the earth.  ”
“then , how must we go?”
“clothed in their skin,  breathing in the air they breath in, talking in the language that they speak.  shield your wings  , and mask your brightness,  for they are mere men,they would not freely accept the things of the heavens ”
The two Angels nod, turning away they fly out of the pearly gates of heaven ,after walking down the streets of gold, parting the clouds they ascend.. touching the ground ,their wings hiden behind their hands and their skins become like man’s
God watches from the heavens ..

“I have seen some men ,two of them,”

 They whisper amongst themselves ” Men like us, built and tall, their body would be good for us to take pleasures in. I have seen two men, coming towards the gates of which our city stood, they had followed the man who sits at the gate , to his house. but I have seen those men, two, for they should be given to use to kiss and touch, to sink into with ourselves and enjoy the warmth behind themselves .. I have seen two men, two men I also want for myself” they whispers amongst themselves. ..
“then let us go and get them, so that we all shall equally enjoy them,  the newer the fresher,  the better, so that we all can have our feel and then we all can continue to touch and cleav to ourselves ” they agreed
they matched to Lot’s house, from every part of the city, both old and young as their lust propelled their legs and their desires blinded them for another man..another man such as themselves, they matched untill they all surrounded his  house , and they called out from the door, causing him to hear their voices 
‘”LOT, we have seen those men, two of them who had come into your house, we have seen those men, two of them, and we want them for ourselves,  bring them out to us so thay we can enjoy the menber between their legs and they too shall enjoy ours as we dangle it in and out their backends. where are those men? two of them that had come to you tonight, let them be brought out, we want to have sex with them…” 
Lot , hearing their voices rushes out, closing the door behind him, he knew who they were and what they were about, he had been in the city for so long , he knew the abominations that they committed in within those walls…shaking his head he says to them
 ” No no my fellow men, my friends and brothers,  the thoughts you have in your minds and the acts you do with yourselves is not what you should do with the men under my roofs. you cannot think to do this horribe things with this people , okay look, I have two beautiful

 daughters..my daughters in my house. they are virgins, never been touched by a man, they do not know what a man’s touch is , neither have they felt him between their legs or on their chest.  let me bring them out to you,and what you like you can do to them.. whatever you want , you can take them and have them..and  do what you please, but these men, they cannot be defiled the way you defile yourselves with men like you, they are under my protection,  they are under  my roof , my name.,  nothing can be done with them, nothing should please”
“look at this foreigner , he who had came like a stranger into our land, he who we had allowed to live and be,he dares to be the judge of us and talk to us and tell us what we should do and what we should not do?”
“Get out from our way.. leave us to do what we please ,for our desires and taste is our own, you are a foreigner , you have no right. if you don’t bring them out here for us to taste and grind, we would teach you something worse than them,we would treat you worse:” the men of the city thunders
“please my friends , you cannot do this thing” Lot pleads with them.”My daughters …my daughters you can have …please..not the men..God forbid such a thing ”
“Get out of our way  LOT ” they shout, intending to march to the door and break it down, Lot standing there is trying to stop them
“Brother , they have come for us” The Angel turns to his brother and says, they had been standing by the door,listening and seeing the commotion 
“Yes they have brother , and it’s their lust and desires for us that would lead them all to their deaths”
“How do we proceed?”
“As commanded , but first..Lot ” Angel says..
they open the door,standing tall, they reach out and pull Lot into the house and shut the door behind them

the men of the city,seeing that the men who Lot had kept in his house had come out, they were pleased..
“Good thing you have come out on your own accord, shall we begin our feast , would you rather be the one who gives pleasure or you rather be the ones receiving it. Do not waste time in deciding , because our bulges are rising and the need between our legs must be satisfied but do not worry,it’s a bliss you would enjoy as well, surely you must believe this”
The men, two of them stare at the men of the city as they come towards them..
“We shall attend to you Men, but wait, while we attend to other means first.” He raises up his hands, as did his brother..
“Let your eyes be sewn with darkness ,with the fog of the earth it  cloak you to nothingless, and may you be like the one without eyes despite the holes that resides in  your head for sight”  they repeat together to the men
As the men came towards them, they began to suddenly fall over themselves ..
“I can”t see..I can’t see..brothers I can’t see a thing ” one wails holding his eyes and falling over another 
“the night is thick, my vision is dark, as though a cloak as been drawn over my eyes..I can not see..I can’t see”
” I too cannot even see to reach the door, the darkness is not just thick,the darkness is in my eyes, my hands can’t unveil it.. I can not see brother..I am blind..”
“Blind..we are blind. we cannot see” they shouted amongst themelves
The men who are Angels turn back into the house ..
Lot understanding nothing is staring at them as the voices of them are loud outside.
“My Lords, what is happening ?”
“Lot, you must listen to us and do what we say , without questions . If you have anyone in the city that belongs to you and in your house , your daughters,  your son-in-law , everyone  who belongs to you, you must take them right this moment and leave this city . You must do this hurriedly  , take all of them with you, you must get out do this city of Sodom and Gomorrah, right this instant . ”
“but why?”
“My Lord,your God, he has sent us to destroy this city , their sins are like a disease over the waters , their iniquities as dark as a black cloth..the outcry of his people against them has reached his ears and he cannot continue to not raise his hands,  for this is not what he had planned for them and yet they had changed themselves to suit themselves and their ppleasures  , this is a sin, an abomination.  God,  our God has sent us to destroy this city and we are going to do what he has command. So go,  take all those that belong to you .and leave. GO!!!” they order
LOT, staggering out of his house , ran to his son in-laws who were pledged to marry his daughters.. “My sons, the future husbands of my daughters , please come with me..leave this place. the Lord we seserve t , the one who stays in the heavens is going to destroy this city. . leave this place..hurry! save yourselves. . please my sons save yourselves!!”
they stare at him and then they bursts out laughing “The ramblings of a old man. God ? destroy this place?this beautiful city? Old man go home, do not disturb our peace. we would come and marry your daughters when it is time. for now,allow us enjoy the beauty of the night and what the city gives” they laugh ignoring him

“He must be a bad joker, making jokes that are funny and yet distasteful.  future father Lot, please stop ..Do not make silly jokes like that.” they laughed at him,they thought he was joking.
LOT, tries harder to persuade them, but they did not believe him let alone listen to him, he comes back downcast..
“My Lords, they. .they did not listen,they do not believe me” he says 
The men who are Angels but are men,look to the city..as dawn begins to approach…”LOT , you must leave now..you must take your wife and your two children and you must go.. The Lord will destroy this city, with everyone and everyting in it, you must go or when the city is destroyed and the people within punished, you would be swept  away along with them and you shall perish ”
Lot,staring at the city ,looking at all he owns ,looking at his wife and children


“but ..but”. he is hesitant 
” there is no time brother ” The Angel turns and says to his brother , who nods .
they both take Lot, his wife and his two daughters, taking them by their hands they take them by themselves safely  out of the city,further away from it they take them, once they were out of the city, the Angel who is a man that is an angel but a man, says to them, with a stern voice. ..
“Run. flee for your lives. Flee I say!!! do not look back, do not dare look back. The lord , your God who me and you serve has shown you mercy and as such as allowed you safe passage to leave and stay alife ,allowing us guide you out of the city. but you must do this for your safety also.. You must flee,Run for your lives,Do not look back,do not even stop for anything.  Flee!!  do not even hide in plain sight; go as far as the mountains and save yourselves so that when the city is swept away you shall not be swept along with it. the Lord has granted you mercy,but you must take it and save yourselves .  now Go!!!”
LOT , he is shaking  his head , he is troubled , no, they would not be able to make it no matter how far and fast they run , he pleads to them,touching them
 ” Please My Lords,  your servant has found favour in your sight and you have  been so kind to me and have spared my life and shown me mercy , please do not tell me to flee to the mountains,if not when the city is being swept and destroyed , it might sweep me and my family away too along with it.,reaching us before we reach safely and we would die.  please  I see a land not far away from here..a small town, it is very small isn’t it ? ,  allow me and my family run there to hide our heads , allow us..so that we may be saved from the wrath coming from  God to this city. . please my Lords , grant me this requests , so that my life shall be spared ”
The angels look at each other , hearing his request  ..
One look up to the heavens.,the heavens rumbled. .and within it, God speaks ..
The angels look at Lot, ” Very well Lot, you may flee to the small land you have requested , it has been granted,  your wis,h and I will not overthrow the land in which you would flee to. But you must leave now… it is because you are here that our hands cannot be moved to destroy the city, it because you haven’t left this city is why the Lord has not rained down destruction to this city. now your request had been granted and that land you desire to hide in would not be taken along with the destruction , so flee there quickly to the land you ask of,because I cannot do anything untill you reach it,untill you reach  safely. . Go and remember,  do not look back. go..GO!!!!”
LOT , taking his wife and to daughters turns and began  to run fast,away from men who spoke like men, looked liked men but they were not men but Angels,  sons of God. They watched Lot run to the land..the land called Zoar.Then they turn to the city ,  the city filled with abomination   
“It is time brother ” one says to the other. .
“Aye,it is time ” the other nods. .and they both stare to the heavens   ..and wait for it…for it would come…And it did come. .
Punishments! !!!
By the Time Lot reaches Zoar ,the sun had come up.
GOD, who had been watching and waiting saw that Lot and his wife and daughters had reached Zoar, then he rose , turning his gaze to the abominable city, hitting the tray of fiery  sulfur from the heavens ..he faces it to the earth, where the city was situated and let it drop.
And it came down like rain, the sulfur  , melting the skins and men of the city,turning the mountains into a burning  breathing larva…pouring down it sides and causing ruines.

The men scramed , as their skin began to burn and the heat rising up inside their chest, they who had been clinging to each other began to run away from themselves ,seeking comfort in the cold , in water  or in anything that was not burning up like fire..
The Lord let out more sulfur ,and it continuous to rain down on all of them,burning the city and everything living , Man and vegetation, structure and everything inbetween .. the city of Sodom and Gomorah became plain, as God,overthrow the cities, causing all to be ruined.
“As fire sharpens the edges of a sword to make it sharp and smooth, so as fire is also meant to cleanse the earth of what is wrong and Abominable ” The Angels say..watching the land which was filled with the living  become nothing, even further down in plains sight.
LOT, continued to hold on to his daughters and his wife .but she, she heard the voices and their screams,  and the sounds of rumblings and smell of melting skin..she heard them as they all did , and she longed to look to see what it is .
“Do not look back children,  do not be tempted to look back wife, with our backs we have left that city ,with our minds we should not think on that City and with our eyes we shall not look back on that city, as commanded, we shall listen”
but Her, Lot’ wife, she needed to see.. she wanted to see.. No.. she had to see..and then she turned….
Seeing the smoke like a burning furnace , seeing the burning men..seeing the sulphur falling from heaven..seeing the men whom they thought were men but were angels ascend to heaven…she saw it all…she saw Sodom and Gomorrah became nothing. …
And suddenly. ..her open mouth,her eyes ..her hands and body..even her skin..became nothing but Salt..
“Mother !!” the daughters cried when they couldn’t feel her hands no more
“Wife ?” Lot cried when her fingers

 slipped through his hands 
“Don’t stop. don’t look black…run. FLEE LOT FLEE!!” They heard those words and remembered them..
They couldn’t safe her..they didn’t know what had become of her…but they couldn’t stop. .they lioved her but they couldn’t stop. .
“The ears who have refused to listen. .would follow the gong sound of the masquerade and the dead to it’s death” The Angels says…turning away. .They go back to heaven..

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