Undeniably karma $ Chp.19

Amaka  hesitates, she licks her lips, closes and opens her eyes, her palm was sweaty.
Why did Chidera make her do this, why her, why didn’t she get Temi or Dayo who had nothing to loose to do this.
Or did she suspect her, was she trying to test her loyalty…
Was she actually testing her to see where her loyalty lies..
Oh God!!
If she doesn’t do what Chidera has commanded, Chidera would be mad, extremely deathly mad.
She had seen Chidera exhibit some scary tendencies, she keeps saying things like I would end you, ruin you, even kill you..like she said to Chidinma and sometimes she feels Chidera might do all those, if she had the weapon and means to..
Sometimes she was the devil. But it has always been safer for her when Chidera was the Devil to others, she didn’t like her tactics though but she couldn’t stop her or make her see reason.
She was only friends with her because she feared her, not respect her, because of the benefits she got from her not because she loved her, and because she couldn’t beat her she joined her, enjoyed the respect accorded to her by other students, enjoying the outings when it is dark out  after  school , enjoying the means she got from men, men Chidera passed to her when she was done or permitted her to be with, and being free to being with any boy she liked in school, under the noses of the management.
She was free to do whatever the hell she wanted being chidera’s friend. And she had loved every bit of it, but she didn’t like the way Chidera treated her, scolded her and didn’t lose any chance to hit her at will, if you annoyed her, she lashed out on you, if someone pissed her, she lashed at you..Chidera didn’t differentiate between friend or friend in her anger, but if that person whom she had taken into her inner circle betrays her, the host of angels would not be able to safe her.
Now there is another side to this..

She had been the one who helped Micheal find Chidinma and saved her from Chidera’s evil intentions, and then she had gone to Micheal to tell him not to tell Chidera about it.

Now Micheal had kept his word and even managed to keep his loud-mouthed friends in check..it was a supposed pacts between..well they weren’t friends and they weren’t exactly enemies..well, but..he had kept his word.
Now if she does as Chidera commands, which means that Micheal and Chidinma would get hurt and be punished and maybe expelled from the school, Chidinma would be more affected because The Principal might want to safe his son’s head, Micheal was his son anyways, Chidinma gets humiliated, and with the shame and stigma , maybe she leaves the school. No , she will leave school.
Coast clear for Chidera. Chidera wins

But Now, Micheal, the good-quiet boy who has never hurt a fly might be heartbroken a second time.
First by that his slutty ex-girlfriend ,Gloria

And now by his innocent princess Chidinma , and because Chidera has tarnished her image and sent her packing with the help of the school’s authorities, that would hurt him even more.
And since he doesn’t have Chidinma anymore, he has nothing to loose, he might get angry with her , Amaka, first..and who is to say he doesn’t tell Chidera , as a way to spite her that it was even her most trusted person who was her , Amaka , that even helped him save her enemy Chidinma.
Who is to say he wouldn’t say it all and then, Chidera might..not Chidera would definietely kill her

She bites her lips staring at them.

On one hand, she doesn’t do it, Chidera would kill her.
On the other, if she does do it, Micheal spills, Chidera would kill her still.

There were no lesser evils to this..
What would she do?
She needed a common ground..a safe heaven. Maybe she should kill herself instead, that would be better than have the devil , the queen devil herself do it.
They are asking her again, God, please give me an out, I do not want to be in Chidera’s black book…
“Did cat automatically cut your tongue Amaka, before now you were quick to make comments, telling us of what has been going on in this school , now you refuse to speak?”
“Erm Matron Theressa, I am..i am..’’ she trails off
“I erm erm what Amaka, why can’t you speak again ?” Mr Adamu snaps,
 “Speak up and don’t waste our time “ he says
It was important that she speaks .

Chidera had come to see him this morning, he had missed her. For some couple of days she hadn’t had his time, and he wouldn’t what she had been doing with her time.
She never reads nor studies . she was not even your average student , the only reason why she was making good grades in class was because he was the Dean of the Senior Departments.

When he asked her how she managed to pass even her Jss , she had told him that she was sleeping with the exams coordinator then, he was a bit lazy in  bed but she had to do what she had to do to get higher.
He had been jealous  but she made him forget, when she began whining that full waist of hers on his member and making him scream like a child.

Today, today she had come to him, and he wanted to feign anger.
‘’Where have you been Chidera, why haven’t you come to me since, or is it that you have found another maga in this school eh?” he was seated, his hands folded as she came into the office in the guise that she had been punished and she was asked to see him. She locked the door as soon as she came in.
“Sorry baby, stuffs, school stuffs”
‘’Don’t baby me anything Chidera, what school stuffs..do you know what book is sef eh, do you know how to describe yourself in a written form without using your mouth, if I ask you the meaning of common adjectives can you explain..don’t be silly, we both know you haven’t been studying, who is he..eh? Is he a teacher here..or what?”
She is staring at him “Do not insult me Mr Adamu or you will be sorry, are you stupid?” she is frowning at him

He blinks , he opens his mouth and then closes it. No one would have dared to talk to him this way, no one, no student and not even his wife..but she, she was fierce, she was fearless and she was confident, as though she knew she could do anything to you…maybe that was the reason he liked her a whole lot, it didn’t matter if he liked only her body and the pleasures it gives…
But if he got angry the way he got with his wife when she was being stubborn and beat her, it would be bad..and she might report him, or worse, she might never let him touch her again.
But he needed her, he needed to smell her and taste her. He had never had it this good with anymore, any young woman like her, he was in his late thirties and she was in her average teen. She was old enough to be his daughter….but all he saw was a sex goddess, that keeps him awake at night wanting more.
All the times they spend together behind closed doors; sometimes she had come to him because of her grades, to Ace all her subjects when she writes exams, it didn’t matter if the teacher had failed her, he was the Dean, he could change one’s destiny if he wanted to within this walls under his department, he would pick hers out, have another student rewrite her tests/ exams with complete answers and then he writes her name and submits it, marks it himself and scores it .. she would be grading with one of the best results.
But he had to be careful, Micheal was a genius, a well known one, whoever knew Micheal knew that he had his father’s brains and he was visibly seen showing how brainy he was.. but Chidera, chidera would never be found in the library or discussion classes or tutorial classes. During her normal classes she stared blankly at the teachers and if he was the one teaching, she would open her legs slightly and be touching her breast from the back end of the room, causing him to be distracted, and then he would tell her to come see him after class for maybe talking to her friend , and tell her she would serve punishments for being disobedient. 
As soon as he gets into his office, he would strip , holding his member, he would rub it, awaiting, anticipating for when she would come and she would come, wasting no time she would remove only her panties, bend for him after turning and then he would take her, once the condom had clothed him, he would take her..and take her and take her.
Sometimes she was the one dominating him, making him beg for more.
Now, why wouldn’t he be able to do anything, asin no matter how stupid, ridiculous and crazy for that girl.
She had given him spice , she had brought back life to him. So if she told him to jump, he would ask how high.

Yes she had come in this morning and as she became angry, he had to calm himself  and apologized to her
“I am sorry baby, really. It’s just I haven’t seen you and being with you for a while and I became jealous that’s all” He stands up and goes to her, pulling her in a  hug
“Look , never mind , let me go” she pushes him away
“No no no wait, I am sorry, let me make it up to you, anything you want , tell me I would get for you, do for you, anything I promise..”
“Yes anything”
“I need you to admit to everything my friend Amaka is going to say’’
“I don’t understand ‘’ he is frowning, was her friend going to accuse him ? he moves away from her
“Amaka my friend would be reporting some students to the Matron and the Principal, I need you to concur to it all”
Oh thank God. It wasn’t him. Phew!!! Then he continuous to frown
‘”report what, what students, why?”
“Micheal and a junior, Chidinma. About their illicit behaviors towards each other..and I need you to say it is true, in whatever dimension you wish. I also need you to move for her to be punished, flogged openly, take the walk of shame, have her penalized and even expelled, take her round the school and into the classes, let her be called names and be disgraced, the whole shebang and let her be an example to students who would do what she and Micheal has been doing. Then you must plead on Micheal’s behalf, citing that it was the girl who had seduced him, bewitched him if you may, make it sound like the boy didn’t have a choice and when tempted and pushed, as do all men do, he fell,  so it wasn’t his fault. But the girl..she would be mastermind of it all. That is what I want you to do”
‘But Chidera “ He frowns “ Why? I mean, we both know that there are a lot of things.. things going on in this school that would considered illicit, all shades of wrong, religiously and otherwise..i mean, students with students, students and teachers..i mean look at me and you…even Miss Monica likes girls..that I know. So why are you bothered? Just look the other way, everyone is literally screwing everyone, well except the nuns and the matrons and the spiro students who are claiming virgins for Christ. we are the different lots who enjoy the company of ourselves and explore our desires..which I am grateful for ..for you and me. Going to report them would cause the management and authority to be strict after they must  have dealt with them and we might not be able to be together you and I and keep doing what we do. it would cause the management to keep an eye , a very closed eye on everyone ..it would disrupt our thing together Chidera, and I don’t want that’’
“It would not disrupt us or any other person. That is why you have to be there and concur to her and make it sound like it’s just Chidinma doing this in school, and maybe she is the one sneaking out of the school premises at night , through those holes they just blocked. Look I want you to do it and I am not asking “
“Are you ordering me?’’
“I am telling you, if you don’t’ we are done, I mean done. See this ass, my fine ass and this breast you like to touch ,kiss and suckle on? No more.. you won’t ever see my thighs. If you are horny, then you can go home and be with that stick of a wife who would rather stare at your joystick and lie there like  a log of wood that roll on it like I do…oh that’s a rhyme for you there Mr Adamu, I do have sense afterall” she turns to leave
‘Hey Hey Hey babay, my sweet patotoe, don’t be like that now eh, you know I would do anything for you you know hmm’’ he grabs her from behind and hugs her, kissing her cheeks, she turns away frowning
“I will do it okay, I will” he adds, she breaks out in a smile
“One question though, why do you really really want to report them?”
“That’s none of your business but if you must know, she is insulted me and embarrassed me infront of my friends and hers”
“Why don’t you punish her and beat her up, isn’t that what you normally do to others?”
“Oh I tried, but she had a guardian angel, Micheal who seemed to appear from nowhere and help her out, making her immune from ….”
“Hmm, what happened to your face though, you have a cut to your lip and nose” he touches her face, she hits his hands away “Did you get into a fight with her, was she the one that did this?”
“Me get into a fight with her? Pfffft!!!!! I will beat her blue and black, that is why Micheal is always coming to save her ass because he knows I will kill her and put her to the ground, he knows, even she knows too..me? she can’t even touch my toe”
“Okay then what happened to your face?”
“I erm..slipped and fell, “
“Are you calling me a liar?’ she pushes him away
“No babey, no, just worried. Another question, is Micheal really having anything to do with her, I mean if you want to punish the girl and have her expelled for being an ass to you it’s fine, but Micheal…is he good boy, always have been, plus he is like the most intelligent kid in school, plus the student body president and plus the Principal’s son, why tarnish the young’s man rep like that, he might remain in school but…rep is everything!’’
“because Micheal actually likes her and we wouldn’t be lying. They are dating, kissing and everything , so that part is true. Infact everything is true, we are just breaking it into the limelight. And his father might pull a string or too and leave him in school, maybe his only punishment would be suspension for  a week or two, a step down from SBP for a month, and other minior thingies. He would be fine. She would be horribly and humuliately gone, good riddance to bad rubbish and after a month or less, Micheal would be reinstated, and everything would go back to normal. Now stop asking me any more stupid questions and get going, Amaka should have gotten to the matrons by now, and they would have to summon them , and I need you among them..”
He sighs “  there is no word like that, ‘Humuliately’ Chidera”
The look she gave him makes him raise his hands up in submission “ Fine. “ then he smiles to her “You know I have missed you, really missed you”
“I am not in the mood Adamu”
“Hey, you want to send me to do your bidding, I am going to do it, and you won’t give me any loving, it’s been soo long Chidera..please, just the head, only the head would enter, let me feel you small abeg”
She could feel his rising bulge as he caresses her breast, holding her from behind.
“You know it doesn’t have a shoulder right, so when you say only the head it’s a trick because there is no shoulder, every goddamn thing enters, just say you want to bang let me know”
“Ah haaan!!! Can’t you feel me saluting you from behind eh, please now, please, I will do it fast, let me cum unless I will not be able to concentrate biko”
“Fine, whatever. five in and outs if not I will leave”
“okay okay okay” he is already unzipping his trousers and bringing his member out…and raising her skirt, he leans to his drawer, pulling it out he brings out a condom. He had  different packs of it inside.
Tearing it quickly he licks his mouth…
 “Bend na, bend “ he tells her, sighing she removes her panties and bends… 

Well if Micheal didn’t want to sleep with her, let her as well enjoy Adamu’s  joystick too in the main time … she didn’t realize she was horny until he was already at her door…knocking , she moans
Sighing she turns, pushes him to his chair, and then climbs him, his face breaks out in a smile
‘’I knew you missed me too Chidera’’
“Just shut up” she says as she straddles him, and then began to move, throwing her head backwards, she moves, while he grabs on to her folds behind and in front and starting groaning out..
Yes..he had missed her, and he would keep doing everything she asked him to, if he keeps getting all of that from her on a delay, he would kill the devil if she ordered too.
But why was this fool Amaka not talking, he frowns , was she developing cold feet?
“I don’t understand, why isn’t she talking ?” Mr Adamu frown deepens. He is staring the matron and then back at Amaka
‘’Amaka?”’ The Principal calls out “If you do not say what you have come to say you would be thoroughly punished “
She blinks , she looks at Micheal who is staring at her, she could read his expression or what she feels his expression was saying..

“Just know that our pact is broken, you do me , I do you’
But Micheal was just staring at her, then he risks a glance at Chidinma, she was clasping and unclasping her hand, he wished he could reach out and touch her hand and keep her clam, or even to whisper into her ears that he had no intention of leaving her alone or to be burned. If she burned, he would burn with her.

Then he stares back at Amaka, he wasn’t surprised, Chidera was  not going to go down easy, but he didn’t expect her to report him, if she did and he got into trouble…then there was no chance ever of her getting into his good grace.
But as all wicked people goes, because they couldn’t have something they would make sure that the other person didn’t have it either even if it mean both of them would lose..
Unless, she was banking on the fact that his father would come through for him and only Chidinma gets expelled ..and he remains…then the coast would be clear for her.

What if he uses her card on her..
“AMAKA!!!!” Matron Therressa thunders, Amaka joins

“Ma..i wanted..i mean…Micheal and the junior are are –”
“Lovers!!! “ Micheal says , Chidinma gasps, so did Amaka and then matrons, His father eyes became dark..Mr Adamu opens his mouth and then closes it
“What did you say?”’ Mother Theressa asks
“Senior Micheal—“ Chidinma began, now she was dead, literally . Micheal raises his hands to stop her
“Isn’t that what you were about to say Amaka hmm? That we are lovers?”
“Well..ermm..ermm’’ she scratches her head, okay..what the hell was he doing, she was the one supposed to be reporting him not him reporting himself 
“See do I so I am saying it for you. We are lovers, I love her and she loves me, we have been dating for what..a couple of days now, ever since that dance, I can’t stop thinking about her, and oh she writes me peoms, while I tutor her I talk about love, we eat together too and all that and all that. We have fun, when no one is looking, in my room, yes, she sneaks in…no she doesn’t , she walks in majestically and then we do the do in my room, while my roommates stand outside and keep watch… we are lovers because we are seen around and I talk to her and I talk to everyone. But that is not all…  Chidera, you know Chidera Woibioro? Well..she and I too are lovers, now, she is a piece that one, aside being lovers with me and some other students in the school, she likes to be lovers with someone who isn’t a student..i believe his name starts with an alphabhet that begins with an A and he is ri-‘’
“Erm what nonsense is this ? Matrons Ma and Sir, I think this is a joke. I believe Amaka must have gotten it all wrong I mean, Micheal is a good boy, a good boy and he is friends with everyone , ..the seniors and the juniors and I believe Amaka had seen the way he is with her and had assumed that there was something going on with them you know, kids, she is a very observant student but she is wrong you see, I mean, how old is Micheal, its naturally for him to like someone but ofcourse he is not stupid to do anything and she..she , she has no bad record , never been called to the teacher’s office or punished, recently she won the champion for the tract race, then both she and Micheal won two to three awards for the socials..it is obvious they are friends..which is commendable, this days seniors and juniors don’t mix..but he is bridging that gap saying that seniors can have very good friends who are juniors and no awkwardness , and besides…he knows better and she knows better and-”

“Mr Adama, the boy is admitting to it” Matron Cecil cuts him “I too have wondered about their closeness, when she had that incident with the rash, he had come to see her, with some of his friends while she was with her friends”
“You see” he cuts in again ‘Friendships, why read meaning into it”
Micheal hides a smile, wow!! He was just playing his cards he didn’t know someone would take the piss.. he was going to call random alphabets from A to Z, who knew Mr Adamu was the lucky number A. 
He knew Chidera was doing a teacher aside students , he just didn’t know who…
Oh father , the things that goes on in your school would make the virgin Mary cry and the brothel look like a church.
“Amaka, is that what you wanted to say, before now you said you have been seeing two students, a senior and a junior always together, hugging and kissing, and gosh doing things and that they used to sneak out of school and she the girl goes about committing fornication..that is what you told us and when we asked who you said Micheal and Chidinma, if that is all true, why aren’t you speaking now hmm? How did you come about the information, did you use to see them, follow them and all that?”
“I saw them..”
“Do the do?” Micheal asks
“Be quiet Micheal and let the girl talk “ The Principle orders 
“Yes sir “
“I saw them  couple of times always talking and walking with each other and ‘’
“And you thought something is going on ?”
She nods ..”And i-”
“Which means the information is false Matrons Ma and Sir, a complete misunderstanding ..
“But let her talk sir, I too have things to say about dealings in the school about what goes on in the school, since we are now being reported about what we do, I have admitted to mine and Chidinma and we would serve our punishment , but it is only proper that all cards are out on the table, students , teach—”
“Oh don’t be ridiculous Micheal, we know that you are angry that a false accusation as being laid on you and because you are modest, you take it in good fate and want them to punish you. Things are not done that way. Sir, please if you would allow me as the Senior Dean and in charge of the student affairs, that we disregard this information and dissolve this panel. Amaka is good for breaking this to our knowledge but they cannot assume that because a boy and a girl are always together things go on.. yes students in the school might be going hay wire and I believe our cautions and strict orders have scared them to line. But see Micheal, he is a model student and her, how quiet she is, she doesn’t look the type. He was talking out of being upset, like I am sure others would too. Amaka, please for next time before you speak, do make sure it is concrete evidence not hearsays and mere observations okay?”
“But…’’ she began, what was he doing ?
Okay..if she had to be honest, she was glad. Now Chidera wouldn’t be angry with her but with her Teacher lover.

She mentally dusts her hands, does a meringue dance and then..drinks a bottle of champagne..
She was free…YAY!!!
“Mr Adamu?”’ The Principal began
“Sir?’’ He blinks, please please don’t question them further. He didn’t know Micheal was smart. How the hell did he know about Chidera and Him. If he had left him to keep talking he would have spilled and he would be done for. Chidera might be angry too but he did it for her too, Micheal was going to tell them about her too..and she would be done for as well.
She might get angry now, but she would have to understand that both of them would have gone down with Micheal..No Chidinma . Sweats breaks out on his forehead, he mentally had empty buckets in which his sweats were slowly filling up, he changes buckets again. He blinks 
“Very well. But let Micheal speak “
Hay God!! He grabs a mental gun from his drawer.. he should just kill himself , he looks at Micheal, pleading with his eyes..
Micheal’s expression was unreadable “ Sir, like Mr Adamu said.. but to be honest, she is my friend and we are close..and it is only natural for us to be seen together which is in open. And I am friends with other people I don’t know why they single me out.. maybe because I do not stereotype and just be with students in my level. I am not like that and I have proven that..whoever you are or your level, if I see a friend in you….i see a friend with you. I go to the juniors to teach and coach, I don’t leave things for my assistant and act all ontop of the world. It was just upsetting that she had come to report me just because …I am friends with a girl who is intelligent and good in her own way. So unless this is a school where we should talk to the opposite sex and be friends with them…which should be officially implemented and put in the school’s curriculum, I don’t see anything wrong to have a friend as a girl , to sit and talk with her, eat and laugh with her, junior or not” 
“Chidinma, is what Micheal say the truth”? Mother Theressa asks her

“Yes Ma’am., I wrote the peom because …he had seen that I write so he wanted me to write something anything for him’’
“And what was written in the peom, ?’’
‘’it was about ..” she began, but Micheal cuts her off
 ‘’‘ I wonder what it would be like to smell the roses, to feel  the raindrops seep through my fingers and the breeze course through my hair and kiss my cheeks.

I wonder what it would feel like to roar from the mountain top, take slides down the snow with skates, dance under the rain and eat chocolates and lick vanilla cream off my fingers while I soak my feet in the deep blue ocean seating by the beach.

I wonder what it would feel like, to taste that sweetness , smile from within and squirm in delight and giggle from beautiful sight and soar high overhead at the night skies counting the stars, letting the cloud rise above as I stare down basking in the euphoria of what the earth is.

I wonder what it would feel like to dream and believe, in the past of yesterday, the actuality of today and the possibilities of tomorrow and the flash-forwards of futures to come.

I wonder..why I wonder..and yet, my mind is made of images, my thoughts connotes making them magical  and yet I am nothing but a little girl who love to dream of castles and fairytales and the world where dreams do come true…but then again, reality comes knocking..i am not a girl free, but one whose thoughts run amok and needs to be tamed so that the world don’t throw me into the den of dreamers.  

And yet I do wonder, dear reader..what do you dream, for I see in your eyes sadness hidden behind that smile. What do you dream..to be free or be bound with the shaggles of reality” he ends
Chidinma’s mouth drops open and then close, both their eyes meets. 

There was this..hidden message they exchanged..
Hers was “How, how did you..how did you remember all that and not reading from a paper”
And he was “ I guess when you care about someone, everything about them sinks..i remember everything about you, your first smile, your first words to me, your peom, our first kiss, your laughter and the fact that you step on my toes when you dance”

They almost smiled at each other..
“See, harmless poem, ” Mr Adamu laughs nerviously 
Silence …
“I hope that this is just what it is, nothing , students you can leave and be best assured that we would be keeping an eyes on you all, from now on. Matrons please do accordingly , make sure that this is just nothing as they say..do random checkups if must be, unannounced visits..this is a christain school and this nonsense shouldn’t be heard because it is against our rules and regulations, against our faith and principles ”
“Yes sir”
Micheal, Chidinma and Amaka leaves

“Micheal , I am sorry ..i –“
He turns and looks at her ‘’No words for you Amaka, since you have choosen to go down the path with Chidera , then we have nothing to talk about . Tell Chidera, ..you no what, don’t bother. I am in a happy place right now”
“Which happy place?”
Micheal turns and stares at Chidinma “Oh, it is  person Amaka, something I don’t think you have the sense to understand. From now on Amaka, I do hope you realize that little pact…is off”
“But..but ..she made me, she forced me I didn’t have a choice’’
He laughs 
“between good and bad? You always have a choice and if someone can bully you to make choices that affects people’s lives..their future..then you are more pitiful, far gone than you are and that is quite sad. You are not much different from her…I guess the “ if you can’t beat her you join her’ is what you are doing, you didn’t have the sense to be your own leader, and do what is right. But know this…Chidera loves no one but herself and one day…you would be at the receiving end of her sword, but do you know the worse thing, Dayo and Temi wouldn’t be there to support you when that happens..you will have no one. See why you should have friends who love and respect you…you have no one other that fake girls and an insane leader who is frustrated with life. Let’s go Princess”
They leave Amaka staring after them..

They walk without saying a word, side by side, their hands brushing each other but not touching..
“Are you okay? I am sorry..about..-“
She stops and stares at him ‘’Micheal, “
‘’Yes’’ he is facing her and staring at, please let it not be that she wants to …wait why is she smiling 
She is really smiling 
“If I kiss you right here, right now..would we get expelled ?’’
He laughs “Possibly yes”
“Then maybe I can kiss you later then..because I just realized that..you are one amazing, confident..crazy too though pulling that stunt in there but..cute, handsome…good memory and wow…my poem, I really want to kiss you right now” she gushed trying not to hold his hands…
He smiles, from ear to ear “You are beautiful when you smile. And best be assured, I will be getting that kiss..but we would have to be discreet, but no Chidera ..no Amaka would be putting asunder ‘’ he smiles, briefing touching her hands 
“Yes ..you will babe”
“oh yes I will, plus I like when you call me babe, babe” they laugh
“Come, let me walk you back to your class, have another in fifteen minutes. Plus your friends would be worried about you and mine, well..mine would be preparing to fight a war
Amaka stood outside the door.
As soon as She had told Chidera what happened and how Mr Adamu had stopped everything, Chidera had stormed out of the hostel and straight to the office.
She was happy not to be at the receiving end.
Amaka 100- village People -0
She heard the first slap and then the second and then the third..

She steps away from the door and sat on the pavement..
What the hell was going on in there ?

30 minutes later , Chidera comes out and storms away, Amaka rushes into the office to see Mr Adamu on the ground, holding his head.
She had used the clock hanging on the wall to hit him,after slapping him , then tore his shirt. Mr Adamu was a big man, he should have beaten her. Maybe he was taken off guard and maybe..just maybe he didn’t want everyone to hear and come into his office..or maybe he was just stupid and loves her so beating her was out of it, especially when he wouldn’t be getting  some ever again..
“Sorry sir” she says backing away from the office and running after Chidera
“Where are you going Chidera?”’

Chidera ignores her.

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#chapter 20 coming soon.

A few chapters to go.. 
What to expect in the next chapter.. why not predict and who knows you might win a recharge card..of any network.!!!
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2 thoughts on “Undeniably karma $ Chp.19

  • Chidera remember that what goes around comes around and that karma is quite a bitch. Tryin to point a finger at someone because you cant beat him or her and having all other fingers pointing at you.
    I think the sluty queenbee is going right now to confront Michael for tryin to spill on her.

    But i don’t know when she will get a common sense seeing that whatever she wants to do to chidimma back fires to her because chidimma’s innocence and purity shakes off evil coming for her.
    Thank u my lady for this wonderful episode, still loving the story as it keeps unfolding.
    Karma is quite a bitch

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