They say…

​They say..
They say there is no God…and I wonder.. what do they know about God. 

They say God is only in the heavens, and has made earth His footstool.

I say God is in the rains, the smiles, the laughter and in the loving hearts, even the stranger who passes by.

They say God is nothing but a myth, told to scare children to submission.

And I ask..How do you explain your existence,  your being, you entirety.. everything .

They say it’s science. And I laugh and say ..

Even science had to come from somewhere. 

They wonder if I am mad..

And I tell them, even if I am mad, one truth remains..God exists. And he isn’t just in the Heavens. He is everywhere , even in you and in me.

I hope they do believe!!!
~Stephanie Egberike


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