Happy Place …


So..here is the thing. 
During today’s teaching #Pastor said alot about Restless spirit,  as in people who are very restless in their place of comfort and because of that they want to leave,  and sometimes they actually do leave.
This place of comfort could be your home, marriage, relationship, your job/career,  Your happy place, etc.  This place of comfort was good originally but ofcourse situations tends to bring fire, fire you are not comfortable with and that fire tends to make you want to get up and leave, sometimes it’s the need for change and we all know that change is the constant thing, sometimes it’s the fact that your place of comfort is not the place you have always seen it to be, things have changed, the people have changed,  the Job has changed, your spouse have even changed , sometimes it’s you..your mental state, emotional/physical and otherwise ,they have all changed. Sometimes its all about not also being content in what you have and you want something else out  there…Something that you think you need and would make your present situation ,your home, your life,your happy place better.
But baby you don’t need it. That’s all about the restless spirit he was talking about.

You have to go back to your place of comfort. If you can’t change things around you to suit you, you can change you to suit you, to suit your environment. Things might not be working so good before and then you had to leave, you have to cause a positive change to take place so that place of comfort that you had can return to be your happy place..
Ya’all have to go back, be the change you desire.  Stop being restless or rather allow the restless spirit to cut short your joy. Because sometimes you run away before you realise that it can be better.

Don’t be too impatient , don’t want things outside of your zone because you are running away from things within your zone. The one out, might change too,would you run away from it as well?
Be the change you desire …Go back baby, Go back and change things for you. Not for them or anyone else for you. Because at the end of the day..you are all that matters..your happiness.
And if the Devil has been trying to make you do things like making you leave your place of Comfort….your happy place ? 
Ya’all have to tell him..
And he goes “Why the hell not??”

And also…
Know that everyone doesn’t go through the same part, and that your goals and dreams are different from everyone else. 
A few children who were born together,  played together while growing up and attending schools together do not end up together in their achieved place.  Do not be carried away by the crowd of people trouping in and out, because everyone is searching for a place that they can have their own rest. How about you? Don’t be part of something moving and forget that..once the train stops finally, you should have also gotten  down to your destination ..as everyone else, not be the only one person left with no where to go.
Know your destination, know who you are..Know where you are going to and make sure you get there..without or without anyone with you.



#StephanieEgberike #Writes #Randoms #RandomMusing
#StephanieEgberike #Writes #RandomMusing #HOTR #Sweetness #Allthingsfinery 
Hello Sunday. .😘


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