Undeniably Karma $Cho 20

Boma was pacing  the length of the class 
“You know you are beginning to make my eyes turn” Jerry says, he had been watching Boma since he started, his brother was quiet, folding his arms and staring at the door
“Well you can close your eyes Jerry, I need to pace if not… if I don’t pace and try to calm down I would …I would.i would—“
“Do what Boma?’’
“I would go to the office and demand to know what is going on in there with Micheal and Chidinma”
“Yeah, you could but what if you are now being put in the hot seat? we don’t even know why he was called and we saw Chidinma go in there and the girls are worried sick too”
“well we know it has got to do with Chidera, that is the only explanation to this”Boma says ‘I really am worried, what if Chidera had gone to say something, what if they get expelled?”
“Well if that is the case, we woukd make sure to wash her own dirty linens outside, I am sure Micheal and Chidinma’s relationship would pale next to her atrocitites..” Jerremy says

“Well I would be the first..hell I would be the school crier with a microphone and loud speaker, if they get expelled, she would be sent to oblivion once I tell them what chibitch has been up to, even the virgin mary would shed tears” Boma says, then he stops pacing and seats down, shaking his head, he gets up and resumes pacing.
“Boma stop”
“Close your  eyes then”
‘Boma ??’’
“What??’’ Boma frowns turning, it was Micheal, he was standing at the with a puzzled expression on his face 

“If I didn’t know better I would say you lot were worried about me, is that a tear Boma, are you going to miss me son?” Micheal as a smile on his face

Boma frowns, or attempted a frown “Me pfft!! Worry? What are you five? Pfft!! I didn’t even batt an eye, miss you? please quit playing, me and the guys didn’t even notice you were gone. We were erm..talking about football and girls yes girls..”
Micheal enters and perches on a desk “Really now? So what if I say that I am to leave this school this evening, I and Chidinma got expelled, I just came to say goodbye. They found out and my dad is furious and he would have stopped the punishment but like they say, you have to lead by example so we leaving. He always wanted me to finish my education out in the states so..its a win for him . so guys, this is me saying my goodbyes. It’s been fun , it’s been great, you guys are more than a friend to me, you my brothers and I love you” Micheal says
“Wait what?”” The twins rush to him “No NO NO” they shake their head

Boma staggers back “But but..they can’t do this they can’t. I will drag Chidera by the hair and go and report her ..they can’t do this to you or Chidinma ..oh poor girl..poor you…No no” Boma is angry he punches the desk..
“Nothing can be done. Besides she had a spokeman in there, Amaka and ofcourse Mr Adamu, did you know they are lovers?”
“Damn, we knew she was poking some teacher abi teacher was poking her but we didn’t know who…guess she earned herself the chief slut. But Micheal can’t your father do anything ?” Jerremy seats beside him.. he is sad
“Like at all?” his twin asks
“This isn’t fair this isn’t..why didn’t you defend yourself why? What would happen to us if you leave..what would happen to me? Look Micheal..this ..you have to go back there and fight it, if not for you and us, for Chidinma , that girl just ruined your lives presently, and are you going to let her?” Boma’s eyes are red, the twins are sad..but Micheal is smiling 
“oh dear lord Boma, is that actually a tear?”Micheal is still smiling

Boma wipes it immediately “Stop laughing “

‘‘No really…is that you crying, you actually love me and going to miss me..aww poor poor you, come  here son, let’s have a group hug..one last hug and then I’ll leave “ Micheal stretches out his arms
Boma shakes his head, his head hurts , the twins move away from him, they didn’t want a hug either ”Dude..you can’t live…not like this..not because of that witch”
Then Micheal bursts out laughing, their expression is puzzled but he laughs for a long time before he stops
”I swear if only you all could look at your faces right now..and Boma cried, he cried and here he forms mancho man with me, acting like he is thick skin..so you would miss me eh, and you joined seisme twins, no words men, your faces is bringing back my laugher “ he laughs some more
“What the hell are you laughing for Micheal, you are being expelled, are you high?”
“Oh no Boma , I am not. Chidera played her card but I turned it around …so no one is getting expelled, infact it was Mr Adama that poured water to the fire because as soon as i sensed he was in her pocket..i used it against him..so he was quick to tell everyone that it must be a huge miss-understanding and that  what Amaka had come to report is not what it is. So I and Chidinma is in the clear, Mr Adamu would be really scared from now on, Amaka is a forgotten case, I live her up Chidera…one day she would be burnt by that very person she is protecting and being loyal to and for Chidera..KARMA! the only downside to this is that…even if I want to see my princess, I would have to be extra extremely discreet, good thing I have friends who have my back..because the Matrons are going to be going hawk on us and everyone so…you guys too need to be careful, even hanging out with the girls..guess they would start suspecting people up and down…but good thing, my baby wasn’t sad anymore and infact she wanted to kiss me..saying I am the world’s best boyfriend..see? today isn’t such a bad day afterall” he beams
‘Phew!!” the twins breathed out in relief
Boma smiles pulling Micheal into  a hug..then he frowns and pushes him away ‘’So you played a trick on us because?’ ‘
“Because I am Micheal and I can” all 32 teeths sparkled 

“Hmm guys, what do you say, you take his legs and I his hands , lets throw him out of the class”
“Aye capt”
Micheal sprints out of the class laughing while his friends chase him, laughter in their voices 
“Catch him..Catch the prankster “ they chanted 

 As soon as Chidera enters the room, she screams hitting the wall with her palm
Temi and Dayo who had been resting on their bed suddenly springs up..
They had hoped that whatever

 Chidera had planned worked out, but when Amaka had come into the hostel with a sullen look on her face instead of a happy one, they knew something had gone wrong 
“What do you mean things didn’t go according to plan Amaka, didn’t you do as I asked?’’
“No God forbid, I did, I did, infact I was just talking and talking but I don’t know what happened, Mr Adamu just spoke up out of the blue calling me a liar and that I must have misunderstood the relationship between Micheal and Chidinma and that, they are nothing but friends and even pleaded on their behalf, everything I said he countered and I don’t know why. One minute he was on my side ..i mean your side and the next he was all up against me and I was shocked, he kept interrupting me and then before I knew it they all sided him. Micheal and Chidinma is not going to beexpelled, chidinma wouldn’t be humiliated and made to do the walk of shame. Your plan has failed “ Amaka had said
‘’What?”’ Chidera jumps up from the bed, she was in her undies, she grabs her cloths, puts them on and storms out of the room
They knew she was going to meet Mr Adamu, Amaka had chased after her

So they waited, it didn’t look as if she had satisfied her anger, she was boiling in it when she comes back into the room, they were thankful that today, it wasn’t them that she was angry with
“Chidera?”’ Amaka calls her name. She was thankful Mr Adamu spoke up, if not Micheal would have made sure Chidera knew that She had foiled one of Chidera’s plans, and she has no plans on being in her bad books

Words Micheal had spoken to her had gotten to her but still, she still feared Chidera and being on the other side of the divide and having Chidera as your enemy was like signing your death sentence 
No . 
Being on Chidera’s team was safer.

Chidera turns and walks up to her, then in another moment which Amaka didn’t expect, she grabs her and slaps her across the face, pushing her to the wall, causing her to choke
“Chidera ..pl-please please” Amaka cries, placing her hands on Chidera, trying to get her to loosen her grip
“Fools fools!! The lot of you. incompetent fools. Just one job I give you to do you couldn’t do it”
“it.is.Mr.Adamu” Amaka chokes out the word as tears blinds her eyes
“And so what, you would have insisted..you would have created a scene , you would have done what it takes to make sure I got what I wanted. Now Chidinma is probably in her room laughing and being happy, Micheal is obviously excited and they would go back to being lovers under my nose..do you think it makes me happy? Do you?”’
“Erm Chidera?” it was Dayo coming to stand behind her as she lays a hand on her shoulders “Please forgive her , see she is crying forgive her” she pleads
“Next time ehen I ask you to do something , if you don’t, better don’t return here and just run because if I catch you I will unleash my anger on you’’
“Please Chidera “ It was Temi this time 
“Shut up!! The both of you shut up or do you want to take her place??’’ she asks over her shoulders.
Silence .
“You see, even your friends can’t save you from my wrath so Amaka, again, the next time I ask you to make something happen. If it means to cross the seven seas, or the highest mountain do it you understand. See, Mr Adamu knows that he has to fear me so if he knows what is good for him, he would never repeat that mistake ever again and you, you that I trust the most let me down and I am angry” she slaps her across her face again, Amaka is crying
“Good . cry, next time you remember this day you would do what I ask. Nonsense “ she pushes her to the floor and kicks her “Oh you thought I would spare you abi? You thought, wrong. I spare no one, friend or foe”
“Chidera doesn’t love anyone but herself, and if she would treat foe like the  way she does, she would treat her friends the same way, don’t think because she says you are her most loyal dog she would spare you when you offend her? No.. I pity you Amaka, I pity the people around her, Temi and Dayo but I pity you the most because you know deep down that Chidera needs help, that she is all shades of wrong and yet you stay and let her do all sorts of things to people , that makes your case even more pitiful” Micheal’s words seeps into her thoughts
“Get up and get out of my sight “ Chidera screams at her
Amaka gathers herself up and leaves the room, staggering outside she sits on the pavement and cries. When students began to stare,  she cleans her eyes and leaves the hostel premises
“so technically even if you want to see her you can’t see her after classes in the class, you can’t see her at the library because well every Matron in school is keeping an eye out on students exhibiting any behavior, you can’t even see her at the backends because now that they know students sneak out of school, they have made sure to put lights at the back, cleared the grasses, covered and cemented the holes in the fence . now even if someone wants to go back and break the wall again you would have to have like a hundred eyes everywhere and your ears like antenna because you would be caught, so tell me Micky boy how do you want to see your chidinma” Boma smiles , they were standing just outside the class room, the junior period just entered, ordinarily Micheal would have strolled down to their classes with the guys but…right now they have to keep a low profile so that no one suspects them.
Micheal sighs ,he wants to see her, it’s been three days already and everytime they had wanted to spend any time alone, there had been students or a teacher or worse a Matron in full view. As though monitoring them.
“I have just one other place in mind though, but I have to make sure he won’t be around”
“My father “
“you want to go back to your father’s quarters?’’
‘’well yeah, besides no one would ever think to check there you know, plus …we could have a pretty long alone time “
“Hmmm Micheal wants to get busy”
“Don’t be stupid, not that” he frowns

“Are you sure, I mean I get it, she is your girlfriend and all so it’s understandable”
‘’Doesn’t mean I am stupid. So stop talking trash” he says
“How is getting down with your girlfriend stupid?” 
“Right now? C’mon, not with Chidinma”
“So you don’t think about it, you know getting down? Don’t lie, am your boy, I won’t spill, I am curious though, not like you are a virgin or anything, I mean your ex made sure you got all the somes that could last you a life time but..be honest, you don’t think about it, with Chidinma I mean?”
“I erm..well maybe , I am human, ofcos the thought passed but no..well no. I mean I may want to, some day, but until she is ready for that , I won’t even ever bring it up, c’mon, my girl isn’t like other girls and I want her to remain so. I just want to talk and spend time with her, hug her, kiss her, hold her till she falls asleep, that is what I want, no pressure, no thoughts of doing nothing..so no Boma, I am not thinking of getting busy, so quit talking trash. “
“Okay papi, so what do you want me to do?”’
“What else” Micheal smiles
“Oh speaking of girls, Albinma seems nice to me this days , now that she has suddenly realized that you don’t have eyes for her or Chidera or anyone she knows , she sort off iono has started smiling at me” Boma says
“Oh…weirdo and weirdo. Nice match”

“You think she is a weirdo?” Boma frowns
“No, I know you are a weirdo, I am just pitying the poor girl” Micheal laughs
“Screw you!!’’
“Oh you wish but unfortunately, I like girls. No scratch that, I more than like Chidinma . hey, get to it, see you later”
“Aii mehn!!’’ 
Micheal walks away as Albinma approaches “Hello Albinma” Micheal says to her
“Michealllll” she smiles “how are you, are you leaving..erm I was wondering if-“

“Yeah Boma is right there, guess he would want to know what you are wondering too’’ he smiles at her and waves at Boma who gives him a rueful smile
Albinma turns to Boma ‘’Hi Boma “
“Hi Albinma “ he smiles widely
“I wonder, where would you want to go to the university ? “ Bunmi turns to Mimi and asks, “You know with our grades, Miss Chioma says we can

 write Senior school exam even in SS1.  While some people write in their final year SS3 or SS2 , we can write it in SS1, and I wonder which University would you want to go to?”
“Well maybe a private University , mumsy is saving up for that. You?’’Mimi says 
“I guess I don’t’ mind . how about you Chidinma?’ ‘ Bunmi turns to her, but she wasn’t listening, she had her little green lover in her lap and her hands was moving 
Bunmi snatches it away from her hand
“Hey, give it back”
“Nope” Bunmi closes it and puts it under her books on the table “ We are talking ..no writing. We just finished classes, instead for you to rest your head you are here spilling it up with characters and fairtales..Boring. jist with us. Which school would you want to go to?”
‘Anywhere that I can write and be free of you two” she sticks her tongue out
“Well too bad, we are all going to the same school. You and you have no choice. We are stucked together like glue and maybe we all might end up getting married  on the same day and then give birth in the same hospital and our kids would marry each other.

 Yes and yes” she points to Mimi and Chidinma
They laugh, chidinma shakes her head “I will run mad with both of you there with me , same school and everything, after the torture with you both here with me ..hay gawd!!!’’ she holds her chest “No oh, because of you I will go to the village “ she laughs
“Hmm or you would want to go to the same school as your prince Senior Micheal” Mimi winks
“Well” Chidinma blushes “See that is actually not a bad idea dear. I wonder…it might be cool. There won’t be Evil Chidera , just us and the guys and you girls ofcourse, if you are nice “ She smiles
“Well, that’s settled then. We all are going to thesame school” Bunmi beams
“You do know that , they would graduate next year right? and we have like well 3 more years to go “Mimi says
“Hey were you not listening, we are going to write exams in SS1. So they may be a year above us in University which is cool….we can always call them Senior Micheal, Senior Boma and twins just like in secondary school and I hear in the University, you can be and do whatever you want, no mother Theressa breathing down our necks like a lion, no King Principal in the jungle, no Mother Cecil or Miss Monica that looks at me strangely , and no Mr Adamu in the senior Department, infact no Miss Chioma and every other  person and I can go to mass when I want, I can either be in hostel or off camp and I can maybe for once kiss a boy like Chidinma and fall inlove and do things,, you know” Bunmi blushes
“You need prayers sister” Chidinma laughs
“No, I need to break free and fly like a bird” she spreads her wings and soars
“Oh well… Senior Albinma is coming towards us “
“Juinors? “
“Good afternoon Senior Albinma “ They greeted 
‘’How are you? Senior Boma gave me this to give to you girls, said it belongs to you, you dropped it in the field, it has your names in it” she has a slight frown on her face , as she hands them the book.
“Ours? We didn’t drop it on the feild, we weren’t carrying a book” Mimi frowns taking it and looking at it, she opens it to see “Bunmi, Mimi and Chidinma” . Mimi frowns “I don’t own a book like this neither do we own a book together” She hands it back to her
‘’Oh really, but why did  he give it to me, aren’t these your names?”
“Yes it is”
“Then…” she trails off
“Can I see it please maybe-“ Bunmi says taking back the book , she opens it and then closes it , then she frowns opening it  again, she reads the names, and then she notices it , inbetween their names , if you didn’t look carefully you would miss it .

“It’s Bunmi, 4 Mimi-Chidinma-2C” Bunmi smiles and then hands it to Chidinma who is puzzled 
‘’why are you giving it to me ?’”

 Chidinma frowns , Bunmi shakes her head and tells her to take it
“Erm thank you Senior Albinma , please tell Senior Boma if you see him thank you too that she..i mean we have gotten it . we forgot all about the book and thought we lost it, thank you”
Albinma pleased now , smiles and turns away 
“Why did you not give her back?”

 Mimi takes the book from Chidinma, Bunmi takes sit back and hands it to Chidinma 
“Because it’s for Chidinma , see?” she opens it back for them to see, pointing at the letters between the names . “Its 4 Chidinma 2 C” she looks up at them “See, I am smart, you all don’t give me a lot of credit” she pouts
“So what does it mean” Mimi asks
“It means that there might be a message for me within “ Chdinma says and as she suspected, in the middle of the page, there was an circled words written in blue ink below the notes
“Meet me at my father’s quarters, at 8pm. Just follow the light . M’’  she says
“OUUHHHHHHHHHHHH “’ the girls exclaim, taunting her , batting their lashes and awing and uuuhh-ing
“Oh go away “ Chidinma blushes 
“Boma I have given the junior students the book, at first they said it wasn’t theirs and then there later acceptes it, I was beginning to wonder if you sent me  a fool’s errand to juniors “ She says coming towards him at the cafeteria , he was outside resting on the wall, waiting.


Boma looks around, and then draws closer to her..”Hey okay. “ He smiles “ Thank you” he tells her, she smiles walking away..
He goes into the cafeteria to meet up with the guys, he gives Micheal a thumbs up as they make eye contact, Micheal smiles
He didn’t see Temi and Dayo standing there , they exchange looks as Boma enters the cafeteria, they watch Albinma leave. They turn and go back to the hostel, forgetting food

“Chidera, you called ?” Albinma is standing infront of her
“yes, Boma gave you something to give to some juniors? What is it?’’
“Erm I don’t get, you call me here to ask about something that doesn’t concern you?” Albinma says, Temi had come to her class to tell her Chidera was looking for her , she had come almost immediately . what did Chidera want from her? 
“I ask you again, what did Boma give you to give to the juniors?”
Albinma notices her mood change, she gulps , maybe she shouldn’t annoy Chidera
“ A text book. That is all”
‘Which junior students ?“
“I don’t know their names’ ‘

Chidera steps closer to her 
“ Oh there are, I remember they are Bunmi , Mimi and Chidinma” she says 
“Did you open it , what was in it?’’
“It was a text book, with their names on it. He said he belonged to them but they seemed not to know who owned it, I don’t know. Later on the other one ..i think bunmi takes it and then she opens it and gives to the one that was Micheal’s plus one for the dance socials. That’s it”
“I think it must have been a message” Temi says tapping her jaw
“Me too” Dayo nods
Albinma frowns “What message and for what?’’
“You are useless to me Albinma, get lost” She orders. Albinma rushes away
“Find out what they have planned this time, and I would put a stop to this myself” Chidera says, Temi and Dayo leaves, Amaka is sitting silently on the bed
“And what are you waiting for , didn’t you hear what I said?”
Amaka leaves the room.
Amaka had decided to stay later than usuall outside the hostel talking to Tom, she didn’t feel like going to the hostel, she didn’t feel like being in the same room with Chidera, she didn’t have news for her, she saw Dayo and Temi go to the junior’s class, she didn’t follow them, she told them she was going to their hostel to check on the juniors. She didn’t.
Instead she had gone back to sit in the class, Tom had seen her and asked what was wrong, she wished she could tell him, but she couldn’t . she told he she wanted to be alone, he refused.
Dayo and Temi comes and sees her there
“Why are you here? Didn’t Chidera send you?” Temi asks
“Didn’t she send you too?’’ Amaka counters
“She did and we are on it” Dayo says
“Well I am on it , “
“By sitting here, talking to Tom”
“And you standing here and asking me questions is you doing it too?” Amaka frowns 
“well, we have gone to the class, she isn’t there, neither are her friends “
“Well, they are not in the hostel either” Amaka lied, she didn’t check
“Who are you looking for “? Tom asks , listening to their conversation
“Some Junior, Chidinma and her friends , the one who was Micheal’s plus one for the dance socials”
‘” The one who had that pretty angelic dress on and the crown and won the awards with him’’
“I think I saw her not long ago”
“Where?’’ Dayo , Temi and Amaka ask
“Erm” he frowns …” they just left the cafeteria though, I guess they are going back to their hostel’’
“what does Chidera want with them?”
“oh nothing, just want to find something , but incase you see her anywhere , going anywhere can you let us know?.’’
“Sure, anything for Chidera” he smiles
“Let’s go, are you coming Amaka” Temi turns to her
“Are you sure you will be okay?”’

 Mimi says whispering, they had come out of the hostel, they walked her to the end of the cafeteria block, few students were about, heading into the hostel, no one pays attention to them, they stand still, for  a moment backing the last students leaving the library.
“Yes I will, he said to follow the lights” Chidinma says, looking around
“there are lights everywhere, what did he mean?’ Bunmi stretches her neck
‘I don’t know..i assume , wait I see it” Chidinma says as she sees a flicker of light, like someone was switching on and off the torch , “ There” she points , Mimi and Bunmi follow her hand, they too see it.
“Okay, so, you will be okay from here right??’’
Chidinma nods “Thanks, see you girls later”
Mimi and Bunmi nods, “Be careful. If someone had told me I would be helping my friend sneak out of the hostel to go see a boy, I would never have believed it”
Chidinma scoffs “Me neither”
“Go..go go” Mimi says, as she had Bumni turn back around and leave

Chidinma breaths in and out, then she moves towards the light, she didn’t see the figure who was also leaving the library, as she passes him, he turns, frowning as he watches the figure go towards the staffs quarters
“Isn’t that Chidinma?” he says, he watches her get to someone and then they disappear into the quarters
“What the hell?’’ he began moving towards them, then he remembers

“Chidera wanted to know where she was right, maybe I should go tell her”
 He turns on his left and goes to the girl’s hostel.
‘’now I have them, now I will catch them red handed, myself’’ Chidera

 says to herself, then she turns to Tom.
 “Thanks darlyne” when no one was looking she gives him a kiss, he leaves smiling
Chidera leaves the hostel and heads down to the staff’s quarters, her hand closed in a fist.
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2 thoughts on “Undeniably Karma $Cho 20

  • I think it will be this secondary level cos it remind of walk of shame which is university level.

    I think the episodes will still remain like 2

    • Lmao.. tell you a secret. I began writing this story first and then I stopped and had to write walk of shame because I had to write for another platform.
      That’s why it has a slight resemblance. ..
      But let’s see how it goes..
      May two.. Maybe 10.. who knows😄
      Keep reading ..Stay tuned

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