Schooling Mr Bass 

CHAPTER FOUR of my story “SCHOOLING MR BASS ” Is up and running on #MADIVAS”
A lil recap? 
Mr Bass is starting to see that Miss Samantha isn’t the girl next door that can be pushed around  and does whatever she is being asked to .

While others and ofcos his staffs are falling over themselves for him, Samantha on the other hand turns up her nose. 

Mr Bass out of the blue adviced 😄😄😄 himself to make her stay after work to do more work..🤔

Did she like it?

Hell No!!

Did she tell him?

Oh yeah!!!

Did he like the way she spoke to him..

Hell to the No😅😅😅
Mr Bass  isn’t pleaded with her forwardness. 

Oh well he doesn’t apologise but he takes his tone down ….

And she felt…good, he should treat his staffs with respect if he wants his respect. 
A few hours later… he advices himself again to cancel her plans for her to suit into his business plan…

And she is furiousssssss😄😄😄!!!!!
Oh let’s leave chapter three Mbok and head to the chapter 4 jor!!!
A Llil sneak peak? 
Oh how could I refuse😂😅

“You sound pissed Samantha” Jamie’s voice came through the phone
“Pissed ? I am beyond pissed. I am infuriated. I am angry, I want to slam my fist into his face”
“You can’t do that though”
“I know that’s why I am…ARGGHHHHHHH!!’’ Samantha exclaims biting her lips
Jamie laughs “Hey calm down, look at the bright side, you get to travel with Mr Bass, eat at a fancy restaurant,and maybe the storm will come and you guys get stuck and because you guys can’t return, he books you both into an hotel and because they have just one room left, you both get to share and maybe it’s small and no chair so you share a bed and then…who knows, thunder may strike, then lightening, you may be scared , he holds you while you both look into each other’s eyes, then there is this moment that is so electrifying, then your lips would touch and even the heavens would quake and before long there is the erm…ohhhh uhhhh ahhhh ahh yes yes YES! Take me to hell..or  7th heaven you sexy beast!!!!’’
Samantha face palms..”you are one shy away from being completely insane  Jamieliah Sawyer”
“Oh what a nice complement Samantha Penolope brooke”

Want more???

Well lerrussss go derrrrrr😘
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Comes up later today ..

oh don’t let me keep you. .

Get to reading and come back let’s gossip 😅

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