January 11, 1985

Thomas shared a laughter with his colleagues as he cooked in the kitchen and trying to meet up orders sent it from the dinning of the The Roy Restaurant in which he worked in as a cook.
His day usually starts very early in the morning because well, people loved to eat. And then depending on who loved late nights, the restaurants were parked to late.
So he would stay and then he would cook and then he would go home, walking down the streets and enjoying the night sky.
Today was one of those days, and today like every other day he had seen him again.
He was a fine atractive man in his 30s, he had a beautiful laugh and his eyes were kind, Thomas watches him from the kItchen , there was a peep hole in which they could see the guests if the place was full or not .
This was the sixth time in a week he was seeing him,  and most of the time he left before … he was through. But today, today it was different.
He figured that before he reaches home from work, the fine attractive man always branched the restaurants to eat with his colleagues.  But today, he was happy that they stayed late and laughed and celebrated a birthday of one of them.
It was late when they all finally said their goodbyes and most of the cooks had gone…just a few, and He Thomas was one of the few left.
When he saw the fine man leave the restaurant,  he removes his apron, washes his hands and calls it a night , then he follows him home.
He wanted to talk to this man,this man that had plagued his dream for some days now, he wanted to sit down and talk to him and tell him how he felt..
Yes, he would wait till the gets home, knock on the door and wait for him to invite him in and they would have so much to talk about.
So Thomas follows him home. Hiding in the shadows and walked behind him till he got home.
Finally the stangrer reaches home and Thomas watches him go in.
He was excited,  now he knew where he lI’ve.   Maybe he should just go to the door and knock on the door, he would give him his most wonderful smile and introduce himself.


He was a charmer, he would not refuse him,he wouldn’t be scared of him either. this made him happy.

Then he moves closer to the house, reaching the door he stops.
Changing his  mind,he turns away from the door, and  he walks back home to his  own house ..
Going to his fridge he takes out a Soda,  empties the contents in the sink. bit was a 2-litre Soda bottle. He fills it up with gasoline then he picks a lighter,he walks back to the stranger’s house and stands staring at the house for a while. he walks up to the door and pours the gasoline under the door , making sure the bottle’s contents  was emptied, then he lights the lighter and throws it on the liquid slowly creeping down the staircase and walks away..
Roy,the stangrer  who he had followed home had fallen asleep with his wife and kids in the house..
His stepson and his son were asleep in the basement, and his daughter and stepdaughter were upstairs with him and his wife..They fire got to them first. .
Later in the news the next day, A family of six were reported caught in a fire, while two boys came out unharmed,the others suffered severe burns and the worst of all was the wife,Bassie.  She died . 
Police said the fire was caused by a lighted cigarette that was forgotten to be stomped off.
Thomas smiles reading the reports from the news paper. As he drops it on the table..he sees him, he was sitting by himself and watching the news, He was such a beautiful a man and he felt stirrings..
He would wait for him and he would follow him home, then he would have a talk with him.
But as always , instead of him to go in and talk to the man of his interest , one he had suddenly developed sexual feeling for, he would turn away and go home and when he got home he looks for a milk jug, fills it with gasoline , putting a piece of cloth into it he would leave some hanging out of the edge like a wick , like a wick to a lamptan.  
Slowly he  would make his way  back to the stranger’s house, standing there , he would watch the house for a while. .then he  would walk to the door, if  a window was open or a dog hole, he would place the bottle inside the house and light the wick, the wick would burn plastic for about 20 minutes and after the fire had consumed the container, gas fumes escapes and then fire engulfs in house…
By then he is long gone..

And he would be at the news stand,  reading. . the next day. because he loved to read  and by 6pm at night, he would watch the news.
Today , Tuesday 4:05, February 5th   2002 , the news said some old lady was caught in the fire. 
 Her name was Annie Brown, she was 93 years old. She was admitted into the hospital due to servere burns . she dies on February 14th some days later.
He would laugh and laugh. 

Then he would go to work and he would make some delicious meal. 
He was manager now…
Things were falling into pleasant places for him.
He liked men in uniforms too.

He had always wanted to join the army, the marines , but he was never lucky because every single time he got rejected. it made him so mad. but it didn’t stop him ffrom  having sexual interests for them, and then he would toss an incendiary devices into police cars and watche it burn from the shadows. .
It was a thing of excitement for him.
 This …Fire!!
To him,  Man was synonymous with fire.. Falling inlove was like being inflamed.. if he couldn’t necessarily have them and talk to them and be with them….watching them light up in fire or what they own was enough intoxication for him.
So he never stopped.
Today , another lady was caught in the fire in the house he raised down. He chuckles .
It was June 5th 2003 today. Her name was luo Edna Jones.  she dies unpon reaching the hospital. 
“Oh poor poor old bat of a woman. You don’t light the burnfire in my heart one bit. ” He would tease

He would buy a cup of coffee and while drinking and reading , he would chuckle , when people stare at him he would point at the comedy section..
“Really hilarious. ..this bunch of cartoonist” he roars with laughter.
30 years later…nearly 400 fires caused by him, almost all of them fetal, causing harm to people and properties and cars. .he was getting pretty good at this.
He was 50 years old now,still energetic ,still very resourceful. .still loved the handsome men and he still loved to play with fire….

April 2005.
Today, He was living the barracks,  he has just set another car on fire owned by a uniform man.
He didn’t notice the camera overhead..
The knock on the door woke him up the next day,there were two of them at the door .
“Yes please?” he frowns peering at them. one of them was pretty good looking, he smiled at him. 
“Thomas A. Sweatt? ” The pretty one asks him.
“Do you mind following us to the station please?”
“Why, is there something wrong?”
“we will tell you at the station ” They said stepping away from him and ushering him out of the house.,he frowns. . the red and blue lights of the police car was entering into his eyes,  his neighbours had come out of the house, he never liked this attention,  he hopes they had a good reason to come ask him to present himself at the station.
“Would I be back before the news at 6, I hate missing the news” he tells the pretty police officer
“Get in the car Mr Thomas, watch your head” the one tells him.
“Is that your car sir?” he was sitting before him again.
“No” Thomas lies, how did they get that on tape, he wonders, he had been careful, he has always being careful.
“Mr Thomas,you can see from the video that you were spotted in the barracks and that you had caused that fire injuring a few people in the process and you had driven away in your car. do you have an alibi sir?”
“Yes,  i was home watching Tv. You can ask my Tv” he smiles 
A side smile , the pretty cop continues “We had people check in your garage just now” He goes through his phone as a message comes in “they have found the incendiary devices , gasoline bottles , recently used. you have been busy sir”
“I am a cook,  ”
“How is that any important?”
“How can a cook be involved in arson. ..it doesn’t make any sense ”
“We have been looking for a serial arsonist for years, and everytime during the investigation,  we never have concrete evidence to point us to the right direction. But however,  two years ago.. we have a finger print, some skin cells and a single hair we found at the scenes of these crimes,  and we have run that down on our database and we have been unable to find a match because. .well you have been smart, you never had any criminal case against you, never being arrested and from the outside you are nothing but a good and loyal patriotic citizen.. but, after the incident last night, We wondered if you have been the one who had always eluded us.” he looks up as someone knocks on the door, he ushers him to come in
“This is doctor James, he would be taking your DNA and a string of your hair, for verifications and to prove wether it is a match. So is there anything you want to tell us Mr Thomas?”
“I have told you ..I am a cook. A good cook,you are mistaken..” he stands firm. they had nothing against him. he was calling their bluff 
“Hold him down,take his Samples ” The pretty cop tells the guards who were standing at the door ”
“Mr Thomas Sweatt, I am happy to tell you that you are under arrest for  Arson, Murder, destruction of lives and properties for years, would you like to confess to these crimes willingly or you would do it infront of a judge. ?”
it was over …He smiled.. Well he had good years. . it had been fun. he was just sad he didn’t get to follow the Cute cop sitting infront of him home. He would have loved to ignite his love of fire for him.
“Yes ..I would like to confess”
“Why did you do all this? I amcurious”
“To set fire to silence the voices i heard” He says laughing 
“Book him and read him his entire rights” The pretty cop says
“Okay wait wait wait……What if I make a deal with you, I help you with cases that have been open for years and I get to cut a deal?” he winks at the cop. it happened in the movies all the times, it always worked.
 the cute cop thinks for a moment. “Yes you can help with that and I am sure the judge can give you a good deal”
“Fantastic ” He claps laughing 

Thomas Sweatt helps to close 353 cases with the investigators..
September 5 2005

“Do you think,do you think the judge would let me go now?” Thomas who had been warning his cell asks the pretty cop who comes to get him for his last day of trail, it had been soo long… he wish he could see the sun,feel the breeze on his face and maybe,just maybe feel the fire in his heart again as it rises infront of his eyes
But the pretty cop didn’t answer him, it was as though he was eager to get rid of him.
His lawyer had told him to plead guilty, and then he wouldn’t get the gas chamber or the electric chair.

He didn’t want any of that. 
“What do you plead Mr Thomas A. sweatt?” The voice of the judge causes him to come back to reality.
“I plead guilty your honour” he smiles. .
Now they would have to let him go, He had confessed, he had helped with the investigation , he had pleaded guilty. ..They would have to let him go.

He had so many things to do, so many pretty men to follow home, He missed playing with fire. it has been too long.. He looks up and sees the pretty cop staring through him.
“Soon pretty one..soon I would come pay you a visit” he muses
Deborah K Chasnow , the District judges stares at Thomas
“Mr Thomas,  you have rightly pleaded guilty to your offences which we have evidences,  which includes destruction of buildings by fire resulting in personal injury; possession of destructive devices in furtherance of a crime of violence; and in the criminal information originally filed in the District of Columbia, first degree premeditated murder (felony murder) and second degree murder. And as a result of all of the crimes leveled against you, You will be getting  a mandatory life sentence . You will be serving your sentence in a  Federal Correctional Institution, Terre Haute, Indiana.Take him away”
“No…no..no!!! you don’t understand .. you don’t understand. … “!! he wailed as they drag him away.
“You are supposed to set me free… Set me FREEE! !!”
It’s been years now..new faces have been brought into the prison..

And he wonders if he would ever stop seeing the fire in their eyes..

he turns around…Someone was smoking in the quarter,  he walks upto him
Some certain prisoners had certain privileges,especially if a cop likes you.

This one seemed to be liked by a particular cop.
“I wonder, do you mind if I have a smoke”? he approaches him
The man gives him a cigarette and a lighter…
Thomas Sweatt smiles..
The End.

************ANTICIPATE STORY 28. #MAY28th ******


Goodnight Folks!!!


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