Goodmorning! !!!!

Do what makes you happy today, tommorow would take care of itself. 

You wouldn’t know where you want to go if you don’t make a destination point right from the start. Because knowing where you want to stop gives you a sense of direction. You know oh I want to go to work so you get up and go to work. You know..Oh I want to get to the market,  to church, to become the next big thing, to have my own company or to be a business icon doesn’t matter but. You need to know where you are going and you work towards it but it has to start from somewhere. Anyone moving up and down on the streets without direction is sometimes termed an unfocused person,worse..a mad man.

Worrying never changes nothing  nor achieves anything. You need something to work for you? make it happen. Things aren’t going according to plan? change it., have a plan B-z. You need to get up and make things work. Worrying that the economy is bad won’t put food on your table, crying over spilled milk won’t mop it up,packing up shop and going to settle for nothing won’t bring manna from heaven.  Shit is hard..hell we know that much,but do we continue to wallow in self pity or we actually do something about it. Change is the only constant thing and we need to tap into it..into positive change that is.

Live in today, live in the moment of today, do all you can today, do not procrastinate that when tomorrow comes you would do it all. What if you have just today,what if you have just now..what if tommorow never comes. Wouldn’t you rather be happy you tried than not to have tried at all. Wouldn’t you rather get up when you fall and keep walking ,than stay in your failure and blame it on the hard earth that knocked you down.

Life isn’t a bed of roses and it can throw you melons,  do you get hit or you take that fall and rise.

Seeds are buried in the ground not to stay in the ground. ..they rise up blossoming into something  beautiful. .what do you do when you hit the ground  hard..I’ll tell you what ? Take my hand, get up and let that ground be your stepping foundation to greatness ..and you have to do it today. Tomorrow will take care of itself…!!

#StephanieEgberike #Writes #Randoms 

Hello Saturday. .😘


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