Undeniably Karma $Chp 21

“What are you doing here Micheal” His father turns to find him behind him
“Oh nothing father , are you going out?’’
His father frowns “Since when does it concern you if I am going out or not hmm?”
“Oh no reason, I notice the bag that is all”
He  turns to see that his bag was lying close to the wall.
“I am just going for a short trip, be back in a few days. Why are you here Micheal, you didn’t answer?’’
Well ..to talk to you about this girl I like, you know..get advice and stuff, tell you how I feel and how she makes me feel, tell you about all the emotions tucked in within me.
I have a lot to want to talk to you about dad, about how I should handle this girl Chidera that keeps trying to do stuffs to get me or trying to harm Chidinma, you know.
Or even to tell you about stuffs that goes on here with your staffs, I mean, I know we are students and we shouldn’t harbor feelings for the opposite sex, because this is a christain school and it is like an abomination to even look at the opposite sex and smile at them but..hey, we are humans, you can’t actually stop us from feeling something that we would feel. I know you mean well for us so that we don’t do something we all will regret and have to face major consequences in our lives but…there are somethings you can’t control…like my feelings towards Chidinma, but Mr Adamu and Chidera, he is old enough to be her father, now that is all shades of wrong, and I sometimes hear Miss Monica stares at girls strangely… those things you are allowed to control and even put a stop to it..

But how do I tell you all these things, we don’t talk, like really talk for like ever…
You take care of me, provide for me, fend for me, make sure I excel in my grades, everything physical you make sure I am not in lack..but emotionally, mentally…you are just not there.
I want to tell you all about it Father, I want to tell you about Chidinma..but I know you wouldn’t listen to me, or worse…send me away and make sure whatever feelings I have towards her are banished from my head.
So…I can’t 
“Nothing father, I just came to see you but since you are on your way out I wouldn’t want to keep you”
His father pauses and stares at him..

He ..he doesn’t know how to bond with his son, he knows how to keep him safe and does what a father should, provide his essentials, make sure he isn’t lacking..but other than that, he really doesn’t know what his son really likes to do other than he was great at his studies, he actually loves to do it and that is one of the reasons he was proud of him, something he could beat his chest and say…yes , he was proud of Micheal.

He wished he knew  what else  to say to him, he wishes he knew how to sit him down and ask him what is bothering him, his fears and desires and aspirations.
He should have done that during Micheal’s formative years when he was still young, now how does he rebuild that bridge.. he was a tean-adult, he knew how to take care of himself. That was another good thing, while most children bring trouble for their parents, Micheal seem to want to be responsible and making good headway for himself

He knew that wasn’t enough to be happy that he does good for himself even as a young adult, he knew that in his time, he was close to his parents and his father spoke to him about things he didn’t understand and made sure he also had a leaning shoulder when he falls. He wished he could do it with his son but…it was too late for that. After his wife died, he blamed too much, he had hurt too much and he couldn’t exactly love his son the way he ought.
He loves Micheal, but expressing it the way other fathers do is something he hasn’t been able to do for years and he just gave up even trying. If his son was unwell, sick or in danger, he would move mountains for him. Other than that, what else could he say to his son.
He opens his mouth and then closes it., then he opens it again

“Don’t you have a class? You need money for something ? are you okay?”
“Yes father i am okay, my class starts in a few minutes, I am going now, and no I am fine”
“Okay” He reaches for his bag, Micheal beats him to it and  begins to walk outside
His father stares at him…
He wishes he could give him a hug and tell him he loves him, but his heart had suffered too much he had closed it to feeling ..so he wouldn’t get hurt again.
He sighs and follows him outside, Micheal had put the bag in the car..handing him the key
“Drive safe father “ He gives him a half smile
He nods taking the key, starting the car
“Micheal, “
“Yes Father”
“Nothing . Go to class..if you need anything let me know”
“Yes father”
And he drives off..
Micheal stares at  the car until it exits the school compound and then he turns and heads to class..
Later on he meets Boma watching the junior students exiting their class..

“So where are you going to see her ?” Boma had asked
His father was away

“My father’s quarters” he had said
Micheal paced the length of the room “She ought to be here by now” he says to himself staring out of the window

He could see Boma’s shadow in the dark, the twins might be way ahead..

He looks at his time ..8:10
“Where are you Chidinma? ‘’ he turns away and sits on the bed, he was nervous, he prays she doesn’t get caught
Then the knock came, very soft and silent
He rushes and opens it up, there was the beaming Boma and Chidinma
“You know we should have our own covet unit, see how we executed this mission successfully. I tell you what, I would be the covet ops leader and you be my second in command and the twins become the shadow tailers..you had to see how sneaky they were…Covering Chidinma and directing her to the next person and this torch would be our trademark, what say you brother?’’ Boma winks
Chidinma laughs 
“Yeah we can talk about that another day, maybe tommorw..” Micheal laughs reaching out to take Chidinma’s hands and pulling her in

“hmmm…..so…you know erm..” Boma began, a mischeivious glint in his eyes 

“Oh get lost” Micheal nudges him away
Boma taps his shoulders, blows Chidinma a kiss and salutes leaving them and sneaking into the darkness and disappears.
Micheal closes the door shaking his head and locking it. Then he turns around to face Chidinma who was standing on the spot, he folds his arms and stares at her resting on the door
“So Princess, how about that kiss you promised me” He winks
She blushes turning away to go sit down, he reaches for her and pulls her to him, holding her still with one hand to her waist and the other he rubs her cheeks
“You didn’t miss me ?” he stares into her face
“Sorry big boys don’t cry”
“Says who?”
“Says everyone, all men, even me”

“But you aren’t a man..yet”
“Hey..i am a man” he says laughing
“Maybe in another year” she sticks out her tongue and pulls away from him, going to sit on the bed, dangling her legs
He smiles , he seats beside her, then he raises her legs and places it on his legs
“Hey what are you doing?’’
“wanna play with your toes”
“Is that a sort of fetish for you”
‘Oh yeah how did you know, it makes me see the future, do you want to know what your future has in store for you?’
She laughs “For real?”
“Yes princess…so do you?”
“Hmmmm” she taps her jaw tentatively and then looks at him with a slant head “Sure oh Mighty priest Micheal, pray do tell me”
He smiles removing her shoes and socks and then he begins to play with her toes, humming, shaking his head and making faces and singing the

 “Halabu wha ka ka shei boma is a fish geosbakbd I don’t like toads..gu chi esioee your toes are soft” he says
She bursts out laughing “I will tell Boma”
“Oh he wouldn’t believe you. so, oh yes yes..i see the future now..oh yes yes” he touches his temple, she folds her hands and fights another laugh
“I see you in a huge office, the name on the door is Chidinma, Author, and then it’s a huge company and they all seem to call you boss and there are stacks of books on the shelve, one of them is your little green lover too” she gasps poking him with her finger
“Yes true. And most of the books have your name on it, and then the table had a few awards, some grants award or something and oh..on the table is a picture of a young man and you smiling and all snuggled up”
“OHHHHHHHHH!!Who is he?”
“Be patient…do not interrupt the oracle” 
She laughs again and covers her mouth “Speak oracle, your..erm princess listens”
“Good girl. And yes I see this one..a few years later or months ..you are in a beautiful white flowing dress, standing at the alter and smiling into the eyes of this same man in the picture and you both share this breathtaking kiss as you exchange vows and wear wings, then I see you in the plane with him maybe going for your honeymoon. And oh a few years later…ahhhhhh hahhdahafhdsufffjdjf Jerry likes to fart”
She roars in laughter again,then she covers her mouth “Oh speak oracle, speak!!!”
“Ehen!! I see you standing by the balcony and you have a protruding stomach and he , the one comes behind you and wraps his arms around you..you know and you looked happy. And a couple of years later, three years… you all are in the beach, they are three of them now…a set of twins oh God not jerry and jerremy, you named them after those guys? Oh dear lord “ he feigns horror
Now she couldn’t stop the laughter again “And then there was a pretty beautiful girl who you name Chidinma after you..she looked just as beautiful as you but she got his eyes and lashes, did I mention he is sooo handsome ?” he smiles
“Oh no oracle you didn’t…at a point I was beginin to wonder if I married a ghost ..pray tell who is he, didn’t you see his face?’ I bet he is like one Arab prince, or prince of Scotland…oh don’t tell me he is the president’s son” she gushes
“Oh how dreadful..none of that, he is smart and  intelligent , talks good, got  a great  body, because he would have worked out a lot, long lashes much like a girls and really good looking because he got his looks from his mother, that is why his daughhter is a combination of both you see,  his wife’s and his mother and the boys would definitely break hearts when they grow up…but who he is, I think you already know”
“Oh dear, don’t tell me is the security guard “
He pulls her toes, she laughs “No silly, it is me “
“Oh you!! and I thought I should have done better” she folds her arms and turns up her nose
“Hey..take it back”
‘’Take it back or else?”

“Or else what?’’she sticks out her tongue and makes faces, laughter dancing in her eyes
“Unless..this” he gently pushes her legs down and then begins to tickle her, she laughs so hard that tears begins to leave her eyes and trek down her face, she had fallen to the bed and he was on top of her with his knees on the bed on either side of her while his hands tickled her sides
“Oh please please Micheal stop ahahahahahaahhahaha”
“Take it back and I will stop’’
“Okay then…”
“Hahahahahah my ribs oh ..hay gawd Micheal hahahahhhahaha stop”

“Take it back”
“Okay okay I take it back” she laughs squirming trying to run away from his arms tickling her sides ..
“What do you take back?’’ he says putting his hands to his side
“I take back what I take back” she says nudging him off her, pushing him to the bed as she takes his position
“Now, your turn” she says 

He laughs when she pushes him off her and she gets untop of him “Oh really now Princess, is that it eh, ?’’
“Oh yeah!!’’’ she begins to tickle him but he stiffens his body

“yeah try harder”
She tickles him harder, when he saw that he couldn’t hold any longer he laughs removing her hands and holding them tight
“Told you”
“You are cheating”
“No I am just using my God blessed skills on you..Now princess, say pretty please so I let you go”
‘’Bite me”
His eyes sparkled “Gladly”
He sits up with her on him and hugging her hands behind her so she isn’t able to move, then he takes his lips to her neck as she tries to wriggle free..
“Stay still so I bite you” he laughs
“Do you see someone staying still when a vampire is about to suck their blood”
‘but I am a good vampire, stay still” he says reaching for her neck again.. she wriggles her neck again making sure his face doesn’t come between her head and shoulders, she bends her head to the side closing the entrance to her neck, and because her hands were locked behind she couldn’t move away
“Fine, I would bite your nose instead” he leaves her neck and catches her nose with his teeth
“There…you are bitten. You will now become my bride’’ he winks 
“Oh now, I am so biting you back” she makes to catch his nose but he raises up his lips and kisses her mouth instead and then winks at her
“you cheating “ she blushes 
“I know…” he smiles releasing her hands and placing one hand on her jaw “ atleast its with you’’ he pulls her jaw closer and kisses her again

She smiles placing her hands around his neck “You really have been thinking of this kiss for a long time huh? “
“Oh ..you have no idea. So princess…how about you give me that kiss you promised me”
“You are such a bad child”
“I know…being bad sometimes its good..sometimes” he smiles into her mouth as she leans in and kisses him
“You know if I didn’t know better I would say you are a professional in kissing “ He breaths into her mouth holding her tight
“Hmmm…I learnt from the best, the student becomes the teacher” she breaths back as they kiss , they kiss for a long time, her hands around his neck and his around her waist..

Suddenly he felt a stirring..while kissing her
He should stop
But he didn’t want to stop kissing her, not yet anyways..it felt good..it felt right 
Chidinma never realized how much she would like a boy, let alone let him kiss her or she being the one mowing his lips
She had always prided herself about not caring about boys..
Her books and studies where enough to keep her busy, besides like her  mother would say, any girl thinking about a boy in secondary school was too young and she was bad.
Even the Matrons drummed it into their ears, and in mass service….flee from all temptations and that had a huge ‘Boy’ stamp on it when they were addressing them girls. But here she was..
She who wrote all the time when she wasn’t reading and studying, she that went to mass and prayed just like her mother taught her..
She that had friends that were just Bunmi and Mimi and was content being not in the spot light and doing her in herown little way and hiding in her world of characters, fantasies and ever-afters.
Now she was here, with a boy, not just any boy, but Micheal, the most popular and intelligent student in school, the student body president, the principal’s son, two years her senior in school…
She was here with him and she was kissing him as though there was no tomorrow and she liked it..she liked it a lot, especially the way he made her feel…
She suddenly felt warm..really warm as the warmth began rising from her toes to her thighs and settles below her tummy and at the center of her being..
She didn’t understand that feeling becomes she had never felt it before.

She felt so warm that when his hands squeezed her tighter from her waist..it excited her..so she wraps her hands tighter around his neck and kissed him some more.
Then she felt something else..and this wasn’t from her.
“I am sorry” he says kissing her lips, he seemed embarrassed as he tensed

She had read it in books, maybe watched it in a movie in passing.

Never had she seen it in real life or felt it in real life.. her blush rises to her cheek as the warmth takes over her body and it seemed to be because of the bulge she felt beneath her .
“Did I cause that?” she asks, she didn’t move, it felt as though she was sitting on some sort of solid yet soft form
“Hmmm..technically yes”
“Should I get up?”
“Eh, don’t move..yet”
“Because ..erm..it is trickish…it might make it ..erm..me want to..erm…” he trails off
“want to what?”
He stares at her..and smiles kissing her “ Do something that we shouldn’t ..” he says ‘’don’t worry about that though…when I ignore him he would get angry and go to sleep”
“And how do you ignore him?”
“By this” he grabs her, and lays back with her on his body on the bed, causing her to lie on him then he nudges her gently to the side away from his body…then he pulls her close to him , so they were side by side, hip to hip “this is how” he tells her, “But I have to hold on to you sha because…I can’t exactly let you go, I would feel incomplete” he tells her kissing her nose
“I am sorry” she says
“Ssssh don’t be. It is a good feeling, very very good feeling but…you mean a lot to me Chidinma, a whole lot to me, I am crazy about you and I will not be stupid and think with my third leg and not with my head.. you being here is enough for me, me kissing you and  holding you is enough of me and I will never make you do something you don’t want to do and even if you want to..i would be the voice of reasoning to stop you when I know it’s not right or rather in the right time” he says holding her close to him as she lays her head on his chest, he plays with her fingers
She smiles “what is it like, to ..you know?”“
He thinks for a moment “ warm, wet, heavenly “ he says at a loss for better adjectives to describe it
She didn’t know why she asked that “ is it thesame for girls” she was curious, she wanted to understand what she was feeling at the moment , she still felt warm between her legs
“I wouldn’t know..” he chuckles “ But don’t worry about that..for now… the only thing you need to feel is my lips on your lips, my hands on your hands hugging you and rocking you to slip and even if you feel something poking you at anytime. Feel free to slap it” he says
She chuckles ‘’Wouldn’t that hurt?”
“Oh yeah it will, don’t slap it sha,  Just ignore’’ he laughs raising her heard to his and kissing her again, they kiss for  awhile and then he wraps her in his arms
“So tell me…what plans do you wish to make for the future..that future I saw oh?”
‘’oh you are serious?’
Chidera had been walking towards the Staffs Quarters, when she saw the twins heading back to their hostel and before long she sees Boma too, he too disappears from sight.
Tom was right, Chidinma had come to meet Micheal here and if Micheal was in the staff’s quarters that means he would be in his father’s quarters. He wouldn’t be anywhere else.
But which house was it?’’
The lights were off in most parts of the quarters, they were all probably asleep.
There should be one to show which was the Pincipals’ right ?
They all looked thesame but with different entrances, from the back, front side..each having it’s own backyard and frontage and fences.

She sighs .
Whoever designed this quarters didn’t have sense, they should have just let all the houses be in the open, but no, now anyone can walk in or out and wouldn’t be seen. And the should have made the Principal’s quarters bigger or with a different colour or had a name to indicate..but no, now she would have to discreetly check the houses one by carefully and silently .
She sighs walking to the window of each house and seeing if she could peer through the window to see if she could find them

She has to be quiet, she wouldn’t want any Matron to come out and catch her ..
Most of the windows were slightly open , she would peer in and see a Matron  or a teacher asleep from the head if they had s small light on within the house..
She was on her 7th house when she saw them..from the shadows , two people kissing as their bodies moved against each other 
“Chidinma you bitch!!!!” she screams walking away from the window and heading to the front of the door

She grabs the handle and turns it, it was locked, she goes back to the window, it was closed…even if she screamed at them they wouldn’t hear. They had moved positions and the shadowed girl was climbing the shadowed person on the bed.
She looks around, seeing  a big rock hidden within the bushes,  she grabs it and aims it to the window
“What are you doing here?’’
Chidera turns around to find Mother Therresa standing there, she drops the rock.
“’I asked you a question, what are you doing infront of that window and about to stone a rock through it Student , speak up”
“There are students inside there on the bed, kissing ma’am” she breaths 

“There are students there, which students would dare be in there who, and how do you know that?”’

“I saw them coming here and I followed them, and I …I “ she says, this woman was stopping her, they were busy screwing inside there and she was here talking, they would be done if she doesn’t fxxk out of her way..
What kind of Devil was Mother Theressa!!!
“Mother Theressa bang on the door and ask them to open it now…bang on the door ma’am.see see them” she points to the window
Mother Theressa comes to the window and indeed sees the shadows and their movements , her eyes grows big “Holy Mother of Jesus” she does the sign of the cross and then she goes to the door and bangs on it 
“Did you hear that?” Micheal removes his lips from Chidinma and seats up, Chidinma seats up with him, fear gripping her
He gets up and moves to the window

‘’Jesus!!! Its Mother Theressa and..and Chidera” he frowns
“Oh my God we are dead, we are dead”
“Relax babe, Sshhhh’’ he goes back to the window and peeps out.
“Open this door right this minute “ she orders, other Matrons begins to come out hearing the noise
“That’s it Chidinma , this time there is no escaping, you are a slut , Mother Theressa has seen you with her own eyes, there is no saving you. my only regret is that I didn’t get to beat you to a pulp before they came and used your face to scrub the ground. And for you Micheal, you had sex with her..with her..oh I am going to punish you a little and let you do the walk of shame just for a day or two..maybe by then your father would come and save you but you Chidinma..you are gone..your case is unredeemable…good thing the shadows showed you riding him when Mother theressa looked “  but that thought made her angry the more.
She should have been in one in there, riding him and enjoying every bit of it but he..he was smashing into her..into that bitch Chidnma
ARRGHHHHH!!! She kicks the stone in her anger
“I say open up right this minute,. Someone break down this door” Mother Theressa says screaming at one of the Male teachers who had come out 

“Micheal, I am scared what do we do?”
He doesn’t turn “ just relax princess , please ..just relax, we wait..we wait” he says peering at the window as Mother Theressa orders the door to be kicked in
He moves away from the window and goes to take her hand …
“Its okay princess, don’t be sacred..i am here with you…you and me, together , I won’t let anything happen to you okay.. if we go down we go down together …it’s okay princess, I promise” he pulls her to him as she began to shake
He closes his eyes rocking her..

He hears the door being kicked in


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