There Is..

There is something fleeting about beauty..

There is something sunny about a certain glow.

There is something remarkable about dew drops

And there is something sparkling about the stars. 
There is something amazing about a smile. 

There is something warm about an endearing hug. 

There is something beautiful about a pure heart

And there is something never hidden under the sun.

There is something pure about the heavens..

There is something huge about a selfless act.

There is grace abound for every believer

And there is something good and perfect for us all.
There is hope for every nation

There is something worth every true validation

There is something only forgiveness can give

And there is something very good and sweet.
There is trully something worth something

There is trully something worth it all

There is love, peace and happiness

And there is a God who loves us all.😎🙌😍
#StephanieEgberike #Writes

#sweetness #Allthingsfinery

Hello Tuesday…

Please be nice🤗


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