UndeniablyKarma $ Chapter 22

“I say break down the door, BREAK IT DOWN!!!!” Mother Theressa orders as the Male teacher, two of them now begins to nudge the door with their shoulders and kicking  it in.
Chidera is smiling widely now..
“Yes Kick it down, kick it down and shame her, shame her” she chanted 

Now the entire Staffs are awake, they are out now, standing there and murmuring
“What is wrong Mother Theressa?’’ Matron Cecil who had a shawl over her robe comes out, she rushes to her, confused
“break it down, since they refused to come out we would drag them out, whoever they are in that house, we would drag them out” she says
“Its Chid-“
“Shut up Chidera, you will tell me what you are doing here when this is all done” Mother Theressa shouts at Chidera as she cuts her when she was talking to Matron Cecil
Fine you Bitch!!!
Its fine, I can spin a lie in two seconds,but I would love to see your face when you see those people naked in that house…..
Chidinma and Micheal!!!
Oh dear Micheal, I love you so much but you sexing her in there, I just want to punish you even for a  little, but Chidinma, there is no saving you…NOT TODAY!
“Okay Ma” Chidera says, she looks to the door as it was kicked in, the room was dark
“Put on the lights “
Mother Theressa orders as she matches into the house as the rest of them follows her…
She walks in and sees them on the bed.. falling over themselves, barely clothed
Two of them…
Someone had put on the lights

Shock washes over her when she saw who they were.
And as the rest people troupe in, wanting to get a glimpes, Chidera pushes her way through to the front, she had to see it for herself, get a front row seat for the hell that was about to be unleashed on Chidinma, and she wouldn’t mind helping the fire to burn well, to fan the furnace if need be.
“Yes ma, I told you ,I told you these two were doing this through that window…see them..see how shameless they are..this slut Chidi-‘

 she trails off as she comes to the front and points to them…
‘’WHAT THE ACTUALL FXXK!!!!!?” she blinks a couple of times
Everyone else gasps..
Chidera blinks again, 
  ***A couple of hours Earlier *****

Mr Adamu gets up slowly from the ground, Amaka had just left after she walked in to see the state that he was  in due to what Chidera had just done.

He winces in pain when he touches his head.. there was a slight swelling to his forehead.
“Stupid Bitch” He says
He was trying to protect her too, didn’t she see it?. If he had let Amaka talk, Micheal would have told everyone that he thinks he was Chidera lover. He didn’t know how he knew but…
He was thinking of her when he countered Amaka, well he was thinking of himself too, his reputation, his career, his marriage…. He didn’t want anything to jeopardize that. He may not love his wife nor love to make love to her and that was because Chidera came to him and did things to him that would make him walk on water and climb the highest mountain but still, he was married to her and divorcing her wasn’t an option…they had two children together…she may be lacking in the other room skills but she was a good woman, she was the perfect helpmate when she isn’t nagging him about him not touching her and not caring about her needs…but she was a good woman to their kids..
So, he wouldn’t want to break up his marriage and his job? No!!! he hadn’t been able to find another job elsewhere for a long time until he meet The Principal one day, in a conference and then he had been talking post-graduates on some business class..
Later on he found out that the well learned man, ran a secondary boarding school and then he searched for it and realized that they were hiring.. he had approached him and begged him for  a job.
Ofcourse it wasn’t handed to him on a plater of gold, he had to work for it. He had never taught in his life so he was told to enroll for a teaching course which was for a year, and 6 months, series of exams and practical thesis…and within two years he had gotten the job.
And four years later, he is dean of the Senior and Junior Departments. He had done well for himself.

And it was way better than sitting at home and have your wife be the breadwinner of the family..and for 5 years she had been it….
And she never held it over his head or made him feel less of a man. And he should have been glad for her, for the kind of wife that she was but he wasn’t. He found away to make sure she felt bad for the good she did, took more than he needed from her salary and sat at home and did nothing.

But when he got this job he felt like a king…but like some men were…he lorded it over her..and then their fights became worse.
Then he met Chidera and his world changed, she gave him happiness in bed…she was his queen in that area and because he was so happy with her…instead of taking his salary home to take care of his wife and kids…he gave her money, gave her more money, bought her things and gifts and gave her even more money, sending small change home for food and his kid’s school fees, any other things, he lets his wife to provide it and closing his ears to her complains. 

Yes, he would do anything for Chidera..because she was the next best thing to everything good in his life.
But it hurts that she didn’t see that, No… should he had been quiet and then her dirty linens would have been washed outside, both of them…

He stood up and made sure no one found out about her sextapades in school , especially with him and all the thank she could give him was to come barging in her and raining hell.

No woman had dared to hit him and left unscarred, his wife was evidence of that…
The day she slapped him when she saw a girl in his car, good thing they had just finished banging..before she drove passed…
But she had come down and before asking any question she slaps the girl and when he tried to tell her that it was a friend’s nieces who was needing his help and he was just helping her out and that it was nothing she was thinking, she covers his face with slaps..
He didn’t just react, he made sure she was on the ground pleading for him to stop.
The second time she tried it, he had sent her to the hospital, their third child didn’t make it…it was just two months.
He didn’t mean for it to happen but his amger got the better of him..so he had told her he wasn’t going to hit her anymore, but she had to stop hitting him because he wouldn’t be able to hold his anger.
She advised herself and stayed clear.

Now Chidera, chidera dared to hit him with the clock, a bottle with shatters to the ground and trashes his office.if not that he was trying to save his reputation and marriage, he would have slapped her silly ..

But too much was at stake and besides..he likes her too damn much to want to lose her. Who would make him scream that way when he is inside her, who would he be pounding into nonstop like her that would make him want to explode…who..who?
No Chidera was everything he wanted..sexually

But it didn’t mean that she didn’t hurt him…and he was doing it for her, he was protecting her.
“Stupid Bitch” he mutters again

He was angry..he was so angry but he couldn’t do anything about it.
While he nurses his head with cold ice and rearranges his office, he decides to look for something that would make his anger go down

Usually, the only thing that abates his anger was a good earth shattering sex and Chidera had always been useful

But now, there was no way she was going to let him near her talkless of entering within her legs..
And ofcourse Amaka was loyal to her, so that’s a no no area..
He sighs
If he doesn’t stop being angry, there is no telling what he would do…

Maybe walk down to her hostel , drag her out and beat her up, then he would beg her and apologize.
But he won’t be able to do that. So he was going to let her be, then when she was done being angry she would come and apologize to him because well…she needs him, she needs him to graduate in this school. She was so dumb even dumb people are smarter than her so she would come to apologize to him…if not he wouldn’t lift a finger during her grades. She would fail, and fail woefully.
“Knock Knock” 
He turns as the knock disrupts his thoughts
“Chidera, did she come back to apologize  to him already? If that is the case then he would make it hard for her” he thinks to himself as he goes to open the door
“Sir, goodevening, I came to bring the  submitted assignments for our class”

“Okay, drop it on the table” he says stepping away for her to enter

“Sir, what happened to your head?”

He touches his head “Just bumped into a wall” he closes the door
She drops it and then turns “Should I help you with the marking sir?”

“Not now, later, once i get to my quarters I would let you know, for now I want to rest”
“Okay sir” she frowns leaving

“Infact come to the quarters in the evening , you know the flat I stay in when I am not going home right?”
“No Sir”
“Okay, I will direct you’’
“Okay sir”
“Sir?” Cynthia turns to face him on the chair, dropping the pen and pilling up the books on the table “I am done “
“Okay, thank you cynthia” he says watching a movie, he sees her from the corner of his eyes as she made to leave
“Have you seen this movie before? “

“Which sir?” she asks getting up and coming around to where he was
“why do fools fall inlove?”
“No sir”
“Would you like to see it?”
“I erm…I have to go sir, it is 6pm already..normally I shouldn’t be in a teacher’s quarters at all talkless of  being here very late, I would be punished’’
“Don’t worry, nothing will happen to you”he says telling her
‘’But sir”
“Come Cynthia, watch. Besides everyone is either finishing up a class or at the caféteria or the staff’s lounging area,, no one saw you come did they?”
“No, “
“Exactly, not as though you were sneaking and besides, if anyone sees you you tell them what you came to do,which is to drop off assignments which you were asked to by me..so don’t worry. Atleast I don’t have anything to treat you to other than this movie, young girls like you would love it”
“Yes, come sit. “ he pats the chair , reluctantly she sits and begins to watch
He watches her from the corner of his eyes….
An hour later, before the movie was about to end, he switches the channels and presses play.
A screen came up of a man pounding into the soft flesh of a girl with a large buttom, 
“Oh dear lord, where did that come from?” he feigns shock and fiddles with the remote trying to stop it or pretending to
“Oh!!’’ Cynthia is shocked, then she averts her eyes, but her eyes keeps going back to it
“Oh sorry dear, these foreign  channels, they keep showing indecent things, i am so sorry, please…it won’t stop or change ,I think the remote is spoilt, oh goodness!’’ he keeps fiddling and then he is watching her
There is one of two things that should happen..if she was a good girl, she would have jump up and ran out of the house…. Because what is showing on the Tv is wrong, sinful and comfortable.
But if she wasn’t such  a good girl, she would stay and pretend not to watch..

He stares at her, her eyes keeps darting back and forth..
Good. Maybe tonight might end up good afterall
“I am sure it would go off in a minute “ he says giving up and dropping the remote
“I know you haven’t ever seen this before so it’s a shock for you” he asks her “Don’t worry I won’t tell anyone, “ when he notices her face
“Well, I have, “ she lowers her lashes

“Hmm” he nods , he continues  “So, you watch this normally?”
“Come on Cynthia, you are a big girl, I won’t tell”
“Sometimes when I am home and my parents are not around”
“Oh, okay’’ he laughs
They watch for ten minutes, he felt a stirring 

“Oh that’s big ‘’ she didn’t realise when she said it
“Hmm, yes. “ he chuckles

They watch for an hour…
It was past 8pm already. He gets up, pretends to stretch, “The lights is disturbing my eyes” he walks up to put off the lights.. “ I hope know one is able to see from the window oh “ he says “closing the windows” .. she continious watching and watching…
Then he comes back to the chair, sitting close to her, drapping his hands over her
“You like what you are watching Cynthia?”
“Yes” she whispers
“Would you like to do what they are doing?”
He smiles, then he unzips his trousers, taking her hands there he covers her hands with himself that had suddenly become stiff
“Have you done it before?”
He smiles wider
“With boys your age?”
She nods
”Okay, I’ll show you why we are better candidates Cynthia , you want me to show you?””
She is staring at the Tv, biting her lips, squeezing her legs “Yes…”
He gets up putting of the tv, he takes her to the bed…telling her to sit
“Don’t worry, you would enjoy this so much you would never go to those babies anymore, and if you are really good, I can help you with your grades you know” he strips , he is standing naked  facing her
“okay Sir“ she breaths seeing the size of it
“Call me Adamu” he says touching himself ‘You want to take it into your mouth first?”
She nods, going to her knees, he closes his eyes as her mouth covers  him.
“Not bad Cynthia, yes not bad” he says
“I want to be ontop” she tells  him , he nods pulling out and lying on the bed, the room is dark…she climbs straddling him..then she begins to move and move and move
“Yes yes yes, Cynthia..yes yes yes!!!!’’ he moans
They go at it until the banging on the door came
“What the hell?”they freeze
He pushes her off his body and runs to the window
“Oh no no no no” he sees them outside.. he sees Chidera pointing to the window, then he sees Mother Theressa, then he sees others 

The banging at the door continuous 
“Oh Mr Adamu jesus, I am dead!!! hey…!!’’ Cynthia cries
“Shut up shut shut up” he cautions 

“They will catch us oh they will catch us “ she cries louder
“Shut up let me think’”
‘’Open the door”  the voice comes from outide “Break it down!!! BREAK THE DOOR DOWN!!!’’
He is confused on what to do, he grabs his cloths, and then drops it..then he grabs it again…trying to dress up

Cynthia is crying on the bed
“Dress you up fool, dress up. Oh God. Why me!!” he exclaims. His cloths halfly worn, he looks for an escape, anywhere, the window in the toilet was too small, he climbs the bed, trying to open the window close to the wall, he should be able to fit himself through 
“Break the door down!!!’’ the voices are louder now
He tries to hit the window , kicking it in  , hitting it, Cynthia drops down from the bed, crawling under it, but it was too low, she couldn’t go under the bed, the wardrop was small. there was no use
She climbs the bed with him,,..”Open it oh..open it oh” she cries holding his shit
“Leave me, leave me” he shakes her off as she pulls him, he had managed to get the window open, it was remaining for him to jump out, but both of them end up stumbling back to the bed..falling and rolling into each other..
The last nudge and kick causes the door to fly open backing on his hinges.
Mother Therresa walks in, shocked to find them on the bed, she staggers back in shock

“Mr Adamu?” she breaths placing her hand to her chest

“Oh heavenly father, Cynthia !!!’ Mother Cecil exclaims as she almost hit the floor
“WHAT THE FXXK!!!!’’ Chidera exclaims again
The slap that reaches her face causes here to blink

Boma who had been returning back to the hostel suddenly stops frowning, was he just him or he saw a shadow of a girl walk behind him heading to the staff quarters?
He wasn’t sure.. he kept walking .

The twins had gone in,.. 
Hee meets Tom at the entrance, about to climb up to his floor
“Dude what’s up man” Tom who is in a cheery mood slaps his shoulders
‘’Dude, you seem happy, tell me, what is making you so happy tonight. Did you win a lottery?”
Tom scoffs as they walk together , the hostel ward prefect was locking the door behind them
“Oh nothing. Well…something”
“What dude?’’
“I am not telling you” Tom says
“Fine whatever “ Boma shrugs walking away
“Hey just like that?”
“Yes na, I guess its just one boring thing sef”
“No, it is not….she kissed me”
‘’Oh finnalyy the frog was kissed” Boma boos
“SSssssh, are you high, why are you loud, lower your voice, do you want to get me expelled?”
“You are the one  going to kiss a girl in a chirstain school fooL’’
“Whatever !! you should be happy for  a brother” he folds his arms
“Fine , I am happy for you msn, so can I go to sleep now?”
“Won’t you ask me who kissed me?’

‘Er, no!!’’
“Why the hell not”
“Because I am not interested in your juicey details dude, its…unhealthy”
“Fine , I would tell you anyways’
“Nope, enjoy” Boma begins to walk away shaking his head
“Its chidera”
He stops in his tracts, turns to face Tom, walks back to him, then he tells me” That is even worse..dude, knee down let me praise for you, repeat after me “My father my father, anybody that has removed my sense form my thick empty skull I ask that you remove it. Anybody that has allowed that witch Chidera to see me and say it is me she wants to use to be servicing her open toilet, my Father my God, let that person die by fire. And oh God my father, any witch ..no specifically that witch Chidera who has decided to put me in her rather, I say may she die by fire..pray pray pray” Boma says clapping 
Tom hits his hands away “What’s wrong with you Boma, what kind of joke is that?”

‘No joke ohTom, bitchChidera kisses you and you are  happy, do you know how many dudes she must have kissed
“She is the queen around here, its understandable that everyone wants her, but it doesn’t mean she is like that”
“See why I said you don’t have sense. Knee down let me pray for you again’’
“Fxxk off Boma”
“Oh no need I am leaving, if you know what is good for you , stay away from that girl, she is bad news” he tells him, then he walks away, pausing when a thought enters his head “Why did she kiss you anyways?’’
“Because I am cute and hot”
“ No, you are not. But say I believe you, Did you guys do it?” something felt fishy
“Well because I guess the timing was wrong. It was just now though, it was because I gave her an information she had been waiting to have all day and when I saw the girl I just knew she would be happy about the information” Tom says smiling

Boma frowns “What girl?’’
He is silent. Maybe he has spoken too much in his excitement
“why are you asking me questions, thought you didn’t care”
“Well, I heard Amaka and ko were looking for that junior, that junior that Micheal was with at the dance socials, so as I was on my way back, i saw her with one of the twins heading to the staff quarters so I went and told her, she was so happy that she gave me a kiss, a full kiss on my lips…damn, even that little kiss tasted good”
“You what?”
“I what what?”
“you went to tell her you saw Chidinma go towards the staff  quarters?” Boma’s eyes went big
“Eh yeah!, and by the way what is she going to do there with one of the twins, it was dark but I could make their faces out, becaus I knew them, they were using torches like security men. But, Chidera was happy to know it, so she kisses me , I left and that was it. Anyways dude, let me go and sleep and reminisce on that kiss , I know more will come” he says walkng away, climbing the stair case and disappearing
“Oh Fxxk Shit!!!’’ Boma turns running back to the door “Open the damn door” he screams at the ward prefect that was walking away
“Oepn it damnit” he charges, as soon as it was open, he sprints down to the staffs quarters..
“Leave it open, I will lock it” he screams over his shoulders
Boma gets there on time to see the commotion, the matrons and teachers coming out and some teachers kicking down a door
“Oh dear lord no” he exclaims
Chidera nurses her face as the slap stings her
“You bitch Mother Theressa” she breaths 
“If I hear you speak such fowl language near me again I would make sure you regret it” Mother theressa points to Chidera
Who just rubs her face, and stares hard at her, from the corner of her hers, Adamu’s face is squeezed up

“Mother Theressa, it’s not what you think, it’s not” he rolls off the bed, and goes to her
“Mr Adamu???’’ she calls out, 
“Look, I was here and she came her and and—”he trails off going to his knees
Chidera was speechless.. she would deal with the slap later and maybe before she leaves the school, she would deal with Mother Theressa, for now…
Bitch!! She rubs her face again, then it dawns on her
No ..no this can’t be
This is supposed to be Micheal and Chidinma not Adamu and a student, screwing ? No her eyes were deceiving her..
What the hell!!!
Her lover Mr Adamu?
And the matron’s daughter.
Wait Her Adamu!!!! …
Oh no!!! she wants to reach for him ad slap him, claw his face with her nails and kick him to his groins as his fly was dangling out then she would face the girl. The stupid stupid Cynthia, how dare her.
Chidera never likes to share her men, whether they were flings or passerbys unless she gives them the go ahead and just barely a fee hours ago when she hits him and trashes up his office, he goes to screw another girl in her class, in his quarters, quarters he had never carried her too, he brings another girl

Oh no!!! she squeezes her fists

But, ,..if this was Adamu and Cynthia, where the hell was Micheal and Chidinma?’’
“You are a disgrace to your family, the school and to the men, she is a child Mr Adamu , a child!!!!’’ Mother Theressa wails
“Hey my daughter has killed me”

 Mother Cecil is supported as she almost fainted, she gets up and rushes the girl as she pulls her by her hair and began to beat her blue and black
“Mother Cecil, Mother Cecil!!!!’ Mother Therressa holds her and tells Miss Monica who had come to join them to take the girl, Miss Monica grabs a cloth and covers her nakedness
Mother Cecil made for her again, when she couldn’t reach her she heads for Mr Adamu, hitting and slapping him
“You killer of destiny, destroyer of youth, you married man..how dare you, she is a baby, a baby” she cries shaking him
“this is a crime Mr Adamu and to think that you are the most respected teacher here, so this is what you have been doing eh?”
“No No ,ma, not at all. It was the devil, just one time, just today, I have never ever done this before, ask her” he says pointing
 A slap reaches his face again, he felt blinded for  a few seconds , 

“Shut up, shut up” Mother Cecil drags his shirt “ You will pay for this” she spat on his face 
“Please Ma , I am sorry, hey God please” he begs on his knees, “forgive me!”
Chidera is frowning deeply their eyes meet, she stares hard at him

“well that is what you get for doing something behind my bag Adamu, good riddance to bad rubbish’’ she mutters, hoping he hears her
“Mummy please, mummy please I will not do it again” Cynthia is crying
“You child of satan, I will deal with you” she leaves Mr Adamu and turns to Cynthia
“Mother Cecil control yourself” Mother Theressa orders, she turns to Adamu “For goodness sake Mr Adamu have you no shame, no shame!!!! I will have you arrested, but for now, we would wait for the principal. Take cynthia to detention room and let her stay there all night, and for you Mr Adamu, if we leave you you will run away, you will be locked in the security’s house till the principal gets here “”
‘’Mother Therrssa it is the devil please” he is begging more

Everyone one was in the room now, hardly any breathing space, everyone wanted to see what was going on, they didn’t notice Boma come close to the quarters and peeps, not able to see what was truly going on inside the house but whatever it was, it  was huge …
But he was thankful for one thing, it wasn’t the Principals’s apartment.

He wanted to turn and leave, but he shakes his head, if Chidera was here, that means..they would soon realize that Micheal and Chidera was here too, and who knows what would happen if they find them out..
All hell would break loose. It was better safe than sorry, Micheal and Chidera would continue their “Alone-time” another day, when the witch wasn’t close by to ruin it.
Boma could bet his ass that Chidera has every intention of putting them into trouble , and he has a feeling that it was the wrong house they checked..

And he intends to make sure that they do not find them in the right house.

No one was paying him any attention, he turns away into the small corner and then bending low he knocks on the door, once, twice, three times

Then he fiddles with the door
“Can’t this people hear me?”he mutters to himself, peeping at the other house, making sure no one turns this way
He raises his head to see that the other people are still at Adamu’s apartment again and again

He bangs on the door louder..

Then again..
Then again
Hoping that they hear him on time
“Micheal!!!!’’ Chidinma cries his name, he is still holding her.. “They are going to break down the door”

He had been trying to keep her calm, 

The banging continuous..
He waits
He was still hearing voices, now people are shouting , he didn’t want to go to the window and look, why haven’t they kicked in the door yet.. He thought he heard it kick in, but nothing.
Bang bang BANGGG !!!!
“Chidinma, I have to open the door okay, just relax, I will handle it I promise, I won’t leave you, no matter what happens” he tells her..

Whatever will be would be, if this was the end, then….
It was.
He takes a deep breath and then opens the door
He blinks frowning, expecting to see everyone at the door
“Boma..what the hell?”
Boma bends pushing him into the house “ Dude you guys have to leave now, come on”
“I thought, I thought Mother theressa and…Chidera”
“Dude no time, Chidinma come you guys have to leave now….grab your things, quick, they are distracted, I think something is going on there, everyone is in the house next door, good thing for this little fence, they are all inside so you have like a few seconds before they come out, quick”

Chidinma who had been sitting shaking like a chicken on the bed jumps up, grabing her shoes, she runs to him. Micheal turns to look at the room
“Gimme a minute”
“Dude no time”
“Wait, “ He goes and straightens the bed…nothing else was amiss..
“Let’s go”
Bending low all three of them make their way bending below the fence, and out through the corner, Boma who was in front, tells them to stop when he goes to peep, the voices increases in the house, he waves for them to come out..
As soon as they do….
“Run” he whispers
All three of them make it out of the staff’s quarters and behind the tree, down to the buildings were the lights were dim
Micheal had to hold on to Chidinma’s hands to propel her to run faster , but he didn’t need to. She was a good runner. Boma was behind.
Tomorrow, he would yabb Boma on how a girl could beat him in running, but for now, they needed to be safely away from there .
Just as soon as they leave , Mother Theressa and the rest come out of the house, Miss Monica pulling the crying Cynthia along, while two male teachers hold onto Mr Adamu.
While everyone is talking about the illicit affair of student and Teacher, Chidera isn’t ..
They had to be here, Chidinma can’t escape this punishment, No! she won’t allow it, so she goes out on a limb, all the way
“Mother Theressa, I saw a junior student again come here”
“Who Chidera, who?” the furious Matron turns to her, her nose flaring

“Chidinma !!’ she says
Now everyone was murmuring

“shei if you didn’t listen to me you wouldn’t have caught this two here, I am sure she is here too, I saw her come here and that is why I followed her, i wanted to come tell you so I followed her, I think she came here to meet with someone too”
“Another Teacher?”’ someone asks as they look around
“No, a student “ she states
“Everyone is out of their houses Chidera, there is no one missing here and even if she were here , where will she hide?’’
“Are all the houses open and all the occupants out?’’
“Everyone is here Chidera, every staff who is around is out here at the moment” everyone murmurs , affirming to it
She looks around, noticing doors open if she stretches her neck over their fences which was her  shoulder length

Then she frowns when she sees it, an apartment a little off the corner, she didn’t notice the different door from others at first, while they were all blue doors, it was a black door.
“That?”’ she points
“Are you silly . That is your principal’s apartment and he isn’t around, he travelled”
She smiles , yes, they were in there, and if they are in luck, they are still in there, unaware of what is happening or aware but they wouldn’t be able to escape because everyone was out here..they would be caught.
Tonight, she was getting her victory.

“Exactly , a nice place to be used don’t you think Mother Theressa, at this moment you can’t take any chances, look what we found in Mr Adamu’s, who knows what we would find there’’
“Its locked “ Another Teacher says “No one goes in there except him, he locks his apartment” he says
“What if someone else has access, like his son?’’ Chidera persists, no one was going to make her not get victory today, if it means she breaking down the door herself, she would
“What are you saying Chidera?”
“Mother Therressa, I saw a junior , come here and I didn’t see her leave so if she isn’t anywhere if the houses where all the staffs have come out from then there is a possibility she might be in there with someone, her lover who isn’t a Teacher not the principal but a student, a student who has access”
Bingo, you are not so stupid Mother Theressa, but for this slap, I will repay you some day. For now, Chidinma is my top target
“Oh I hope not Mother, I hope not. “she feigns worry
“Miss Chioma, get me a spare key from my drawer, when he misplaced his set of keys one time he had it changed and then he gave me a spare to keep just in case, and you have better be right Chidera, you had better be right”
They all walk the corner, and Mother Theressa opens the door after banging on it for  awhile and and ordering them to come out on their own  and no one answer.
The house was dark, she puts on the light. Chidera pushes her way through the crowd again, he rheart beating fast in her chest..
Yes Chidinma, Today is the day.

She meets Mother Theressa standing with others in the room, bed dressed, everything in place, it didn’t look as though someone had been here. 

Chidera blinks, and blinks again.

No, this was not happening. This was not happening to her.
“I don’t see anyone here”
‘’But ma, I saw her come  here’’
“Into this house?”
“No, but, to the staff’s quarters ma’am, there is no where she isn’t here, they are hiding , they are” she looks under the bed, opens the wardrop and goes to the toilet,
“And Micheal?’’
Chidera frowns coming back, shaking her head and not understanding , she saw her, she did. They had to be here. ‘‘I didn’t see him but he had to be here waiting on her ma” she says going back to search under the bed, 
“Chidera get out”
“No, they are here, I am fxxking telling you.” she screams at her

Mother Theressa walks up to her and gives her two dirty slaps and pulls her out of the apartment , tells everyone else to leave and locks the door
“But Mother Theressa, I swear it, I swear it” she says as she was nudged outside
Everyone else was still gathere,  Mr Adamu who had been pleading suddenly looks at Chidera explaining to Mother Theressa how she saw the girl and how she followed her and wanted to report and they found them, meaning him and Cynthia because she told them that someone was there in the room. 
Mother Theressa is furious, asking her what she was really doing here, but she kept insisting and standing on her word. then it became clear to him

She had been the one who  reported him, since she said she followed a girl here, that means she ha every intention for ratting him out to the managements just because he didn’t do what she asked right?
Well, if he was going down, so would she
“Mother Theressa , please”
“Take him to the security house , now, he would be there till morning”

 Mother Theressa orders
“and the girls, take both of them to detention, Chidera you will tell me what you were doing here, because I do not believe a word you are saying”
“But ma, I didn’t do anything” Chidera says
Cynthia is crying still
“I will tell you Ma what she was doing here, please, please ma”
“what was she doing here?’ everyone turns to him
“I have told you already ma what I was doing here, why do you want to listen to this fool” she frowns looking at Adamu, what the hell does he want to do??
“One more word Chidera and I will make sure you sleep on nails” Moyher Theressa orders, she is in her wits end

“She, she is my lover too” he states
Everyone gasps
Chidera turns to him shocked …
You fool., you FOOL!!!
“No ma,am he is lying, “
Think Chidera  think!! How do you get out from this mess?
“Ask her, ask her let her deny it” he spat
“I am lying it me, me??’’

“I knew there was something fishy, so you came to report him because he is with another but not you”
The slap causes her to hit the floor

“Ma, I swear it’s not me, its not me..” she cries
“It’s true, its true” Adamu says
“Gimme a belt, I will beat these children myself, “ she orders, someone rushes into her house an gives her a belt
“No ma, please wait, he is lying, I will tell you who his lover is again please” Chidera goes on her knees, and he wont be able to deny it, he is shifting blame”
“Who then?’’ the belt gets to her body as she winces in pain. Cynthia hides nbehid her, she pushes her away
“She is lying” he screams to her
“it’s not me , it’s.. it’s Amaka” she breaths “ I have caught them

 together , I swear it, I was coming here to tell you of the people he sleeps with and he is angry that that… I told that is why he is trying to frame me” she shouts as the belt comes down on her
“She is lying Mother Theressa, she is lying”
“Take them away, all of them” Mother Theressa orders, she goes into her house and then she calls the Principal, telling him that there is a very urgent situation in school that needs his attention. “ Infact, let them lie on the ground there all of them”
Then she orders them to ring the bell..

“I want everyone here right now, all the students,..Today we shall put a stop to this, Today, wake them all up, wake them all up!!!!’’ she shouts
“Mother Theressa!!!’’ Chidera made to get up from the ground they nudge her too
The belt makes contact with her back again
“Jesus!!’’ she exclaims squirming in pain
No, this was not supposed to happen..this was not supposed to happen at all
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Chapter twenty –three coming soon..

Oh, is karma playing with her yet??

Hello Thursday! !!


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