#CUPIDJUNE👣•There Is Something About LUKE👣



There is something extremely sexy about a guy with a rolled up white sleeves,  his shirt two buttons down, and that perfect body , a product of a continious work out.
There is something about a guy when the smiles reaches his eyes, and that dimples taking constant home in either of his cheeks, and the laughter coming from his insides and pouring with deep throated giggles.
There is something about a guy, when he looks at you without actually looking at you, when you hear those sweet nothingness even without him saying nothing, when he touches you without having ever felt you, when he makes you burn without  ever being close to you…


There is something  about that guy…

And his name is  Luke, and he is my Boss.
You see, I have been working for him for three years now.
No I wasn’t the sexy blond girl who struts around the office with six inches heels and cleavages too open for the world to see.
No I wasn’t  even the nerdy cute girl either , who seats by the corner and a pen constantly in her mouth as though she is really thinking of taking something bigger than that there. NOOO….
Oh no, ofcourse not, I am neither not the girl who is so pretty that all the other girls wishes they were her and why? Because she is constantly drabbing her hands and bosom over Luke when she is giving him a file or telling him to sign, she never misses to make contact…more with her bosom than her hands..then she would smile at him, and we all know what that means.
*rolls eyes*

Well, I am a girl alright but i am not the girl he likes.
Am I ugly ??
No not ugly…
Well, I am pretty enough..
Not drop-dead-gorgeous-beautiful but I guess I could give a few pretty girls a run for their money.
So you see…..I was okay.
*deep sigh*
Yes , I sit in the corner, I have my own desk like the other girls, I work for him, not his secretary or his PA and neither am I his friend. I am nothing other than his staff..
Yes, I am the girl who makes coffee rounds, snack rounds, delivery rounds,  all things errands rounds in the office. I am the girl who makes sure the files are piled up, appointments are kept to, and the office is neat.
Really? I am sure you are asking.
Yes really.
So please tell me, 
Is there any hope for me?
*deeper sigh*
 I didn’t think so too.
But I am the girl who is completely taken by Luke, all swoon-worthy.
You don’t get it do you?
Wait, let me explain it to you.
You see, 


Oh don’t be modest, I am sure you have seen a guy who is so all that and you went all…
Well this is my moment so quit hating …

 Like , Luke is all shades of awesome and handsome, he would put  Christain Grey to shame… (well🤔 if we aren’t including the Grey’s  wealth and stuffs like that, even if it’s all fictional. But….remove his wealth and leave Christain Grey. ..I would pick Luke in a blind second…..)
*frowning…* Wait, if we include with the wealth? 
Gimme a second lemme 🤔

I ‘ll still pick Luke.
Yes..No two ways about that.

Luke has this amazing beautiful laugh, when he comes into the office everyone literally wants to have him.

When he talks, if you were pretty preoccupied with something you would be distracted, he had this rich baritone voice I swear if he could sing, we would die….of…heavenly blissful beautiful  serenade .
And what is more.., he wasn’t just handsome …

He didnt just have the Greek god body in all its sexiness.

He wasn’t just a great Boss.. he was The Boss. And he had a good heart.
I think that was the first thing I observed about Luke.
A few times I was opportuned to be in his presence at an event or while we made our way back….
He was some sort of a charity giver…things he usually liked to do.
He loved kids..

He took care of people around him.

He was nice and not bossy…

He was like the perfect person you would want to have in your corner…
Luke was….simply amazing….
He cared about people around him, he goes out of his way to make sure everyone was okay around him.
I mean who wouldn’t love Luke.
I did. I really did.
In my heart right here… I did.
But I was the girl in the corner who would bring him coffee every morning as I get for others..
Who would place the files on his desk and then wait for him to give me some work to do.
I was the girl who would drool at him when he isn’t looking…

And when he does look at me I would turn,embarrassed and pray he didn’t notice that I had been staring for a whole five minutes.   
And then when I look back, I notice the corners of his mouth twitching as he bends his head..
Was he laughing at me?
I would grow so pink I would wish the ground to open so I hide within it’s hard surface never to show my head again if  not I would die of embarrassment. 

Phew! !!
I have a feeling he knows I have a crush for him.
Well who wouldn’t know…
All the girls had a crush for him,some were bold to show him and even tell him, some stayed away and blinked green lights his way…and others like me who was too scared……acted as though We felt nothing. ..
But we were dying.
Okay I was dying inside…..
But typical Luke, he would smile and maybe allow them flirt with him….but he never takes it beyound that. 

Another thing I liked about him,he never took advantage of that..most people would have but him….No.
See why I think he was awesome. ..

So…here I was,in my corner. , three years, eight months,  three weeks, six days, seven hours, forty-five minutes and fifty seconds inlove with Luke, my boss and he had not the faintest idea..
Wasn’t I just pitiful? 
I know I am…so.

I know I know…..
That saying “if you like someone ,tell him”
But I wasn’t strong enough for that. ..neither was I strong enough to bear his rejection….
Oh..a lot of girls had tried…
All failed.
He was a faithful Romantic.
Yes…he had a girlfriend. .
She was beautiful and I am almost jealous of her…and him..both of them.
Okay I am jealous. 
Don’t judge me.!!
Whenever she came around to the office, she would fling her arms around him , and hug him tight and give him those wet french kisses  and then a few minutes later they would disappear out of the office and into his car and away for lunch they go..
Everytime  I see them leave the office, my heart sinks, hitting the ground and shattering…
If only ..if only I was her…
Then I would look around, and just like me…everyone’s  heart broken as well, 

But unlike me, as soon as he comes back….they simply forget that there is a she in his life and they flock around him like horny bees…
Something I never had the mind to do.
I know what you are thinking..
I should  let go right? Tuck my feelings like my shirt as I would into my skirt and let it die out of suffocation and move on with my life…
Luke. ..Luke was taken by a beautiful young woman. ..

Someone I would never be talkless of competing against..
*Another sigh…*
Three years is enough to love someone isn’t it ..

Someone who you would never be able to tell..

Someone who would never love you just because ….

Someone who sees you as his staff and nothing more .

Someone who loves another….and who seemed faithful to a fault..
Yes …three years was enough…
So this is me…letting it all go…
Maybe , maybe I should give Charles a chance …Charles is nice..

Charles is cute too…Charles tells nice jokes and is great company…
Charles is great and fantastic..
Charles got me a present on my birthday and then we had a nice movie hangout…
*sniff sniff*
Charles is funny..and great and cool and ..and …
*Sobbing *
I know what you are thinking…

That I am being silly
But haven’t you ever liked someone from afar? Had a crush on someone and not being able to tell him for fear of whatnot. ..
I know it’s crazy but…I do love him.
His eyes, his smiles, his laughter, I just love him and I know that …I shouldn’t because. .well I shouldn’t. 
But a girl gatto dream right.?
So it’s five years now, well….its a couple of hours to that five years  ….
To another new year ..
And we are having an end of year party in  the office …..
I have grown quite a lot in the past couple of months….
I had to kill my feelings you know. ..

I had to let it all go…
And I believe I did  a good job…
Now I was just any other girl working for him, one who appreciated and respected him…. and that was it.
No I wasn’t sitting in the corner and running errands…infact, I actually own my own little office next to his…
Yes,I made secretary. ..
And there is this new girl who took my place…
I was nice to her, no one was really nice to me except Luke…well, he is a nice person.
So I took her under my wings and taught her things and I told her…”I started like you and now see..I am climbing.

Who knows where you would be.”
Then I see her eyes linger on him, I see her swoon, literally and drool when he passes…I could feel her blush rising as I touch her cheeks….

Smiling at her…
Yes….one day you would grow out of it too..just like me.
I walk away ..

Its a few minutes to the countdown. …and we are standing in the middle of the hall….
He stood there..glass in hand…

Giving a speech…something he always did at the end and start of another new year…
There was a toast and cheers and high pitched  Hurrahs!!!
He comes down making small talks to everyone….
Even me..
We still weren’t friends….

But we talk….Boss -Staff..well Boss-to-Secretary-talks😅

But atleast I wasn’t the errand girl anymore. ..persee🤔




The chants began as a few seconds to midnight. .

He was standing beside me, while everyone closed in, we were overlooking the open window…where a crowd of people was just below in the Eagle square…

We looked at the big clock….the biggest clock, high up in the tallest toeer overlooking the city ..the one that had everyone’s eyes on it..
The clock that makes the loudest chime when it clocks midnight and then causes the skies to burst into different colours as the fireworks shoots up to the skies ..
“Happy new YEAR!!!!” 
We all scream and clap and cheer and clinked glasses and hugged …..

“Happy new year Jane ” I felt his words on my cheeks before I read it off his lips as it curves into a smile
“Happy new year Luke ” I breath smiling back
And I swear…I thought it was all gone

 But my heart did backflips,  the butterflies came back alife and my knee buckled and became weak
I was falling.
No silly..
No falling inlove.
I was already inlove…I already fell inlove.
I was falling. ..like I was  literally falling and I felt stronge hands catch me and hold me up….lifting me up back to my feet
No, it wasn’t because that he wished me a happy new year
It was because someone had ran behind  me,  hitting me going to hug another. ..
A girlfriend to one of the workers. .she had just entered the building. ..she is dramatic like that.
But wait. ..he isn’t letting me go
“Are you okay?”
“Yea, yes I am okay” I straighten up… he doesn’t let me go still…
And then the music comes up
“You want to dance?”
“I erm…I don’t know how to dance”
“It’s easy, I would show you”
Maybe I shouldn’t dance with him, my insides were doing funny things to me…
Sleep butterflies …sleep!!!
Okay, I know what you are thinking.
It’s just one dance. What could possibly  happen right?
But this was our third dance and I was liking it a bit too much…
“Hold on” he says grabbing me tighter and then he twirls me around. ..
I laugh.. like I laughed my insides out.
It felt like I was being pushed on the wing and that wheeeeeeeeeee feeling comes in tickling my sides .
I see others dancing too and they twirling around as well.
I really didn’t know how to dance but…it was great learning  how to..
Maybe because it was just him..
Then a slower song comes on.
Now I am wondering wether the big Guy up there 👆is pulling a test Prank on me.
Look….don’t do this Jesus😇…Please don’t. .🙌
“Too late.!!!” I swear I heard him say withing the rumbling skies
Now Luke is moving slowly from side to side..
“Don’t worry,this is way easier…”  he says
He places one of my hand in his and the other over his shoulders while he places his free hands to the small of my back and we dance and we dance. .
And song after song ..Slower than the previous…and for each song..our positions changes. .
Now…I had my head to his chest, 
There was something peaceful about the beating of his heart .

Something musical to the way it vibrates through his chest.
I close my eyes and I listened..
Tap tap tap..

Tap tap tap..
It went…
Like someone was in there. .beating the quick -fast-flowing drum
Tap tap tap

Tap tap tap
Slowly my heart began to beat in rythme with his.
I didn’t realise when both my hands goes around his neck..

Nor when he wraps his hands around my waist.
There are places I have always dreamed of being…

Next to the heart of the mam I loved…
It would feel like home…I know it would be.
Oh there is something about Luke…

That I love so much…

And even right till this moment…

I still can’t really say…
So I closed my eyes…

Enjoying the peace and music…
And so we danced
Untill my feet hurts…
And my heart began to beat really fast… like really really fast.
Breath Jane..

Just Breathe!
All that is over…
You can’t love someone who doesn’t know you love them.

You can’t love someone whom you can’t tell you love them. ..not at all.

You can love someone who loves another…thats just wrong.

You simply can’t love someone alone. … you just can’t. 
So I close my eyes…and rather enjoy the peace close to his heart..

Even for one night…just for the present state of one mind.
Then I felt him stop…

I felt only him stop while the music continued to play and others slowly fading away. ..
He was looking at me..

Simply just looking at me
“What is it?” I asked him
And he shakes his head ” Would you go out with me??”
Yes he said that..

He did he did he did!!!!
“Go out with you?” 
“Like. .go outside with you?”
He laughs
“No silly, like go out with me, dinner, dates, have fun, do stuffs. ..be my girlfriend..”
I know you don’t have to tell me.. I am quite silly..
Of all these to ask…I ask “Why?” Like why??????
I should be dancing for joy right. 
But…c’mon…he had a girlfriend.  Hello,why would he be asking me out ??
You see…you too don’t have sense..
*Deep sigh*
So…gimme a lil credit….

I liked the dude but…my head has to be straight okay.
“What do you mean why jane?”
“Well…you have a girlfriend and….you are asking my out Luke ”
Oh..that look of guilt. Or was it  really guilt or sadness ..I  really don’t know.
“I had a girlfriend ”
“Oh! !?”
“Over eight months today”
“Oh!!! Am.sorry. what happened ?”
“Well…I guess we wanted different things”
“What kind of things. .”
“She wanted a life of luxury , freedom , no children, and you know..general things…”
“And you?”
“I want assurance, a home, a family. .I guess ….i love kids, I want stability , focus…love and all its associations.  ..I want more than the superfluous . I want real,truth. …More”
Why was he telling me this
“I am sorry”
“Don’t be..it wasn’t your fault.”
I am quiet , you see,  because I didn’t know what to say…

So I say nothing 
“Would you go out with me”? He repeats again
Hey hey…don’t  slap me yet…
Jezzz I know okay..but come on. .I have to ask right…
I am quite inquisitive. ..
I should be ecstatic and all ..but…before I have to be happy…I should know for sure what it is I am getting myself into right.
Think people..think.
I am right.

Right? 🤔
“Because I think you are a great person jane…and I have noticed you for a bit…well, ever since I closed the chapter with April, I sort of began noticing you….a whole Lot. And I think I like you ..a whole Lot too”
I am smiling within like with my entire 32 all showing and my face is hurting because it’s a big smile.
But it’s in my mind you see..😃
“Within eight months. .?”
“I guess”
“It’s okay if you don’t like me though”
Are you kidding. ….
Is he kidding.?
I don’t like you 
I love you ..
Is this guy for real? 
Breathe jane 

‘”Do you like me Jane??”
“Well, I don’t know” I play it simple. .

I simply can’t give away that I am literally jumping in my mind right now and giving out  free tickets to the Broadway show like now. 
“Look jane, we would take it slow and if it doesn’t work out…I guess we can be friends. But…you have to let me know if you want to out with me”
“How slow do we take it?” 
I wouldn’t mind 110 degrees slow 
“Like 0.5 degrees slow” he says smiling..
Really  !!!!

What the actual hell.
I say breath Jane…
Damnit. !!
Okay…so I didn’t want him to know that I have been dying to be what he wants me to be for like 5 years…today long.
So act cool. Act really cool and I give him that face of….’well…..I guess we can go out”
“Yes!!” He laughs into my face and hugs me
“Finally” I breath. ..

Its been  three months, twelve days , three hours ,twenty -five minutes and 3 seconds exact since we began dating and I tell you…
Its been awesome.
*screaming and running around the place…….butt naked*
About that 👆part? I would get to it.
So about dating Luke.
You know….the dinner dates, the strolling under thr midnight skies..

The stolen kisses. ..the tight hugs and snuggling. .

The I miss you texts..

The presents , the stolen hugs and the whisking me away from the office during lunch breaks.
I was not the girl who sat by the corner and drooled over him anymore. 
I wasn’t the girl who ran errands around the office…and wishing  he would look at him and smile..
I am the girl who confidently smiles at him when he walks into the office.

I am the girl who openly flirts with him when he comes into my space.

I am the girl who hugs him and kisses him madly..

And I am the girl who is faithfully romantic towards …
Yes. …I was the girl everyone wished they were….
I am the girl inlove with Luke…

And I swear right this minute. …I could feel he loves me too.
So…I am here..

Lying on my bed and telling you all these…
And he is in the bathroom.
We haven’t. .you know..
Done it before you see…
And today. .today… we might.
Well because the momentum had been building up for weeks and I am happy that he didn’t push me for it.
“Whenever you ready babe” he would whisper into my lips. …”untill when you are”
And today when he kissed me goodnight .. I held him so tight and kissed him back..
“Don’t go babe…I need you tonight ” I told him.
I guess eyes conveyed the message and his hands responded to it.
So now I am here…!
Come closer …

Yes closer.. I say come….Yes. .
See, I am butt naked under the covers and he is having a shower and… *covers eyes*
OMG !!! He is out…
I knew he was breathtaking sexy before. .with that body…
Now…seeing him without those cloths..with that glistening body  of his with just a white towel covering from his midbrief down below……
My mouth is watering and I am burning hot.
And the way he is staring at me right now…I swear I can’t breath. .
The way he is kissing my toes and finding his way up my thighs…

I am shaking in sweat anticipation. ..

The way he is kissing my shoulders and chest…
Oh dear lord I can’t think….
I wish I could tell you all about all this…

But I swear I can’t stay still…
Feeling him touch and kiss me and want me….
Oh..dear Lord….

I am sorry…….I have to go…
There is something about Luke…and right now…he is driving me crazy…..

And I wish I could tell you all how much but I can’t. ..
My whole body is quaking to his touch and all I want is to let him take me …all of me….
I love you Luke…

And tonight …I would show you how much…
The End.


Ps..I didn’t write anything oh…it is itchy fingers 😄😄😄
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