Grace abounds for everyone to tap into, evenly shared so that everyone gets to be favoured within it’s folds.
That being said, what do you want people to see when they look at you, what do you want them to say and to think, are you the person that everything wrong and negative are attributed to, or something good and positive?.
What does your personal brand say about you? Because the way you build it up is what projects to the outside world. Let your personal brand be what goes before you, it’s what people see first before they come unpon you.
 That saying “Your reputation proceeds you” isn’t far fetched ,  it is quite true. It might be what you say to others or what vibes you have given others, it is also how you act and behave and what you do. “A good name ” the bible says “is better than riches and Gold”  and this also applies to your brand, your name, your person… what does it say about you. Are you someone people would want to associate with for good things  or you are someone that lives a constant frown on people’s faces when they see you and your name becomes a sour taste in their mouth.
You have to build your personal brand  because it is a reflection of who you are, what you do and how you do what you do. Sometimes people might not have the opportunity to meet you in person,  but your brand gives them a perception of who you are and  what you are about . Let your brand speak for you, it’s left to you to choose what it says. It’s left to you to be something , someone whose name is profound in certain great legacies than being the weed people want to prune away from their garden and their lives with their noses turned up and them saying “Good riddance to bad rubbish”.
 Be your Brand, let it speak. Be nothing other than extraordinary. 


Be Motivated 

Be Inspired.  

Be Unapologetically You!!! 
No one can do a better job than  you..being someone else is underrated…First love yourself. Just Soar…let your brand speak and breath Awesomeness that can only be because you have made it so.
 Get to building, get to achieving. ..Get to being OUTSTANDING. YOUR BRAND. YOUR NAME. IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU!

You may not be there always BUT YOUR  BRAND WILL BE.
If you want to change how others perceive you because you don’t like the aura in which you have been vibing to others….REBRAND. 
Sometimes its not all about the packaging. When you peel off all of the surfaces and superficials, what else do you have to offer?
You have to Build you up personally, physically and otherwise. You don’t like something about you,  change it. Don’t just do it for people, do it for you. Just like a bottle of perfume when it’s contents are poured out, it causes the atmosphere to be filled with lovely scent…that is what you want to be. Not just beautiful on the outside but on the inside as well and when you speak, let all that proceeds from within be nothing short of awesomeness.  Yes!! I said that.
So when you are Branding your outward looks and what you want people to see….work on you as well….everything about you from within.
Be the Brand you would be proud of first before you want others to see and be proud of too.
You might not be there to always tell them, let your Brand do all the talking…and they would seek you out to associate with you.
Remember,  being a positive vibe to others is safer than being a negative stench hanging on their sleeves.
Because when you are long gone…its your Brand /Your name/ that continues to speak.
You have to decide what you want it to say.
Because Your brand is you and you are your BRAND..
 #StephanieEgberike #Writes #Randoms 
Hello Saturday! 
And it’s #CUPIDJUNE👣 Series this month. Yay!!


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