Don’t Tell Me

Don’t tell me I can’t, not without giving me the chance to even try.

Don’t tell me I won’t make it, without allowing me the opportunity to fail or even win..

Don’t tell me I can’t be anything I want. .

Without letting me be who I want to be first..instead of imposing what you think I ought to be.

Don’t tell me I won’t be up there, without letting me step on the stones laid out for me to use as my stepping wheel to greatness.

Don’t tell me I will die..without allowing me the will to live. 

Don’t tell me there is no hope, without letting me grasp  the shred of lights I see at the end of the tunnel and see that as long as there is life,  there is hope .

Don’t tell me it’s over, without allowing me to feel the need to start all over again even when I err.

Don’t tell me….Life is messed up,without allowing me actually see the beautiful side of it, the good despite the bad.

Don’t tell me there is chaos, imperfections and flaws…without letting me understand that even in ugly,there is beauty within the scars ,even in chaos there is stability and that even in imperfections. ..there is a blend of perfect imperfections. 

Don’t tell me everyone is bad… without just letting me see that people aren’t born that way, they just need to be fixed to be better..and sometimes all they need is a hug,love and support and someone telling them that they care.

Don’t tell don’t tell me…let me see for myself…let me understand and let me learn and let me improve. .

I know you mean well..but don’t tell me and limit me just because…

Yes I know life isn’t a don’t tell me… but let me enjoy it the best way I can. It’s enough to know you care and you will be there…but don’t tell me to stop, when all I want to do is keep living. Don’t tell me to stay …when all I want to do is fly…don’t clip my wings..let me soar. Don’t tell me, please don’t tell me to scare me back into my shell,  instead take my hand,lead me, guide me, teach me..and i swear I will learn,don’t worry,I will be okay…I promise
#StephanieEgberike #Writes #Randoms #RandomMusing 
Hello Monday..


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