They stopped at her hostel, pushing the door, it was locked.
“Crap!! Its locked” Micheal exclaims
“They lock ours earlier sometimes “ Chidinma says turning around
“Well this wouldn’t have been a problem ordinarily because we were going to be spending the evening at my dad’s quarters but….. life happened” He smiles ruefully..”Where you scared, I am sorry” he touches her nose
“No I wasn’t “ she hits his hand away playfully
“Yes you were” he teased pulling her cheeks
“Just a lil” she places her index finger and thumb together to indicate how little with little or no space within them
“More like big scared, you were shaking in my arms” he teases again spreading his hands apart to either side of him to indicate how scared she was.
She sticks out her tongue, he pulls her into  a hug which she returns, he places a wet kiss on her forehead, she giggles
“Erm lovebirds, I would love to stand and watch you both spew cuteness but we gatto go Micheal “Boma says turning around and looking back the way they ran from
‘’Yeah I know, but her hostel is locked and banging on the door would only alert the hostel prefect and Matron and everyone else and we don’t want that like at all”
“ So, what do you suggest?” Boma is scratching his head
“We take her back to ours”
“oh nooooooo way” Chidinma says moving away from his arms “I can’t go in there, they would skin me alife if I am caught “
‘’Very true” Boma nods
“Hey relax, we just have to sneak you into the room that is all, ours is still open right?” he turns to Boma
“Eh yeah, I told the prefect in charge to leave it open I would lock it but the dude mehn, that’s risky, if anyone sees her they are going to blow on you both, and that’s a showdown you don’t want”
“ I know that Boma, but I won’t leave her here outside and go, so we have no choice than to be careful, you would go in first to make sure no one is walking about and then I would take her in.And if we are careful, no one will see her. Plus  we can’t go back to the quarters because of you-know-who, she can’t enter her hostel because its locked , so she would have to come with us, don’t worry Chi, you will be fine” Micheal turns to Chidinma and holds her hand
“Okay , let’s go” Boma sighs turning away “We have to be careful then…don’t worry chi, we would protect you” he winks at her
“Well that’s reassuring “ she sighs
“Trust us” Micheal links his hands with her
The Alarm goes off

Then it goes off again
“What the hell” Boma exclaims looking over head as they all stop on their tracts.
“Isn’t that the alarm bell for gathering or assembly” ? Chidinma squeezes her face
“Yes it is, but by this time, maybe it was a mistake” Micheal says looking over head
The Alarm goes off again and then the loud speaker “This Message is from Mother Theressa, Everyone assemble to the field. Every student, and I mean everyone, kindly assemble to the field right this instant, I repeat right this instant. Wake your bed mates, wake everyone up, assemble here within 10 minutes at once!!!”
Chidinma reaches for Micheal’s hands without even knowing it, he rubs her hands
“It’s okay Chidinma, it’s okay” he tells her, but he is worried as a frown crosses his forehead , what now?
“Erm, I think they just found out about you guys” Boma says with worry in his voice as he turns to them.
They all look at each other..
“Now we are all going to be expelled for sure” Chidinma’s voice cracks
“hey, we are in this together okay?” Micheal tells her, but it is evident that he is really worried now.
“Wake up Mimi. Wake up” Bunmi taps Mimi awake
Mimi groans turning away “Leave me alone Bunmi, stop”
“Get up Mimi, can’t you hear that?” she taps her again, a bit harder this time
“Stop it Bunmi, I’ll hit you back. Stop. Hear what?”
The Alarm goes off again and the announcement comes immediately
“That” she points upwards as though the voice was hovering overhead for her to see.
“Ahain!! By this time?’’ Mimi frowns sitting up and rubbing her eyes
“Yes, I wonder what is going on” Bunmi gets up from the bed, throws on her sweater over her Pjs and walks to the window
“Oh dear Lord!!” Mimi jumps off the bed
“What?” Bunmi leaves the window frowning and turning to her
‘’Do you… you think ..oh God!!! Do you think whether they have caught Micheal and Chidinma?”” her eyes grows big
“Oh oh oh no no no no “ Bunmi’s eyes grows bigger than Mimi’s “oh no I hope it’s not them, they would be expelled and worse…oh dear lord. Come quick let us go” Bunmi reaches the door as Mimi runs out after her, then she runs back in, grabs a jacket and then leaves. They meet other sleepy-eyed students filing their way out as well
They look at each other, worry greasing  their faces, they hold each other’s hands and share a silent prayer
“Everyone is filing out” Dayo peeks from the window and looks down
“What do you think is going on?”Temi who was silently dressing up asks
“Like I am what na,the all-knowing and  all-seeing person?” Dayo rolls her eyes
“Whatever “
Amaka who had been half asleep is rubbing her eyes and getting up “ I wonder why whatever they want can’t wait till morning”
“Apparently it can’t. by the way, chidera isn’t back, who knows where she went to?” Temi turns to the two girls
“like I care “ Amaka mutters underneath her breaths
“I don’t know Temi, I am not her…never mind. I don’t know.” Amaka says turning away
“Last I saw her, Tom had sent someone up to call her and then she said she was going to talk to him outside, I slept off, so I don’t know if she came back up or she remained outside’’ Dayo says facing Temi
The Alarm and announcement goes off again.
They sigh
“Well, guess we don’t have a choice, let’s go find out what those old hags wants with us this night” Temi says leaving the room first, the others join her out
“What do we do?’’ Boma says looking around as students are filling out from the hostels, they hide behind the tree, where they wouldn’t be seen
“We wait and blend into them, “ Micheal suggests
‘’But I have one problem?’’ Chidinma bites her lips
“What?” Micheal turns to her frowning
“Everyone is on their PJs, and I am not” they all look at her cloths “ And if i go like this, it would mean that I wasn’t in my hostel and asleep and that would raise questions I am sure I don’t want to answer”
The three of them nods
“We wait till they leave your hostel,  then you go up and quickly change, then we go?” Micheal tells her

She nods.., 
“What about you guys?’’
They laugh “Like boys wear Pjs and lingeries to sleep abi? Our shorts and boxers are fine and they wouldn’t expect us to come out in our briefs and dangling balls now would they?” Boma scoffs
Chidinma blushes
“Jesus Boma, language” Micheal shakes his head
“Oops, sorry kiddo” he pinches Chidinma’s cheeks “Grandpa has a foul mouth doesn’t he?”
“Yes he does” Micheal admits 
Students are still filing out, they wait.
As soon as the last person exits  their hostel, she runs into the building, climbs the staircase two at a time, gets into her room, changes, throws a long jacket over her and then she comes back to meet them , breathing fast
“Did you run?”
Boma laughs..
“Dudes lets go, we don’t want anyone to notice anything, just incase this alarm isn’t for you both”
“I am a girl Senior Boma”
“he knows that, it’s just a way of him making you a part of the family, right grandpa?’ Micheal nudges him
“Yes son” Boma nods, Chidinma smiles 
The three of them fall inline with the other students and blends in with them
“You thinking what I am thinking bro?” Jerrry was by the door already
“I am afraid so” Jerremy was behind him
“We have to find them and find away to help them you know “ Jerry leaves the room
“Yes, we have to” they  run down ahead of the other boys leaving the hostel. 
Matron Theressa and the others have already made their way to the field leaving the staff quarters, Mr Adamu was made to seat on grass and Cynthia and Chidera are beside him.
The lights are on, shinning on them..

Chidera isn’t looking pleased and her anger is evident as she stares at Adamu.
‘’You are going to pay for this you maggot” she whispers to him
“You should have thought about that when you went to report me “ his anger meets hers “let’s see how you will pass” 
“I don’t want to be expelled” Cynthia is still crying
“Shut up you cunt, you stupid stupid cunt , you deserve all that is coming to you, of all people Mr Adamu, your mother should be really pleased of the slut you have become…stupid cunt. You caused this mess, if only you had kept your legs closed and you your dick in your shorts we all wouldn’t be here and I swear you both will pay for this if i don’t get out of this unscarred” Chidera spat to their faces
“SHUT UP, WHATEVER YOU ARE SAYING SHUT UP!!’’ Mother Theressa who seemed more angrier than before releases her belt on Chidera’s back again
“Ewo!!’ Chidera squirms in pain crying out “I didn’t do anything oh , I didn’t do anything !!!!”
“You will confess, just you wait” 

Mother Cecil  is standing by the corner, her hands clasped together, she was done crying for her useless daughter, if she had decided on her own to come to school and follow boys and men for that matter instead for her to read, and to even embarrass her with a  male teacher who is old enough to be her father, who is married with two kids..then there was no need trying to protect her, she should suffer the consequences and shame alone and as soon as they expel her, she was going to make sure she doesn’t go to school again, she would send her to the village to meet her mother let her farm there…since she doesn’t want to be educated but sleep around. Her mother will straighten her up soon in the village.
Tufiakwa!!!! She spat, as Cynthia cries looking at her “Mummy”
“Don’t call me mummy, you are a disgrace, a disgrace” she spits again
“Mother Theressa please listen to me, listen to me, I will point the students out who is doing things like these, not me , not me, I wanted to expose them all, I was coming to you and now you are punishing me..?”
“Shut up I say” she raises her hand to Chidera, chidera turns her face away using her hand to cover her face
Mother Theressa drops her hands as  the students slowly begin to fill up the field, the muttering begins as they see the scene before them.., it became a little noisy as the ‘Oh my God’’, ‘’isn’t that Senior Chidera and Senior Cynthia” “Oh, Mr Adamu?” “What is happening, why are they almost Naked?’’ “Why is Chidera there?” “Damn, is that the winchy girl on the floor there….damn!!! I think Christmas just came early” “Oh what’s going on?” “Look, that is Chidera” “Oh dear” etc fills the air
“ BE QUIET!!! Everyone hurry up, line up here everyone line up!!!!” she thunders
Quickly every student stood in line , while the Matrons and Teachers stood infront of them, the securities were called from the gate as well.
Mother Theressa walks forward “Goodevening Students’’
“Goodevening Ma” they thundered
“I am sure you all are wondering why you are called here, so I would get to the point, who can tell me one of the rules and regulations of this school as concerning the opposite sex?’’
‘’that one should not have canal knowledge of the opposite sex, not in thoughts nor actions and should not dare practice it neither behind closed door or in view of others and that if caught , both parties would do the walk of shame, stripped of any position if they hold one, flogged in view of the entire school, and allow other students to take turns in flogging them and they would be explelled..”
“Good! How about the rules and regulations concerning a higher authority with students?”
“That if a Matron or a Teacher who is supposed to be a guider, protector and teacher of the students decides to have illicit sexual affairs with a student, with or without their consent, they would be publicly humuilated, and handed over to the police because it is against the law of the school and law of the state and it is considered a crime for an older person to engage in such act with a  minor, and amongst other punishments their family would be nortified and they would make sure the Teacher/Matron doesn’t come close to kids anymore , that means He/She would never be allowd to work in a school home or abroad, he would be stripped of his title and position, and handed to the police “
“Hey God!!’’ Mr Adamu cries out, understanding that the situation is much worse than he thought. 
“Be quiet!!!’’ Mother Theressa orders
“Students, you do realize that anyone who breaks these  rules would be severely dealt with and as such we would not spare anyone, despite your position, rank or status, I can say that because I have the full backing of the Principal, and whenever he is unavailable I am next in charge. That being said, not too long ago, I was in my room, reading the bible and preparing for bed when I heard someone lurking around close to me window, at first I thought it was the security walking about which they normally do but that wasn’t the case especially when I peeked outside and saw a girl, a student for that matter and she was peeking at another staff’s window, imagine that, I was curious and I decided to go out and find out for myself and what do I see? Student Chidera wielding a rock to break the window”
Everyone is muttering, 
Somewhere within the crowd of students..
“Can you see what I am seeing?” Jerry turns to his brother
“I am, like that witch on the floor of disgrace” His brother chuckles, “ I wonder what she did now”
“Who cares, I am happy seeing her there, oh God I hope she remains there, by the way I see Mr Adamu and Cynthia barely clothed, do you think they were having a thresome and they were caught?”
“Oh..that would be neat, I don’t like the guy, so pompous and arrogant, defiling little girls…that chidibitch and him needed to be caught anyways but Cynthia? I swear I didn’t see that coming .” Jerremy shakes his head 
“Do you see Micheal and Chidinma anywhere?’’ 
‘’No, and i am worried bro”
‘Me too”
Mother Theressa was talking still “and I approached her and she was obviously shocked to see me, I asked her what she was about to do, and she tells me that there were two people inside the staff’s quarters doing unthinkable things , she was convinced and well I looked when she pointed to the window and lo and behold, I see something that would make the holy Mary blush in shame , that even the baby Jesus would have to go to the cross and be re-crucified”
“ohhhhhh!! Whooaaaa!!’’ the students exclaim, some laugh, some sound shocked
“damn!!! She could easily have said  that they were  screwing each other’s brains out you know and her old eyes couldn’t quite take in the sight…too juicy for her” jerry laughs, his brother joins him
Mother Theressa is still talking 

“And we banged on the door a couple of times ordering them out but they refused, they refused and I had to order the door  to be broken down and like thieves and people caught in the act they were falling over each others in the most disgracing stance. The two people who were doing the devil’s business and God knows what else is none other than the Dean of both senior and secondary, Mr Adamu and a student of the Senior Secondary,  Cynthia, daughter of Mother Ceci-”
“She is no daughter of mine” Mother Cecil spat 
Cynthia wails “Mummy I will not do it again” she begs
“One more word, just one more  word and I will use your mouth and face  and scrub the floor, dare me Cynthia, you just dare me!!” her mother points at her, fumming. 
Cynthia sobs by the corner, the entire students exclaims, some calling ‘Jesus’ and others say inaudible things
“Matron Cecile, that’s enough. ” Mother Theressa tells Matron Cecil,she turns back to the students…”As I was saying, they would be punished according to the breaking of the rules. Now, that being said, I have another information I would like to share, I do believe that student Chidera seem to be a part of this somehow but she is refusing to admit it, because if she isn’t , why did she leave her hostel, when it is supposed to be a lock down,  then she goes all the way to the staff’s quarters and peep into the window, she already  have broken some rules;

1,  no leaving your hostel after 8pm,

2, no lurking around school premises and 3, do not ever go to a staff’s quarters during the day unless given persimission by me or the principal and 4, no student should be in  staff’s quarter for more more than  five minutes during the day , and that’s only if you are being called for something important like take tests scripts etc and 5,no female students should go into a Male Matron/Teacher’s  quarters for any reason at all and vice versa and 6, no students should be in the quarters at night for whatever reason.
 All these rules she has broken them, and secondly, how did she know they were there, …these question she hasn’t been able to accurately answer….so get up student and tell us what you were saying to me.. and for everyone of you, here is a chance to step up, own your mistakes because if you are found out, there would be no saving you” she says
Chidera looks at her
“I say get up before I drag you up myself” 
Chidera gets up…
She was not going down, no way, she wasn’t… Chidinma has to..she caused all this mess
She swears she saw her, and she knew they were somewhere,  hiding in that staff quarters, yes, hiding somewhere and she would prove it, she could make them call her  and Micheal out and they would see that they are not here, then they would have to go back and search the quarters for them..
Chidnma was supposed to be here…being humuilated not her,…and then she would deal with Adamu… he doesn’t know what she is cabale off
The students go silent..
“Mother Theressa , I told you earlier, I  saw a student going to the staff’s quarters, I was curious and I decided to follow her because I knew students were not supposed to go there..and I followed her slowly, making sure she didn’t see me.. and later when I finally round the corner I didn’t see the house she entered so I had to peep through the windows, and then…”
“Oh you were peeping at the Matrons and the Teachers ehn, another crime, go on” Mother Theressa cuts her
Chidera swallows , if you would shut up this old bitch I would show you why you were stupid right from the start and you would have to apologise to me you haggard looking creature .
Chidera quints her eyes and continues
 …” As I was saying , seeing I didn’t know which house she entered I had to make sure, when I did I was shocked to see what was going on and I wondered if  i should alert the Matrons first and who knows if they would be done and escape ,  so I was making noise and banging on the door but they didn’t hear me and then it was when I was about to break the window when Mother Theressa came out and then everything else happened’
“No, it seemed as though you were on a mission Chidera” Mother Theressa points to her
“No ma” Chidera shakes her head
“Or were you upset that she was there instead of you, because your face was a mask of anger” She states 
“’angry of what I saw ma?”
“No! angry that he was with another person, I know that look Chidera’’
If you would shut up and let me speak
“look ma, I swear  it’s not what you think, infact, the girl I saw wasn’t even Cynthia, I told you already”
“Then who? tell everyone what you told me’’
Yes, she would tell them, let the entire school hear it , hear that slut’s name
“It was a junior, a junior Chidinma” she says it with a loud voice
Everyone gasps  
Somewhere within the crowd 
“Holyshit!!’’ Boma exclaims from his corner, he stares at Micheal and Chidinma, Micheal squeezes her hand, he could feel her shaking beside him
Mother Theressa nods

“yes you mentioned this.. Chidinma and I am yet to see if she is a ghost”
“Yes Ma, I saw her, and I followed her and then I was going to alert you when you came, I didn’t even know that it was Cynthia and Mr Adamu that was there sef’’
“You see how you are contradicting  yourself. Okay assuming we believe you Chidera, you were there with us, did you see this Chidinma?  so she was hiding in the room there with them and we didn’t find her?’’
Oh you stupid old cunt!!!
“No, I believe she was going to see a senior , Micheal, this I told you too Ma”
Stupid  olf fart!!
The school goes up in another uproar
“And again, when I decided to believe you, didn’t we check the house, and every other houses? I  even had to open up the principal’s house that I am not even supposed to open , and did we find them there?”
“No ma, but I believe they are in there, there is only one way in and out of that place and we have been there for the past few minutes and there is no way they would have passed without us seeing so that means they are still hiding in there, and if they come out now we all would see them because we are standing  just outside there, so ma I implore you to believe me, send some people in there so you see that I am telling you the truth, I only want to expose the law breakers and those who do the devil’s business in the school ma, I swear you have me all wrong, I was trying to expose someone and another was caught in the process…but ma believe me I have no hand in this , i swear , send them”

Chidera begs
“First, let us make sure that what you say is true,  if they are not here right this minute then i would take your word for it’”
“Ma, they can’t be here with all these student becuase they are still hidden in the quarters , somewhere in there , I am sure of it” she turns to the students
“Micheal , and Chidinma, if you are here , please step forward. Micheal, student body president and Chidinma, junior , step forward please  if you are here” Mother Theressa orders 

Everyone is looking around
“See I told you, I am sure they are still in the quarters hiding “  Chidera is smiling “Now you believe me”
“Step forward !!!’’ Mother Cecil calls out
“They are not here!!’’ some students bellow, looking around
“We have to go in there and search for them ma…I told you” Chidera says excitedly

“it’s okay princess, I am here with you” Micheal squeezes her hands and lets her go, Boma taps his shoulders..
“Dude, I am here if you need me” micheal nods and they begin to make their way to the front..
The twins turn to see them…they nod to Micheal, he nods back
Mimi and Bunmi see Chidera , they hold hands  briefly and lets her go.
Chidera who was smiling just a second ago , suddenly is frowning ‘’No no no no no” she says shaking her head
Mother Theressa waits till they reach her then she tells them to face the crowd
“Students, help me out here, who are these?”
“Senior Micheal and Junior Chidinma’’ they say in unison 
“And where did they come from?”
“Within the crowd”
“What does that mean?”
“What does that mean?”

‘”that .. she is lying” it came as a tiny whisper 
“I am not lying you fxxks, I am not lying , they must have escaped, look I saw them I saw them, “ she gets up and ran to Chidinma , intending to pull her by her hair and drag her towards everyone…”This slut-”
Mother Theressa reaches her before she reaches Chidinma , her belt causes Chidera to hit the floor again, then another cuts across her back “I told you about language.” Another lash “I told you about lying “ another lash “ And you are under punishment and you dare to want to go hit another” two more lashes
The school gasps, Temi, Dayo and Amaka gasps the loudest , they could hear Chidera’s screams as she rolls away, trying to reach her back, the pain tore through her body
Mother Theressa turns to them “who is incharge of the junior hostel?”
A girl steps forward “When did you lock up”
“Around 8pm ma”
“Was everyone accounted for?”
“I think so ma,  everyone was in their rooms and no one was about”
“Does anyone else have a key?”
“No, just me and the Matron  for our hall “
“And no one entered or left after you locked up?’’
“yes ma I am sure of that, I only opened it up when your bell came up and everyone came out here. ”
“so that means that she was in the hostel,this Junior Student Chidinma?” Mother Theressa points to her
“I think so,”
“who are her roommates , Step forward ”
Mimi and Bunmi bump through the crowd and goes out. .”Tell me the truth or else you will be punished.  was Chidinma in the hostel with you?”
“Yes. ” they didn’t hesitate
“You lie” Chidera shouts
Mother Theressa looks at Chidera, she keeps quiet 


“Again, was she there with you?”
“Yes ma she was.. we all came out together. ,she ,she is even in her PJ ma” Bunmi points
“I noticed that.”
“Mother Theressa, I swear it. okay ask Tom,Tom was the one who saw her and then came to tell me and I went after her”
Tom unpon hearing his name is shaking….Why the hell would she call his name?
“Tom,step forward”
Tom goes out, he is looking at  Chidera ….and then back at Mother Theressa,  he is wondering who he should be more scared off now?
if he tells her yes that he saw Chidinma, she would ask him why didn’t he go and report to the Matrons instead of going to meet Chidera and then she would want to know why?
 And if he tells them that it was because he had overhead her friends talking about Chidera finding a junior who has been disrespecting her,  they would want to know many more things he wouldn’t  know how to answer…and what if they find out that she kissed him?
No….No…that can’t happen. he would be done for.
He looks at Chidera. ..she has daggers for eyes,  if he doesn’t admit it, he was dead meat,literally…he knew what she could do..well he had heard form people. .

but at the moment. …he didnt know what to say ..
“Tom, is it true what  Chidera is saying that you had seen a student  , and why did you chose to go to  her who isn’t  holding a position or a Matron or Teacher , and is neither the school body president or  the assistant if you didn’t want to tell the matrons, they would have taken it up from there but you choose to go tell a common mere senior …..why? tell us if it is true and then  tell us the motive behind it. we are waiting”
No, if he sides Chidera now, he is done for…”Ma, she is lying..I didn’t see any student. I was in my hostel sleeping.” he lies

“You ..you…you” Chidera gets up, stopping herself  from saying any vulgar word….”Mother Theressa, he is lying through his teeth,  he saw  her, i swear  it and he came to tell  me..he is lying..he is lying” she points to Tom
“No ma, I am not lying,  Chidera please don’t drag me into your mess” he begs
“way to go Tom,way to go,because if you had said yes I would let the fact slip that you both  kissed as you told me all about that little information ” Boma smiles…
“Chidera , do you have any more lies to dish out? Tom, knee down there.”
“Hey God! !!” Tom cries out ,kneeling down
“No ma, I am not lying…okay okay, erm…” she scratches her head ,
 think Chidera think
 ” Erm… ask Micheal were he was, he didn’t have an alibi?”
Mother Theressa looks at him..
“I was with my roommates , Boma and I were the only ones awake in the room, while the twins were asleep. we heard the alarm together and came done first..to find out what was going on…and the others came afterwards..” Micheal says  …he catches Boma’s eyes,they exchange a silent message 
He makes his way forward ” Yes ma, that is true.”
“Where is the prefect incharge of the male senior hostel?”
A boy walks forward , Boma swears under his breath,”Shit”
“When did you lock up?”
“I hadn’t locked up ”
“because everyone was awake and still moving around”
“out of the hostel? ”
“who and who?”
“The last person to come in was Tom, ” he points to the boy kneeling down

 ” He was the one I saw entering when I was about to lock up and then I saw  Boma and him talking ” He points to Boma
“Damnit” Boma mutters again, he forgot about that guy
“They were the last two ?” 
“Yes ma,and while i was about to lock the door,Boma runs towards me and asks that I shouldn’t lock it  and that he would lock it up himself and he leaves the hostel…”
“And where did you go to?” She turns to Boma
“I ran to the library, I had forgotten my text and assignments in there and I wanted to go get it, but on reaching there I realised that It was locked so I was on my way back when I heard the alarm,  i was already locking the door when it came. ..so I started coming towards here with the others as everyone trouped in, me and Micheal”
“And who was with you in the library? ”
“Some other students, we were having a discussion class..we always do so…and I forgot to pick my assignment and text book amongst others when we were leaving.”
“Call them out ”
Boma calls out some names, as they stepped forward,  they were asked if they were in the library with Boma..

They reply a ” yes.”
Boma releases his breath. He was in the library with them, briefly.. they didn’t notice him leave … 

So they would say he was there. And he did forget his book,  good thing he remembered that little detail.
He thanked his lucky stars
“And when did you all leave ? was he still there?”
“Almost 8, we all scattered , some going to get a last minute snack , others to the hostel and others to pee.. but he was there with us, and I notice him around…most of the time ” one of the boys says
“Fine. ”
“Boma you can go back.”
Boma walks into the crowd.
“Girls you too” 
Mimi and Bunmi joins him
“Chidera, you see that you are lying… so how did you possibly see this Junior when she was in her hostel, do you want to confess or I should make you?”
“Me confess, what have I done? That girl is the slut’
“And you say this why?  Give me a reason Chidera else I will finish this belt on your body, today you will see why you should fear me”
“She sleeps around, she she ….erm, one time I saw her snaking through the broken fences in school.. no..some of my friends saw her and then when we wanted to report she had disappeared, ”
“No mother it is a lie” Chidinma gasps
“Temi,Dayo, they are the ones who saw them , they are ones who saw them Chidinma and the men, is a bad person ma,she is.. don’t  look at her innocent face ma” 
Chidera is digging. There would be no way Chidinma  would get out of this now..

Her girls,  they would back her up..

They are loyal, yes they would back her up, lie if they have to for her..

They were loyal to her, they feared her. She was Queen, her friends would lie to defend her honour. She smiles. 
“Step forward, quickly ”
“Is what she is saying true?”
“Erm, yes ma” they reply
Chidera is smiling ..
“We saw her with two men doing things and by the time we turned to go look for the principal, she had gone.” Temi says
“Yes it is true” Dayo concurs 
“No mother,it’s a lie, it’s a lie, about that incident..I was drugged ” Chidinma blurts out
Everyone gasps
“So you too? ” Mother Theressa raises up her belt towards Chidinma,Micheal blocks her holding onto it..
“No Ma, she isn’t. ..what she is saying is that, that, she was drugged and kept there”
“Let my belt go Micheal”
“I won’t ma unless you listen to reason….Wouldn’t you want to know the full story??”
“There is no full story ma, she was there frolicking with two men ma,we saw her ” Dayo says
“Why don’t you ask them to tell you why they didn’t report this? It was because what they had planned for her didn’t work out and that is why”
“What are you saying Micheal that we have students drugging other students or because she is your friend you are trying to defend her, move or else I would lash you with this too and your father wouldn’t raise an eyelid”
“I do not have a problem with you punishing people ma, but please. ..punish those who are in the wrong and not someone innocent….”
“And how did you  know that Micheal? ”
“Because I was the one who saved her from two men who tried to rape her”
Another gasps
She looks at Chidinma..
“Yes ma, she was about to be raped right there and I came just in time and I saved her…but she was drugged and had no idea what was going on ma…. ask them, they know about it”
“What are you saying Micheal, ?”
“That these two students and their leader Chidera here as been doing all sorts of things in this school and one of them is  drugging a junior student and paying boys to come and rape her”
“Jesus !!!”
“It’s a lie..its a lie,she is his girlfriend that is why he is protecting her” Chidera screams
Mother Theressa turns to Chidera and then back to Micheal and pulls her belt away from him  ..
“How did you know she was drugged,  how did you find her? At what time and day was this things happening and how come no one knew about this? Who drugged her..?’
Micheal points to Chidera ” the last person she remembered seeing  was her and her and her ” he points to Chidera , Temi and Dayo
“Ma ask him what time it was and what she was doing outside her hostel?”Temi says
“She was close to her hostel going in when the attack came and the  next thing, she is knocked out for days.. they drugged her, no, Chidera drugged her with God knows what and all her intention was to get her raped ” Micheal says
“Its a lie..” Chidera stands up “me drug who, where would I get it from eh?where ?”
Cynthia suddenly raises up her head, what if she tells them the truth, maybe her mother will forgive her right?
“You tell me” Micheal looks at her
“Ma he is lying..i have witnesses to state so.. Temi and Dayo saw her”
“And we are the ones who helped to beat up the men” The twins found their way to the front
“Me too” Boma steps forward 

“I can not believe what I am hearing ” Mother Theressa is shocked
“Chidinma , tell me the truth where you almost raped or you were with men on your own will, tell me the truth  and I would not punish you as severely as others ” Mother Theressa says , oh she was going to give her hell no doubt.
“No Mother, it’s the truth I was just coming out of my hostel and I bumped into Dayo and Temi who kept poking me with a pen,i tried to tell them to stop that it was hurting me but they refused, next thing as I turn, I see Senior Chidera and before I knew it she jabs something into me..as I hit the floor i wasn’t able to remember anything untill the next day when Senior Micheal told me about it. ”
“Why didn’t you report it? ” 
“Because we didn’t have any evidence.. she denied it..said I was disrespecting her ma” Chidinma says “and no one would believe me without proof”
“And Micheal you couldn’t report it too?”
“Same reason ma” 
“And you still don’t have proof Micheal because I wouldn’t do such a thing . Oh Mother Theressa,  isn’t it obvious that they are dating ? Three of us are saying one thing but they are saying another. .., if I wanted to drug her where would I get it from..no where,i don’t leave  school’s premises ma, I am a good student ma..please believe me..that they are lying ” Chidera asserts 
“Oh , but I have proof  Chidera ” Micheal turns to her
“Where is the proof Micheal” Mother Theressa asks him
He turns to the crowd , searching for her..
Amaka is shaking her head “No ” she whispers in fear
“Me” everyone turns to her 
Cynthia who has been crying gets up slowly. .Mr Adamu is quiet, 
“I was the one who was sent to get the drug. Mother,  Chidera had threatened to tell you and everyone about what I used to do and because I was scared I allowd her bully me into submission. .she forced and threatened me and made me sneak into the clinic and steal a sleeping drug. She asked me to bring two sedatives that is strong enough to knock someone out cold for a couple of hours and I did mother, I did because I was scared . I swear if I knew that was what she wanted to use it for I wouldn’t have done it mama please ”
“Hey God!! Cynthiamerigini has killed me” Mother Cecil threw herself on the ground as the school goes up in another uproar of shock. ..
“You cunt. You stupid stupid cunt !!!” Chidera slaps her across the face “you liar ”
“Hold her down right this instant ” Mother Theressa orders ,the securities men pull Chidera away from Cynthia who is nursing her face
“They are lying..all of them..all of them, they are in cohorts together !!” She spat  “Micheal and Chidinma are dating in this school and his friends are covering up  for him and Mother Theressa you are believing these lies..?  I was the one who showed you what goes on in this school…me..me…me!!! Now you believe them over me…me drug who? Cynthia is just looking for who to blame, Temi and Dayo is saying the truth..even Amaka, Amaka come and tell them.. you see all this too come now. ..”
Amaka who is shaking isn’t moving. .
“Amaka I said come out and tell her that what I am saying is true” she screams
Amaka shakes her head…moving further away from the crowd
“You stupid stupid cunt,  you scared eh??”
Mother Theressa is dumbfounded…

“I can’t believe what I am hearing ” she repeats
“I am telling you the truth why won’t you believe me… infact … Mr Adamu,  Cynthia isn’t the only girl he has been with, there is Amaka, yes, Amaka. .I told you before right.. she is the one who sleeps with him more to get good grades ” Chidera spits in anger 
Amaka gasps , shaking her head ,she runs out ” No that is not true , I have never been with him before” she begs
“Yes you have..alot of times yes you have ” Chidera says loudly..
No,if she was going down she was taking everyone down with her…
“And you too Temi and Dayo. You too”
“Chidera !!” They gasps
Micheal shakes his head as both his eyes and Amaka’s own meets,a silent message conveyed. .
“I told you Chidera loves no one but herself..see what you have got yourself into”
Amaka cries out…” Ma I swear it I have never been with him before” she goes to her knees,touching the ground with her tongue ” Chidera is lying”
“Mother Theressa,  it is Amaka who came to tell me of the drugged incident with Chidinma,  she had listened to Chidera’s plans and because she wasn’t comfortable with it she came to meet me ma,Amaka didn’t have anything to do with it, she helped me save Chidinma ”

 Micheal tries to save her

“Yes mother …it is true” Amaka nods
Chidera suddenly grew quiet as it dawns on her, she is speechless….
So…all this while , her plans hasn’t been working because her close friend and most loyal one had been the one sabotaging it…..Amaka..
“You bitch! !! You bitch it was you, it was you..I will kill you!!!” Chidera screams…struggling to be let go,but they hold her down
Micheal was right , Chidera was evil , Amaka stares at the girl who she called a friend , she was willing to put her under just to safe her skin..
Amaka regrets their frienhship, she regrets it all
“Mother Theressa. …you think you are smart and intelligent you old fart…I will tell you..I will tell you all…” Chidera laughs
Oh if she was going down she was taking everyone down with her
“You think Mr Adamu is the only pedophile in this school,you are fzzking mistaken. ..i will tell you that I am god of this school not you..not you….you see that pretty Miss Monica?  She has sexed more girls in here than guys in this school, oh yes, she is a lesbian. .a lesbo!!!! A fxxking lesbo, I have names of those she has been fingering and giving heads…Yes. .”
She calls the names out of students ..

Mother Theressa staggers…she laughs 
” Oh you wait, just you wait…I have more…you think these students are saints .?they aren’t. .. a few of them are descendants from their ancestors from Sodom and Gomorrah…Yes. . Sexing and fornication with each other…Yes. ., Even my close friends…Amaka..who enjoys being with boys and Temi who is a two ways girl and Dayo..didn’t mind opening her legs for payments for the dudes who was going to do the stupid cunt of a junior…” she laughs ” and oh, not to forget that there are Students here too who would make you faint”
She calls out a few more names..
The Matrons just stood there speechless. .Miss Monica is shaking her head…
“Its a lie, I am God’s daughter…I would never look at a girl let alone touch a girl”
‘” Sonia and Rebecca thinks otherwise, oh I have lots of proof” Chidera laughs. ..
“And you..and you are the worst of us…you are the one who introduced us to this men and sex and fornication,you are the one sexing Mr Adamu and others.., you are the one after a junior student just because the boy you like doesn’t like you but likes her,you are the one who does all manner of  evil things to her ..Yes. .you are evil. You are pure demon ” Amaka spat
“Yes” Temi who had regained from the shock of Chidera calling her name begin to talk ” You are even the one who poison her panties ”
Another gasp..Chidinma staggers..
“You?” Mother Theressa is shaken visibly ..
“Yes,” Dayo is crying now “she made me do it, she poisoned her panties to ruin Chidinma for life just because Micheal liked her and he didn’t like you” Dayo points at her
“You dare to lie against me!!!”
“It’s no lie, it’s the truth. ..you have done so many things Chidera…you forced me to sleep with that man for your own personal agenda….you did..even if I didn’t want to but because you wanted to get at the junior Chidinma,  now I know you are evil,only using us for your selfish reason…”
“The same way you used me” Mr Adamu speaks. ..his head was bowed ” I used to think you cared for me but you didn’t. .you are just a witch,you have destroyed my home, my life …see what you have done to me ” he cries
“Me? You dare to talk to me? When you were screwing me and telling me about your stupid wife and that she was smelling and a log of wood on the bed you didn’t know, when you were enjoying the wetness within my legs and giving me marks you didn’t know,when you were sneaking me in and out of school,going to hotels, doing it in your office you didn’t know…now you are crying wolf..you are mad man and you wife is better off without you..you fzzking ingrate. .

All of you…you..Amaka, you Temi,  you Dayo,all of you fxxking ingrate..after all I have done for you for this long this is how you pay me back…this is how? You should be scared..you should be scared because what I would do to you..you won’t see it coming you worthless piece of shits. .I will fxxk you all up…every single one of you..and you Chidinma. ..you I will fxxk up the most..you think you have won…you think you got the guy ehen…you are mad, I am coming for you you bitch “!!!
“You are the Devil” Mother Theressa says speechless
“No, I am the Worse than the devil you old cunt!!!”
Mother Theressa drops her belt,  she tells someone to bring a bucket of water, and then a cane,  and then pepper, 
“Hold her down, lie her flat, raise up her dress, strip her now” she orders
She pours the pepper into the water..then she rubs the cane with some….
“This ..Chidera is how we exorcorize demons from children in my time…but by time you feel this pain shooting up to your head..Maybe you will have a change of heart.”
Chidera struggles as they pin her down and hold her to a bench they dragged out from the security house. ..and then they strip her, infront of the whole school..pinning her down
“As I flog her, someone carry a bail of water and pour it over her.'”
Mother Theressa removes the shawl over her shoulders , then she takes the cane over her head
“If you touch me , if you touch me I will kill you …I will kill you..you old piece of troll” Chidera is screaming…
The first cane lands on her body, and then the second and then the third…
Chidera is screaming. .
“I say someone pour the peppered water on her now”
Amaka who has been standing at the corner , she grabs the pale and dips it into the bucket and pours it on Chidera, the pepper sips into her and she screams out louder squirming in pain
“Fxxk you !! Fxxk you..you will die a horrible death I swear to you ”
Another lash..another lash…
“Ewoooo!!!! ” Chidera screams..
This goes on for 30 minutes  …
Mother Theressa turns around   ….
“Everyone she has called out now…..come here..now, you all would be punished ..if I have to do this all night I will. ..all of you are a disgrace…this school..this school is the foundation of the Lords and this is what you all have turned it into..I will make sure I beat the devil out of you all then I would send you all home…all of you home….you will not corrupt the few good ones here I refuse it. GOD FORBID I SIT BACK AND LET THIS HAPPEN. .ALL OF YOU COME HERE AND LIE FLAT ON THE GRASS!!” She screams….
“Lock up Mr Adamu and Miss Monica inside the security house , I will call the authority for them, oh God!!!. And the rest of the teachers…grab a cane , anything. …you students thst have erred, all of you  would be severely punished tonight.. none of you mentioned would be spared…not one I swear to you tonight” she has tears in her eyes now 
“Your parents are paying so much sending you both to school, praying that you all become better people and here you are soiling yourselves, defiling yourselves and at the expense of your  parent’s sweats.  You all are ungrateful. .ungrateful and bad children. The bible says once a child errs, there is nothing wrong in correcting them, so I will do my best to makes sure you are corrected…file out now..everyone of you because if you don’t your mater will be worse. Every name she has called…to the floor now”

Some students are crying, others are begging. .
“To the floor”
Some are lying on the grass..falling to their tummy,  begging and crying…
Matrons and Teachers are pushing them aside and flogging them already lying down.
Students are screaming,  Amaka,Temi and Dayo are amongst those punished. 
In the process Mother Theressa looks up at Michael and Chidinma 
“The only reason you are not joining them right now is because no one as pointed out to us that you are involved in any sexual act but you would serve punishment for not bringing this to my knowledge about the almost rape incident   …..and you too Chidinma for keeping quiet. ..you both would serve detention till tomorrow,  no food,no water….same as the rest of you who knew about this…all of you would be punished ”

She turns away , resuming  flogging students , the rest students who weren’t involved are asked to sit on the grass and observe what punishments are being metted out to students  who disobey.
It takes a couple of hours before the criying and flogging dies down…
Done with Chidera, they leave her, she rolls to tyr ground,  pain coursing through her body.. then she felt something hard and rough on her side… a rock.. she grabs it 
“Everyone of you are going to sleep on the grass till tomorrow. ..all of you punished . Nonsense” Mother Theressa says
“Micheal and Chidinma. ..follow Teacher grace, for two days detention” she points to them 
As they turn,  they didn’t see the girl who gets up from the floor, running towards them
“Chidinma! !!!” Bunmi screams her name
But it was too late… Micheal turns only to see Chidera running towards them…
Chidnma turns to see Chidera already infront of her…
Before she could dock, she was hit and already on the floor
She hits her head to the pavement block..
She blacks out immediately 
Micheal grabs Chidera and flings her away from Chidinma,  then he grabs Chidinma and shakes her
“Oh no no no no no” he cries shaking her , then he raises her head up  as everyone rushes to them, Mother Theressa bends to touch Chidinma 
Micheal sees the blood at the back of his hand and then fear he hasn’t felt before gribs him….
“She is bleeding. ..she is bleeding. ..Help ..help please….help !!!” he screams to no one in particular. ..
Mother Theressa screams at someone… “Get the car quick!! First aid kid quick! !!”
“She isn’t breathing oh God…Chidnma,  wake up princess wakeup ” Micheal hugs her to himself rocking her and crying….
Mimi , Bunmi, and the boys are beside him now as everyone  else gathers them….worry registered in their faces, Micheal is fear 
“Open your eyes princess! !” He begs
“Someone open the gates let’s take her to the hospital,  this can’t be treated here..she isn’t breathing ” Mother Theressa screams at another person
The gates are rolled open, she is carefully carried into the car,  and the driver pulls away from the school’spremises 
Chidera who had been laughing nonstop as she gets up from the ground Micheal flung her to sees  the opportunity to run out of the gate and into the night…so she took it sprinting out of the open gate 
“I hope you die Chidinma,  if I don’t get him…neither would you …I hope you die” she laughs as she runs away from the school  not looking ahead of her but behind her to see that no one is chasing her
She didn’t see the car coming without no lights…

It runs her down in an instant ..
Then  it stops , a man comes down from the car,  he sees the damage. …

He sees students coming out of the school and watching a car leave the school gate.
They didn’t see the accident…
He had to save himself. He enters back into his  car, reverses and flees
Chidera is on the ground…choking….bleeding…dying..
Micheal who refused to leave her side no matter what the Matron says held her head on his thighs and prays she is okay. ..
Mother Theressa  puts a call to the Principal again..
“Sir, something horrible as happened,  we are on the way to the hospital. ..Micheal and I are….Oh. ..I didn’t see it coming sir….Now Micheal isn’t. …she isn’t. ..” she trails off as her hands begins to shake….

“What happened to my son?” Mr Christopher screams into the phone as he jumps up from his chair. .. 
“Theressa??? Theressa? ??!!! ” fear grips him
Oh God!! My son … 
He holds his chest…
“THERESSA! !!!!!!”
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