I never knew you were going to be the most important person in my life..

I never knew you were going to make my heart skip a thousand flights..

I never knew the stars would twinkle in my eyes

Oh sweet Sailor, I never knew you were my prince in shining disguise 
You see,  while I was a little girl growing up..

I used to see them, mother and father, dancing to the music of the night, twirling to the serenade in helpless delight. 

Laughing at the themselves in glee and it felt so right
As a little girl I watched them love each other in their low, love each other more in their high..

How they encouraged each other in their weakness and gave each other wings to fly in their strengths  

I would watch them hold each other,   holding on, not letting each other go..

I watched them…laying side by side, hands  clasped together,  heads touching each other as they rocked themselves  to sleep.
As I little girl, I knew I wanted a love as perfect as this or nearly perfect , not fairtales in my  lonesome dreams.
You see…. Love they say is blind, I guess they say that because Papa knew mama forgot a lot, knew she had her faults and shortcomings, knew she always gave him the wrong socks after 35 years together,  knew she would sometimes burn the food and then on others days forget to iron his shirt because she was watching a soap opera or reading a  book. Papa knew her imperfections and loved her despite.
Maybe I understand when people say love is blind because Papa was an occasional drunk and would pass out on the chair and mama would have to clean the spittle from his mouth so it doesn’t drool down his face and soil his shirt. Papa would eat  and leave the plates in the sink piled up for days when mama isn’t around and then she would come home after a week and do the dishes, tired and spent. Papa would leave the laundry over flowing. ..mama has to do that with two kids crawling around her legs while papa is watching sports and drinking beer and making a mess in the room . 
I guess love is blind when papa screams and shouts when he is angry and mama has to be calm and apologise even when he is the one at fault.. when papa forgets to pick me  up from school and then mama runs all the way,  under thr rain just to come get me and then she forgives him almost immediately when he says he is sorry.
Oh I know that is what they mean when when they say love sees your faults,  your incapabilities,  your limitations and all of your scars and still sees the beauty within and falls inlove with it…
That is why. .whenever I looked at them growing up…all I wanted was a love as blind as this, strong as this, True and real, with all honestly, all bare and no secrets, all flaws ..everything like this…
Becaus despite it all….they loved each other so much that…when papa, when he finally closed his eyes, sitting on his rocking chair and goes to sleep…

Mama follows him a few hours later…they laid side by side silently leaving this world.
While I cried..while I let the tears drop,  I was abit comforted, knowing that…their love survived all this years because they were willing to love and be  true and believe in each other, and that even in death, they loved each other so much that being apart was not negotiable. ..
You see…I wanted a loved like my parents had..
I had asked him once. ..”Father, when do you know you have met the one..the one for you?”
I was twenty six at the time, my second boyfriend in 5 years had broken my heart , he had left the city and gotten engaged to his high school sweatheart,  I found out a week before their wedding.
The first?  Well….he had a thing for his mother’s friend..

I I found them in bed together .
And the third wouldn’t have counted as an official boyfriend…we broke up a couple of hours after I  had agreed to go out with him,  I found out that I was a sort of conquest he put a bet on.
It hurts,  knowing that the people you end up caring about didn’t care as much for you …not willing to put their all into this thing you both call a relationship and at a point in you life, you stop trying. .trying to even  let them or anyone else find a way to your heart, becuase they end up breaking it and leaving .
You hear this saying alot, being alone is better than being in a relationship where you feel alone…and that is what I dreaded the most.
I was tired of guys who just want to have fun with me , the ones who are just passing,  the ones who are knows that you would mean nothing to them and the ones who likes the idea of you only for a time just because you are pretty and you would look good in their arms and the ones who pretend to love you , I was tired of all of them and it was tired of giving them my heart only to watch them, helplessly as they run multiple daggers through it, smash it with a  sledge hammer and watch them trash it into  a billion little pieces that can hardly be fixed back and when i finally piece all of them back little by little, some new person comes along, pretending to be better than the rest,  pretending to mean well and have all the characteristics of the one who would stay and just like the rest of them..they leave..eventually..taking a piece of my heart with them and not caring to look back to see if I am  still breathing. ..
I was tired of seeing that stranger in the crowd and wishing he was different than the stranger I saw his recinding back with my heart hanging on his sleeves. .
I was tired of living and falling and no one dares to even catch me.
I was tired of the cries at night and my wet pillow,the suffocation and the splitting headache when I wake up to find out he isn’t there …but to see the gold plate with a rose and a letter saying goodbye …
I was tired of telling him “I love you” with my heart and soul in those words and his reply that never reaches his eyes “lv u 2”
I was tired of those men who only wants to take and take and take and not want to give back just because they can
I was tired of opening up my heart to them…I was tired of even trying to be happy…
Because I know…I know. ..when that stranger look  across at me …he would smile. ..his eyes sparkling and his face beautiful. .he would walk up to me and then he would strike a conversation and then  I would laugh because he is cute and sweet and he is funny and because he gets me..and then we would tall deep into the night…and  then we continue the next day and the next day and the next day, loving our company and before long we see much more than today and then I find myself falling for all that he is and  he tells me the feels thesame and I would believe him.
And before long we are going on dates and he is introducing  me as his girl and before long everything is great and beautiful and amazing. ..
But that is just the begining.  .of the end.
While I am basking in the bliss of wonderful…he is setting ready to leave…and no matter how much I plead and wait and beg…
They always leave…so I wanted to know. .. 
How you would know the one who is meant for you .who would never let you go..who would stay …who never leaves?
My father, he would look at me and then he would say “I guess in reality you can’t trully know in a sense just by looking at the person ..because it is never written on their foreheads or measured by only what they say and act. Sometimes its the combination of all of these and things that don’t make sense. I guess what I am trying to say is that  ..you would feel it.”
“How did you know it was mum then?”
He smiles,  it reaches his eyes “You see,  I have always been  the one to break other people’s hearts, not giving a damn, doing what I wanted,  when I wanted and how I wanted. ..I was..handsome, wild and free and I could have any girl I wanted…I had every girl I wanted but she…she I could never have. Not because she was out of my league,  I was the rich kid in the block while she sold roses in her mother’s floral shop . While every girl flocked around me..she didn’t dare come close because….I wouldn’t have looked at her because. ..she was a flower girl, with the buck teeth and the pony tail hair and the silly laugh and ..well…I was the rich kid in the block.  But it took only one day, a silly accident that brought us together, I had been hit by a car and the driver ran away,she had seen it and called the hospital.  She stayed with me all night till my parents flew down. But that wasn’t all. ..it was the fact that after that day I never saw her again… while everyone showered me with gifts and money and everything. .my friends came and well the girls…..i found myself looking at the door for that little face with the buck teeth and funny laugh and pony tail hair… there was something about her that kept me wondering… and no matter how much I tried to get her off my mind I couldn’t.  And the funny thing was that we never shared a special moment or anything to make me feel the way I did.  But I just did.
she read to me, she cleaned my head and then she held my hand when I felt pain, and when I puked all over..she didn’t run out of disgust,she cleaned my chest up and then she went to call the nurse.. things I knew would have freaked other girls out ..it didn’t. . She didn’t mind getting dirty so I could feel better .  
 Sometimes the little things matter ..the little things did  matter to me. 
And when I got better i went to search for her..she was there..by the window and as soon as she saw me..I saw her eyes lit up and the when she came outside and just stood there…we didn’t know whether to hug or just stand there. 
 We were 15 at the time…and after then…..we became friends. …and at college still friends. ..we dated other people but…there was still this thing pulling us towards each other and no one wanted to admit to the other about their feelings. …
Then one time. ..fresh out of College and tired of the girls and the life and everything else….I knew I wanted to find something more real than the superficials I was used to chasing and then….she had just broken up with a jerk of a boyfriend…who was only interested in getting underneath skirt.
 I waited 6 months before I asked her out and her words ‘Friend can’t make the best couples” and but I said  “they actually make the best couples because they know their weakness and strenght and they understand each other more ” 
You see i didn’t  know jack of what I was saying but I was tired of hanging around and thinking ‘ what if?’
I honestly tell you child, I didn’t know if what I felt for her was lust, infatuation or love..but I knew I felt something .
Did I play with her heart?  Yes..
Did I hurt her a couple times too many? 
Oh we broke up and made up and broke up again. ..it was a mess.

But you see….
Everytime I told myself I was done…

Every single time I knew that I could never be able to stay without her…
And then one day…we had the most horrible  of fights and we knew they was no going back as we both threw in the towel. 
One month apart and I felt free like a bird.  Two months. .four…a year..and I felt like a empty shell. 
She moved away  to another city and  found a job. .and maybe another man…

But you see. …I couldn’t move on.

And not knowing what she was about was killing me.
I literally saw her face in every face, I heard her voice in every call…I slept and smelt her perfume on my sheets and I was going crazy..literally.so I went in search for her…I didn’t care about the guy whose hands she held and and who was giving her a rose..
I didn’t care..
I went up to them…and I told her that I was sorry and I wanted her back. I bared it all for her…and  I told her the truth. …my life was messed up without her and I know she is crazy and she is a lil forgetful and she does things that would make someone want to run out of their minds but I loved her crazy and forgetfulness and if I have to spend the rest of my life reminding her of little things and of how much i loved her, I would….
Oh…I cried…because I knew that when it came to true love…you never trully  realise it untill you realise that you can never trully have it again once you  lose it..
It was that moment I knew that she was my life. .my all..my everything and if I lost her I would lose myself for good..
I asked her to marry me…I asked her to share my last name with me and my heart and my ups and downs and my everything. ..
I didn’t know if she was going to walk away,slap me and call me names.  I didn’t care…I just knew that I would go to the ends of the world to prove just how much she meant to me..

And though till this day I am suprised she didn’t turn me away, instead  she ran …rushing to me and puts her hands around me and kisses me till I was out of breath  as though she was waiting for me to doo this…
And from that day upward, I have never been able to love her less…
Yes we have our good and bad moments…but love.. the love we have for each other is beyound everything else.
So how do you know?  You don’t know…I guess when you meet him. ..when that mement comes. … then you both would know..” he told me…
As I sat there wondering..wondering if I would ever meet the one…

I gave up those kind of hopes..

I told myself… 
That my parent’s loves was rare and beautiful and no one can love themselves as much as it they loved each other. 
As as they died and  was buried in their arms…
I knew I would never see a love like this..let alone experience it.
That is why a year later. .sitting and watching the crowd of people ..while I sipped my coffee and ate snacks..and I notice and saw him..staring at me..
I knew he was another stranger. .just like the rest. .whose smiles would light up his eyes and then he would  come over, strike a conversation. ..make me fall for him and months from now I would give him my heart and just like the others…he would run it over and break it and then he would leave…and like always I would be alone in my darkened room, crying my eyes out and wishing that I never loved from the start.
But there he was staring at me..and staring , but because I wasn’t  ready to ever again give someone that power to beak me another time I get up, and then I leave. .
Basking in the fresh air of the night and forgetting the face of that beautiful stranger in the bar whose eyes lights up when he sees me.
There was no love out here for me..

Just taunts and  my jars of broken hearts..
So I left. …and never looked back.
It was a couple of weeks when it all changed…
The air I mean. It was dusty and wet…

Like and dew rain dancing it the breeze.
I was going on a boat cruise with a large number  of people… 
Enjoying the sea for the weekend and I was going on my own company. ..wanting the peace only I can give myself .
It was during the late lunch, while I sat outside on the deck,  watching the sea twist and turn over each other and laughing at the little kids pointing at the sea animals in the water with clear sea-water-binoculars  did I notice the presence beside me..
He was wearing white,  just like the rest of them who were called Sailors.. he had taken of his cap…holding it his hands as he looks at the sea too .
I don’t pay him any mind …I turn away , fixing my gaze in my book I was reading.
“Satan,go away!’  I willed
But the stranger didn’t move.
It’s been twenty minutes and he still didn’t move nor had he said a word.
Maybe he wasn’t one of those strangers looking to make a conversation. ..Maybe he was just enjoying the cool breeze like the rest of us coming up to watch the sea and it’s creatures jump out of the water and give us a dance like the dolphins..
So I forget the stranger and I pray he leaves because I didn’t like him in my space.  I frown just incase he changes his mind and wants to strike a conversation.


And in a little while he leaves…
Not a word was uttered. 
It is the next day I see him again,  this time I am having dinner below cabin, and when I am done i go down to the cinema room, where an old flick “Totanic” is showing.
You see I felt it inappropriate for them to be showing that movie on a boat cruise. ..what if…something dramatic like that happens?  ..Wouldn’t it be a jinx to us?
I sigh.
But I was  a sucker for love stories. ..not one that a lover dies though 
 Nevertheless,  i don’t pay attention to the movie  but stare mutely at the screen . I loved the simi dark room and the coolness and still quietness..
Then I felt a presence slid in next to me..taking a seat..
And I look up..and there was the stranger again …
Was he following me?
No ofcourse not…the room was all access; and shouldn’t he be up in the boat. ..in the wheel room turning wheels maybe or with his pack of brothers seated in front and sharing a bucket of chicken. ..
Why was he here?
So I ignore him, yet  again. 
What if he tries to talk to me? Well I wouldn’t even bother to reply him.
Not a word.
So I thin my lips, and focus on the moving pictures.
As soon as the movie finishes. ..he gets up and then he leaves ..
Unbelievably Strange! !!
I stare at him , frowning.
then in another moment , I turn away and  I forget him.
I think. 
It was the last day i see him again, 

This time he was above deck…
Watching everyone leave. ..with his brothers in uniforms . …that white beautiful uniform they wore and their white shoes and their white caps….
He stood there..tall..elegant…just staring ..as we moved down..making our way out of the cruise boat that we had spent three long days in cruising the sea.
I turn away carrying my bag ….waiting for a taxi as we alighted.
It was ten minutes when I feel that presence again. ..
I turn to find him by my side …
Oh now it was a definite,   he was following me
Because the road ,the street was wide enough for him to stand…why didn’t he stand afar off..or across or iono anywhere but where I was. .a few inches apart would do. We were almost brushing our shoulders  
I tense. I am am angry too, I fold my fist and I am boiling.
I was about to open my mouth to cast the demon away when he flags gown a taxi…he bends and then he gives the man a couple of bills…
“Take the lady wherever she is going to ” he says opening the door for me, with a smile on his face, the one that appears and then disappears
I blink a couple of times…the hot shout on my tongue suddenly bridled.
Then he taps his  sailor cap as a solder would….
“Ma’am” was all that he said as he ushers me into the cab, he closes the door as I enter, i am still speechless
 With an index finger to his cap he touches it again, he steps back and taps the car for it to move as a cowboy would to a horse.
I swear. … I found myself turning back to look at him…he didnt move away from that Spot till we disappeared down the road and off his grid.
Later that day, I lay awake at night wondering who he is  …
It’s been a month now since that day and I still wonder who that stangrer was.
Today,I walk through the park, sniffing roses off floral shops, buying sweets off the sweets plate and eating cakes from the baker’s place.
I walk into my favorite  coffee spot…sit down and order one and a plate of cookies because…I am a sweet tooth like that.
It was then,  a few minutes later I see one dressed in white walk in…
He backs me going to the diner  area to seat as the waitress who had a shinny smiling face walks up to him. .
‘Hello Sailor” she says. . Taking his order and retuning back with a tray
He didn’t look my way and I wonder if he saw me.

But He didnt let on if he did.
I was supposed to have left 30 minutes ago but I stayed , and for the life of me I didn’t know why.
Why wasn’t he looking my way.

Why didn’t he look up like the others did, smile and then walk across to me and then strike a conversation and then make me fall inlove with him….
Why didn’t he look my way?

Just why???
It was an hour now and then I saw him get up,pay his bills and then he leaves. .
For some strange reason I felt sad.
I sigh. 
Maybe it was for the best.
I didn’t  want another heart break  anyways.
This was the 7th time I was seeing him in 6 months…
And thesame thing happened. ..
He doesn’t look at me, neither does he let on if he saw me.
He would take his dinner and then he would leave.
Deep sigh
Today i am here  again.
And I wonder if I have begun coming here more often than I did to see if I would see him here again or I came here mainly because I loved coming here. .
But I knew it was the first .
I wanted to see him again. 
Today I am here as early as 4pm  and I knew by 5 he would come in, just like always for the past couple of months.
But today he didn’t show up.
Neither did he show up the next day and the next day and the next day.
It’s been two months now and I wonder if he is ever coming back.
Today I walk by the docks …
I wish I knew his name…
And I don’t know why, why it suddenly bothered me so much that he never spoke to me..just like the others, why he suddenly saw me and ignored me, unlike the others. .
I didn’t understand it and I wanted to find it why…and I didn’t why I wanted to know why.
I see them…I see all his brothers in uniform …laughing and talking amongst themselves, sharing a gin and smoking, I see them enjoying their company ..the night and a hot dinner from the fire
Taking a risk I walk past them..peeking  amongst their faces to see if i would see him. 
But he wasn’t among them…and i wish I  knew his his name to ask them. But i didn’t. ..I didn’t. 
Its two days after ,  and they are sailing off,  i know that because i came back and watched them leave.
Just hoping, really hoping to catch a glimpse of him..but i didn’t see him still.
For some reason I came back to watch them return after a month when I found out when the Sailors come and when they leave .
I stand,  a lil away from the docks , I see them alighting from their ship.
I wonder if he was the one who alighted first or last…I wasn’t sure.

I never  saw their faces because all I saw was their backs.
It’s more than two months now, no sign of him..and I think…MR SAILOR IS GONE!!
And for some strange reason I am sad.
And I remember these words ..
I know it hurts when the one who you love hurts you, I know it breaks you down when you give your all to another, all 110% of it all and they can’t afford to give you a even close to a 10.
 I know it is depressing and frustrating to love someone who doesn’t love you back as much as you loved him. I know it is painful to be broken to pieces of over and over again. …
but know this…
Just because someone did that to you doesn’t mean the next person would…even if the next ten persons  does that to you doesn’t mean the 11th person would. 
You can’t live your life based on the fact that because you were hurt you can’t open your heart to another, because you would  never know when love comes knocking and it might come  or happen in the most unexpected of places .
Yes you have been hurt…doesn’t stop you from loveing again.
Yes you have been broken  ..it doesn’t stop you from rebuilding again.
Yes you have been left and abandoned..it doesn’t  mean  you can’t re-live again.
Love is hard..love hurts…but love is also beautiful and untill you find that special one who would show you why it never worked out with anyone else ..you have to open your heart to the possibility of love.

I sigh remembering those words..
But I knew it wasn’t for me..

Because I had suddenly locked up my heart and thrown  the key away into the ocean.
The love my parents had….was a once in a life time kinda love, it was never going to happen to me.
I walked back home and forgot about that stranger.
I had to.
I wonder why I wanted to find him anyway.
He was nothing but that…a stranger. 


It is three years now since that day…
I am sitting down taking my coffee and reading a book, at my favourite spot .
I feel a presence, I feel it before I see it.
Someone is towelling over me.
Then I frown looking up.
My heart skips a thousand flights , I felt my hands shake and my throat closes as my mouth goes dry.
Not fear. .

No not fear,
But of something else..
Happiness, I feel it tickling my toes,rising to my stomach, causing the butterflies to dance and then my chest when my heart beats really fast.
There..standing there and looking at me was the stranger. ..all dressed in white. His cap in his hands and all he is doing is just standing there,towelling and staring down at me. Just staring at me.
Oh lord of moses !!!
And all i want to do is to jump up and hug him,

For reasons I didn’t understand .
“Can I sit please ?” Even his voice sends shivers through my body
I nod , because my words can’t form in my mouth
“I don’t mean to be a bother but..I have been meaning to talk to you for ages but….everytime I tried you seemed to have these walls up…that I knew that you wouldn’t want to put it down….but…I think I wasted alot of time trying not to try ..” he says
I am speechless. ..I drop my book and stare at him. 


“My name is Richard..Richard Locke, and I am a Sailor” he tells me giving me his hands
“hello Mr Sailor” I tell him taking his hand, it is soft just like his eyes
He smiles,  and I smile and then he smiles again…and it reaches his eyes  
It pulls me in, those sea blue eyes of his
You see….we talked for hours ..we talked about everything and then nothing…
And then we saw the next and the next and then next and then we went on dates and then..months down the line…I was falling hard for this Sailor but I was scared…
And I knew that just like the rest of them he would leave…
So I did the only thing that I could.
I left  .
Oh please don’t judge me , you don’t understand how much I have been hurt…
I had to.
One morning I woke up, grabbed my bag and I ran..
Because I was afraid to watch him leave , afraid to see his back..afraid  to hear those words …
“i don’t love you anymore”
Afraid to be alone in that apartment with nothing but his Tee-shirt on,  crying my ears out and feeling the broken pieces of my heart falling over the floor with a pool of my blood drowning me in sorrow .
So I ran..
Because i loved him too much. 
Much more than I had ever loved any of them before..
And I knew that it was better to hurt myself now than let him hurt me when he thinks it’s time to say goodbye
So I ran, with tears in my eyes,my bags in my hand, I ran, two cities apart, all away to the other side of the divide. I ran.
Trying to protect my heart, trying not to be hurt anymore. 
And I hoped that …He would understand and maybe if he had decided to leave me already before now,  that now it would be easy for him.
And I knew that if that was the case, I would never see him again because he would have forgotten me as soon as he woke up and found out I was gone..
But oh boy was I  mistaken. .
He is  standing here right  infront of me now..a week later ….he is at my door…
Dressed in white….As always and  his eyes are very sad….and I wonder if my eyes mirror my pain seeing him there.
And I wonder even more , did he find me so that he can end it face to face , right now infront of me? 
But there …here he  stands, refusing me to close the door on his face, shaking his head from side to side.
Refusing me to hide my face away from him as he tries to look at me face,  
He stands there, standing here and he is  staring at me. ..and I swear i feel the pain in his eyes, even his voice breaks when he begins to speak 
“Don’t leave me Grace. ..don’t ever leave me. I know you have been hurt a couple of times…and I know you are scared. I see the way your eyes follow me when I walk out the door and then the way you leap for joy when I come back home and i know you are scared thinking that I would never return to you  but …please. ..have no fear.
  I love you Grace..and I think I have loved you for a long time before today..since the day I saw you in that coffee shop but because I understood that look in your eyes, I know it and I have had it on mine too, so I understood it and i  decided to give you time to heal from whatever weight your carry.
 I know I can be a handful and I know sometimes  I may have made your heart heavy,  but babe I am not perfect and i can never be..but I can try to be perfect in my imperfections for you.
 I love you Grace and I don’t know how much I can say it for you to believe me. I miss you when you are with me because I can’t seem to get enough of you. I miss you when I am away because I can’t wait to have you back in my arms…
 I know there would be ups and downs..good times and bad..but I want to share every waking moments with you, I want to cry on your shoulders when I am sad and i want to laugh in your hair when I am happy. 
I don’t want to be strong all the time , I also  want to be volunerable  to you too . 
You mean the world to me Grace and I don’t know why you don’t see that. I don’t want to you to leave. .not ever and if I ever go down the wrong paths I need you to bring me back. 
 We have fights…all couples do, but we would make up. Babe you are the only person I want to love and care for and fall inlove with over and over and over again. 
 Grace… I know a lot of others have told you they would never leave and still did ..but I don’t want to be one of the others. .i want to be the one who never did . 
Stay with me Grace…let me love you as you have never been loved before  and let me show you why loving you keeps me breathing.
 I can’t promise  the world, i can’t promise you that it would always be rosey and and thay I will show you heaven. .but atleast I can promise you I will help you touch the skies with your dreams and see the stars with your eyes,  and  an assured and continues beating of my heart for you babe …
 I love you and even if you go far away from me , just like today I will find you  because. .I swear I can’t live without you,  I just  don’t want to. . Not now …not ever.
Grace..  I LOVE YOU. I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU and I would keep saying it till all i breath is that . .. I won’t ever leave you, maybe untill i am old and grey and my heart stops beating and when i have no control over staying, but till then, i give you the rest of my beating heart…untill then Gracey, i am staying …i am not going anyway.. i won’t leave you because i love you to damn much and i would fight for you till i have no more fights left…i am not leaveing you babe…No, so don’t leave me too” I saw the pain in his eyes and hears it in his voice.
“I am scared Richard” I tell him
“I know baby I do. ..just let me love you like you have never being loved before and I promise you….it would be the best thing you have ever felt. ” he tells me pulling me into his arms,  I cry there, telling him how sorry I was to have run away , for leaving.
He laughs “Yeah. .I guess I didn’t realise I loved you this much untill I saw your letter telling me goodbye and I realised that you were no where to be found and I almost ran mad searching for you . Baby. .please don’t ever leave me ..please?
“I won’t. I won’t I am sorry” I hold onto him tight..
“I love you Grace, no pretends, ,no half-truths., 100% in …all of me baby, all of me . I love you and I won’t leave without you …I won’t ”
As he held me in his arms. .
I wonder was this what true love felt like…?
Was i dreaming? 
I felt safe, loved, complete.
I never knew I would be able to find  a love like this…
It might not be as strong and unbeatable as my parents. ..
But nearly perfect is almost perfect and I would take this anyway,  over again I would fall inlove with my MR SAILOR! 
Today was our fifth wedding anniversary and as I walk through  these doors with a cake for our son..
I see the way his eyes sparkles …and I felt the way he  loved me and I knew that. …
Loving him wasn’t a  mistake   …
And i knew my father would be happy watching from heaven to know that I finally found my prince and a love almost as perfect as theirs.
And even though we have our ups and downs…he was still here, loving me through it all…
He was my lover, my friend, my prince, my husband , my MR SAILOR  and I loved him completely. 
Father was right…you never really know who the right one is…
But when he comes…that moment. ..that moment. ..would come when you would know that he is everything that you want and everything you ever hoped for. And he would complete you and show you why loving you is near as perfect as perfect can be.
This was was perfect story,  this was my journey. ..and this is were I ended up…loving a SAILOR  and I am glad I did. 

The End.
Love is a beautiful thing…

It is even more beautiful to love someone and have that person love you as wholeheartedly as you love them…
And just because the one you loved didn’t loved you back…doesn’t mean that you  can’t ever love again.
You true love might not be the prince charming , or the rich looking bloke or the amazing model etc, but know this, he/she , would be the  one who would walk through those doors and sweep you off  your feets and make you realise why it never walked  with anyone else. 
Love…just  love….and let it be almost perfect ….if not perfect.
Just love.💞
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Goodnight folks.

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