I’ll say to the world…I had so many dreams, dreams to touch the sky and walk in the clouds of heaven.
Dreams to travel the world and play tambourines and beat the highest drums as I sit amongst those who beat the drums with their own loving hearts.
Dreams to change things with my hands and #Write🖎 to the paths to greatness..
Dreams to put a smile on another and then help the broken bird to fly again.
Dream to see the stars twinkle and be able to touch the air seeping through my fingers, dream to be happy and be fulfilled, content in all.
Dreams to live, love, pray always without a doubt.
Dreams to help another any way I can.

Dream to dance on that stage and get everyone  cheer really loud..
Dream to be something or someone  other than  what I already am…not to change to be another ..but still being me but better than I was the day before..
Dream to change a smile turned upside down.

Dreams to live a life better than the one society has drawn for me …and I’ll cross the seas and I will not drown.
Dream to be up there, right at the top, making things better than now.

Dreams to achieve , to become..to be …who God says I am.
I have so many dreams….
And I don’t know if they will all come true. ..but I will continue to dream…because I know that as long as I don’t stop believing and hoping and acting on these dreams…one day…I’ll not just dream through them..I’ll be living it all out because I dared to dream, I dared to believe and I dared to make sure that my dreams aren’t just figments of my imaginations and I worked towards making it happen. 
Even the bible says… in Habakuk 2:2 ” And the LORD answered me: “Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it” So yes…I will dream, I’ll write it down plainly and I’ll run with it…chasing it as it seeps through …and then one day when I am done chasing and achieving. ..I would sit and see…spread about like trees how my dreams aren’t dreams anymore…but reality..tangible for me to see..feel..touch…as real as it could get and I would be glad because. ..I dared to Dream…

One day , I’ll not just tell the world my dreams…I’ll show them what my dream turned out to be.
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Hello Thursday. .



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