Undeniably Karma  $Chp24-Finale


                               UNDENIABLY KARMA –

             CHAPTER 24 (Finale chapter )
The students who had followed the car that left to the hospital to the gate slowly go back inside as the matrons called them in.. scattering themselves apart they sat.
They sat together, their silence evident of their sadness.. for once, no one seemed to be concerned in making the students stay apart, as though they too understood that..their sadness and comfort was important.

Cynthia hadn’t stopped crying, she crawled to her mother Cecil, silently begging, her mother who had sat down on the grass, with her hand on her head as silent tears leaving her eyes while they are closed, ignored her.
The gate is still open…
Mother Theressa and Micheal with another Matron had taken the student to the hospital, she wasn’t breathing when she left, and there was blood everywhere with the huge stone that ..that girl..no, she wasn’t a girl,  a demon had used on her ..the rock hitting her head and then the pavement..it was a double hit, she only hoped the girl survived.
“Don’t touch me” she hisses as Cynthia tugged at the helm of her cloth.
She couldn’t believe that her own daughter, her own daughter was not only sleeping around in school with boys and with someone old enough to be her father, but she had been the instrument used to cause harm to another…
“Oh!, why did you give me a daughter like her, why Lord” she cried..
Why didn’t she refuse, why didn’t she come to report? Of course she couldn’t because she was covering her own sins with another sin.. putting an innocent girl’s life in danger..how does she forgive her that? How… and if that demon girl hadn’t mistakenly caught them tonight while she was hoping to catch another, another students whom she claimed was Micheal and the junior, who weren’t even there, she wouldn’t have known what her daughter had been up to..the sight alone could break a mother’s heart and it did, it did, and to think that her daughter Cynthia …she was a virgin ..a virgin?? Oh what a sad laugh..
 She was worse than a  little slut, she was dinning with the devil and plotting with her…now all these nonsense had led to another girl to danger, which was life threatening…
“Pray to the god you know and all the stars that that girl doesn’t die, because the God I serve would punish you for your own sin in this..just pray”
Cynthia is crying “Mama, please I am sorry” she begged
Mother Cecil curses her in her mother tongue..and spat
“You are not my daughter, not my daughter, Tufiakwa!!!”
Amaka is seated, knees up, head on them..Temi and Dayo is seated beside her on the grass
“we did so many wrong things to her, we did so many things to her just because Chidera asked us to.. what if she dies? What if? I never knew someone was capable of murder..i never knew one could hate someone so much and then want to kill her and actually..and actually …” she cries , “ I feel so ashamed of everything, of ever being her friend of ever being influenced by her to do things, and ..i did things because well, some of them I liked, some of them I enjoyed, the parties, the..sexual relations, when she isn’t forcing us to be with someone just because she wanted to get something out of it..it was wrong, I knew that, we knew that, but we were also enjoying the perks from her friendship, the good grades, the fear from other students, the opportunities, the supposed good life at the expense of others, other innocent people, people like Chidinma…all she did wrong was be the girl Micheal liked, that was all..that was all, she just had to be the girl who didn’t back down when she was barked at, who didn’t curl into her shell when attacked, who cried in her pain and rose up from it and then kicked her  way back when she was kicked down..she just had to be the girl who stood up to her, fought her back because she had the right to..she was fighting back for her peace of mind, not Chidera’s stupid throne she claimed she had, not Chidera’s supposed prestige and fame..which is all about sleeping around, drinking, clubbing and bullying students into fear and submission, Chidinma just had to be the girl who didn’t care about all that, who was pure and different, she just had to be the girl that made Micheal like her obviously..that was all and Chidera couldn’t handle it, she did things, she made us do things and when it all backfired what does she do? She rat us out, what we did and what we didn’t just to try and save her own arse or to bring all of us down…oh, we have done so many things with the devil..those things I for one regret, all those things have led up to this moment…and I wish I had walked away from it all when Micheal told me that one day, one day I would realize that Chidera loved no one but herself, I should have listened but I was scared of her, of what she could do, what I knew she could do so I picked her everytime when I should have picked the door….i should have reported her, reported us..but no, I followed her every orders up until the time I couldn’t because…I couldn’t let her ruin Chidinma that way that is why I had to go meet Micheal to save her, but when she ordered me to report them…I went..you see, I am a part of this as much as you all are you …we might not have been the one with the rock, but we all were her hand she lifted up and hit her with…and i..i..” she sobs “I think ..I think we killed her, I think we killed her, she was just lying down there in blood, her head bleeding and Chidera just stood there laughing..laughing like a demon…what if she died, what if she is dead, we killed her ..we killed her” she rocked on her knees
Temi and Dayo are silently crying… shame washes over them..they hoped that that was not the case.
“she wasn’t breathing Bunmi, she wasn’t breathing “ Mimi cries, she is shaking and her words are incoherent
 “She wasn’t moving, she just fell and that was it, and ..and…and there was  blood and and..she wasn’t breathing and.. and “ she says crying, Jerry grabs her and holds her
“She will be fine, she will be fine” he says holding her
“But, but why didn’t they let us go with her, why didn’t they let us, we are her friends, we are the ones that would take care of her, when she wakes up, and she doesn’t see us she would worry…why.. why didn’t she move or answer when we called her, when Senior Micheal called her, he kept screaming her name and shaking her and crying and she wouldn’t open her eyes, why…why isn’t anyone telling us anything or allow us go with her, or which hospital or ..or “ she cries “Oh Chidinma, oh Chidinma” she wails “I am so sorry, I should have stopped her running towards you instead of just screaming your name, you would have been okay if I had quickly acted, please be okay..oh God please let her be okay”
Boma isn’t saying anything , he is staring at the blood on the pavement floor where Chidinma had fallen and hit her head, the rock Chidera had used laid not so far off, you could see the blood stain on it as well..right there..his mind was seeing his best friend holding onto Chidinma, her head in his hands and as he stares and sees the blood at the back of her head and the one caused by the rock in front.. the way he cried rocking her and begging her to wake up, even for a minute, the way his body shook, the way his veins showed, you could see the pain in his eyes, his fear and the fact that he couldn’t do anything for him at that moment.. broke him.
He had always wanted to be able to do anything for his best friend because Micheal had literally gone out on all limbs for him, he was selfless like that for people he cared about, he had given up his meal so that he could eat, asked his father to help with his fees when things went bad for him at home, he had helped him stay off trouble, he grew up in a messed up environment when violence was used to settle scores, but because Micheal decided to take a chance on him…he made him a better person, did things right, stopped the street life in him…and he was thankful because not many people could do anything that Micheal had done for him..and for once he couldn’t do anything for Micheal, not in his moment of pain and it broke him..
He sniffs
Much more because it was Chidinma lying there on the floor not breathing, lifeless if you will. She didn’t deserve to be on that floor, no she didn’t.
 Chidera deserved to be the one in her place..not Chidinma

Why do bad things happen to good people? he wished he had seen her on  time, stopped her on time, he wouldn’t have even blinked to use that stone on her instead, he wouldn’t have allowed her hurt another person but it was too late, Chidinma was the one on the floor and her innocent face without emotion and it hurts because…because she didn’t deserve it..
“Oh God, oh God let her be okay please dear lord, let her be, for Micheal’s sake, please” he closes his eyes and said a silent prayer

Jerremy is beside him “She has to be fine, she gat to be” he says, his voice sad, he sniffs
“She has to be” Boma repeats nodding “We have to be positive”
The girls are hugged by Jerry as both their heads rest on his shoulders
“She would be fine, she would be fine, she is going to the hospital, Micheal is with her, he wouldn’t  let anything happen to her, not anymore okay. Shhhh ….don’t cry, she is fine, just a little blood”
“It was more than a little blood is was plenty of blood and.. and” Mimi bursts out crying
“I know I know..but she will be okay, I promise, she is a fighter , a survivor, she would be okay…she will” he rocks them
Boma turns away to them, he goes to them and sits down, he grabs their hands, rubbing it
“She will be fine,I promise, we have to agree on that, we agree, we believe..it would come to pass, even the bible says so “ Boma nods,


“Yes, we just have to pray for her” Jerremy says
They nod, silently praying for her
Chidera lays on the cold road ..where the car who had long gone had run her over..
She had been chocking and coughing, jerking little by little…she is blinking but she could hardly move anything other than her eyes…and her head.. it was dark..no one was coming to save her, no one was there with her..she was alone, dying..
Her life suddenly flashed before her…she chokes..
‘Oh God..please I.i don’t..want..to.d-ie” she chokes again
Her vision blurs as tears fill her eyes, pain seared through her body, the tears fill up and  drops from her eyes..

She coughs again,the pain gets to her head as she cries out..
“Help!!…hel-p m-e ple-as-se…” she chokes but all that met her was silence..
Mr Christopher holds his chest trying to calm down as the phone drops from his hands..
“Mr Christopher, Mr Principal..are you there, are you there??’’ Mother Theressa who was on the line called out his name when he didn’t respond. He couldn’t because he felt his chest constricting and he couldn’t breath.. he had to fight for breath as his chest seared with so much pain, shooting through his head and making him weak, as though the blood stopped flowing and his vision blurs…he slowly drops to the ground
“Micheal..my son..my son. What happened to my son?’’ he chokes as he fights for breath, trying to breath
‘’Take care of him Chris , love him, he is all that you have, love him…because I am not there anymore to help you with him. He is my son, your son..he is your blood and your splitting image and he should be your shinning light now” he remembered his wife saying to him on her dying bed
“But I can’t do this alone ..i can’t”
“Yes you can , yes you can, love him in his worst, in his low and even in his wrongs, teach him what he doesn’t know and talk to him when you feel he is lacking, you need to be there for him, as a mother , a father and as a friend…promise me Chris, promise me” 
“I promise …I promise” he had cried into her hair …he had promised his late wife to take care of their son but what did he do, gave him a sound education , provided for him…made sure he didn’t lack and then he left him to himself..
He doesn’t know what hurts Micheal, what pains him or makes him happy and keeps him excited…he didn’t because he didn’t want to get so attached to his son..he didn’t because he lost the only thing that he ever loved, his wife and loving someone who she birthed without her there felt so wrong and he couldn’t bare it so he kept himself away. It was wrong, it was unfair he realized that now..now he may never have that chance ever again..and it was all his fault.
It was his mistake, it was…now, now something had happened to his son and it is all..entirely his fault, because he wasn’t there for him…
He loved his son, he did..he wished he had been able to show him..to show him…
He cries..he cries hard.
He manages his breathing until he is back to normalcy
No!! he had to go to him, go back and find out what happened to his son…
“Please be safe Micheal, please be safe my son, don’t leave me too, please I beg you” he sobs in his hands

He grabs his phone
“Hello, Theresssa hello?”’ the line was dead. He redails to find out that it was unreachable, he calls the school’s office, no one is picking.
He had to go there himself, he couldn’t stay here.
He checks to see which flight was available, he books it, he grabs his bag, and leaves his room
Christopher drives into the school’s premises. He had booked the next flight available and when he got into town he had driven like a mad man to his school.
The gate was open, students were all over place, sitting on the grace, pavements, together, some were clustered at a corner and  the compound felt like something bad had really happened.
The students all stand as soon as he drives in, the Matrons and teachers, the entire managements were outside…except Mother Theressa, neither was Mr Adamu.. 
He jumps out of the car as soon as he hits the breaks..running to everyone and no one in particular
“Micheal? Micheal. Where is Micheal..where is Micheal”” he screams coming forward, searching the faces of students, the Matrons are coming towards him
“Sir, sir” they called out to him ‘Something terrible had happened”

He was turning in circles, searching
 “Where is Micheal , Micheal son come out please , please” he calls out reaching Boma and the others who come close to him
He sees the blood, he is pointing, staggering …”Where is he, where is Micheal please, Mother Theressa, Micheal?’’
Mother Cecil gets up from the grass and rushes to him
“Hospital ,they have gone to the hospital.. the St. Phillips Hospital on Agudama street sir, that is the Hospital they went to sir” Mother Cecil wipes her eyes
He rushes back into his car and drives away ..
A car drives by, the body was almost at the center of the road..
“What in the world?’’ he slows down.. frowning as he winds down..
It was a girl, not more than 17 maybe, barely clothed.. he should go, drive away, he looked as though she was run over by a car, hit and run..
He should drive away, he should. He had heard stories like this, how people get into trouble for stopping to help a total stranger … he looks around..he locks his doors. Or worse..people are around ready to jump him..but it didn’t look as though she was planted..she was all bloodied..maybe she was even dead.
The only fenced building in the near metre radius was a school…as he drives away. He heard the girl cough..she was still alife…
She was actually still alife.. he looks at her body as she struggles to move..
Thinking for a second on what to do, he drives into the school as the gate was being closed.. maybe they could help, no one would arrest a school full of people if they found a almost dead girl on the streets and what if the girl was a student of the school.
He horns as the gate was being close, 

“please who are you?’ the security asked trying to close the gate
“Sorry , I think a student of yours has been hit by a car.. I am not sure but…” he trails off
“A student of ours?’ the security had asked..with a frown on his face

Okay, maybe he should just get out of here..
“I don’t know, I think so..she is barely alife and …I don’t know” he says pulling away and driving off, he didn’t want any trouble, what if she isn’t a student of theirs, what if they pin it on him,? He had a wife and kid at home to get back to…
He drives away..with speed,

The security comes out watching the car drive away, he looks the other way , squinting his eyes to see in the dark.. using his torch..
He turns away going into the school as he closes the gate..
Frowning..he turns again and begins walking towards the direction in which he saw a form ..
Shinning his torch..he gets close to where she is..
She coughs..
“Jesus!!’’ he exclaims.. bending down to see that indeed it was a girl..and that face looked like the girl who caused a lot of problems in the school not so long ago..
How did she get here? When did she leave the school..was it when everyone was distracted??
He gets up..he leaves her there and runs back into the school.
“Chidera??’’ Cecil turns now realizing that she wasn’t anywhere among the students as she began rounding them up..
It was late, they all needed to get to bed, Mother Theressa wasn’t around, neither was the Principal and Mr Adamu was locked in the security’s house with Miss Monica as well…she has to hold the school till everyone was back.. those who were punished where all be kept in one place until they return and whatever punishment meant for them would be decided, but Chidera, that girl, she needs to be arrested, she did all this on purpose, she was dangerous to people around her, and she had every intention to lock her up in a room alone till they decide what to do with her..
Boma and the others get up.. as Mother Cecil rounded everyone up, she is calling out for Chidera to step forward.
“ Chidera step forward” she has to hold her down till they return.

Everyone is staring at themselves..
“Chidera, if you know what is good for you, come forward now” she orders

Nothing . No movement. Everyone is whispering
“CHIDERA!!!’’ she thunders
“She isn’t here..she isn’t here” they reply 
“What do you mean..Chidera! CHIDERA!!!!”
No one sees her “How, did she just disappear into thin air? Search for her, search for her, everyone search for her and be careful, that girl is dangerous..search for her”she bellows

The security was running into the compound as students begin to scatter
“Madam Cecil…Madam Cecil… that girl, that girl ..the one that stone the other one, car…road..blood..dead” he pants
“What??’’ she couldn’t understand what he was saying
“The girl oh..that one that Madam Theressa beat…car, blood  dead oh…come come oh!!’’ he runs outside telling them to follow him..
They find her on the road still, this time…she wasn’t moving.
“I am here to see my son., my son” Christopher runs into the hospital stopping at the reception area
“Calm down sir, what is your son’s name and when was he brought in and for what?” the nurse asks
“Micheal Anthony Ekwenemerem,  erm…today, erm..i don’t know I don’t know he was brought in today please just check, he is a student please nurse, my son”
She punches her computer “No one has been admitted into this hospital with that name sir, did you say today, morning , afternoon?”
“No, maybe a few hours ago please check..you are wasting time” he shouted
‘Sir calm down please, please” she checks again, shaking her head “No one by that name and the only person that was brought in here and is a student is a girl and—‘’
“You are useless..incomptent, a boy, a boy I am sure he is bleeding a lot and maybe they didn’t have time to check him in.. my son damnit!!!’’ he slams his hand on the table
“Sir, if you don’t calm down I would have security escort you out. Calm down and I would attend to you please”
He is shaking his head, he leaves her and runs further into the hospital, checking rooms, calling out for his son
“Micheal, Micheal…Micheal “ he says opening and shutting doors..startling patients, screaming for his son
“Sir ,Sir??’ the nurse who chased after him had gotten the security to get him out
Mr Christopher bursts into the last room before they catch up with him, restraining him
“Theressa!!!! Theressa!!! Where is my son, where is my son???’’ he shouts as they hold him
Mother Theressa turns as the door was opened and she sees Mr Christopher screaming and the nurse  and securities restraining him, she jumps up rushing to them
“Mr Christopher, Mr Christopher’’ she reaches him “Please let him go, he is here for us please “
“But Madam he is looking for someone who isn’t here, saying his son..and he isn’t checked in here”
“his son is here but that isn’t the person checked in..please..he is with us” she begged “Let him go”
“My Son, I want to see my son” he cried
They let him go “calm down sir, calm down, you can go in’’ they tell him walking away
‘’Where is he? Where is Micheal?’’
“He is in there but Mr Christopher, it isn’t Micheal..it’s-“
He pushes past her into the room, he saw Micheal on the bed, blood all over him..his face in his arms..
He rushes to him, cradling him “My son, my son” he puts his head to his chest crying 
“My son..” he pulls him away, seeing the blood in his hands, his cloths,..everywhere “Why isn’t someone attending to him, why isn’t someone attending to my son?” he screams
“Are you hurt..where are you hurt..tell me where it pains..where son?’’ he touches his head, his face, runs his hands over his body…raising up his shirt to see..
“Micheal talk to me , talk to me son..oh God” he cradles him , touching him .the blood smeared his hands

Micheal raises up his head, tears in his eyes..
“Talk to me son, please, I am sorry, ‘’ he wipes his eyes, “Call the nurse, the doctor, why is no one attending to him….Theressa!!WHY IS NO ONE ANSWERING ME DAMNIT!!’’’ he bellows
“Mr Christopher..please calm down, it’s not him’’ Mother Theressa tries to talk
He ignores her, His son has blood all over, 
“Father…she isn’t breathing father, she ..”  he cries
No wound, there was no visible wound on his son’s body, so how come he had blood all over him,..whose blood was this, whose blood…he touches his head, and body….”Micheal whose blood is this? You are okay, you are okay?” Relief feels his voice
‘’she was standing just there and then she was on the floor not breathing not breathing, father what if she is dead, the doctors aren’t saying anything, they brought her here ,but then she began getting seizures and then..and then they took her out and nothing, nothing” he cries…” I don’t want her to die father, I don’t want her to die ‘’
“I don’t understand ..what are you saying?’’
“Chidinma.. father, it’s chidinma” Micheal cries
“Chidinma??’’ he looks at Micheal and at Theressa, “What is he saying, what is he saying Theressa, who is Chidinma, I don’t get, what is wrong with my son?’’ did he hit his head, why the blood, whose blood was it why, he doesn’t he understand anything…why isn’t his son making any sense?
“Sir, it’s one of the students Sir, she got hit on the head by another senior student, with a rock and when she fell she hits her head to the pavement as well, we are waiting for the doctors to tell us the situation. She wasn’t breathing when we rushed her out of the school’s premises…she was unconscious and her head was already swollen’’
“But how did this happen, how, wasn’t anyone there with them, where they fighting, Theressa I left you in charge and –“
“No they weren’t fighting, sir its more complicated than that..let  me tell you how it began’’
“Go ahead, I am listening” he sits down, he turns to Micheal..
His son was pained, was it his fault, is that why he is like this, did he cause the fight between  the two girls…
The way Micheal was crying caused a pull to his chest, he cried like someone who lost someone or is about to lose someone he cared about…and it reminded him of him..
Did Micheal care for this girl so much to cause him this much pain as she is hurt..is that why, he cried his heart out thinking the worse had happened?
‘Micheal, Micheal?” he shakes his son
“She can’t die father she can’t, I won’t be able to ..to” Mr Christopher grabs his son and hugs him, tight, tighter than he had ever hugged him before, stopping him from saying what he had said himself once..”not able to live and go on with life” because those words had fashioned his life from that day and kept him away from his son

He didn’t know how to comfort him or make his pain go away, he didn’t understand what he was going through in his mind but what he could do was to be there for his son..that is all..
Be there for him and that was what he was going to do, be there for him.

He allowed him to cry, 
‘Tell me Theressa, tell me what happened”
Micheal springs up as soon as the doctor comes in ‘’why didn’t anyone clean up the boy?’” he demanded from the nurses
“He didn’t want anyone to come near him  sir, he was in a state and wasn’t ready to leave her side or her room till he had word of her situation” she said
‘Doctor, how is she, tell me all is well?’’ Micheal says as Mother Theressa and Christopher stood up.
“due to the double impact of both rock and hard surface which was the pavement, it caused a crack in her skull, causing an internal bleeding, which caused her to lose consciousness..the hit to her forehead has been stitched, bleeding stopped.. but, we had to induce her into a coma to stop the swelling”
“What does it mean doctor?’’

 Christopher frowns
“well, well..it means that we have prevented a brain Hemorrhage which would have resulted in her getting a stroke amongst others, and loss of memory , slurred speeches,  loss of motor skills, coordination, changes in visions however hasn’t been ruled out..but until she wakes up, we can’t ascertain that she is clear of danger or still in danger’’
“Jesus!!’ Mother Theressa exclaims
Micheal slowly sits on the floor, his head in his hands
“So what do we do? “ Christopher looks at him
“we wait. Nothing else can be done, if she wake up, we run some CT scan and check on her, if we need to go into surgery we would, given your permission though. But for now, let’s keep our fingers crossed” the doctor says
“Please child, go wash up, I understand she is your friend and I see you are worried but having her blood all over is another psychological trauma that can’t be easily erased, wash up, she would still be here hmm, nurse help him with it” he beckons to one of them
“Don’t touch me..leave me alone, leave me the hell alone” Micheal screams
Christopher goes to his son “Micheal, please come, please” he lifts his son, asking directions to the cleaning area and he takes him there
Mother Theressa sits down ‘’Are you hopeful Doctor, are you??’’
“Only God can give us a miracle now..’’ he says, giving her an reassuring smile he walks away
A call comes through her phone

“ Yes Mother Cecil??’’
Her mood changes instantly “Dear Lord”
Christopher wets the towel and wipes Micheal’s hands and chest where the blood had stained, he had stripped him…to wash off the blood from his cloths..then he had put it under the heater for it to dry, increasing it so it dries faster.
He wipes his hands again with the warm water, ..Micheal isn’t saying anything but staring into space, a line of tear constantly falling down his face, Christopher’s heart pulls again
“Talk to me Micheal, please” he begged 
“Please son, let me help you in anyway I can please, I know I haven’t been there for you as I ought to, forgive me son, forgive me, I may have been detached and seemed uncaring but I never loved you any less…I love you son and I am sorry I never told you how much, having that call from Theressa my whole world came crushing down and I thought I lost you..i thought I did and it scared me and I would have died.. I promised your mother to take care of you and I did, refusing to give you the key ingredient I know you yearned for..which was love and I am so sorry son..so so sorry..for not telling you I love you, for not showing it ever ..i love you Micheal ..and I want you to know that from today..today I would be the father you want me to be and make up for my lapses..so please talk to me…what do you want me to do..how do I make you feel better son, anything, just say it..it is breaking my heart to see you like this Micheal, please “ he grabs Micheal’s face, placing both their foreheads together then he kisses him, kissing his cheeks to…”My son, I love you, let me help you with your pain..let me be the shoulder you cry on if need me..just talk to me please”
“It hurts father , this pain right here” he says touching his chest “Seeing her lying there and not being able to do anything, it hurts there. Did you know that..i never knew she could be so important to me…not until the moment she was on that floor barely breathing and I saw nothing but felt pain.. I knew I liked her father…I knew I felt something for her but that moment it felt as though something else ..some stronger emotion was there…and at that same moment I was losing it” he says
Christopher is staring at him..
“Did you know that..boys aren’t allowed to like girls that way..it’s your school right, you made the rules..but I couldn’t help it father I couldn’t, she made me smile and laugh, she was like a star, a beautiful pure person that has never been tainted”

“Are you telling me you had sexual relations with a student Micheal because despite that I love you I will tell you it is wrong son..and punishable”
Micheal laughs sadly “She wasn’t like that father , she wasn’t ..we never did that…I liked her too much to let that happen father, but still she made me want something more than the usual things.. if you ask me if we did other things like kissing..i will not answer that father…and you can’t punish me for something you don’t have an answer to and she wouldn’t tell you anything because she will listen to me..she cares about me too’ ‘ he sniffs a tear drops as he tries to laugh

Christopher hides a smile,
 “Well..atleast you have the good sense not to indulge , but son, you are too young” he says “She is too young”
“I know that..but I feel what I feel, she feels what she feels”
“All this you feel might just be infatuation son, a likeness that would probably burn out in a couple of weeks or years, you still have University to go to and she does as well..do you think you would still care for her this much…?”
Micheal is shaking his head “ I don’t care about tomorrow father , it would take care of itself, I care about now…now this day, today and how I feel is how I feel and this feeling is what I always want to feel..come tomorrow, come University , come forever”
‘’What about her son, you think she feels the same way”
Silence “ I know she does, her eyes says it all father. But it doesn’t matter…I care about her a lot father,  and she is fighting for her life in there and I can’t do anything to help her, nothing …nothing and it is all my fault” he cries again “ I should have protected her more..being alert..i should have “
Christopher grabs him again “She would be fine Micheal, she would be”
“Where is the girl?” Mother Theressa walks into the room
“she has been taken in” Mother Cecil says turning and  seeing her “And the junior?’’
Mother Theressa shakes her head “Induced coma, we are praying she comes out of it”
“Jesus,” she exclaims
“Call her parents, they should come and attend to their daughter” Mother Theressa says
Cecil nods “I have put a call across already, she is on her way”
Mother Theressa nods ‘I will call the Junior’s”
“can we see her?” Micheal asked as the doctor comes out

It is morning now and he hadn’t gotten any sleep.
“Yes but not for long, if possible talk to her, she can hear you..”
Micheal nods as both him, Mother Theressa and Christopher enter the room to see her..
He sits close to the bed, holding her hands “Hey you, so guess what, I had to drag the might father down here to see you and the brooding Mother Theressa, she is waiting to punish you for falling you know ..so you better wake up so I can help you serve your punishment so that..well…you can pay me with a dance..like the dance  we did at socials…and try not to step on my toes …I know you are a lousy dancer.. and erm” he wipes his tears again “ I will hide your green little book lover if you don’t wake up soon and do you know what I would write within it? Chidinma is a fish…all over and draw you with a big head and chewing-stick hands and leg, you know like children draw in primary school’’ he laughs
Mother Theressa shares a look with Christopher , he gives her a sad smile, she wonders if he too realized what she was seeing, that his son actually does care for this girl, a little more deeper than normal. She should say something about it, but the look Christopher gave made her feel he too knows.
Sometimes, sometimes, some things are better left unsaid and in this situation with a girl hanging on a thread..there was no harm in letting the boy be..maybe she too might need to know that there was someone who cared enough for her ..if it would safe her, bring her back, then she wouldn’t say anything. It seemed a innocent, harmless care. She turns back to stare at them.
After a while they leave him alone with her, he refused to leave her side and there was nothing they could do about it..
“Leave him Theressa, let him stay with her” Christopher says ushering her out
A lady was making a scene outside “ What did you say happened to my daughter , what?? You people have killed her for me eh? I sent her to your school and you are calling me to tell me that she was involved in a hit and run..you are mad, all of you, I will sue that school and close it down, let my daughter die first, how did she leave the school premises eh? How, you lot are falls..what did you do to her, tell me??’’ she grabs Mother Cecil by her dress dragging her, the nurses and security tried to intervene but to no avail..
“Let me go Madam, you should first listen to all that I had to say before jumping into conclusion…we didn’t do anything to your daughter, she did it to herself”
“You are mad!!’’
Mother Theressa goes to her, putting her hand on the woman’s “Madam please, why don’t you calm down and listen, because if we want to go by what someone did and didn’t do, a student would be the one reporting your daughter to the police, unfortunately she is in coma but however your daughter had committed crimes against the school and also against the said student that is by right punishable by law..and she could go to prison, because they are serious  issues Madame..”
‘’What are you saying?”’
“Why don’t you calm down, let go of my staff and you would be told” Mr Christopher says
She lets go of Mother Cecil and seats down
By the time they were done, without another word she gets up turning away
“Where are you going to Madam, your daughter is in critical condition, you need to sign some documents so we can commence with her treatment , the school isn’t responsible for her bills”
“She can die for all I care, she is no daughter of mine, I may have raised her wrongly..maybe, but I never allowed her to do all the things I did..i did them to survive with her, to give her a home, food on her table, a school to be educated is where I sent her to..i could mess up my life with me..that was my decision and I was doing it so she doesn’t have to be a part of that..but the thing I shielded her from is what she did here , all she ever did…and despite it all, despite all my wrongs and short comings..i never taught her how to kill someone or try to..because I never went so low in my life before and since she was capable of doing that…she is capable of more and that is no daughter of mine, you all may feel pity for her…but Karma they say sees, and I think karma just paid her back for the things she had metted out to that innocent girl..and karma made sure she got served cold. But for this moment , she seizes to be anything to me, if she survives..i pray she goes on her knees and begs for forgiveness of the girl, and if she doesn’t..then, you have prevented other innocent girls from falling into her trap. “ she says walking away ignoring them calling her back

She passes another woman on the way who rushes in
“I am looking for my daughter, Chidinma , Chidinma Keke-Nwaniju’’ she stated
“Right this way Ma’am” Mother Theressa rushes to her sadly looking at the back of the woman leaving
While she stays with her daughter in the room, with Micheal by herside holding her hands. Chidinma was still in an induced coming and hasn’t shown signs of waking up, he beckons to Mother Theressa and Cecil, “We have to go back to school, and address the situation”
They agree.
“Sir please I beg you I beg you in the name of God” Mr Adamu prostrates , Monica wails loud rolling on the floor
“please sir, please Ma’s, it’s the devil, infact since last night I repented, I gave my life to Christ.. I swear I will not look or touch any girl in my life, forgive me please I beg you hay God!!”
“My wife, my children..think about them, please, my reputation as being tarnished already..i have  no job, please don’t destroy my home please”
“You should have taught of that Mr Adamu before defiling young girls, you should have taught of that. Officers please take them away, let their family go and bail them out..and I can assure you that we are helping your wife see the kind of man she has at home and we are helping to keep the little children around you both safe and sound and undefiled, disgusting pigs, take them , take them out of my school’s premises . ..take them”
The police officers drags them out of the security and into the car, while they begged and screamed and cried…
“Maybe you lot will have a genuine repentance in your one windowed cells for the next couple of days..” he says turning away..
“Gather everyone here Theressa and get me the names of all who were punished “
“Yes sir”
“You are all suspended for a month..and I would have loved to expel you all…because believe me I would rather have a few students here who are pure and uncorrupt than have a lot who are all blemished and soiled, however your parents..each and every one of them had been notified to the entire extent of your sins ..and they have pleaded on your behalf..so this is the final verdict.. you are all on suspension for a month but instead of sending you home, we would be sending you to a correctional facility for young adults, it’s also a foundational camp and trust me, you will hate it there so much you would wish you didn’t do what you did..and I will have no regrets seeing them straighten you all out.. and there is nothing you can do to change your fate now. So go in there, pack your things for  a month, and file out..buses are available to take you there” he says dismissing them
“And the rest of you…I hope you have learnt from this?””
“Yes sir” they echoed
“Where are you going to Boma?” Jerry asks him as he walks towards the Prinicipal instead of away from him like everyone else
“I need to find out what is wrong with her..if she is okay, if Micheal is okay, “ he says walking  towards the Principal as everyone leaves
‘’Sir, Goodmorning”
Mr Christopher turns, this was Micheal’s friend , they were literally joined to the hip, always together
“Yes, Boma is it?”
“Yes sir, sir  please, how is Micheal..how is Chidinma, we ..” he points to himself and a group of four people standing behind him “ Are worried, can we see her, please?”
‘’No, we don’t want you all crowding the place’’ Mother Theressa says
“no its fine, we would take you there”

Boma breaks out in  a smile ‘’Thank you sir” he says going back to tell them
“Why sir, she doesn’t need any-“ Mother Theressa began
“We don’t know if she would survive this, maybe the presence of her friends and thoes who love her can help speed up her recovery who knows, but even if she doesn’t come out of this, they would  like that they  had said goodbye.”
Understanding now she nods.

Within the hour they send the students away to the correctional center..giving strict orders to the rest.
Boma, the girls and the twins , were taken to the hospital by the Principal, they stayed with her all day..
Micheal never leaves her side, her mother too..
And for the next couple of weeks…Micheal found himself returning there inbetween classes and on weekends , leaving Albinma in charge of things he couldn’t attend to.
Mr Christopher was footing the bills, her mother wasn’t exactly well to do, and Micheal had looked at him and he didn’t need a soothsayer to read him
“I will take care of it Madam, you don’t have to worry’’ he had told the crying woman
‘’Oh thank you, thank you so much” she cried
It was three months later when Micheal sat by herside, her mother was sleeping on the chair when he noticed something..
He was a Sunday and like every Sunday, he had been here, just like every day he didn’t have a lecture and had some free times, sometimes he came with the guys and the girls, sometimes he comes with his father, sometimes he is alone…when her mother leaves ..
And like today, he was reading to her from her green little lover, reading her stories over and over again..

He wished he could write so he could have filled it up with beautiful words for her, but he couldn’t .
Today he brought along the poem she had written for him the first day he asked her to write something for him..today he reads it to her her..when he was done, he laughs to himself 
“you know, you owe me a thousand dances, a million kisses and two hundred million hugs, every day you stay here asleep it keeps increasing and I won’t forgive you ..you know. Not even when you smile that beautiful smile of yours and say ‘Micheal please” not even when you squint your eyes and stick out your tongue, not even when you gang up with your friends and my friends to get me to forgive you…I won’t, just know that you owe me and don’t worry, I wrote it all down…things you have to do…number one, tell me you love me and you are sorry for making me worry, two, dance on your toes while doing the chicken dance, three..tell the twins that us getting married is like so many years from now and no we aren’t naming our twins if we have them…’Jerry and Jerremy’, they are a handful already, we don’t want little J’s running around, I would go mad..and don’t allow Boma tell them that he is an alien from outerspace, don’t want them to scare the little wee ones… and oh…yes you can tell the girls they both can be your chief bride’s maids..” he laughs “ Look you have so many things to do. Don’t worry, your exams and tests? You will rewrite them but..don’t worry , I will help you study, you just have to be nice to me and wish me a happy birthday because you missed it, it was last month, okay what next…yes.. you would have to promise me never to go to sleep for this long ever again..okay, my world is empty without you in it okay princess, okay, promise me” he kisses her hands, resting his head on it…wishing that she wakes up from the coma, he is hopeful, he is, but sometimes it doesn’t seem like a ray of hope, and the doctors says the longer she stays in it..the riskier for her, her swelling had stopped, the wound on her forehead had healed with a tiny scar obvious , but other than that she wasn’t waking up..they were hoping for a miracle or fearing the worse .
Micheal hopes that it never comes to that… “When you wake up, promise me you won’t ever sleep for this long ever again…I won’t let you” he sniffs

“I promise” it came as a whisper

He sniffs, why did it feel as though he heard her speak, he smiles…
“I know you will be fine princess, I know you will be and i-‘’ he straightens up with a start  when she squeezes his hands
“first off all, you are an awful reader, and second of all, happy birthday in arrears and third of all, I am definitely not telling our kid that Senior Boma is an alien but I don’t mind naming our twins after the twins..they are good people…” she whispers. She slowly opens her eyes
“Oh my God!!’’ his eyes fills up as he gets up..wishing to grab her and hug her but he had to be careful, unsure of what to do he laughs and cries instead, using her hands to touch his face as he kisses the inside of her palm…”My Princess…my princess” he leans kissing her entire face

She laughs “ don’t cry, don’t cry”
‘I am not, my eyes is just tearing up, I think someone is just cutting onion close by”
“Liar” she whispers
He laughs kissing her lips, not caring that her mother was sleeping there, as he continuous to laugh and cry, she is startled from her sleep, immediately seeing her daughter and that she had woken up, she jumps up screaming and shouting for joy… he laughs kissing her forehead and burying his face under her chin on her chest
“my princess is back’’
“Yeah…and I hear I have quite a lot of things to do” she smiles touching his head as she laughs, tears leaving her eyes “Mama??’’ her mother comes to her and kisses her hands and face
“Thank you Lord , thank you lord !!!’’ she cried
Micheal is laughing and crying and laughing again…
“She is here, she is here!!!!’’ Mimi and Bunmi scream rushing to the car

Enveloping Chidinma in a hug as soon as she comes down, the boys seemed happy to see her too.
It’s been a month since she recovered, she had been sent home to rest when the Doctors declared her out of danger but needed some rest.
She was looking forward to being back in school, amongst her friends..and to see and be with the boy who keeps her smiling day in and out…Micheal!!
“Looking good girl!!’’ Boma hugs her
“Really good, eating mummy’s food, see those cheeks” Jerry says hugging her, she laughs
“Yeah, and we all were missing you and you couldn’t even bring back your mother’s sweet food for us’’ Jerremy pouts, he hugs her too
“I am sorry Senior Boma and twins…don’t worry, this holiday , my mum says you all can come over for  dinner or picnic day out”
“Oh nice” the girls squeal
Micheal is standing there smiling “Don’t I get a hug?”
“Hmm it depends, how much did you miss me?”
“This much” he spreads his arms wide apart
“I thought so” she smiles going into his arms and hugging him tight “Me too, me too”
‘’I would kiss you right now but…’’ he trails off
“Yeah..me too”” they smile as they hug each other walking to her hostel.
“I need to ask something, what happened to Chidera?”’
Silence ..
“karma happened princess, it was Undeniably Karma”” he told her about the accident, he told her how her mother abandoned her, and because no one was able to foot the bills, the school did. “She is deeply scarred, a broken rip, and barely able to use her left hand..she had to use a wheelchair and the side of her face had too many stitches  “
“oh God ! So where is she now”?
“No one knows” Boma says “I for one don’t care to know. We are just happy she isn’t here no more to cause any more wahala for us, and for you ofcourse, …this school is free from her sluttish reign and bad influence..so good riddance to bad rubbish”
“No one tried to find her, iono to make sure she is fine?’’
“You have a good heart Chidinma, she almost killed you and here you are not wishing for her death but hoping she is fine?”
“Well…I am alife right, she failed, and the fact that karma repaid her is punishment enough, you say she is badly scarred and knowing Chidera…it’s already her own hell, so why would I wish her death…I just pray wherever she is..that she finds redemption.  I forgive her … I have nothing else other than forgiveness for her..”
Micheal nods “ well , last I heard, she was admitted to the special schools for disabled youths , but she left there a month ago…no one knows where. But it is fine, life goes on.. Amaka and the others asked about you, they wanted to come apologize but I told them when you return, guess you will see them later. They are really changed now. Now everyone has been walking together to make sure no one like Chidera rises up again so any bully gets thwarted down before his/ her head ripens”
There laugh
“Welcome back Chidinma” they echoed , happy that she was back.
“I am happy to be back”
“Welcome back babe” he whispers into her ears 
“I miss you too” she smiles up at him

His smile was from ear to ear
Some students say they ran into Chidera ..some say they saw her on the streets, others say she looked hideous , some others say she turned away when she saw them..
But they all came to one conclusion… she regrets all that she did and wished she could turn the hands of time to change it…even without her saying it.

And when she asked about Micheal and then Chidinma, they told her the truth “Thick as thieves, always together , their friendship seemed to be stronger  than ever since..they are happy..everyone is happy”
They say she would smile a sad smile and then turn away saying ,”She won. She won my Micheal. She won” then she would wheel herself away, disappearing down the streets.
No one had seen her for awhile…no one ever did again.
No one caused any more trouble in school, they all learnt their lesson with Chidera’s episode , Mr Christopher kept his promise to be the best father to his son and he was.. they spent time together and Micheal was happier than he had ever been., Mother Theressa was now  incharge of MR Adamu’s positions , Mother Cecil finally forgave her daughter Cynthia.
Amaka, Temi and Dayo became friends with Mimi and Bumi, Boma and Albina became an item as well, and Micheal and Chidinma remained as they were….two love birds whose love blossomed from nothing into something. They were inseparable ..literally . 
Ofcourse no one knew they were dating except..the girls, Boma and the twins..
And maybe Daddy Christopher… but he kept a close eye on them, making sure she didn’t do anything worth punishable.
When Micheal graduated he told his father he wasn’t going to study abroad because he didn’t want to be far away from her.
Mr Christopher relunctantly agreed after they talked about it for weeks,. He still believed that whatever feelings his son had for  Chidinma would die, but Micheal proved him wrong. 
And he was glad that his son was respectful and didn’t do anything ….wrong to award him a frown. He graduated with one of the best results in his class..
“I’ll be waiting for you, “ he told her the eve of the day when he was to leave, they were in the library, seated…it was late..Boma and the others were keeping a look out.
He leans in and kisses her ..she hugs him tight
“Don’t cry baby”
She laughs “I am not, just someone cutting onion close by” she hugs him tight wiping the tears from her eyes
“Liar” he smiles into her hair.. he raises her lips and kisses her more passionately than before
“I will  wait for you Chidinma, just so you know..”
“you never know what would happen when you walk out that door”
“whatever that wants to happen should, but this right here is real….you have a year to go here right, thank God you are taking your senior exams from SS1, you are smart, you teachers say the same, so everyone says you don’t need to waste time, and by the time you are done I would be in my second year, and before you know it I am done…and I can marry you while you are still in  school”
“You might be bored with me “
“Get tired of kissing me”
“See other girls more beautiful and willing to do things with you that I am not ready for now” she says lowering her lashes, blush rising
“yes , true, but do you know something, not any of them would make me feel the way I do for you Chidinma, and that is all I need to know that I won’t ever be with anyone else aside you..i’ll wait for you, till you are ready to be with me, till you are ready to even see the world with me and share my last name…I’ll wait, I PROMISE “
“That is all I need to hear then” she rests her head on his shoulders
“I love you Princess, I may not really know what it means but I know what I feel for you is love, and that is enough for me” he hugs her close to him
“till I am old and grey and have wrinkles under my eyes and no teeths?” she teases


“I’ll love you still” he laughs “Just try not to step on my toes on our wedding day sha’’
She laughs hugging him, and pulling his face down for a wet kiss “ oh..you better wear iron boots then”
They laugh into each other’s faces, leaning close they kiss..and kiss some more…and kiss some more
**Some couple of years later***

“ready?’’ Boma asks him , handing him the ring..
“Been ready for like forever’’ Micheal says taking in a deep breath, he can’t stop smiling
“I know that son, known that for a long long time, almost since secondary school, now you are a hot shot, and you girl aint no girl anymore… and in less than an hour she is going to be your wife, and I can’t wait to be a godfather and scare all your kids…just know we are going to be inlaws, our kids are getting married too “
Micheal and the twins laugh “oh…dear lord, how did I ever know this crazy dude..”
‘Admit it, you love me”
“Yeah, but no Homo”
“Me too, no Homo because that would be weird…and I have a girlfriend and you have a soon to be amazing beautiful wife…so..just so we are clear..i like girls a lot”
‘’Yeah we all know that..” the twins laugh
“Micheal, we are ready for you” Mr Christopher walks into the room,

“Sir, look dappa” Boma says
“You too son”
“You see, I told you me and Micheal are brothers, he called me son, thanks dad” Boma taps his shoulders
“call my dad.. dad again I’ll let the twins be my son’s godfathers”
Boma frowns…”But Mr Chris loves me”
“Fine….” Boma folds his arms
“He is just messing with you son” Mr Christopher laughs..everyone laughs at Boma, then he joins in
“Yeah I knew….”
“Don’t worry, I have room for three more grown up boys so…its fine” Mr Christopher says taking a last look at Micheal, adjusting his bowtie
“I wish your mother was alife to see what a great man you have become “
“Me too, I wish she had met Chidinma, she would have loved her…”
“Yes, just as I do…”
“And we too” the three boys echo..behind them
The knock came on the door
“let’s go get your bride son” Boma says
“so if you are calling him son it means you are his father so what does that make me??’’
“Father to the father who calls him son?’’ Boma taps his jaw tentatively
“Sir, we can reset his head for you though…his madness starts about this time of the day some times” they twins tell him
He laughs, used to Micheal and his friend’s by now, coming to love them as part of the family…
“Yes, but after his best man duties…we don’t want him having swollen cheeks” Mr Christopher winks, everyone laughs
“Let’s go get my girl fam…..” Micheal says leaving the door.

His heart literally stopped when he saw her walking to him as the music ushered her in..
He remembered telling her that day in school when he was going away to the University..
“One day, we won’t be away from each other anymore..one day, I will take you as mine and no other, one day..you will be my wife..just know that, one day…I will love you till forever, one day baby, one day..i’ll prove my words..one day”
And as always she had laughed.

 they didn’t go to the same University, but they made sure they saw and spent time together…whenever they can and wanted to. They were committed, they were inlove..and they put in a lot of work.
some days it felt as though it won’t work out between them..
yes there were fights and quarrels..every relationship was like that., and the University was a different environment than the secondary school environment…a lot of things goes..
Yes there was obstacles …and unforeseen inevitable challenges, they overcame it.
but he knew what he wanted, and what and who he wanted which her…and no matter how bad the temptation was..or how hard it was ….

He knew this…he loved her and he was going to fulfill his promise to her and he did.
They got engaged in her final year, by then he was already in his third year working , doing good for himself, he was employed in an oil company..life wasn’t so bad afterall..
He had gotten down on his knee, a red box in his hands and proposed to her on their getaway weekend together with friends…
His heart swelled in love for her, when he lifted her up and spun her around…he knew his  world was complete.
She completed him, she was his life and today he was fulfilling his promises to her and making her his…
“You are beautiful Chidinma, inside and out…and I would love you..today, tomorrow and a day more, when you are happy, when you are sad, when you are weak and when you are strong, when you are sick and when you are healthy…I will love your scars and stretchmarks and I won’t call you fat when you add a pound or two, I won’t laugh at you when junior pees on your face…oh wait..i might…” he laughs
Everyone laughs, she nudges his stomach as she laughs too
“But I will love you still even in your mess babe, because we made the mess together ..i will understand you, be sensitive to your needs and wants and even if you just want to be naughty…” they laugh again “I will love you still, good times, in bad times, babe..in all the times..i will love you..and today I am glad you finally believe me when I say one day I will make you mine…’’ he winks “And I am glad that that day came today..i love you princess ..and I’ll love you everyday till I take my last breath, just don’t let Boma and the twins eat too many rice close to my coffin, I have a feeling they might want to feed me ..so I don’t get hungry in heaven during praise and worship”


Everyone is laughing , Chidinma has tears in her eyes, Bunmi and Mimi are standing behind her, one of them hands her a hanky, she dapps her eyes..
“I know I say a lot of ‘I Love You’s , that’s because I don’t know how not to love you..pastor, pronounce us Husband and Wife already so I can kiss my bride, I can’t wait to for her to have my name yo!!’’
Everyone laughs again..
“That’s my son , making daddy proud” Boma screams.. the twins whistle

 ‘’Kiss her !! kiss his her!!!’’
Micheal shakes his head “for once, I agree with you all, Pastor..c’mon don’t keep your boy waiting” he winks to his bride, she is holding his hands mouth, anticipating the moment .
“Well, with the power vested in me…I now pronounce you man and wife…you may Kiss the bride”
“YAY!!” the crowd cheers
“Gladly, come here wifey…” Micheal smiles pulling her close and kissing her
‘’I love you Micheal” she breaths laughing into his mouth, wrapping her arms around him , savouring his lips
“I love you more Princess”
There was cheers and clapping and  then happiness, joy fills the church as everyone comes to congratulate them.
While they dance , she whispers into his ears
“So …when do we get to the honeymoon part?”
He looks at her…she flutters her lashes
“Damn girl…you do know how to make a man yearn for something”

“Well, it’s about time babe.. I mean i have waited  for too long for this day, I can’t wait to tear your cloths off” she whispers “ And I have a few ideas I would like to start with..”

“Like what?’’ he holds her tight..
“I’ll like to show you instead”
He smiles, “how do you know something you haven’t tried before?” he knew she was still yet untouched… she took the “No Sex before marriage thing” seriously.
“Well…I read books…a few movies”
“Trust me…I would love to show you what you want to show me, I am a good teacher, and you will be an excellent student” he whispers into her ears, kissing them, Chidinma could feel her blush rising and she was growing warm
They had dated all through University, avoided being intimated because she said she wanted to wait till their wedding day, it was hard…,most times they literally had to peel themselves away from each other..so they didn’t go all the way.. it was hard. Really hard, staying away from the person you love insanely.
But Micheal was perfect, he was too perfect, he was her first boyfriend and he is her last…now her husband, she felt like the luckiest girl in the world. 

And right now being with him was all that she wanted.. 
She smiles into his face “ when  do we leave for the honeymoon?’’
He laughs…
“Anytime you want babe…I too want what you want..and I am going crazy thinking about it too”
“Okay, lovebirds… I think you guys should go get a room already…those lovey dovey looks you guys are giving each other would soon cause an electric spark here..” Boma says teasing them
Micheal shakes his head as Chidinma hides her head under his chin, blushing..
Bunmi and Mimi come together, with the twins..
“I love you guys, you know that right?” Chidinma tells them “ thank you all for being here with us”

“and we love you too”
“this is were friends are to be, sharing in each other’s love and happiness” Jerremy says
“To a happy home, to friendship, to love and other good things” Boma raises his glass 
‘’To love” everyone raises their glasses
“To love” Micheal and Chidinma lean towards each other and kisses, smiling, happy, and fulfilled.
     Never try to cause harm to another, because you think you can and you know you can, because  the ones you harm might and will hurt and cry, and some might fight back, but you might succeed in ruining them down..and be happy you did.
Be careful, 
karma is watching, and when she comes..even you won’t see, some might be lucky to redeem themselves but others won’t have that same chance..and for others, “I wish” won’t be an option anymore.
Love one another, do no harm to another, and if you can’t get what you want..let it go, don’t make another bleed because they got what you wanted. If it is yours, it would be yours, you don’t have to fight for it, and if it isn’t, let it go and be happy for whoever is lucky to have it.
Above all, love, love is a beautiful thing and to find someone who loves you wholeheartedly , unconditionally, selflessly, all flaws, all imperfections and all scars is the best feeling in the world, don’t lose him/her..because that kind of love comes once in  a life time…twice if you are lucky.




     PS : I know I know …  you want more right, the lovey-dovey-mushiness and all hawt stuff?

Don’t worry, I know what you want..to see them Ahem *Clears Throat*
All of you are bad shildrennnn. Ayam a shild of God, I dinor use to write that kind of thingssssesss “Side eyes”

ITCHY FINGERS :   Shut up!! who wrote those ones in #WordPorn-Series #ThisMadnessCalledLove and #TheOtherWoman and and ..all the others nko?
ME: You ofcourse
Me : smh 
Pss: just because I am feeling it..ama give you all a  bonus chapter #HoneyMoon , it is #CUPIDJUNE Aftterall right?
Psss : whatever you see inside them, it is nor meeee that write it oh…hold #ITCHYFINGERS.
#StephanieEgberike #Writes #UndeniablyKarma #Chp24 #Ended #BonusChapter #HoneyMoon

 #CUPIDJUNE #LittleChildrenStayAway

 #ItchyFingers oh….it’s not me that will write it.





4 thoughts on “Undeniably Karma  $Chp24-Finale

  • Finally finally chidimma won, chai!! All those mushiness. Karma is quite a bitch and chidera got has served frozen, she really got what she deserve. I love it when i hear ‘and they live happily ever after’. Thank u so much itchy fingers and remember that itchy reading eyes is already waiting for the honey moon. I love them honeymoon, those mushyness lol

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