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“Mr Christopher?” Chidinma smiles as he comes forward to take her hand in his
“You know the Indians would call their father in-law ‘Father’?’’ he smiles as he hugs her, kissing her forehead “ I am just saying ‘’
“That sounds like something Michael would say” she smiles hugging him..
“Well I am his son” Michael smiles at her
Chidinma’s mother is standing close to her
“Please you all should tell my mother to stop crying though, I am just married not going away forever”

She squeezes her hand
“Don’t worry mother, you can see her whenever you want “ Michael hugs her mother, and uses his hanky to wipe her tears
They are at the airport, and they were heading to the Maldives for their honeymoon
“Promise?’’ her mother sniffs

Micheal laughs “ now that sounds like something my princess would ask”
“Go figure, last I checked she was my mother” they all laughed
“So guys, I know I am on a stretch now..but what if we crash the honeymoon” Boma winks tapping his jaw tentatively
“Oh no, I want about ten grandchildren so no one should tag along with them” Her mother shakes her head
“No, I want five, two boys and three girls” Mr Christopher says
“And we just want you to have that first set of twins named after us” Jerry places his hand on his brother’s shoulders, who nods in agreement with wide smiles “I second the motion”
‘’As long as we get to host baby showers and be in all their parties and tell them cute stories and take them summer camping with our kids..we don’t mind how many kids you give birth to” Bunmi and Mimi chirps in
“So, technically you all want me to..erm….make her pregnant with like how many children in one night?”Micheal rubs his jaw
“Quadruplets, or sextuplets isn’t a bad idea for starters” Jerremy winks

Chidinma holds her tummy, counts six fingers…her eyes wide
“Okay I think I don’t want any honeymoon…Jesus!!! Six kids out of me..erm..hain!! I don’t want to marry again” she pouts, pretending to remove her ring
“HEYY HEY HEY HEY OHHH, DON’T OH!!” Everyone places their hands on the ring stopping her and shaking their heads, she laughs sticking out her tongue to them
“See how you all are scaring my princess.. You don’t know how long I have been waiting to …erm..to erm…” He trails off scratching his head.
“complete your sentence Mickey boy”

Boma is hiding a laugh, the twins join him and the girls shake their heads stiffing their own laughter and Chidinma hides her blush
“how long what?’’ Mr Christopher and Chidinma’s mother seemed to be the only one lost
“Long I erm….”
Chidinma nudges him, he laughs

“What son?’’
“ how long I have been waiting to marry her eh!!” he says instead, Boma bursts out laughing, Jerry slaps his head, he keeps laughing, Michael pushes him away from him
“You big fowl” they laugh again
‘’Please girls, I am selling a friend, if you want I can give you for real”
“Nah, we are good, we don’t want him ..”Mimi laughs
“so because you are now married now, you want to dump me? All these years we have been together, I loved you plenty” he pretends to sniff “ Now, you are marrying another person…what happened to the love we shared? …Oh my heart breaks” Boma daps his eyes with Bunmi’s hands, she laughs hitting him away
“I think.. last I checked…Homos gets 14 years in prison” jerremy tells Boma
“Okay maybe me and you should date” a mischievous glint in his eyes
“Get thee behind me Satan, my girlfriend is too beautiful and amazing to be replaced, ain’t that right baby?’’ Jeremy takes her hand and kisses it, Mimi blushes
“Damn right” she answers
‘You know…you both should get married already” Boma points to both of them
‘’Aye!! We too second that” Everyone echos
“you know that thought isn’t so far off” he is staring into Mimi’s eyes, she smiles..
“Okay okay, Micheal and Chidinma, your flight is about to leave” Mr Christopher tells them when the voice over comes through telling passengers to make their way to the checking
“Okay, see you guys when we get back’’ Micheal shakes and guy-hugs his friends, hugging Mimi and Bumni

“And you and Jerremy had better get to settling down” he pulls Mimi’s cheeks
“A guy has to go on his knee and ask you know” she side eyes Jeremmy
“You see Jer, you are the one wasting time, you better be fast if not some dude would come whisk her away from you”
“Yeah..i don’t intend to let that happen”
Jerremy pulls Mimi to him, wrapping his arms about her from behind, they had been dating for two years now
“I love you girls, you know that right, you my sisters” Chidinma hugs them both
“we know, we love you right back…” Bunmi hugs her “And, erm..give me jist later about the ‘Do’” she pinches her , Chidinma blushes shaking her head
“What happens in Maldives stays in Maldives” shinning her 32 at her
‘’Damn girl’’ Bunmi pinches her again “juts a tiny jist?’’
“Nope’, Chidinma sticks out her tongue at her and goes to her mother

Chidinma hugs and kisses her mother, and hugs Mr Chirstopher again..
“Safe trip sweeties, May God protect you both” she praises for them

“Amen” everyone echos
“father…you know I love you right”

Micheal grabs his father and hugs him
“I love you too son “
“All these I-LOVE-LOVES flying around today, we need to sell them” Boma chips him, the twins shake their heads each grabbing him by the hand “We would sell you first bro, you play too much” they laugh
“See you later guys, let’s go babe” Michael holds onto Chidinma’s hand as they wave at everyone leaving them.
Everyone  waits till they disappear from view before they  in turn leave..
Each being happy for the newly wedded couple
“Boma, is that a tear?’’ Jerry nudges him
“Shut up mehn, something entered my eye” he sniffs rubbing his eyes
“AWWWWWWN “ everyone exclaims

Boma shakes his head “my boy is married, allow a man to cry in happiness for him, but if you tell him I swear I will deny”
Bunmi hugs him “You secret is safe with us”
“Well, if you take all of us to the movies, I won’t tell Michael how you wailed and cried and trashed about because you would miss him and because he is going away for two weeks ”
“I did not”
The twins look at him “well it would be our words against yours….so” They wink at him
“Fine” he sighs
“Yay!! “’ they echo, Mr Christopher shakes his head laughing..as they all leave the airport…each making their own life, beautiful.
“Wow my God this place is breathtaking beautiful” Chidinma exclaims as they get to Maldives and checked into their hotel. She is standing by the balcony, seeing the sky blue sea and the while clear sand, then their hostel was surrounded with beautiful manicured bamboo trees..and inside the hotel felt like a little palace..
‘’You like?’’ he comes behind her, not touching her
She turns around  “are you kidding me, I love it love it” she smiles at him, she tiptoes and kisses his chin

He is happy
“So…hungry?” he  picks up their bags and began to arrange his cloths , hanging them. They would be here for two weeks..
Two weeks of bliss with his princess. Dear lord, dreams do come through, he had a good job, he married his first love ..yes, dreams do come true.
She seats on the bed “Famished” she says as she unzips her bag
“Let me order in”
“No…I saw their brochure and I would love to check out every inch of this place, the restaurants, the pool, the cinema, the shopping mall, everything…so no, we would go down to eat”
“Anything you say wifey’’

‘Oh I love the sound of that” she gushes , getting up to hang her cloths, Micheal smiles, he too loves the sound of it.
“oh it was amazing” she says  in reply to his question as they come back to their room, tired..
They had gone dancing, drank champagne, ate to their fill, done a little swimming and ended up watching the note book. It was her pick, she loved that movie.
‘’I can’t wait to immerse myself into a warm Jacuzzi and then lie on a soft bed” she yawns
Michael opens the door wider for her to enter, his hands clasped with hers he pulls her in
“And you are sooo tired” he observed

She yawns again “very, long day….happy blissful long day’’ she wraps her hands around his neck as he kicks close the door, he hugs her back, kissing her cheeks, she yawns again
“You really look tired, you should get some sleep”
“No….no sleep, not tonight..tonight  I wanna be with my husband “ she yawns
“And I want to be with you too but…you are sleepy, it’s been a long exciting day, and you can sleep, we have the rest of our lives to be together you know right?”
“I know, you won’t be angry?”
He scoffs ‘‘Never! I love you too much to get angry that we didn’t erm..erm..you know on our wedding night”
She smiles “You know you are the best man ever?”
“I know because you tell me everyday, now go shower and get to bed’’ he nudges her towards the bathroom,
“Okay baby” she says grabbing her toilet bag and disappearing into the bathroom
It takes her a few minutes to shower and then she comes out , crawls to the bed…
Snuggling close to him…he kisses her head., covering her with the duvet

“Goodnight princess”
“Goodnight my prince “ she yawns again, her eyes drifting close
He gets up to go shower, taking longer time in there, letting the cold water cool down his hot desires.. he smiles,  wondering why she thinks he would be angry if they don’t do anythin tonight?
He waited for her for years, why would one day make any difference?

He shakes his head laughing
“Oh Chidinma you have no idea the measure of love I have for you do you?’’ he shake his head  again and continued showering..
He cleans himself and steps out of the bathroom, wrapping the white towel around his waist.
The room’s white lights were off and replaced with a blue dull glowing one that centered on the bed..
The music was on, he didn’t remember putting it on..
And he remembered leaving her asleep on the bed.. but she wasn’t there
“Babe?”’ he calls out, going towards the wall he touches it, looking for the lights , he puts it on, he felt a hand touching his
‘’leave if off, I like the blue light centerd on the bed.,only the bed” she turns it back off
He laughs “I thought you were asleep”

“well…I was sleepy and I slept but thoughts of you woke me up, and hearing you shower in the bathroom,,..knowing the water would trek down your body..your hard surface made me all warm…I couldn’t sleep” she walks slowly to stand infront of him, placing her fingers on his arms and tracing it to his biceps and to his shoulders and back down to his tummy…stopping at the line the toilet was.
“but you are tired” he whispers, liking the feel of his hand on him
“Was tired” she replied, she felt warm touching him like that
Though the room was dark but he could make out her facial expression from the dull light and seeing her lashes flutter and felt her warmth..
“So I have a question, when you said you were going to be my teacher, do I have to be an obedient student , the one that does only what she is permitted to?”’
“Well it depends, what does the student want to do?”
“Everything worth doing “ she smiles up at him “Am I perfect to..do everything?“
“Yes, as long as I get to do everything with you too”
He steps closer to her, she was wearing a silky see-through red lingerie , he knew she had underwear on, matching red. there was something sexy about the combination of it to her skin
‘’Oh dear me I am trying to sound seductive,”’ she laughs “I know I am bad at this..well maybe because I haven’t done it before but…just kiss me babe, and yes, I want you to do everything to me to “ she laughs
“that babe is all I need to hear” he pulls her closer to him smiling into her face and he leans in to kiss her
“You know we can wait till tomorrow…I know you are tired and-“
“Shut up babe” she laughs “I won’t be able to sleep..i want you and I want you now” she wraps her hands around him savoring his lips too.
They kiss standing, drinking from each other, and breathing into each other’s mouth. He turns her to face the wall, grabbing her from behind he caresses her, feeling her over as he nibbles the nape of her neck, causing  her back to make contact with the wall he turns her to face him, gently raising her hands over her head  he kisses her there, leaning closer to her, the towel still around his waist and her silky lingerie still in place
Then he lifts her up, with both hands from her legs, wrapping them around him he grabs and massages her waist gently, while her hands never leaves his neck… they kiss on the wall while he grinds into her gently , making sure she feels his need as it rises.
A moan escapes from her lips, he kisses it, breathing into her mouth, placing his hands on her thighs and caressing them on both sides..
Changing positions he takes her to the bed, placing one leg on the surface he lays her down with him, as they sink into it, he doesn’t release her completely from his hold, he kisses and nibbles her ears as she giggles
“That tickles”
He smiles, he knew that much, everytime he kissed her there she laughs, it makes him laugh.
He is laying on her now, part of his weight is on his leg so that he doesn’t put all his weight on her, he is staring at her, running his hand down her side, over her body, resting on her chest, using his thumb to rub at her bosom peak, feeling them harden from his touch despite her lingerie and bra covering
“What is it babe?”
“Nothing, I just can’t believe you are here and you are mine” he tells her
“I can, because this is what I wanted, to be with you…to be yours, to be your wife and I never thought of anyone since I met you Michael, I love you insanely “ she touches his chest


“You make me whole” he whispers over her lips
“And you complete me”
“I want to make love to you so bad I am scared I would ruin the expectation” he says
“I haven’t been with anyone before babe so I think I wouldn’t know which expectation to compare you to” she laughs
“True. But still,  I want it to be perfect”
‘’You are perfect enough for me, and I know it would be perfect”
He smiles at her, his heart swelling with love “ if you hurt, in anyway, tell me to stop and I will, okay?’’
“Okay” she nods
“Okay”  he touches her face
“Babe you are killing me with your looks, make me yours already” she pulls his face down back to hers, capturing his lips in a passionate kiss, he pulls away..stares at her and they kiss again. He runs his hands over her twin bosom,  a moan escapes her lips as he silences it with his, taking his hands down, he places both hands on her thighs, pushing her silk wear up, and takes it over her head.
“Gosh you are beautiful” he breaths as she kisses her belly button, trailing his tongue over her skin..going to her chest he places his hands under her, with one move he unclips her bra..and peels it off her skin slowly, kissing her shoulder and watches her as he does so. He wants her to enjoy every moment tonight, he wants it to be as perfect as she had imagined.

Kneading the firm soft folds of her bosom , he takes one at a time into his mouth, causing her peak maud to harden again, he replaces his hand with his tongue on the other..
Chidinma aches her body towards him, feeling him kiss her and touch her..in places she had never being touched before.
This felt good, way better than what she had imagined. She had read books, watched movies and none of them described what she was feeling right now this accurately. Her body was tingling all over, she felt warm and the heat seemed to be radiating from within her legs and she felt something else..as though someone poured something wet between her legs too..
She moans again.
He was going down there…he was really going down there, she bites her lips, closing her eyes, trying not to moan out again, but she couldn’t keep it down, another moan leaves her again.
Michael trails his tongue down, getting to her abdomen area. He slowly pulls off her panties, blowing air to her area as he hovers ..kissing her thighs, then doing thesame to her inner thighs on each sides as he leaves her panties to hit the floor.
He places his finger at her core, she gasps…he rubs it..kissing her thighs again, as though preparing her for what he is about to do..he replaces his finger with his lips and as though he would kiss her mouth, he kisses her there, gently..
“Oh shit” she breaths touching his head
Yes, he knew what he was going to do to her, and what he was going to make her feel..
He carefully opens her legs wider..making sure he was well positioned..he holds one of her hands in place…and then tells her
“Hold on to something, anything,…and then let yourself go”
“What??’’ she breaths
‘’Hold on to the  something or better still , the edge of the bed, and let yourself go..” he kisses her there again

She closes her eyes, not

understanding him, she holds on to the edge of the bed…waiting, anticipating…burning
Then she felt it, his cold wet tongue, flicking her core..
At first he had only kissed her surface, now he separated her inner folds with his tongue, kissing her there, teasing her there..
Ha!!! She bites her lips..
He caresses her area with his tongue , massaging her with his tongue and then he kisses her, pulling, flickering and teasing her…even more
Her body aches towards him as she buries his head between her legs , giving her pleasure she had never felt before…
“Micheal please” she cries out, her need growing , her legs shaking…
“Should I stop?” he kisses her still as he talks, letting his tongue flick at her middle surface
‘’Holy crap!! No no don’t”
So he doesn’t stop..he doesn’t stop kissing and kneading her with his tongue till she felt like exploding…

Then he stops
“The hell!!’’ she breaths raising her head up, why did he stop..she bites her lips
He make his way back up to her causing her to lie back down, kissing every inch of her skin, her waist, her tummy, beneath the bosom folds, her peaks and then her neck, chin, ears and back to her lips
He kissed her until they were both out of breath.
Chidinma runs her hands over his body, digging her nails into his back, aching her body to him, while he lays at her center..
She trails her hand down his body and tugs at the towel he still had around his waist, he lifts  himself up as she tugs it away, letting it fall to the floor.. she stares at him, at the beauty of him in all his glory..ready, erect-ready. He lays down back on her.
She felt him, hard, erect on her thighs.. she felt him with her hands and she gasps
Then she closes her eyes and wraps her hands around him, he groans

He lets her touch him, he lets her squeeze him as she stretches her hands to hold him, he kisses her again, causing her to feel his need, to feel how much he wanted her.
Letting him go she wraps her hands around him, pulling him closer to her, with no more air space between them.

Spreading her legs  more apart he positions himself at her core, he looks into her eyes… he could feel her soft wetness, his finger is at her core,  teasing he.  she closes her eyes, she bites her lips, she aches more towards him, he replaces his finger with his erect-ready member
“Tell me to stop if it hurts okay?” he whispers into her lips whilst he kisses her
She nods..
Slowly, steadyly… he taps at her door, feeling himself glistening , feeling her opening…he is patient.
she moans biting her lips, he kisses her, “Hold on to me tight babe, hold on to me tight” he whipers
With her legs wide open and wrapped around him, Chidinma feels him entering her , slowly…pushing at her core
The pain seared through her body, shooting to her head despite his patience, she tenses..a cry escaping her lips
He freezes..
“No don’t ..please don’t stop” she says

“I don’t want to hurt you” he whispers
“You aren’t”
“No, we’ll take it slowly “ he kisses her
“Really really slow” he begins to pull away

She didn’t want him to, squeezing her legs tight around him, she holds him tighter, aching her lower body up towards him, with a force she presses him down hard with her legs from his behind, causing him to penetrate her with one deep thrust
She cries out, digging her nails into his back, squeezing him  tighter
“Shit! Babe!!’’ Michael freezes, he was inside her already, all deep in.. “Why did you do that?” he looks down at her, worrying crossing his face, her eyes are tightly shut, “Baby, are you okay, why did you do that, ?”
“Because I want you so bad..and a little pain won’t stop me” she says..

He doesn’t move “Are you okay, do you feel hurt?”’
“A little…”
‘let’s just relax for abit”
But she was feeling tingling all over again, like the pain was replaces all too suddenly or the pleasure was numbing it…”I don’t think I can” she says, her body moving on it’s own accord, then she began to move her waist, lowly , slowly, round and round, side, back and forth, moaning at the same time as the pleasure between her legs increases to  a bitter sweet pain
“Oh oh dammnit babe” Michael throws his head back. Trying to be in control..but all she was doing was making him want to lose it all,
‘’Make love to me baby , make sweet love to me” she breaths into his mouth, going round and round beneath him, aching towards him and making certain movements in a  steady motion
Michael groans capturing her lips again, holding her tight, he began to move in rhythm of her waist, slowly back and forth, back and forth, going at a tempo slow enough so she wouldn’t feel so much pain..but she seemed to be increasing hers..
she moans into his ears, biting her lower lips as his thrusts increases tempo as well..words coming from her mouth music to his ears.. he pins her hands over her head..making music with his body with hers, dancing to desires only them could birth.
There was nothing as beautiful as this moment , making love to the first girl he had ever truly loved, to the girl he had always wanted to marry…to the girl who was  now his wife…there was nothing as beautiful as kissing her, sinking into her and letting her feel him completely
Michael thrusts deep into her walls, feeling her walls constrict, feeling her wetness, causing him to meet her Rhythm for the Rhythm , grabbing her from below he raises her to him, spreading her legs apart more, he sinks into her, watching her moan, hearing her moan… her drank from her lips, her nuzzled from her bosom, her felt her walls close tight around him inside her, he throws his head back, thrusting in and out ..in and out, sinking deeper inside her until her felt her quake, until he felt her scream out his name…until she lets out a cry of blissful release..until she grabs him tight..going over the cliff did he let himself go too, shattering at the tip of her orgasm..kissing her and kissing her and kissing her until their breathing calms down and they fall back to earth.
He cradles her in his arms, pulling her ontop of him as he rolls away from her..
“Wow!!’’ she exclaims
“Wow!!’’ he concurs..
“If this is what it feels like… I don’t want to get tired of doing it with you” she says listening to his heart beat…

He smiles “ me neither “
They stay in each other’s embrace, loving each other, talking and enjoying the warmth only two of them could give
“I love you Chidinma, always and forever”

‘’I love you too, forever and a day more’’
They kiss, and before long she feels tingling all over… she shifts completely on his body, sitting  on him
“So Teacher, I think I am a very good student, can I practice on you and you get to score me??’’ she smiles, she rolls her waist
He was smiling and staring at her..both his hands her on her waist, her bosom firm and perky staring at him, he felt stirrings again..
Oh yeah, he could get used to this forever
“what do you have in mind?’’ he rubs one of her perky mauds with his thumb, she bites her lips
“Everything baby, every-single-thing” she lifts herself , feeling him, rubbing him, inserting him, she throws her head back and begins to move..
“OH.. HOLY FX-“ He trails off losing himself completely to her, in love, in body, in totality
“I told you my boy is a sharp shooter” Boma says  to the twins peering into a baby’s crib, “See, he even recognizes me as his uncle, hey son, you call me daddy..okay?’’ he plays with the baby

“I am your daddy” he says lifting the baby up and playing with him “Say Daddy Boma!!” he smiles to the baby
“Boma, don’t confuse the kid” Michael comes behind him
“he is isn’t your daddy, I am your daddy..say daddy!!’’ Boma carries the baby, laughing when Micheal threatens to call the police
“See, I told you we shouldn’t let Boma be the Godfather, he wants to steal my son away from me” Michael tells Chidinma, she was standing with Bunmi and a pregnant Mimi.. the laughs
“I am your daddy!!’’ Boma smiles into the boy’s face,  he laughs , Boma  laughs  too“See..he knows ..he knows”
“No, actually he is like…Dad who the fxxk is trying to tell me I ain’t your son?’’ Jerry says
“Language son, I don’t want my son getting spoilt at an early age” Boma tells him
Everyone laughs “See who is talking, Chidinma make sure you check Boma before he leaves else he would take your son home and claim him for his’
“Hey, the boy is cute, he can’t help himself” Bummi says coming to Boma “Let me carry him”
“Only for a second” Boma lets her, he couldn’t stop smiling at the boy
“I think I am ready to settle down yo!!’’ he says
Everyone broke out in cheers  “Finally!!’’
‘’by the way, Micheal, when are our twins coming? we aren’t jealous or anything but….we want to make Boma jealous for making us jealous for being your son’s Godfather, we want to be Godtwins too” the twins say, everyone laughs
“oh soon, don’t worry” Chidinma says walking into Micheal’s arms
They laugh …
“Everyone grab  a glass please” Micheal says
“To friends, to  family, to new beginnings, and always to love”
“To love” they all echo
“Hey family photo everyone” Mimi says placing the camera on the high table and running to jeremmy, he kisses her , placing his hand on her tummy.. jerry, Bunmi and Boma sit together and Micheal and Chidinma wrap their arms together holding their son
“Say Cheese?’’ Jerry says
“CHEEERS!!!!’’ everyone screams
The camera goes…..

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