The Brat And The She-Devil $Chapter Two

The Brat And the She – Devil!
Standing with his hands in his pocket, he is frowning staring out of the window of his apartment on the last floor of the hotel he had been checked in for the past couple of days .
He was deep in thoughts.
He knew he hated it.

He knew he hated every bit of it.
It didn’t make sense.

Well apparently that’s what he thought and confidently concluded.
His father  didn’t really have to make him do things he didn’t want to do.

He was an adult, a full grown one, all balls intact, he wasn’t a kid with a little pee-wee unable to focus his pee-wee to pee into the toilet.
He was a grown up and he hated the fact that his father always like to lord it over him.
It was so annoying and yet so unavoidable.
Even if he didn’t have a choice and has to do what is required of him..

It still didn’t mean he should like it and give into it so easily..
The only other option was just to make a mess of things and that would be forcing their hand.
Then they would have to let him go to do whatever the hell he wanted. 

Besides who forces his son to work for a company he obviously has no interest in?
He didn’t care whether the Company belonged to his father,  and that was where it hurts him the most.
He was supposed to he incharge of the company, it was his right but his father just wanted to …
He was angry.
He said its grooming.
He wondered if he looked like a mushroom needed to be groomed.

He had no interest whatsoever,

He didnt get why he should be forced nevertheless.
He was enjoying his peace of mind and his luxurious lifestyle back at the states.

The drinks, the parties, and the beautiful naughty girls.. the endless cash
Why did he have to be forced back to Nigeria to work.

Who does that these days when you have  people work for you and you get paid for their stress despite.
He laughed.
Then he became angry again.
He really has been living like a prince and by God he loved it.

Afterall his father was one of the top richest men in the country.
Has hands in the oil and banking sector as well as other profitable businesses. .

So money was on a constant flow in..
He was an only child..

Well after his mother had suffered a terrible accident rendering her incapable of pushing..and lost her first set of twins..

His birth was some sort of miracle..
Took another couple of years of trying before he was born which was through CS.
The doctor had advised his mother that it would be for her safety not to be pregnant again because it would kill her and thus she had painfully closed her womb.
He was her loved and only child so she spoiled him rotten.

Not that he complained.

Infact not that his father complained either..
He infact gave him anything he wanted.

The cars , the money..the blank checks to do what he wanted and he did whatever the hell that he wanted..
First class here…every country every now and then, in and out within the year.
He never really took school seriously but he was some sort of a genius. 

He didnt really have to try very hard..He made it at every glance.
He was an architect  by default..

He always liked to make and fix things, he liked to use his hands..
Oh yes,he liked to use his hands alot and the ladies loved that.
He smiled .
He shakes his head getting angry again.
As a child while growing up, He had occassionally built houses and cars with floaters and cardboard papers.

He liked to draw up something creative and then progressed to make it into something tangible as well as beautiful.

It always came out good as a child.
So he went into architecture and designing, and then into engineering. .because he loved the pull he gets and joy just giving life to bunch of misplaced parts and making magic out of it.

So with those two degrees he was on his A-game.

Schooling abroad he had all the perks he needed to be awesome at what he knew. 
He was probably the most sort after.

Yes he interned for a company for a bit after school, built a lot of projects.

Did housing designs for a couple of people and even did a start-to-finish of one..
He still had a couple awards, too many infact that had his parents beaming with pride.
He was good ..really good but…

But he just hated to work.
And resigned to a life of pleasure and fun instead.
And it was fxxking great.
And oh…not to forget the fact that he was and is  good looking.
No!! He was handsome, all Greek-god- body-sexy-abs handsome  and his tool was packing… he knew the ladies loved a guy weilding such huge packages ….and they testified to its functionalities when he was done,and and they kept coming back for more.
He laughs shaking his head .
He was rich. 

Well his father was rich which undeniably meant he too  was rich.
That saying ” My father’s money was my  money ” was a constant high for him. He was bloody-stupidly-stinckily Rich.
And he loved it.
He was tall and has that bad boy brooding look going for him that automatically makes all the girls swoon just by the sight of him.
He had an athletic body..

And he does his workouts so he knew he looked good…with the six parts and flat tummy all the way to the firm taut buttocks  and firm thighs. .
He vividly remembers how when he walks past a couple of ladies and after undressing him with their eyes…

They access his frontal tool and then they check out his butt too.
He laughs 
He never knew girls checked out a guy’s  butt.

For the life of him he found it really amusing…
Some girl told him once when he asked..
“we check to make sure it looks good in pants as well without pants.

Plus…we don’t mind holding on to it and finding out if its perfectly taut and firm while we are pushing the rest of you in”…..she said the last part seductively.. “either with out hands or with our legs wrapped around you ..” 
Oh he never did pass on an opportunity for a good time and before long they were rolling in the sheets..
His defence..
“He wanted to find out if it’s just the way she described ” so while they held his butt he would pound into them holding them tight watching them go over the cliff while he joins them soon after. 
Back to reality..
He shakes his head clearing it.
He hated to work.
He was done with school.

Graduated with honours..

Life out in the states was awesome.
He just wants to live the rest of his life in peace and luxury..

Besides his father had alot of right hands and people to help him run one of his companies. .
Plus he wouldn’t have minded if he made him a CEO or something. .
He said he wanted him to be humble and be able to serve someone before he can trully understand what he means to be served by another person.. bla bla bla blabardash!!!
“That’s the sign of a true leader”..

His father told him over the phone his thick voice resonating through the receiver
He thought it was bullshit.
“Okay why don’t I just do it in one of your affiliate companies over at the states??” He wouldn’t have exactly minded it one bit.
That way, his father wouldn’t have the slightest idea if he showed up to work or not and the money keeps pouring in.
But here in Nigeria,  his father would definitely keep taps on him and he didn’t want that. 
He was an adult damnit! !!!
“No son. You have been there all your life and  you only occassionaly visit your roots.
I need you here..

Soon all these will be yours and if you can’t appreciate the root from where it all started how are you able to trully handle all these on your own?”….His father said.
“Plus I won’t give you something completely out of your jurisdiction.

Its a housing and construction company basically handling housing designs, building and restructuring start-to-finish. .””
He seemed abit relax.

Atleast that bit won’t be entirely boring he thought. ..
“Are you there son??”
“Yes father i am listening…even if I think it’s a messed up and poor idea..”
“Don’t be a child. Like I was saying,You will be in your comfort zone. Well as long as you haven’t forgotten how to do those…”…He laughed mockingly at the background..
He laughed as well, his father was right about that “Even in my sleep i am sure I can do magic…”..he replied his father 
“Well wonderful that’s settled then!!By the way….i am adamant on service, which implies that you wouldn’t  be heading the company..You will begin as nothing too low.. nothing too high..Nothing to make people feel intimated by you or your status.The recognition would be made by me later..” His father was speaking but he didn’t quite get what he was saying.
“What are you speaking father, french or japanese?” He frowned 
There was an heavy sigh before his father continued.
“What i am implying is that, 

I would fix you in as a PA to a new employee coming in from Lagos state.

Who is in charge of restructuring the company  to give it it’s limelight as it deserves.There is a new twist to the economy, everyone needs a good spot light and how best if not to get someone who understands the network to push our company and brand out even more and get people, clients and customers attracted to what we can offer, what we do and how we make dreams of a good home come through…”..
“What the fuck…? A PA? Like a fxxking PA father “…He said in shock and then followed by anger.

He probably didn’t hear correctly
“Mind your choice of words young man when talking to me…”…his father’s stern voice came back threatening. .
He spoke calmly but not void of sarcasm.
“How would you even think that father?

I should have a PA not to PA for some lunatic..this is just wrong on every level. No I won’t do it”…He replied stubbornly
“A PA!!! Father you can’t be serious. When have I ever PA-ed, this is ridiculous, I never had to serve someone in my entire life!! ‘”
” well that is the problem, that is the problem but It doesn’t matter, you will learn on the job plus you would be doing the thing you love to do that is designing on the side as well. This is for you own good son, I won’t live these all to you one day and you don’t know jack about service.”
“Bullshit Father, I ain’t don’t this. “!! He spat
“Then how about you work and fend for yourself from now on hmmm…?”
He kept quiet.
“You wouldn’t  dare father,  I am you son, you can’t leave me entirely without nothing ”
“Try me”
“Father ?”
“Gaddamnit father, what the fxxk!!” He fumes
“One more than Brian, just one more foul word. I don’t care you are an adult I would teach you some manners, I trained you better than this”

Shit! !!

Bloody fxxking shit. !!!!
“Whatever !!” He murmurs
His father  spoke softly now..

“Don’t worry son. It is just for a bit.

You just have to do what the person wants and attend to the PA duties.

That way you can trully understand the progress of the company aside the drawing table and helmet.

It also enables you be apprised of what the world sees us out there..understand the clients. .their needs and know what is best and what’s not best for the company..

On the plus side, you get to get back to the drawing table and design me beautiful dream houses..

And probably get to do a start-to-finish in and out more often and not.

Don’t you miss that levitated feeling of looking at your hand’s work and see the happy smiles of a clients face?” His father asked hopefully..
He had to admit, it did feel good to be able to do something that good.
“But PA?…”he asked “Father please, okay if not CEO, something more fitting for a son of a fxx- erm for a millionaire, come on pops!!!”
“No buts Brian….i would have no more excuses on this..” his father continued despite his son’s protest.
“I won’t introduce you as my son because then people would treat you differently and would rather want to please you and find favour instead of doing their jobs and giving you duties.”
Brian laughed..

“That won’t be bad father, afterall i am like a prince,give me a little joy in this messed up predicament, just a little father” he pleaded.
“Don’t even dare go against me.”He warned. “Your flight’s arrangements as been made. You are to resume in a week, so say your goodbyes, get your butt down here and get acquainted to being a PA. I know you aren’t completely daft so you can hold down your forte. I have my eyes on you so you better behave.

The lagos office will forward all you need to know by Thursday so you get apprised before the weekend which is when your boss would be arriving. ”
My Boss..??
Fxxk father !!!
“This is ridiculous! ”
But his father was still talking..

“The social media manager would be relocating to Port harcourt as well, you are to meet her at the airport with all information forwarded to you from lagos….and the rest…i leave to you. Don’t give me a reason to be indefinitely brash with you and cut you off totally…and this is not idle threats son”…his father warned again.
“I wonder what mother has to say to this”..more to himself than to his father, he would have to call her up as soon as he was done talking to his father. She would do something,she wouldn’t let father do this to him.
No!! Mother would fix this
He heard his father’s deep chuckle. .
“Well she totally agrees, she gets to see you squirm”He laughed and laughed some more
“Yes Son, she is right here you want to hear it from her lips?  She knew she spoilt you too much too just like I did so we both thought it a good idea to get you to be on your feet or for better phase knee deep in the mud so you get to appreciate the luxury you are freely given ”
“Mum wouldn’t do that” he didn’t want to believe it
“Wife, say hi to our son please” he heard his father passing the phone
“Hey baby, you know I love you right?  So just do what your father says, I promise you would thank us later, okay baby?” His mother’s voice seeps through the phone.

This isn’t happening. Not it isn’t. 
“Yes Mother .” He sighs
“I love you”
“I love you more”
This was bad. 
Oh father you think you have won right? Turning my mum against me eh?
Woman who loves me to pieces and wouldn’t dare allow me suffer …now she has to bend to your rules because you think it would make me better.
Crap I never had to answer to any body in my life..

Now this…
Oh….Father,  this is bullshit. BULLSHIT! !!
His father got back the phone.

“Be a good lad and make your papa proud…just for a little while and then you can lord it over everyone …even me if you like”….He continued laughing. .
“Oh I swear…i can’t wait!!”Brian replied , he actually smiled..
“That I can’t wait for that father. And I would enjoy it ”
” I bet you will so while don’t you not only talk the talk but do the talk. Talk is cheap son, talk is cheap. I love you son”
“Yeah, money talks, bullshit works.I love you too” he sighs cutting the call.
“Language Son!!” 
“You can’t punish me for a slang not invented by me” he says
“Lord, ” his father sighs
“Yeah, he is in heaven, and you are here” he said
His father chuckles , he had to laugh.  He may never agree with his father on so many levels if not all, but he loved the man.
But there was no way he was going to just sit back and accept this defeat. 
No way.
But there was no escaping this. No way. 
He was resigned to his fate.

His father was adamant when he wanted to do something.
He could easily ignore him as he has often done in the past.
Yes this wasn’t the first time.

He brushed it aside.
But his father was threatening to cut of his funds and freeze his spending account..
That’s like cutting off his balls..

How was he supposed to give life to the jnr down there.
He sighed.
Well…He may agree…but he won’t make it easy for him nor for anyone..

And his first pot of anger was to unleash on anyone who dares  to cross his part or was caught in the crossfire.
“A PA??”…He boiled.
That was degrading he thought at best.

Thanks to his father to make him a joke as a way of punishment.

Yes..this was punishment for refusing him all this while. He concluded.
Even if he wasn’t to inform anyone he was the sole heir to Mr Jake  Andrews Designing,   Building and Constructing Company  and the only son of one of Nigeria ‘ s top businessmen and rich man…
He still ozzed some sort of royalty and they have no choice than to treat him as such.
He was sure his father would have hinted one or two of his spies just to keep an eye on him. He knew his father well.

That’s why he was going to have fun..until his father gets impatient and then let’s him be.. to do whatever the hell he wanted.
He snickered.
Fast Forward  a couple of days later.
Already in Nigeria and settled into his luxurious apartment..
Atleast his father  was considerate enough not to entirely deny him his luxury. 
He had a driver and a car at his beck and call..
He was placed in the suburbs of Gra with minimum  security, just not to draw too much attention to himself. 
Besides he was a PA and too much high class would be a giveaway so they had to make sure he lived not so lavishly that meant he couldn’t drive his red convertible he had at home, he  had a driver alright. He was going to raise hell if he didn’t. 
But he couldn’t help  but be a classic man that he was.
Where was the fun? He thought.
Away from the office be lived as lavishly as he wanted. .

He had been around for a couple of days getting a feel of the whole area.
In the office he acted as normal as possible. If by normal he meant not giving a shit. …well it worked to.
He  could try  not to draw any attention to homself but people wwrent stupid, he looked fresh, talked fresh, he waa a correct ajebutter… they might not know who he was but his aura must be ozzing “Some Royal Classic Man Rolling In Bucks ” right? 
Well on other matters as concerning his behaviour ?he wouldn’t be held responsible for his actions.
He mused wickedly.
Everyone must have been curious of his identity. .knowing he must be high profiled but that was it..
Even if they knew his name they didn’t put two and two together. .

But he liked the attention he was receiving. .
He decided to let the sleeping dog lie..Just for awhile.
Well his father wanted him in Nigeria and to PA for some …I-Dont-Give-A-Shit who the person is, well he would have fun while doing what he is doing.
And work?
He definitely wouldn’t be working and not under some….Boss whoever the boss is.
He got the mail from the lagos office, 

Printed it out.

But instead of going to the airport as told..
He instead..decided to go clubbing..with a chick he met a few days ago and took her home for a night cap.
He told the office to send a driver instead and he was unreachable.
Ofcourse they were suprised that a common PA was giving an order and ofcourse they ignored him.
As he suspected, Spies!!
He noticed them follow him everywhere he goes.

More like extra bodyguards to his already one man security.
You would actually think they were his hanging buddies ..they didn’t have to wear dark shades and carry weapons obviously rifles.
Well..clearly hidden did the trick.

He just acts as though they aren’t there.
When they realised he wasn’t going to the airport they called the office to send a driver as he as requested to the airport to pick the person up from the airport. 
He was no driver.

Was no person’s PA

And he wasn’t doing nothing.
He laughed.
Yeah, let them tell his father.
That was the whole point to it all.
He was just going to enjoy the weekend and then breeze into work on Monday like a boss.
This was going to be fun..

He can’t wait to hear what his father was going to say.
Today was Friday. .

Tomorrow was Saturday. 

One day inbetween before Monday. .
He was going to have a blast weekend..
He laughed, 
He left the window, he removes his shirt, completely undressing  he gets into the shower and takes a cold bath. 
Walking out naked he lays on his bed, crossing his hands under his head..
He left the door open, suddenly a beautiful dark skinned girl strolls in , with a cute smile on her face she drops her bag, and everything she had on and strolled naked to the bed, by the time she climbed and straddles him, he smiles.
Yes, this was way better than going to the airport and picking up some random nobody he had no intention for PA-ing for.
If his father doesn’t like it, then he should let him be. 
If he continues to want to keep him here and bend him to his rules. ..
He wouldn’t just sit back and allow it.
He would mess it up.
And he hopes whoever the PA was , the person would have  the good sense to leave him the hell alone to.
While she laid on the bed and goes to sleep, he turns pulling her to him.
She wasn’t bad.
Maybe coming back wouldn’t be so bad.. he was going to have all the fun  he wanted.
Good thing she was spending the night .
He didn’t mind though. 

It saved him from asking.
He laid down to sleep with a smile on his face…
Monday morning he was going to stroll to work and wouldn’t give a shit about nothing. .
And if his father thinks he was going to work as a PA?
He was joking.
He wasnt going to do NADA!!!!
his Boss??
His Boss??
He laughs.
No one was the Boss of him, he was the boss of him.
The Boss had a big thing coming..
He snickers going to sleep.


Ps : so I fulfilled my promise.
How about I give you two chapters next week too okay?
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Pss : we have met Brian Andrews. ..what do you think about him huh?
I mean I though Adora was…erm..spiteful.
Brian is just something else.
These two???? 
Oh lord!!!!

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