The Brat And The She-Devil $Chapter 3

The Brat and The She – devil.

I turn on my bed trying to ignore the ringing of my phone. 
But the stupid darn thing won’t stop ringing non-stop 
I knew I wasn’t in lagos and I knew I was not supposed to be up by 4am trying to beat the traffic and get to work.
I was in paradise. 
Oh okay  not paradise but close enough. I was in port harcourt and I know the city isn’t half of what lagos is but for the mere fact that I wouldn’t be stuck hours on the road getting and coming back from work was enough paradise for me and the fact that I get to sleep till 6am, maybe even 7am and stroll into work 8 or 9am was super heaven.
But this darn phone wouldn’t stop ringing. I just hope it had better be something important else that person would wish they didn’t call me when I was enjoying my blissful moment of peace.
Sighing I roll to my side , stretch my hand to the bed side table where I dropped it and picked it up on the third ring…
My clock on the wall smiled a bright “8am ” on the dot.
I sigh.
“Yes …speak!”.. I answer yawning,my eyes i close them back. 
“Ma’am,  couldn’t get across to you last night and neither was I able to get across to the PA.  His line was unreachable. ”
Oh Tina. 
And the bloody Annoying PA. 
I shake my head mentally.
“I did resend those documents you needed again just an hour ago…even  the PA confirmed he got it the first time so why was I resending it…”
I sat up.
The nerve of the man.
“Really?” I opened my eyes,  so that fool was being a fool  eh? 
“So why did he act clueless? Look anyways , I don’t have time for corny bastards. …I need a new PA..did they clear the replacement? ” I needed to know 
“Tina you are not deaf and dumb are you?”
“Well, the HR department apologises on behalf of him  and would make sure he behaves but they can’t do a replacement at the moment”
“What do you mean???” 
I couldn’t believe it. Who was more important to them, me or  a slow sloppy PA?
This was a joke right?
“Then they better look for someone else, i am not gonna be stuck in this place for a while and have an arse for a PA who doesn’t know shit” I spat
“I am sorry ma’am ” she apologises
I sigh
“Look , i need those documents right now Tina or that PA won’t be the only one on my bad side”
“Someone is bringing it by your house this morning apparently the PA would be indisposed till Monday. .”
Oh dear Lord,  indisposed? Oh wait till I see him on Monday, lord save him.
Indisposed my natural fair Arse!!!!
“What nonsense!!!”‘ I spat again
Now I am trully upset.

Less than 24 hours in PH and some random asshole was making my stay annoying.  Who the hell does he think he is?

Infact why the hell did they assign the old fool to me?
“I am sorry ma’am” Tina repeated, it wasn’t her fault , but I guess she felt apologising would make me feel better? Well it didn’t. 
“Whatever!” I mutter cutting the call.
I hear the car drive in, but I wait, seated on my chair, scanning through channels. 

*knock knock Knock! !!
I leave the chair and head to the door, unlocking it I open  to see a young man there.
“Good morning ma’am, i was sent to give these documents to you, they were faxed from lagos, i am sorry for the inconvenience, the documents you needed…”.. he stretches them towards me
I take them flipping through it

“And you are?” 

Not that I cared though, just wanted to know who he was.
“John, Administrative Assistant your office  Ma’am”
“Right! and My PA couldn’t bring this himself why?”
“Well, ” he shrugs.

“I was just asked to bring them, I wouldn’t know his reason”
“By him?”
“No ma’am, by my superior in the Office”
“And where is the PA?”
“It is Saturday Ma’am, no one works on Saturdays.  I was making some rounds in the office because I missed a day and needed to complete it before Monday,  and since he knew I would be available he asked that I come by and drop it for you ma’am.”
“Right!! So the PA who is supposed to be a PA doesn’t even do his job? And I wonder what he is doing working as one.”
“Apparently ma’am, he probably met the criteria of one ”
“How long as he been working there? He seemed abit old to be a PA?”
It didn’t make sense to me.
the young man before me has a puzzled expression on his face.
“He is a new employee ma’am and he doesn’t look older than any young guy, I mean I would say not so much older than me ma’am”
I frown. 
“A new employee? Him, the way he looks and talks, who…infact  i would like to speak to the HR, the PA is daft, slow and annoying and working with people like that would not make my work effective. I just can’t. Little duties he has been assigned to he didn’t carry it out, he picks me up from the airport and sounded very stupid when asked about these documents,instead he waves the placard with my name on it, and now he couldn’t even try to make himself useful,they had to send another peron with these documents and where is he? Indisposed!!!! This wouldn’t stand…not while i am working here they would have to give me a replacement. Ridiculous,  utterly Ridiculous! !!”
John is staring at me with a puzzled expression on his face still, I think it increased even more “i am sorry ma’am”
I stare at him..

“John is it? Would you like to take his place ? I am sure you would do well, and you seem like a nice enough fellow,young and vibrant not that old cargo that is assigned to me ”
He seemed shocked..

“Well ma’am, it is not my place to accept such prepositions, wether i want it or not, plus it’s the HR’s department that does the employing and placing and promoting, and I am sorry ma’am,  if you call him old that means you would call me what, old too?”
I was confused.
What was he saying…?

That guy that looks almost 50 and with some grey hair dancing at his hairline.

Or is this John blind? 

How could I compare him who doesn’t look much older than a 29/30  to an old man to that father. .of a man.

I shake my head.

Maybe some nuts in his head was loose as well.
I smile
“Look John, I think you politely telling me I am blind is an insult”
Aghast !!
“Dear lord no Ma’am,  I wouldn’t say such a thing, neither was I referring to that. I was just wondering why you think him old? ”
“So those grey hairs on his head, despite barely visible isn’t as a result of old age?”
“Grey hair?” John frowns
“Yes grey hair. Are you stupid??”
“No ma’am but grey hair??”
“Yes!! Or is he one of those people who are young and have a pinch of grey to them, I know someone who had grey hair when he was like nineteen years old,it was hereditary. ..and by the time he was twenty five he had it full blown but …he is young.
Is he one now those people?  But the kicker here is his eyes and face matches his hair, so how do you explain that, and the way he talks…C’mon,was the HR blind that they couldn’t see? Who employs a PA who is that old looking and slow? How would he be able to get works done on time and won’t be so tired before lunch eh, I can’t even imagine it, No!”
“Erm madam, seriously I am confused”
I shake my head. It was no use,i would take it up with the department first thing Monday morning.
“Thank you John. Never mind, apparently there is something wrong with the men in this town, i will deal with it myself, that would be all”
They say if you want something done, you do it yourself.
“Okay ma’am, so sorry again for the inconvenience and please if you need anything I mean anything at all ma’am , please kindly  let me know, I would be happy to help you ma’am,happy to”
“Yes ma’am, I know you are new to Port Harcourt and just incase you have any difficulty just let me know, John is my name, Administrative Assistant to your office, ”
“You mentioned that John,  I do have a retentive memory”
“Okay ma’am, enjoy the rest of your weekend ”
I nod without replying him and shut my door, locking it twice.
John nods his head, smiling as he watches her go back into her house and heard the door lock, he turns away and heads towards the car.
John was confused.
How could she be saying the PA is old, 

Was she blind or what or smoking some lagos weed?
The New PA old ke?
There was something wrong with the ma’am’s eyes.
Then again…the office has been buzzing with  the arrival of the new PA, who no one knows anything about him except that his name was “Brian A”.
He came to the office on Monday morning,  shown his spot, wasn’t introduced to anybody,  their Superior had come and told them there was a new PA and that they should show him the ropes and everyone concentrate  on their work.
Unlike everyone who was employed,  they had them introduce themselves to everyone and give a brief bio too,but for some reason they didn’t ask him to do any of that and he didn’t seem particularly interested to either.
While everyone is seated having a meeting with the superior, he is seated at the back, his hand pressing his phone and he shares a private joke with himself, and for some reason when the superior calls his attention he looks at him with a raised eyebrow , drops his phone and then says nothing..
Back to the meeting he doesn’t take long before he is distracting everyone  again,  when asked to leave,  he does so without a care in the world.
There was something about the dude,they said he had a good Cv,that was why he was given the job, but it didn’t make sense to any of them why he acted the way he did.
Okay,there were people in the company that no matter how they misbehaved, because they were good at what they did, the company couldn’t afford to lose them. they do get penalised once or twice for bad behaviors and going against the rules of the company and eventually they sit up.
But usually that peron must have worked for a very long time before they could have the mind to do something like that .
But here was this new PA. .for the past five days he was just…annoying.
But the way he talks and dresses makes him not look like the average dude, so they concluded that.. he some sort of…a high class personality and at the same time no one knows which high class he belonged to.
Plus…He seems to bullshit orders and doesn’t get reprimanded.
Comes to work when he does..and always seem to have some air of authority about him but no one knows..
But there was something that John hated the most about him.
The dude was fine.
No fine was an understatement. 
He was handsome with a finesse to it., He was well built with the body of someone who works out some, and the most painful part was that since he began there , literally all the girls, single, married or taken have all  seemed to change camp,  flocking around him, making the dudes envy him.. and other dudes like him hate him.
Even the girl he has been trying to woo for quite some time now have suddenly started giving the pretty boy green lights and him John had been begging for yellow, blue, purple. ..even black sef him go take. But the girl was dousing his fire with sand and omo water.
He sighs
This new guy was just going to come and spoil show for all of them, especially him and he didn’t like it,  he didn’t like it one bit.
But old??
He shakes his head entering the car. 
That new guy was alot of things , but one thing he wasn’t was old.
John shakes his head again putting the car on drive. 
This new madam  must have been smoking those lagos weeds. He concluded.
Maybe the Port Harcourt air would clear her nostrils and give her good sight soon. 
He pulls away from her drive in and begins to drive away, hitting the estate  gate and speeding away ,back to his house.
He smiled.
Sha!!! His new boss was a beauty. 

Damn!!!  the way her face was glowing even without makeup, he hasn’t seen many women who could be so beautiful without it.
And her body, hidden within that rope he could see the way the folds rested in pleasant places, this was what they called “V’ shape. No not V.
She was a huge “C” shape hips and then she had the Cinderella slim thin waist and then she had the ..the..perfect  firm boobs.
No matter how a girl tries to hide her natural endowed gifts from the lord it still was visible.
He had to stop himself from trying to peer through her rope..
He was definitely going to be in her good graces..
Who knows , He might be able to get a taste of that…that ..goodness. 
He licked his lips… 
Yes, he was definitely going to be in her good graces.
Good lord, see ukwu! !!
“Baba God bless my hustle, that kind woman to be my woman? Hain no need for heaven again na, every night we would be meeting the angels and singing praise and worship..from the the back doing the skelewo dance with one leg up and junior be making her sing “hallelujah! !!” He laughs wholeheartedly
I see him still deep in thoughts pulling away from my drive way, I turn away from the window and head to the shower .
I just wanted to make sure he didn’t hang around.
There were pervs everywhere, and the way he looked at me was evident that he found me attractive.
Oh, God help him if he dares any rubbish. I didn’t join some karate classes  for nothing. 
Women should learn to protect themselves,  it’s not only to scream and scream when one is being attacked, being able to kick the person’s ball and give him a mean upper cut would safe our lives. 
Sighing,  I turn on the shower and let the water course through my body..
Done, the breakfast I ordered was already at my door, I finished eating, grabbed the documents and set down to work.
Atleast I Wass going to work abit before Monday,  hated to work into a place being clueless,  it was very unsexy. 
And everyone knew confidence was the new sexy cool and I loved to ozze that auro of a complete woman.
No wonder the men felt intimidated by me.
I smile. 
    ***Earlier ***

         * 7am. *

His phone screaming nonstop woke him from sleep, sighing he reaches for it to see the caller.
“Pops ”
He sighs.
He should change it to “PA’s Father” since he had decided to ruin his perfect peace of mind.
He picks the phone and says a grumpy hello… letting the phone rest on his ears as he turns sideways,eyes closed.
He knew what was coming…those stupid spies in the office must have squealed on him.
Rats !!!
His father was shouting at him through the phone..
“I cannot believe that after the long hours I spent talking to still decided to disobey me Brian Chukwuemeka Andrews!!! ” 
Yes, when his father calls his full name like that he was pissed.
Boohoo father !!! 
I am here in my house, come and beat me. 
He chuckles 
“I will do what I told you Brian, I will,you maybe think I am joking. All I am doing is for your own good, do you want to run the company down before you have had the chance to make something better out of it when I am no more or you want to continue spending all the moneying and forget that you need to put some back into it for it to grow, how do you want to manage the rest of my wealth and my companies scattered over the country? Is it  by sleeping around with girls,travelling the world and buying cloths ,cars and God knows whatelse? ”
Well that wouldn’t be a  such a bad idea father,  but. ..hey!
“Father ?” He bagan
“Be quiet I am talking, it was a simple task, simple what is wrong with you son?? I am furious,  no I am beyond furious . I got the call and I was mad …I was -”
He placed the phone away from his ears and let’s it dangle.. as his father’s voice continuous to increase and increase… he gets up from the bed.
He yawns. 
After ten minutes he places it back to his ears holding it this time.
“Father, you don’t expect me to be at your new employee’s beck and  call now do you?”
“Oh yes I do expect you to be..Yes I do”
“I am calling your accountant Son, I think action is a good motivator”
Really father.??
He sighs 
“Fine,  I shall begin with her Monday”
“You were supposed to be at the airport and then you were supposed to had her documents and you are supposed to be with her so you get acquainted before monday ”
“I said i would start monday and besides I had plans, 

Friday through Sunday even.

Please…….I got no time to cancel to go pick her from the airport, i told the office to send a driver and I know they did,  I wasn’t going to show up right?  And there was no way they would have left her hanging so what’s the big deal? I am not her driver, who says PA’s are  supposed to drive their bosses around  and she ain’t my boss father, i refuse it,  plus i was far away and I didn’t have time to  go by hers to hand her the documents nor give the PA too… look father , all these  I can do Monday. . She should relax, it’s weekend baby , you need to take a chill pill  too dad”
“Do you know  that you were just asked to be changed?”his father asked
For real? Well good thing the New Employee had sense
” whoever that person is is sensible, maybe on monday i could go say hi,. I bet the dude wouldn’t mind having a drink with me..what do you think beer or red wine father would be appropriate ??”
“Its a lady you dimwit”
“Oh!! ”
He frowns
Oh hell No! !!
“You made me a PA to some woman!!!!!!! Mr Andrew !!!”
His father laughs “Not good for your ego right? Good, I am super glad you find it offenseful not funny enough more ”
“Father this is unfair, why would I answer to a woman?  ..why,this in an insult to my person,my prestige and to my fxxking balls”
“You need to soak your mouth in kline and bleech it son”
“Sorry father  but a woman?  look I have to answer to some pent up, bitter lady …puleeeze”
“Deal with it. Infact she doesn’t even need you to PA for her don’t you get it son?  she asked for your replacement  because she feels you are incompetent.  Since you say you didn’t go there and I know you didn’t , there is a slight misunderstanding. ”
Brian laughs 
“Oh goodie father , atleast she and me are on thesame  frequencey , you should listen. Oh wait ,  i have a thought, put me as everyone’s boss, well…you can be my boss but everyone needs to be under me..Not me been under some arse hole..Pardoned my french. ”
“Brian Andrews….do not test me” his father threatened.
“Mr Andrews i am just having a good blast for a weekend, can’t you take a joke?”He rolls his eyes..
“I don’t want to hear any of these your absurd behaviours by monday. .

Or I will take my action.”
“Sure dad.  Bye dad.”
Then allows him drop the call.
Brain laughs 

“The old guy is just a bluffer, i am so going to give you a good run for your money father”
During the course of his conversation with his father , he had gotten up and  gone to take a leak in the bathroom, opened his fridge when he game out and opened a bottle of water to drink.
Dropping the call he strolls back to his bedroom to  find his one night stand lying on the bed seductively …enticing him with her beautiful smooth body…
He smiles when he felt junior sensing the woman too.
“Don’t worry junior,  princess would be all yours in a minute ” 
He makes his way back to the bed, when another call comes in..
To pick or not to pick.
He frowns seeing the call, then he turns to the girl on the bed who has turned on her back smiling at him, 
“After the call darling ” He winks at her

Answering the call he strolls  back outside, heading to the living room.
“Speak…B.Andrews on the line”.
“Good morning..This is Tina from the Media Exclusive  Firm Office from lagos, again.

I just faxed and mailed the documents again to you.

Please print and take it across to Miss Adora Chime Asap”
He laughs a long hard laugh.
“Tina…is it? I do have it already, Printed and handy and why do you need to resend it?”
“Because Miss Adora said you seemed clueless and that meant you didn’t get it or  you didnt know it was supposed to be given to her, So please…I am having a terrible headache with her stressing me already, so please kindly get it across to Miss Adora, for your own sake more than mine and you would need your writing materials as well, she likes one to take notes as she makes certain corrections and pinpoint lines to the documents”
“This Adora, she gives you alot of headache doesn’t she?”
“Mr Brian-”
“Hey I am just making small conversation, you seem scared that she would reach from Port Harcourt to lagos to break your neck, is she the bad bad wolf in the block, tell me have you wanted to snap her neck because it sounds as though you are pulling your hair out of your head just because she called you….see advice, if she calls you again tell her to get a chill pill. .. ” he smiles
”Mr Brian,  I would appreciate it if you don’t insinuate anything about my boss but do what you are asked to. Kindly get the documents across to Miss Chime please, I don’t want to have to call you back when she does again. Please “.
He shakes his head, like hell was he going to do that.
” Look Tina dear, don’t worry your little head , daddy would take care of everything….now bye”.
He cuts the line..
“Like hell i m he going to do that shit ” He repeats 
He dails the HR department..
“Yes, Brian Andrews here, i  am going to send you some documents..and you can have someone take it down to the new employee”
“But Sir. .that’s supposed to be your responsibility ”
“Well it’s yours now..i am going to be indisposed till Monday, do make sure i am not disturbed”
“But Sir this is absurd!!!”
” And Oh , you can run along and tell my father again and see if I give a shit”
He cuts the call and smiles
“Oh, where was I before this?”
AHa! !!
He recollects..
” the sweet naked sexy body on my bed..”
He strolls back to his room
“Hi handsome” she purrs crawling to him
“Hi beautiful,  you want to say hello to king junior?” He smiles  as his boy raises up its head
“Oh most definitely handsome…most definitely ” she says crawling the rest of the way to him
Brian smiles raising his hand and placing it behind his head ad she began to work on his lower body
Yes…this was way better than heading to some stupid New Employee’s house to sit and take notes 
They should tell his father. 
He was  Brian Andrews and he was going to do what the hell he wanted , when he wanted and how he wanted. 
If his fatehr likes,he should cut him off 
He knew he was bluffing.

Mr Andrew was just bluffing..
But for now.. he would play his game. 
And he was definitely going to make the mess of things.
Monday he would go to work…only because he has every intention to walk up to the new employee  “ThE Social Media Manager”  and say to rotten face that he ain’t going to be her boss boy.
He laughs..
“That’s it baby, there..right there ..Aahh” he smiles holding onto the girl’s head, 
Imagine, A woman!! His Boss
The world was coming to an end.
And his father was the mastermind of it all. 
Well father. ..Let’s see who would win this game of “Taming.”
Me or you??
He smiles at he girl as she straddles him..
For now. ..he would take this girl to heaven and by Monday he would take all of them trying to ruin his life to hell.
Starting with the New Social Media Manager. .
She ordered for his replacement in his father’s company??
Well ….she didn’t know it was his father’s company but who does she think she is??
Some dimwit  bitter old woman maybe.
Sighing he turns back to reality, watching the girl as she begins to rock him.
” Yes !That’s it baby…Yes yes yes”‘
    *Monday morning. *
I woke up, heading to the shower to have my bath .
I was nearly dressed when the call came in.
“Yes please “?
“Goodmorning Ma’am, this is John speaking ”

Seriously !!
“What can I do for you John and how did you get my number?”
“It was listed in contact details ma’am, I just want to inform you that your PA has resumed work and he has been sent to pick you from the house this morning.”

Satan, not today please.
I take a deep breath,  I just have to suffer through his annoying despicable auro till I get to the office, then I would deal with this whole matter once and for all
“Okay ma’am see you soon , I would have everything arranged for you before you get here”
“Thank you John, ”
“No madam,thank you”

I cut the call.
It’s another few minutes when I hear the car drive in and then the car horns .
Dear Lord, help me not to strangle him please,  let him just be quiet and let me have my peace this morning. 

The fact that I had to see his old wrinkled face was already causing my mouth to be sour.
I sigh.
He horns a couple of times.
I grab my bag, lock my door and head out, he jumps out of the car ad opens the door for me.
”Madam my madam, good morning oh this wonderful Monday morning, belike say you sleep well,this port harcourt wether fine for your body oh…Chei madam, come come enter make I carry you go work this morning. 
You don chop? I being buy akara and bread for road and moi-moi, you go chop? E hot and sweet well well,mama basira sabi cool well well.. ” he smiles widely 
I cringed. 
No hell No! !!
There was no way I was working with this old wringled fool


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