There was a couple making a scene below, I stand up to look at what was causing the ruckus.. from the shouting and finger pointing it so happens that the wife had walked into Cubana and found her husband with a chick he claimed to not have anything with.
“You slut, you home wrecker, ashawooooo!!’’ she claps her hands together close to the girl’s face. She came prepared, canvas, singlet and shorts and her hair in a bun. Yes, in fights it was advised that your hair wasn’t all over the place, your opponent can use it to bring you done.
 Women fights always ended up with hair pulling and cats claws or rather nails fighting. Never pretty!
“I am not an Ashawo, and besides, you should be crying, your husband is tired of your cheap lazy ass he came out to look for some young blood to help his boy feel alife” the girl spat in her face
“Oh damn!!’’ I say “That gatto hurt” I bend over the rail, trying to get a good look..
The man was standing between them…but he seemed to be querying his wife for following him
“why didn’t you call, why are you embarrassing me eh? You stalk me now eh, is that what our marriage is based on, I can’t believe you” he says throwing his hands above his head exasperated 
The Nerve of him!!! I frown

“Girl slap his mouth shut, he should be on his knees begging not picking a line off the asshole book…’’like I wouldn’t be caught cheating if you didn’t follow me’’ was he high?” I mutter to myself
This causes the wife to flare up “You are mad you hear, Mad!!! You bring your chick to a club and spend money you keep saying you don’t have, when our kids are in their beds you are screwing a prostitute and treating her nice. When last did you treat me to nice things or bought me anything new or told me I look nice? Yet you were here with your tongue down her throat and your hands inside her thighs like a shameless man that you are..shameless heartless man who has no regard for family..Tufiakwa!!’’ she spat on his face, while he is trying to clean his eyes from her spittle, she reaches for the girl behind him who kept shouting and slaps her hard, the second and third comes in quick successions, soon the shouting increases, the husband is pulling his girlfriend away, the body guards of the place came to the rescue taking the party outside..
I shake my head “Sad, just sad. That what happens when a man don’t respect his woman. “ I shake my head again.
I am still leaning, bent on the rail when I hear light footsteps behind me, I didn’t look. Must be the waitress  who served me coming to get the bill or people going higher up the building or coming down.
But then I felt the presence standing behind me, then I heard the voice, asking me why a pretty lady like myself was doing here alone and if he could join me.
Okay!! Definitely not the waitress, and the waitress was a woman, this was a dude.
And worst pickup line ever.
Two…if I was alone I wanted to be alone. Durh!!
Three.. I wasn’t looking for a pickup much less wanting for a company.
And four… why did he sound familiar?
“…….i am sure I’ll be a good company” he finished saying.
Well, I would just put him down nice and easy and tell him to get a better line next time for any girl who would be interested, it would take more than a cheesy tap off the shelve to get me to have a sit down with a total stranger.

I put on my best smile, just so I don’t come off as a snub and then I slowly turn..
My smile freezes and so did the words get stuck in my mouth as I swallow it down.
It was the fool. No scratch that, the obnoxious, rotten, arrogant, good for nothing annoying….erm erm..a stupid excuse of a man He-goat. It was the He-goat, my God who dragged him in. why does bad things happen to good people??
My evening just went from great to disgustingly bad. 
“You?” he says
“You?” I repeat
My moods automatically becomes sour, my evening ruined and my anger that I felt I left in the office resurfaces.. I frown
“What the hell are you doing here..PA?” I grit my teeth

It takes a minute for him to recollect his composure, he is shaking his head, rubbing his lips with his hand, those gestures that insinuates he just made the biggest mistake of the night..
“Dear Lord, not you witch…not you! this is wrong, so wrong, hot body, nice package..great dress and all for this witch, Lord why are you so unfair” he mutters looking to the heavens and then back at me “a few minutes of my life I can’t take back’’ he is cleaning his eyes and shaking his heads
“Excuse you, who are you calling a witch? How Dare you Brian, how dare you!!!’’
“Erm..there is no one else but you and I, and what am I doing here? Isn’t it obvious? I am sure even a three year old can answer that question which would be …having fun. And how dare me? How dare you?’’ he points to me
“Yes, I mean, you had to come to my favorite place where I ..well that is none of your business but you are here, you made me let go of some good game are the devil. God knew why he says humans are deceptive but women..women are the worst but you are another kind of Eve, deceptive, if I didn’t meet you earlier today I would be deceived by your good looks but no , I mean I came rushing down to introduce myself to that ass..i mean that person who owns that and I see you and I suddenly have a sour taste in my mouth. What the hell ..erm..whats’s your name again. Aha!! Adorat?”he snaps his fingers together 
I was holding my glass of wine, I walk towards him “ I know what’s going on here, Mr Emeka told me, now is see where your arrogance spews from”
“He told you? Fantastic..i hope you now realize why.. whoa wait, what did he tell you?”
“How pitiful you are and why you can’t be fired because they feel you are indispensible to the company but that’s just pure bullshit!. Look Brian, I don’t know what weed you are smoking but if you think you can ride over everyone else, you can’t do that with me because I will run you to the ground..hard”
“hmmm Hard you say? That’s my favorite word.. where would you like it, between your legs or in your mouth?’’ he states with a sly smile pointing to both places 
I raise my free hand to slap him across his face but he catches it midair,
“Let go off my hands you bastard” I burn, trying to pull my hand away but he holds on tight
“You like to hit don’t you, is that how you get your high Miss Ado-rat!!’’
‘You are a disgusting animal, a pervert..a .. a-”

“A guy who doesn’t give a shit nor feel threatened by your basket threats lady. Nor a guy who would stand by and have a girl hit him, are you high? Look, I came here to have a good time and see how you spoilt my night..and if you think I would let you enjoy yours you are absolutely clueless and you need to go back to crèche and the next time you raise your hand towards me you wouldn’t like the outcome’’ he lets go of my hand
“You must be mad!! I am your boss” I drop the glass to the table hard, some contents spills to my hands as I rob my wrists
“Wrong! you are the company’s boss, not my boss…and right now isn’t even working hours so keep your tittles and whatnot away from me. “
“You think you are untouchable right?”
“Oh I know I am, not because of anything but because I am awesome”
“And to think Mr Emeka believes a good talking to you will improve your incapabilities to your future  and maybe put you in the right paths to common sense but …like I told him you are a dog Brian, and I don’t like dogs especially ones who claims to be better than his master”
“I am better than you..”  he says, he steps back leaning on the rail.. crossing his legs and arm standing.
“You will regret this, you will. Every insult that has spewed from your mouth, every disrespect to my position, every-“
He yawns loudly cutting me off, placing his hands to his mouth continuously and blowing air to make loud noises.
“You are despicable!!!’’ I spat
“No Adora dear, hot, good looking, awesome. Yes!! Despicable ? No!! but witchy..You. night ruin-er? Even if there is no word like that is still You!! Deceptive body? You!! Game chaser? You!!! everything wrong with this world? You! you see where I am going with this?” he smiles 
I shake my head, this was not happening.
“My name is Adora Chime and I promise you Brian..this is far from over” I say picking my bag “  I’ll give you an advise, don’t show up at work..don’t even bother assuming the positions of a PA, just do you…stay the hell away from my face because I will make sure all this you have done come back to you a thousand folds…and I don’t give idle threats” 
“My name is Ado-rat Chimneys and I breast-you Brian..” He places his hands to his chest, his expression feigning surprise and glee “oh why? thank you Adora but I  am sure your breast is a result of pumped air and the milk within is sour and I don’t do spiteful hot tempered women, they put a dent to my good looks, so no thank you..i will show up at the office, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and then the next and the next and for good measure I will even come to your office, spread my legs on the table and fart on your face or maybe into your tea and you know the most amazing thing that would happen? You will vent, and shout and maybe report me to that pigged face Emeka and you know another cool thing…you , nor him can do shit …why? Because” 
 he pauses thinking , because I am …Brian Andrews, son of the owner of the company who pays your salary and salaries of  a few hundreds of people or maybe a thousand and we have companies scattered across the country and abroad and we are so rich I could do nothing and yet never lack in my entire life and maybe till my children’s children , but instead he says  with a sly smile on his face 
….“because I am Brian Andrews and I am awesome…good at what I do and no one wants to lose a good employee over some stupid tantrum of a lousy slow dump Social Media Manager who is so bitter you would think she had been starved from sex for like forever…I wonder…is it congealed now? I mean you…honeycomb?”
I shake my head “ Be careful Brian, you are going to fall flat on your ass and I will be standing over you with a wide smile on my face”
“blab la blabardash. Look…I have better things to do right now than stand around and talk to you…BOSS!! BO-ring Silly erm….witch”
“You missed the other S dumb dumb!!’’
“Oh, you don’t deserve the complete S! see you around witch, or not. !!”  he says laughing and walking away, I watch him  going downstairs and slipping into the ground of people. I watch from where I hands  is griping the rail as I hold on to it, I wanted to fling something..anything at him..
“Damn You Brian !!! Damn You!! that thing you think is making you feel you can talk to me the way you do..i will take it from under you and make you grovel at my feet, my name won’t be Adora Chime if I don’t make you beg on your knees for me…I promise you”
I stand there watching him.. he was laughing with a pretty dark girl whispering into her ears and making her throw her head in loud laughter.

I grab my wine to drink to douse my anger.. I drown the glass. I pour the remaining contents into the glass  and take it to my lips, thinking of what to do to wipe the smile out of his face…
Then a thought occurs to me, smiling I grab my bag,  just then the waitress comes to me asking for my bill…, then she adds
“I am so sorry but , please I saw you talking to Mr Andrews, are you a friend of his?”
I look at her, she was pretty. Too pretty to be working nights in a place like this..
“ depends why?”
“Well he is so hot and …I wonder if you could hook me up with him, he smiles a lot at me and all that but I am so shy, what kind of girls do you think he likes?”
“Oh..old, wrinkle. He is a 50s guy, plus he has herpes you know? Nasty disease. Plus his mouth has this sour odour you don’t want to go to bed without flossing atleast three times if you ever did kiss kiss him, but even the smell would purge you for days. And  erm….he is gay too”
She gasps!!! “Oh my God are you serious?”
“Yes, know him since erm..forever dear. You don’t want to hang around someone like him…and because I care about him I don’t want him to lead young girls along but I know he can never get it up unless you have sagging breasts with too many bush in that area and erm, or have a porn video up of old women dancing naked ” I move closer to her “  the gay part of him, he is the girl in the relationship…he has a leaking behind because too many hard stuffs has gone in there, have you noticed he has a big butt?” I nod, she looks down searching for him “ very true girlfriend , I wouldn’t  lie.  He wears butt pad and pampers to keep the leaking from getting to his cloths you see” 
The expression on her face had turned from desire to disgust , she squeezes it trying to picture his asshole leaking pop or liquid “ Oh no no, dear Lord!!”
“You don’t want to be stuck in a  relationship with him, pass the info around if you will, he seems to be popular around right?” I continue


“Yes he has been coming here for a week now and the ladies all love him’’
“Well, how sad would they be to find out that he is all that I sad’’ I sip from my glass watching her to see how far of the bone I three she had eaten.
The girl turns to look into the crowd again “Very sad, and to think I had a thing for him”
Yep, she ate it all .
Work done!!
“Oh well, don’t say I didn’t warn you though’’ I say moving away 
“Madame , your bill?”
Oh silly me I forgot!
“Oh put it on his tab, he told me to tell you that, trying to bribe me you know so I don’t spoil his game tonight, we were sort of fighting you know, but it’s okay. Just put it on his tap and erm..ssshhhh don’t tell him I told you anything “ I tell her placing my index finger to my lips tapping it
“Okay ma’am, Thank you, you just saved me from making the worst mistake in my life”
“You are welcome, that’s what ladies do right? we take care of each other” I smile touching her cheeks, turning away i walk down the stairs, my eyes fishing for him.
I spot him, talking to a dozen ladies getting the center of the attention , he backs me.. they are smiling and laughing  and he is gestulating .
I walk up to him an tap him on his shoulders,
He pauses, then he turns to face me, I am smiling at him with the glass of wine in my hand and an audience because I screamed the He-goat high enough to have the girls he was talking to look to see who dares to distract their man..
Ha!!! Oh, they should wait, it’s coming ..
“Next time I catch you screwing my boyfriend , I will cut off your manhood you faggot!!!  You hear, the next time I walk into my room and see you licking his balls and riding his joystick..i will cut of yours you homosexual. You faggot!!!!!”
Oh you weren’t expecting that where you?
“What the f-“ he trails of
Was that from him or from the ladies?
“Are you mad Adora!!?’ he says as his eyes grows dark
“Oh no !! but one more thing..” I walk closer then I  splash the wine on his face soiling his white shirt… ”That’s for you chasing after my grandmother too, you Perv, men like you should be put in the Psychic ward because even our dogs won’t be safe from you. Disgusting, your parents would be ashamed!!’’ I give the  empty glass to a waiting waiter, I dust my hands , taking a  closer step towards him as he stands there in shock looking at me to his shirt..then back at me, his anger visible as he folds his hands into a fist
“How is that for an He-goat? You want a fight? Bing it on asshole, but let’s see how you can take a dent to cleaning up your messed up image for this pretty ladies. You are nothing but my common errand boy Brian, a common don’t mess with me’’ I  laugh then I walk away 
“Brian, is what she is saying the truth? Are you gay?..and you like older women, that is disgusting!“ the ladies begins to speak their displeasure, some men shake their head, 
“Faggot!!! We no want Homo here oh!!’’
“Fine boy like that, na your yansh you dey use? Chia!! Dude leave here before we clear you!’’ some dude says
“Fxxk!!!’’ Brian mutters , taking out his hanky and wiping his face and his shirt…”No, no that is ridiculous, she is just some crazy cheek who-, you can’t possibly believe that?” he points to my faded back
“Oh it’s the truth, he is all that she says, how disgusting “ the waitress who had been talking with me says coming down..
Now the ladies where shaking their head, staring at him, some turning up their noses..
“I am not gay Damnit, nor am I into older women it doesn’t make any sense…you…you can’t believe that”
“We can..and to think I was going to follow you tonight” one of the girls says
“We can still go and I will prove to you that I am not gay”Brian walks to her, but she steps back
“To use that joystick you stick into another man’s hole? You must be out of your mind”she spat
“And he is a lair too, he told me that lady that just walked out of here was his wife, who knew that he was crewing her boyfriend and peeking in on her grandmother!!!’’ the last girl he was talking with before he sighted Adora comes forward shaking her head.. “Men, despicable lairs!!’’ she spat
“Come on ladies….i am not gay! that woman lies, she is my boss, I mean..i am her PA, no I mean I am supposed to be her PA and she is angry that I refuse to do my duties and-“
“Oh you were screwing your Boss’s Man and grandmother…oh dare lord” another girl exclaims
“A PA, a common office errand boy? Abasi!!’’ she claps her hands , “Na you dey come here they form big bay saying you fit by a whole city if you want, God punish you!!’’ she gives him five of her fingers placing it flat on his face
Brian staggers back, as she pushes him with it
Now everyone is talking, Brian can’t get them to listen to him, he was angry…
“Okay that’s enough if you don’t want to believe me, to hell with you all, you all aren’t my type anyways “ he says turning and leaving “You all are nothing, I can get whoever I want and when I want, You are are sluts anyways, me trying to tell you the truth but you listen to that witch, that witch. Gay? While don’t you follow me let me show you how Gay I am…me older women? Dear lord!!’’ he throws over his shoulders
“You dey craze!!’’ they spat
“You won give me Aids?” another said

“Gay kill you there” A man throws at him
Brian flips him the third finger and continuous to walk out
“hey hey oga ,biko pay your money” she grabs his shirt
“I don’t owe you anything” he tells the waitress, “I have already paid for my drinks, let go off me”
“That woman says you asked her to tell me to put her food on your tab”

Brian’s eyes goes wide “Are you mad, was I here when she was ordering? Was I, did I tell you anything? look don’t get me angry lady”
“Sir, if you don’t pay I will call security”
“Call your damn security!!’’ he says walking away, the girl holds on to him  preventing him from moving
“Oga , oga pay your money, all this fine boy with no money in his pocket, pay your money joy..liar, gay man, pervert, broke ass nigga” the waitress says
“Pay your money jaw!! Na so so toasting him sabi, all these lagos boys na so them be, big mouth empty pockets, and when you see am na so him they walker him leg no dey finish reach ground, be doing those Americana english for us, if you check now na dstv him learn all those to pay money him no want, but him junior dey ever ready to put inside man dey craze,pay your money Brian..” another lady steps forward and  claps in  his face
“I won’t pay nothing I didn’t order, go and look for that witch to pay you”he tries to remove her hand but she wouldn’t let go “Leave me woman!!!”
“Security oh, security oh!! “ she wails strugging with Brian
“What kind of embarrassment is this, let go off me…Ikena!!’’ he looks around then back at her “Look I am not owing you, let me go”
Now the place is disrupted by their noise, the ladies clapping for Brian and insulting him, the men saying they were going to beat him up for choosing to like men and old ladies.
The securities come from no way, holding him by his hand and then his shirt, the ladies are clapping for him and calling him out on his bullshit, 
“Common pay na before we reduce you to cripple,” One of the heavy securities challenges him when they were told he refused to settle his bills “Come on pay!!”
“Let go off me, do you know who I am, do you know who I am? I will close down this place, I will have your jobs and I will make you sleep in a cell, do you know who I am, I am the son of Andrews-“
“Andrews lever salt? Me I be the son of closeup. If I nod you eh, you go bring that wallet out and pay your money now…make I clear you?” the other raises him up by his trousers
“Let me go…I will deal with you. !!”’ Brian says struggling to let go
“come be-lik say you no sabi say na Ph you dey oh, we go treat your fxxkup here and now, drag this fool for nicca make we show am why you don’t order without paying “ they begin to drag him outside
“Let me go!!! I will deal with you, do you know who I am ? Do you have any idea who I am, I will finish you”

 Brian shouts ‘’I will finish you all”
Ikena watches the scene unfolding from the corner , he didn’t move.

He laughs into his glass of beer when he saw Adora, the new Social Media manager call him out then spills her drink on him. It was a perfect moment for Brian, needed to be humiliated. And by a woman, was like icing on the cake.
The boy was too arrogant and spoilt. A little hot tempered woman going bumper to bumper with him was good. 
Ikena laughs when she trots away in that pretty yellow dress of hers and then how the other girls continued from where she stopped. he laughs when Brian tries to defend himself, he wished he could have videoed everything and send it to Brian’s father, he would have laughed his heart out.
Ikena  didn’t get up when the securities came dragging him and asking him to pay, it was a sorry sight to see Brian shouting “Do you know who I am, do you know who I am?” repeatedly 
No one cares Brian, no one.
Then he hears Brian shout his name..

Oh he needs him abi? After insulting him , making driving him and being his bodyguard excruciating , now he needs his help?
Ikena picks his glass of beer, drowns it and takes his time leaving the table.

Ordinarily he would have called for backup and in less than a few minutes they would come down with a convoy and bundled the securities up…but his Boss wouldn’t want them to make a scene. But if his son was in trouble all protocol wouldn’t have been observed.
But then again, there was no need troubling the old man, Brian needs a little shaking up, maybe it would bring sense to his otherwise empty head .
So he would wait till they all get outside, and if they weren’t beating him up he would not step in.

Shei he asked him to stay in the car, he would just do just that.
He exists the building in the chaos and heads to the car, he sees them coming out, dragging Brian by the trouser and he kept protesting, he gets into the car and waited
“Ikena!!! Ikena!!!” he heard his name again, he turns to see Brian shouting for him “I will deal with you all, deal with you all” he chanted
Ikena slids out from the car and heads towards the securities, Brian and the waitress who needed her money, the rest had suddenly lost interest on him and had gone back into the building to have  a good time
“Pay me jor” the waitress screams
“ Ikena!! Come tell this fools who I am, tell them who my father is’’ he says screaming like a kid for his mummy

Ikena walks to them. “Is there a problem here?”
“Na who you be? This fool refused to pay for the girl he asked to order so we are going to treat him to his fxxkup unless he does”
“How much is it?”
“Twenty thousand naira” she says, Ikena looks at her, it was obvious she was lying but…hey, guess she wants to cash in on the situation
“Twenty thousand for what?  Did she order the entire kitchen?’ Brian snaps
“Oga that is what you owe me , all that you are saying na dust” she folds her hands and dances on her feet as one who is impatient 
“hmmm, Brian please pay the lady so we leave” Ikena says
“What!! Are you mad, you are my bodyguard that my father has kept  to protect me and here you ask me to pay, are you mad, do you know who I am Ikena, I am the son of Andrews and-“
Does he ever say anything other than ‘’Do you know who I am, Jesus to think this was an adult was pitiful” Ikena shakes his head
“E be-like say this guy no understand say we fit burst him blokus for here oh” one of them reaches for it 
“Heyyy heyy hey…No! not that, not that!!’’ Brian uses both hands to cover it
The girl and the other secuirty laughs, Ikena is finding it hard to keep a straight face. Oh..this was an epic night. Really epic. 
“Then pay us you dey mad? infact twenty-five ke you dey owe, bring the chedders sharp blood dey hot. All this boys coming here forming big boys, today you go learn lesson. No money? fall ground  now begin grab am with 200 pushups, then we go strip you, na chucku-chucku belt we go use for your yansh and we go video am for social media, I hear say you be gay, you sef con like old women…hay God!! Infact we no need money again….bring lighter somebody! Eish!!! Bring fuel, make we de go backyard” they began to pull Brian
Brian voice suddenly goes lower “No no you don’t want to do this, Ikena…Ikena Damnit!!!”
Ikena sighs walks up to them, okay..maybe he should step in now before it gets worse, if anyone begins to video Brian now it would  be bad. 

  “Okay, okay, that’s enough now..”
“You won join am?”
Ikena stares at the man who says it  ” we would pay you your money..what exactly is being owed, but let go off the young man and I won’t ask again” 
The one bigger than the other leaves Brian and walks forward , coming so close to Ikena’s face you would think he would to kiss him
“Guy, jazz down, or else I will break your bones and feed it to my dogs, that chest you have na paper compared to mine “ he pops his chest…”I go tear you nodding now if you no disappear like thief.. who you be?”’
Ikena smiles “You want to know who I am?” Ikena grabs his neck, saying something into his ears.. he leaves him after a few seconds. Maybe a minute
The man steps back, suddenly fear feeling his body.. “guy live that women wrapper, leave am” he taps his second
“For what? He is owing so he pays, plus wasting our time, who is this fool dressed like men in black wearing shades for night, I go tear him belle“
‘’Guy I  say leave the guy, lets go. Lets go you won die? Me I no won die!!’’

“I don’t understand“
His friend grabs him and whispers something into his ears, he suddenly lets go of Brian , stepping away staring at Ikena in fear
“Brian, pay the lady let’s leave’’

Brian adjusts himself seeing that the hefty looking securities are suddenly afraid of Ikena, ‘‘I will do no such thing” regaining his voice, whatever Ikena told them got them scared to pieces, maybe if he told them to lick his shoes they would, maybe he would have their jobs, maybe he would have them run around naked …maybe he should have them bitch slaps themselves “ both, I need to see your oga, you both will be fired immediately !!’’ he screams at them
“ the lady lets go”
“Ikena be quiet, you don’t talk when I am talking, these  fools manhandled me and they have to pay”
Ikena sighs, he thought Brian must have learnt a lesson but it was obvious he would always be a spoilt obnoxious arrogant brat with an ego the size of a melon.  He grabs Brian’s hands, puts his hands into his pocket, takes out his wallet…
“Hey how dare you, Give it back , give it back” Brian shouts on Ikena trying to take his wallet back but Ikena is fast, he counts out 10 thousand and throws it to the girl 
“I am sure whatever the lady ordered wasn’t up to that but ..keep the change.’’ he turns to Brian “Shall we go?’
“You are fired! Fired! And for ..for disrespecting me infront of this people you are fired. “ then he turns to them..’’you all will be hearing from me”
He adjusts his shirt, with his head held high, he walks to the car and slams the door as he gets in

Ikena makes a quick call , then enters the car.
“you are an asshole you know that right? And assholes gets fired for letting that happen to their boss. You were there all along watching the whole scene and you just stayed there”
“Well Sir, my apologies but you told me to stay in the car and I just assumed I was in the car”
“Consider this your last night working for my father, once I tell him what you have done you are gone. Gone!!”

 Brian was furious 
“I was preventing you from making a scene Sir, your father doesn’t want that, it would be bad for his image and yours and for the company.  If you tell them who you are and how rich you are, the press would carry the news of Mr Andrew’s son, Multi-billionaire was seen in a club..and he was called gay, a cougar and a thief amongst other things, you see why I had to douse the matter amicably? Your face and name would be spattered all over, you father is trying to make you a  man not land you the negative light he doesn’t want’’

“Who are you to talk to me that way, who??’’
“No one sir, just your bodyguard stroke driver “
Brian phone rings
Father .
“Exactly, tonight you will be nothing, absolutely nothing “ Brian picks the phone “Father you wouldn’t believe what this stupid Bodyguard did to me just now , infront of these people he, wait – what?”
“Brian are you out of your mind? Have you no shame, what manner of child did I raise? how would you want to disgrace me in public, Brain Andrews you are a disappointment “ his father’s voices blares through the phone
“Father if you would just listen to me I will-“
“I do not want to hear jack of what you want to say, nothing. if Ikena hadn’t handled that matter  by tomorrow God knows what would have happened, if you wanted a girl why didn’t you just look for a hooker, and but no, you went up there to make a scene”
‘‘Father it was that witch, that bloody witch you employed that-”
“Shit up Brian, I have had enough of your excuses , I have had enough!!!’’
“Father, I will not sit here and let you think I am as irresponsible like that. For the first time I didn’t do shit. I didn’t do none of these things they said, I didn’t, Ikena lied to you and I want him fired and off my detail”
“He is staying right there and if you don’ like it, don’t use the car again. You can trek to work and protect your own damn self”

‘So is that how it is father?’”
“Yes Son, that is how it is. You want to play rebel, I’ll show you how it is being played“
‘’I can’t believe this, I was humiliated tonight , humiliated, me , Brian Andrews!!’’
‘’well for what is worth, I am happy that it took one woman to show you how immature and irresponsible you are. Let me hear another complain Brian, you will not like me one bit, I promise you, Now go home, sleep it off and get to work first thing and apologize to Miss Adora because I know you must have down something to warrant her to react that way and let’s be realistic…you deserved it”
“Father I will not-“
Click. The line was dead.
“Gaddamnit!!!!!!’’ he shouts flinging the phone, it hits the chair and falls on the car floor.
“Shall we leave sir?’’

“Get out”
“Shall we leave sir?”
“I said get out , get out! get out!!!’’ he shouts 
“I am sorry sir, but I can’t, this is my job and I am taking you home and your order at the moment isn’t higher than your fathers, you can rake for me , insult me all you want but I am doing my job “ Ikena says putting the car in drive and taking them out of Cubanna and heads home.
Brian is so pissed he his punching the head of the driver’s chair…
All the while, his head had a picture..

And the picture had a face and a name
‘’You just crossed the line you witch, Game on”!!!
I yawn getting into my house.. the smile on my face had been there since i left Cubana, I had watched them from the corner as the ladies began to throw shades at him, then I waited till they dragged him outside and some security guards threatening to burst his balls and I saw fear in his eyes

I was laughing so hard that Wilson Okon was staring at me funny
“Madam, weitin happen, why you dey laugh like that were don sniff laughing gas , abi dem drop am inside there?”
I kept laughing, holding my tummy and pointing ..
“Oh heavens, not so untouchable now is he, Pathetic  fool, let’s see him get out of this one now’’
“Erm, who ma?” Wilson stretches his neck trying to look
“Oh no one worth stressing about, take me home Wilson, today is a good day finally”
‘Okay ma”
As he drops me home , I head into the shower slipping out from  my yellow dress
Atleast he recognized I had a banging body, not like those half- baked girls there.  
Me a witch? Well i’ll take a hot with any  day than an arrogant obnoxious he-goat, he got served! .

Tomorrow , he would look at me with shame in his eyes and maybe with an apology on his lips.
Despicable !!!
 I take a shower and get into bed, when I remember the scene tonight, I burst into more laughter, laughing into a long restful sleep.
The car horn outside alerted me that my driver was here.
I grab my bag and laptop because I was looking at some files. I lock my door and turn
“Goodmorning Ma” Wilson greets me


“Goodmornig Wislon , did you sleep we??” I greet him back, the dude was looking at me funny…
Oh , I was in a good mood.
“Hain madame, am I safe?’’ he scratches his head

‘’Oh very Wilson, very, have you had breakfast?”
“Erm, no ma, madame is everything okay?” he frowns
 I get, one minute I am shouting him off and the next I am asking about his stomach. Yep I will be skeptical too
“Oh perfect! Fantastic. I know today would be totally awesome too. Stop by Crunchies so I get us some coffee nd a big pie, you like coffee?”
He shakes his head “Coke better for me ma” 
I tell him slipping into the car. okay, I still hadn’t apologized to him but hey, who cares, this was also a bribe.
Plus I was in a happy mood and nothing would spoil that, not even that Brian of an annoying PA who refused to do his job, but after last night’s experience, he would know that I am a force not to be messed with.
“Thank you madam, God bless you oh” Wilson says as  I come out of crunchies carrying two bags and handing him one. 
As we reach the office , he quickly jumps out of the car, taking my bag, I met John on the way up to my office, he grabs the bag from Wilson , coming to greets me
“Goodmorning madam, you look stunning this morning, can I walk you to your office?”
“Sure John, I also need you to do some work for me this morning can you? Plus I need to go out for  a bit, I want to do a survey of the company’s competitors and I would like  if you would join me?’’
If the available isn’t available, make the unavailable the available.
 Which ,means that since Brian was useless ..John would just help me around the office, he seemed to eager to anyways.
“Sure madam, I would just have to pass on my work to another person and speak to Mr Emeka”
“Oh no need, I will run it by Mr Emeka myself, just temporarily , so you don’t have to worry”
“Okay then I will gladly  be available.”

Yes, today was a good day, and nothing would spoil it.
But I was wrong, as soon as I open my office door…my hand flies to my chest, there is Brian Andrews with a wicked grin on his face… and my table was a mess..
But that wasn’t all…
He had my picture printed out, and photoshopped, showing me naked, with a  flat sagging breasts  with milk coming out of my breast, it looked like slime. Then my tummy, it is  bloated.. and then I was on a flying broom with a witch’s hat.
“Oh, hi Adora, a quick heads up because I think you are too dumb and daft to figure this out, so let me help you.  this picture  is pasted all over the company, you might want to get to pulling them down..poster per poster, the one at Mr Emeka’s door is large enough to make a blind man see.
And oh, I hacked into your computer and got into your profile on social media and the one you are using on the company’s media presence, you know you are the social media guru right?  Ehen, Well it so happens that you have over ten thousands friends and followers so I think I sort of had this picture of you on line  but its more revealing and with you sucking an horse’s cock. Oops!!”
“You wouldn’t dare, that’s my life , that’s this company’s reputation you just ruined. You wouldn’t dare “
“Oh…I would, I really would!’’
“Dear Lord, what have you done!!’’ I gasp rushing round my desk and clicking on the computer, I close my mouth when I see that he was right, he did post them..and it was posted  about two hours ago, that means he got here two hours earlier, he got here two hours earlier just to ruin my life
 “And what’s great is that you and a few hundreds shares and the caption is beautiful  “Hi , I am ADORA CHIMMEY AND I SUCK COCKS FOR FREE, AND GUESS WHAT? I AM A WITCH..CHECK OUT MY DELFATED TITS!!’’ he laughs , “You see the rhyme there? Witch-Tits”
He is smiling…” And oh, I think Mr Emeka would have too give you a query for this, you are ruining the company’s image Adora and we know what happens when that happens? “  he demonstrates kicking a ball out the window…”You will be kicked back to lagos. This company is about good reputation and imaging Adora, surely you know that that is why you are being employed and yet you do this on your free time and ruin the company’s profile page too…oh tsk tsk tsk, bad dog Adora bad dag!!’’ he says , walking away..”Oh I hope you don’t mind the mess, I had a quick breaskfast and I didn’t realize when it all spilled over everywhere soiling the carpet, the chair and –!!’’ he trails off walking away
“Brian, how dare you, this is your Boss’s Office, I will tell Mr Emeka that you did this, you will be punished or worse fired, I am talking to you Brian” John hold his arm stopping him, I am so shocked that I can’t move, nor speak
“Really, if you don’t let go in another second I would run you though that door and you don’t want to test me, I did this? So, she did worse” he nudges John out of the way and leaves
“oh my goodness no no no, what do I do” I sob trying to bring down the post regaining my voice, my hands shaking …”oh my God, they are still sharing”
My desk phone rings, its piercing my ear drums
“Make it stop!!!’’ I scream
John rushes to it and answers ‘’Yes sir, yes sir..okay sir”
“Mr Emeka wants you in his office now and he says to bring down that post on the internet, all of it and the posters everywhere in the company and he wants it done now and you need to get to his office , Now!!!”
Oh n no no no this would cost me my job…
I sit down pulling down the post, then I send a message  asking and pleading to those who shared it to pull down the post that my account was hacked and this was in no way reflecting the image of the company but my personal life and that we don’t post nude pictures and that wasn’t me…etc etc”
“I can lose my job for this, I can lose my job for this” I repeat, the phone rings again
John picks, his eyes grows big..”Miss Adora?” he hands me the phone 
I look up at him, “Mr Eemka, tell him  I am on my way”
He shakes his head “It’s the Boss of the Boss!!!!’’
I freeze…
If the Boss of the Boss was calling me…I was officially screwed..
My hands shakes as I take the phone, clearing my throat, stilling my beating heart
“Hello?” I closed my eyes and waited for it..
His voice is rich and strong, it’s filled with anger too “Miss Adora Chime, you are-“
I couldn’t breath!!

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Chapter 8 coming soon.
Ps : Chapter two of My Girl is up and running on do check it out
Anticipate “Featherlight Heart ” chapter one
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  • Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…..OMG…I can’t stop laughing oh…my stomach I just hope this ends well I support no one….the both of them are Just filled with ego…..anyways Miss Stephanie you try abeg….

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